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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 4, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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that changes the circumstances surrounding his death. plus, for the first time since a fire that sent several classmates to the hospital, students at w.t. woodson high school are preparing to return to class. first, breaking news on the roads. melissa. >> breaking news on the roads. take a look here. top of the beltway outer loop at georgia avenue. right now chopper 4 over the scene. left lane blocked. had three lanes blocked. state highway get them all the way to the left side of the highway. it is going to be a bit slow there as that starts to build. 95 at 123 we are also slow here in virginia because of that disabled vehicle. the map will show you 95 north at 123 has the one lane blocked there. northbound at lorton two right lanes blocked because of a crash. more on all of this in a couple of minutes plus travel time. chuck? outside your weather headlines on a fantastic hump day. it's a weather winner. that's our hashtag.
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grab your coat this morning. day two is coming up for today. tomorrow will be in the 70ed. friday might set a record high temperature. yes, indeed, a bit of a chill in the air. generally on the way outside. frederick, maryland, 45 out the door. 71 at lunchtime, 64 at 7:00 this evening. tom's back with the impacts the weather will have on your walk around town coming up in ten minutes. thank you, chuck. a scary situation for students at woodson high school in fairfax on friday. students finished the day on the football field after an explosion inside a classroom as they head back to school today, news 4's kristen wright is live with the investigation underway. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. we believe one student is still in the hospital this morning. students here at woodson were scheduled off the school calendar monday and tuesday. in just a little while they come back to school here for the first time since that chemistry fire. on friday, this as we learned
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that federal investigators have questions about what happened. a teacher and five students were hurt in the fire. the school was evacuated. this was on friday. a teacher's chemistry investigation sparks a fire. that teacher, five students hurt, two with serious burns. the school district said they had been contacted by the u.s. chemical safety board and they are responding to their inquiries. that board could launch a formal investigation, meaning a six to 12-month review and potentially new safety guidance nationwide. the board, by the way, does not have the power to levy penalties or fines. there will be no experiments like the ones that happened friday here at woodson. today the school district has suspended the use of open flames inside classes right now. back to you. >> thank you, kristen. today we can expect the man responsible for an overturned ambulance to plead guilty to a list of charges including manslaughter. you may remember sebastian
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isikson. police in prince gorges county say he was drunk back in september of 2014. he rear ended a car on the beltway. the paramedics got there to help and he punched one of them and car jacked an ambulance. he stopped when he hit nine cars in a parking lot at greenbelt plaza. we expect for a state prosecutor to ask for a 43 year sentence. a former state department worker will be sentenced for voyeurism. he filmed women from 2012 to 2014. he could face up to 11 years in prison. it is now 6:03. a developing story this morning. d.c. police are looking into how a man died while in the custody of security guards. police responded to a call for an assault early sunday morning
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at a residential building in the area of good hope road southeast. officers found 27-year-old alonzo smith handcuffed by the guards unconscious and not breathing. d.c. police requested medical help but smith died at the hospital. major developments coming today about a police officer's death in illinois. lieutenant joseph glen know wits died and they believed he was murdered. at a news conference today about his death the department is expected to say that he killed himself. the conference starts at 11:00 a.m. now to decision 2015 in virginia, the democrats won a key race in senate district 29. that includes parts of prince william county, but it wasn't enough to take control of the state senate. now going into the election, we told you that the gop held a slim lead in the state senate. we're talking 21 to 19 seats. the democrats only needed to --
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one -- to gain one seat to gain control. republicans managed to secure the support they needed to hold on. in the house as many expected, the republicans maintained control. the virginia controls the state legislature altogether. that's not good news for governor terry mcauliffe and his plans to push forward with gun control and medicaid expansion. in prince william county a win for the democrats in senate district 29. jeremy mcpike beat hal parrish. a new era in alexandria. he lost to alison silfverberg. big news in loudoun county. phyllis randall won defeating scott york. in fairfax county, stacy
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kinkaide will keep her title. she'll be sheriff for another four years after defeating brian wolf for a second time. right now we are compiling a list for you, a list of all the maryland winners from last night's elections there. you can find that list in the nbc washington app. it is now 6:06. one of those races is making history in college park. patrick wojan was elected last night. wojahn says he wants to bring more amenities, high quality developments to college park. ohio voters said no to legalizing recreational marijuana. voters said they did not like the idea of a group of wealthy investors controlling production of the drug. in houston voters decided not to protect gay and transgender people. the ordinance would have established nondiscrimination protection failed with 61% voting against the law.
