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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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openedfire on a father who answered the front door. and at the live desk, tracking new developments in a developing story. a football season is cut short over a sexting scandal. why they say the team is being unfairly targeted. we check in with steam tomorrow 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what's going on with the fog? >> the fog is starting to list ju lift. we're going to be making a run for the record books. potentially a high temperature is coming our way and a chance for rain showers before high school football games are done tonight. visibility improving. southerly winds are warming things up toochl we should easily make temperatures into the upper 70s today. your hometown forecast, 64 with the fog this morning. 77 and breezy at 1k. chance of showers by 7:00 p.m. this evening.
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amelia segal back with a forecast. for now, a new crash with melissa mollet. brand-new crash. just found out that some lanes are blocked here. this could get nasty. warning for you to allow extra time if that is your normal way into work this morning. new hampshire road, we still have a report of a pedestrian struck here. not sure if it is not out of the way. 66 inbound at 123, still have that problem off to the right side of the roadway slowing things just a bit. travel time in ten minutes. eun? >> thanks, melissa. we continue to follow a developing story where police are investigating a shooting. the suspect gunned down a father while his young son was at home. "news4's" megan mcgrath has the latest on the search. megan? >> reporter: a disturbing story. a man, the homeowner shot, his young son not far away.
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this all played out on the front porch of this home. about 6:30 last night there was a knock on this door. the homeowner answered and finds two men on the front stoop. there's some kind of an altercation, a brief struggle, and then a gunshot. the homeowner was shot in the abdomen. the two suspects ran off. this all happened with the vuk tim's young son just inside the home. the homeowner, though, was able to call 911 and get help. he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. now, it's unclear what the motive is in all of this, whether the victim knew the men or if both of those men were strangers. all of that part of the investigation. at this point no word of the suspects involved or of any arrests. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thank you. this morning the victims of a
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helicopter crash will be honored today. they were killed when that helicopter went down in foggy weather in 2008. the other patient jordan wells survived the crash. the mon meant to trooper 2 is being unveiled at 11:00 this morning at walker mill regional park. police in spotsylvania trying to figure out whether foggy weather played the part in the deaths of two brothers. 18-year-old ian brown and his 15-year-old brother jalen were spotted yesterday. their jeep hit a tree. the boys' mother is a teacher at the school and was two minute behind her sons on the road. visibility was less than a mile at the time. four children are in critical condition from a major crash on new hampshire avenue in takoma park last night. three adults were also hurt. they're expected to recover. the children are all between the ages of 4 and 10. police say one of the cars drove off the road and hit a tree. >> joo new details about the man
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who landed the gyrocopter outside the u.s. capital. his lawyer says he's expected to plead guilty. he'll appear in federal court here in the district later this month. he said he landed outside the u.s. capital to bring attention to the enfluns of big money in politics. he may face up to three years in prison. now new developments after the plane crash in egypt. more on that in a minute. but first this just in. dutch carrier klm is telling passengers leaving from cairo that they can only leave with carry-on bags today and not checked luggage. a lot of other developments as well. hundreds of tourists expecting to take off from sharm el sheikh not expected to go home today. most delayed. they scheduled ten flights out of sharm el sheikh but eight of them won't be able to operate
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and many of those tourists have been stuck since wednesday. eun? >> krisn, thank you. :05. a reminder that u.s. airlines does not fly into, out of, or over the sinai peninsula. they do fly into cairo. they're considering increased security as a consensus gross that a bomb likely took down a russian plane over the weekend and that could involve more passenger, cargo, and luggage screening. four are already required to comply with gchl s. regulations but there is little direct oversight. police are investigating a threat on virginia tech's campus. that i found kbra feety on a bathroom wall in price hall. the school sent a campus alert to students yesterday. this is the last work day that metro riders will have to deal with a change on the orange and silver line. starting monday trains will resume service at stadium army
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station. a fire in september did serious damage to a power substation forcing metro to only allow blue line trains to stop at stadium-armory during peak travel times. metro is close to naming paul wiedefeld the new general manager. the contract are the last two steps. he has a background in transit and aviation. the board expected him to start making immediate changes. if this deal goes through, wiedefeld should be officially introduced on november 19th. a developing story we're watching in germany after a deadly collision involving a train and a u.s. military vehicle, what we're learning about this crash. plus, fighting to save a football team's season. why some parents feel the high school team is being unfairly targeted after a sexting scandal at their school. and a couple of different problems on the roadway. these ones, highway at kenilworth and the other
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developing at 6:10, a deadly crash involving a passenger train and a truck. two are dead as a train collided with a truck in northern bavaria. sources say the train ran into the truck at 50 miles an hour. the train was towing a u.s. military vehicle. a possible tornado ripped through parts of northwest texas. we're getting a view of it. you can see the damage the storm left. there are still a number of tornado watches and some warnings were in effect this evening. 16 million people are on alert for severe storms later tonight. today's warm would could be record breaking. first we're going to have to deal with fog. >> you can see some of it is starting to clear up with our
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towercam. it's hit or miss depending on where you are. "storm team 4" meteorologist amelia segal is live along route 1. >> reporter: yes, you're starting to feel the hustle and bustle. it's a little breezy. the wind is a good thing helping to push out the fog. we're at a balmy 66 degrees being reported by the "storm team 4." at the bus stop, mild temps in the mid-60s and isolated patchy fog out there. the main focus today, record-breaking or at least near record temperatures. the record to beat, 78 degrees. so when the kids are getting home from school, feeling more like september than early november. now, we're talking about a major cooldown this weekend. chuck's going to be tracking that cooldown hour by hour in ten minutes. for now we're going to send things over to melissa.
