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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 6, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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card confusion. >> it's going to be a little more complex and confusing. >> alex johnson is with the research group. they found nearly half the retailers will have the chip installed and only 19% will only have the equipment up and running by the end of this year. so what does that mean for you? check out our nbc washington app learned. >> stay with us. "news4 today" starts at 5:00 a.m. get ready for what could be a rough commute. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i e-maam eun yang. let's start with chuck. chuck, good morning. >> very cloudy and mild. temperatures are generally in
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the 60s already. be ready for a foggy start for the day. we're going to make a run for the record books as it might touch 80 degrees in some places and there is a chance for a couple of showers late in the day on your friday. for now dense fog advisories for prince george's anand southern maryland. relatively low. it will be warm and breezy for sure. there is that little chance for showers coming in after 5:00 oar 6:00 this evening but, wow, we're in the 60s already. 46 in gaithersburg, 62 at reagan national. as you plan your day hour by hour, fog lasting up to 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, and then we're going to spring up in temperatures. upper 70s to maybe near 80 degrees. but after 4:00, 5:00, a risk of showers coming our way. have your umbrella rd for friday night lights.
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amelia segal will talk about slowdowns. >> we're seeing this north of the beltway here in maryland. we do see a little bit of fog and moisture as well on the lens of our cam rachl d.c. 290 southbound at the 11th street bridge we have a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane. a warning. you might see a big response there. 66 there and i-95, no major problems. a little slow. after woodbridge late clearing roadwork. should be out of the way soon. eun? >> thank you, melissa. your time right now, developing this morning police are looking for two men they say shot a man on his doorstep in silver spring. the victim's young son was inside and heard the whole thing. the call came in around 6:30 last night. the victim answered a knock at the door to his home on clem meant road. police say they talked and then gunshots. "news4's" megan mcgrath will have more on the search in ten
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minutes. flights will start taking off soon from the sharm el sheikh airport in egypt. this right here, long lines of stranded tourists waiting to get through security. some of them stuck there since wednesday. president obama is now talking about the possibility isis planted a bomb on the plane that crashed in the sinai peninsula killing all 224 people on board and the tsa now reviewing security for planes at airports overseas. back to you. >> indeed it was for a hit on the village manager. >> the illinois police officer who staged his own death is accused of plotting another gruesome crime, this time against a lead teller where he live. lieutenant joseph gliniewicz tried to hire a hit man apparently, a target he figured would discover the embezzlement. text messages indicate he planned to plant something on the administrator of fox lake
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and he explored the possibility of hiring a gang member to put a hit on her. >> it's a very scary thought that an officer who is sworn to uphold the law would attempt to think to do something like that to an administrator. the lieutenant shot himself two months ago but he set it up to look like he got shot in the line of due tur. an investigation begins into the possible in involvement by his wife and son. a funeral will be held in suit land. bose was shot at old dominion. bose was a journalism student at hampton university. police are looking for a man they believe stabbed and killed
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a map at anightclub. if you have any information that can help, call please. 5:05. police at virginia tech are taking a campus threat seriously. they found graffiti on friday. they sent a kachl pos alert yesterday. a spokesman said the incident is under investigation. and this morning we're learning of another report of a voye voyeur. a student said he saw a cell phone recording him inside a bathroom. when he yelled the person recording took off. two other incidents were reported last month. the school told the "washington post" they do not believe these cases are related. we're following decision 2016 this morning. a little later today, gop candidates chris christie and john kasich are set to file paperwork for the new hampshire primary race. democratic kaemts hillary
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clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley will participate in a 90-minute forum in new jersey this morning. chris christie and mike huckabee are off the main stage in the next debate. a live report is coming up on the next gop debate and today's democratic forum. new details about a man who landed a gyrocopter outside the u.s. capital. attorneys say he is expected to plead guilty. he'll appear in federal court in the district later this month. he was arrested back in april after flying that aircraft in gettysburg, pennsylvania, and landing it outside the capital. he faces up to three years in prison. a deadly accident in involving a u.s. military vehicle. what we're learning about who died. students had class today without two of their classmates. this is about a deadly accident with two brothers. what investigators are looking into as the cause. >> take a look outside.
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this is what you're dealing with. temperatures in the 50s and a warmup on the way. chuck says we could be in for chuck says we could be in for
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chuck says we could be in for ♪ ♪ maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better. shop t.j.maxx... and maxx life!
