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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> it's hard. so many times they do online shopping, you know. >> did you find that on the twitter. >> are you looking at me? stay with us. >> with you. >> "news4" continues now at 5:00 a.m. developing right now. 12 hours after it happened and it's still unclear what led up to a crash that killed four people and has several others fighting for their live. this morning we're learning who the victims are. metro is reopening and riders who use the orange and silver lines could see a big change. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. a chuck on weather with chuck. i guess wet weather has returned. >> yes. there are no 70s in the future that i can see either.
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what's in your future? rain drops. it will be raining by the time you come home today. chilly rainy morning, raindrops on the day. where is the umbrella. where is it? you'll need it before the day is done. 46 in manassas. as you plan out your day, plan on needing a coat. sunny and cold to get your day started and plan on needing that umbrella by later on this afternoon. temperatures rising into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. tom is back with your commuter forecast in a few minutes. if you can't find anything, you'll go home early. >> that sounds nice to me. right now looking pretty good. inner loop and outer loop, no major problems. two earlier issues. you don't have to worry about those anymore. 94 northbound at 123, still have that disabled vehicle off to the
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side of the roadway. you can see southbound out of woodbridge a little bit slow. a little bit of late clearing roadwork. beltway. inner loop and outer loop, don't have any major issues and into town, out of town, you're all good this morning. i'll see you right back here at 5:11. it happened so fast. >> a fiery and deadly crash takes the lives of three adults and the child and sends 14 other people to the hospital. many of those victims, including young children, are badly hurt. this is a crash that first responders described as horrific. it started about 5:00 on chillum road at 21st place in hyattsville. a pickup truck slammed into a car and burst into flames. the truck kept going and crashed into a flame. neighbors watched as the gas tank exploded. >> somebody came out of their house with a hose and were trying to spray down the van.
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>> the van bloinged to the church and six children and eight adults were hurt. of those those, many are in critical condition. molette green is trying to get an update. we'll check on that in a few minutes. a 19-year-old and two other teens are fighting for their living. christian thomason was speeding yesterday after when his car spun out of control on crumb road. the helicopters took the over two teens to the hospital. 5:03. right now a gaithersburg family has their fire alarm to thank to get them out of their home. it alerted a family of seven that their home was on fire. this was an electrical fire caused by an outside light fixture. it cost $225,000 worth of damage. the red cross is helping the
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displaced families. no one was hurt. today arlington cemetery will become the resting place for hollywood actress maureen o'ha o'hara. her husband within a brigadier general in the air force. she died two weeks ago at the age of 95. four minutes after the hour right now. the latest in decision 2016. democratic front-runner hillary clinton set to file her paperwork to run in the new hampshire primary. they have until the 20th. coming up in a few minutes we'll talk with tracie potts on what the others are headed up to with a busy week on the campaign trail. also this week israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu will meet the president in washington. they'll talk on increased
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security agreements. the leaders have not met face-to-face in more than a year and temgss between the two countries have been high because of the iran nuclear deal. >> all right. a lot of fans saw it coming, and it's not going to get any easier for the redskins from here on out. it was a rough game to watch zbept the patriots. tom brady lead the 27-10 whip on the first drive. the team couldn't hold onto the ball. they dloped seven passes by the time this game was over. >> we have guys who drop balls who don't drop balls very often, you know. i'll throw it to them again and again and again and i won't expect a drop again. it's one those days. >> i don't see it as a trend or pattern. it's more just an anomaly. >> let's hope so. desean jackson came back from his hamstring injury but onto made three catches the pa.
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the patriots have only lost three games at home since 2009. can you imagine? they host the saints next week. go skins. >> just like that. grab it up. >> good luck. new developments in the metrojet plane crash that killed 224 people. why the fbi is now getting involved. getting a group to school safely. what they're doing mack sure your kids get to school safely. will the rain start coming down by the time y
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new developments in the russian plane crash that killed 224 people. an egyptian investigator says sound waves 23 minutes into the flight mounts that theory. they say it's too early to make that decision.
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russian teams keep taking sand from the crash site looking for explosive residue. they say what they find could transform the industry. community members are taking action today in an effort to keep kids safe to and from school. the richard wright public charter school is having them man the block. they will escort students from the school and call attention to stopping crime and violence in the area. 5:10. your time right now. more "weather & traffic on the 1s." we're talking about the frosty morning we're dealing with. >> what you're going to be dealing with when you step outside. tom kierein is live outside the armory metro station. you've about got your coat on. >> we're freezing for you and working for you this morning. it is a very cold morning. the temp of the "storm team 4" 4 x 4, it's 39 degrees.
