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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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more so. we got to 8080 degrees, but tomorrow it all comes tumbling back down. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk and sending shock waves through ben carson's presidential campaign. it has his spokesman clarifying a point about a popular story from the candidate's past. in his memoirs, carson writes he was offered a full scholarship to attend the prestigious we westpoint military academy which he turned down. west point has no record of carson getting an offer to attend. a campaign spokesman says high school supervisors did offer to help get him an appointment to west point based on his status as an rotc student. west point also tells politico that a top general may have encouraged carson to apply as was suggested in his book. >> let's turn to steve handelsman at the white house. >> what does this mean for
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carson? is this going to hurt him? >> it cannot help. his appeal goes beyond the evangelicals who adore the fact that he and they share an intense christian faith. two more independents to win the nomination, much less beat whoever the democratic nominee is, you have the trust of tens of millions of americans. they're just getting to know ben carson which is why it's got to be damaging that his campaign today has to, in their words, clarify the fact that carson was a top rotc candidate as a young man in detroit and that's believable and he could have gone to west point and he told them he didn't want to. that's believable, but why the question, still must be asked, why is ben carson, super bright, a high achiever, why would he write in an autobiography that he was offered a full
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scholarship to west point, why in that same autobiography, "healing hands," why did he say that he had such trouble with rage and anger as a young man that he goes on to say the storyline sounded cured by his embrace by the christian faith. why would he write that he try to stab one of his best friends and his campaign can't find and he said the name was fictitious and the ben carson we remember was mild like the ben carson of today. so, pat, a lot of questions unanswered about ben corson. they don't say so much about him as a young man as they do about a mature man who wrote an autobiography and he's using it to campaign on and it's got falsehoods on it. >> thanks, steve. >> developing this afternoon, the supreme court will take on a new challenge to obamacare. the court will consider whether the nation's religiously-affiliated schools and charities should be accepted
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in the contraceptive -- and this will answer the question of whether religiously affiliated non-profit schools are also exempt. the supreme court will hear cases next year with the decision expected by late june. the decision isn't surprising, but it is sickening. that's a quote from paul ryan and he was reacting to president obama's decision to reject the keystone excel pipeline and it would undercut the climate change and it would low you are our dependence on foreign oil. the state department put out a report last year which concluded the pipeline would have less impact on climate change than transporting it by railroads and tankers. it would create more than $3 billion in economic growth. security onboard flights heading to the u.s. being beefed up. this after the deadly metrojet crash over egypt.
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the department of homeland security made the announcement today. the enhanced security will be on commercial flights to the u.s. from some foreign airports. it will include expanding screening of items loaded on to planes and extra security help at overseas airports. more than 200 people were killed when the russian jetliner crashed on saturday potentially at the hands of terrorists. there is growing concern for a missing woman from maryland who disappeared on halloween night, but park police have just told us that they are suspended their active search. now those officers went back to the bw parkway today using a k-9 dog to lose for clues. lisa wyche was last seen on the parkway saturday night when she had some car trouble. a park police officer came up to wyche, but she told him she didn't need help. the next morning her car was still on the side of the road. lisa's family says she missed dialysis this week and doesn't have her medication on her. a head's up if you know
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someone who will be driving through westin. the westbound lanes are still closed at this hour while crews fix a water main break. the detour is between usgs drive and glade drive. water buckled part of the roadway and the nearby building is without water service right now and access to several office buildings limited right now. we checked in with fairfax water about the progress of the repairs and they tell us the work is not expected to be done before the end of rush hour. this afternoon two men from fairfax county are in jail suspected of operating a debit card skimming operation. last week police in the richmond area arrested carril and andre tursky after they were caught using a skimming device. both were charged with credit card theft. police executed a search warrant at the apartment they shared at this washington area high-rise. coming up at 5:00, we'll tell you what police found inside that further link those suspects
