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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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good-bye sunshine at least for the morning. warmer air is coming for today and still for tomorrow. visibility is reduced a little bit. planning out your day, 58 now and for the next couple of hours. near 70 by 7:00. afternoon temperatures with sunshine back we should make low to mid-70s. the impact it will have on your commute, the weather, that is. right now trouble at the top of the beltway. >> still causing a problem. talking about the inner loop and outer loop. a crash on the outer loop blocking the left side of the roadway and the inner loop blocking the right lane. it's temporarily shut down.
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you can see a delay inbound. that's because of that earlier issue. you can see it is quite far. 395 at king street. a little bit of a sheen. just be aware of the possibility there for wet roads. guys? >> thanks, melissa. happening today, an arlington man accused of killing his estranged wife will appear in court for a hearing. officers found bonnie black stabbed in her home back in april. she had been in the middle of a contentious gores with david black. last week david black entered a preliminary not guilty plea. in loudoun county two men will face charges in connection with a teenager's murder. henry vazquez anjouan zelaya are charged in the death of a boy.
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centeno miranda was shot and killed on his way to a bus stop back in early september. we could learn more about metro's next general manager. "news4" plans to be at an agency board today. paul weed held is the new name in this search. he's the former chief executive of bwi airport. you think about venues and grab-and-go passes. you would still not be able to eat or drink on metrobuses. >> there's new information about the crash in the russian plane in egypt. two major developments. metrojet's entire airbus a 321 fleet is grounded for safety checks and the uk has grounded
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all flights from sharm el sheikh suspects that someone planted a bomb on board. isis claimed responsibility but there is no hard evide. the plane crashed killing all 224 people on board. >> thank you, kristin. finally senior citizens have their water back. that was in not the case yesterday. d.c. water crews fixed a broken vafrl and restored water service last night. officials are now looking into why it took two days to fix this problem. this morning d.c. will look into the selling of tobacco to
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minors. a 5-year-old investigate into a former d.c. mayor will last until at least december. we'll soon learn if vincent gray will face charges in a shadow campai campaign. new acting attorney general channing phillips says he hopes to make a decision as soon as he's briefed on the case. phillips is set to make the decision by the end of this year. gray has always denied any wrongdoing. dusty bake ler put r will p nats uniform for the first time. also they'll introduce mike maddux as the new pitching coach. he was a coach with the texas rangers for seven years. 6:04 right now. happening today, montgomery county school officials will
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announce redistricting. this morning "news4's" megan mcgrath is live in montgomery county to break down exactly what's on the table here. megan, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, aaron, some families moved to certain neighborhoods so their children can attend a certain school. it's not too surprising preding redistricting can be an emotional deal. a work session is being held later on tonight at 6:00. the board is going to sit down and talk about a number of different options. other changes being discussed include boundaries for the new clarksburg/damascus middle school which opened august 0th of 2016.
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also being discussed your crowding in the gaithersburg cluster and shirting students from the magruder and wooten clusters. in addition there are two public hearings that are scheduled on november 9th and 12th. this will allow parents to see what they'd leak to have done. >> thank you. a youing raulg. what that family is saying about the controversy. two problems right now. top of the beltway. details coup coming up. but first incredible pictures of a rocket exploding on
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we could learn more today about a police officer who staged his death to look like a murder. police in illinois believe lieutenant joseph gliniewicz killed hymn after a series of crimes including stealing and laundering money. now a source is telling our news partner in chicago the officers wife and son are under investigation in this case. gliniewicz died in september. police say he was about to be exposed. police say two others may have been involved in this crime but they won't say who they might be. new photos of a rocket that blew up over virginia's shore. take a look at this. they launched the rocket in 2014. it blew up and did some $13 million in damage.
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>> take a look at those photos. i'll try to post them on my facebook page. worth taking a look at. "storm team 4" meteorologist amelia segal live at the tie tidal basin. overcast skies and some areas of light rain showers. only drizzle, "storm team 4" radar not picking up anything other than isolated mist across the area. look at the temperatures, guys. we're at 58, 59 degrees. you're going to be dealing with wet roads for your morning commute. absolutely not the case on your way home as the sun comes up. nosh-like temperatures return on the weekend. chuck is going to track that
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hour by hour temperature change on saturday in ten minute bus for now melissa track any issues on the road? >> still have these two problems top of the beltway. just got off the phone with the police. we have that crash blocking. the outer loop at 355, the crash blocking the left side. a lot of action in that area. 270. we don't have any problems there. top of the beltway, a little slow from 295 to virginia on 66 and 95. you're nice and clear. i'll see you in ten minutes. >> no laughing matter. a stunt pulled by a western fraternity. >> also ahead, a new report out overnight is putting spotlight on it. the key factors that help avoid the problem and how d.c. and the
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surrounding states rank.
