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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 3, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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hopes a write-in campaign will keep him in office. he lost the democratic primary in june to allison silberberg. today, you have to spell his name correctly. euille, for the write-in vote to count. in virginia, every seat in general assembly is up for grabs. democrats need one seat to swing the balance of power in the senate. we posted other key election day facts on the nbc washington app. 4:30 now, developing this morning, it is still a mystery who will take over and try to fix metro. neal cohen pulled out of negotiations yesterday. the board had zeroed on cohen to run the troubled transit agency. he was not happy about having his name in the media before even signing his contract. news 4 transportation reporter
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adam tuss says the board will go back and let people know the position is now open. metro planned to get rid of the 5a bus when the reston east metro station opened. more than 3,000 of you argue that the train takes longer, is expensive and not reliable. now they will reduce the service between bwi marshall and d.c. four things to know on your weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell has that from the storm team 4 weather center. >> got to know what you're facing as you head out the door early this morning. it is going to be a nice day, but we're off to a chilly start this morning. let the warming begin, everybody. temperatures will be back up to the 70s i think today. this is the beginning of our little mini heat wave. heat wave by november standards. and fairly dry as well. couple of chances for showers coming up, but not until much later on in the week. for the day, a little rain from
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yesterday pushed well down to the south and will not be coming our way. we'll be left with a fair amount of sunshine for later on. it is a cold start. plenty of 30s on the map this morning. shenandoah valley, northern and western suburbs, all in the 30s right now. nearby neighborhoods are in the mid-40s. going out the door, early morning run, layer up early, wait a couple of hours after 8:00 or 9:00, once the sun is up, it will feel nice. highs today upper 60s and low 70s, that's the beginning of many 70s. we'll give you the seven-day forecast at 51 after. let's update the travel times on 270. >> right now, a little bit slow here, 270 montgomery village avenue, not seeing the crash here on our screen this morning. but just got off the phone with state police in rockville. they're saying two center lanes are blocked here. 270 southbound at montgomery village avenue, car versus truck and the tow truck is on the way. taking a look here, top of the beltway, overall, no problems. bw parkway, 95, 29, everything
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moving along fine this morning. prince george's county overall is nice and green and moving. and 66 here at fairfax county parkway, don't have any problems into town or out of town. see you back here in ten minutes. weather and traffic on the 1s. developing this morning, search for answers in a young couple's death. d.c. police found the young man and woman inside a home on tennessee avenue northeast yesterday afternoon. that's in the capitol hill area. officers first went there yesterday afternoon for a welfare check. we asked them how they died. they would not tell us. police are calling both deaths suspicious. no arrests, no suspects at this point. another deadly shooting this time police opening fire on a carjacking suspect. the shootout in southeast washington came after a chase in prince george's county that quickly crossed the state line. sources tell news 4 the suspect carjacked someone on riverbend road. prince george's county police followed him and caught up with him in southeast and that's
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where he started shooting. officers returned fire and killed the suspect. today, family friends and students will gather to remember those who died in a homecoming parade in oklahoma. a car ran into a crowd of people at the end of a homecoming parade late last month for oklahoma state university. a community wide memorial service will be held tonight in the city of stillwater. a woman suspected of drunken driving is being charged for that crash. this morning, we're getting a new look at the suspected robber that is targetng banks in fairfax county. the fbi calls him the forever loyal bandit. during two of the robberies, the man has worn a shirt reading forer loyal. this latest incident happened at the capital one bank friday afternoon. in 2014, the fbi believes the same man robbed three other banks in the county. >> so far he has not displayed any weapons. but there is always that
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possibility that it will escalate to where somebody gets injured. >> there is a $5,000 reward for anyone with information leading to the man's arrest and conviction. this morning, big security questions after two activists managed to use climbing gear to rappel during monday night football. take a look. the protesters are from maryland. check out that banner. they unfurled this last night at the game. the panthers game. they were protesting fracking. why north carolina? why the panthers? charlotte is home to bank of america, a company that has financial ties to the project. it was listed on the sign there, a group they were targeting. the group is from maryland, they are behind it, they claim responsibility. fire crews were called in to get them down. no one was hurt. a lot of people asking this morning how did they get all that climbing gear into the