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allow yourself time to scrape off your windshields. we're here in washington at the stadium-armory metro stop. dress warmly when you're waiting for the bus and going to the metro. it's going to be down to the mid-30s for the next couple of hours. your forecast for the morning commute, have an umbrella handy. rain likely if you're heading back home. melissa has an update on a new crash. >> brand-new. this one popped up at russell branch parkway. no word on what is shut down there. just so you know dwoerks havenk crash there. southbound you can see a little bit of volume there because of roadwork still hanging around as you head through quantico. overall prince george's county, no major problems right now. that accident, a tearn't crash. everything is open once again. i'll see you back here in 20
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minutes. >> essentially people are fighting for their lives after a horrific crash that already killed four others. "news4's" molette green is just on the scene now. sheel bring us the latest in just a moment. >> we're also monitoring the latest from the university of missouri where the pressure is on for the president to step down. we'll tell you why as well as what leaders are expected to do today.
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we're working to get an update on the fiery crash last night. molette green is live on chillum road with more on what led up to all this. molette? >> reporter: aaron, we're right here. let me step out of the way. all that remains aet the scene
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is a wet spot or slick area. right now we can tell you four children and four adults are fighting critical injuries this morning along with six others injured in this fiery crash that witnesses say started when a pickup truck hit a cadillac and kept going. 've though that pickup truck was on fire. our wtop partner reports it was a tire that was on fire at this point. the pickup then reportedly sped away, smashed into a van full of people. it was just horrific. those inside were trapped as the van caught fire. still unclear if the truck's gas tank actually exploded before or during the collision. four people died in this three car crash including one child. now, investigators are still looking into all of this happened, what's triggered this chain of events. prince george's fire says the people in the van were very young, in their 20s and 30s and
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the children were ages ranked 4 to just 10 years of age that. is the latest now live from hyattsville. i'm molette green. back to you. >> thank you, molllettmolette. 5:17. today is the last day to tell them what you think about close ing laurel regional hospital. it will be at the park and recreation center in riverdale. the hospital will close and turn into a walk-in center for patients. workers will lose their jobs. >> community members get to weigh in on redrawing the school zones in montgomery county. some are dealing with packed classrooms, so they're considering redistricting and adding new classrooms. they'll challenge object who attends clarksburg/damascus school. in the meantime fairfax county
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public schools is trying to work out how to fix a $17 million bucket game. the school is having an all-day work session. they'll look at current enrollment and upcoming projects to figure out what can be done. new research is backing up the story that says eating meat can cause cancer. they looked at newly diagnosed kidney cancer patients. they ate more fried and grilled meat than their peers leading to kidney cancer. $1.5 million will soon be given to help with research on why firefighters get cancer. the study will analize blood and dna samples from recruits who have never been exposed to fire. after their first fire, all the
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tests will be done again to see which chemicals they'll absorb. >> everything is synthetic, plastics, furniture inside the house. we're fighting a fire which is pretty much synthetic which is different than it was 50 years ago. >> the results will be used to improve firefighters' gear so it will protect them from chemicals. eventually they hope to share the findings with fire departments across the country. 20 minutes after the hour. we want to take a live look outside for you this morning. a few clouds. 47 chilly degrees in the up ernest. let's turn to chuck bell now and get a look at your forecast. >> let de's do, that aaron and . hope the weather was pretty cooperative. we'll start out with sunshine, but don't leave your umbrella at home today. here is why. "storm team 4" radar tracking raindrops all over southern
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virginia. north and south carolina, down to georgia if you're changing planes. raleigh, charlotte, atlanta, raindrops are going to be rain drops around hee by later on this evening. clear skies overnight have allowed for a cold start this morning. 32 in leesburg and gaithersburg. 30 in man as was and bull run. overall impact weather on your monday. low impact this morning but a moderate impact coming our way later on. chilly to get you started but wet to get things finished up. so what to wear today. no more shorts and t-shirts like last week. back to umbrellas, medium weight jackets and back to jeans for later on this afternoon. updated hourly, high-resolution computer mod. here's the way your monday goes from sunny and cold to cloudy and wet. by 10:00 this morning, clouds going from partly to mostly cloud whether. we should be dry by lunchtime.
