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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 4, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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. traffic nightmare. i'm aaron gilchrest with a huge problem for thousands. what we know about a crash that has such a big impact for so long. >> i'm eun yang, hundreds of kids back in the classroom this morning for the first time since fire forced them out last week. several students still yn rickes a beautiful day out there but all good things must come to an end. we have a weekend that could have rain. and feeling the earth move under your feet. developing this morning, where some of you may have felt an earthquake this morning. i'm barbara harrison, news4
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midday starts now. >> we begin with things finally moving again through bethesda right by nih and the medical center metro station. 355 finally back open. you can still see a lot of traffic trying to get through on the road here after a big accident earlier this morning. we can tell you what we know, it was a little after 6:00 this morning when a motorcycle and a ride-on bus collided at the intersection on rockville pike and cedar lane and jonesville road. the road was closed in both directions at one point. the rider of that motorcycle died at the hospital after being injured in the incident. we don't have more information about exactly what types of injuries he had or who that rider was. we are waiting to get that information from montgomery police. after hours of backups and delays, the 355 is back open.
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good news. developing in northeast washington, police are working to figure out what's behind a crash on kenilworth avenue. someone may have been hit by a car in that area but they're still investigating e if that's acation. in illinois a news conference to end the mystery over a police officer's death. fox lake police outside of chicago believe the lieutenant was murdered two months ago, now they are expected to say he likely killed himself. later this hour, we'll bring you what police are saying at this conference and we'll bring you anything new we learn about the case. i'm kristin wright live at woodson high school in fairfax county. students are back to class, getting read i do sign get well posters for their friends who are not here today. >> reporter: for the first time since a fire broke out in a chemistry class friday, today
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one girl is still in the hospital with burns and two teachers are recovering at home. they're on the minds of everyone in the woodson family. >> pray for them to be good and well as soon as possible. >> reporter: students still trou troubled by what happened can talk to counselors and psychologists today. students in that classroom will meet in a different room for the rest of the year so they are not constantly reminded of a tragic day. >> it all happened at once. we thought it was just a fire drill. >> reporter: fairfax county schools have scheduled days off this past monday and tuesday. that gave students at woodson more time before they came back to school. federal investigators are asking the school district a lot of questions about what happened. >> thank you. new at midday a man is recovering after an accident at
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a concrete country this morning. he was caught in a conveyor belt, montgomery medics came in to get him out. he a non-life threatening injuries. >> it is official, both martin o'malley and donald trump will be on ballots in new hampshire. the new hampshire primary happens on february 9th. a new poll in the race for the white house, quinnipiac puts ben carson ahead of hillary clinton if the election was to happen today. carson gets 50% while clinton gets 40%. among republicans, our poll puts carson ahead of donald trump 29% to 23%. today's quinnipiac poll ties them as strong front-runners for the republican nomination. nbc's tracie potts will break don't trends behind the numbers
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in the next half hour. >> well, it's a beautiful day out there today. not a cloud in the sky. absolutely wonderful as we look at our live tower camera over northwest d.c. absolutely beautiful out there. it wiwill continue to be beautil for the rest of the day today. we'll be above average today, we have a damp and cooler saturday. so we will have a difference come for the weekend. the sunshine returns by the time we head into sunday. and it looks like it will stay with us on monday and tuesday. current temperatures out there in the upper 60s, pushing 70 in gaithersburg. we will be warmer than that on friday. we'll talk about the next three days coming up. new today a 2.6 magnitude earthquake shook virginia. the u.s. gee lologic reported i centers outside of buckingham,
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50 miles west of richmond. people say they felt the shaking in and around cumberland county. no reports of damages. this just in, a story about a drug ceo that went viral will now be the focus of an investigation in washington. and remember this? new fallout from that giant blimp that broke away and floated hundreds of miles
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murial bowser can go ahead with a plan to build new homeless shelters in d.c. a plan has been approved to close the d.c. general shelter. under the plan, six new shelters will be built across the city to house families. it's not clear when those will be built. the mayor says she hopes to close d.c. general within two years. we expect a guilty plea today for the man responsible for this overturned ambulance
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and a deadly crash. sebastian isaacson is in court right now. police say he was drunk in december of 2014. he rear-ended a car on the beltway. when paramedics arrived he punched one of them and carjacked the ambulance. he then crashed into another car killing that driver. he finally stopped when he hit nine cars in a parking lot at greenbelt plaza. we expect state prosecutors to ask for a 43-year sentence. remember this runaway blimp? it got loe from military grounds in maryland last week and traveled uncontrolled up to pennsylvania. now the pentagon says it is suspending the missile detecting program that it was a part of. the blimp carried radar that was meant to detect missiles and protect the d.c. area. in 60 seconds, why a cold case is heating up. plus why the search for metro's next leader could
