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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 7, 2015 8:30am-9:01am EST

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closer to us. there's the first wave that came on through. right now it's kind of breaking up a bit. all of this now exiting charles, st. mary's over the next half hour. there's the rain coming right up the 81 corridor. that's going to be moving in. that should be perhaps around 10:00, 11:00 this morning. metro area temporarily drying out. we are in the low and mid-60s. a look at the timing in just a few minutes. developing this morning, it has been a deadly 24 hours in the district. police are investigating two homicides right now. one late friday afternoon on hunt place in northeast and the latest happening this morning on 8th street in northwest. that's where we find derek ward live for us this morning. what have you found out, derek? >> reporter: let's tell you what we got here right now. we're in the 700 block of s street northwest in the shaw
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area of northwest d.c. police have been holding this crime scene since about 2:00 this morning. it was about 2:25 when police got the call of gunfire. when they got here, they found a man who had been shot. we are told that that person has died. no lookout for suspects. they are now waiting for the light of day to canvas this crime scene. you're going to experience some street closures along s street here in the 700 block. you might want to work your way around that. again, this is apparently the 138th homicide in the district this year. crime scene still remains in place. we will bring you more details as they become available. here's what we know. an adult male shot and killed here in the 800 block of s street northwest. back to you. >> derek ward for us live this morning. now metro transit police
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need your help finding a man who attacked a bus driver without warning. earlier yesterday morning, a passenger unloaded on a driver after he boarded without paying his fair. shamarry stone has the video. >> reporter: take a look at this video you're seeing only on 4. a man dressed in a black jacket, jeans, steps on a metro bus and doesn't pay the fare. look what happens just seconds later. the man hits the driver from behind and starts to repeatedly punch him in the face. what's your reaction, chief? >> it's very alarming. this is something our bus operators have to deal with. >> reporter: a surveillance captured the beating this morning around 7:50 on the 90 bus. it could have been a lot worse if this good samaritan didn't step in to help. he rescues the driver, grabs the
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suspect and pushes him off the bus. tonight, police want your help finding the attacker. 170 metro bus drivers were assaulted on the job between 2011 and 2014. this one makes the 69th attack this year. we've learned as of today, all new buses that are purchased by metro will come with plastic shields to protect bus drivers. the driver in this attack got a black eye and shattered eye glasses. >> the shields definitely protect our operators. no different than a hard sole shoe, protective gloves. >> if you do recognize or have any information on that suspect you saw in that video, please call police. isis has been bragging about taking down that russian jet. the question now is if the evidence supports that they actually did it. u.s. intelligence officials say they intercepted conversations between isis members in the sinai peninsula and the group's
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leaders in syria. one official says the isis group was clearly celebrating and talking about how they brought down the plane. before the jet crashed, the isis group warned of something big in that area. investigators from five countries say no technical fair you're was recorded in the plane's black boxes. homeland security is stepping up its efforts to protect commercial planes headed to the united states. secretary jeh johnson says they're expanding screenings. britain has grounded all flights to and from the sinai peninsula. police tell us the shooting that put a silver spring man in the hospital after two men knocked on his door was not random. you first saw this story right here on news4 thursday night. the victim's 7-year-old son was at home at the time of that shooting. he wasn't hurt. neighbors worry for him because his mother died last year. this morning, police have
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identified four people who escaped after a chase along the fairfax county parkway. but they're still looking for them, and they say the four may have been breaking into cars the night before. officers took a suspected driver into custody yesterday after that chase ended in a crash. police say he was driving on a revoked license. if you see a big police and emergency vehicle presence at reagan national airport tonight, it's just a drill. parts of the c terminal and the departures level will be closed off so police can hold training exercises. flights during the training will leave and arriveas scheduled. the training is closed off to public. it is expected to wrap up around 1:30 tomorrow morning. the d.c. mayor starts her week-long trip to china today. this trip is meant to build on international business, education, and medical relationships. the mayor also plans to bring up the issue of synthetic drugs.
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d.c.'s attorney general wants more than that. he wants it on paper that china agrees that synthetic drugs are a problem and commits to doing something about it. >> there is great harm in synthetic cabnoids. they are manufactured illegally and exported illegally from china. >> reporter: so you'll bring up the issue of synthetics. >> i am working in the best way to get it covered. >> this is her first major overseas trip as mayor. d.c.'s attorney general says he'd like the chinese to agree to investigate and shut down illegal manufacturing hubs. >> the working wounded games are in virginia. the one of of a kind competition is put on the group crossroads. their mission is to level the playing field for adaptive athletes. close to 100 wounded vets are registered for today's event. coming up, new developments overnight into the case of a
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6-year-old shot and killed in a police chase. the evidence that led police to arrest two of their own. and did he make it all up? dr. ben carson on the defense for accusations that he lied in his new book. and he let reporters have it.
