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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 5, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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plans to be there to see if we can get you an update for a search on a new leader. we may also be able to see the financial report, be the first to get the development out of today's meeting. if you download the nbc washington app you can click through the time line on the search for a new metro gm. also today a meeting to improve service. the northern commission will discuss it. that i'll discuss safety and reliability concerns and talk about new transit routes in the falls church and bailey crossroads area. >> what has it been like for the last couple of days? >> awful. i can't even describe it. >> d.c. officials are trying to find out why residents didn't have flowing water for two days.
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seniors living there told us they couldn't do simple things like wash their dishes, shower, or even flush the toilet. officials say they are looking into why it took so long to repair. time now for your "weather & traffic on the 1s" at 4:31. come take a look at "storm team 4" -- there we go -- "storm team 4" radar. >> you're probably going to want to grab the umbrella before we leave the house. how long are you going to need it, chuck bell? >> you can do what i did. putture hand right over your glasses like this to keep the mist off. that's really it. any rain we have outside is extremely light. it's mostly mist and drizzle. it's a mild and murky morning for sure. mostly cloudy but a warm afternoon. speaking of warmth, still looking at record highs. that's the good news. the bad news is we've downgraded the quality of your saturday
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weather. on the western shore of the bay, the rain has stopped inside the beltway but the roads are still wet. take it easy on your way out the door. temperatures are in the upper 50s already. future weather carries little chances of mist and drizzle out by sunshine. any peak or two will allow temperatures into the low and mid-70s. we'll talk about your school day forecast right now. melissa mollet has roadwork and traffic. >> we do have some roadwork. right now taking a big look at the beltway, the roadwork, 370 as you're headed over to 270, we do have some lanes closed because of work there on 370 this morning. right here, 66 looking quite good headed into town. we don't have any major issues there. same thing if you're looking at b.w. parkway. the highway there at orchard
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drive, we do have some lane closures there this morning and again the top of the beltway looking pretty good in town and out of town. i'll see you back here in tell minutes. pros cuders say steven greel abducted and then strangled grace inside an apartment they share. he'll be in court for another hearing. the motive in this case is still unclear. 4:33. montgomery county will take action after a "news4" i-team report. they plan to meet to increase the punishment for selling tobacco products to minors. the county wants to increase first offense fines from $500 to $1,000. new detail this morning in a 5-year-old investigation when they soon learn if former d.c. mayor vincent gray will face charges in a shadow campaign
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that will help get him elected in 2010. new elected attorney channing phillips says he hopes to make a decision as soon as he's breached on the case. he intends to make a decision by the end of this year. he's always denied any wrongdoing in this case. >> we're just like any other family. a maryland family caught up in a controversy they never expected. this family of six is featured in the latest "american girl" magazine but a conservative group is calling for a boycott because of what's in the picture, two dads. the magazine talks about the charity the montgomery county family founded to provide travel bags. one showdown rob and reese sheer and their four children. the group one million moms is boycotting because the group considers being gay a sin. >> these were moms, moms who were leaking at a picture of our children and making a judgment
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on them. >> the scheer family says they have received an outpouring of support since that article came out. gop presidential candidats s bernie sanders -- obviously a democratic candidate but carly fiorina and others filing. you'll also start hearing the former gop front-runner donald trump on the radio. his ad campaign is running today and hillary clinton continues her late night tour. she'll be on "jimmy kimmel" tonight. police have identified a little boy whose remains were found in chicago. the 2-year-old was missing in september. she said she left kearian with
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her best friend's family for two weeks schenn she started a job. she said they avoided her when she tried to get him back that. story is under investigation. his remains were found in a park. back to you guys. >> redistricting is the topic of discussion in montgomery county. final approval on the county's six year capital program is expected on november 16th. among the recommendations a new middle school to open up in 2016. coming up megan mcgrath will break down the plan on what the members want to see done. loudoun county will head to the virginia supreme court. according to our news partner wtop the board of supervisors voted yesterday to appeal the long-running case. they ruled earlier this year that the new tolerates are reasonable. right now you would pay $5
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during regular hours an just over $6 during peak time no matter how far you travel on the toll road. they'll set aside $100,000 for the appeal. you'll want to check out the nbc washington app to learn about new information we learned about mars. there is evidence that there is water on mars. the agency is holding another news conference. i we teerld it will contain key scientific findings about the planet's atmosphere. that's all we know. and brand-new photos of an explosion of a rocket. take a look at the fireball. >> it had just lifted off when it blew up. you can see how severely damaged the launchpad was. the explosion cost $13 million in total in damage. it has since been fixed, that launchpad. but it caused a lot of delays.