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democrat kevin steel won the district attorney county race. pennsylvania, steel and bruce castor traded political shots over never charging or prosecuting bill cosby on sex assault allegations. new details in this story. you'll remember the run away blimp. the pentagon is suspending the missile detecting program it was part of. it broke free from military grounds in maryland last week and traveled uncontrol up to pennsylvania. some people are filing claims because of the damage it caused. the missile detecting program will not return until they figure out how the blimp broke free. doing what he could to protect several students from a storm, the actions of one school bus driver being hailed a hero. cool temperatures this morning. chuck has your what to wear forecast at 6:11. news from the live desk where i'm tracking a deadly plane crash in south sudan. the scene at the crash site this morning and what we're learning
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about those on board.
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live desk in south sudan. t the nile river. plane pieces strewn across the ground. dozens of people including children after a cargo plane crashed. this is a mile away from the international airport. now the crash has not affected airport traffic. its planes are still taking off and arriving this hour. reports say 25 people died. we're working to figure that out. it's not clear how many people were on board and why the plane went down. it is now 6:11.
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time for weather and traffic on the 1s. #weatherwinner because it's going to be a nice day. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein on the national mall and has your walk to work forecast. hey, tom. >> reporter: we can hashtag it whacky wednesday. it's in the 40s on the mall. beautiful shot of the capitol. predawn glow behind the capitol. what a warmup on the way. that's the whacky part. going from the 40s all the way into the 70s. walk to work forecast, dress warmly for this morning but then this afternoon you'll be comfortable in short sleeves as temperatures jump into the mid 70s. absolutely awesome autumn day. let's check traffic. what's going on now, melissa. >> top of the beltway, talking about the outer loop on georgia avenue. just moved to the right
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shoulder. things looking better than they have opening up a bit. things not so bad here with that on the right shoulder here. 270 southbound. a little slow. as you're approaching montgomery village avenue, watch out for that. travel times, fairfax county parkway to the beltway, very slow this morning. 27 minutes instead of about 10 because of the earlier crash near 50. quantico to the beltway going to take you 38 minutes. that's a long one as well. listen to 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. thank you, melissa. stop yet so you had your home and there's a good chance you're going to hear one of them. the gas powered leaf blowers. cracking down on people who use them. no need to pay for an expensive gym membership. the simple activity that can help you lose wei
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right now thousands are stranded in indonesia after a volcano, this one, erupted. take a look at that.
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it forced three airports to shut down and has blanketed farm lands. debris and ash shot up more than 11,000 feet into the air. in nearby towns they are said to be okay. still no timetable for when hundreds of flights annual all of these passengers will be able to leave and also the flights to be able to arrive. no injuries reported. i'm just a driver. >> that school bus driver from texas being called a hero this morning for sheltering kids from a powerful tornado. this happened last week near san antonio, texas. video of the incident just being released now. it shows the driver rushing to get these kids on that bus and then struggling to hold that door closed. the driver may not think he's a hero, but one student on that bus said he saved their lives. >> i don't see him as a bus driver, like he saved our lives.
