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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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shaqaclaus will be out there. >> the travel forecast will let you know what you'll be facing. they'll look at the financial state of the nation's top airlines. the judge has given seven green lights to sue. the drivers say they've been charged excessive fines after missing some relative will i small toll payments. they also accuse transz urban of not notifying them of the missed tolls in a timely manner. one drive irsaid his $29 in fines turned into almost $11,000 in penalties. >> they didn't even know they ran a toll until months and even in some cases a year later. >> it would be different if we were trying to sneak onto the expressway. these are people who made honest mistakes. >> the operator of the express lanes released a report. they say it's confidence the notefication works properly. if you want more information, go to the nbc washington app and search express lanes. >> stay with us. "news4" continues at 5:00 a.m.
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dotting their i"i"s and crossing their "t"s. from sprinkles to sunshine. a lot of you will need an umbrella with full rain but that is about to change. first, kristen right is tracking new developments. >> that's right. the even tire a-320 fleet is now grounded for safety checks and now the uk has stopped all flights believing it was terrorism and someone planted a bomb on board. tracie potts will have more on the investigation as to exactly what brought it down this hour. isis did claim responsibility but there's no hard evidence. the plane crashed in the sinai
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desert saturday killing all 224 people on board. back to you. it is 5:01. time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." let's check in with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. still misty out there, chuck. >> yes, indeed. cloudy sky out there this morning and a lot of small puddles and wet slippery leaves on the sidewalk. be careful for that. good-bye, sunshine. it was a good day. it's going be a very warm afternoon today. so that's not going to change. but it's kind of foggy and murky outside this morning. a little light rain across calvert and st. mary's county. most of the local roadways are wet but it's certainly anything but cold. temperatures are in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees already. clarksburg, maryland, montgomery county, 58 out the door. 69 by 7:00. the weather will be slowing down your commute. we'll talk more about that, but let's talk about slowdowns with melissa. >> take look at this. 270 southbound near old
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georgetown road as you're trying to get out on the inner loop. not seeing any slowdowns right now. that doesn't mean it couldn't start to build if it doesn't get out of the way soon. we have some lanes blocked there for roadwork that is still hanging around very nicely for us. you are clear all the way down to the spur from the 70s to the spur. you're on-time at 27 minutes. i'll show you a live look. >> it's 5:03. today is a court hearing for a man police say strengthaled a washington student. they say he abduct and killed grace mann inside an apartment they shareholder. the motive in this case is still unclear. incredible news this morning. a boy reported missing 13 years ago has been found alierchlt julian hernandez disappeared from birmingham, alabama, in 1992. authorities thought the
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5-year-old was taken by his father. julian who's now 18 was just found in cleveland with his father. investigators say when he started applying to colleges he found out his social security number wasn't right. then he found himself on the national center missing chin for exploited database. right now his father is charmed with tampering records. he's expected to face abduction charges as well. back to you. >> joo what has life been like for you over the last couple of days? >> awful. i can't even describe it. >> hundreds of seniors in southeast washington had to go without water for days and right now d.c. water officials are trying to figure out why. the good news is faucets are flowing again at triangle view parents southeast. seniors are told they could. do simple things like washing disles. crews fixed a broken valve last night on anacostia road in southeast. a redistricting is the topic
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of discussion in montgomery county today. final aproobl on the county's six-year capital improvement program is approve. among the recommendations, deciding which student attended the school. coming up in just a few minutes, "news4's" megan mcgrath will break down the plan on what board members want to see done. >> it's 5:05. now to the latest decision. bernie sanders, carly fiorina, and marco rubio are filing paperwork for the new primary. rubio is planning to release old credit cards soon to dispute claims he's used campaign money for personal expenses. you'll also hear donald trump on the radio. his campaign ad is running today and dem cratic presidential candidate hill are clinton is continuing her late night tour. 'll be on "jimmy kimmel"
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tomorrow. members plan to discuss the proposal for high-speed rail between the two cities. the segment will provide a critical link between here and the northeast corridor. according to our news partner wtop t board of supervisors voted yesterday to appeal the long-luping case. they ruled earlier this year the new tolerates are reasonable. right now you would pay $5 during regular hours and $6 during peak times no matter how far you travel on the toll road. the county will set aside $100,000 for the appeal. if you're getting ready to walk to the metro, you might want to grab your umbrella. it's sprinkling. amelia segal will let us know how long this rain will last. speaking of metro, can we learn who will run the agency today? that and a meeting under way in a few hours. a few hours. >> and for those
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your commute could get easier, better. "news4" plans to see if there's talk about an update on a search for new leadership. we may be able to see the agency's finance report too. that could be determined. we'll also check in on a proposal that allows you to buy food and drink at metro stations. you won't be able to eat and drink on the train but at least you can grab something when you get off the train. if you liked to see the developments that come out of today's meeting, you can download the app and click through our interactive time line. an unexpected guest dropped through for dinner. look at this. a burglar fell through the ceiling of a florida restaurant as he tried to rob the place.
