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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 4, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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going to eat it? >> so a salad from this vending machine will cost you $8. i'd try it. "news 4 today" starts now. right now it's 5:00 a.m. shocking new details in the death of an illinois police officer. what we expect to learn in just a matter of hours. and it is a fire that sent several of their peers to the hospital and sparked a federal investigation. what's expected to happen for students at woodson high school today. but, first, aaron, an update to that breaking news we've been following. that tragic plane crash in south sudan. we are now getting conflicting reports that dozens have died, including children. the cargo plane crashed about a mile from the international airport. officials say it was a russian-made jet. the crash has not affected airport traffic. we checked. as of now planes are still taking off and still arriving at that international airport. we continue to work on getting
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pictures of the crash and more information as it comes into the newsroom. stay tuned. eun. >> angie goff on the live desk. thank you, angie. time to check our forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell telling us about a storm on the way. >> a nice, cool, crisp fall morning. wow, what a warmup coming. a cool start so grab your coat or sweater on the way out the door. november heat wave, day two is coming up for today. friday might be a record high just ahead of the cooldown coming our way for the weekend. that's coming up at 5:21. for now, visibility just a little. few pockets of cloud outside. not anywhere near as much as we had. on the whole it will be a nice, warm day. montgomery county, maryland, out the door weather in the 40s. 71 at lunchtime. highs today in the low 7 0z. mid 60s for the evening. talking about the commute.
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>> good morning. right now 70 east and west near 27 in mount arie, just got off the phone with police, that is clear. don't have to worry about the debris with the overturned tractor-trailer. out of the way. 95 north of fairfax county parkway in the northbound lane, that construction has also cleared in the past couple of minutes. things are looking a little bit better there. here this morning it should be out of the way in the next couple of minutes. inner loop, all lanes now open here. three pieces of good news here for you. 270 southbound no problems from 70 to the spur. going to take you 20 minutes. eun. >> thank you, melissa. 5:02. developing today, we'll learn a lot more about a police officer's death in illinois. you might remember the huge manhunt following lieutenant joseph glienowicz's death. the manhunt costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. we're finding out it may have been unnecessary. in a news conference the lake county police department is expected to announce he committed suicide.
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the conference is happening at 11:00 a.m. developing in d.c., we're working to find out when the d.c. general homeless shelter will close. according to "the washington post" the d.c. council approved a plan to shut it down. they will build six smaller shelters in its place. more than 700 families live in the shelter. a suspect in a capital rape was arrested two weeks before the rape. the suspect forced his way into the woman's home and raped her. only news 4 has new information on his extensive criminal history. at the time of the attack the suspect was under supervised probation. that stems from a july 2013 armed robbery. two weeks before the attack police picked him up at mlk library downcountries town carrying synthetic marijuana. police charged him with felony drug possession and a judge ordered him released until trial. neighbors say they're frustrated
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with a lack of information from police. >> we know nothing about him and that's scary for a lot of the neighbors. it's scary to think, well, is there anybody else like him out there that could be doing something else similar to this? could i be at risk? that puts a lot of questions in people's minds of does our system work? >> the suspect is 21 years old and is being held in prince gorges county on an unrelated find. we are not identifying him because he has not yet been charged in the district. 5:04. developing at this hour police say a man died while in custody of security guards. officers responded to a call for an assault early sunday morning in a residential building in the good hope road southeast area. officers found 27-year-old alonzo smith handcuffed by the guards, unconscious and not breathing. d.c. police requested medical help but smith died at the hospital. investigators say someone shot and killed a man whose body was found montgomery village. we're learning roberto cruise
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may have been dead 48 hours before anyone found him. the medical examiner looking at what else may have happened near lake forest mall. decision 2015, republicans will hold on to control of both houses in the general assembly. going into the election we told you that the gop held a slim lead in the senate. we're talking 21 to 19 seats. now for the election republicans managed to secure the support they needed to hold on to control in the senate. so as expected, they will maintain control and majority in the house. now not good news for governor terry macauliffe and his plan to push gun control. a win in senate district 29. jeremy mcpike beat hall parrish by eight points to secure that seat. we kept our minds on alexandria's may oral race. bill ewell's write in campaign