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stadium? back to you. >> good question, angie. thank you. a company behind the keystone xl pipeline is asked to suspend its permit application. the state department could accept the request or move forward with a final decision. the pipeline would move 800,000 barrels of oil a day across six states. some opponents say transcanada hopes to delay the review process until a new president is elected. president obama is widely expected to reject the plan. now to decision 2016, a significant shake-up this morning. donald trump is no longer the front-runner in the gop presidential contest. a new nbc news/wall street journal poll puts dr. ben carson in the lead. his biggest lead yet. 29% of voters say they would choose him. 23% would go for trump. this as trump releases a new book today with his plans to fix what he calls a crippled america. stay with us. tracie potts will offer some
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perspective in 15 minutes. now 4:37. the nationals this morning, cbs sports saying they're offering dusty baker the manager's job. usa today says black and the nats could not agree on a contract. nothing is official yet. baker has managed more than 3,000 games in his career. he's also won the manager of the year award three times. as we think about next year's baseball season, the kansas city royals are wrapping up this season with a parade. you can see the team returning to kansas city with the world series trophy. they beat the mets this past weekend. the parade starts at 1:00 this afternoon. we'll post pictures of the celebrations on the nbc washington app. if you're just getting dressed for the day, come look at these temperatures. not too bad out there right now. depending on your perspective. 37 is cold for me. will you need that jacket on the way home from work? >> i call that cold too.
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you heard about reports of needles in halloween candy in pennsylvania. we're learning of similar incidents in maryland. where parents are being extra careful. a new policy is in place after last week's science experiment at a local high school went terribly wrong. what is no longer allowed in chemistry class.
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another reason to check your kids halloween candy. police in southeast maryland say a sewing needle was found lodged inside a twizzler.
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the 15-year-old told his parents who then called police. the teenager wasn't hurt and he said he got the candy trick-or-treating in the salisbury area. officers say the outside of the package showed no signs of tampering. 4:41. your kids may lose a coat today. they'll need it at the bus stop. >> label, label, label, chuck. >> got to label it. you're going to need it for a couple of hours between new and the time you get to school and work. you'll need the jacket for sure. you won't be needing it later on this afternoon. shedable layers is the way i would suggest dressing today. 37 at manassas. 47 at reagan international airport. a chilly start. 30s and 40s for the bus stop this morning. layer up for that. recess gets an a for sunshine. and temperatures in the mid-60s. near 70 for highs today. what you'll need, that coat this morning, sure enough. sunglasses for later. it is november.
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even though it is 70s, i don't know it is necessarily shorts weather. we have one day this week that is probably going to be shorts worthy. that will be friday. how warm? in ten minutes. melissa mollet, a check on traffic. >> brandy wine road at branch avenue, no word on what exactly is blocked here this morning. it could be southbound lanes, but we'll try to get more information in a minute. just got this update from the scene 270 south at montgomery village avenue, three lanes blocked there. a little slowdown here as you head southbound. cars in the center of the roadway trying to get those towed out of the way. 66 into town looking quite good this morning. don't have to worry about that too much. listen to wto p when you hop in your car. this morning, everything else looking pretty good now including 95 at prince william parkway. see you back here in ten minutes. leading the pack, ben carson is surging in the polls. so what does that say about
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voter opinion? a major milestone for bebe. what the panda cub could be on the verge of doing any minute now.
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. now to decision 2016 and the new nbc news wall street journal poll that reveals a big shift in voter opinion. tracie potts is on capitol hill now to break down what the numbers mean going forward. good morning. >> good morning. first of all, americans are frustrated with what is happening here in washington. more than a quarter say the country is not going in the right direction.