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police say justin grimes was called through the air ducts looking for the office when he fell through the tiles. he landed right in the middle of the restaurant. he tried to take off but customers held him down until police arrive d. that's what they're doing. they're not waiting for police. they take action. >> then they stood around pointing and laughing. >> knew there's video too. thing twice, people, before you commit crimes. >> time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." >> amelia segal is along the tidal basin this morning. how does it feel out there this morning, amelia? >> reporter: good morning. it's pretty mild. it's dry. you can see the beautiful jefferson memorial behind me. it's early november and we're starting off the day with the temperature already near 06 degrees. so for the morning commute, it's already going to be pretty mild, but we are trackling some areas of drizzle and patchy fog out
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there. it's going to be an issue during the morning hours. any driz ll come to an end. clouds start to diminish. it's another nice day for aut n autumn. a high today of 72. now tomorrow we're talking about record heat. likely breaking a record set over 50 years ago, but chuck's going have more on how we plummet over the weekend especially on your saturday. for now melissa is tracking an accident on 270. >> we still have this problem on 270. a crash there blocking the left side of the roadway and another new accident that popped up. 395 northbound at king street. seeing a little bit of a delay there as well here this morning. 95 north at dumfries road, still have some lanes blocked and a bit of construction. live look coming jup police in prince george's county trying to figure out who placed a skimming device at an atm. it was found at a convenience
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store in capitol heights. thousands were stolen from people who used the machine. if you have information, police would like to hear from you. a cash reward is being offered for any information on the case. stunning pictures from the explosion at wallops island. an incredible site. a dal that a lot of
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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officer's dechlkt we told you illinois police officer gliniewicz killed himself after stealing and laundering money. he made his death look like a homicide. now the police are looking into whether gliniewicz's family was involved in the crime. his wife and son are under investigation. they have not been charged. at yesterday's news conference
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police say two other people may have been involved but did not say anything else about who they might be. 5:17. with the montgomery county school population growing, that means some classrooms have hit capacity. that means today the board of education is one step away from making more room for students. they hope to make room for improving. that includes redistricting and figuring out which will make room. megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: it's not too surprising redistricting can be a very controversial and emotional topic. now, overcrowding and parts of montgomery county, specifically gaithersburg has the school looking at a bunch of different options including the school
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behind me. there's going bo a work session before the board tonight to discuss other options. other options include boundaries for the new clarksburg damascus middle school to open in august 2016. they're planning on placing students in that new middle school. also being discussed, your crowding in the gaithersburg cluster and the possibility of shifting students from the mcgruder and rooten districts to make room. there will also be two public hearings. one is being held on november 9th, the other on the 12th. this will allow parents to have input. back to you. >> thank you. happening today, an arlington man accused of killing his estranged wife will be in court for a hearing. officers found bonnie black stabbed to death in her home in
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april. she had been in the middle of a contentious divorce with her husband david black. last week he entered a preliminary not guilty plea. in loudoun county teenagers will face charkss -- charges in connection with the murder of a teenager. the 17-year-old boy is already on trial for pulling the trigger. he was shot and killed on his way to the bus stop in early september. a brand-new way to treat severe as ma attack. it works by reducing the number of white blood cells that contribute to the condition, too many babies are being reports too soon. it's about 9%.
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that gives the nation a c grade. portland, oregon, one of several cities in the u.s. to have gained an "a" grade when it comes to preterm birth rates. cuts down on c-sections and helping women to quit smoking is making a difference. this morning montgomery county will take action. the county's health and human services kouj plans to meet to increase the punishment for selling tobacco products to minors. this i-team camera shows how easy it was to buy cigarettes for teenagers. they want to increase the fine from $500 to $5,000. the court said the ruling does not imply general legality. it also does not allow promotional production or sale of the drulg but those could be challenged next. if you love space, you'll
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want to check out the washington nbc washington app. nasa putting out new information about mars. two months ago nasa said there was evidence of water on mars. this afternoon they're expected to announce key findings about the planet's atmosphere. also new from nasa, brand-new photos of a rocket skploefrgs virginia. you take look at the fireball. it had just lifted off from wallops island when it just blew up. you see how severe le damaged the lapp. pad was. the explosion cost about $13 million in damage to the launchpad. it has since been repaired but it delayed a shipment to the space station. it wasn't critical. they were okay until they were able to get another rocket. it's 5:21. time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." starting off with drizzle, a light misting thing going on. >> probably won't slow folks down too much, right, chuck? >> not a whole lot.
