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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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from a major crash. four of them are children between the ages of 4 and 10. all of them are in critical condition. police say one of the cars drove off the road and hit a tree. the three adults that were hurt are expected to be okay. a permanent memorial is going up today to honor the victims of the district height's medevac helicopter crashes. pilot steven bunker, flight paramedic and medic and patient were killed when the helicopter went down during foggy weather. the monument is being unveiled at 2:00 today. police are looking for a man who stab and killed man at a nightclub. take a look. this is cimarron kennedy. d.c. police tell us kennedy called erik jones two weeks ago at layla lounge.
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if you have any information, call police. attorneys for doug hues say he's expected to plead guilty to on raying a copter without a license. he was arrested back in april after flying that aircraft from gettysburg, pennsylvania. he landed outside the capital building. hughes may now face up to three years in prison. >> it's 4:31. time for traffic & weather on the 1s. we have fog. that's the capital building. can you see it? you can barely see it. let's check in with chuck bell. >> you can see part of it but that's indicative of how low the fog has gotten. four things you need to know about today. mild and very foggy early this morning. we're going for the record today. the record is 78, and we're forecasting 79 with temperatures and raindrops that will both be
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falling on your saturday and sunshine for your sunday. here's today. cloudy skies and fog around 9:00 or 10:00. then we get just enough sunshine to get near 80 degrees. if we touch 80, that's the first 80 in november since 2003. and then as the cold front comes in, chances for rain start to pick up after 4:00 or 5:00 today. a risk of showers. friday night football may very well be impacted by raindrops. highs today, mid to upper 70s. we'll detail your weekend coming up in a few minutes. right now it's time for "weather & traffic on the 1s" with the fantastic melissa mollet. >> oh, thank you. i wish i had something fantastic to show you. same thing at dumfries road. the crash on the right side of the roadway, that just changed to an incident. perhaps that is getting out of the way or isn't what our system,000 it was. b.w. parkway, route 21
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everything rolling along. no problems northbound or southbound and prince george's county, no major problems on 210, 301, branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, everything rolling along fine. i'll see you in about ten minutes. first he staged his own suicide and now we're learning trooper joe gliniewicz tried to hire a hit man, the target, a colleague who he was afraid would find out he was taking money. he explored a gang member to put a hit on her. >> it's a very scary thought that an officer who swore to uphold the law would attempt to do anything like that to an administrator. he shot himself two months ago but set it up to look like he was shot in the line of duty. his wife and son are being asked
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to return funds as they're investigating their involvement. a funeral for joseph bose will be held in suitland later this morning. bose was shot saturday morning at old dominion university. bose was a journal student at hamden university. take a look here. a passenger train towing a truck from the u.s. military in germany. as you can see, the driver of the train as well a as the truck driver were both killed. it happened right at a railroad crossing. the train was going 60 miles an hour. not clear exactly what happened. aaron, back to you. >> kristin, thank you. police are taking a campus threat seriously.
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they found graffiti. it specifically targeted muslims. they sent an alert to the school yesterday. a spokesman said the since accident is under investigation. this morning we're hearing about another report of voyeurism on the campus. a man heard something in the men's bathroom. he yelled and they took off. they do not believe these cases are related. 4:35. to the latzest in decision 2016. gop candidates chris christie and john kasich are set to file paperwork for the new hampshire race. then there were eight. new jersey governor chris christie and mike huckabee will appear on the undercard debate due to their falling poll numbers. george pataki will not appear in
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the main debate either. coming up in just a few minutes, nbc's tracie potts has a closer look at the next gop debate and the rare democratic forum. 4:26. it is down to a contract and a formal vote bother paul wiedefeld. he seems to have evening the board wants. it won't be easy. they want immediate changes. >> we need to start restoring confidence in metro. fitnesses have to be picked up, safety has to be a real top priority. >> if the deal is to go through, wiedefeld is expected to be introduced on november 1th. this is the last work day that a change on the orange line will affect riders. starting sunday it will resume service. there was a fire forcing metro
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to only allow blue line trains to stop at the armory during peak travel time. normally this time of the year kids may need a coat. they may break out in shorts. can you believe it? just how warm it will get by the time recess rolls around in your next "weather & traffic on the 1s." we also got an update on a story we told you earlier this week. a needle in halloween candy. why police sate was nothing but a hoax. a
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welcome back at 4:40. in addition to fixing the nation's crumb bling roads and highways the bill also goes after predatory towing companies. the plan heads to the senate. they have a november 20th deadline to prevented a gap in highway funding. it is now 4:41. we have a fog warning. >> it included st. charles, prince jornl's, montgomery county, anne arundel that goes until 9:00. that's a view from our tower. normally you can see our
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neighbor, the presbyterian school, not today. this is november. are you kidding me? temperatures are in the 60s. what to wear today? how about shorts and flip-flops. why not. a chance for a few showers. you may want to pack your umbrella. rain chances don't come until 5:00 or 6:00 today. temperatures up to the 70s. friday night football time might have a couple of showers, but it will be anything but cold. a check on traffic instantaneously. >> problem here in the district. you see 295 northbound, there's the 11th street bridge. we have a disabled vehicle but it is blocking a lane. hoping that is out of the way susan before you hit the road. 66. niece and clear. same with 95. same thing. we're nice and green and moving when you take a big look at the beltway. taking a look at maryland, you're on time at ten minutes. no problems northbound either.