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more people are suing chipotle over a suspected e. coli outbreak. more than 40 chipotle restaurants have been shut down in washington state and the portland area while they search for a cause. they have found the dna fingerprint in 17 of the cases. we are following in the race for the white house. a national security and foreign policy were among the big topics at a democratic candidates forum
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that some of you may have watched on nbc last night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and former maryland governor martin o'malley all talked about what it would take for them to commit u.s. troops to combat. all of the candidates agreed the u.s. should work with a coalition to fight isis. meanwhile, ben carson is firing back at new controversy. he says credit itics are questi his path. the presidential candidate attacked the media. a lot of the anger stemmed from a head line in politico that accused him of fabricating a scholarship offer to west point. >> they are getting desperate. so next week, it will be my kindergarten teacher who said i peed in my pants. >> other report this is week have questioned carson's personal story and friends he
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had as a young man before turning his life around. i've never met any cops that are my friends. >> i'll be your friends. >> an act of kindness on a night that changed four kids' lives forever. the incredible way a trooper went above the call of duty when a family needed help the most. >> and let's take a look outside. tom's putting the final touches on the seven-day forecast. on the seven-day forecast. including when we could be
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welcome back. developing in louisiana, two officers have been arrested for shooting and killing a 6-year-old boy. body camera video helped need to the arrest of norris greenhouse jr. and lieutenant derrick stafford. the two officers are accused of shooting at the boy's father, jeremy mardis in a car. it's not clear why the officers were chasing him. the officers were both working secondary jobs as city marshals during that shooting. it's a story that has captured the hearts of many nationwide. but this morning, the 18-year-old recently discovered in cleveland after he was reported missing 13 years ago just wants to be left alone. julian hernandez's father allegedly took the teen from his mother back in 2002 from alabama. julian released a statement saying he just wants to be a
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normal 18-year-old. halloween is one of those holidays where kids are supposed to enjoy having fun and just being a kid. for four young children, it was the night they lost their parents in a deadly car crash. jeremy campbell shows us the incredible way a trooper's actions made a world of difference. >> reporter: a joyride in a patrol car on halloween will light up most children's nights. but for these four who had not yet been told their parents died in an suv crash -- >> what's the place we're going to? >> reporter: -- the ride was a needed distraction. rather than put the four cost e costumed children in state custody, trooper nathan bradley gave them a ride and dinner. and he promised a sleepover at the police station. >> the surprise is here!
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>> reporter: a night so thrilling. >> you're the best cop ever in the whole world. >> reporter: but not one in which their children wouldn't think about their parents. bradley held off on delivering the news until it could come from their grandmother the day after halloween. an act of compassion, creating a friendship in loss. >> i've never met any cops that were my friends. >> i'll be your friend. >> yeah! >> the best cop ever friend. >> trooper bradley says he did suspect the oldest knew something. he said the 13-year-old helped distract his younger siblings that night. a go fund me page has been set up to help the howard family. they have raised more than $400,000. arlington cemetery will be the final resting place for a well-known actress.