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there's a lot of leaves on the sidewalk. when those leaves get a little wet, they're slippery. use caution this morning before you head on out the door. there's the view from our tower. a lot of low clouds and moisture in the atmosphere. rain chances primarily are stacked up here before today. best chance for rain out of the best couple of days for better or worse comes up on your saturday. radar, a couple of light showers. the rain's basically stopped to the west of i-95, but everybody is still facing wet conditions this morning. a little bit of fog under a mild visibility in baltimore. watch out for the fog and wet roads this morning. future weather going forward in time. there's a chance for sprinkles and drizzle. there's the clearing line starting to move onto the west side. as we get toward 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon i think the clouds will thin out quite a bit and we'll be left with temperatures back up into
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the 70s. once again that will be three days in a row. it's already in the upper 50s to near 60. so 58 on your way out the door. have your umbrella with you. you won't need any kind of insulating warmth. cloudy and mild. 68. 72 later on this afternoon. then for tomorrow, all important as we get closer to the weekend. here's 7:00 a.m. tomorrow on future weather. another mild start. temperatures near 60 again tomorrow morning. here's 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. still dry and toasty warm. it looks like we're going set a record tomorrow at 79 degrees. here's the leading edge of the colder air by friday night. chance for rain showers coming in from the north and west. most likely time for rain here will be after 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow night. high school games could be on the wet side. then cloudy skies and chances for rain linger on into your saturday as well. here's your seven-day forecast. today in the 70s with a little rain this morning.
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tomorrow near 80 with rain likely. cloudy and falling temperatures on saturday. we'll start in the 60s and end in the 40s. blustery and sunny. melissa. >> 395 northbound at king street, you can see on the left side of the piece of video, an arrow pointing folks away. right now getting a little slow here. northbound at king street hoping's out of the way soon. just after georgetown, we have a crash blocking the left side of the roadway. again, this morning, that, of course, is good. 66 inbound. fairfax county to the parkway, there is how it looks right now this morning. average speed, 9 miles an hour. remember to listen to your friends on wtop 103.5. prince george's county looking quite good. don't have any major issues. going to keep an eye on this thing. we'll be back in five minutes. eun? >> thank you, melissa.
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it's 5:25. sacramento police stabbed a hometown hero. james tran face murder charges in the stabbing of stone. you may remember stone and three of his friends helped stop a terrorist attack aboard a paris-bound train in august. police say he stabbed stone in a drunken fight outside of a bar. at one point they didn't think he'd survive. students are still stunned. >> unbelievable that it happens to your campus. if it happens to this school, you ear like, okay, but for your school, it's really hard. >> four people were stabbed at a university yesterday. witnesses say he would have killed another if a construction
5:26 am
worker had. intervened. the suspect was shot and killed by police. we could learn who he was and why he may have done this at a conference today. new details in a 5-year-old investigation. we'll soon learn if vincent gray will face charges in a shadow campaign that helped get him elected in 2010. channing phillips hopes to make a decision as soon as he's briefed on the case. sources say they intoebld to mack a decision by the end of the year. >> we are just like any other family. >> a-month-old family caught up in a controversy that was never expected. the family featured in the latest "american girl" magazine but a conservative group is boycotting the magazine because of what's in the picture, two dads. they talk about charity the montgomery county founded to provide travel kits for those
5:27 am
traveling. the group one million moms is boycotting because the group considers being guy a sin. >> these were moms. moms who are looking at a picture of our children. and make alg judgment on them. >> the scheer say they have receive and outpouring since the article came out. >> joo we're continuing follow the deadly plane crash. the caution for lawmakers on capitol hill this morning. d.c. mayor bowser pens an article. the issue she hopes to draw a spotlight on. drizzles outside. pretty miechltd don't expect the who can name the third president?
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developing right now, metrojet grounds its entire airbus a-321 fleet after that deadly plane crash in egypt. also this hour it's the video that might have you wondering what's happening on your kids' school bus. the video just coming in of a brawl between two students and a police officer.