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leash look at prince george's county when i see you in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. remember a story this week about a teenager who found a sewing needle? police say a teen made up the story. he took back the statement that he found it. he did not think the prank would go past his family. now his case moves to the department of junior services for further review. sex and cholg. and the search for a missing
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15 bhfr the hour right now, and this morning in decision of 2016, rare joint appearance of presidential hope fls this south carolina. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley all set to participate in a candidate form. meanwhile the gop stage is seeing a shakeup this morning. bc's tracie potts with more on the campaign trail. good morning. >> good morning. they will be togethe but they won't really be facing off. they'll be on stage one at a time because it's a forum, not a debate merated by nbc's own rachel maddow. they'll be talking specifically about positions in the south and whether or not the democratic party really have a foothold there. you have hillary clinton, bernie
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sanders, and martin o'malley appearing. meanwhile we now have the lineup for next week's republican debate. guess what? there's only going be eight on the stage, not ten. a couple who were on the maybe stage before, chris christie and mike huckabee are out -- not out but delegated. george pataki is not participating either. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you, tracie. >> joo we need to bring her back as soon as possible. >> it's now entering its sixth day. the last person to talk to her was a park police offer and no one has seen her since. the woman went missing saturday night. she was visiting her sister southbound when she had car
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trouble. a park police officer approached her in her car but she told him she didn't need any help. her car was still on the shoulder on parkway sunday morning. her family said she suffered kidney failure two years ago and missed dialysis. they're concerned she doesn't have her medicine with her. detectives say a known gang memberer gunned down a teen. two men charged as accomplices says the shooter is an ms-13 gang member. they attacked danny centeno miranda on october 4th because they thought he was a member of the rival gang. police have not released the accused shooter's name. when is the last time your student had a homework assignment about liquor, sex, and stds. a teacher asked stujts at
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cedarville elementary school to analyze this scenario. a teen gets drunk at a party, has sex, blacks out, and catches an std. this was not a health class. this was lang arts. parents are upset because they did not know of the topics. >> this is vulgarity at the utmost. i have told the kids everything they need to know, sex, drugs, alcohol, one bad decision will lead to the next. >> they say they're in line with the common core standards. the teacher will be meeting with the parnltds to address their concerns. a third of prince george's students may not be ready for college. those are the new results from m.'s new standardized tests in ale gentlemen bra and common core standards. the report shows wide gaps in race, equity nyse.