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maureen o'hara will be buried next to her husband on monday. her husband was a brigadier general in the air force. o'hara died two weeks ago at the age of 95. area service members are kicking off the holiday season. a marine corps group will host a toys for tots stuff the truck event. you can drop off any toys you want at 9407 livingston road. a lot of us imagine what would we do if we hit the jackpot, but what if you won $8 million and then you were told it was all a mistakhjb' that's exactly what happened in washington state. a woman said she won $8 million at the lucky eagle casino. she went over to claim winnings and then the staff told her the machine had malfunctioned and the maximum winnings was only
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$6,000. >> what we have is the casino's declaration there was a malfunction. we don't know that and they took the machine away. they're in a position of messing with the evidence. >> the casino offered her an all expenses paid weekend instead, but she declined that. she's now considering suing the casino. >> i would have been like, i'll leave when the $8 million shows up. >> yes. not taking that machine anywhere. what i do wonder if she -- in a moment like that, i wonder if she took pictures of it so at least she has evidence of it. >> looks like that's the video we have. maybe her cell phone. >> okay. >> said 8 million. >> holy moly. >> we hit the jackpot yesterday for november. touch of summer in november yesterday. now it's feeling like november again as the tempatures have dropped back overnight but still remain fairly mild. one wave of light rain come
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through and another wave is about to come three as the leaves are all wet this morning. all you're goung -- the leaf blower is going to blow dry the leaves. >> you can try the blow-dryer. >> right now, they're going to get wet again. another wave of rain coming out of the shenandoah valley. about to cross into loudon county. there's that first wave we had come through this morning. that's now in southern maryland. that will be exiting st. mary's over the next half our or so. this stretches all the way down 81 to harrisonburg and charlottesville. metro area briefly drying out, but the pavement is still damp from that first wave of rain that did come on through. if you have plans for a soccer game, high school, college football games today, showers
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this afternoon. bring a poncho. have an umbrella handy. that next wave of rain coming in around 11:00. by noontime, it begins to sink off to the south and east. by 3:00, much of it exiting the metro area. lingering light showers in southern maryland and across the eastern shore. by 5:00, most of it is all gone. we'll begin to dry out. temperatures right now are in the low and mid-60s. so a fairly mild start from the bay all the way to shenandoah valley. beginning to get chilly out in oakland right now. down to just 41. that's the cooler air that will move in later today. there's our slight gray sky. temperature graph usually climbs. it's going to be dropping as we get into the afternoon. mid-50s by sunset which today is at an early 5:02.
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umbrella handy this afternoon. you won't need the shorts and flip-flops anymore. long pants too during the afternoon because of a cool pattern coming in. before the rain arrived yesterday afternoon, i biked this section of the toe path. i had to dismount my bike and take this photo. this is near mile post 51. football weather this afternoon, it does look like it's going to be damp. we'll be near 60 degrees. tonight, drying out. you'll need a jacket. then by dawn sunday down to the 40s. sunshine, sunny, tomorrow beautiful day. good day to rake the leaves or bike the toe path. and then on monday near 60 after a chilly start in the 30s. mild again tuesday, wednesday. 60s to near 70s. veterans day right now, partly cloudy near 70. few more showers maybe thursday. that's the way it looks.
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coming up, the incredible story of a brave girl fighting cancer and how technology is helping her stay
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this next story is pretty amazing. we don't have the drugs to rid the world of cancer just yet, but we do have thetechnology allowing a child being treated for cancer to transport herself
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back to a safe and happy place. >> a little girl in montgomery county is showing us how. >> i press it and then you can see that it starts connecting. >> reporter: oh, i do. oh, my gosh. is that us? payton walton is on mission control, driving around a robot that allows her to virtually be anywhere she can't be. >> my mom made it up. >> reporter: payton's awesome virtual self is going to be taking over in a few days when payton heads to new york to get treatment for her cancer. she'll be gone for five weeks, but not really. because of this, payton will virtually still go to class, socialize with her friends, travel the halls with the help of this device from double robotics. >> they see that robot in the hallway, that's payton. she's here and with us and will
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engage in the school day just like the rest of them. >> the benefit has been huge. payton is able to have a little bit more a ton my in her education. she has control over her day-to-day activities. >> reporter: she'll run it off an ipad that syncs up with a robot. and her classmates can talk to her, like normal. >> what are you guys -- >> reporter: payton and her classmates got the hang of it rather quickly. >> payton's been so great on her end. >> reporter: yet there is still on a bit of a learning curve. >> try not to crash into the walls. >> reporter: like payton, it can handle a bump in the road. >> just move it around and hope that i have a good wi-fi signal. >> reporter: poolville has proved to be a special hot spot for payton and her family.
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she's the new kid in town. and the cancer, it just introduced itself a few months ago as well. a lot for a 10-year-old to handle. and then her mom learned of this robot. >> with cancer there is no time to make lengthy decisions. >> reporter: it cost about $3,000 and payton's new friends came up with the money. >> it's technology. what 10-year-old does not love technology? >> reporter: there is a very cool factor to all of this. as a bunch of 10-year-olds learned that no matter where payton goes, she will still be with them. >> that's incredible to learn more about the robot, open our nbc washington app right now. we are watching storm team 4 radar right there. light showers are headed this way. will you need those rain boots
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for brunch? tom is timing out the rain hour by hour. and what investigators are focusing on about a driver that could explain why a charter bus ran off the road in arkansas. >> and how a local high school mad
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taking a look now at our top story. d.c.


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