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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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deadly in the district. new details overnight about multiple shootings just hours apart. >> a metro bus passenger wails on the driver for asking him to pay the fair. >> a look at when you'll need your umbrella on this saturday. that's coming right up. >> good morning. >> hope you're having a great saturday so far. welcome to news4 today. a little bit of rain overnight. >> this felt like a dream. >> absolutely. what's in store for our saturday. >> check out the 80 degrees
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yesterday afternoon. set a new record in washington for the date. now this saturday morning starting off with a lot of clouds. a little bit of light rain now creeping closer to the metro area. little patches of green. just some scattered very light rain now just east of the blue ridge. warrington getting a sprinkle as well as scattered across charles county. the leading edge of these sprinkles just about coming into fairfax city. some very light rain again. still mild. we're holding in some of that warmth from yesterday. reagan national at 64 degrees. temperatures dropping throughout the day. look at the hour-by-hour timing with this rain coming right up. >> now to a developing story
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this morning. d.c. police investigating two homicides in less than 24 hours. the latest a shooting on 8th street. no word on any suspects. the other homicide happened on hunt place northeast. there's still no word on what led up to the shooting. metro transit police want your help finding a man who attacked a bus driver without warning. a passenger unloaded on the droifr after he boarded without paying his fair. we have a video you'll only see on news4. >> reporter: take a look at this video you're seeing only on 4, a man dressed in a black jacket, jeans, holding a bag, steps on a metro bus and police say he doesn't pay the fair. look what happens just seconds later. the man hits the driver from behind and starts to repeatedly punch him in the face.
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>> what's your reaction when you look at that video? >> it's very alarming. >> reporter: a surveillance camera captured the beating this morning aren't 7:50 on the 90 bus. it could have been a lot worse if this good samaritan didn't step in to help. he rescues the driver, grabs the suspect and pushes him off the bus. tonight, police want your help finding the attacker. 170 metro bus drivers were assaulted on the job between twooef and 2014. this one makes the 69th attack this year. as of today, all new buses that are purchased by metro will come with plastic shields to protect bus drivers. the driver in this attack got a black eye and shattered eye glasses. >> we're a big fan of the shields. it's another type of equipment to protect our operators. >> that was shomari stone
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reporting. if you recognize or have any information on the suspect seen in the video, you are asked to call police. isis has been bragging about taking down that russian jet. the question now is if the evidence supports that isis actually did it. u.s. intelligence officials say they intercepted conversations between isis members and the group's leader in syria. one says the isis group was clearly celebrating. before the jet crash, the isis group warned of something big in the area. investigators from five countries say no technical failure was recorded in either of the plane's black boxes. homeland security is stepping up its efforts to protect commercial planes headed to the united states. jeh johnson says they're expanding jet screenings. britain has grounded all flights to and from the sinai peninsula. police tell us the shooting
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that put a silver spring man in crash. police say he was driving on a row joked license and the car he was in was stolen. >> if you see a big police and emergency vehicle presence at reagan national airport tonight, it is just a drill. parts of the c terminal will be closed off so police can hold training exercises.
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flights during the training will leave and arrive as scheduled. the training is closed off to the public and expected to wrap up around 1:30 tomorrow morning. the d.c. mayor starts her week-long trip to china today. it's meant to build on international business, education, and medical relationships. d.c.'s attorney general wants more on that. he wants that on paper that china agrees it is a problem, synthetic drugs and commits to doing something about it. >> there is great harm in synthetic cab noids. they are manufactured illegally and exported illegally from china. >> so you'll bring up the issue of synthetics? >> i am working in the best way to get it cover. >> this is her first major overseas trip as mayor. they'd like to get the chinese to investigate and shutdown
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illegal drug manufacturing hubs. the working wounded games are in virginia. it's put on by the group cross roads. their mission is to level the playing field for adaptive athletes. close to 100 wounded vets are registered for today's event. >> new developments overnight into the case of a 6-year-old shot and killed in a police chase. the evidence that led police to arrest two of their own. and did he make it all up? dr. ben carson on the defense for accusations that relied in his new book. and he let reporters have it.