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failed and he lost to allison silverberg. she's the mayor. democrat phyllis randall won the board chair position beating scott york who also ran as an independent. long-time supervisor eugene delgaudio has been defeated. sheriff stacy kinkaide will keep her title. now to find out the results from several other elections across our area in maryland as well, check out our nbc washington app. one of those races making history in college park. patrick wojay was elected mayor last night. he becomes the first openly gay man to win the office at college park. he wants to bring more amenities, high quality developments and businesses to college park. students head back to school today days after their chemistry lab blew up. five students and one teacher at woodson high school were hurt on friday when an experiment went wrong. one student is still in the hospital. we'll hear from news 4's kristen
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wright on the classroom changes the school is making in response to this incident in fairfax county. another troubling discovery inside halloween candy in maryland. a woman said she found sewing candles lodged in the candy. the child received that candy while trick or treating in huntington. maryland state police want to hear from you if you notice anything out of the ordinary from your child's candy. this just in. we're learning a minnesota child about finding needles inside chocolate bars on halloween. the police department there in minnesota said the child made the whole story up. 5:07. new details in the story of the run away blimp. the pentagon is suspending the missile detecting program it was part of. you might remember the blimp broke free from military grounds in maryland last week and traveled uncontrolled up through pennsylvania. some people are filing claims because of the damage it caused. the missile detecting program
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will not restart until the army figures out why the blimp broke free. following the breaking news out of south sudan this morning after a deadly plane crash there. details still coming in. we do know at least two dozen people are dead. we continue to monitor the situation and we'll bring you updates as we get them. take a look at the current temperatures right now. seeing 30s in some spots, and 42. what will it be like when you head to the metro. i'm angie goff back here at the live desk. information is coming in about a major, massive earthquake in
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right now people are fleeing their homes after a strong earthquake hit indonesia. no tsunami threat. we checked, there's no tsunami threat. that's a good thing. a magnitude 6.3 quake that reportedly shook everything for about 11 seconds. as of right now, getting no reports of any damage or major
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damage or injuries. aaron? >> angie, thank you. it's time for weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. we are also a cool start. it won't feel like november in the afternoon. >> tom kierein is in columbia heights northwest where people are taking advantage of all of this nice, mild weather to apparently eat more chicken. what is going on out there, tom? >> reporter: right here on 14th street we've got over 100 people who have been waiting here for over 24 hours to get free meals from this grand opening of this chick-fil-a. the first stand alone here in washington for the entire metro area and right in washington. this is quite an event here this morning. doors open at 6:00. here's a look at your walk to work forecast. it's been cold here overnight. we've been down in the low 40s. it's going to stay that way for the morning commute walking to metro, walking to the bus, it's going to be a cold morning. but then when you're heading back home, a mild afternoon.
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we will be soaring about 30 degrees from where we are right now. want to make it into the mid 70s when you're heading back home. let's check on the roads now. melissa has a disabled vehicle. where is it? >> new problems on the beltway, outer loop 270. looks like right now we are green in the area. doesn't seem to be slowing things too much. perhaps off to the right shoulder or left shoulder here at this point this morning. 95 northbound and north of fairfax county parkway we are still a little slow in that area because of that earlier road work. perhaps a little extra time for that stretch here this morning. prince gorges county overall don't have any problems there. remember, silver spring northbound colesville and left lane getting by with emergency road work. happening today, northern virginia students head back to school days after a fire tore through their school. what they can expect and the federal investigation getting underway. it is a move that landed this man in jail. what one man is accused of doing after breaking up with his
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girlfriend. your time right now is 5:14. patients across the country have spoken.