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any problems or are people excited for the warm temperatures? >> they're excited for the warm temperatures. we still have some lanes blocked there and then that problem, 66 inbound at 123 with the right side of the roadway blocks. it tees little slow through the section. then you open back up as you're hitting the beltway. you can see where it's going to take you an extra ten minutes from what it normally take this time of day. 95 north want co-to the beltway. 24 minutes. maryland, 270 northbound, no issues there. remember to listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. >> thanks. a new campaign ad raising eyebrows. who ben carson's staff is targeting and why he says he probably would have tried a different approach. >> plus, they're an uneasy
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target. why researchers say we shouldn't blame fast food restaurants for ourç
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i felt like it was not fair. they're obviously showing it's more the fault of the guys than the girls. a sexting scandal ends a high school football team's season early. parents say the players are being unfairly targeted. hundreds of students at a colorado high school may be involved. students shared and collected nude photos like trading cards. some say it got to the point where students were seeing who could collect the most. more than half the football team has been implicated here and that's caused coaches to forfeit tomorrow's game. >> it's not just the football team. it's a huge problem everywhere and if we don't get our kids educated and let them know there's consequences for their actions -- >> absolutely right. the search for a missing prince george's county woman is entering the seth day. the last person to tuck to lisa
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wyche was a park police officer and no one has seen her since. charles wyche says his 46-year-old wife went missing on saturday night. he had visited her sister and was heading home to district heights southbound on the b.w. parkway when she had car trouble. a park police officer approached lisa wyche in her car, but she told him she didn't need any help. >> it's just -- it's just sad. we just need to find her and bring her back home as soon as possible. >> wyche's car was still on the shoulder of the parkway on sunday morning. no one has seen her since. her family says she suffered kidney failure two years ago and has misseddialysis this week. they're concerned she doesn't have her medication with her. a lot happening in decision 2016 this mooing. democratic presidential hopefuls hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley all gathering for a candidate forum. nbc host rachel maddow will moderate that 90-minute event.
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and a few familiar faces will not appear at the next prime time gop debate. new jersey governor chris christie and mike huckabee have been booted to the understood rd debate. that's due to falling poll numbers. but not all are getting that. george pataki's numbers are so bad he'll not appear. ben carson and donald trump will arrive at the debate with some extra protection. they'll now receive a secret service detail. homeland security following the request today after requests from the candidates last month. meanwhile a new radioade featuring ben carson and rapper is still getting a lot of buzz this morning. they actually released the ad for him in the hopes of appealing to young voters.