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>> more people, they're suing chipotle over a suspected e. coli out break. more than 40 restaurants have been shut down in washington state and the portland area. investigators have found the dna fingerprint in 17 of the cases and expect results monday. >> we are following the latest in the race for the white house. national security and foreign policy were among the big topics at a democratic candidates forum. rachel maddow moderated the event. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley talked about what it would take for them to
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commit u.s. troops to combat. all the candidates agreed that the u.s. should work with a coalition to fight the war in syria and to fight isis. meantime, dr. ben carson is firing back at new controversy. the republican presidential candidate attacked the media. a lot of carson's anger stemmed from a head line in politico that accused carson of fabricating a scholarship offer to west point. carson is calling it a witch hunt. >> they are getting desperate. so next week it will be my teacher who said i peed in my pants. it's ridiculous. >> other reports this week have questioned carson's personal story. and claims about himself when he was a young man before turning his life around. i'll be your friend.
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>> yeah. >> an act of kindness on a night that changed four kids' lives forever. a trooper went above the call of duty when the family needed help the most. let's take a look outside right now. the final touches on your seven-day forecast including when we could be talking about 70s. stay wit if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags. ♪ ♪
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developing in louisiana, two
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officers have been arrested for shating and killing a 6-year-old boy. body camera video helped lead to the arrest of norris greenhouse jr. and derrick stafford. the boy's father was wounded and his son was killed. the officers were both working secondary jobs as city marbles during that shooting. >> it's a story that captured the hearts of many nationwide. this morning, the 18-year-old recently discovered in cleveland just wants to be left alone. julian hernandez's father allegedly took the teen from his mother back in 2002 from alabama. julian released a statement saying he just wants to be a quote, normal 18-year-old, end quote. halloween is one of those holidays were kids a supposed to enjoy having fun and just being a kid.
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for four young children, it was a night they lost their parents in a deadly car crash. jeremy campbell shows us the incredible way a trooper's actions made a world of difference. >> reporter: a joyride in a patrol car on halloween will light up most children's nights. but for those four who had not in an suv crash. >> what's the place we're going to? >> reporter: the ride was a needed distraction. rather than put the four costumed children in state custody, trooper nathan bradley gave them a ride and dinner and he promised a sleepover at the police station. a night so thrilling -- >> you're the best cop ever in the whole world. >> reporter: -- but not one in
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which these children wouldn't think about their parents. bradley held off on delivering the news until it could come from their grandmother the day after halloween. an act of compassion, creating a friendship in loss. >> i've never met any cops that were my friends. >> i'll be your friend. >> the best cop ever friend. trooper bradley says he did suspect the oldest knew something. he said the 13-year-old helped contract his younger siblings that night. a go fund me page has been set up to help the howard family. they've raised more than $400,000. arlington cemetery will be the final resting place for a well-known actress. maureen o'hara will be buried next to her husband. her husband was a brigadier
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general in the air force. she died two weeks ago. happening today, area service members are kicking off the holiday season. a marine corps group will host a toys for to thes stuff the truck event. that's happening today from 10:00 this morning. a lot of us imagine what we would do if we hit the jackpot at a casino. but what if you won $8 million and then you were told it was a mistake. >> that wouldn't be good. >> that's exactly what happened in washington state. a woman saw she won $8 million at the lucky eagle casino. staff then toldat the machine had malfunctioned and her maximum winnings was only $6,000. >> what we have is the casino's declaration there was a malfunction.
