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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 8, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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four tower camera. off in the distance is montgomery county. we have a few wispy high clouds. if you think you've got a lot of leaves, there's still more to come. a lot of these trees still holding onto their leaves. more to come down. a good day to do some raking. temperatures by noontime should be in the mid-50s and then bright sunshine hovering near 60 degrees around 2:00, 3:00 or so. then by 6:00 it drops back down to the mid-50s and getting chilly by mid evening down to the low 50s down to the clear sky. right around the region we have temperatures around mid morning. hovering near 50 degrees around the bay and around shenandoah valley. a look at our next chances for rain coming up in a few minute sthoos we're following a developing story in prince george's county. a shooting on 17th place sent one man to the hospital. we're told he has life-threatening injuries.
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police tell us it happened off riggs road. police have not released any suspect information. and then about an hour be ever that, someone shot three people on morris avenue. this is also in prince morris county. it wasn't too far from the shopping center in suitland. police say the gunman walked up to the group and started shooting. you can see all the evidence markers police set down to keep track of the casings. all are expected to be okay. investigators are looking to solve the mystery of what brought down the rugz jetliner focusing on sound particularly in the last second of audio heard on the cockpit voice recorder. bill neely reporting on new evidence that suggests a bomb could have taken down that plane. >> reporter: flowers in the desert where so many died. search teams paying tribute as investigators spoke for the first time about the plane's last moment. 43:14. >> at that moment on the cockpit
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voice recorder, the cvr, something extraordinaire. every fraction of that sunday noise will now be analyzed and compared with the sound of other crashes. >> listen to it against cataloged explosions to see whether or not this was an explosive device that created this sound or it was the sound of an in-flight breakup. >> reporter: garretts say they don't yet know what caused the crash. the wreckage alone doesn't tell that for now. investigators suggesting even a passenger's lithium battery could have caused this. forensic evidence will be crucial. >> the number one most important thing is testing the residue of the airliner to try to see whether there's any kind of traces of explosive. >> reporter: isis claims it downed the plane to avenge
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russia's bombing of syria. british officials believe it may have been an inside job. a bomb smuggled into the cargo hold. they say parts of the plane still missing. bad weather here hampering the search. and the appeal to the u.s. and other countries to pass on any intelligence they had that might help find the cause. bill neely, nbc news, sharm el sheikh egypt. >> meanwhile defense secretary ash carter says russia is endangering world order. during his speech at the reagan presidential library, carter said they're looking for creative ways to search for aggression in the ukraine. he says he's also concerned about china's military influence beyond its own shores. >> we do have an alert.
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they'll have a ponding issue. this is happens from fox hall road to arizona avenue until 5:00 p.m. be careful if you're driving, biking, or walking anywhere knee near the work zone. a howard university student found himself homeless when he was kicked out of student housing. he he got off the street and found a new home. please get off the welcome mat. no, seriously. the surprise visitor who showed up on one guy's doorstep, refus
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oh, oh, boy. >> the video first showed up on facebook. the reptile camped out for quite
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some time before animal control arrived. animal control was able to wrangle that 10-foot gator without anyone getting hurt. >> it's not like you can shoo him away. >> no. it's not like a fly, sure isn't. new this morning a man is behind bars after a chase in southern california. nearly 20 officers chasing the man through the streets of santa ana. he even shot at police. it started when police tried to pull him over for a traffic violation. they lead him on a slow-speed chase. >> we have an update now on the hash tag homeless at howard. 18-year-old jawanza ingram will have a place to live for the rest of the semester. the sunt was evicted on tuesday after he let some fellow students in through an emergency door to celebrate a roommate's birthday. this is against school's policy. yesterday we learn thad a howard grad student had an apartment up for rent and is now allowing ingram to stay in the apartment for the rest of the semester
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renlts-free. it's a story that's been lighting up the nbc washington package. want to know what you think about this latest development. head on over to our facebook page to weigh in. it's one of the hardest tranning programs. >> let's take a look outside the window on this sunday morning. pretty crisp out there. tom's updating his
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right now hundreds in our area are getting free dental care. close to 1,000 people are expected to take part. it's the first one in the district. "news4's" tracee wilkins is live. >> oh, yeah, there are a lot of people here. they have a reason to smile this morning because we're talking free dental care. let me show you how they have this all laid out in the d.c. convention center. right behind me, that's where folks can check in, talk with the people here and find out a little bit about their dental history so they can direct them to the station that's going to serve them best. this is one of the stations here where they do an early checkup and just quickly take a look and see what folks are dealing with. and then if you come around this way, you can see they have an entire triage unit.