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to the alleged scheme. this weather, freakishly warm is how they're describing the temperatures. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in the storm center. doug, you're also tracking some rain that's coming in tonight. >> tracking that next cold front. any time you're this warm this time of year and you know you have a cold front coming and the storm system is not going to bring us a lot other than much cooler air. take a look at the high temperatures today and we got to 80 degrees in d.c. and 81 in fredericksburg and we have set a bwi and all tieing and breaking the record across the area. again, 80 degrees, the high temperatures and the satellite and radar showing this to our west and look at the clouds coming our way and notice the lack of showers. we will see a stray shower and a sprinkle this evening and don't be surprised if you see one of those and behind this system we get cooler and temperatures by this time tomorrow it will be 20
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to 25 degrees cooler and we'll talk much more about your cool weekend and who has the best chance to see some rain this weekend, as well. i've got your forecast coming up at 4:18. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser heads off to china tomorrow morning for a week of economic development meetings. news 4's obtained her schedule. she has five days of meetings with leaders in china to discuss the possibility of economic development here and in china, but news 4 has learned that several law enforcement officials have asked the mayor to add another topic to her agenda, synthetic drugs. the government says the synthetic cannabinoids originate in china. today d.c.'s attorney general tells news 4 he thinks the mayor should strike a written agreement in china to do
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whatever they can to stem the tide, and as you'll hear coming up at 5:00, mayor bowser says each the chief of police has weighed in. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. honoring their sacrifice, the touching tribute to victims of a local helicopter crash. and our area is rolling out the red carpet for ryan seacrest. the big project at d.c.'s children's national hospital. plus a big church takes a hard line stance
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ntsb investigators are in arkansas looking at a charter bus crash. it crashed into an overpass. the impact was so strong it sheared the roof off the bus. 22 people were onboard the charter traveling from michigan to texas.
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the driver wasn't hurt and there's no evidence drugs or alcohol were involved, but the ntsb is looking into the possibility of driver fatigue. the woman who helped two convicted killers escape from a maximum security prison will have to pay restitution for her part in the plot. joyce mitchell appeared in a new york courtroom today and agreed to pay $80,000. she's serving seven years for helping david sweat and richard matt break out. prosecutors say the money will be used to repair the holes the inmates cut into their cells. >> bringing smiles to the families who need them most. ryan seacrest unveils children's national. >> honoring the lives lost in a terrible helicopter crash. the new local monument and the emotional moment. it's storm team 4 friday on nbc 4. doug and v.j. taking over our social media platforms on the second-setting day and they have drast
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4:15. another day, another twist in the case of that illinois police officer who staged his suicide to make it look like murder. hear from the woman he allegedly tried to put out a hit on. the desperate attempt to save a little girl's life may have led to the next big breakthrough in fighting cancer. i'm tracee wilkins in district heights. in september 2008 trooper 2 went
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down just a few yards from where i'm standing. today a memorial was uncovered in honor of those who sacrificed their lives. a memorial unveiled today tells the story of what happened when trooper 2 crash. mickey lippy, pilot corporal steven bunker and volunteer fire emt sergeant tanya mallard lost their lives. the medevac was diverted after responding to a crash in charles county. the crash was blamed in part to unsafe flying conditions and unsafe helicopters. >> it shouldn't have ever been in service, and it was fatigued and it should have been retired. >> the sole survivor of that crash, jordan wells, one of the patients on the medevac met family members of those who saved her life for the first time today. hear what they had to say to one another coming up on news 4 at 5:00. >> having to stay in the hospital could be scary and now
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kids could have a little fun even if they aren't able to leave their rooms. >> the ryan seacrest foundation is teaming up with the system to open a media studio right here in washington. news 4's megan mcgrath takes us there. >> an exciting day at the health system. you can see ryan seacrest behind me here talking to fans and signing autographs. off in the distance, you can see the brand new state-of-the-art media studio that was just opened up today. of course, going to the hospital could be a scary and unpleasant experience, but now kids can have a little fun during their stay even if they're not well enough to leave their rooms. the ryan sea crest foundation has teamed up with the national health system to open up a state-of-the-art media studio in the atrium of the hospital. kids can host live, closed-circuit radio and television programs broadcast throughout the hospital and if you are not able to physically
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come to the studio you can participate. >> the patients can come down any time they want. it's open all of the time and for those who can't they can watch the programs and we put a direct phone line by every room and every bed so they can call into the studio and talk to the star that's there so no one can miss out. >> i am on dialysis for three hours not doing anything and it might make it fun to see something on tv. >> some of the rye seacrest's special guests are talking to some of the children here at the hospital. we have robin thicke, cam, katy ledeccy just to name a few. this is the ninth seacrest studio in the country and the first in our area. megan mcgrath, news 4. now your storm team 4 forecast. katy ledecky.