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a maryland family singled out for double the dads. the conservative group is boycotting "american girl"
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company because of an article in their latest magazine. this article features a montgomery county family, rob and ray scheer and their four children. the article talks about them creating a charity with travel bags for kids. the group is calling being gay a sin. >> these are moms. moms. >> they have receive and outpouring of support since the article came out. four people were stabbed at the california university yesterday. the suspect was shot and killed by police. witnesses say a student there may have killed another if a construction worker hadn't intervened. a news conference is set for sometime this morning. and we're working to find out
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how a man is doing after a bus pinned him to the ground in downtown d.c. take a look at video here. witnesses had to pound on the side of the greyhound bus to get it to stop. the driver was turning off of massachusetts avenue near mt. vernon square. one of the witnesses was a dook tore who helped the man until rescue crews arrived. it's 6:17. neighbors sounded all about their safety concerns nearly a year after a deadly plane crash. people living in the neighborhood want the airport to reduce noise and eliminate touch and go training flights. one mother said the planes fly so dloes her home at night it wakes up h daughter. a spokesperson says the safety procedures are good. morgantown police received several calls yesterday after
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several people say they saw a group of men beating and then stuffing app ma into a trunk. it turns out the whole event was a prank by a west virginia fraternity. five are now facing charges of disorderly conduct. the same whom is accused of playing a nurse and caring for bobby browie b bobbi brown. she is accused of doing it here in d.c. as well. she faces charges. that is according to a new report from the march of dimes. the natural preterm rate is
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about 9%. west virginia received the worst grade in our area. a "d." virginia did the best with a "b minus" grade. >> there have been small incremental improvements but we still have a lot of process to do and make to give every baby a start in life. new information coming out about tapeworms this morning. doctors say they can infect people with tumors and cause cancer. tapeworms can grow up to an inch and a half long. they don't usually cause symptoms but they can reproduce inside people for years. also in news for your health this morning. a new study finds they don't necessarily have the same allergies their siblings do. they were incharge of this study. blood testing showed some
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children were sensitive to the same foods but few of them actually had the same allergy. that's why they recommend they use allergy testifying only to confirm a diagnosis. the most popular tree of the holiday season is on its way to manhattan. we're talking about this giant evergreen that will be at the center of rockefeller plaza. a crowd watched as workers cut down the 78-foot-long spruce that would before the most famous tree. the annual tree lighting ceremony will be held on december 2nd. it's that time of year, we can't avoid. >> it we'll see the same thing at the capitol. >> when do i have permission to play christmas music? i'm not granting that permission. do it when you do it. really too warm at this point to be talking about christmas. >> no kidding, eun. you have to be seasonally
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appropriate. no christmas music until we're at least below 70. >> oh, tony? >> thank you, tee rocks. >> yikes. it's a wet start to the day. there's a little mist and drizzle left out there. it's a cloudy and wet start to the day. it will be a dry finish. tomorrow a dry start and wet finish and on saturday a wet start and wet finish so a little something over the next couple of days. not much falling. roads are wet and there are slippery wet leaves on the ground this morning. by lunchtime today skies are partly sunny to mostly cloudy. any peak orwo of sunshine will allow temperatures to recover nicely. we're in the upper 50s and low 60s now and as you make your plans to get outside, take the dog out early this morning, who
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wants to go for a walk? everybody. temperatures will be into the 70s later on this afternoon. what to wear? short sleeves for later this afternoon. temperatures will be in the 70s today. going out to dinner and a movie tonight? dinnertime temperatures are 650s. mean time between 8:00 and 11:00. and for tomorrow we'll start out dry. i do think we'll have a risk for showers coming in. by 6:30, 7:00. some of those high school football games could get rained on. here's your seven-day forecast. 72 today with sprinkles this morning and then dry later on. 79 tomorrow. that would be a brand-new record hie temperature for the date as we push toward 80 degrees. the big arrow on that saturday means the temperatures will fall from 60s this the morning to the 40s by saturday evening.
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wet roads mean fender benders. >> 270 right now getting a report. we have a problem on the ramp. we do have a report of crash there. tom of the beltway looking a bit better. that, of course s a very good thing this morning. redline trains are now on time. we still have the delays on the orange line to new carrollton because of the train malfunction at vienna. overall, 66 looking good. a little slow through manassas around the curve. totally normal for this tomb of day. same thing here. slowest spot through woodbridge. i'll see you at 6:31. two sisters are facing serious charges after kicking and punching police in florida. the fight happened on a school bus on monday and a video of the brawl is just being released.
