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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 4, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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decision 2015 in virginia. republicans will hold on to control of both houses in the general assembly. going into the election we told you the gop held a slim lead in the senate. we're talking 21 to 19 seats. before the election republicans managed to secure the support they needed to hold on to control in the senate. now as expected, they will maintain their majority in the house. that is not good news for governor terry mccullough. prince william county a win for democrats in the senate, district 29. jeremy mcpike beat hall parrish. long-time mayor bill ule lost to allyson silfverberg. louddown county, phyllis randall
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beat four-term chairman scott york. long-time supervisor eugene d l delgaudio has been defeated. to find out more results check the nbc washington app. 4:31. today will be the first day back to school for students who saw their peers rushed to a hospital after a chemistry class fire. one of five woodson students hurt in friday's fire remains in the hospital. yesterday federal investigators were questioning the fairfax county school about the fire. 4:31. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. another cool start and a nice warmup. i like this pattern, right? >> i do. >> who doesn't like it when you're 15 degrees above average in the cool season like we are, four things you should know about the weather today. another chilly morning. 70s again this afternoon.
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flirting with a record high temperature on your friday, and don't we all wish we could keep it into the weekend. saturday looks cooler and a chance for showers. unfortunately the great weather won't last into the weekend. here's the hour-by-hour planner. 45 by then, 58 by 9:00. 67 by 11:00. what a fantastic afternoon it's going to be. sunny and warm, not much of a breeze. temperatures today low to mid 70s. even if you're going out on the town for dinner and a movie, mild and dry. temperatures in the 60s this evening. there are chances for rain coming our way tomorrow. more about that in ten minutes. for now though, the beltway. you know, it's never the end. >> the dang beltway is never the end. inner loop, local lanes, you have a crash there. bottom of the beltway here just had the right lane getting by the crash again. no major delays. because of that everything seems to be just fine there at the bottom of the beltway. we'll keep you updated if
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anything changes there. still have this problem as well, 70 eastbound and westbound near 27 right lanes there in mount arie getting by in both directions. overturned tractor-trailer, the center of the roadway. a little bit bogged down with debris at this point. beltway at branch avenue, that is flowing just fine. no problems at 95, 29 route 1 bw parkway and top of the beltway flowing just fine. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. the suspect of a brutal rape was arrested two weeks before the attack and allowed to go free. the attack happened back in october on a street in the hill east neighborhood. the suspect forced his way into the woman's home and raped her. only news 4 has information on his extensive criminal history. at the time of the attack the suspect was under supervised probation. that stems from a july 2013 armed robbery. two weeks before the attack
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police picked him up at mlk library downtown carrying synthetic marijuana. police charged him with felony possession. neighbors say they're beyond frustrated. >> is the system working properly to make sure that individuals like this man do not do this again? actually not only do not do this again, but never have the opportunity of doing this. >> the suspect is 21 years old and is being held in prince gorges county. we are not identifying him because he has not yet been charged in the district. today a former state department official will be sentenced after pleading guilty to voyeurism. he recorded as many 25 women in their homes in the d.c. area between 2012 and 2014. they say he targeted women who lived in basement level amounts. he could be facing up to 11 years in prison. also in court today, a man
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charged with helping two convicts escape a new york prison this summer. gene palmer worked as a corrections officer at the court in clinton. he gave david sweat and richard matt tools in exchange for some of matt's artwork. he insists he had no prior knowledge of the plan to escape. drivers and pedestrians could be ticketed as part of safety enforcement day. they will ticket drivers who don't yield to pedestrians and montgomery police will patrol areas where more pedestrian collisions occur. a case of revenge porn involving a university of washington. michael chevalier was arrested. a mary washington student said photos taken of her with a past relationship were shared on
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social media. the pictures were posted sunday and monday. he's not a student. he lives outside of richmond. 4:36. another troubling story inside of halloween county. a mother found sewing needles lodged in the candy. the child received the candy while trick or treating in huntington. this comes one day after a 15-year-old found a sewing needle lodged inside a twizzler. we're learning a minnesota child lied about finding needles inside chocolate bars that the child received on halloween night. d.c. public schools starting its budget planning process early to allow you a greater say in your child's education. one priority for chancellor kay yeah henderson is extending the school day which the teachers union has been resistant to.
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don't be surprised if you see some snowplows on the road montgomery county today. the county is having a mock snow day to make sure it's ready when the real stuff operates. they'll run the snow routes on more than 5,000 roads montgomery county. the staff will handle a simulated six-inch snowstorm. that will be happening all the day today. we continue to follow breaking news in south sudan where details are coming in still from a fatal cargo plane crash. looking at the current temperatures, the kids will definitely want a jacket when they leave this morning, but what will recess be like? and most their age are getting their learner's permits, but soon 16-year-olds in our area could be voting. the push that will allow them
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school bus driver in texas being called a hero after sheltering students from a powerful tornado. video happening last week from san antonio being released. the video shows the driver rushing to get the kids on the bus and struggling to keep the doors closed -- close the doors, i should say. winds of more than 100 miles an hour hit that region. nobody was hurt. it is now 4:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. this lovely november weather, wish we could keep it going. >> storm team 4 meteorologist
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chuck bell is here now with a look at your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> thanks, you guys. rain chances ahead. nothing to worry about for today. you have a little rain chance coming in on thursday. tomorrow the best chance of your first half for the weekend. for now, 39 in mart continuesberg, school day forecast for today, chilly at the bus stop. temperatures, mid 40s. not just an a for recess, a plus for recess. 68 degrees by recess time and 75 for a high today. you may need that coat first thing this morning. sunglasses and jeans. perhaps, dare i say it, shorts weather for later this afternoon. anyway, we'll get to your seven day in a few minutes. trouble on 95. >> trouble on 95 right now. we are pretty jammed here as you're heading northbound. north of fairfax county parkway you can see we have construction coming off. eventually all of this squeezes down to one right lane. not what you want to wake up to.