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she is ready to go. a record high temperature for this date, but do not expect the heat during the day tomorrow. temperatures will be falling as we move into the day tomorrow. let's show you what we're dealing with. the clouds have moved in and we saw plenty of sun earlier today and temperatures 79 degrees and winds out of the south at 15 miles per hour and that wind has helped us to warm up across the region and 75 in gaithersburg and down towards fredericksburg, 80 degrees and an incredibly warm day for early portions of november. no rain out there right now and don't worry about the shower activity, but notice, here's the front back to the west and there are some showers associated with this front. i do think we have a shower or sprinkle, but i am not expecting much in the way of rain. >> here's 7:00 tomorrow morning and southern maryland, down
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toward fredericksburg and notice where it isn't, back toward leesburg and west virginia. if you live north and west of washington,al northwest no rain tomorrow and if you are in d.c. south and east, at 10:00 a.m., showers come back around the 2:00 hour and far southern maryland and to the northern neck and most of the area remains dry and everyone remains cloudy and tomorrow will be a cool afternoon considering where we were today. falling temperatures during the day and breezy and cooler conditions, as well. you will need being. >>ets for sure and down to the south. the outdoor planner, normally it's going this way, today it's going that way as numbers go down and 63 around 7:00 a.m. and 59 degrees by around 3:00 in the afternoon. next couple of days we're going to be on the cooler side. so 57 on your sunday and plenty of sunshine, and sunday will be a nice day and it will be chilly
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and 59 degrees coming up on monday and 62 degrees on tuesday and that's the next chance for showers. waking up, 45 in the city and most of you will be close to the freezing mark. veronica has your forecast coming up at 4:45. a warning for you this weekend. the closures are until 8:00 p.m. on sunday, and two-way traffic allowed on the westbound side. if you are going to be take the bridge this weekend you want to travel before 6:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. and that's your best shot at not being stuck in traffic and i'll see you monday at news 4 today. >> it is almost that time of year again and the tree has arrived in new york city. the tree weighs ten tons and had to be hauled in on a flat bed and it is supposed to be hoisted
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outside the front doors of the comcast building and it takes 45,000 led lights to decorate the tree which is nearly 80 feet tall. the tree lighting ceremony takes place the night of december 2nd. >> he was born without limb, but a young football player is providing inspiration to a lot of people by taking on his able-bodied opponents and winning. the 12-year-old is a big hit on social media. his story is getting a lot of shares and i shared it on my facebook page. gavin tony plays defensive tackle in pennsylvania. it's a position that requires him to hit his opponents on every play and make tackles. the 12-year-old boy was born without arms and legs, but he still excels on the football field and he's not afraid to talk a little trash. >> if you discount me then you will be laying on the ground. you might be looking at stars for a little bit. >> i'm going to come out and see if i can play and i'll try and see what happens. >> tough little guy and the
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players on his team says gaven. we'll tell you about the new policy and the criticism church leaders are facing. we are following a developing story right now in our newsroom. disturbing photos surface of an nfl star's girlfriend. we have that information next on news 4.
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newsroom with the story everyone is talking about on social media related to greg hardy. these pictures that were obtained of hardy's ex-girlfriend who accused hardy of domestic violence when he played for the carolina panthers. the woman reportedly told police she was thrown against the wall and dropped on a futon covered in guns and then choked. the woman stopped cooperating with prosecutors and yesterday were expunged from his record. the release of the pictures have caused an explosion of questions for the nfl this afternoon as hardy is now playing for the cowboys and his jersey is for sale on nfl websites.