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they're doing everything here from dental extractions to fills to whatever you can think of. they are doing it here and they're doing it for free as a part of the american dental association's last day here. they had the convention this week and we're joimed here with sally graham, a spokesperson for adc. this is so important especially here at d.c. >> it's incredible. over 7,500 people this year alone are expected not to see a dentist. we're giving care to some of the most popular nations in our city and it's an opportunity to educate people. almost 100% is preventible. we're getting them out of pain. trying to get them yoorally healthy. find a dental home for their family and children so they can enjoy the benefits of good oral health which we know has an
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effect of overall health. >> reporter: you were telling me some of these folks have come from shelters. some of them are homeless folks in d.c. some are getting the opportunity to get dental care who would normally not have it. >> absolutely, tracee. there are a lot of people who are not getting dental care. it maybe they're not able to get time off from work. that's the important thing. they work through the public net. they do a lot with prevention. >> reporter: this is going to be going until 5:30 this evening. a free opportunity. you can even get dentures and
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they'll hook you up with a doctor who starts to work today. back to you. >> great opportunity. thanks so much. >> definitely. now a group of wing training for a ranger challenge. this is amazing. it's a competition that can let them know if they have what it takes. >> "news4's" darcy spencer shows us the rigorous test. dwarcy. >> they start with a belly crawl. they're up against dozens of other universities.
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this year they're changing each other. alexandria dean. >> i actually felt like i wanted to throw up. i never got to that point working out before. >> they're if first two to graduate this summer. this is a taste of what it's like. >> we're measuring up well. we're pulling our weight. we have to just be with each other, motivate each other and we're not seeing each other l s lesser than anybody else. >> i knew some day if we opened it it would be interesting. i know for a fact i'm going to do it. >> but first rising to the ranger challenge, whether it's
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flipping this nearly 200-pound tire across the field, or hitting the target they need to stand out in all aspects of the competition. they're making these tasks look a lot easier than what they are. this is the incline wall. you're not even supposed to step in here. let's see how far i can get. i can jump up. >> they look to see where they need to train and be more competitive. the competition also requires teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking. the challenge is rigorous and holds the cadets to their fullest physical ability. juan's young daters came to cheer him on. we asked is there a military career or rachlger school possibly in their career?
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>> when they grow up may they could be a soldier. if they choz to be, by all means. >> keep going. >> just to let you know the university of maryland teamdy not win any awards at the competition but the women say they're so eager to get back to training and try again next year and that's the wing spirit. that's what it's all about. >> absolutely. cool competition. >> they won an award for attending. great day to get out and get exercise. we've got the sunshine bk finally and no more excuse not to rake the leaves though leaves continue to come down. there are more to come. more to come. we'll get increasing sunshine. looking east of the capital. a live view from our capital
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camera. a chilly morning now but a cool sunny invigorating afternoon and then we have some rain chances for the week ahead. so great day to get out and get some exercise. temperatures by 10:00, the low 50s. mid-50s by noontime. then upper 50s. mid 60s by 3:00. then by sunset, we'll be right back into the mid 50s. post your pictures like this one. this view from skyline drive showing all of the leaves gone. this morning the skyline drive camera from shenandoah valley still a great place to go hiking. you won't see any. today have your long sleeves. forget your shorts and umbrella. we'll have the cool weather with us throughout the day ahead. right now it's around 50 in nearby neighborhoods as well as right around the bay. shenandoah valley around 40. it's around 40 degrees there up above 2,000 feet.