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across the nation they reached it 40% compared to 31% for algebra 1. president obama is praising adidas. the president's discussion with more than 550 tribal leaders yesterday foe could on youth, education opportunities, and sports teams' mascots. about 2,000 schools still have native american mascots. >> i don't know if adidas made the same aur to a certain nfl team here in washington, but they might want to think about that as well. >> the redskins responded to the program by calling it hypocrisy because adidas makes shoes for others. tomorrow is the last day to apply for a license. the state's medical marijuana program is not expected to be operational until early to
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> scientists say they've discovered a harmful bacteria in the snakehead fish found in our area. that's disgusting. such an ugly thing. they say it's dangerous to several animals but so far there's no concern for people who eat them -- why would you eat that? >> it's edible. i've eaten it. i'm an adventurous eater. >> they're found in nine states including the virginia waters of the potomac. it can survive on air and on land and be in the water. it can eat on you and run up on you. the person is an adult who lives in the baltimore area. every year health officials decide which strains to include in the flu vaccine. the patient became sick by a strain that was included in this
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year's vaccine, which means the patient has a better chance to recover. the state's health didn't is undering all of you to get vaccinated joom 4: . 4:51. we can't show you this closely enough. if you look closely you can see a snakehead fish. this is right outside our building, right, chuck? >> yeah. that's our towercam. very low visibility in the northwest and very low in a lot of spaces around town. city camera not quite as fogged in as our tower camera, but nonheless it's kind of a gloomy start to the kay. it is anything but cold outside. you'll never imagine that it's november. temperature alj-du7 equal to or average high for this time of the year. 62 our average high temperature this time of the year we're already 26. south wind at 9 with plenty of fog around. it's going to be a warm day,
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potentially a record breaker. 78. i think we can do better. a little bit humid outside but humidity by november standards, not mid-summer but turning breezy as well. sorely winds will help mix out some of the fog. this shouldn't be much of an issue 60s in shenandoah valley already this morning. taking the dogs out. temperatures in the low to mid-60s early. should be in the early 70s before noontime today. just don't get used to it. we told you all week long this would be a four-day november heat wave. here's the end of it right here. a cold front may have showers, maybe a rumble or two toward cincinnati. that line of in showers is coming our way. for the most part it's going get here. there's still a chance you're going to get rained on before this day is done. future weather. this is our high resolution
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monitor. fair amount of sunshine, late morning into the early afternoon hours. then clouds thicken back up after 3:00 or 4:00 and as early as 5:00 or 6:00 there could be a couple of showers. keep that in mind. take your umbrella. if you're leashing this this morning and you won't be back until after 5:00 or 6:00, i'd have the umbrella. look at those temperatures in the mid to upper 70s today. back to reality tomorrow, everyboy. temperatures will be in the 60s when you get up tomorrow morning, falling into the 40s by saturday evening. you'll need to layer up. a little chance for a shower on tuesday and turning relatively mild next week that. is the seven-day forecast. four things you need to know are coming up in a little bit but now here's melissa with traffic. >> good morning. we still have this issue. the disabled vehicle is on the right side of the roadway so you can get around it but it is blocking that right lane this morning.
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210 at farmington road northbound, we do have some lanes blocked. this will be out of the way. so nothing to woe about too much there. quantico to the beltway here. average speed a little high. it ooh going take you 17 minutes. you're definitely on time. that's about as good as you can get. 66 here at lehigh highway, eastbound, we don't have any problems there and 270 south we're nice and green from 70 to the spur. it's going take you 26 minutes. remember to listen to your friends when you hop in your car. >> thanks, melissa. new details in an abduction case that span more than a decade. who police are crediting for helping crack this case. if you have student loans,
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your time is 4:57. if you're just getting ready to head out the door, take a look what you can see outside. under a dense fog advisory this morning. low visibility. you need time to get to work. chuck bell will let you know when this fog can burn off coming up in your morning headlines. we're also following a developing story in silver springs where a man answered a knock at the door and was shot. developments in a missing
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boy who was found safe. now 18 julian hernandez was living in cleveland with his father. he put his social security number on his college applications. a counselor lore noticed that number was in the database for missing children and alerted the police. police say his father bobby took him when he was 5 years old. the young man grew up well. >> he's been a tremendous father to this young man. an honor student, he's happy, healthy, doing everything a young man should do. julian hernandez was in the legal custody of his mother in 2002. his father is facing charges in both ohio and alabama. if you owe theovernment any money, you can get mobile calls. the 80-world amendment
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authorizes the use of automated tell mated equipment to call cellular phones in collecting debts owed to the government. an analysis says even if you don't owe any money, your cell phone may be a target. apple wants i phone users to be able to alert others in an emergency. the tech giant has filed a patent so a panic mode can be activated on the i phone with a specific finger. it aims to alert family and friends that the phone user bha in danger. the panic mode may include a flashing light and let out a noise. there's no word if app ll ale w add this feature any time soon. >> it won't take the card without a p.i.n. number. >> stores may not be ready to handle the new chips on your credit card this holiday season. on consumer watch erika gonzalez went shopping to four retailers. she ran into what's called chip
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card confusion. >> it's going to be a little more complex and confusing. >> alex johnson is with the research group. they found nearly half the retailers will have the chip installed and only 19% will only have the equipment up and running by the end of this year. so what does that mean for you? check out our nbc washington app learned. >> stay with us. "news4 today" starts at 5:00 a.m. get ready for what could be a rough commute. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i e-maam eun yang. let's start with chuck. chuck, good morning. >> very cloudy and mild.


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