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you're watching "news 4 today." the last time the students were in class it was a chemistry class explosion. kristen wright is in fairfax where students will return to class today. good morning. >> reporter: in just a couple of hours woodson students will come back to school for the first time since that chemistry fire friday and this as we learn that federal investigators are getting involved. five students, a teachers were hurt. two of those students with serious burns. the teacher was doing a chemistry demonstration that sparked the fire. now the u.s. chemical safety board is submitting questions to fairfax schools and could consider a formal investigation. that could mean a six to 12-month review and new safety guidance nationwide. woodson students had scheduled
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days off on monday and tuesday of this week. the school district has suspended the use of open flames in science classes. back to you guys. today a former state department official may face 11 years in prison after pleading guilty to voyeurism. daniel rosen pleaded guilty to more than a dozen charges back in july. rosen recorded as many as 25 women in their homes in d.c. between 2012 and 2014. investigators say he targeted women who lived in basement-level apartments. also in court today, a man charged with helping two convicts escape a new york prison this summer. gene palmer worked as a correction's officer at the jail in clinton, new york. court paperwork said he gave david sweat and richard matt tools in exchange for matt's artwork. palmer said he had no knowledge of the plans to escape. drivers and pedestrians could be ticketed today as part of safety enforcement campaigns.
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they could be ticketing drivers who don't yield to pedestrians and they'll stop people walking not using crosswalks. they'll be patrolling areas where more pedestrian collisions happen. a virginia man is facing serious charges this morning for what police are calling revenge porn. micha michael chevalier was arrested for publishing photos of pictures of a past relationship. he's not a student. he lives in henrico county. in news for your health, we're taking a look at postpartum depression and how to recognize the symptoms. last year 50 to 80% of women who had postpartum women who had postpartum depression in the past may have it again.
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psychotherapy and anti depressants are common treatments. moving got easier. it is as simple as going for a brisk walk. they're finding people who make a habit of taking fast walks, not these guys, generally have smaller waists. results are best if you do it for 30 minutes. equal benefits for women and increasing benefits for men older than 50. >> that's what we should do, we should go for a brisk walk after work. >> does that work for under 50? >> it has brisk benefits. >> if you're walking briskly for 30 minutes you will. live look outside for you. >> chuck doesn't buy this. he's like, listen, i'm a marathon runner. i can't do this. >> i love this, aaron is the ultimate pro krast at this nator. he doesn't think he has to work
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briskly until he turns 50. >> it won't do good before then? >> it will do you good before, during, after. >> mostly clear sky. perfect weather for a nice, brisk walk. it's a bit chilly outside this morning. once you get the blood pumping, it won't be a bad day. what to expect today, warmth. a lot of warmth. dry and quiet albeit a little chilly. even warmer today than yesterday. yesterday we were 72. loving the 70s we get today and tomorrow and friday as well. all way above average. our average high now is only 62 degrees. we're way up in the plus territory for the next couple of days. unfortunately in time for your weekend, the cooler weather more typical of november rolls back in. most of the next couple of days will be dry. light rain or drizzle around during the day tomorrow although it will still be plenty warm. most of the real rain chances in the next five days are stacked up starting late friday night into the day on saturday. i wish your weekend had a little
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bit more better news in it but it doesn't just yet. 49 in edgewater, maryland. what to wear? you'll need a coat or sweater first thing this morning. it's sunglasses and jeans, almost summer like weather for summer by november standards. hourly temperatures, 40s out the door this morning. nearly 70 by noontime and 73 for a high today. clouds thicken up after the sun goes down today. here's future weather to bear that out. clear skies and full sunshine through about 4:00. between 4:00 and 11:00, clouds start to come back in. here's the chance for light rain or drizzle by about this time tomorrow morning. off and on sprinkle and drizzle chances continue through your thursday. although it will stay mild. 75 and sunny today. 70 tomorrow with a little chance for a couple of showers. any rain tomorrow is going to be very, very light. nothing to really add up to too much. it will make the day a little bit less pretty than today. friday, 78. that would tie a record for the
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day. showers likely for the first half of your weekend. check on traffic now. fairfax county parkway it looks like. >> they are looking a little slow still in this spot. take a look now. 95 northbound here in fairfax county parkway as chuck said. we are still a bit slow with the volume delays. right lane getting by. it's clear. still just a little bit of slowdowns in that area. >> 66 over all looking pretty good. 95 otherwise. you don't have any major issue there. outer loop at 270, still have that disabled vehicle there being reported. as we take a bigger look here, you can see the rest of the beltway is rolling along just fine. don't have any big worries there this morning. everything else looking well. see you back here at 5:31. developing in egypt at 5:23, searchers have combed the area where a russian jet crashed. they have not found any human remains. all 224 people on board that plane were killed last saturday on their way from egypt to st.