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we are this morning hoping this gets out of the way in the next couple of minutes. 70 eastbound and westbound at 27. this is a little bit west of that but, again, we do have just the right lane getting by in that area because of that overturned tractor-trailer earlier. inner lanes have the right lane getting by that crash. big look at the beltway. no major problems. >> see you then, thank you, melissa. 4:42. 16-year-old can drive, pay taxes and be tried as an adult in court so should they be able to vote? a new proposal in d.c. council says yes. this isn't unheard of either. 16-year-olds have been allowed to vote in a couple of municipal park races in tacoma, maryland. what makes tuesday's vote unusual is it lowers the voting age for federal elections. what martin o'malley and donald trump are expected to do in hours. new search for metro's new leader who is now being thought of
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today in decision 2016, two candidates for president will file their papers for the new hampshire primary. democrat martin o'malley plans to personally do that about 8:15 this morning. we expect republican donald trump to file his papers later on. the latest poll shows hillary clinton beating all but one candidate in the field. his name is not trump. tracie potts is with us from capitol hill. tracie, good morning.
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>> aaron, good morning. we've seen the surge, it's dr. ben carson. they are tied at 47% in a theoretical match-up. the other keenum coming out of our poll is that independent write for carson if it were a split between carson and clinton. he's up by 13%. independents often decide these races. you have the party bases on both sides and oftentimes it's those in the middle who decide who wins the presidency. now, in terms of republicans, no one else beats hillary clinton, however, marco rubio comes closest. he's within 3 percentage points, and that's within the poll's margin of error. if you're wondering what happened to donald trump, put him up against hillary clinton and he's back 8 percentage points. aaron. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you, tracie. now on the hill. how a man and a woman died this week. john-michael robinson shot
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desiree cooper monday afternoon and then he shot himself. officer found their bodies inside a row house. colleagues describe cooper as an amazing person with a beautiful mind. friends say robinson was a popular and successful personal trainer. now to southeast washington. we're looking to find the name of a man who died yesterday afternoon. the shooting happened on benning road. a developing story this morning. a new name has surfaced in the new leader for metro. that's paul wiedfeld. earlier this week we learned another candidate for the job was no longer being considered for that position. >> we're looking for somebody who has good leadership ability and someone who can turn this agency around, and that's what we're looking for. >> transportation director adam tusk spoke to some of you who
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rode metro. many want the right fit tofor t job. virginia's governor preps the top educational official to make sure that the university of virginia would not be unfairly tarnished. according to the washington post they say uva violated federal rules on the handling of sexual violence issues several times in recent years before making that report public the department revised the report after university officials and governor mccauliffe sent reports saying it had errors. eleanor holmes norton planned to testify in front of the senate committee. today's hearing will focus on the reauthorizing of the program that uses federal money to pay for low income students to attend private schools in d.c. norton says she opposes that program. she says it has not improved academic achievement.