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>> everyone of us must fight because we're fighting for our nextg generation. >> carson says he appreciates that his staff is trying to reach out to different markets but he would not have taken -- he would have taken, quote, a different approach. today d.c. mayor bowser has a packed skeld. she'll be cutting new ribbons. the first stop will be at uber's expanded office in the northwest and visit a restaurant and kickoff a ymca. she leaves for a week-long trade mission in china tomorrow. president obama is praising a new program from adidas to help high schools nationwide drop native american mascots and rebrand. the president's discussion with more than 550 tribal leaders focused on youth education opportunities and sports teams mascots. about 2,000 schools still have
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native american mascots. >> i don't know if adeda's made the same offer to a certain nfl team here in washington but they might want to think about that as well. >> they responded to it because adeda makes gears for other proteins with native american mascots. it is almost that time of year again. the tree that will be the center of attention at rockefeller center arrives today. it's a ten-on the tree that will be brought in on a flatbed trailer. the tree will be put in place today and the decorations will have to come. the tree will be lit with more than 45,000 l.e.d. lights. the tree lighting ceremony happens on december thend. it is "storm team 4" friday. your chance to take a look beyond behind the scenes as chuck and amelia put together for this morning. look for the live chat on nbc washington page at 2:00 this
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afternoon with cheer meteorologist doug kammerer. they have a huge job. that's the first thing people want to know, what should i wear today. we have the best "storm team 4," don't we? >> only. this is it. it starts and ends with chuck bell. >> i'm proud to be the best of one, absolutely. outside this morning, man, it doesn't feel anything like november out there at all. it feels like september for the most part. morning temperatures are in the 60s. there are rain showers moving through. temperatures fall during the course of your saturday. visibility hassism proved. it will be a breezy day. hold onto your hats or put a little hair anytime over your hair if you don't want it to fly
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away. temperatures, wow. how about 64 now in leesburg and gaithersburg and fred ricks brg. hour by hour, temperatures in the 60s. a lot of clouds this morning. breaks of sunshine put us in the mid-70s. 78 is the record. i think we're going to tie it or break it. as far as rain chances, i know you've got a lot of stuff to do. here to go your clouds and fog by lunchtime. giving way back to clouds once again and by the time you get toward 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, there's a chance anyway for showers coming in the area that's just in time for high school football. 'zo know if you going tout the game to support your game, maybe it's homecoming, have a little rain slicker ready to go. seven-day forecast time. record-breaking temperatures in the 70s with rain showers this evening. temperatures falling into the 40s tomorrow and staying chilly all through the weekend. four things you need to know in
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ten minutes. traffic time right now. >> brand-new crash at 301 at frank tippett road. this one popped up. we do have some lanes blocked. east-west highway. right now we still have that accident with some lanes blocked. 66 inbound at 123, right is still blocked. inbound, 66, putting an arrow on it to show you exactly what's happening. in the area, 123. 95 north toward woodbridge a little slow because of the volume and 270 south a little slow. then it opens back up. the no incidents, 70 to 270 is going to take you 40 minutes. not too bad. we'll have travel times coming up. >> thank you, melissa. half of the high schoolers and a third of prinsz georgeprince ge
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county students may not be ready for college. the "washington post" reports the number shows why gaps in achievement by race, ethnicity, and education. 10% compared to 31% for algebra 1. well, the flu is now in maryland. health officials confirming the state's first influenza case this season yesterday. the person is an adult who lives in the baltimore area. every year health officials decide which strains to include in the flu vaccine. the patient was sickened by a strain that was included in this year's vaccine, which means the patient's has a better chance to recover. the state's department is urging all of you to get vaccinated. a new study looks at baby weight. nearly half of all mothers gain too much weight during pregnancy. too much weight can lead to obesity and other health problems for mom and baby.
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it can also lead to dangerous complications for women in labor. only 30% gained the recommended amount of weight. all right. you can now eat fast food and candy in moderation, of course, researchers say junk food and soda do not affect the weight. it affects about 5% of the u.s. population. researchers say improving overall diet and exercise is more effective than targeting different foods. you can treat yourself every once in a while. not every day. a terminally ill cancer patient received a rough cut of his wife's facebook page. >> even mark hammel tweeted. the 32-year-old has a connective
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tissue cancer. to say he is a sirius star wars fan would kind of be a fan. his wife took to facebook. director j.j. abrams saw the post and let the couple watch the film in the privacy of their own home. >> very, very cool. >> his wife thanked her friends on facebook. she said they helped her husband i'm dream come true. doctors are giving him two months to live early in the summer and he was worried he wouldn't make it to the movie premier. >> very nice. not your typical middle school assignment. the unusual homework given to a group on eight graders has lead the parents to youts rage. the action taken by congress that could help you from being towed. plus our tower camera is not broken. take a look outside. heavy fog out there this morning. "storm team 4" meteorologist
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chuck bell is tracking the
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right now some of you are stepping outside to foggy conditions. ow towercam showing conditions we're dealing with. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell shows you what's in store for your day and weekend with four things to no. good morning, chuck. >> yes, indeed. cloudy and a big of a foggy start. the wind is starting to increase and that will help mick the folg out of here. some things you need to no. if you're planning your day out and you say what do i got to know, you've got to know it is mild and foggy outside. we're going for the record today, everybody. probably tie or break a record-high temperature. 78, 79 degrees this afternoon. enjoy it. falling temperatures and falling drops coming your way tomorrow. i know melissa is wondering what do i wear. shorts and flip-flops. melissa and i, neither one of us care for flip-flops. 81. already.