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and they took the machine away. so, you know, they're in a position of messing with the evidence. >> well, the casino offered her an all expenses paid weekend instead. but she declined that. she's now considering suing the casino. they comped her breakfast and she said everything was fine after that. >> all she can eat crab legs. >> that is unbelievable. >> it is. $6,000, that's a lot of money. >> 8 million. >> maybe a million would be nice. she might have taken a million. >> how much you give me if we have another day today like we had yesterday? >> i'm afraid it's not going to happen, though. >> i was in flip-flops yesterday. >> it felt kind of weird. wearing shorts in november. >> summer in november. no. it's going to be getting more like november here later today. radar showing that area of light rain is now coming into virginia out of the south and west. the broader area steadier rain
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is way down in the carolinas. the leading edge of that now getting closer to us. just some sprinkles and it's getting closer to washington, too. have an umbrella handy if you're about to head out the door. hour by hour timing, though. steadier showers not in here until around 9:00 this morning. then they drift off to the south and east during the afternoon. the last of the rain will begin to exit the metro area by around 3:00, 4:00. after that, though, we'll have a mostly cloudy sky for the rest of this saturday evening. temperatures right now are mild. we're in the low to mid-60s in the metro area and around the bay. there's the sky over washington now. all cloudy. there's in the foreground nebraska avenue and northwest washington. we'll be in the low 60s here
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through mid-morning, but then the temperature scale will drop down to the upper 50s by later this afternoon. most of the showers gone by around 5:00 p.m. say good-bye to the flip-flops and the shorts, though. you'll need a light jacket by the afternoon. dining out tonight, temperatures in the 50s. jacket weather for this saturday evening. then by dawn on sunday, clear, down to the mid-40s. bright and sunny tomorrow, beautiful day. another cool day on monday, but certainly feeling more like november. we ought to be right near that monday afternoon. pretty chilly on monday. upper 30s. then some mild air returns. back into the mid-60s for highs on tuesday. might get a chancing shower on tuesday. otherwise, partly sunny into the mid-60s. here we go, near 70 again. on wednesday, partly cloudy.
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then a bit cooler. chance of few showers on thursday. back to november-like weather on friday with sunshine and a high right around 60. >> thanks so much. >> i'll take it. get this, a wounded veteran on the verge of suicide, but he finds hope through hand cycling a and an unlikely friend. >> don't forget to watch
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>> welcome back. today, a wounded veteran will continue a journey that has helped rehabilitate his mind and spirit. >> we get introduced to the man and his 12-year-old side kick as they prepare for the no warrior left behind bike ride. >> you just keep going. >> reporter: they're an unlikely duo. omar duran and 12-year-old come ton bailey. they're training together for this weekend's first ever warrior ride. omar, on his hand bike, colton his side kick. >> hopefully i can keep up. if i can, it's going to be great. >> reporter: the ride, this friendship is part of omar's healing. after suffering brain and spinal cord injuries in afghanistan back in 2010, he spent almost three years rehabbing.
6:26 am
>> at that time, i couldn't find an outlet. i was actually on the verge of suicide internally. i mean, i was honestly -- and i tell everybody, i was dazed from it. >> reporter: hand cycling was something he could do. the scenery, people, some days 60 miles can just fly by. >> i can smell fresh air, it wasn't hospital air. i was getting happier. >> reporter: omar lives in florida now. but colton has been here helping his dad plan the ride. >> i applaud him for that. it takes a lot. >> reporter: all the money for wounded warriors. >> it isn't something that you come across every day. some people have trouble getting out of bed every morning. and i think we should help them live life to the fullest. >> reporter: the lure of this
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weekend's ride drew omar north, that 20k loop course. >> i'm excited to race and feel the wounded war yars. >> for this race, training is a bit more fun. >> it's amazing. he's taking his time out. most kids, their free time is all about play and cell phones, electronics in general. he spends his time baking cookies and selling them. >> reporter: omar has a pair limb pick dream. this weekend's ride is one omar doesn't want to win. >> i promised i'd try to at least say hi to every person that went on that ride. and that's what i'm going to do. start at the front and say hi all the way to the back and say thank you. >> reporter: in bethesda, maryland, news4. how about that. >> love it. we're watching storm team 4
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radar where right now it's showing light showers headed this way. will you need rain boots for brunch? >> and when investigators are focusing on about a driver that could explain why a charter bus ran off the road in arkansas killing some passengers an board. >> and how a lo
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it's 6:30.