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the bus driver pulled over to try to settle an argument. police say the sisters started cursing, kicking, and punching the police as they tried to get them to sit down. a man tried to rob the place. take a look at this. police say justin grimes was crawling through the air ducts looking for the office when he fell through the ceiling tiles. he tried to take off. some of the customers stepped in, held him there until the police got there. he has epic failure all over his face. if you love chipotle, listen up. four more cases are being linked to the chain. it's limited to the pacific necht. the number of cases now 41. eight restaurants are connected
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to the outbreak. they have voluntarily closed all chipotle restaurants in washington state and restaurants in the portland, oregon, area. we turn to a story you saw first on "news4," helping members of the military with overdosing. virginia senator tim kaine wants to require doctors to prescribe naloxone when they divide opioids for pain nachlt lox own is a reversal. senator kaine says coping of it can save lives. >> the family members are aware of it as well. >> it could provide additional funding for states to baena lox joan and train them,000
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administer it. take a look at. this rebecca king posted it after a recent experience at a starbucks drive through in florida. the bar riis ta turned on a screen after she realized king was impair. they just communicated through sign language. a nice moment there. >> a good option to have. paying a heavy price. the two legal battles now paying off in virginia. a picturesque morning at the tidal basin. take a look. isn't that pretty? some of you may be greeted with rain as you step outside. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell has your forecast. and a boy who went missing more than a decade ago. this morning we know he is alive and well. how the fbi was tipped off to where he was.
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it's story talked about. a boy who was missing for years
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and has turned up. that's in just a few minutes. meanwhile scattered showers making its way through our area. whether you'll need an umbrella, depends on where you live. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell with the four things you need to know. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, aaron and eun. it will be a partly sunny to mostly cloudy and very warm afterno afternoons. we've downgraded your forecast. light rain showers east of the metro area but all of our metro rows are still on the wet side and it is a warm start to the day. upper 50s to near 60 already. some weather slowdowns to contend with here over the next couple of hours as we get into the evening and tomorrow.
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the fog and mist giving way to sunshine. this will be three 70s in a row. >> i love it, i love it. i wish the 370 would behavior itself. we have a problem on 370 as well. >> good segue that a crash there in the right lane that. one popping up. we're seeing some slowdowns there. rockville pike, crash on the right shoulder. does not seem to be slowing anything down. here's the problem on 370 westbound. we do have a crash there on the ramp. seem to be getting around it okay right now and 66 inbound, a brand-new zenl and slowdowns wchl'll have travel times for you in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. an amazing development in the case of a missing child.
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take a look at this. he was applying for college and he entered his social security number. that was a neighbor you heard from there. hernandez discovering the discrepancy while applying for college. police believe his father kidnapped him when he was five. his mother and sister are glad he's alive. prosecutors say steven breel abducted and kills his rhyme mate grace mann. it'll state a little unclear. wayne anthony green is wanted for negligent manslaughter. sunday night they were chaseling green when the car plowed into
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another vehicle and pushed that car into a stroller carrying jeremiah perry. right now disturbing news out of maine. a murder/sue side. a man killed a mother and a child before he killed himself. these are crime scenes from there in central maine. police got a 911 call from one of the women before she died. investigators right now are trying to come up with some kind of moyive. the man and woman's 4-year-old daughter was found inthe house unharmed. she's now with relatives bachl tock you. >> just an awful story. kristin wright, thank you. an 11th high school football player is dead. it happened . he ran to the sideline and
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collapsed. he had been declared brain dead and taken off life support. it is 6:34. t a new report shows the defense department has spent nearly $7 million on what they call paid patriotism. that means soldiers throwing out the ceremonial first pitches and the pitches could be seen as marketing defenses by them. they're dialing back this practice. but it's not totally gone. senator kaine want it to be illegal and it will be. there is a new cyber
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technologist. he's the first in the wake of the breach. the hack tom compromised the perm info of more than 21 million federal employees. it's been six months since we learned of the breach and as of today, three quarters of those employees still don't know they were hacked. >> police in prince george's county want to find out who put this skimmer on an atm device. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. a judge has given seven fines. they missed relatively small toll payments. they accuse them of not notifying them of missed payments in a timely manner. $1,000 in fines turned into almost $11,000 in penalties.