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petersburg. most of them were russian vacationers who were flying home. we're learning the co-pilot of that plane complained about the technical condition of the aircraft. this is according to the co-pilot's wife. she told a russian television station her husband would have landed the plane if any chance existed. it's unclear what caused that crash. there's no evidence of a missile strike. new details about this plane fire at a florida airport. the ntsb says it found an issue with the plane's main fuel supply line. a piece disconnected last week. the ntsb will conduct an extensive review of the plane's service center. a happy ending for a baby
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girl so young her umbilical cord was still attached. >> little distraught. >> this morning the baby is in the hospital as chicago officials try to find her parents. the hospital worker found the girl tuesday morning. she said she noticed what looked like a forgotten jacket moved. quickly found the baby girl wrapped up in it and took her inside. what would you buy with $650,000? what do you think, aaron, a condo, a home, a car? a car for $650,000? right. in boston that will give you a parking space. $650,000. if you want the condo that goes with this, of course, that costs extra. you only get the space. the parking spot in the same
5:26 am
place sold for nearly $400,000. who can afford this? real estate experts say it's all about supply and demand. who's buying a $650,000 parking space? my goodness. i'm in the wrong business. >> i really would like to know who's buying that. who's that guy? >> today you can see some of the stars from daze "daze -- "days of our lives." >> deed dre hall will be at the smithsonian. they'll be celebrating that anniversary. you're looking at their book signing. executive producer greg ming. there's lucas right there. been around a long time. this morning at 11:00 the stars are donating some iconic artifacts from the show to the museum. they include a director's script, ornaments from a christmas tree and the original hour glass from the show. >> like sands through the
5:27 am
hourglass, right. >> so are the days of our lives. >> they were here at the studio. angie had a chance to talk to them about the history of the show and what it means. seems like they're all going away. >> deidre, she looks great. >> major step in 2016. what martin o'malley and donald trump are expected to do in hours. >> take a look outside. another day in the low 70s. chuck says we could see record temperatures by the end of the week. it's a video that went viral. now we're learning it's opening some major doors for the girl some major doors for the girl feat
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now 5:306789 n. metro developments, who's being considered a front-runner. would you rather pay more for parking or pay for a longer period of time? what's expected to happen for all the drivers in d.c. the temperatures might say 30s, 40s right now, but get ready for another day in the 70s. that is one of the four things to know in your forecast right now. chuck? >> that's right. 70s continue here in november. look, might be our most 70-rich november in many, many years. could have four in a row. last time we had four 70s for the whole month of november was six years ago. another chilly morning. that's the first thing you need
5:31 am
to know. have a jacket or sweater. 70s this afternoon. chance of setting a record high coming up. our warm weather won't continue into the weekend. more about that at 5:51. temperatures in the chilly 40s. have your sweater ready to go first thing on the way out the door. hourly temperatures will climb very, very quickly. from 40s to near 70 degrees by lunchtime today. afternoon highs 75 now down on the national mall. it is top down weather in november. convertible owners are thinking of themselves, this is the boss. >> this was a good investment. my husband said, don't do it. let me tell you, this is a good idea. taking a look at a brand-new problem in marlboro. at marlboro heights, you have a brand-new accident. that one just got into our system. northbound western avenue after massachusetts avenue at the d.c. line, also have an accident there. 270 montrose road, no problems northbound or southbound. this morning taking a look at
5:32 am