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he's not just a man that drives us. if it wasn't for him, i mean -- if it wasn't for him, we would not have been here. >> the bus driver is a special person. they take a lot of responsibility. the winds topping 100 miles an hour for that region. nobody hurt in that incident. the school district awarded the driver with a cross the line award for his bravery. egyptian investigators have just started abnalyzing the blak boxes from a crashed jet. all 224 people were killed last saturday on their way from egypt to st. petersburg. most were russian vacationers flying home. u.s. satellite detected an infrared flash heat signature at the same time as the disaster. investigators say the cause could be an engine explosion or a bomb on board the jet but they say there's no evidence of a missile strike. a developing story this morning at 6:18. a new name has surfaced in the search for a new leader for
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metro. that name is paul wiefelde. he is the chief executive at bwi. another candidate is no longer being considered. you may face problems until a new leader is in place. adam tusk spoke with some of you riding metro. many of you say you want the right fit, the right person for the job. >> d.c. police tell us they're investigating a young couple's death as a murder/suicide. police found john-michael robinson and desiree cooper dead inside a capitol hill row house. you may remember the scene on tennessee avenue in northeast washington monday evening. they say robinson shot cooper and then killed himself. now to southeast washington. we're working to learn more about the man who died in a shooting yesterday afternoon. d.c. police are investigating his death as a murder. the shooting happened on benny road not far from the benny recreation park center. virginia's governor pressing the university's top person
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saying the university of virginia shouldn't be tarnished. they say uva mishandled rules on sex violence on campus. before making the report public they revised the report to 26 pages after university officials and the governor accused the report of having factual errors. d.c. public schools are starting the budget planning early to allow you to have a greater say in your child's education. there is a public hearing at 6:00 p.m. at stewart middle school northeast. one priority is extending the school day which the teacher's union has been resistant to. henderson wants feedback to parents and forums scheduled throughout the rest of the month. happening on capitol hill we want eleanor holmes jordan to argue against a school voucher program in the district. it uses federal funds to pay for low income students to attend private schools.
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they will have a hearing on whether to reauthorize the plan. congresswoman norton says it has not improved academic achievement. it is now 5:21. neighbors fighting to get rid of gas powered leaf blowers in their neighborhood. near american university they'll be at an advisory neighborhood commission meeting. they say gas powered leaf blowers are increasingly common and they're too loud. they're worried about pollution from the leaf blowers. they want companies to buy more environmentally friendly battery powered blowers instead. the meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. 6:21 our time right now. if you have to blow leaves, you might as well have a nice day to do it. >> right. today is that kind of day. leafs falling everywhere. >> we're running out of daylight. that's what keeps the leaves on the trees, shortened daylight. outside for today though, wow, what a great looking sky outside
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early this morning. the downtown monuments were illuminated moments ago. they've gone dark. skies are mostly clear now. there's our exclusive sky cast 4. that's what the skies look like as we go through the day. warm weather continues around here for today on through the remainder of the week. it's a dry, quiet morning. even warmer today. 72 degrees yesterday. that's ten degrees warmer than average. we'll be even warmer than that today. loving the 70s. tennis, golf, anything you want to do outside. today is going to probably be the best of all the days to do it. clouds come back tomorrow. still warm tomorrow. cloudy with a risk of rain. pick of the litter, friday temperatures pushing 80 degrees. as far as rain chances, nothing to worry about today. tomorrow a little chance for light rain, drizzle, sprinkle or two. a lot of clouds around on friday. just enough sunshine to get at the record warm temperatures. rain chances move back in late friday night and will linger into the front part of your
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weekend. what about today? hour by hour. in the chilly 40s. grab your sweater and coat on the way out the door first thing. shedable layers. temperatures in the upper 60s by noon. 73 at 4:00. 64 by 8:00 this evening. it is seven day forecast time. how about a 75 today? still near 74 tomorrow. again, a lot of clouds around and a risk for a little light rain. friday's high, 78. that would tie the record for the day but then the warm weather takes leave for the weekend. showers likely for the first half of your saturday and much cooler weather for the second half of the weekend. breaking news now. breaking news right now, 355 at south drive right in front of nih we have a bad accident there involving a motorcyclist here this morning. we're trying to get some more information about that one. right now 355 is shut down both direction there is at south drive. 66 headed into town, right now have a couple of different incidents, some disabled vehicles in bound at monument drve is the latest crash here
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this morning and you can see some of those big backups there. also on 95 we are really slow here this morning. just through the woodbridge area. here's why. 95 north at lorton two right lanes lost and 123 one lane lost because of a disabled vehicle. all of that adding up for a big mess. much more on the problem, 355 at south drive. right now we are shut down on 355. taking a look to make sure we are looking the same way. we're pushing this out on the nbc washington app. thanks, melissa. 6:24. news for your health now. more americans than ever are taking prescription drugs. new research in the "journal of the american medical association" says 60% of americans use drugs. zocor is the most popular drugs. people take it to lower their cholesterol. speaking of trying to lower things, if you're trying to lower your weight, it just got a
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little easier. researchers with the london school of economics say it's as simple as going for a brisk walk. >> that'll do it they say. people apparently who make a habit of taking fast walks generally have smaller waists than people who run or play sports. results are best when you walk 30 minutes. equal benefits for women of all ages and increasing benefits for men older than 50. >> a lot of e-coli cases linked to chipotle. the numbers are going up. at least 37 people have now been taken ill to -- have become ill eating at this restaurant. chipotle has voluntarily closed 43 restaurants in the state as health investigators search for the source of the infections. health officials say the number of potential cases would likely grow as more people hear of the outbreak. taking some time away from social media could help your real social life. imagine that. 1300 people in denmark dropped facebook cold turkey last week for an experiment.