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the operators of the express lanes say it's confident it works properly. now to other issues. loudoun downly head to the supreme court in the battle over the dulles greenway tolls. according to our news partner, they appealed it. the new tolerates are reasonable. right now you would pay $5 during regular hours and $6 over peak time nos matter how far you travel on the road. they'll set aside $100,000 for the appeal. a community is coming together to support a 10-year-old who is battling cancer. for the next five weeks payton wallace will miss school because of cancer treatment but she won't miss because of this. it's a robot holding an i pachld payton can control it from her
6:37 am
hospital bed and she can virtually be in class, the cafeteria, or at recess with her friends. >> it's technology. what 10-year-old does not love technology? there's definitely a cool factor to it. her classmates paid for it. i love this story for so many reasons. good for the classmates for coming forward to support her in a big way and i'm glad she won't miss her friends as she's going through her treatment. moving closer to a controversy boundary change. parents there fight to keep their kids in their current classrooms. and a problem on the outer loop causing some delays. we'll have details and travel times coming up. hey, hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go. >> the change the group wants
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decision 2016. new hampshire is in the spotlight. this morning barry sanders, carly fiorina, and marco rubio filing paperwork. donald trump and martin o'malley were the first to get in yesterday. candidates will not file in person unlil it's the last day. he may be in the polls but some don't want to see donald trump on their tv screens this weekend. >> hey, hey, ho, horks donald trump has got to go. >> this was the scene outside 30 rock as protesters tried to get nbc to cancel donald trump's appearance to host "saturday night live" this weekend. they quickly removed some of its promos for its show after
6:42 am
accident ll posting two that were not meant for air. nbcuniversal is the parent company of c 4. >> it's 6:42. time for your weather and traffic. they're alive with your bus stop forecast. good morning to, you amelia. >> reporter: good morning, eun. temperature coming in at 59 degrees. it's warm and dry. i would recommend a t-shirt because as we head toward the midday, clouds break up. we're looking at a high temperature of 72. they have more on the record warmth, but we'll send it more. what problems are you tracking, melissa? >> right here. the crash is off of the roadway. a lot of delays here. 66 inbound. a crash there causing slowdowns.
6:43 am
want co-to the beltway, you're looking pretty good on 295. 270 south a little slow. out at the outer loop, ten minutes behind. i'll see you back in ten minutes as with el. >> we're tracking new developments involving that russian plane crash in egypt, the precautions being taken in the air and on the ground is evidence that it was
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6:45, a school is raising a proposal. parents try to stop them. a quick look at the weather and traffic with chuck bell. >> the rain is quickly coming to an end. when you'll need an umbrella next coming up in your forecast. and new in fairfax, we'll talk about that. a delay at the outer loop because of a crash there. >> thank you, melissa. 6:46, happening today montgomery county school officials are talking possible redistricting. it's part of your capital program. "news4's" megan mcgrath is live with breakdown of what's on the table here. megan, good morning. >> reporter: eun, many parents feel strongly about the education of their children and the schools they attend and so
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school redistricting is also the controversy issue. has the school system looking at a number of things including moving students from a course. a work session is being held tonight at 6:00. the board is going discuss a number of options available. other changes being discussed include boundaries for the new damascus middle school which opens in 2016. also being discussed is the overcrowding in the gaithersburg schools and a shift to magruder and wooten. there's going to be two public hearings. they'll be held on november th and november 12th and that will give parents the opportunity to provide input about what they
6:48 am
would like to see happen with their children and their neighborhood schools. back to you in the studio. happening today in arlington, an is skranched man will appear in court. officers found bonnie black stabbed to death in her home. she was in a contentious divorce h her estranged husband david blachlkt. also henry vazquez and juan zelaya facing charges. centeno miranda was shot and killed on his way to the bus stop in early september. we could learn more about the search for metro's next g.m. in the hours ahead. paul wiedefeld is the new name surfacing in the search.
6:49 am
another topic up for discussion, to allow food and drink available at certain metro stations. if it passes you will stel not be able to eat on the metro trains or buses. new developments just in to the live desk on the russian plane. russia's top aviation official said they're now examining the plane for traces of explosives. it's believed there was a bomb on board. the planes are grounded. the plane crashed in the sinai dez earth saturday killing all 2224 people on board. isis claimed responsibility but there is no clear-cut evidence right now. back to you.