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>> some experiments that folks in this area have been doing. but they're getting it back to normal and shipments have been resuming. >> if you're headed to work just now, you probably will need the wipers this morning, but don't put away the shades just yet. the next "weather & traffic on the 1s". it's the video that leave use wondering if these kinds of things happen on your kids' buses. a brawl between two students and a police officer. a look alt this. a
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two sisters are facing serious charges after kicking and punching a police officer on a bus in orlando. the video is just being released. police officers responded to a call after a bus driver called. police say the sisters started cursing, punching, and kicking the police when they tried to get them to sit down. no one was badly hurt. a little bit of light rain for some of us this morning. >> what kind of problems are these going to cause? let's check in with chuck to find out what more we can expect. >> you're not going to need the insulated raincoats this morning. temperatures are on the mild side for sure. a little light rain from edgewater and chesapeake bay and
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mayo. but around, cloudy and wet. temperatures on your way out the door will be in the 50s to near 60. we'll be up to 70 degrees. when i see you in a couple more day, today, melissa, recess gets a "d." >> i don't leike a "d." that doesn't sound so great but i remembered a slicker for my son. chuck and i were talking earlier, still light in some spots. we're just not sighing it come up on my radar. we'll see a little bit here in just one second. 95 north. it's going to take you 18 minutes. a little bit of construction south of woodbridge as we're headed southbound there and that looks like we're slowing things just a tad. otherwise, nice and clear. no problems into town or out of town. you can see a little bit of that moisture. right here off to the east as
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you're looking here. we'll see you in ten minutes. >> thank you. another high school football player is dead this morning, this time in kansas. luke sheen had just scored a point when the 17-year-old ran to the sideline and collapsed. hi had been declared brain dead and was taken off life support yesterday. this is the 11th reports death since july. the cause has not yet been determined. it's 4:43. we continue to follow the developments in that deadly jet plane crash that killed ought 224 people on board. the caution from lawmaker this morning. >> and the shocking crime out of prince william county. the 7-month-old baby thrown down
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welcome back at 4:46. developing as we speaker concerns that a bomb planted by isis made a russian plane crash. investigators are now looking for evidence. nbc's tracie potts is on capitol hill. tracie, these developments could transform security in that region. >> no question. they're already doing that. the british have decided not to allow flights in and out of that airport where this jet took off. and new this morning we're learning or we're just getting information on this, that russia has decided to ground its fleet of metrojets and do safety checks while this investigation continues. the search among the wreckage in egypt is expected to wrap up this afternoon, but the investigation into what brought this plane down, that could take
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weeks, maybe even longer. was it a mechanical failure or was it as some u.s. officials now suspect, was it something more nefarious like isis and a bomb. there are no hard facts yet found on the ground to substantiate that, however, the u.s. says there is pretty good reason to expect that. britain says it is a significant possibility that this was an act of terrorism. officials say possibly a baggage handler at the egyptian airport placed the bomb on the plane. as you know there was a heat strike in the area where the plane was last to be. it could be mechanical or something else. the investigation is still ongoing. as of this morning the russian jets are grounded. >> all right. tracie potts on capitol hill hill for us. thank you, tracy. 4:47. alonzo smith died early sunday while in the custody of security
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guards at marbury plaza apartments in the southeast. d.c. police officers responded to an assault and found smith handcuffed, unconscious, and not breathing. the security guards where he worked is not commenting. police say baby girl is seriously hurt because of this man. james brown now facing a list of charges in prince george's county. police say he threw the 7-month-old down the stairs on esday and hit her motr the head with glass bottle. officers say he knew the 24-year-old woman he attacked. police say he forced his way into her home. this morning we're look aket the first glimpses of an ambulance hijacked. you're looking at sebastien isaacson who calmly drove away after assaulting emts. shortly after that he crashed the ambulance, killing a retired math teacher. he pleaded guilty. >> he is a danger to society.