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researchers wanted to measure their overall happiness. they found life satisfaction increased. many people found it easier to concentrate, focus on friends and family and be more productive. i think it makes perfect sense when you're connecting with individuals, looking at them, having real conversations. you have a better sense of what's going on. >> i'll respond to that in twitter. >> he'll text me the answer, how are you doing? >> people who are more depressed because their friends on facebook were so happy. >> going to hawaii, tahiti. >> 6:26 right now. paying more to leave your car. new parking rates set to take effect in d.c. breaking news on the roads right now, shut down 355 both directions at south drive. a motorcyclist struck. details coming up. also ahead, new poll numbers showing how the presidential candidates would stack up if election day were today. the results that are raising eyebrows this morning. your time right now, 6:27.
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♪ every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. breaking news on the roads right now. have this crash here. chopper 4 over the scene. this is a motorcyclist struck in
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the intersection there, 355 at south drive. another picture here from one of our montgomery county cameras. we are shut down right now, 355 there at south drive in front of nih. avoid it. take georgetown, take connecticut. you don't want to take 355 this morning. 66 in bound near monument drive, that's our newest crash there. still causing some slowdowns there with different incidents here along 66 this morning and 301 at crane highway at marlboro pike, still have that accident as well. chuck? thanks, melissa. outside on your day today, four things you need to know about the weather. it's going to be another chilly start this morning. more 70s again this afternoon. unusual to be 70s in november especially a couple days in a row. could break a record as we get towards friday. unfortunately in time for the weekend. rain chances and cooler weather coming back. seven day at 5:51. out the door this morning, put your coat on but have your sunglasses ready for a fantastic
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day today. hourly temperatures jumping out of the 40s into the upper 60ed and low 70s by later on this afternoon. tom's back with your bus stop forecast in minutes. >> thank you, chuck. happening today, two candidates for president will file their papers for the new hampshire primary. democrat martin o'malley plans to personally do so around 8:15 this morning. we expect republican donald trump to file his papers a little bit later on. our new poll puts two candidates head to head in decision 2016. hillary clinton cruises past every republican candidate but one. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, eun. she is tied in that poll with dr. ben carson 47% each if the general election were held today and they were the two candidates on the ballot. now here's what's interesting about that, among independents, those in the middle who often decide these elections, carson had a lot more support, 13% more than hillary clinton.
