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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 8, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EST

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the east and the sunshine warming us nightly by this afternoon by this chilly morning. we'll have a cool sunny afternoon and rain chances for the week ahead. when you're heading out, you can track ought of this with the "storm team 4" radar and all the latest in the palm of your hand. there is northwest washington, spring valley looking still. some nice trees with good color. some of the trees have completely lost their leaves but some are still holding on. there's raking that will need to get done here. it will be a good day for that too. by the afternoon we'll be in the upper 60s. then sunset at 5:05. back down to near 50. so a chilly evening coming up with clear skies. that coming next.
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>> a shooting on 17th place sent one man to the hospital and we're told he does have life-threatening injuries. pleel tell us the shooting happened on 17th place. when police arrived they found the victim had been shot once. they have not released any suspect information. and then an hour before this happened someone shot three people. it wasn't too far from andrea manor's shopping center in suitland. police say he walked up to if group and started shooting. you can see all the evidence markers as they try to track the shell casings. all three people are expected to be okay. >> as investigators look to solve the mystery of what brought down that russian jetliner, they're now focusing on a sound. particularly a noise heard in the last second of aud yes on the cockpit voice recorder. bill neely on the suggestion that a bomb could have taken
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plane down. >> reporter: flowers in the desert. >> 43:14. >> reporter: at that moment on the cockpit voice recorder the cvr, something extraordinary. >> a noise was heard in the last seconds of the cvr recording. >> reporter: every fraction will now be analyze and compared with the sound of other crashes. >> listen to it against cataloged explosions that have occurred on other aircraft to stee if they can define whether or not this was an explosive device that created this sound or this was the sound of an in-flight breakup. investigators say they don't yet know what caused the crash. the wreckage alone doesn't tell that for now. investigators suggesting even a passenger's lithium battery could have caused this.
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>> the number one most important thing is testing the residue of this airliner to see whether there's any kind of traces of explosives. >> reporter: isis claims it downed the plane to avenge russia's bombing of syria. british officials believe it may have been an inside job. a bomb smuggled into the cargo hold. the russian pilot of the jet has been buried. amid the grief, so many questions investigators still can't answer. and they said parts of the plane are still missing. bad weather here hampering the search. and the appeal to the u.s. and other countries to pass on any intelligence they had that might help find the cause. bill neely, nbc news, sharm el sheikh egypt. meantime defense secretary ash carter says russia is endangering world order. during the species at the presidential library the united states is looking for creative
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ways to deter their aggression in the ukraine. they're looking at the growing influence beyond its own shores. right now tons of folks in the area have reason to smile. 1,000 are expected to take part in the friedgen real clinic. it's being put on. "news4's" tracee wilkins has the story. >> reporter: today folks across the community will have an opportunity to have free den cal care. take a look at what's happening inside of the d.c. convention center. everything from dentures to a basic cleaning to an exstrakz. they're doing it here at the park. this is the last day and dentists from around the areand some from around the country have gathered here to help with folks who need dental care and cannot afford it. one of the folks helping out, i see you working on a parent.