5:31 am
first, tack a look at "storm team 4" radar this morning where sprinkles continue to fall. we're in the "storm team 4" weather center with chuck bell looking at this and four things everybody need knows going into the weekend. that you iraqi got big things going on for the weekend. >> i do. >> you'll be crushed. >> the story of my life life. >> four things you need to know. near record tomorrow. yes, indeed, i've downgraded the outlook for your saturday. saturday, cloudy skies. chance for showers. temperatures will be falling throughout the course of the day. more sunshine but still on the cool side. temperatures in the 50s. that's the way your weekend is looking. for your now it's a cloudy and moisture start to the day. temperatures are already in the upper 50s to near 60. as you plan your day, plan on sunshine. temperatures, three days in a row, 750 or higher in november.
5:32 am
tomorrow, melissa, we'll make four and that will be the final 70. >> i can't wait. i'm going to sit out. sounds good to me. new problem at 355. a crash blocking the right side of the roadway and we still have this other issue. jornltown with the crash blocking the left side. right now don't see any slowdowns in that area, but it could start to kind of slow down here in the next couple of minutes. third degr 395, you see delays as you're headed inbound. eun? >> thank you. it's now 5:32. developing right now, concerns isis planted a bomb that made a russian plane crash over egypt. american and british officials are already responding.
5:33 am
kristin, they rear 're respondi quickly. >> and also the russians have. the british as you said have also responded. they don't want any flights in and out of that airport landing in london until investigators figure out what happened here. the u.s. is also tracking this. the u.s. officials along with the british think that, yes, it is a significant possibility that brought this plane down and killed all 224 people on board. they're basing that, officials tell us, on intercepted communication, which can steams be misleading and the heat strike that the u.s. satellite detected shows there was an explosion right where the plane was last to be. what they don't have is hard evidence. evidence of a bomb where they're still investigating. also this afternoon they're expected to wrap up the search for remains at that wreckage site. >> tracie potts, thank you.
5:34 am
a d.c. family says they're frustrated over the lack of answer about a man's death. alonzo smith was a special education teacher. he died early sunday morning while in the custody of security guards at marbury apartments in the southeast. they found smith handcuffed, not conscious and not breathing. the security company where the guards work is not commenting. police say a baby girl is seriously hurt because of this man. james brown now facing a list of charges in prince william county. police say he threw the 7-month-old down the stairs on tuesday. he then hit her mother. they say he forced his way into her home on castle hill drive. we're getting our first look inside an balance that was hijacked in december. sebastien isaacson crashed. a retired math teacher died in
5:35 am
that crash. yesterday he pleaded guiltyo dui oomz, carjacking, assault, and veeic lar manslaughter. isaacson will be sentenced in january. he faces up to 43 years in prison. we're working to len how a man is doing after he was pinned under a bus. they had to pound on the side of the greyhound bus to get it to stop. the driver was turning off of mount vernon avenue. one of the witnesses was a doctor who helped the man until rescue crews arrived. helping families is the focus of a columbia written by d.c.'s mayor bowser. she writes, quote, by getting this right, we'll help families get back to a place they call home. just this week she approved a plan to close d.c.'s general
5:36 am
shelter. they'll offer safer places and offer job placement. helping veteran at risk of overdosing. many return from war with physical and mental scars that sometime reese cho sometimes require medication. know lox zone is an overdose reversal medication. senator kane said overprescribing the drugs can save lives. >> making sure not only the veteran is aware of the drug and the possibility of an overdose but the family members are aware of the signs and symptoms as well. it's aimed at members of the military. well, the nationals have lost a big fight over tv rights. the judge threw out a lawsuit
5:37 am
claims the nats owed $300 million. a quick update for you. it shows both teams' games, however, the voerns controlling ownership and make most of the money from the deal. that, gnats argued, is unfair. the judge threw out the lawsuit after six months of hearings. well, there is no time for rest for crews working at the verizon center. basketball, hockey, and a concert all on the calendar and the conditions for those events are different. earlier this year comedian kevin hart performed at the verizon center. it seems some of those performing there can be as hard as the venue. >> hiring extra security that asking people to put their cell phones away. with no warning if your cell phone was out, you were removed
5:38 am
from the building. >> the verizon center has a different challenge coming up. ten shows in ten different days, ten different venn uses back to back. a video just coming in of a brawl between two students and a police officer. and the green light to sue. why a group of drivers from our area can take their battles over tolls to court. hard to see anything with all the clouds and drizzle covering parts of our area. will the kids need rain
5:39 am
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5:41 am
a school bus brawl, what led u up to this fight between two sisters and a cop. and another high school student dead. 4:41.