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matching her up against others, as you said, no other republican can beat her. marco rubio comes close. he's within 3 percentage points. that's within the poll's margin of error. donald trump, the fallen front-runner as of now for the republicans, not even close. 8 percentage points behind clinton if that election were held today. >> tracie potts, thank you, tracie. developing in d.c., we're working to find out when the d.c. general homeless shelter will close. according to "the washington post" the d.c. council approved the mayor's plan to shut it down. under that plan six smaller shelters will be built to house families. later today, two developments in a case of an 11-year-old boy missing since 1989. paty wetterling and her husband spoke yesterday. after 26 years. yesterday police in st. paul, minnesota, identified a person of interest. a suspect in a brutal rape
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in a capitol hill neighborhood was arrested two weeks before the attack. a judge allowed him to go free. the attack happened back in october on a street in the hill east neighborhood. the suspect forced his way into the woman's home and raped her. at the time of the attack the suspect was under supervised probation. that stems from a july 2013 armed robbery. two weeks before the attack the man was charged with felony drug possession. neighbors say they're frustrated the man was allowed out at all. >> we know nothing about him, and that's scary for a lot of the neighbors. it scares me to think, is there anybody else like him out there that could be doing something else that's similar to this? could i be at risk? that puts a lot of questions in people's minds of does our system work? >> the suspect is 21 years old and is being held in prince gorges county. another troubling discovery
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inside halloween candy in maryland. a mother said she found sewing needles lodged in the candy. the child received that candy while trick or treating in huntington. that comes after a 15-year-old in salts bury found a sewing needle inside a twizleer. turns out a minnesota child lied about finding needless inside chocolate bars on halloween. the local police department said the child made the whole story up. if you want to see more of bei bei and mei xian. >> here comes mom taking care of him. starting in january you have to arrive a little later and leave earlier. gates open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. exhibit hours will change from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. those hours will extend when the weather gets warmer and spring comes around. 50 cents doesn't buy you a
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whole lot of time when parking in the district. soon it will get you less time. right now 50 cents will get you 15 minutes of parking in most places. next year it will only get you 13 minutes. the hike comes because the district decided it could not extend parking meter hours until midnight. right now you have to feed the meter until 10:00 p.m. today if you live montgomery county, don't be surprised if you see some snow plows on the road. the county is having a mock snow day to make sure they are ready when the real white stuff arrives. they'll run snow routes on more than 5,000 miles of roads in the county. they'll handle a simulated six-inch snowstorm happening all day. >> new fallouts after the blimp took off last week. residents are filing damage claims. breaking news, we are shut down 355 rockville pike here this morning at south drive right in front of nih.
6:36 am
nasty crash has closed both directions. details coming up. pleasant conditions outside right now as you look live at the capitol dome. meteorologist tom kierein has your bus stop forecast.
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later today a man charged with helping two convicts escape from jail will be in court. he gave david sweat and richard matt tools in exchange for artwork. he insists he had no prior knowledge of the plans to escape. charge of caring for bobbi kristina brown was impersonating a nurse. police arrested her on monday.
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there's no indication that brown's care was affected by this woman. brown, the only daughter of whis any houston, died six months after she was found face down in her bathtub. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. #weatherwinner for good reason. it will be such a nice day. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein on the national mall with the bus stop forecast getting a preview of this nice weather to come. >> reporter: it is a beautiful scene here. this is not cg, this is real. we have a gorgeous view of the washington monument right along the mall. grass is still really nice and green here. beautiful blue sky overhead. banana colored sunrise. early on this wednesday morning it's cold down here on the mall only in the 40s. later today quite a warming will be occurring. dramatically. in fact, jumping well into the 60s by noontime. then heading back home, we ought
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to be peeking in the 70s. the commute, is it as beautiful as the weather. breaking news on the roads. have a big problem here. again, talking about rockville pike northbound and southbound at south drive right now in front of nih we are shut down because of that nasty motorcycle crash. another picture here from the scene. you can see the police presence. folks out there probably for the next at least half hour. the person has been transported away from the scene. westbound from north eve, brand-new crash causing slowdowns. taking a look at travel times, not so hot. in bound on 66, not bad from fairfax county to the beltway. quantico from the beltway will take you extra 66 minutes. pack that patience for sure. 270 south german to you to the beltway, 20 minutes. top of the beltway, 95 to 270 slow at 32 minutes. heading back to class days
6:42 am
after an accident that hurt several classmates. what students at one high school in fairfax county can expect in the day ahead following that lab fire. we're tracking breaking news at the live desk after another plane crashes overnight in africa. this time in south sudan. news 4's angie goff will have more on that scene and what we're learning about the people