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developing story right now. a passenger train and a truck. several people were hurt. german police say there were at least 50 people on the train. a lot of you may hit fog this morning. not a little foog, but a lot of fog. depending where you live, it could get thick out there. "storm team 4's" amelia segal says the fog could be hit or miss. >> reporter: that's right, aaron. we left northwest washington,
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took 295 to fedex field. i have to say we didn't encounter any fog. you tell the air is very humid and we're getting reports of some fog across the area. i want to give you guys some idea of the visibility. fedex field is about half a mile away. with our camera we can see fedex field just fine. now our plan this morning is to make our way around prince george's county, checking out visibilities across the area, letting you know if there is any fog. you can see if yu euro under a deference fog advisory. for many of us definitely dealing with thick fog. already getting reports of thick fog in ashburn. coming home is fine but if you have dinner plans, it could affect you with shower plans. we'll check in with melissa where you're seeing fog on the
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beltway, right? >> we are. just remember a few minutes ago 95 at scaggsville we were seeing a good amount of fog as well. just that haze you need to be aware of as you head out this morning. 2 5 northbound at 1 19 street bridge, we estill have that disabled vehicle blocking the left lane. it says right, excuse me. sorry. a little slow this morning. 95, we don't have any problems. 66 heading into town looking pretty good. beltway to the parkway looking pretty good. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. >> we continue to follow a developing story where police are investigating a shooting. we're just pulling up. we'll give you
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welcome back. it at 5:15. police in silver spring are looking for two men who opened fire on a father who answered the door. "news4's" megan mcgrath a live now with the investigation. megan? >> reporter: well, eun, it's a disturbing story in what is normally a quiet neighborhood. at 6:30, there was a knock at the door behind me on clement road. the man opens the door and finds two men on the frond stoop. there was an altercation, a brief struggle, and a gunshot. the victim was shot in the an do mem and the two suspects ran off. this all happened with the victim's young son inside the home. he was automobile to call 911 and he was taken to the hospital in serious condition with serious injuries.
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it's unclear whether the homeowner, the victim, knew the two men who knocked on his door or whether they were strangers. all of that still part of the investigation. no word on any lookout or arrests at this point. back to you in the studio. >> all right. megan mcgrath. thank you. police in spotsylvania are trying to find out whether foggy weather played the part in the deaths of two brothers. they were driving to score and their jeep hit a tree. their mother is a teacher at the school and was just two minutes behind her sons on the road. several people are recov recovering after major crash on takoma parkway last night. four of them were children. they're all in critical condition. one of the cars drove off the road and hit a trea. the three adults who were hurt are expected to be okay. it's 5:17. a permanent memorial is going up today to honor the victim of the
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district heights medevac crash. the pilot, em mt, and patient ashley younger were killed when the k079 went down during foggy weather in 2008. the other patient jordan wells survived the crash. the mon meant to the trooper 2 is being unveiled today at monmouth park. you can now eat fast food and candy without feeling guilty, in moderation of course. they say junk food and soda are not to blame for the obesity epidemic. it affects only 5% f the population. they say improving diet and skper sexercise is more important. >> bag basket of fries has my name on it today. a new study says half the
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moms gain too much weight and can lead to obesity and other problems for moms. it can create dafrmgs complications in women in labor. only 30% gain the recommended amount of weight. seven days, all 50 states starting today. al roker will try to conquer the impossible. he plans to give weather reports from all 50 states in one week. his first stop is hawaii today. we expect him in our area on thursday, bless his heart. last year he set a guinness marathon with a 30-hour weather forecast. you see some video of the actually award given to him. more than $70,000 raise birthday they event for the uso. this year's event benefits feeding america. >> you'd think he'd save hawaii for a middle to give him a nice break. he's going to start off in hawaii. we're having hawaii weather
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here. >> let's go balmy. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell, what do you say? >> we're going to have frequent updates on our facebook page. there will be a good way for you do connect with us on "storm team 4" on what's going to be a strange day with november weather around here. may set a record high. it might be the rm waste day in a dozen years. we meet actually make 80 degrees today. most places in the 7 but 80 is not out of the question mark. we'll be dry through most of the daylight hours but once the sun goes down which is 5:00 this year. any time after 5:00 or 6:00, there is a chance. visibility hasn't been too dramatically introduced. temperatures in the low to mid-60s already. these are above our averageigh h temperatures for this time 206
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year. a bit of fog. watch out for that. keep your low beams on and reduce it just a bit. mid- mid mid-70s. temperatures by then flirting with record highs and rain showers coming in. here's our future model updated every hour. there's the sunshine coming back in by late morning, early afternoon. by 1:00, 2:00, the leading rain chances starting to sneak in but our best chances come in after 5:00 or 6:00 tonight into early this evening. some of your high school football games could get rained on. rain chances at 30%. a 60% chance coming up tomorrow. it's good-bye to the mild and balmy weather. 79 today would be the new record for today. 62 early tomorrow, falling into the 40s by tomorrow afternoon. turning noticeably colder and a
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chilly and breezy day. sunday's highs into the upper 50s. more mild weather comes our way for next week. tough trick on the roads this morning but the good news melissa, it's still friday. sniept's still friday. seeing a lot of fog. up near 95 near scaggsville road overall don't have any real incidents bothering us on the beltway right now. everything look quite good. inner loop and outer loop. still have this disabled vehicle at the 11th street bridge. otherwise no problems there in the city right now at least. taking a look at prince george's county, inbound, indian head highway, you can see as you pass that section of livingston road, it's a little bit slow southbound. late clearing roadwork there. otherwise looking quite good and green. no incidents at 95. rolling along just fine.