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here are the top stories this morning. investigators from five countries say no technical failure was recorded in either of the downed russian plane's black boxes. isis conversations were intercepted. d.c. police investigating two homicides in the last 24 hours. a man was killed here on hunt place and northeast. another man was shot and killed this morning on 8th street and northwest. investigators say the man you see right here simply did not feel like paying, so he started punching the bus driver after being asked to pay his fair. he broke the driver's glasses and gave him a black eye. it happened at north capital and p street northwest. welcome in. hope you're having a great saturday morning so far. >> we do have a really touching story coming up this half hour. >> yeah, a 6-year-old was a high
6:32 am
school senior for a day. it was a dream come true for his mother who's battling cancer and wanted to see him play in his senior game. >> we're going to tell you how the whole community made this possible. but first, we do want to talk about what's going on with your weather. tom's talking temperature drop, also rain drops. >> we going to need the umbrella today, tom? >> yes. this morning and during the afternoon. the storm team 4 radar showing the leading edge of rain tting closer to the metro area. the bulk of the steadier rain is way down here southwest of roanoke. we have out ahead of that a few scattered sprinkles across virginia, stafford and response vein ya getting a have you sprinkles. madison and green getting a few of these sprinkles. getting a few of them here in
6:33 am
montgomery county. grab an umbrella as you're heading out the door this morning. you might need a light jacket. we've held steady in the low to mid-60s overnight. the hour by hour timing on this day for the rain ahead and a look rat your forecast in a few minutes. driver fatigue could have been the cause of a terrible crash in arkansas. six people were killed in this crash. they say fatigue is the initial focus of the crash. now, the bus ferrying migrant farm workers from michigan to texas went off the highway. this weekend, a family is renewing their effort to find the man who killed their father and then took off. zahoor khan tied in a hit-and-run accident last sunday. >> reporter: 60-year-old zahoor khan came to the u.s. from
6:34 am
pakistan a lifetime ago and found the american dream in fairfax county. >> he loved his family, faith, and the redskins. >> reporter: no one knows exactly why he was crossing the busy road near his home in the alexandria area about 10:45 sunday night. he was halfway across the road when he was struck by what witnesses describe as a white vehicle similar to these images provided by fairfax county police. the vehicle kept going. the victim's son is a popular d.c. area radio dj. he says his dad took tremendous pride in the educational accomplishments of his children. >> those were big deals to him. he was beaming at those things. he was beaming at our personal accomplishments. >> reporter: police will return to the 5,600 block sunday evening around the same time to hand out these flyers and look
6:35 am
for information that could lead to the person responsible. >> whoever did this, you know, it's got to be weighing on your conscience. do the right thing. if anybody even driving on the road knows a bit of the license plate or anything, contact the authorities. >> tomorrow marks a week since khan's death. police are asking anyone with more information to give them a call. developing in texas, a state judge is expected to recover from being shot in her own driver. police say the district judge was taken to a hospital early this morning. officials say she suffered an extremely serious injury, but she's now stable and showing improvement. police are working to find a suspect. the so called forever loyal bandit strikes again. police say it is the suspect's fifth bank robbery since 2014. here are the new surveillance
6:36 am
pictures. you can see he's not wearing the shirt police are used to seeing. but police tell us he approached a teller and pulled out a note implying that he had a weapon. the teller handed over the money, and then the man ran. the fbi is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information leading to this man's arrest and conviction. president obama is defending his decision to reject the keystone pipeline. the president says the pipeline would not have lowered gas prices or made the united states less dependent on foreign oil. >> keystone! >> environmental lists cheered that decision while republicans were kick to attack saying the project would have created more jobs. the president's decision comes as he gets ready for a meeting in paris. this morning, we are learning the supreme court will take up a new challenge to the president's health care law. the court will consider whether the nation's religious
6:37 am
affiliated schools and charities should be exempt from the contraceptive mandate. the supreme court will hear the cases next year with a decision expected by late june. a new effort to protect you from predatory tow companies and it could save you some money. he says his own school is the reason why he's living on the streets. the
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welcome back. this morning, there's a new effort to protect you from predatory tow companies. the house passed a transportation bill that closes a loophole. for years local governments have unabeenle to regulate towing companies allowing them to overcharge and aggressively look
6:40 am
for cars to tow. the new plan forbids towing companies from using spotters and requires business owners to preapprove every tow from their lot. cross-town rivals came together to accomplish something incredible this week. senior girls from wood grove high school and allow don valley high took on each other for a powder puff football fundraiser. few years ago, their community was torn by teen suicides. >> there are two incidents within the communicate that were very trabgic and they impacted this community more than anything else ever could. >> it's grown into an annual tradition. you can find much more information on our website. you're going to want to keep an eye on the forecast and the news with the nbc washington app. today, storm team 4 is going to tell us about rain chances.