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if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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right now we are tracking a number of stories as we work to get you up to the minute the minute you are up. digging through the wreckage of another plane crash this morning. live in fairfax county where students in woodson high school are preparing to head back to class for the first time since several classmates were hurt in a fire. first, melissa mollet has breaking news on the roads. >> in front of nih rockville pike north and southbound shut down because of a bad crash involving a bus and a motorcyclist. we'll have much more on that in a minute, chuck. wakeup weather early this morning. it's chilly. grab your sweater on the way out the door. tennis and golf weather coming up. 15 before the hour. in a couple of hours students at woodson high school in fairfax county return to class after a long weekend. friday's class was cut short because of a chemistry lab
6:46 am
explosion at woodson high. five classmates hurt there. news 4's kristen wright ve at the school with where this investigation goes from here. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. woodson students are back this morning for the first time since that chemistry class -- chemistry class fire on friday. this as we learned federal investigators are very interested. a teacher and five students were hurt. two of the students with serious burns. we think one may still be in the hospital. the teacher was doing the demonstration that sparked the fire. right now the u.s. chemical safety board is submitting questions to fairfax schools and could launch a formal federal investigation. now woodson had scheduled days off in the school calendar this past monday and tuesday again returning this morning. the school district has decided to suspend open flames in science classes for now. back to you. >> kristen wright live in
6:47 am
fairfax. thank you. it is 6:47 today. we expect the man responsible for an overturned ambulance to plead guilty to a list of charges including manslaughter. you may remember sebastian isaacson. police in prince gorges county say he was drunk back in september of 2014. they say he rear ended a car on the beltway. when paramedics arrived to help he punched one of them and car jacked the ambulance. he then crashed into another car killing the driver. he finally stopped when he hit nine cars in a parking lot at green belt plaza. we expect state prosecutors to ask for a 43 year sentence. today a former state department official will be sentenced after pleading guilty to voyeurism. daniel rosen pled guilty back in july. he recorded as many as 25 women in their homes in the d.c. area between 2012 and 2014. they say he targeted women who lived in basement level apartments. he could be facing up to 11
6:48 am
years in prison. in a few hours an illinois sheriff's office expected to a uns no a big development about a lieutenant's death. they say joseph glenowicz likely killed himself. he called for backup saying he was pursuing three suspicious men. this prompted a massive manhunt that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. today's news conference begins at 11:00 a.m. a developing story, d.c. police looking into how a man died while in the custody of security guards. police responded to a call for an assault early sunday morning at a residential building in the area of good hope road southeast. officers found 27-year-old alonzo smith handcuffed by the guards unconscious. d.c. police requested medical help but smith died at the hospital. dozens including children are believed to be dead after a plane crashes in south sudan.
6:49 am
you can see it went down along the nile where police and investigators say there is so much debris and pieces of plane. conflicting numbers are coming in. last we heard 25 people. the crash happened a mile away from the international airport there. we don't know why the plane went down. stay with news 4 throughout the day for more updates on this developing story. back to you. angie, thank you. 6:49. now to decision 2015. in virginia, the democrats won one key race in senate district 29 but it wasn't enough to take control of the state senate. now, going into the election we told you the gop had a slim lead and it held on to that lead in the state senate. we're talking 21 to 19 seats in that house. democrats only needed one seat to gain control. the republicans managed to secure the support they needed to hold on. now, in the house as many as expected the republicans will maintain control.
6:50 am
that means the gop controls the virginia legislature, the entire legislature here. that is not good news, obviously, for governor terry mcauliffe and his plans to push forward gun control and medicaid expansion. in prince william county a win in senate district 29. jeremy mcpike beat hal parrish to secure that seat. new era in alexandria. bill eul's write in campaign failed and he lost to allyson silfverberg. big news in loudoun county. phyllis larandle defeated scott york. stacy kinkaide will keep her title. she'll be the sheriff another four years after defeating brian wolf for a second time. we compiled a list of all the races in maryland. the winners from last night's election, you can find that in
6:51 am
the nbc washington app. one of those races is making history in college park. patrick wojahn was elected mayor. he becomes the first openly gay man to win the office in college park. he says he wants to bring more amenities, high quality development and businesses to college park. and we want to tell you about some other high profile races around the country. ohio voters said no to legalizing recreational marijuana. voters said they didn't like the idea of a group of wealthy investors controlling production of the drug. in houston voters decided against an ordinance that would have established non-discrimination protections for gay and transgender people with 61% voting against the law. democrat kevin steel won the district attorney race montgomery county, pennsylvania. steel and bruce castor traded political shots over never charging or prosecuting bill cosby on sex assault allegations.