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more than half think the deck is stacked against them. well over half would fire their member of congress. but let's talk about those who are trying to get into washington, especially dr. ben carson, he's now got the biggest lead we have seen of any republican in the poll this cycle. 29%. six points over donald trump. when you add up those folks who say he's the first or second choice. he's way out there at 50%. carson is leading that charge to reform the next debate. donald trump is about six points down. he's decided not to sign on to that letter with the other campaigns to reform the debate. he's negotiating with the networks on his own. jeb bush launching his new fix it campaign is way down there at 8%, working on not only trying to fix the country's problems, but trying to fix his own campaign as well. we look at popularity, dr. carson among all the candidates, democrat and republican, the most popular. donald trump the least. >> tracie potts on capitol hill for us, thank you. a different trend among the
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democratic candidates this morning. hillary clinton has more than doubled the support than her closest rival vermont senator bernie sanders. clinton, 62%. sanders, 31%. former maryland governor martin o'malley, 3%. clinton loses the lead when it comes to the general electorate, fewer than one third of americans give her high marks for being honest and straightforward. >> we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. >> we long ago lost hope that justice would ever come. >> now that the defendant is found guilty, we can start to mourn. the attorneys for convicted serial killer charles severance are expected to appeal a guilty verdict, but for now it is closure for three families who waited for more than a decade for justice. the jury convicted severance yesterday in the murders of ruth ann lodato, ron kirby and nancy dunning. they recommended three life sentences. in court, kirby's widow recalled
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the last time she spoke to him, the last thing he said to me was to call me when you get lost and i am truly lost without him. the verdict also brings a sense of closure to an entire community. >> -- homicide of this nature, unfortunately other victims got in the way of this particular person who committed these crimes. today, hopefully, that person will never harm anyone in any community again. >> severance is scheduled to be sentenced in january. we're working to learn the name of a 22-year-old man found dead near a popular shopping center in gaithersburg. montgomery county police say someone discovered that body in a wooded area yesterday. our cameras were there as investigators processed that scene. it is on contour road near the montgomery village plaza. police are not saying how the man died. surveillance video helped police catch a man suspected of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy in arlington. 31-year-old ahmad l. katib is
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accused of touching the boy while he was sleeping in the common room of an apartment building near the boston mall. the boy says he woke up with his pants down. he quickly ran away and told a cousin who works in that building. now to fairfax where neighbors say they need another traffic light along busy francona road. a man died trying to cross the street near brooklyn road last late sunday night. we brought you the story yesterday morning. and since then we followed up with people who live in that area. they say they complained about the dangerous crossing before. >> if you go down too far, you know, you're taking a chance to walk across the street. it is a busy road. >> there is a light and a cross walk just yards away from the scene of this weekend's accident that is right near edison high school. police say 69-year-old tom khan died in the crash. they have not found the white or light colored van that hit him. baltimore prosecutors don't want jurors sequestered.
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william porter's trial is set to begin later this month. his defense attorneys want jurors placed in hotels. prosecutors say the requirements could make it hard to seat a jury. gray died in april after suffering a severe spinal cord injury while in police can custody. all but one of the five students hurt in a high school chemistry class fire are now out of the fire. the student from woodson high school is undergoing surgery for serious burns. the superintendent has banned the use of open flames in the classroom until further notice. she also ordered a review of the school system's science curriculum. all science teachers need to review classroom safety protocol. looks like bei bei will be a toddler pretty soon. the little panda cub tried to stand up. this was yesterday. you can see his little feet slipping around a little bit. just 2 months ol s old.
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weighs a pound more than his brother did at the same age. want to check in with mom and cub now. >> oh, look at them. >> there they are. rolling. >> everybody's up. >> and they're out. >> no, no, no. back up. >> keep rolling in his sleep. >> so cute. >> fetal position. >> so cute. >> we could look at this all day, right? i know. best part of our day. zoo cokeepers say bei bei is teething right now. >> that's why you can't sleep, he's teething. keeps the babies up. >> that's why? >> yes. >> i didn't know. >> now we know. >> we do know. and have to be careful, you know, teething bears, i would think those would be extra sharp. >> don't put your hands anywhere near. >> don't put your hand in the bear's mouth.