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>> kristin, thank you. nbc's tom costello will share his findings on that in a few minutes on the "today" show. more americans say they're unhappy with president obama's response from isis. there's a new poll out. it says more than 60% of americans reject the commander in chief's approach. it's up from an even 50/50 split. right now senior citizens in the southeast finally have their water back on. residents in triangle view apartments southeast couldn't take showers or even flush the toilet. >> what has life been like for you over the last couple of days. >> awful. i can't even describe it. >> d.c. water crews fixed a broken water valve.
6:51 am
officials are looking into why it took so long. a 5-year-old investigation of a former d.c. mayor may last until december. we'll soon learn whether d.c. mayor gray will face charges. new acting u.s. attorney channing phillips said yesterday he hopes to make a decision as soon as he is briefed on this case. sources have said phillips intends to make a decision by the end of the year. gray has always denied any wrongdoing in this case. 6:51 right now. we're thinking it's going to stay pretty gray. >> yeah, through the morning hours for sure. but by later today the skies will brighten and we should be back with some sunshine by 2:00 or 3:00. it may not go all the way over to being completely sunny. 75 yesterday. we have a cloud challenge. it's not raining all that hard, but a lot of roadways are wet and a lot of slippery wet leaves
6:52 am
on the grounl. watch out for that. it is muggy and mild. 59 degrees at reagan national. the drizzle is coming to an end. it will be a november level of humidity and mild. 70s again today and near 80 tomorrow. the last time reagan national touched 80 degrees in november was 2003. so it's been a dozen years. we may get there tomorrow. temperatures upper 50s. it will rise quickly in the mid-60s by 10:00 and by later this afternoon with sunshine coming back, temperatures will easily get back up into the 70s. much of the rain is trailing off. lots of clouds around. by 1k, 12:00 noontime thin spots will gradually give way to more and more sunshine especially for locations out to the west. planning your day, cloudy and wet now. clearing by lunch. warm and humid and chance for
6:53 am
rain coming in as early as tomorrow evening. here's your seven-day forecast. rain coming to an end now. it will be dry this afternoon and dry tomorrow morning. a risk of showers after 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow night. saturday -- we've taken saturday down a notch and temperatures will fall from the 60s to the chilly 40s by saturday evening. now a check on traffic with melissa. >> good morning achlt brand-new problem here in fairfax. we have one lane blocked. as you're approaching b.w. parkway, that's a crash occurring out of the way. 395 inbound a little slower than normal. an earlier crash has cleared but those delays kind of rye main. 66 inbound at 50, have an accident there that's off to the right shoulder. 95 to the bentway is going to take you 31 minutes and you're slow there headed northbound through the woodbridge area.
6:54 am
overall no problems. prince george county, no problems. top of the beltway, slow southbound on b.w. parkway. normal slowdown by montrose road. >> thanks, melissa. new development about the stunning revelation over a police officer's death. they believe he committed a series of crimes including stealing and laundering money before killing himself. they also say two other people may have been involved. a new source telling our partner that glyn wit's wife and son are under investigation, although they even not been charged. about two months ago nasa said there was evidence of water on mars. well, the agency's holding another news conference about the planet this afternoon. we're told it will include key scientific findings about the atmosphere. that's all we know right now though.
6:55 am
take look right here. orbital sciences took a picture of this atz it blew up. it damaged the launchpad so badly the site couldn't be used for months. good morning. the crowds will going to be out. airlines are adding flights to meet demand. they say the top ten u.s. airlines are aet a collective $18 billion in the rise this year. that's your cnbc morning business report. i'm landon dowdy. >> thank you, landon. the team will introduce
6:56 am
baker and maddux. baker was a pitcher and maddux was a coach for the rangers for seven years. >> four things to no. today the montgomery county board members will talk about possible redistricting. one of the main topics chrkmyle school will be opening next year. paul wiedefeld is the new name surfacing in the search inch be aur among the first. a missing 5-year-old was discovered after missing for more than a decade oon. >> u.s. and british intelligence officials believe there may have been a bomb on that plane. the forecast. rain coming to an end this morning.
6:57 am
it will be warm and dry this and new record highs for tomorrow and buh then turning blustery and cooler just in time for your weekend. as we take an overall look at the bent way. krashs out of the way. there is snow. a little sluggish. >> that is the broadcast for this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you
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good morning. terror in the air. u.s. officials now say it was likely a bomb that brought down that russian airliner and that isis may be responsible. the head of the airport where the plane took off, fired. we're live with the latest from egypt. what did they know? the wife and son of the illinois police officer who officials say staged his suicide to look like a police shooting, under scrutiny. as the investigators reveal the officer had been feeling for years. >> he went from a hero to a which will. >> this morning, where the investigation goes from here. not laughing. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go. >>


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