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>> isaacson will be sentenced in january. he faces up to 43 years in prison. 25 of those will be mandatory. we're working to find out how a man is doing after getting pinned under a bus in downtown washington. as of last night he was in critical condition. witnesses had to pound on the side of the greyhound bus yesterday to get it to stop. the driver was turning off of massachusetts avenue near mount vernon square. one of the witnesses was a doctor who helped the man until rescue crews adrived. helping families is the focus of a column. in an article bowser describes a goal to end homelessness by 2020. she writes to get this right wheel call a plan to get them back home. the plan will create smaller and safer emergency family housing and offer services like job placement. now to a story you saw first on 4, helping veterans at risk
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of overdosing. many members of the military return from war with physical and mental scars that sometimes require painkillers. virginia senator tim kaine wants to require doctors to prescribe naloxone when they divide opioids for pain. it's an overdose reversal medication. senator cain says co-prescribing the drugs can save lives. >> not only that the veteran is aware of the drug and the possibility of an overdose but the family members are aware of the signs and symptoms as well. >> while the bill is aimed at military, there could be funding to train health professionals on how to administer it. a judge threw out a lawsuit claiming the baltimore orioles owed them. the mid-atlantic network shows both teams' game, however, the
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orioles have controlling ownership and make most of the money from the deal. the judge threw out the lawsuit yesterday after six months of hearings. crews at the verizon center are working around the clock. basketball, hockey, and the concert all on the calendar and the conditions for those events. they're really different. hockey requires temperatures to be in the 50s. for basketball game, they crank it up into the 60s. earlier this year kevin hart performed at the verizon center an it seemed the request from those performing can be as tough as the venue. >> they had us hire security to walk the aisles and put their cell phone away. there was no warning. if your cell phone was out, you were removed from the building. >> over the nights 5 people were removed from the building and he's known for being very aware of his money and image and controlling it.and he's known f
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aware of his money and image and controlling it. >> it's part of being in the business. you hear of them having extravel gant demands in the dressing room. do you see the delivery coming in at chuck's room at 6:00 a.m. >> right? i can only drink a certain kind of water, fresh waters. >> i have a lot of royalty moneys coming in. >> a little wet, a little warm. >> it's crazy mild, even before the sun is up. late last night before the sun went down the clouds rolled in. we had a couple of sprinkles. but overnight it's just been a murky soup outside of moisture. lots of clouds. lots of light rain and drizzle. no heavy rain out there at all. rainful amounts have been measured in hundreds of an ichbl, but it's 58 degree. by comparison, our average high temp this time of year is 62.
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what to expect today. a lot of clouds and fog and moisture this morning. humid and mild later this afternoon. and the real issue this morning is the mist and drizzle around. you don't need a lot of mist. you're probably only going to need that. if you can't find the umbrella or if you're left at the office, you'll probably be all right. 58 downtown. time for a walk, puppy dogs. outside you go. small puddles out there early this morning. highs today will be in the 70s once again. "storm team 4" radar, there's chance for rain early this morning. the next chance coming up late friday night into saturday. that moisture is still down across parts of texas and arkansas right now but it is indeed coming our way. clouds and fog giving way to some clearing by about noon today and depending on how lucky
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or fortunate we are, we should be sunny toward the shenandoah valley and blue ridge into early this evening. on the hold, though, not much really in accumulating rainfall. first check of your seven-day forecast, 72. chance for rain late friday night into early saturday. friday's high should set a record. temperatures will fall 60s on saturday morning. sunday will be sunny and kind of blustery and cool. back to november. back to "news4's" "first4 traffic" now with more road delays. >> more road delays here. a brand-new crash popped up at 270 southbounded a old georgetown road. no word yet on what exactly might be blocked. beltway at van dorn street, you can see the sheen on the rote hee. again, you're going to have some rain on various spot this morning. perhaps falling lightly. you may need those windshield wipers going a little bit.
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prince george's county looking good. this big green blob. whenever you see this on the traffic map, that is the moisture falling. on 32 to the beltway, going to take you 11 minutes. nice and clear. don't have any major problems. 270 at middlebrooks, rolling along fine. 66 looking good. you're westbound at 65 miles an hour. eastbound, same thing. back in ten minutes. >> melissa, thank you. you know, it happens to a lot of us. we accidentally skip a toll. it can turn into thousands. and ceremonies that honor our troops. wait till you
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there may not be a whole lot out there but it's drizzling. chuck will let you know how long the sprinkles stick around in just a minute. if you're just joining us, we'll learn new information about an illinois aur who carly staged his own death. why the police are looking a two other people. there will make you think about money. new reports say the defense department paid nearly $7 million for many of those tributes, those payments coming over the last four years. john mccain and othering calling
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it paid patriotism. >> there's a lot of good things professional sports do to honor the military but these millions of dollars are not acceptable. >> now, the first reports about this practice came out in may and we're just learning the latest numbers. mccain says the payments will become illegal once the new payments act becomes law. the vote is set for today. today the annual marine toy drive kicks off in our area. you can head off to several toys are us to make your donation to. see which stores are taking part, head to our nba app. nba's shack o'neill and his shaqa clause wi
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shaqaclaus will be out there. >> the travel forecast will let you know what you'll be facing. they'll look at the financial state of the nation's top airlines. the judge has given seven green lights to sue. the drivers say they've been charged excessive fines after missing some relative will i small toll payments. they also accuse transz urban of not notifying them of the missed tolls in a timely manner. one drive irsaid his $29 in fines turned into almost $11,000 in penalties. >> they didn't even know they ran a toll until months and even in some cases a year later. >> it would be different if we were trying to sneak onto the expressway. these are people who made honest mistakes. >> the operator of the express lanes released a report. they say it's confidence the notefication works properly. if you want more information, go to the nbc washington app and search express lanes. >> stay with us. "news4" continues at 5:00 a.m.


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