4:26 pm
the cowboys and greg hardy declined comment on the story today. from the newsroom, i'm carol maloney. >> those pictures are hard to see. thanks, carol. the e. coli outbreak at chipotle is expanding as more and more cases are being confirmed. >> health officials say 40 people got food poisoning after eating in washington and oregon state. >> the bacteria is coming from contaminated produce, but they haven't confirmed that. they have closed 40 restaurants near the oregon-washington border. the church says children of same-sex couples cannot be baptized or receive any blessings associated with the mormon church. that order comes in direct response to the u.s. supreme court decision over the summer. the church also says children of same-sex couples cannot become missionaries. new evidence in the case against the illinois police officer who rigged -- who staged
4:27 pm
his own suicide. nbc news digs into his personal file, his personnel file and talks to the woman that he tried to have killed allegedly. doctors thought here leukemia was incurrable. this 1-year-old baby is alive and now her treatment may change the way we fight cancer. why you could find yourself more frustrated this holiday
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first at the 4:00, the report that is rocking dr. ben carson's campaign centers around his account of a scholarship offer to west point. a new report in politico says west point has no record of an offer of an appointment of dr. carson nor an application from him. in hisbook "gifted hands" the presidential hopeful wrote he was offered a scholarship, but he turned it down. west point never formally offered carson anything, but they wanted to offer help based on his rotc achievements. jeb bush, ted cruz, chris christie, carly fiorina have all opened up recently about the toll drug addiction has taken on their families or friends. the issue has taken on heightened significance as the candidates prepare for the new hampshire primary.
4:31 pm
right now new hampshire has become the center of a nation's heroin epidemic. joining us now is amber phillips who is a writer with "the washington post." thanks for joining us, amber. you wrote what is the perfect storm and opiate addiction. how have all of these intercepted with the upcoming primary. >> yeah. it's been fascinating to see that almost everything intercepted about the same time which is last year and that's when a landmark pew study found that most americans by two to one measurements think that the war on drugs, basically jailing people for non-violent drug offenses has failed as a policy and right around that time new hampshire saw a spike in death. 90% of drug-related deaths of opiate use, whether that's prescription painkillers or heroin overdoses and as these candidates around the beginning
4:32 pm
of this year started spending more time in new hampshire it's pretty much all they heard about it and it was definitely something they heard about every time they were campaigning and we're starting to that start to build to the point where now these candidates are sharing their personal stories and almost tripping over each other this week, actually, to share some of their tragic connections with drug addiction. >> it's not just the republicans talking about this. >> no, we have democrats, as well. bernie sanders is out in front legalizing marijuana which is just one factor in this very complicat complicated, drug addiction debate. he introduced a bill in the senate saying let's legalize it recreationally and let's totally take it off the list of dangerous drugs within the federal governments and hillary clinton said yes, this is an epidemic of the prescription pain killer and opiate use in states like new hampshire. so pretty much, we have this
4:33 pm
rare moment where in washington everyone is talking about the same thing and agreeing it's a really big problem. do you think their openness is a consensus, one of the few issues that both parties can reach agreement on and do something about? >> well, i'm inspired by the fact that in the senate there is a bipartisan criminal justice reform. it certainly has its critics and there are people who say it doesn't go far enough in dealing with this issue, but there is movement in a time when there is not a lot of movement in congress to do something about how we treat people with drug addiction. do we jail them? do we give them treatments? what do we do around this? and i'm just struck to see these candidates get out in front of a cultural shift. it's still happening very subtly here in america. >> all right. amber phillips. thanks so much, amber. >> thank you. some trouble is brewing up in new york. protesters from several latino
4:34 pm