66, fairfax county parkway to the beltway. >> melissa. thank you. 5:32. today in decision 2016, two candidates for president will file their papers for the new hampshire primary. democrat martin o'malley plans to personally do that about 8:15 this morning. we expect republican donald trump to file his papers a little bit later. our latest poll shows hillary clinton beating one candidate in the field and his name is not trump. tracie potts is with us from capitol hill. >> no, his name is ben carson. he says he's not paying attention to the polls or worried about the polls or tracking the numbers. his numbers keep going up. 47%. a tie if that election were held today according to our nbc/wall street journal poll. the thing is carson seems to do much better than clinton does with independents. it's often those in the middle who decide the races. he's up by 13 percentage points by independents.
5:33 am
now other candidates, marco rubio doesn't beat hillary clinton but he's only three points behind. that was in the margin of error. he's the next republican. as for donald trump, way back, eight percentage points behind hillary clinton if that election were held today. tracie potts on capitol hill for us this morning. tracie, thank you. now more on how a man and woman died on capitol hill earlier this week. d.c. police tell us john-michael robinson shot desiree cooper and then he shot himself. they found their bodies inside a row house in northeast washington. colleagues describe cooper as an amazing person with a beautiful mind. friends say robinson was a popular and successful personal trainer. now to southeast washington, we're working to learn the name of a man who died in a shooting. they're investigating his death as a murder. the shooting happened on ben road. developing story this morning, a new name has popped
5:34 am
up in the search for a new metro leader. that name is paul wisefeld. he is the chief executive at bwi marshall airport. >> sometimes he works, sometimes he don't. the fare keeps going up. we paying more money, we getting poor service so what's the deal? >> news 4 transportation reporter adam tusk spoke to some of you riding metro. many of you want the right fix for the job. virginia's governor personally pressed the top education official to be sure the university of virginia would not be unfairly tarnished. they said uva violated federal rules on the handling of sexual violence issues. before making that public the department revised the report after university officials and governor mcauliffe said they had factual errors. controversial school voucher
5:35 am
program up for discussion. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton plans to testify before a senate committee. the hearing will focus on reauthorizing the program that uses federal money to pay for low income students to attend private school in d.c. norton says she opposes that program. she says it has not improved academic achievement. on the heels of the election day a maryland task force says an independent panel should decide where you vote. governor larry hogan created the task force to tame ger gerrymanderi gerrymandering. the proposal goes to maryland lawmakers as they prepare for the next legislative session to begin in january. at 5:30 in the morning, a lot of college students are still asleep but the women of the university of maryland's rotc program spent their morning training for the future. they competed in the ranger challenge. it is an elite competition among rotc teams from dozens of
5:36 am
universities. the women on the team say they're inspired to follow in the footsteps of the first two women to ever graduate ranger school in august. this intense course is just a taste of what real ranger school can be like. >> it is an option to say in the back of your head, hey, if you really wanted to, you could do it. that's a good thing. to have more options. >> the university of maryland team did not win any a warts at the competition. the women say they are eager to get back to training and try again next year. >> d.c. teen has danced her way to a scholarship. happy ending to an unexpected beginning. >> the dc police officer seen here challenged 18-year-old ali a taylor. the officer was breaking up an argument between the teens in the southwest when they broke out in a dance battle. taylor tells that two churches have offered to pay her tuition to any universities.