6:52 am
breaking news in bethesda. chopper 4 over the scene right now, rockville pike at south drive shut down both directions of rockville pike because of a motorcycle crash. take another live look here. right in front of nih here this morning. again, we are closed. we pushed this out on our nbc 4 app. if you don't have it, you want to get it so you make sure of things like that. top of the beltway, outer loop at route 1, new crash. new hampshire avenue beltway to northbound lanes are blocked because of a brand-new accident that happened just a short time ago. 95 north through virginia, we are slow, very slow here this morning through woodbridge. northbound at lorton, that crash is on the shoulder. northbound at 123, still one lane blocked there. causing a big mess for a lot of folks here. westbound still has that accident causing some delays. right now up top here doesn't look so bad. you can see 95 a little slow as you're headed southbound. 270 as well out of frederick. chuck? thanks, melissa. what a beautiful picture
6:53 am
outside. there's our city camera view. mirror calm finish on the potomac. golden glow in our sky. how nice is it to have sunrise back before 7:00. enjoy it, everybody. talking about near record warmth temperatures. temperatures in the mid 70s. the record is 84. tomorrow will be in the low 70s but the record is 81. friday, there's some low hanging fruit in the record book right there. friday's record high only 78 degrees. i think we can tie and possibly even break that record on friday afternoon. for now though, it's a chilly start. it is november, after all, and as a result it gets a little cool in the mornings. 48 downtown. upper 30s, low 40s in most of the western suburbs. 39 in martinsberg. 30s and 40s now. oh, what a nice day it will be. we'll be in the mid to upper 50s by 9:00. most of your afternoon will be into the upper 50s. future weather, sunshine and
6:54 am
gorgeous for today. clouds come back tonight. by this time tomorrow morning mostly cloudy, maybe a little sprinkle or a drizzle as the much warmer air trying to push its way in. as a result, a lot of clouds around tomorrow. not a lot of actual rain, but just chances for drizzle occasionally. then as we get into friday, a surge of very warm air, possibly record breaking warm air comes our way. rain chances come back late friday night and will go into the first half of your weekend as the return of november comes back. highs only in the 50s by sunday. >> thank you, chuck. so this is probably not the way this flight was supposed to go. check out this slvideo from fayetteville, arkansas. he decided to parachute the plane down after the oil system failed. none of the three men on board was seriously hurt. the plane hit a car on the
6:55 am
ground. no serious injuries for the woman who was driving. incredible. >> unbelievable. >> that everyone survived. all right. new details in that story of the run away blimp. the pentagon is suspending the missile detection program it was a part of. you might remember the blimp broke free from military grounds in maryland and then traveled uncontrolled up to pennsylvania. some people are filing claims because of the damage it did. the missile detection program will not restart until the army figures out why that blimp broke free. goomorning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. honda is dropping airbag maker takata. takata was find $70 million and ordered it to stop using a potentially dangerous chemical. they have linked eight deaths to the inflators which used ammonium nitrate and can explode with too much force. the company will phase out the
6:56 am
chemicals. with your cnbc business report, i'm landon dowdy. billions more dollars added to the cost to fix volkswagen's big emissions scandal. internal testing found irregularities in another 800,000 cars. the problem this time, gas mileage estimates were too high for some cars and others carbon dioxide levels were set too low. none of the affected cars in the united states. still, the new issue going to cost the company more than $2 billion. 6:56. four things to know before you head out the door. the number of e. coli cases linked to chipotle is on the rise. new developments today about a lieutenant's death in illinois. investigators believe someone murdered joseph glenowicz back in september. today they're likely to say he killed himself. the results of 2015 are in and the gop controls the entire virginia state legislature. in maryland college park made history electing its first
6:57 am
openly gay mayor. for all of the election results head to nbc 4's election app. students at woodson high school head back to school today for the first time since a classroom on friday. federal investigators are questioning the school district about the explosion. breaking news, all lanes rockville pike shut down at south drive at nih. take old georgetown, take connecticut instead. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes. hope
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good morning. breaking overnight. was it suicide? investigators set to reveal significant new information in the death of a beloved illinois police officer. his shooting initially blamed on three unidentified suspects, sparking a massive manhunt. we're there live. troling tweet. another controversial twitter post from donald trump. this time showing rival jeb bush in a mexican sombrero. and in another photo next to a swastika as a new poll just out this morning has ben carson topping hillary clinton in a potential matchup of front-runners. butah humbug. two major airlines announce they are raising backage fees just for the holiday season. how much will you be paying


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