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up in the mountains, upper 40s. all dry, no rain on "storm team 4" radar. "storm team 4" forecast we'll have afternoon highs around 60 with high clouds drifting east of us. during the afternoon, a clear start monday morning. it will be cold at the bus stop. we'll be in the mid to upper 30s. afternoon to upper highs on monday upper 50s as clouds close back in. we'll have pressure giving us rain likely on mound night. might end up with half an inch of rain. still rather cool. temperatures around tuesday. highs reaching the mid to outer 50s on wednesday afternoon. thursday, a front sweeping through highs, low 60s. then friday, sunshine, near 60.
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chilly and dry as we get into next weekend. saturday's highs may only reach the low 50s with snipe. that's the way it looks. >> thanks a lot. tom. like it or not, the holiday shopping season has already started. why some stores are having trouble with those new chip credit cards and the new problems customers are left to solve themselves. the upcoming week will will be a big debate with both parties having televised showdowns. >> that's right. on tuesday they'll gather in washington for the debate which will be the fourth of the sickle and there are some changes. >> that's right. according to the debate criteria, chris christie and mike huckabee have been relegated to the under card debate and senator lindsey graham and former new york governor george pataki won't be on any stage at all. >> and them on november 14th the
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democrats will square off far their second debate in iowa. there have been changes here. >> two have dropped out leaving ernie sanders, hillary clinton, and martin
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who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
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welcome back. you're likely going to reach for a credit card when you go shopping. you may have already. there's a chip designed to protect you. >> there's a lot of confusion on how and when to use it. erica gonzalez shows us why. >> reporter: you can all right hear the sound of the season and the holiday decor is already up but are retailers really ready for the onslaught of shoppers? >> holiday shopping this year is going to be more complex. >> alex johnson is with the research institute that advises the banking and payment industry. >> we could see much slower lines this year just because everyone is gets used to using the new technology. >> to get a firsthand look of how technology works and what happens when it doesn't, my producer and i stepped out and we used a cell phone to record
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the experience. >> at this target. >> 15 seconds. not bad. >> remember, most chipped credit card chips issued in the u.s. do not have a p.i.n. number but some corporate cards used. we used our company credit card but had never been asked for a p.i.n. number before. let me call my bake. >> i couldn't complete the transaction. i couldn't make a purchase. we called the store's corporate officers for clarification. best buy says it has been processing chip card transactions in the d.c. area for more than a month but o'retailers missed the october
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1st deadline to have it working so that means the stores, not banks, are liable if your card information is compromised. barnes & noble told us it will be installed just after the hoilsd. t.j. maxx told us it's processing cards but it doesn't have the exact date when technology will be working. different stores. different checkout procedures. >> pack your patience. erica gonzalez, "news4." >> you will need a p.i.n. to use that card if it has a chip in it. we're following a developing story. several people in lan ham evacuated after this building started shaking. what happens after a shoot-out. the unlikely way cops cornered two suspected killers. it's definitely feeling like
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november. take a live look outside. what you can expe
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today's top stories. a man has life-threatening injuries. the shooting happened just off riggs road last night. we don't have any information on a suspected gunman. >> sound could solve the mystery of what brought down a russian
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jetliner. authorities say they're investigating a noise heard on the cockpit recorder. road repairs. down the avenue. crews are trying to fix a ponding issue. drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians are asked to use caution when near the work zone. time right now, 9:30 on the dot. thanks for joining us. it's time to check on the forecast. >> yes. "storm team 4" meteorologist tom kierein. is it crisp out there? >> reporter: it is. a lot of leaves. me without a rake. too bad. a beautiful blue sky. a little bit of a breeze and quite a chill. you see a lot of leaves still on the trees. that's a live view from our tower camera looking off to the west. your hour-by-hour forecast for the day ahead. by noontime we ought to be in the mid-50s. beautiful afternoon. great day to get out and get some exercise. up around 60 by mid afternoon.