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a wonderful forecast, at least for the next 48 hours. it may be a bit beyond that. current temperatures out there now, wonderful. temperatures rising after a chilly morning into the 60s. around 70 in gaithersburg. lower to mid 70s for daytime highs today. look at this. we drop quickly. i wonder why that is. that sunday is going down at 5:05. haven't gotten used to that. d.c. metro forecast for the next three days, low to mid 70s today. nothing to worry about. nothing to worry about tonight. thursday, a few sprinkles in the morning. i don't think that will have an impact on the commute. temperatures around 70. they will be highly isolated tomorrow. breezy and warm for friday, temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. rain for the weekend. we will talk more about that coming up. a mother will be in virginia
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today 26 years after her 11-year-old son went missing. she is speaking at the national center for missing and exploited children. last week police in minnesota identified this man as a person of interest in jacob wetterling's disappearance. a new name has popped up in the search for a new metro leader. >> that name is paul widenfeld, former chief executive of bwi airport. earlier this week another candidate for the job was no longer being considered for the position. you may still face some problems until a new leader is in place. adam spoke to some of you ride on metro yesterday, many of you said you want the right fit for the job. sorting through the ballots. we're settling the big election races in our area now and looking at how one race made history. news4 midday is back in just a moment.
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just in to it the live desk, a senate committee on ageing is demanding that four big drug companies in the country turn over documents and other information related to drug pricing. this after several complaints about high profile drug companies raising the prices of prescription drugs.
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touring pharmaceuticals hiked the price of one drug to treat a deadly infection by 5,000%. after hearing that, this special committee on ageing is requesting information about how drug companies, that company and three others, are pricing some of their drugs and leading to these different price hikes. we expect a hearing on this issue in early december. well, temperatures are moving their way nicely through the 70s, and 60. plenty of sunshine. very mild conditions. average temperature should be in the low 60s. we're doing pretty well. tomorrow we could have a few showers scooting across the region, mainly in the morning. we will time out what you can expect. anything we do see will be highly isolated and light. i don't think it will put too
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much of a damper on that commute. we clear out for thursday afternoon and friday. but then we have rain showers moving in ahead of a cold front friday night, those could linger through saturday morning. if you have plans, it could be wet as the showers move. still mild by the time we get to friday, we're back in the 60s by saturday. now to decision 2015 in virginia. the democrats won one key race in senate direct 29 t wasn't enough to take control of the senate. that win went to the republicans. >> and going into the election we told you that the gop held a slim lead in the state senate. the democrats needed one see the to gain control but they didn't get it. all republican incumbents won and one gop candidate picked up an open see the in the richmond area. the house of delegates also in republican control. that means the gop controls the entire virginia state legislature that goes over to
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the republicans. this is not good news for the governor and his plan to push forward gun control and medicaid expansion in prince william county a win for democrats in senate district 29. jerry mcpike won by eight points to secure that see the in alexandria, long-time mayor bill hul's right-in campaign failed and he lost to alison silberberg. in loudoun county, scott york was defeated. and in fairfax county, sheriff stacy kincaid will retain her title after defeating republican candidate brian wolf for a second time. we have a full list of the elections including all the maryland winners from last night. you can find that in the nbc washington app. and one of the races making
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history is in college park. the first openly day man to win an office in college park. he says he wants to bring more amenities, high quality developments and businesses to college park. we want to tell you about other high profile races around the country. in ohio, people said no to medical marijuana. in houston, a bill that would have allowed transgender people to use whatever bathroom they identified with did not pass. david steel won in pennsylvania, he and his republican challenger bruce castor traded shots over never prosecuting bill cosby on sex assault allegations. developing right now, another plane crash this one in
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south sudan. the plane ripped to pieces there. right now government officials are saying at least 25 people are dead. that number could be much higher. healthy bodies, healthy minds a few simple steps can prevent mental illness. dr. jonathan weiner is here with more. there's a new study out that looked atagers and adults. taking omega-3 can reduce the risk of psychosis. >> one of the omega-3s, epa, has shown to offer benefits for mood, anxiety and adhd, it may also help in the risk for
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schizophrenia and psychosis. >> i see. how much of the omega-3 were they given? this study looked at giving 760 milligrams of epa. i recommend to patients taking about 1,000 milligrams a day of epa. this study found 12 weeks of that supplement decreased the risk of psychosis eventually developing by four times. so people who took the placebo were four times the risk of going on to develop psychosis or schizophrenia. these findings held for seven years. just 12 weeks of taking it had prolonged benefits. >> could we look at this as a possible cure for schizophrenia? >> not a cure, but something i recommend. the benefit of this supplement far outweigh the negatives.