5:42 am
5:41. sorry about that. >> "storm team 4" meteorologist amelia segal is live along the tidal base within your bus stop frachlt good morning, amelia. >> reporter: good morning, eun. i can't believe this. it's early november and i have on a light sweatshirt. that's going to be fine for kids today. probably they'll want to layer. when they get home, great day to get outside and enjoy the fresh weather. i want to point out on top of our storm truck, there's a weather station up there. we're tracking just a little bit of wind here. we're only at 5 miles an hour. really not an issue today. also some areas of patchy fog and drizzle this morning. that comes to an end around the midday hours. the clouds start to break up chuck's going to talk about the weather and a big cooldown. that's in ten minutes. for now, melissa, you have two problems on the beltway? >> we do.
5:43 am
outer loop, a crash blocking the left side and the inner loop in the same spot. a crash blocking the right side as well. so two different problems there. 395 northbound at king street, still have that crash blocking the left lane there this morning, so a little bit of volume. 95 northbound we don't have any problems there. top of the beltway. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103 preside.5 w hop in the car. two sisters are charged with kicking and punching police in florida. it happened on a bus in orlando. video of the brawl just being released. police responded to the call after the drive over the bus pulled over to try to settle an argument. police say the two sisters started cursing, kicking, and punching police when they tried to get them to sit down number one was badly hurt. another high school football play senior dead this morning.
5:44 am
this time in kansas. luke sheem just scored a point when the 17-year-old ran to the sideline and collapsed. he had been declared brain dead. the exact cause has not been determined. this is the 11th death since july. you may have seen it after the games, honoring military.
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♪ every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'.
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america runs on dunkin'. break overnight, a shooting happened last night. police say two women and a man were shot to death inside of a house where they lived with the apparent gunman. the shooter took his own life outside and police say a 4-year-old girl was found unharmed. right now they're still trying to determine why all of this happened. back to you. good morning, everybody, on your wakeup, fog, mist, and drizzle. it's a mild start to your thursday. when i see you in a few minutes we'll talk about your record highs tomorrow, rain for the weekend. melissa? >> outer loop at rockville, a
5:47 am
crash blocking the left side and a crash blocking the right side. the remarkable move a police officer went to disguise his suicide and the stunning developments. today, the roommate and accused killer of washington. man strangled grace mann. he'll be in court for another hearing. the motive is still unclear. a lot happening in decision 2016. they're all filing paperwork. rubio expected to release his credit cards soon to dispute claims he used his money to pay for campaign.
5:48 am
and you'll hear from donald trump on the radio. hillary clinton will be on "jimmy colton". this is the korescene outsi rockefeller plaza. they're trying to get nbc to remove donald trump. there were oops posted on youtube. in one donald trump called ben carson a complete and utter loser. the northern transportation commission meets tonight. members plan to discuss a proposal for high-speed rail between the two cities. the segment of track between washington and richmond will provide a critical linch.