5:37 am
others have offered to pay for dance lessons, her graduation and the prom. the temperatures today, the kids will want a jacket when they leave. what will recess be like? tom kierein will let you know. most people 16 years old should be getting their license but some could vote. why you won't get as much time on the meter the next time
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haled a hero. what a bus driver did that likely saved the lives of several students. and it's the day a lot of teens look forward to. they can register at the dmv, but we're not talking about driving. those stories in just a minute. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. it feels like fall outside today but by this afternoon it may feel more like summer. >> that is why we're seeing a november, we're going to call it a heat wave. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is in northwest washington where the weather isn't what has some people up this early. tom, what's going on out there? >> reporter: that's right. it's been a cold night on 14th street in northwest washington. we've had over 100 people waiting in line to get vouchers for a free meal from chick-fil-a which is opening up their first
5:41 am
urban store here in washington. christopher has been here all night long. did you get any sleep? >> i had no sleep all night. i've been waiting for this all day. i had no sleep, man. >> reporter: now you're dressed pretty warmly. got pretty cold. >> it's been frigid all night up here. >> reporter: congratulations. he's going to get in. he's going to get the free voucher. great to have you here. take a look at your bus stop forecast. cold morning. temperatures hovering right in the low to mid 40s here for another couple of hours, but then jumping into the 50ed by mid morning and then soaring to the 70s this afternoon. chuck will have more on that and how long this little mini heat wave in november is going to last. that's coming right up. what's going on on the roads, melissa. brand-new problem 95 northbound at 123. we have a lane blocked. slowdowns approaching 123. that is because of a disabled vehicle. southbound 301 at marlboro pike in upper marlboro, still have
5:42 am
that accident being reported. a lane blocked. 66 in bound no problems. 95 north to quantico and the beltway, no problem. 270 from germantown to the beltway, no problem. 95 to 270 looking got at nine minutes. listen to 103.5 fm when you hop into your car. school bus driver in texas being called a hero after sheltering students in a powerful tornado. the video shows the driver rushing to get the kids on the bus and struggling to close the doors. winds of more than 100 miles per hour hit that region. nobody was hurt though. 16-year-olds can drive, pay taxes, and can be tried as adults in court, so should they be able to vote? a new proposal in dc says yes. this isn't unheard of. 16-year-olds have been allowed to vote in a couple of municipal races in tacoma park, maryland. what makes tuesday's vote unusual is it goes further
5:43 am
lowering the vote for federal elections. d.c. general, why the homeless shelter will be closing its doors. another major hit for takata. changes are on the way for the national zoo. why it's closing its doors a
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
in just hours students will return to woodson high school. a chemistry experiment went horribly wrong and a fire erupted. we'll have more in just minutes. tennis, anybody? how about a round of golf? perfect weather for any of your outdoor recreational plans. perfect november weather now. it can't last forever. the seven day is minutes away. melissa. >> problem on 66. we have this one, 95 north at 123.