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most people don't have many side effects. i suggest most people take some for general health. >> i want to talk to but everybody taking them when we come back. in 60 seconds, your e-mail is about do some of your work for you. and a beloved family pet disappears months
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here are some of the stories lighting up social media this morning. a star on social media has quit social media, almost i guess we should so. the australian model known for posting her bikini clad photos online is now offline. she headed to vimio to tell her thousands of fans that her dream online life was fake. she says she's been addicted to social media for many years and has resorted to not eating to taking perfect stomach shot. she is keeping her instagram account but has renamed it
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social media is not real life. your g-mail inbox is about to get smarter. smart reply will allow you to set up your replies and that inbox so it automatically responds to certain types of e-mails. it may seem a simple ad, but inbox uses a machine learning to generate some of the content there on the fly. a dog that went missing in texas has been found more than 2,000 miles away in california. thor ran away during strong storms storms
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>> well, this view just doesn't get old. my goodness, look at it outside. thank you, high pressure, for giving us all this sunshine out
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there. it's just absolutely beautiful over our nation's capital. really all throughout the region. well, we may have a little bit of change coming up in the next 24 hours. we'll introduce a few sprinkles to you on thursday morning, but that's about it. won't have a big impact on the commute. weekend will cool down quite a bit. low 60s for saturday, low 50s for sunday. but we return to sunshine for sunday. plenty of sunshine, that's not absent today. mild with all blue skies. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. we could have record breaking temperatures by friday. we'll go over those coming up. >> two stories developing with volkswagen. first, vw says it will have to spend another $2 billion to fix irregularities it discovered in more than 800,000 cars. all those cars are overseas. some carbon dioxide levels were set too low in some, in other, gas mileage levels were set too high. in the u.s., volkswagen is
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recalling 100,000 cars where power brakes can fail. it effects 2015 model and 2016 models models. taking some time away from social media could help your real social life. 1300 people in denmark dropped facebook cold turkey last week for an experiment. researchers wanted to measure their overall happiness. they found life satisfaction increased. people found it easier to concentrate, be more productive. some people said the facebook fast gave them a new perspective on their daily lives. people see what's going on on facebook, vacation here, all the wonderful things people are doing. >> people spend so much time walking around their phones. >> right now on new 4 midday, a part of nbc history becomes a
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main stay in the smithsonian. we'll ask two of the stars of days of our lives about the achievement. the startling revelation, the officer involved in a mysterious death had a
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. right now, students are back in class for the first time since a chemistry class fire hurt five students and a teacher. school let out early friday in
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fairfax county, monday and tuesday were previously scheduled days off. one woman is still in the hospital and a young man is recovering at home. federal investigators could launch a formal investigation. a deadly crash that may have affected your commute to work this morning is now cleaned up. a ride-on bus and a motorcycle hit head on. the motorcyclist died. rockville pike was shut down, but as of now it's open again. breaking news, absolute shocker coming out of illinois in the death of that police lieutenant, joseph gliniewicz. investigators saying his death was a "carefully staged suicide." a few months back there was massive manhunt after it was believed that joseph gliniewicz had been shot while executing some of his police duties. in reality the coroner there in the lake county illinois area saying he shot himself two times and that this was the result --
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the death was a result of a suicide and an end of an extensive series of criminal acts this police lieutenant was apparently stealing money. listen to what investigators had to say. >> gliniewicz was also found to have forged signatures on official documents. thousands of dollars were used by gliniewicz for personal purchases, travel expenses, mortgage payments, personal gym memberships, adult website webs facilitating personal loans. >> they say gliniewicz was stealing money there youth explorers, and that he was under stress from his scrutiny of management of that program. the village of fox lake was about to start an audit that would have exposed the embezzlement that was happening. as a result of all of that coming down on him, right before he was to retire, he took his