groups are expected to demonstrate tomorrow outside of nbc headquarters all because donald trump is going to appear on "saturday night live." the republican presidential candidate is this week's guest host, but this is coming after nbc dumped trump as host of "celebrity apprentice" after he made comments about mexican immigrants. he has half a million signatures demanding that trump be replaced. "saturday night live" airs tomorrow night after our 11:00 news. hi, guys. i'm standing here with one of our interns. this is maddie and what is she doing right now? holding a phone up to me. we've been on social media all day today and we're on periscope right now. nbc washington. so make sure either now or during the break you jump on social media and you join us because we've been showing all of this behind the scenes on storm team 4 and of course, one
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of the best ways to jump on is to like us. our nbc washington and our storm team 4 page as well as our own personal pages and i'm veronica johnson and meteorologist on twitter and we're right now periscoping live. of course, we have so much to talk about behind the scenes and what's coming up for the weekend, that dramatic change. we're tracking some showers right now. we told you about this early this morning and the showers that we'll be stepping into the area and we're seeing them now into elkins west virginia and points around frostburg and the temperatures will come down dramatically from 80 degrees and warm conditions today. a 20-degree temperature drop by the upcoming weekend. it will be very cool and breezy at times. we'll show you an hourly forecast for tomorrow and there it is, periscoping lies. look at that. isn't that cool? there's doug, and he's been at his desk and we've been online
4:36 pm
answering questions and we're trying to give little indications as to what you can expect for the upcoming winter because doug will have his winter forecast out on monday. >> guys, i'll be back in just a few minutes with the morning temperatures for monday to get you started. bizarre new details are coming out as investigators dig into the past of the police officer who staged his own suicide. we're getting a look inside lieutenant joseph gliniewicz's personnel file. it includes numerous complaints from fellow officers. nbc's john yang has the new revelations. >> reporter: yet another bizarre twist to the story of lieutenant charles j. gliniewicz. >> it's very unsettling. >> reporter: investigators say he may have wanted to rub out village administrator ann marron. >> it is no surprise that he would keep his criminal activities secret and ongoing. >> reporter: he contaced someone he knew by facebook mess
4:37 pm
employinger, close to entertaining a meeting with a mutual acquaintance. >> the third party said he had contacted her to reach out to the high level-ranking motorcycle gang member for a hit. >> reporter: the gang member denied any involvement and investigators consider the matter closed. they say gliniewicz feared marin would expose his seven-year looting of the youth police explorer program he ran. on august 31st texted, she has now demanded a complete inventory of explorer central and a financial report. the next morning, marrin said gliniewicz emailed her promising to provide information by 1:00 p.m. instead at 8:09 a.m. fellow officers found him dead in what officers now say was a carefully-staged suicide. >> send everybody you possibly can. officer is down. >> reporter: new details from gliniewicz's personnel file obtained thursday night listing numerous complaints fellow
4:38 pm
officers made against him including inappropriate sexual behavior, using his squad car for a family vacation, and letting members of the explorers youth program operate department vehicles as the investigation deepens into a case that some say has turned a hero cop into a village villain. and that youth program that gliniewicz ran, the explorers, it looks like it will not be a victim to all of this. two other officers have now stepped up to keep it going. john yang, nbc news, fox lake, illinois. >> police say they expect more shocking details to come out as the investigation continues. a dying baby, desperate parents and doctors with a miracle treatment plan. why this little girl's story may be the next big breakthrough in the fight against cancer. a boy with autism saves a seventh grader's life with the heimlich maneuver. why he's
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going to be a busy holiday season for shipping packages, here's information to help you plan ahead. the post office is expected to deliver 15 billion pieces of holiday mail including 600 million packages between thanksgiving and new year's eve. that's 10% more than they delivered last year. to handle all of that, the extra load, the post office is hiring 30,000 temporary workers.