5:47 am
a lane blocked. a disabled vehicle. it is the power of a keystroke. customers fighting bad service with scathing online reviews. some companies are fighting back threatening consumers for posting the negative comments. call it review retaliation and now some lawmakers are trying to put a stop to t. i'm gabe gutierrez in washington. we'll have the latest to squelch consumer gag clauses coming up on "today." the suspect in a brutal rape in a capitol hill neighborhood was arrested two weeks before the attack and allowed to go free. the attack happened back in october on eighth street in the hill east neighborhood. the suspect forced his way into the woman's home and raped her. only news 4 has new information on his extensive criminal history. at the time of the attack the suspect was under supervised probation. that stems from a july 2013 armed robbery. two weeks before the attack
5:48 am
police picked him up at mlk library in washington carrying synthetic marijuana. police charged him with felony drug possession and a judge ordered him released until trial. neighbors in the neighborhood say they're beyond frustrated. >> is the system working properly to make sure that individuals like this man do not do this again, actually, not only do not do this again but never have the opportunity of doing it. >> the suspect is 21 years old and is being held in prince gorges county on an unrelated crime. we are not identifying him because he's not yet been charged in the district. assault, fire, and a naked man. it's a bizarre story out of fairfax county. monday night police responded to a domestic violence call. sadie white, who was naked, attacked two officers. they say white stuck electronics into his stove and started a fire. officers put it out. five officers were trited for
5:49 am
smoke inhalation, pepper spray inhalation and white is charged with assaulting police officers and starting a fire. someone shot and killed a man whose body they found montgomery village. roberto cruz may have been there dead 48 hours before anyone found him on monday. the medical examiner is looking into what else may have happened in the woods near lake forest. it is now 5:49. a developing story in the district. the d.c. general homeless shelter now set to close. the d.c. council approved a plan from the mayor to close a shelter and open six smaller brand-new shelters in place. that is according to the washington post. more than 700 families live in d.c. general right now. that number could double once the weather starts to get cold. later today, two developments in the case of an 11-year-old boy missing since 1989. his mother will be in virginia. we expect her to speak at the national center for missing and exploited children. paty wetterling and her husband
5:50 am
spoke in front of their home after 26 years. police in st. paul, minnesota, have a person of interest in their son's disappearance. >> we hope and pray we will have an answ. where is jacob? does he know we're looking for those answers? >> police searched daniel heimrick's home for evidence in jacob's disappearance. they found enough to charge him with child pornography. he denied involvement in jacob's disappearance. another troubling discovery inside halloween candy in maryland. a mother said she found sewing needles lodged in the candy. the child received the canty while trick or treating in huntingtontown. maryland police want to hear from you if you've noticed
5:51 am
anything unusual. earlier we learned a minnesota child lied about finding things inside of chocolate bars. a live look the panda cam for you this morning at the national zoo. all's quiet around there. >> there they are. wake up, bei bei. >> whoa. grab her by the scruff of the neck. that's normal. that's normal. >> i'm sick of these people watching us all the time. >> you're not going to go to your room, i'll put you in your room. >> that's right. >> if you're planning to lis visit the zoo -- >> i'll give you something to cry about. >> the zoo's hours are changing. starting in january you're going to have to get there a little later and leave a little earlier. the gates will open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. exhibit hours will be 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the hours will extend when spring comes around. >> maybe he stopped his car. >> we'll bring this newscast to a dead stop and straighten
5:52 am
things out. well, anyway, perfect outdoor weather today. again, today, dog and i did eight miles around the mall yesterday afternoon. >> blah, blah. >> had to stop for water twice, it was too warm. super warm weather is expected to continue. we will not set a record today but will be way above average. today's record is 84. tomorrow's is 81. friday's record of 78, a little low hanging fruit in the record book there set back in 1978. i do think we can tie, potentially break that record coming up on friday. no records today but it's going to be a stellar day to be outside. 49 now with the clear sky and calm wind. 39 in martinsberg, west virginia. hour by hour, chilly this morning. after about 9:00, 10:00, with all the sunshine it will be a perfect day for anything you want to do outside.
5:53 am
today's highs 73 in frederick, maryland. 70 in gaithersburg. 70 your high in manassas. sunny and warm today, no concerns. tonight, clouds come back in. by early tomorrow morning cloudy skies and a risk of some sprinkles and drizless during the course of the day today. a lot of clouds. not much sunshine. because of all the moisture we have in place it will stay very, very mild. seven day forecast keeps it toasty warm. today, 75 and sunny. tomorrow, 70. again, clouds and a little risk of light rain. friday, mostly cloudy, super warm. that will be a record tying 78 on friday afternoon. rain comes back late friday night and lingers through the first half of the weekend. cooler weather returns by saturday/sun of next week. >> brand-new crash. this one i'm hearing about in my ear. outer loop of the beltway at georgia avenue. warning for you there. i'll get more information on that one. this is another new accident, 66 in bound at route 50.