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own life and staged the scene to look like a homicide. when, in fact, it was a suicide scene. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> well, all sunshine out there today as temperatures rise into the low to mid 70s. nothing to worry about today except maybe if you have time to go out before that sun goes down, just about five minutes after 5:00. it is going to be sunny and mild. a few clouds billing in overnight that will keep us from dipping too far to fast. we will end up in the 50s today. we started each morning in the 30s and 40s. it will be mild to start tomorrow. with the extra cloud cover, temperatures topping out around 70 for tomorrow. we could have a few sprinkles tomorrow, highly isolated. anything we do see will be light. getting into friday, in the evening, a better chance to see showers. that will last through the first part of saturday, we're looking good as we enter next week. all of us at nbc are excited that one of the main stays on
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our network is celebrating a huge anniversary. days of our lives has been on nbc for 50 years. to honor the show, the cast is traveling around the country and sharing a book that honors the show's history. we are joined by two of the longest tenured cast members, bill hayes. we are delighted you are here. >> thank you. >> you guys do everything together. you're married, you're a couple in the show, a couple in real life. how did all of that come about? >> good casting. bill was cast in 1970, i've been on the show since 1968. >> amazing. >> a long time. >> she's been on the show 47 years. >> the character has been on the show since the very first episode. >> julie fell in love with doug, and susan fell in love with bill. susan and bill got married in -- >> '74. >> and doug and julie got
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married in '76. >> we used the same words. >> for our wedding ceremony. >> for the doug and julie wedding. they said what do you want to get married to, our own words. that's what we did. >> i love how you finish each other's sentences as well. >> so this 50-year celebration. you've been there almost since the beginning. >> yes. >> how important is this to you? >> it's our life. like many people in america, we've had a long marriage, and many americans think of the show as part of their family, which is true. it's been our family as well. it's a happy marriage. this is that moment in the middle of the day where you can indulge yourself in romance, excitement and there's no blame to it. and very quietly, you know, soap operas go on and on, but we've gone on the longest. >> you're not supposed to marry actors, you know that, they're the worst. but we married each other, it's been the best. >> turned out to be the best.
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>> i see that. bill, you mentioned that this is like a family. there has to be some good nuggets. good stories in this book, what are the fans going to take away from it? >> from the book? >> yes. >> the book is incredible. >> over 300 pages. >> 300 pages of beautiful photographs. >> many contributed by the actors through the years. >> just wonderful. >> lots of background, lots of foreground. we're only in our 50s year. we're looking forward to our 60th year. we're so honored. >> tell me about getting into the smithsonian what that means. >> it means everything in the world to me. smithsonian is honoring us on our 50th anniversary. we're presenting some of the most important props from the show. the core family was the horton family. every christmas we decorate a christmas tree with the name of the family members that are gone and that are present on the show. we'll present them.
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>> it's very emotional. people do it around the country now. >> yes. >> what is wonderful, everyone will be able to have a chance to meet you. there's a big smithsonian event happening. today. >> today. deidre hall will be there. she will be presenting a script where she was possessed by the devil, but she got over it. >> we love having you here in washington. the book is available in stores. you can watch "days of our lives" every day on nbc. >> we're so glad. >> the love story continues at 1:00 p.m. over day. thank you very much. >> thank you, angie. >> thank you. >> they are the cutest. >> to think she's been there since the very beginning. 50 years? >> yes. >> i love that they complete each other's sentences. they know what they're thinking. he lets her talk for him. it's adorable. >> i didn't realize they were married in real life. >> you can see it all at the
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smithsonian. coming up, a neighborhood battle brewing over how you clear th
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a developing story, the number of e. coli cases linked to chipolte stands at 37. we checked out chipolte's twitter feed today and there hasn't been a public tweet in over a week. at least 37 people have been taken hill after eating at the restaurants. chipotle voluntarily closed 43 restaurants in states as health investigators search for the source of the e. coli. neighbors in northwest washington are reaching out to the community to get rid of those gas powered leaf blowers in the neighborhood. those neighbors in wesley heights near american university will be at their advisory neighborhood commission tonight. they say gas-powered leaf blowers are increasingly common and are too loud.