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one day for a year. >> it is acceptable. you can bring them out. i actually wore them in this morning. right side of the road, again, northbound lane, a crash off to the right. stay to the left. east-west highway at kenilworth, lanes blocked. this is the only slow spot. fingers crossed bus of the problem on the right side of the roadway. no problems here on the top of the beltway achlt a little slow as you're approaching the beltway. eun? >> thanks, melissa. months before an illinois staged his suicide, he tracked to hire a hit man to cover up his alleged hit man. uncovered texts shows he spent money on personal experiences. investigators say he tried to set up a meeting with a hi high-ranking gang member. he wanted to put a hit on the village administrator at fox lake because he feared she would expose him.
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>> it's amazing to think he would do that. >> he set it up to look like he died in the line of duty. charity groups are now asking his wife and son to return funds. they're under investigation for their possible involvement in the embezzlement. we're learning more about how police found a missing boy safe 13 years after he disappeared. julian hernandez was living in cleveland with his father. his high school counselor helped track his case. julian put his social security number on his college applications. his counselor noticed the number in the database of missing children. his father took him from his mother when he was just 5 years old. new video of a terrible bus crash in arkansas this morning. it's a charter bus. we understand the passengers
6:33 am
were traveling from michigan. the bus somehow slammed into an overpass pole on the interstate. as you can see, it's a bad one. six people were killed and there are a lot of injuries. the bus itself, you see, completely smashed up. so now police are trying to figure out what happen. no other vehicles were involved in the crash. aaron, back to you. >> 6:33 right now. we're hearing of another report of a peeping tom at the university of maryland. it's the third report in just under a month. similar incidents were reported in women's bathrooms last month. the school told the "washington post" they do not believe the cases are related. police are searching for this man in a fatal stabbing at leila lounge in northeast washington. investigators say cimarron kennedy killed erik jones two weeks ago. if you have any information that can help track down kennedy,
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you're asked to call police. 6:34 now. today family and friends will remember a college student from lex ya shot in virginia. a funeral for joseph bose will be held in suitland later today. bose was shot on saturday morning in norfolk near old dominion university. there's no word on a motive or suspect in the shooting. he was a journalist student. >> a 15-year-old could be in trouble with both police and his parents. officers say the teenager made up claims that there was a needle in his halloween candy. the boy originally said there was a sewing needle in his twizzlers. he told police it was just a prank and he didn't think it would get past his parents. now his case moves to the department of juvenile services for further review. today a decision to redevelop western national gulf course will be challenged in fairfax county court. neighbors want the 166-acre site
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to be an open space, however, zone make have redeveloped a ose some scenic views. neighbors are also concerned constructions could take years and reduce property prices. the new transportation bill the house just passed last night could help you avoid getting your car towed. the 325 million dollar infrastructure program has had a loop hole for year. they've been allowed to overcharge and aggressively defend. the bill now heads to the senate. >> eighth grade students had a homework assignment including the topic of liquor, sex, and stds. a teacher asked students at a cedarville, new jersey, elementary school to analyze this scenario. a teen gets drunk in a party, has sex, blacks out, and catches an std. this was not in health class.!jh
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this was language arts and parents are upset because they weren't notified about it. >> this is a vulgarity at the utmost. i have told the kids everything th they need to know. >> the teacher will be meeting with parents to discuss their concerns. >> he received a lot of attention after this flyover on the national mall landed him in jail. now we're learning new details about his legal fight. plus, we have one problem on 270 southbound and another one on 301. we'll have details on both of these coming up. but first, receiving unwanted phone calls no matter where you are. the amendment now that allows debt collectors to make robocalls to your cell phone. your time is now 6:37. stay with us.