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aaron? >> thank you. it's down to a contact and a formal vote. those are the final technicalities for paul wiedefeld to become the new general manager. with a background in both transit and aviation, wiedefeld seems to have everything the board wants but the job won't be easy. the board wants him to make immediate changes. >> with paul needs to do is start restoring confidence in riders. safety has to be a top priority. >> if the deal goes through, wiedefeld is expected to be officially introduced in a couple of weeks on november 19. starting monday orange line trains will resume. there was a fire forcing metro to only allow blue line trains to stop during peek traffic times. >> it is now 5:24. happening today, closing
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arguments in the trial of an elderly gangster. 80-year-old vincent asaro faces not guilty to charges. he pled guilty to a $6 million heist made famous in the mafia movie "good fellows." he framed asaro to gain favor with the court. >> life plus years. linda weston held disabled adults captive in a dungeon for ten years and cashed in on their benefits. she pled guilty to racketeering and hate crimes. six adults and four children were rescued from the house in 2011. at least four of weston's co-conspirators have pled guilty are awaiting trial. police say an 18-year-old college student went on a rampage with a hunting knife
5:25 am
because he was kicked out of school. he left a two-page manifesto leaving plans to kill classmates. police shot and killed him after he stabbed two employees, a university employee and a construction worker on wednesday. all are expected to survive. 40 people in oregon and washington state have been sickened. no one has died. more than 40 chipotle restaurants are closed in washington and the portland area of washington. they searched for the source of the e. coli outbreak. want to start your day every day with pope francis, if you say yes now you can. the vatican is releasing a new video. it features the pope's voice over 11 songs. the speech is called "wake up" it's over pop, gregorian chants.
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it's focused on young people and wants them to think daily about their life. maybe for meditation. are you going to put it to kanye? depends on the mood. >> he apparently touches on some of the themes that he talks about. peace and helping the needy and that sort of thing. could be inspirational. >> why not. well, some startling findings about students in our area. who says kids in montgomery county are not ready for college. the first confirmed case of flu. how they got sick despite having this year's first flu shot. >> a look at temperatures or visibilities in our area. chuck will tell us about both
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just in, there are plans to fly those who are stranded. british airlines, easy flights scheduled ten out of sharm el sheikh today. many of them won't be able to operate. you see man many tourists have stuck. many others will be able to fly back from that airport today. back to you. i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. here are four things you need to know about your friday. number one, of course, it's
5:30 am
friday. you made it. we're going for the record today. 78 is the record. we should be every bit of that. temperatures and raindrops should be falling on the first half of your weekend. i'm optimistic about the second half. what to wear today? how about shorts and flip-flops. what the heck. throw caution to the wind. there's a little chance for a couple of showers coming our way but a better rain chance coming up as we head into tomorrow. coming up, already in bonus territory. we're already higher than our warmer high temperature for this time of year and if you're planning out your day, temperatures should be generally speaking up into the 70s before lunchtime and spend most of your friday, mid to upper 70s. somebody needs to send me $5 for this. >> i'll give you $6 if you keep it going for tomorrow? no? there is a report of an
5:31 am
accident. we could see slowdowns happening in that airy just in the next couple of minutes. that's going to be a little bit slow if that one sticks around too long this morning. out at annapolis road, showing two accidents. 95 northbound here, a little better than normal here. 68 miles an hour. we'll do travel time in ten minutes. >> thank you to. the latest on decision 2016. a shakeup ahead of the next gop debate. a few familiar faces are off the maybe stage this morning and on the democratic side, hillary clinton, barry sanders, bill o'malley all set to meet this morning for a rare forum in south carolina. nbc's tracie potts live on the hill for what's in store for today. good morning. >> good morning. let's start with the democrats in south carolina. it's not a debate, not even a mini debate. they won't even be on stage at the same time, but one by one, msnbc's rachel maddow is going to be talking to the three
5:32 am
democrats in the race. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley about topics she says will include the economy and policing and the face of the democratic party in the future of the democratic party in the south. according to a winthrop university poll, clinton is leading by 71%. in south carolina, sanders by only 15%. and they're higher among the african-american community. they'll be talking about that today. now the republicans in next week's debate. we even got the lineup. it turns out there's going to be eight, not ten. chris christie and mike huckabee did not make the cuts. they've been relegated to so-called understood card debate and there are three who didn't make the debate. >> tracy pie potts on capitol h for us. thank you, tracy. >> it's just sad. a search for a missing prince george's county woman is now entering its sixth day.