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then back down to the mid-50s. low 50s by 9:00 p.m. right now feels nice in the sun. in the shade it's quite chilly. nearby suburbs, near 50. it's in the 40s. just took a gorgeous photo on the deck. posted that on twitter. check that out. check out the washington app and follow the "storm team 4" weather. that's the way it looks. >> we've got a developing story this morning in lanham. several people rushed out of their apartment. prince george's county fire said they felt shaking and cracks starting appeared in her walls and shaking. he could see outside through a crack in the top floor apparentment. they evacuated it. no one got hurt. they're still working to find out why the building was shaking in the first place. montgomery county police arrested three teenagers for
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what they call an investigation. they shout roberto cruz in the woods near down tour lane last sunday night. they spotlighted the victim's body. investigators say the suspects are associated with the gaming. all three are facing murder charges. police trying to figure out what led up to that shooting. >> this morning we've learned the name of a victim in the northeast homicide. d.c. police say he was shot on hunt place. uhl died in the hospital. this morning d.c. homicide investigators investigating the former aide to russian president vladimir putin. he was found dead incise hids hotel room. russian authorities say he died of a heart attack on thursday. d.c. police say while there's no evidence of foul play, investigators are looking into that death. pennsylvania police going to surf a warrant for parole violation and them they find themselves in a shoot-out. it sounds like a show plot.
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but this really happened. officers went to that hotel to arrest a man for a parole vie lalgs last night. little did they know the couple inside that room was wanted in north carolina for murdering an elderly couple. police got into a shoot-out with the two suspects. the women eventually surrendered. the boyfriend shot himself in the head as ploolice moved in. >> police are trying to figure out who shot reginald perry. this is the third deadly shooting in recent months. police stepped all. one local leader calls this latest shooting a setback. >> it's appalling that someone lost their life where matt blonsky lost his life so recently and in a block where the police knows there's been illegal gambling and drug
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activity that's been a nexus for crime in the past. >> there's a $25,000 reward to help police solve the matter. taking different sides of the issue of marijuana this weekend. hillary clinton says it should be reclassified by the government to allow federally funded research. senator sanders said he would give individual states the ability to legalize the drug. if he says that he would move marijuana from the fda's list of controlled substances. a 15-minute trip between d.c. and baltimore. that's one step closer to realitile. if if ed real government just awarded 28 million bucks to a company that wants to build this. a high speed rail line between the two cities. now, the money will be used for planning and engineering analysis. it would use levitation technology.
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governor larry hogan became the supporter after riding a similar train in japan. a developing story out of the university of maryland. the search is on for whoever secretly reported students. there have been three cases of voyeurism over the last month. this past week a male student noticed someone videotaping him while he was using the restroom. he yelled and that person disappeared. police don't believe the case are connect bud they want students to be extra aware. >> oftentimes the bathroom doors are left open so they can't hear whether or not someone's entering the restroom facility itself. so remember to close the door so you can hear if someone's coming in. >> reporter: police say someone may think this spies is a joke but a peeping tom charge could land you in jail for 20 days. >> tomorrow they'll hold a memorial for two brothers. they died in a car accident on
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the way to spogts vain ya high school. the memorial will take place at spots wood baptist church. a gofundme page has been sent up. we have a link to that page go. to the nbc washington app. you can search "brothers" there. >> the search is still on for the person who killed a family member. they'll pass out flyers near where the fatal accident happened. the 6 -year-old was hit while crossing the street at the corner of franconia road and brookland avenue. still no one has come forward. police believes the striking vehicle was a white full-size van, truck, or suv maybe like this one. anyone with information is asked to call fairfax police. the 83 rld bruns weekend veterans day parade takes off this afternoon. this is one of the oldest veterans day parades in the
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entire country. kids can now have class outside. the rain didn't stop volunteers from spending time to build an outdoor classroom yesterday. this is the first of three learning gardens going up in prince george's county. they say kids are more engaged when they're outdoors moving around and learning from real life objects. all right. coming up, check it out. what you do think that is? >> twilight zone. >> a strange light in the sky left thousands of people wondering. the answer that was just revealed when we come back.