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now on the heels of election day, a maryland task force says an independent panel should decide where you vote. governor larry hogan created that task force to tame the practice of gerrymandering. the task force is expected to send proposals to the maryland lawmakers. at 5:30 in the morning, most college students may be still asleep but the women of the university of maryland rotct spent their morning training for their future. the co-ed program trained for the ranger challenge. the women on the team say they're inspired to follow in the footsteps of the first two women to ever graduate from rangers school in august. this intense course is just a taste of what real ranger school can be like. >> it's an option. it's in the back of your head saying, hey, if you really wanted to, that's something you could do, that's a good thing
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torks have more options and to choose. >> the university of maryland team did not win any awards at the competition. the women are eager to get back to training and try again next year. the d.c. teen who dance battled with a police officer has danced her way into a scholarship. a happy ending to an unexpected beginning. remember this video going viral? the officer challenged 18-year-old ali a taylor in order to diffuse an argument between teens in southwest about a week ago. taylor tells that two churches have offered to pay her tuition to any university and others have offered to pay for dance lessons and the prom. take a look at the panda cam. there's may shan and she's cuddling bei bei. if you're planning to visit the
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zoo the opening hours are changing. in january you have to arrive earlier and leave later. gates open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 a.m. it will change from 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the exhibits. a lot of times when the weather gets warmer and there's new life and it's pretty in the evening. earlier when it's not as cold. >> makes sense. >> like right now. >> not cold at all. is he playing on his ipad. >> mom wants a couple of extra hours of sleep. >> some of my friends with young kids said the ipad is like crack for babies. >> it is. >> can't take their hands off of it. they're addicted to the ipad. >> you have to limit it otherwise it gets out of control. >> didn't see that analogy coming at 4:50. >> it's true. >> it's just an analogy. i did not graduate well from analogy school if that's any consolation. outside, not a warm start just yet, but record warmth is a real
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possibility here over the coming days. we have no shot at breaking a record high today or tomorrow, but friday a little low hanging fruit in the record books holding 78 for a record high on friday. that was set back in 1948. yes, indeed, i think we're going to be every bit of 78 degrees on your friday. your wednesday morning starts out a little cooler than that. 50 degrees under a clear sky. not much of a wind out there either. clear skies and a light breeze has allowed quite a drop in temperatures. most everybody in the low to mid 40s bay side and in the city. running, pretty warm. running in the chill, do you hate it? you won't have to wait long. 9:00, 10:00, temperatures well above average. average high 62. this is all plus territory for us. highs low to mid 70s. plenty of sunshine. future weather, what's going to go on? today nothing to worry about. sunny, warm, dry. everything is great. now tonight clouds come back into the picture and by 6:30
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tomorrow morning mostly cloudy skies and a chance for a couple of sprinkles or some drizzle around. not going to get any heavy rain tomorrow but an occasional rain drop or shower certainly can't be ruled out. that's intended to give way with more time into the afternoon. should be dry for thursday night into early friday. friday start out partly sunny. end up with a fair amount of sunshine during the afternoon. by friday evening, clouds coming back in. depends on which computer model you want. this particular one brings rain chances in as earl live as 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 friday evening. that might be rushing it a bit. i think rain chances are back by 11:00, midnight friday night on intthe front half of your saturday. there you go. 75 today. 70 tomorrow with a little light rain possible. 78 on friday. rain likely late friday night into the saturday. sunday looks a little on the chilly side. temperatures back down into the 50s. we knew it couldn't last, melissa. how about the traffic? i wish this wouldn't last here this morning.
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right now 95 northbound there and north of fairfax county parkway, it looks like just in the past couple of minutes we have gotten those cones out of the way. still a little bit slow there as you're headed northbound just after fairfax county parkway going about six miles per hour right now. that will get much better pretty quickly here if everything has, indeed, cleared out of the way. inner loop, local lanes before route 1, the right lane the only thing getting by there. northbound colesville road. 70 east and west in mount arie, kind of can see a little bit of the response there in the distance. they are still cleaning up that tractor-trailer crash from last night getting by in both right lanes in both directions. thanks, melissa. would you rather pay more for parking or pay for a longer period of time? what's expected to happen for all you drivers in d.c. forget the reply button. why google says it will soon be able to a
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it's 4:57. we continue to follow breaking news after a deadly plane crash in south sudan. we're hearing conflicting reports of how many people died. angie goff is at the live desk trying to sort out the information. she will bring us an update. chuck bell is putting together your hometown forecast. a chilly start but will we see
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another warmup. 50 cents doesn't buy you a lot of time when it comes to parking in the district. soon it will get you even less. right now you can pay 50 cents for 15 minutes of parking. next year it will only get you 13 minutes. the hikes come because the district decide it had could not extend parking meter hours until midnight. right now you have to feet the meter until 10:00 p.m. phil mendle son said it's been a long time since this has gone up. >> i don't think this is out of step. >> you still have some time. the new rates go into effect on june 1st of next year. the federal trade commission now requiring one wet wipes company to change its advertising. we first reported this story more than a year ago. the companies market flushable wipes without any substantiated evidence that they break apart. the ftc is taking action against nice-pak products. they misrepresented their
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products and the claim that they break apart. nice-pak will have to stop advertising their products as safe for flushable. google working on an automatic reply for e-mail. it's similar to the text reply options you have called smart reply. the system can analyze your incoming e-mails and suggest a few responses. the idea is to let you reply while on the go without having to draft a fresh message. a entrepreneur in chicago hoping a new kind of vending machine will catch on. >> it has health food instead of junk food. are you shaking your head? he's like, no, i want my potato chips. the farmer's fridge has salad in jars. they have 350 to 400 calories. they're made with fresh ingredien ingredients. the unsold ones are donated to food shelves. it's all an experiment. >> it's healthy food, accessible. if it's affordable, are people
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going to eat it? >> so a salad from this vending machine will cost you $8. i'd try it. "news 4 today" starts now. right now it's 5:00 a.m. shocking new details in the death of an illinois police officer. what we expect to learn in just a matter of hours. and it is a fire that sent several of their peers to the hospital and sparked a federal investigation. what's expected to happen for students at woodson high school today. but, first, aaron, an update to that breaking news we've been following. that tragic plane crash in south sudan. we are now getting conflicting reports that dozens have died, including children. the cargo plane crashed about a mile from the international airport. officials say it was a russian-made jet. the crash has not affected airport traffic. we checked. as of now planes are still taking off and still arriving at that international airpt.


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