5:49 am
according to our news partner wtop voters voted to appeal the long case. the commission ruled earlier this year that the new tolerates are reasonable right now you would pay $5 during regular hours and $6 over peak time nos matter how far you travel on the toll road. the county will set aside nearly $100,000 for a t appeal. >>ier on an i-team investigation on popular birth control. a congressman from pennsylvania is challenging the fda to pull essure off the market. it has premarket approval from the fda. thousands have complained about the side effect, unplanned pregnancies and abdominal pain that can lead to surgery. a spokesperson for bayer says
5:50 am
essure is safe after decades of science. a community is coming together to support a montgomery county girl who's battling cancer. for the next five weeks payton walton will be receiving treatment. take a look. it cruises through the halls holding an ipad. payton can control it from her hospital bed. she can virtually be in class, the cafeteria, or at recess with her friends. >> what 10-year-old does not love technology? >> the robot cost $3,000 and her classmates came up with the money for the ipad. >> pretty impressive. >> i love it when they find a way to support someone battling cancer. part of it is you're away from your regular routine. good for her and good luck to
5:51 am
payton. >> absolutely. 5:51. time right now. >> everybody would like a little bit more fun. good will uk to her. >> if i could just figure out how to work them. >> a whole different story. >> we're not going get into the ages but i think we need to drop out. a mild start to your thursday. it's a whole lot of things but certainly not cold. 59 at the national airport. our average high is 62. we're already within 3 degrees of that. a lot of clouds and fog this morning. mist and drizzle making for a very wet start to the day. if you can't find the umbrella. you might get away with it. but if you're on rain shower way out and you can, all you need is a small umbrella. pocket-size, that's all you'll need. a really mild start to the day. once we get these clouds to start breaking up after
5:52 am
lunchtime today, easily making it back into the 70s. there's your hourly temperatures. by later today, things will start to improve quite a bit. most is on the bay bridge moving away from us. i mention roads are still wet, there's already a next chance for rain insight. there that will be arriving here as we get into your saturday. so we've downgrade yourd saturday just a smidgen. by 9:00, 10:00, clouds starting to then out a bit and by after lunchtime we should be back to fair amount of sunshine. rain chances are stacked up between now and 9:00 a.m. the rest of the day will be dry and it will be mild as well. we'll go from the upper 50s to low to mid-70s with the return of the sunshine. now, for tomorrow, all important as we get into your friday. through 3:00 tomorrow. near record warm temperatures
5:53 am
but here's the cold front coming in from the north and west. high school football time, 7:00 tomorrow night. a risk of showers as the cold front starts to move into the region. the clouds and rain chances will continue. here's your seven-day forecast. 70s today. near 80 tomorrow. temperatures will tumble during the day on saturday. they'll be in the 60s saturday morning and back to the 50s and a blustery and chilly day on your sunday. wet roads mean a slow commute. let's go to melissa for the latest. >> we have a bit of a slow commute. right now two problems. top of the beltway. outer loochlt crash blocking the left side. inner loop, crash blocking the right side. that is cleared out of the way. 395 northbound here at king street, looks like that may have actually cleared a couple of seconds go. 66 around 95 overall looking
5:54 am
pretty good. same thing when you look at prince george's county. 278, not so great here. as you're headed out of frederick, you're slow to germantown. i'll see you right back here at 6:01. >> thank you. it's 5:54. congress is working on a new defense bill and it could affect you the next time you go to the game. if approved it would be illegal to spend money on military tributes. a new report says the dod has paid several million. cob says no one should be paid to honor the military. >> to find out the taxpayers are paying for it, it kind of cheapenings the whole loss and that's not right. >> a new report from congress says baltimore ravens and d.c. you night were among dozens of
5:55 am
teams who accepted money for those tribute. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc. facebook is reportedly launching a new pap called notify. notify will be a stand alone app like merge. it has an instant article feature which hosts stories from "new york times" and others within your news feed. and frontier airlines has a surprise. higher bag fees. it's raising charges between november 19th and jan 5th. the current fee is $25 to $30. the first checked bag will go up for the first bag. frontier that flies from reagan, national, and dulles airport is also raising the fee such as in april when college students are on spring break. 5:56.
5:56 am
the annual toy drive for the marines. it kicks off in our area. you can head out to several toys "r" us stores to see which stores are going take part. nba's shaquille o'neal and his alter ego shaqgo shaqa claus. one driver said his $25 in fines turned into almost $11,000 in penalties. >> they didn't know they ran a toll until months and in some cases a year earlier. >> it would be different if if we were trying to sneak on. these are people who made honest
5:57 am
mistakes. >> the operator said it is confident the notification process works properly. if you'd like more information, open up the washington app and search express lanes. this picture involved a family from maryland is sparking outcries across the country. the frup that wants you to boycott a popular toy maker. and we're tracking new developments in that russian plane crash in egypt. the precautions being taken in
5:58 am
♪ every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee.
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it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. crash. some believe it was a terrorist attack. i'll have more. also a controversy on a boundary change. reaction as parents fight to keep their kids at the current schools. >> plus a maryland family finds themselves at the center of a national controversy that has some calling for a boycott of a popular dollmaker. >> we start off with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell and your soggy headlines. yes, indeed.
6:00 am
good-bye sunshine at least for the morning. warmer air is coming for today and still for tomorrow. visibility is reduced a little bit. planning out your day, 58 now and for the next couple of hours. near 70 by 7:00. afternoon temperatures with sunshine back we should make low to mid-70s. the impact it will have on your commute, the weather, that is. right now trouble at the top of the beltway. >> still causing a problem. talking about the inner loop and outer loop. a crash on the outer loop blocking the left side of the roadway and the inner loop blocking the right lane. it's temporarily shut


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