5:33 am
the last person to talk to lisa rene wyche was a police officer and no one has seen her since. charles wyche said his wife disappeared. she was visiting her sister and was heading home southbound on the parkway and had car trouble. >> miss wyche indicated she was out of gas, made her own arrangements, and didn't need the assistant of the officer. so she didn't need his patrol. >> no one has seen her since. her family said she suffered kidney failure two years ago and has missed dialysis this week. they're concerned. she does not have her medication with her. detectives say a known gang member gunned down a teen who was walking to a school bus stop in loudoun county two. men charged as accomplices, the shooter was an ms-13 gang
5:34 am
member. they a attacked sophomore danny se centeno-miranda because they thought he was in a rival gang. they did not release the shooter's name. test shoes ta students may not be ready for college. those are new results from the zan tardized test based on come common core state standards. the numbers showed wide gaps in achievement by race, ethnicity, and special education. across maryland nearly 40% of students reach the college readiness marker compared to 10% for algebra 1. >> president obama is praising a new program from adidas. the president's discussion with more than 50/50 tribal leaders yesterday focused on youth education opportunities and sports teams' names. about 2,000 schools still have
5:35 am
native american mascots. >> i don't know if adidas made the same offer to a certain nfl team in washington, but they might want to think about that as well. >> the redskins responded to the program by calling it hypocrisy because adidas makes equipment for other pro teams that have native american mascots. >> tomorrow is the last day to apply for a license. the state's medical marijuana program is not expected to be operational until early to mid-2016. well, scientists have discovered a harmful bacteria in the snakehead fish which is found in our area. they say it's dangerous to several animals but so far there's no concern for people who eat these fish once they've been cooked. snakeheads are found in nine states including the virginia waters of the potomac south of washington. the fish can breathe air and survive on land. is it still a fish?
5:36 am
a u.s. geological survey discovered this fish. >> not a pretty fish. the flu is now in maryland. they confirmed the first case yesterday. the person is an adult who lives in the baltimore area. every year the health officials decide which strain to include in the flu vaccine. the patient became sick with the flu that's in the health vaccine and is expected to recover soon jeer the national weather service canceled a dense fog advisory in our area. take a look outside. you can see it's still a little bit foggy out there. it's clearing out. what will it be like when your kids head to the bus stop? that's at 5:41. we have an update on a story of a needle found in headline candy. why police say it was nothing but a hoax.
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5:39. congress crackdown. the bill that goes after certain
5:40 am
towing companies. >> all tricks about a treat. what we're just learning about a reported needle in a piece of halloween candy in maryland. those stories in just a minute. first, it could be a record-breaking warm day. some of us do have to get through a bit of fog first. it started out thick in some areas. maybe you can slow down the commute. amelia segal has been driving around. she's live. how's it looking, amelia? >> reporter: that's exactly right. right now we're at peace cross. at the bus stop this morning there could be patchy fog so you woojt want to be aware of that. "storm team 4" reporting a balmy 66 degrees. temps for the most part are going to be in the 60s at the bus stop and then we're talking about the potential for a record-breaking heat set back in 1948. we're forecasting a high today of 79 degrees, melissa. there could be some showers for
5:41 am
your friday night out and tomorrow as well. chuck has more on that in ten minutes. for now tracking issues on the roads. >> we do have a couple of problems. one here, 66 inbound. you can see the right side of the roadway being partially blocked because of the accident. we're also getting another report just a little furtheren in there. it looks unaffected right now. that, of course, is great. 95 north, 21 minutes. you're on time there. taking a look in maryland, german town to the beltway, no problem. 95, no problem. remember to listen to our friends on wtp 103.5 for the latest on delays when you hop into your car. >> thanks, melissa. police say a teenager lied about finding a sewing needle in a piece of halloween candy. a 15-year-old took back his statement that he found the needle sunday in a piece of twizzler. he admitted he didn't think the
5:42 am
prank would go past his family. now the case moves to the didn't of juvenile services for further review. a bill has passed the house and heads to the senate. bill also goes after predatory towing companies that overcharge and aggressively look for offenders. congress has until november 20th, a deadline there to prevent a gap in highway funding. a teen gets drunk at a party, has sex, blacks out, and catches std. the homework scenario eighth graders are asked to analyze. and could losing weight be as easy as swallowing a pill. the new weight loss measure just approved. and new information from the live desk achlt whole community washed out after dam break in brazil. what we're learning about the
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back at 5:46.