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how important is it do this work? >> it's extremely point to do the work as well as partnering we have our student here from the howard university college of dentistry all participating and providing care for those that need it. >> what are you seeing with the patients who you're examining? >> we're seeing a lot of patients with growth carries and decay and taking them on en masse and treat them in a set like this. >> reporter: this is extraordinarily important because tooth disease or any of these can lead to larger problems if not taken care of. >> absolutely. heart problems, kidney problems as well as other problems. i think that's why the d.c. didn't of health was open to having the city of mergs come and participate and have others participate in this event. >> thank you so much for talking with us. the mission of mercy will be going on until 5:30 this
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evening. you can show up and they'll take you where you need to go. a lot of the folks who are coming here, some of them are homeless. some of them are living in shelters. for some of the other people it's just a question of accessibility and being able to get the work done. it's all happening here today. in washington i'm tracee wilk s wilkins, "news4." a university student finds himself homeless when he's kicked out. how he found a new home. get off the welcome mat. no seriously. the surprise visitor who showed up on this guy's
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oh, boy, oh. armed, a florida homeowner captured this on his doorstep. the video first showed up on his doorstep. the video first showed up on facebook. the alligator camped out on on the doorstep for quite some time before the animal control arrived. the officer was able to wrangle the ten-foot gator without anyone getting hurt. >> oh, boy. i like that. a man is behind bars after this chase in southern california. take a look. nearly 20 officers were chasing this car in the street through santa ana. he even fired his gun at police. it started at 9:30 when the police tried to pull him over for a traffic violation. he led them on a slow speed chase. officers were able to take out the tires with spike strips. >> we have an update
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on #homelessathoward. the student was evicted on tuesday after he let some fellow students in through an emergency door to celebrate a roommate's birthday. that was against school policy. well, yesterday we learned a howard grad student had an apartment up for rent. he's letting him stay there rent freechlt we want to know what you think. >> part of the reason i'm here is no joke. >> he poked fun at himself but not everyone's laughing. what kind of reaction he's getting this morning. and it's a bit chilly. tom is
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who is that? i knew this was going to happen. who is that? >> trump's a racist. >> it's larry david. what are y doing, larry david? >> i heard if i yelled that, they'd give me $5,000. >> amid high anticipation donald trump hosted "snl" as planned. this was trump's second time as host.
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he first performed the job back in 2004. hours before the show aired dozens of protesters marched from trump tower to nbc's rockefeller plaza chanting in both english and spanish and carrying signs. when the show began, trump didn't shy away from the jokes. >> the president of mexico is here to see you. >> wow, that's great. send him in. ah. >> donald. >> enrique. >> i brought you the check for the wall. >> that's so wonderful. >> in the last decade sichbs sj has been on the air, rarely has a candidate rarely been asked to host the show. >> we're seeing a lot of reaction. >> joining us to talk about all of it and more with decision 2016 moderator "meet the press" chuck todd. you've had a chance to digest that. >> i have. we've got trump.
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we've got to carson. it's a big show. we'll talk about all of this. a little bit about trump and carson. >> you thought it was a risk. >> i think he's done a good job the last three months aswaying the noti assuaging the notion he's not serious and putting out policy papers and all of a sudden you do this. are you taking it seriously? that's it. i don't think he said anything or did anything that will cost him later. you know. >> you want to talk about ben carson. for a guy and a candidate whose
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campaign is based off his narrative and his life story, is this more dangerous for him than say any other candidate? >> any time your greatest strength is being questions, okay, think john kerry, john kerry with vets and reporting for duty and all of a sudden in a week. when it gets undermined. it can become a bigger deal. that's the danger for ben carson. that's been his rise. his biography has been unbelievable. his success in life is something to be applauded. so if he's getting caught embellishing a little bit. even a little bit. we're sort of used to it. that's why it's more dangerous
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for him. that said, he's beaten back an allegation by wa"wall street journal" and politico. there's every chance this is going to help him. i would caution. there are a whole bunch of campaigns secretly praying it hurts him bus they don't know who's dpoit to heng. >> we have trump, sanders, fiorina, and we lead off with dr. carson. chris jansing caught up with history last night. trust me. you're going to want to hear it. >> did you get it all in. >> >> i alerted them you're paying the patriots. i think you want 30 more minutes. right? the show is huge. >> okay. cool. can't wait.
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a reminder you can see "meet the press" every sunday on nc 4 right after "news4 today." we have a traffic alert to let you know about. emergency repairs will continue. crews are trying to work around that. >> november has made a comeback. >> it's a wonderful day to get out, get exercise, forget the leaves. there's more to turn. you're going to get another ton coming down. >> exactly. >> but actually maybe it's an idea to attack it incrementally and take care of it a little bit. a lot of leaves.