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scary, spooky. people from all parts of california reported strange lights flashing across the pacific last night. nbc station took many calls from viewers. as you can imagine some were
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thinking it's a ufo. what are you thinking, ang? >> twilight zone. >> the coast card spoiled all that. it was a missile test done by the navy. the missile was not armed. apparently these test launches are done quite often. that it might want to tell people. this week's wednesday child is someone you know. we've introduced him five times. you first met him when he was 11 years old. this week barbara harrison caught up with him again as he continues to languish in the foster system. hi, tony. hello. you've gotten so big since the last time i saw you. over the years we even had a chance to get to know tony. he's spent almost his entire life in a foster care system living in aal fa sill where the
9:41 am
staff is his only family like phyllis barnes. >> i've known toy toeny over ten years. >> reporter: he says he relates to her lime fakly mens. >> sometimes he'll say mom or throw you a kiss. another member of tony's team is kristin catalano who has been working with him to help him stand up. and while it takes some effort on his part, he likes it. >> when he's enjoying himself. he lets you know. >> success is a great reward and a smile is the reward to how much it is to succeed at something he tries. >> fantastic. wonderful. very nice. i think you like standing up. >> tony came into care in 2003 so he's been ins to ter care for about 12 years. he's suspect most of the his form taive years here at the hospital. >> brandy cheney is his formal adoption recruiter. she hopes after all these years
9:42 am
living in hospital because he has no home to return to, she hopes there's family out there that could be just what tony needs. >> i'm look for a family that's going to be patient, committed to him, willing to nurture him. >> tony need as home where he can celebrate his victories and give him reason to love life. it's great to see you again and see you smiling and standing up. >> he has a large personality. despite his ability to communicate he's very engaging and people feed off his energy. barbara harrison, "news4" for "wednesday's child." >> as you know we never give up on finding a home for a child. if you have room in your home for tony or another one waiting call the special adoption hot lien 1-88-to-adopt-me or find
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more information on city planners are trying hard to get millennials to come here. why they're working to get a big part of the population happy. >> let's take a like live outside. a glorious shot. it's a little cool.
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♪ every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. tomorrow a louisiana family will lay their 6-year-old son to rest after he was shot and
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killed by police officersf. those two officers are facing murder charges. the video was caught on camera but they're not releasing the video to the public. investigators say the child was shout five times. the father was kridicily injured. we're told the video is ultimately shocking and led to the officers' arrest. >> it's the most disturbing thing i've seen. i will leave it at that. >> reporter: 6-year-old jeremy martis's funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. the officers are charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder. here's this. investigators are trying to find a way to keep everyone happy. >> you see 34% of the population is millennials and they claim to be mihm lennials. they love what the dc is there.
9:47 am
>> it's where all of the good food is. they don't like the quality. something that could drive him away. you need to make it affordable. that's not an easy task. they helped conduct the new study on millennials. she said she's now trying to rethink it as the millennials get over. >> maybe we could take some of mess millennium-rich club rooms and make them play rooms or have storage for the big toys everyplace has and change your dog washing station the a toy washing station.
9:48 am
>> thinks sure change. it's becoming more important than ever to keep people in the right payment. 22-37. generation z. >> where do you go after j generation z? >> i guess back to a. i heard complaints about warm weather in november. not everybody likes it. they want november be like november. height're what to wear today. . forget the umbrella and the shorts.