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they also worry about pollution from the leaf blowers. they want more environmentally battery powered blowers. an animal counter that had a
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such a mild day after a chilly start, but a beautiful morning it was. temperatures rising to the 60s, we'll end up to the lower to mid 70s for daytime highs. we'll be seeing a lot more cloud cover tomorrow. we'll top those temperatures off around 70 degrees. still running above normal for this time of year, we'll take it. we could have is a couple sprinkles early in the morning. it's just going to be light and really widely scattered. clouds continue through thursday, maybe a few breaks in
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the overnight. we'll keep the clouds around for friday. most of the day on friday will be dry. warm and breezy, mid to upper 70s. we have some rain on friday night into saturday. we'll time out your saturday in just a few minutes. well, this is the last thing you think will break into your home. >> but a deer came charging through a michigan family's home and it caused a whole lot of damage. take a look. mom was at work when her daughter called to say a deer was running wild inside their home. the animal barged into a front window and trampled all over everything in a bedroom leaving blood all over the place. >> lo and behold i have a huge hole in my window, glass everywhere and deer locked in my daughter's bedroom. >> i didn't realize was what was happening, i saw all the glass on the ground, the deer running
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towards the back room. >> it took two hours and five tranquilizers to calm down the deer. no one was hurt. that is the good thing. frightening for the family for a while. >> you can imagine? wow. going head to head over the white house. >> new numbers show who has the edge against whom in the race for your vote. news4 midday is back in a moment.
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it's official, donald trump and martin o'malley will have their names on primary ballots come february. they both filed their paperwork in new hampshire this morning. if the presidential election happened today, only one republican that hillary clinton could not beat? >> that's according to our new nbc/"wall street journal" poll. more from tracie potts. >> reporter: it's a tie between hillary clinton and dr. ben carson according to our new nbc "wall street journal" poll. in the quinnipiac poll it shows carson could beat hillary clinton by 10%. our new poll shows that hillary clinton and ben carson would each get half the vote if the election was held today. carson does much better with independents. he's the only republican that hillary clinton can't beat. >> i hope we have a chance to find out. i suspect it would be the most clea clear-cut election in the united
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states. >> reporter: clinton saying there are big differences between republicans and democrats on minimum wage, she's pushing $12 an hour. and making college affordable. >> you can listen to many hours of the republican debates. you never hear anything about that. >> reporter: president obama is telling both sides get out and vote. >> if you are sick and tired of gridlock, regardless of where your party is, get involved. >> reporter: candidates are already filing in new hampshire and a newly fired up jeb bush -- >> i have good energy every night. >> reporter: -- is hoping to turn things around. >> in our poll, the only other republican who comes close to hillary clinton is marco rubio within three points which is within the poll's margin of error. tracie potts, nbc 4, washington. it doesn't get much better than today, especially for november. sunny conditions, mild conditions, temperatures topping
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out in the 70s. tomorrow we will be around 70 degrees as well. clouds will fill in overnight. we could be dealing with a few sprinkles by early tomorrow morning. due to that extra cloud cover, temperatures will top out near 70. in the morning, i don't think it will impact your morning commute. it will be breezy and warm for friday. mid to upper 70s. we do have some rain coming in on friday night to the first part of saturday. a lot of plans on saturday. it looks like showers for the first part of the morning before they scoot to the south and east. new information coming in to the live desk about a deadly collision this morning in bethesda. we now learned the identity of the man who was riding the motorcycle involved in the crash. his name was francis g.platty, 35 years old from stafford county, virginia. a little after 6:00 this morning he was headed southbound on rockvilrock
11:48 am
ville pike, a ride-on bus was heading northbound, somehow the two collided with each other. mr. platty died as a result of his injuries. officials say they don't know how this collision happened in terms of who may have been responsible. we understand mr. platty may have worked in the area. we'll update you on the nbc washington app. breaking news a sentence announced for a former state department employee, daniel rossen will serve nearly three years in prison. he pled guilty to recording 25 women in his home over the last three years. he was in charge of federal counterterroism programs at the state department. the judge sentenced him to 11 years in prison and suspended the sentence to 32 months on the con he completes five years of probation once he's release.