4:42 pm
will be delivered seven days a week starting november 29th, the busiest mailing days expected to be december 14th and the busiest delivery day is expected to be december 21st. moms and dads, as you get ready for the holidays here is a reason to let your kids watch cartoons. a seventh grader saved a classmate from choking by performing the heimlich maneuver. where did he learn that? by watching an episode of spongebob squarepants. this happened last month in new york city. jessica pellegrini started choking on a piece of apple and brandon had seen the heimlich on spongebob. he wrapped his arms around jessica's waist and thrust and up came the apple. he is now a hero. i just put this up on my facebook page if you want to read the story. prepare for changes when you
4:43 pm
pull out your credit card. news 4's erika gonzalez explains the new chip designed to protect you. a cancer treatment like you've never seen before saves the life of a
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
i'm darcy spencer in northeast washington. chances are if you use a wheelchair you have found yourself riding in the trunk
4:46 pm
space of a taxi. well, that is a thing of the past. now they have come out with wheelchair-accessible taxi cabs and they're rolling out even more in the district. you ride up the ramp and you get inside this very spacious taxi cab. there is a place for you to be buckled down and it's offering more options and opportunity for people who are disabled here in the city. >> we don't cram a ramp in to the back in a vehicle that was never designed to carry safely a passenger with a wheelchair. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 5:00, i will introduce you to a woman who uses these kinds of taxis all of the time and she explains why it's been a lifesaver for her. in northeast washington, darcy spencer, news 4. >> now your storm team 4 forecast. okay. we hit 80 degrees at every airport. as we said, freakishly warm day today. it was almost a bad hair day
4:47 pm
because we had the humidity on top of the warmth. temperatures will come way down and take a look at some of the graphics that we've been putting together for you here. what is next for us and when we're going to see the change. this weekend we get cool and it stays very cool into the early part of next week with the average high temperature of 62 degrees and way up there today and way back down. as far as what's going to be delivering that change and it's a weather front and they're tracking it here and there are the showers and as a matter of fact, a lot of these have been breaking up and the line of showers as they advance to the east. so only expect some very spotty, light showers coming our way this evening if you do plan on going out. all right, i told you i would show you exactly when the change would take place and 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 and not too bad. the change occurs right here just after midnight and before the early part of the day tomorrow and big exclamation mark there and what we get in the early part of the day are
4:48 pm
falling temperatures to the mid-60s so tomorrow morning will be theed miest part of the day running from 60 to 64 degrees and if you'll be running out you'll need to bundle up a little bit. some showers around the area and those showers very quickly in the east and tomorrow around kull pepper and pax river and those temperatures tumble into the 50s by late afternoon. so driving impact forecast, here it is, actually not 78 and the temperatures will come on down and the roads will be impacted tomorrow and we get a green light, though, in terms of the fact that you'll still be able to get out and about because we're not expecting any heavy rain. so tomorrow morning, if you're going out back to the jacket and back to the pants and back to covering up and more autumn-pipe wear. on monday our temperature is at 45 degrees and look at other locations into the 30s. we're giving you early warning for planning next week. the first thing after hitting 80
4:49 pm
degrees back to the 30s and we'll talk more about that rain from mid-week and just another look at your hourly temperatures coming up on news 4 at 5:00. >> thanks, v.j. >> when you pull out your credit card for holiday shopping take a closer look at it. a lot of cards have a chip designed to protect you and erica gonzalez is here to clear up confusion on how and when to use it. >> this chip card confusion can affect you how long you stand in line, holiday shopping is crazy enough and this year, you'll notice a different experience in every store you go to. at least that's what we found. ♪ >> reporter: you can already hear the sounds of the season and the holiday decor is already up, but are retailers really ready for the onslaught of shoppers? >> holiday shopping this year is going to be a little bit more complex and potentially frustrating. alex johnson is with a research group with the banking
4:50 pm
industry. he has the new chip cards and doesn't think the stores will be ready to accept them. >> we could see much slower lines just because everyone is getting used to using a new technology. >> reporter: to get a look at how it works and when it doesn't my producer set out to do some shopping and used a cell phone to record the experience. >> this tj maxx. >> it doesn't work? >> not yet. >> reporter: oh, no. it wasn't ready to dip my card. >> i don't think we do the chip yet. you'll have to slide yet through. >> you guys don't have the chip technology yet? >> not yet. we'll have it in the end of november. >> 15 seconds, not bad, i was in and out very quickly? at best buy. >> remember, most chip credit cards issued in the u.s. do not have a pin number, but some corporate cards do. we used our company credit card, but had never been asked for a pin number before. >> all right.
4:51 pm
let me then call my bank. >> i couldn't mack a purchase. >> clearly some confusion on where the cards are supposed to work and we called the corporate offices for clarification. it has been processing chip card transactions in the d.c. area for more than a month, but other retailers missed the october 1st deadline to have the technology working and that means, the stores, not banks are liable if your card information is compromised. >> barnes & noble told us the new chip technology is installed before the holiday so it won't interrupt the shopping season. it's actively working toward processing chip-based cards and it doesn't have a date for when the technology will be working. >> different stores and different check out procedures, so as you make your list and check it twice, have a plan and pack your patience. another thing to remember if you've got a debit or a bank card with a chip, you will need a pin number to use it.