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watch out. a viewer said she fell down on her -- be careful. a few light breezes. overall, perfect weather for exercise or outdoor hiking or post your pictures. i took this a half hour ago. you see the tree has a nice color to it. clouds drifting over the region. post your pictures. put them on my facebook page and share on instagram as well. love seeing your photographs. you can see all these trees are bare of leaves. still a great place to go hiking in november there along skyline drive where the temperatures are just near 40 degrees up there around 2,000 feet. down in the valley, it's around
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50 degrees east of this. east of the blue ridge. most of virginia and maryland, mid-50s in washington and right near the cheese peek bay and "storm team 4" radar not showing any rain in the vicinity. we ee off to a dry start this morning. "storm team 4" four-day forecast. we'll stay dry until the low area of pressure comes in, likely gives us rain likely on monday. might end one a half an inch of rain when it's all done. rain on monday. by the way, cold start tomorrow morning. it will be cold at the bus stop, mid to upper 30s. a couple of layers. then tuesday morning with that rain falling, maybe problems with the morning commute near 50 degrees. afternoon highs near 50 when we get the sun back. wednesday, looking terrific for wednesday. it should be in the mid to upper 60s there and we'll have lots of sunshine. then another front comes in
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gives us another chance of rain on thursday. "storm team 4's" seven-day forecast in the low 60s on thursday afternoon. rain should be gone. then sun back. afternoon highs right around 60. morning lois in the 40s. right now next weekend may be our chilliest weekend of the subpoena so far. afternoon heying may reach low 50s on saturday. right now next weekend is looking dry both days but still quite chilly for the pattern for next weekend. that's the way it looks. >> 10:21 is your time. a shooting on 17th place sent one man to the hospital. the shooting happened near rigs road last night. we don't have any information on the gunman. about an hour before that police say a gunman walked up to the group and started shooting. all three people are expected to be okay. >> crews are trying to figure out what shook two buildings.
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no one is hurt. >> and happening today, a one-day free dental clip ek is taking place at the washington convention center. it's being puck on buy put on by the mission of
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good sunday morning, everyone. the redskins with what some are calling mission impossible later today. the burgundy and gold visiting the 7-0 new england patriots. the redskins, big underdogs against the pats. lots of injury concerns. he won't play due to my grain and a questionable red skin secondary taking only some guy named tom brady. no matter who's on the field, it's a tough test but one no one is shying away from. >> you guys are talking about records. it's growing mean out there. you've about got to play finally no matter who you are. redskins, 14-point underdogs, you've got to play football. >> from football to football. d.c. united squaring off against the new york red bulls. game two. united down a goal in the series. winners moves on to the eastern conference finals.
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head coach ben olsen says they've got to be rising up. >> not many people are giving us a chance right now, again, i think we relish in that in that opportunity and i look forward to a very exciting game. >> they kick off at 3:00 p.m. from new york. that's a look at your morning sports. a legendary guitar sells for millions at a san diego auction. whose you ask? john lennon. it went for 2.1 million bucks. it went missing after a beatles performance in 163. resurfaced a decade later. half went to yoko ono's not-for-profit foundation. other auctions included culture kobaco kurt cobain's cardigan. some say they're going to
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boycott the place. take a look. it's all over this. yep. the red cup. the company's design for this ye year's holiday cup. some are called them anti-christian. they in the past had covered it with winter designs, snowflakes and scarves. some christian groups threaten to boycott it over a paper cup. >> just wrap your scarf around it and dress it up. >> take your markers
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this sunday morning, what's the story or stories with ben carson? did he embellish tales about his violent youth and possible admission to west point? carson talks directly to nbc news. >> it's not time to spend every single day talking about something that happened 50 years ago. plus, countdow to election day t. is exactly one year away from today. voters are fed up with washington and yearning for outsiders. joining me this morning are all the outsiders, trump, sanders and fiorina. also, what we now know about why that russian plane crashed in egypt. we'll talk to the vice chair of the senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein. and finally, look at who hosted "huge snl last night.


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