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welcome back. the "today" show tomming up next. >> erika hill and craig melvin joining us live from new york. congrats on the marathon. >> thank you very much. i've run two marathons now. my first and my last. >> i was like really, when did
6:44 am
you run another one? that's amazing. good morning guys, just ahead, two louisiana marshals are under arrest in the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy killed in a barrage of bullets while riding in the front seat of his dad's car. also ahead, the controversy surrounding donald trump's hosting appearance tonight on "saturday night live" and why he has already refused to do some of the sketches. plus, a couple meets online only to discover they actually have a past together. >> great story. >> and al roker on the road for day two of rokerthon. this morning, he joins us live from alaska. all that and lots more when we get started on a saturday morning here on "today". >> nice to see he got hawaii out of the way. >> by the way, i think that the
6:45 am
rokerthonpromo is perhaps the best ever. >> see ya. >> howard university is still one of the top trending topics on twitter. you have probably seen that hash tag homeless at howard. a student says he is forced to live on the street after school officials revoked his housing privileges. he snuck students in to his dorm celebrating his roommate's birthday. jawanza says he recognizes what he did wrong, but this is a first offense. he tried reasoning with school officials. >> everybody else before me has gotten off with a warning or even a relocation to another dorm. my housing campus wide has been terminated. i'm from feem. i don't have family in the area. where am i going to go? they had nothing to say. >> howard university responded
6:46 am
to news4 saying university policies are in force to help ensure the safety and security of everyone on our campus. any violation of howard university policies is taken seriously and appropriate action is taken to mitigate risks. day bay won't be a baby panda much longer. >> yes, yes. >> he's going to grow. >> still always a baby. you've got to see how much he is growing though at the national zoo. because we love pulling up the panda cam, why not. here he is right there. definitely getting a little more plump. >> did we position him? that's great they're posing for the camera so early for us on a saturday morning. >> he's also not afraid to let the zoo staff know he's around. >> nice. >> the zoo says his teeth are starting to come in and his legs are getting stronger.
6:47 am
>> can we get that one more time. >> can you roll that back? is that possible? >> i like that. >> all right. here we go. >> i could sit here and watch it all day. we have to go from the panda to tom. you're cute too. >> good luck following that, tom. >> nice day to go maybe to the zoo, check it out. >> right. we like that. this is great. didn't last very long. overnight, we did hold in some of the warm temperatures. we're in the 60s now. later today, it's going to get back to feeling more like november. storm team 4 radar showing light rain across northern virginia. the steadier rain is still way down in the southwest of virginia into the carolinas. leading edge of the rain, very light sprinkles now coming into the metro area. maybe getting a little bit wet along 66, 95, along the beltway
6:48 am
in maryland and virginia. a closer view showing this area of light green. just a few sprinkles here, across fairfax and down 95 through woodbridge and prince william. timing on a few steadier showers moving in around mid-morning. and then later in the day, the general area of the rain, all this in green, that's what's going to be tracking off to the east and pulling away from us. and then a gradual drying from west to east by late afternoon. we'll have much of the rain in southern maryland continuing to pull away from the metro area. so we'll gradually dry out during the afternoon. maybe a few breaks in the clouds overnight tonight. temperatures right now, in the low to mid-60s. much milder than we expect on a november morning. there's the sky over washington now.