5:46 am
what is the worst free way in the entire united states? here's a clue. you may be about to drive on it today. the website lists 66 as the worst -- >> the worst damn freeway in america. that's a quote. >> thank you, aaron. this list was made by looking at information from the federal highway administration. they looked at accidents, congestion, and a whole lot more, and according to our news partner, wto p, 66 is backed up several hours each day. this is my experience, melissa. any time i'm on 66 no matter what time of day, it's busy. >> i agree. those are fighting words. i'm glad we gave that task to aaron. right now, another crash at 66 inbound at 123. this is blocking the right lane. we're a bit congested inbound. otherwise it loosens up. 66 in general, not the prettiest on your average day.
5:47 am
chuck? >> all right. outside, it's the best dang friday morning we can get you. cloudy skies but it is warm out there. temperatures in the 60s, but we may be near 80. your fra coming up in a few minutes. jeff rossen with "today." we even all seen the police dogs that can sniff out bombs and drugs. this dog can sniff out and catch child predators. you have to see it to believe iit it. it's all coming up today on "news4 today." first he staged his own suicide. now we're learning trooper joe gliniewicz tried to hire a hit man. records show gliniewicz spent money from a police charity on personal experiences. police say a few months before he killed himself, he tried to
5:48 am
set up a meeting with a high-ranking gang member. documents showed that gliniewicz wants to put a hit on the village administrator in fox lake. it's a very scary thought that an officer who was sworn to uphold the law would attempt to do something like that to an administrator. the woman you heard from is that village administrator. the lieutenant shot himself two months ago but he set himself up to make it look like he was killed in the line of duty. charts have asked his wife and son to return the money. today college friends will remember a college student from alexandria shot in virginia. bose was shot on saturday morning in norfolk at old dou dominion university. he was a journalism student at hamden, university. police are searching for a
5:49 am
man they believe stab and killed a mat at a nightclub. investigators believe kennedy killed erik jones two weeks ago at layla lounge on moore street. if you have any information that can help track kennedy down, you're asked to call police. this morning we're hearing of another report of voyeurism in maryland. he saw a cell phone in the bathroom. when he yelled out, the person took off. the school told the "washington post" it does not believe the cases are related. sex and stds, something you'd expect your kids maybe to hear in their health class. parents are upset because those topics are part of an eighth grade arts assignment student. they asked students to analyze this scenario. a teen gets drunk at a party, has sex, blacks out, and catches an std.
5:50 am
parents were upset because they weren't notified about e topics. >> this is vulgarity at the utmost. i mean i have told these kids everything that they should ever have to know about sex, drug, alcohol. one bad decision will need to the next. >> the school says it in line with common core standards. a new study. a new noninvasive weight loss treatment is being tested. it's a gastric balloon that comes in the form of a pill. the pill is attached to a catheter. once the pill is swallowed. the balloon is filled with water that helps the stomach feel fuller sooner. the balloon naturally dissolves after several months. it's approved by the fta. it does not come cheap. it will cost between $6,000 and $12,000. >> it's coming up on 5:51.