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breaking news on the road. we're talking 270 southbound on montrose. a crash on the right side of the roadway now causing a four-mile backup. this happened very quickly. we pushed this out on the nbc washington app. southbound, a four-mile backup. taking twice as long as it should because of an earlier crash. 25 north want co-to the beltway, you're on time. 270 is going to start getting nasty. that is ooh going to grow. top of the beltway typically slow. guys? >> if you've fallen behind on any government backed debts, you may get a call on your cell phone. it allows debt collectors to make robocalls to your cell. it authorizes the use of telephone equipment to make phone calls. an analysis by says
6:41 am
even if you don't owe money,ure cell phone may be a target. well, we could see record-breaking warmth in the weather today. >> i like this. you know why? you know it ooh going get cold eventually, right? you'll have to deal with fog on your morning commute. "storm team 4's" amelia see ga. good morning, amelia. >> yeah. on your old stomping grounds outside of the bagel place with the "storm team 4" x 4. reporting 66 degree. that's where it's been for the last two hours. we've been driving around. we haven't encountered any fog. more importantly at the bus stop it's mild, a little bit breezy. temperatures in the mid-60s. as the kids are coming home from school. great outdoor weather today. it's going to be hot for this time of year, t-shirt record and
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breaking a record. breezy later. chuck's going to have more on rain that could impact your evening. guys, back to you those thank you. we all know the rough commute. now one of our highways is getting unwanted attention. but first a developing story we're watching in montgomery county where a manhunt is under way after man is shot after opening his door to the silver spring home. we'll have more on the scene that has this quiet community on
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right now we're following a developing story where a young man answered the door and was shot with his young son inside. first breaking news on the road with melissa mollet. breaking news. 270 and montrose road. the crash is on the right side. you can see the lanes merge. it's just a mess right now. a four-mile backup and growing. if you have a favorite alternate, you might want to consider it if you have to leave sometime soon. chuck? >> wakeup weather this morning, a little bit of fog but a whole lot of mugginess in the atmosphere. temperatures in the 60s. when those rain chances may interrupt your friday night plans. th back with the seven-day forecast
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in a few minutes. police are looking for two men who shot man on his steps while his young son was in the house. megan mcgrath is on the scene. megan. >> reporter: this is normally a very quiet neighborhood. a map shot at his own doorstep, his son nearby just inside the house. it was 6:30 last night. that's when there was a knock at his door at his home on clem end spring. the homeowner answer and found two men on his front stoop. police say there was some sort of altercation, a brief struggle, and then a gunshot. the homeowner was shot in the abdomen. the two suspects ran off. this all happened with the victim's young son just inside. the homeowner was able to call. >>announcer: and get help. he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. it's unclear the motive in all of this.
6:47 am
it's up clear where weather the victim knew the two men or they're strangerers to him. that's something the police want to know. police were not able to taj to the victim in detail before he went to the hospital. he went into surgery last night. certainly they're anxious to talk to him to try to piece all of this together because at this point no arrests have been made. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. 6:45. the victims of the police helicopter crash be honored with a new permanent monument. the monument is being unveiled at 11:00 this morning at walker mill regional park. the spotsylvania community is mourning the loss of two teenage brothers. 18d-year-old ian brown and his 15-year-old brother jalen were
6:48 am
driving to high school yesterday morning. their jeep hit a tree. the boys' mother was a teach earet the school and was two minute behind her sons on the road. visibility was less than a mile at the time. four children are in critical condition from a major crash. three adults also hurt there. they're expected to recover. the children are all between the ages of four and ten. police say one of the drivers droeb off the road and hit a tree. new detailsen a man who drove his gyrocopter. attorneys for douglas hughes says he is expected to plead guilty. hughes will appear in federal court here in the district later this mochb. he was arrested after dranking that aircraft. hughes may now face up to three years in prison. minute by minute we're
6:49 am
getting news from sharm el sheikh. they're saying the french should limit tlavl around egypt in general. fears growing that terrorists bombing the russian jet that crashed in the sinai peninsula saturday. the other big news right now is that britain's plan to evacuate thousands of i its citizens stranded in sharm el sheikh is completely in limbo. authorities suspended most of the flights leaving the tourists waiting. the british ones have been stuck since wednesday. back to you. >> thank you. it's 6:49. they found graffiti in a bathroom at price mall. they were targeting muslims. the mormon church is doubling down on its stance against same sex marriage. new this morning they'll feel
6:50 am
the impact. the children will not be allowed to receive baptism. >> or any blessings associated with the mormon church. that order coming in direct response to the u.s. supreme court's decision. they also say children of same sex couples may not become missionaries. this is the last work day for metro riders to see changes on the orange and silver line. arting monday they'll resume thursday. a fire in september did some serious damage to a power station forcing metro to only allow blue line trains to stop during peak travel times. metro closing close -- koes to naming paul wiedefeld as the new general manager. they expect the new leader to make changes. if the deal goes through he should effectively be introduced on november 19th. new this morning, a local interstate gets a dubious honor.