9:49 am
there's chill in the air. if you're about to get out, temperatures will stay in the 50s through noontime. then by early afternoon, upper 50s and hovering near 60 for a couple of hours between 2:00 and 3:00 and then the temperatures will be plummeting back down. sunset today. early 5:01. getting earlier and earlier. i took this one a couple of mornings ago when we had that fog in the morning. this gorgeous japanese maple maintaining its dignity. so beautiful you don't want to rake them. this will be a good day to get out and rake. temperatures hovering in the low 50s around the bay and southern maryland. off to our west, blue ridge, shenandoah valley and into the mountains mid to upper 40s there. dope have any rain anywhere in the vicinity. all clear on "storm team 4"
9:50 am
radar. had troop 2507 visit yesterday. talked to them about all different types of weather. i want to thank tina anderson and all the girl scout leaders who work with the girl scouts. they were terrific. they go to fox mill el membershiptry school in her donn and the four-day forecast showing our next chance for rain is monday evening into tuesday midday. increasing clouds on monday. a cold start. we'll be in the upper 30s. then after sunset likely rain moves in. midday might pick up a half an inch of rain and sun back tuesday afternoon. high around 60. gorgeous day for veterans day for all the events on veterans day. sunshine, afternoon highs, mid to upper 60s. that's going to be a nice day. four-day. high 60s.
9:51 am
mainly on thursday afternoon the way it looks right now. sun back on friday. afternoon highs around 60. then turning quite chilly next weekend. maybe the coldest weather of the season so far. highs may reach the low 50s on saturday. that may continue into sunday in the extended outlook. it should be dry. 30s in the morning. frosty cold freezes in the rural areas over next weekend some of big changes on the way for the week ahead. >> thank you, tom. as we approach veterans day they're finding new challenging to overcome.
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if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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welcome back. there was nothing. some of those working out were there to do more. >> they were there working on their minds as well as their soul. derrick ward is taking us to the wounded working games. >> there's much more going on. the working wounded game. lost limbs in the thee eight irof war to civilians who had accidents or were born with challenges all have come here to threat. army captain mark little began recovering from his war wounds, this was the farest thing from his mind. >> my physical fitness and
9:55 am
health improving. >> likewise he found his way back. >> i heard about the working wounded games. it gave that little spark. >> it need as little stoking to become a flame but there's a sharing of experience and reinforcement and humor. >> scott rigsby the first double amputee to complete the hawaiian try act thon. >> it was great. >> word athlete has to come first. seeing my fellow brother and cities ter out there. >> love that story. coming up. there's no evidence in that
9:56 am
airliner crash. >> the sun is making its way out. isn't that pretty. how long is that going to stay there. what to expect this week. tracy. thousands in our area are expected to take advantage of free dental care. you won't believe what they have going on here at the
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heading into the 10:00 hour and right now a violent night of shootings. what we're finding out about several victims in prince george's county as police hunt down the people responsible. what was heard in the final seconds. new evidence in that russian airliner crash make investigators reconsider what really happened. >> the clouds, yeah, they're starting to clear out a bit. beautiful shot there. we're in for a cool and beautiful sunday. tom is tracking long the sunshine will last into the workweek. hope you're having a great sunday so far. good morning. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. welcome back. >> tom has the latest on the weather. tom. >> it's great. a little bit of high cloudy, passing south and east. you can see that in the "storm team 4" capital camera. you see it looking off toward
10:00 am
the east and the sunshine warming us nightly by this afternoon by this chilly morning. we'll have a cool sunny afternoon and rain chances for the week ahead. when you're heading out, you can track ought of this with the "storm team 4" radar and all the latest in the palm of your hand. there is northwest washington, spring valley looking still. some nice trees with good color. some of the trees have completely lost their leaves but some are still holding on. there's raking that will need to get done here. it will be a good day for that too. by the afternoon we'll be in the upper 60s. then sunset at 5:05. back down to near 50. so a chilly evening coming up with clear skies. that coming


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