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sound advice from the weather department, no matter how old the bear is. outside this morning, a cold start. a lot of spots down to the 30s this morning. we're talking about 70s and the chance for a little mini heat wave by november standards. won't set any records in the 70s. check out how rare 70s in november are. we might have four 70s in a row this week. that would be more 70s in november than any year out of the last five. in 2010, we didn't get to 71 times in the month of november. this is bonus material for sure as far as warmth is concerned. north breeze, light winds and plenty of sunshine for your afternoon. but do dress in layers. you'll need a shedable layer this morning. 37 in maryland. 37 in charles town, west virginia. hourly temperatures, 30s and 40s early this morning. mostly in the 50s by 9:00. 60s by 11:00. up to near 70 and nearly every neighborhood for later on today. rain chances, all staying down
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across parts of the carolina coastline. not coming in our direction. we'll be dry around here for today. and tomorrow looks dry too. next chance for a couple of showers rolls in here on thursday. here is future weather then. for today, patchy fog around early this morning. but plenty of sunshine and a great day coming. clear skies tonight. not quite as cold tomorrow morning as it is this morning. and tomorrow afternoon, even warmer still than today. clouds start to come back to the picture late wednesday night and by thursday morning, 8:00, there is a chance for a couple of sprinkles or showers around. whatever comes our way on thursday won't be heavy. here is the first look at the seven day forecast. might make 70 with a rain chance on thursday. 78 degrees on friday. that's the warmest of the bunch and then cooler weather moves in for the weekend. good news is we took rain drops out of your weekend forecast. let's hope we can keep them that way. time for a check on traffic. here is mellas wissa mollet whos 78 degrees.
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>> i do not love bad traffic. especially early in the morning. right now, seeing a little bit of an issue here. 66 at 28, initial report there was a fire activity in the westbound lanes. now saying it could be east. looks like it is eastbound lanes here this morning. trying to get more information on that one for you and get back to here in a minute. brandy wine at branch avenue, a report of a crash there. as far as closures, we're telling you to follow police direction because we're not exactly sure what is shut down. 270 south at montgomery village avenue, all lanes open there. don't worry about that one anymore. inner loope at braddock, right shoulder is blocked because of an accident. it could happen to a lot of you out there. how a pair of thieves is targeting you while you shop without you even knowing it. working for free. why some prince george's county police officers are not getting paid for working extra hours and whether i
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if you are just joining us, we're following a developing story in montgomery county where the search is on for a driver who hit a pedestrian and took off. this all comes as montgomery county leaders urge drivers to pay more attention. kristin wright will have more on that in minutes. we're also keeping a close eye on your forecast. and the warmup on the way. chuck bell will tell us how warm it will be where you live coming up in your hometown forecast. the prince george's county police union says cutting overtime doesn't help keep your
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community safe. staff and overtime cuts overload homicide detectives. some are working extra hours without being paid. >> the cases that have gone cold, that need more attention, that need more thorough investigation, need to come in on a saturday to do additional interviews, it is not being authorized at overtime to do that. >> the police department says it has hired three new detectives and will make staffing adjustments to lighten the case load. a 14-year-old boy is being held in juvenile court while police look into claims he inappropriately touched and sexually harassed other students. police say the teen from culpepper county high school is accused of making sexual advances toward a girl the same age. when she refused, the girl says he assaulted her. officers say there have been incidents with other young victims. the boy faces assault, battery and strangulation charges. keep your credit cards safe. that's the message this morning
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from police in montgomery county. look at this couple. this is the pair investigators think targeted shoppers at a popular rockville shopping plaza. police are not sure how the cards are being stolen but say it is so smooth, the victims don't even notice they have been robbed. >> in the most likely leave the purse unattended shopping, doesn't notice the suspect go into the purse, removes the card or two, places the wallet back in the purse and simply walks away. >> we're learning one victim didn't notice her card was missing for almost two days allowing the thiefs to go on a shopping spree. pay attention to your pocketbook. >> handbag. >> handbag, yes. >> my grandmother calls it a pocketbook. >> a purse too. >> keep an eye on that. >> "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m.
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good morning, everybody. it is coming up on 5:00 a.m. >> let's check our weather first. it is going to be nice and warm today. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell telling us about the strange november weather, chuck. >> loving every minute of it. mid-60s yesterday, even with the cloud s around. skies cleared out overnight. there is patchy fog. be careful of that. it is chilly. grab your coat on the way out the door this morning. let the warming begin as our little mini heat wave in november moves on in for the next couple of days. nice low impact day for your weather today. mild by later on this afternoon with plenty of sunshine. it is 37 in frederick county, maryland, now. 37 also in martinsburg. 37 in manassas. 42 out the door. 67 at lunch time. 59 by 7:00 tonight. trouble on an inbound artery. melissa mollet, what is the latest? >> 66 at fairfax county parkway. we just got offhe


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