11:49 am
anoth mother in calvert cou says she found sewing needles in candy. her son went trick or treating in huntington. maryland state police want to hear from you if you noticed anything out of the ordinary with your child's candy. in minnesota, a child lied about finding needles inside chocolate bars on halloween. the local police department says the child made up the story. we're talking about simple things that can keep you feeling healthy both in body and mind. dr. joshua weiner joins me this morning. we spoke earlier about the benefits of taking omega-3 for young adults and teens. can anybody get a good result from taking this? looking at young adults, teens, but this can be beneficial for all ages. >> what does it do for you?
11:50 am
>> omega-3 fatty asides are anti-inflammatory. in some people, inflammation is a cause for psychiatric conditions, including depression. that's number one. number two, omega-3 fatty acids are used in forming the outer cell membranes of the neurons. >> we were talking earlier about psychosis and schizophrenia, what about some other mental depression problems? >> in general, i recommend omega three fatty acids, pro biotics, those have been shown to offer benefits not only for the physical health, bowel functioning, but a number of people -- about 25% of people in my practice will feel it improves their mood and anxiety. there's a great book out there called brainmaker. the third thing is magnesium.
11:51 am
it has a calming effects fort fe nervous system. >> do you need prescriptions? >> you don't need prescriptions. you should talk to your own personal doctor about whether it's okay. i don't see a reason why in wouldn't be safe. >> follow the directions on the bottle, i suppose? >> you should probably follow the doses i just gave, because bottles will give you a different dose. >> you can find that on >> not so lucky after all. one person's social media post is another person's fortune. why you should watch wh
11:52 am
scientists in japan have
11:53 am
produced a type of hybrid glass that they say is almost shatter proof. it's as strong as steel and nearly unbreakable. it containing aluminum oxide compounds which are renowned for toughness. so the days of broken windows and shattering glasses may be a thing of the sgloost apast. and it seems there's life after the daily show. jon stewart signed a four-year deal with hbo. he will have short form daily content there. and you probably should not share everything on social media, your facebook page, for example. especially an $800,000 winning ticket. according to, a woman in australia was so excited about her winning lotto ticket she posted the photo on facebook complete with bar codes. someone used that bar code to claim her winning.
11:54 am
now she's australia's biggest loser instead of a winner. back to you. >> wow. can you imagine? >> oh, no. terrible. >> who would have thought. >> lesson learned in this day and age. caught on camera a school bus driver goes above and beyond. >> the force of nature he con
11:55 am
temperatures above average today, low to mid 70s. we have changes for saturday, maybe a bit of rain. sunshine returns on sunday. today we top out in the low to mid 70s. looking good for the remainder of the day. not too bad for tomorrow. few sprinkles early with more cloud cover. temperatures around 70. mid to upper 70s on friday with some late day -- late evening showers. that could linger into saturday morning. temperatures on saturday in the low 60s. i don't consider myself a hero. those kids are heroes.
11:56 am
they're the heroes. i'm just the driver. >> he says he's not a hero. but a school district in texas has awarded him for his bravery. the school bus driver is being called a hero this morning for shelters kids from a powerful tornado. it happened last week near san antonio, texas. >> video is just being released. the video shows the driver rushing to get the kids on the bus and struggling to hold and close the doors. the driver may not think he's a hero, but one student on the bus says he saved their lives. >> i don't see him as a bus driver. he saved our lives. he's not just a man that drives us. if it wasn't for him, you know, if it wasn't for him, we would not have been here. >> winds of more than 100 miles per hour hit that region. no one was hurt. quick thinking. and that does it for us. thank you very much for joining us for midday today.
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test. >> announcer: today on the meredith vieira show and the new tweet that has donald trump in hot water. and could this damage trump's reputation. and the first grader getting suspended from school for three days. and hbo to left overs. >> is that up. >> no. >> it all starts right now on "meredith". ♪


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