4:52 pm
that's different and a debit card. pat and chris, back to you. >> all right, thanks, erica. >> a miracle treatment that saved a child's life may be a breakthrough in fighting cancer. >> a few months ago layla richards was daying from a rare form of leukemia. when all else failed doctors in london tried an experimental treatment that had never been tried on people and today little layla is cancer-free. >> it is very exciting to have a weapon like this that can cure this disease which we've not heard before. it is absolutely fabulous, but we need to now learn how to use it properly. >> the treatment used genetically engineered immune cells and within a month those cells killed the cancer cells in the bone marrow and it will be a year to know whether layla is cured of the cancer. serena williams is calling
4:53 pm
herself a superhero and we're getting a look from the restaurant where someone tried to swipe her cell phone. it happened in san francisco which released this video. >> youcane man linge by her table and then he picks up her phone and walks out. >> the tennis champ saw him out of the corner of her eye and chased him down. serena said she used her most menacing voice to see if he accidentally took her phone and when she came back to the restaurant everyone gave her a standing ovation. >> it's the second space walk in the past few days for scott kelly and lindgren. today they made repairs to the cooling system. they had to be extremely careful that ammonia flakes from that system didn't escape and contaminate their space suits. kelly is more than half way through his record-breaking year-long flight. a charter bus smashes into an overpass and multiple people are dead. why federal investigators are
4:54 pm
taking a very close look at the
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remember the jilted bride in california? her fiance backed out of the wedding with only a week to go so she donated the food from her wedding reception to the needy. this afternoon she's talking about what she did. her name is quinn dwayne. she said instead of letting the $35,000 day pass she contacted the sacramento homeless shelter
4:57 pm
and she filled the reception hall with the city's hungry giving each person a four-star meal. the story went viral. >> i think the most overwhelming thing is to see how many people were positively impacted. people across the country have been reaching out saying just like how they have been inspired or impacted and that was not something i ever expected. duane says she and her mother used the non-refundable tickets to go on a trip to belize on what would have been her honeymoon. we've been waufring this charter bus that smashed into a highway overpass. >> the cross country charter was heading from michigan to texas. as eric a reports most were workers. >> reporter: a charter bus carrying 22 people from michigan to texas hit a bridge support,
4:58 pm
sheering off the roof of the bus. >> troopers upon arriving did observe six fatalities and three people were ejected from the bus and one was partially ejected and two of the fatalities were still in the bus. we had six injuries. >> witnesses on the bus described what happened. >> the bus continued along the barrier until it struck the north hills overpass and then after that that is when the bus continued on a few hundred more feet before it stopped. >> reporter: it's believed that 19 of the passengers aboard are migrant workers employed with vasquez citrus and hauling headed to south texas. officials are working with homeland securities to reach the families of the deceased. the national transportation safety board is sending investigators to arkansas and will focus on the possibility of driver fatigue and how passengers were protected in the crash. erica edwards, nbc news. news 4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. now at 5:00, a gun shot
4:59 pm
after a knock at the door and a father answers to find a gun in his face. plus an elaborate plan to steal your money. what police found in one apartment that's now leading to investigations in multiple counties. >> and for the first time news 4 confirms deaths in our area that are linked to synthetic drugs. and we have a team of reporters working the story to explain the impact on you. >> storm team 4 focuses on the big changes for your weekend, but we're going to begin with a knock at the door. what followed led to a father being shot as a young child was inside. let's go right to news 4's chris gordon. he is live along clement road in silver spring. chris? >> reporter: wendy, some of the residents here in this neighborhood have lived here more than 40 years so imagine their shock and surprise when they heard the news that last night at about 7:00, two men walked up to that front door and shot the homeowner.
5:00 pm
>> this afternoon two detectives, a police officer and a friend of the shooting victim who have lived here on occasion entered the house. they left in less than 15 minutes. >> no statement. >> the shooting happened here just before 7:00 last night. montgomery county police responding to an emergency call from a man inside the home. >> they found a 47-year-old man who was suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the body. >> he's been identified by neighbors as joshua bart, a massage therapist who worked out of his house. >> police say bart may be the best witness they have. >> he was able to tell investigators and he answered the door to his residence and he was confronted by two male subjects at the door. a confrontation ensued and one of the subjects shot him, and both subjects then fled


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