6:49 am
live view from the tower camera overlooking northeast washington in the distance. the clouds are producing a few scattered sprinkles. a little bit instead engineer through mid-morning, but still in the 60s. by noontime, back down to near 60. by 3:00 p.m., the upper 50s. all this rain ending by around 4:00, 5:00 in the metro area. have an umbrella handy today. you'll maybe need a light jacket this afternoon and evening along with pants. and post your pictures. i took this one couple days ago. a lot of leaves are down now. many of the leaves of course are getting wet now. tomorrow ought to be a good day to rake leaves. dining out tonight, you'll need a jacket. sunny tomorrow and cool. we'll be in the mid to upper 50s. sunshine monday.
6:50 am
tuesday might get a shower. highs mid-60s. veterans day on wednesday. near 70 again and a chance of a few showers moving in after that on thursday. cooler friday with sunshine. high near 60. well, a national program to feed needy families is now operating in fairfax county thanks to a new program at george mason university. >> reporter: extra food from the dining halls at george mason university will no longer go to waste. the campus kitchen project is turning yesterday's leftovers into today's lunch. they're one of 49 universities all over the country participating in the program. students back and deliver about 50 meals a week. >> i did culinary arts in high school and i wanted to get back into the kitchen. it was also a fun way to help those in need.
6:51 am
>> reporter: sodexo is the food services company behind the program. >> it's actually a complete meal. it comes from a dining program. we pride ourselves here on a great meal program. the food's a little heartier. >> for the shelter, with food donations, it cuts our food costs down. it also allows us then to reallocate money to go into rapid rehousing allowing us to place families back into their own house. >> reporter: plans in the work to built a facility at mason and classes that teach cooking and nutrition. senior for a day. a 6-year-old tackles on the turf with high schooler and it's a dream come true for a mother battling cancer and cheering from the sidelines. >> i want him to remember me and have it writ
6:52 am
who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom.
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a maryland mother battling a deadly form of cancer fears she may not be around to see her son play high school football. >> with the help of a special team, she was able to get a chance to see her 6-year-old son honored on senior night. >> reporter: at 6 years old, life should be simple. for c.j. burke, it's all about
6:55 am
football and the mom and dad who will do anything for him. his mom has stage four breast cancer. >> she's -- she's the best person i know in the world. >> reporter: treatments have not worked and doctors tell the young mom she may not be around long enough to do the things most parents assume they will, like see her little boy grow up, play high school football, and be honored at senior night. >> she's the most incredible person i've ever met. >> reporter: the coach's father lost a battle with cancer three years ago. >> it was devastating for me at this age and for this young man at 6 years old, i can't imagine what him and his family are going through. >> reporter: so the team let c.j. go through practice with the varsity players on thursday and run a few special plays drawn up for him.
6:56 am
special plays at practice are great, but what happened on game night was pretty special, too. before the game, the team let melissa and c.j. have the senior night moment more than a decade ahead of schedule. >> this is an experience that will go forever, that will outlive me and melissa. c.j. will get to have this forever. it's priceless. >> reporter: melissa agreed to talk to us after the senior walk. it's a moment she'll include in a memoir she's writing for c.j. to read some day. >> i want him to remember me and have it written that i wasn't just, you know, a sick mom. we had these other years and did a lot of great things. >> good for c.j. there. >> that is really special. chokes you up. >> definitely. he looked awesome in his pads.
6:57 am
>> what a team and a great coach, too. good luck to the family and that mom. >> absolutely. that's going to do it for news4 today. we'll be back in 25 minutes with a local news update. >> please join us again at 8:30 this morning. we're on 30 minutes early. until then, have a great day. ♪ ♪ maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you.
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make each day a little better. shop t.j.maxx... and maxx life! if yit's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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good morning. under arrest. two louisiana marshals charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy riding in his dad's car when the pursuit began. >> he did not deserve to die. >> the officers describe the body camera footage as the most disturbing. and new reports isis fighters warned something big was going to happen before the russian jet crashed, but celebrated. this morning, tens of thousands of passengers remain stranded in egypt and in this country, air security stepped up. under fire. reic


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