6:51 am
the website lists interstate 66 as the -- >> -- worst damn freeway in america. >> it looked at stents, congestion, and more. according to our news partner wtop, i--66 is backed up an average of seven hours and 15 minutes every sing. day. yikes. breaking news at 270 and montrose. this is the problem. we have a crash on the right side with injury. going to be there for some time. a four-mile backup. we just pushed this out on the nbc washington app now. if you don't have it, get it just for issues like this one. this morning 66 inbound at 50, brand-new crash, that one is also off to the right side of the roadway. we're seeing delays there. big look at the beltway, we're
6:52 am
pretty typical. going 30 miles an hour as you're headed through here. frank tippett road a crash on the right side of the roadway and up here, 95, kind of in the section of powder mill road it gets a little slow to the outer loop. chuck? >> there's a picture outside. visibility has improvinged a good bit. now, clouds, yes, but fog not as much mainly because wind has started to increase. there will be a southwest wind up near 20 miles an hour this afternoon. so breezy and warm. a little hinld of humidities by november standards and, again, southwest brazes could be over 20 miles an hour at times and we may very well tie or break a new record temperature. might even get to 80 trees. we have not been 80 at reagan
6:53 am
national since november 5th of 2003. what great way to get your friday started. yeahit's cloudy, but temperatures are already in the mid-60s and will spike into the 70s before 11:00 a.m. now, there will be a chance for rain before the day is done. cold front out to our west putting squeeze play on it. squeezing the warm air in for it. updated hoyerly. clouds giving way to sunshine by 11:00 and plenty of sun between 11:00 and 3:00. then after 3:00 clouds roll back in. by the time you get toward 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 tonight, high school football plans tonight, have your rain slicker ready to go on your way to the game because there will be a shower chance with your friday even egg. 79 record breaking degrees. temperatures will fall during the day tomorrow and it will feel like november again by sunday and monday.
6:54 am
right now at the live desk two astronauts are getting ready for their space walk. they have to deal with highly toxic materials. scott kelly, you probably know that name, they're going to work on the space station's cooling system. the iss has had issues for years now. they need it to cool the space station. very important. back to you. >> thank you. 6:54. if you're traveling through reagan international airport, you may see a difference there. the air force is launching a plan. portions of the airport's c terminal will be closed to the public. the flights will depart and land but there will be a large number
6:55 am
of emergency vehicles saturday night in preparation for the training. >> developing overnight, a deadly crash between a train and a truck towing a u.s. military vehicle. take a look alt this video in the newsroom while you were asleep. the driver of the truck and train bouk both died in the crash. several other people were hufrmt they say there were at least 50 people on the train. the train was going more than 60 miles an hour when it crashed into the truck. pretty severe weather. take a look at the damage the storm left behind. no word of any injuries right now, but there are still a number of tornado watches and warnings in effect for this evening. just a few minutes from the "today" show. al revoke ler start his travels across the country for is in e his chance to make history. he plans to give reports from all 50 states in one week. fiflt stop, hawaii.
6:56 am
he set a record last year with a marathon 347 hour forecast raisirais raising $74,000. four things to know. today a desomething's to redevelop the weston national golf course will be challenged. neighbored want the 166-acre site to be an open space and they wor long construction problems could reduce property values. doug hughes' lawyer says he will plead guilty. hundreds of british passengers are stranded at the airport there. >> two suspects shot a man while his sor within in the house. the victim is in the hospital and the son was not fuzzicly hurt. breaking news on the road.
6:57 am
270 southbound at montrose, a four-mile backup. just heard from the state highway it's still jammed. chuck? >> that's not a pretty picture. here's good news. record highs, upper 70s do. have your umbrella for friday night rain chances. >> thank you, chuck. that's the broadcast. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> we ool be back in 25 minutes for any traffic,
6:58 am
if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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good morning. security ramp-up. in the wake of that downed russian jet, u.s. officials set to announce new measures for some flights heading into this country as investigators in egypt comb the wreckage, searching for more clues. winnowing the field. chris christie and mike huckabee cut from the main stage at the ne republican debate as jeb bush is caught in the middle after a bombshell book has the first president bush criticizing his son's advisers. >> i think my dad, like a lot of people that loved george, wanted to try to create a different narrative. >> the latest on that. and donald trump gets ready for his controversial appearance on "snl." hot and cold, a sharp contrast in temperatures dividing the country. winter-l


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