5:54 am
that one is off to the left shoulder. we are still seeing volume as you're headed in bound at 50. 95 north at 123, still have that one lane blocked there with a disabled vehicle. right now you can see some of those delies building as you're headed northbound. 301 southbound there at marlboro pike and upper marlboro. still have that accident hanging around. maryland, 95 at 198 rolling along just fine. southbound, more information just a couple of minutes on that crash outer loop of the beltway at georgia avenue. look for a camera for you there. show you what it looks like coming up. >> melissa, thank you. 50 cents doesn't buy you a whole lot of time when you're trying to park in the district. soon it will get you even less. right now you can pay 50 cents to park for 15 minutes. next year it will only get you 13 minutes. the hike comes because the district decided it could not extend parking meter hours until midnight. right now you have to feed the meter until 10:00 p.m. phil mendelson says it's been a
5:55 am
long time since prices have gone up. >> i don't think this is out of step. >> the new rates go into effect on june 1st of next year. update to a story news 4 first reported a year ago. our wipes in the pipes. some companies market flushable wipes without any substantiated evidence that they break apart. the federal trade commission is now requiring nice-pak products to change its advertising. they say nice-pak misrepresented and claimed they break apart when you flush. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. honda is dropping airbag inflators made by takata. they were fieped $70 million. they were ordered to stop using a potentially dangerous chemical. honda is takata's biggest customer. regulators have linked eight
5:56 am
deaths to ammonium nitrate. takata says it will phase out the chemical. this is for you, wall street journal announces it is extending bud light contract deals for another eight years. it's worth $1.4 billion. 15% more than the current contract which is set to expire after the 2017 super bowl. bud light sponsors 28 of the 32 nfl teams and is a presenting sponsor of thursday night football. i'm landon dowdy. >> landon, thank you. google apparently working on an automatic replay for its e-mail. it's called smart reply. the system can analyze incoming e-mail and suggest a few responses. the idea -- i don't like it either. >> i said i need it. >> the idea is to let you reply while on the go without having to actually draft a fresh message. i don't want my e-mail reading my e-mail. >> right. what if you get the wrong
5:57 am
response? entrepreneur in chicago hoping a new kind of vending ma sheenl catching on. >> it has health food instead of junk food. the farmer's fridge vending machine. full of salad jars. they each have between 350 and 400 calories. the owner says he hopes the machines will inspire people to eat more healthily. >> if you could get a salad like a coke, the salad from the machine will cost you $8. they're made from fresh ingredients. >> back in class, just days after several classmates were injured. what they can expect in the day ahead. plus, breaking news we're following at the live desk after a plane crashes overnight in south sudan killing several people. what we're learning about the accident ahead on "news 4 today" at 6:00.
5:58 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste?
5:59 am
not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast "news 4 today" starts now. good morning, i'm angie goff at the live desk tracking breaking news involving another plane crash overnight. what we're learning about those on board a plane that crashed after takeoff in south sudan. a surprising development involving the death of a police officer near chicago. you may remember this sparked a massive manhunt. the new significant information that changes the circumstances
6:00 am
surrounding his death. plus, for the first time since a fire that sent several classmates to the hospital, students at w.t. woodson high school are preparing to return to class. first, breaking news on the roads. melissa. >> breaking news on the roads. take a look here. top of the beltway outer loop at georgia avenue. right now chopper 4 over the scene. left lane blocked. had three lanes blocked. state highway get them all the way to the left side of the highway. it is going to be a bit slow there as that starts to build. 95 at 123 we are also slow here in virginia because of that disabled vehicle. the map will show you 95 north at 123 has the one lane blocked there. northbound at lorton two right lanes blocked because of a crash. more on all of this in a couple of minutes plus travel time. chuck? outside your weather headlines on a fantastic hump day. it's a weather winner. that's our


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