5:51 am
time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." we're keeping an eye on a few things. first the fog. keep an eye on the left side of your screen. a picture from our towercam it's improved a lot. on the right you're seeing temperatures. most of you waking up to some of 60s. we could set a record. >> i can't remember the last time we had four 70s in a row in november. it's been a long time. we haven't even had four 70s for the month of november in years. this is rare. we might make 80 in a few places. it's been a dozen years. i just made a graphic about it. sometimes the preparation is there and sometimes it seems more prepared. outside it's 62 degrees. the reason the fog has eased up a bit, winds ow of the south
5:52 am
helping to mix up the atmosphere. it's warm morning and may be a record warm day. a little touch of november-type humidity out there. and that south wind will be a southwest breeze which could be in that 15 to 20-mile-per-hour range. we may well set a record. the record today set back in 1948. that's how i knew this one right off the torch my head. the last time we reached 81. november 4th, 2003. we're not far from what will be a very warm day. it's already 60. 65 in annapolis, 64 in manassas. how about almost 70 by 10:00 a.m. and mid-70s by noontime. high today right around 78, 79 degrees. right around the record. might make 80. we'll have to see later on today. this is the leading edge of we'll call it november. coming back into the picture, it arrives here during the day tomorrow. it will be another mild start tomorrow morning and temperatures will fall back.
5:53 am
here's the way future weather handles your day. here's an updated forecast model. here comes the sunshine by 10:00, 11:00, just enough sunshine to get us up near 80 degrees. at 4:00, 5:00, as the front squeezes in here, after 4:00 or 6:00 or 7:00, rain chances are there for your friday nights and your friday night high school football some of be on the lookout for that. 79 today. falling temperatures and tag raindrops tomorrow lead us to a breezy and cool day for sunday and monday and somewhat milder air comes back as we head into next week. the latest information now, maybe a pedestrian struck. >> we have that report right now. silver spring in new hampshire at randolph. not seeing anything in the camera. it could be swung the wrong way. we have a report something could be happening there. 66 and inbound 123, the right shoulder blocked because of a crash. also a crash just ahead of that.
5:54 am
more toward the beltway. you can see a little more as you're passing fairfax county highway. also a crash here at arlington boulevard. that one popped up for us this morning. looking pretty good. about 68 miles an hour. a little slow northbound through woodbridge. the normal volume as you're headed around the curve. same thing in prince george's county. indian head highway, 9 miles per hour. back in ten minutes. right now the death toll is rising in brazil. a dam at a mine burg. we're hearing 15 people are dead in mudslides there. that number may ungo rt natalie keep going up because 45 people are missing and now hundreds of people have to leave their homes quickly for higher ground. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. developing details in a story of a missing boy found 13
5:55 am
years later. it was a high school cons lore who helped crack the case. 18-year-old julian hernandez was living in cleveland with his father. he put his social security number on his college application. a counselor noticed his number was in the national database for missing children. officers say bobby hernandez took him from his mother when he was just 5 years old. an attorney says he grew up well. >> he's been a tremendous father to this young man, an honor student, happy, healthy, doing everything a young man his age should do. >> julian hernandez was in legal t legal custody of his mother in 2002. his parents are not married. his father faces charging in ohio and alabama.
5:56 am
i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. the postoffice is expecting a huge rise. they're hire 30g 30 thundershower workers. the busiest day will be november 3 2 1st when it expects to drop off more than 30 million packages. they'll start delivering seven day as week leading up to christmas. with your cnbc business report, i'm landon dowdy. today, a decision to redevelop reston national golf course will be challenged in fairfax county court. neighbor want that site to be an open space. however, the board of zoning may ease the path. owners stand to lose scenic views. they say construction could reduce views and property value. it won't take the card. without the p.i.n. number.
5:57 am
>> stores may not be ready to handle the new chips. "news4's" erika gonzalez went shopping with four retailers. she ran into chip card confusion. >> holiday shopping is going to be a little more complex and frustrating for consumers. >> his team found nearly half the retailers will have the chip installed but only 19th will have the equipment up and running this year. what does that mean for you? check out the nbc washington app to find out more. why parents and the students at this school meeting say the punishment unfairly targets the teens. >> plus buh first a developing story we're watching in montgomery county where a man hunt is under way after man is shot after opening his door in a
5:58 am
silver springs home.
5:59 am
a manhunt in montgomery county where police say a man openedfire on a father who
6:00 am
answered the front door. and at the live desk, tracking new developments in a developing story. a football season is cut short over a sexting scandal. why they say the team is being unfairly targeted. we check in with steam tomorrow 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what's going on with the fog? >> the fog is starting to list ju lift. we're going to be making a run for the record books. potentially a high temperature is coming our way and a chance for rain showers before high school football games are done tonight. visibility improving. southerly winds are warming things up toochl we should easily make temperatures into the upper 70s today. your hometown forecast, 64 with the fog this morning. 77 and breezy at 1k. chance of showers by 7:00 p.m.


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