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rain down south and west to the metro. everybody should have their first drops no later than 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. rain could be moderate toward 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 this evening. hour by hour. chilly and 30s. sunshine this morning. cloudy skies by noon. tells into the low 50s by then. mid to upper 50s to near 60 today. again, raindrops coming our way. seven-day forecast then. 80% chance for rain later today. rain again for most of the day tomorrow. should dry out late tomorrow night. veterans day looks good. sunny and 67. another chance for rain on thursday. then we dry out most important of all as we head toward the weekend. sunshine then. doug has our winter weather outlook coming up. trouble now in loudoun county. the latest from melissa mollet. >> we just got off the phone with police in loudoun. a crash at russell boulevard
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parkway. they say they're actually away from the scene at this point. it's been all cleared out and no major problems right now. taking a look. 66 at 123. in into town, out of town, everything is rolling along just fine this morning. taking a look northbound from quantico to the beltway. average speed 63 miles an hour. it looks like you're getting into town just as quickly as you'd like to. again, you're on time here. top of the beltway is nice and clear. northbound, 61 miles per hour. same thing as you're headed southbound. 95, 29, route one, everything here into and oust town is just fine. 'll be back in ten minutes. "weather & traffic on the 1s." i'll see you then. >> we're better as a city than what we have seen. >> an emotional mayor rahm emanuel after another deadly weekend in chicago. someone shot and killed a 14-year-old saturday night.
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jaquante riles family just moved from virginia tell days ago. separate shootings also killed a 19-year-old and 20-year-old last week. a memorial for two brothers who died on their way to school. ian and jalen brown crashed into trees. their mother drove up on the crash a few minutes later. the memorial begins tonight at 7:00. a victim, charles walker. police say tavon williams was part of a group that tried to rob him back in february of 2013. when walker ran, police say williams shot him in the back. williams faces up to 65 years behind bars. 5:23. controversy at the university of missouri is growing this morning. leaders are set to meet today in the midst of a protest by football players and student. there are more calls for the president to resign.
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the students are protesting what they call university president tim wolf's dealing with racism at the school. they say president wolf mishandled responses to the racial slurs used on campus and a swastika found on species. the board of curators has not said specifically why they're meeting today. >> this isn't just me going through this. these are students coming from all different backgrounds. >> we're advocating for students to make this a safer climate. >> there are more calls if the president to resign. the latest from the chairman. as we mentioned, state higher education committee. >> 5:24 is our time right now. myanmar dealing with election results with a wait for election results. partial results are due back and due to be announced later today. the results will decide
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lawmakers for the next two houses of parliament. the two houses will each put forth candidates and the president will decide from those choices. myanmar's new leader will be unveiled sometime early next year. >> reporter: decision 2016 is heating up but some of them are ready for this week's debate. what they're doing to prepare. >> homeless no more. who's coming to the aid of a student who said he was put on the streets. >> that could change soon. chuck will have more on that in your four things to know. your time right now is 5:2
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good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. at 5:30. forced from their home. finding somewhere else to libya and wait till you hear why. grab your umbrella. see that blue and green on the "storm team 4" radar? cluck bell is headed your way. >> chuck. >> good morning, eun and aaron. it's a beautiful day to get things started. it's cold though. temperatures in the 20s and 30s this morning but more important than anything else, here comes the rain again. rain likely after lunchtime today so don't stray home without the umbrella. looks like our soggy weather will stretch into tomorrow as well. all eyes looks already.
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how about 28 in martinsburg. 30, manassas, 32, fairfax, 42 downtown and 80% chance for rain coming our way for later today and another 80%, 90% chance for rain tomorrow. a couple of solid rain chances this week. your hometown forecast for today, it's a good one. quite chilly. temperature in alexandria, virginia, off to about 47 degrees. 55 at noontime with the clouds moving in fast and rain chances coming our way by i'd say maybe at the latest, 3:00 or 4:00, first drop time. so don't stray from home without the umbrella in your hand. >> perfect for the evening commute. so happy. >> so the time we save this morning we may lose later today. >> okay, all right. so you'll be happy with us this morning and then tonight, not so happy with us. 495. inner loop ands outer loop rolling along just fine. near leesburg pipe, you're looking good.
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northbound, southbound, no problems northbound here on the right side of the screen you. see a little bit more volume than you can on the southbound side. overall prince george's county rolling along just fine. i'll be back here in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. building inspectors will be back to familiarilook. a woman in a top apartment said she felt the building move. others say they smelled gas. >> they went to each and every unit. so they did come and check the building and each and every pare apartment because they said something about gas, gas leak as well. >> now that the fire officials have determined that it's unsayre to live in, many don't know what they're going. >> very, very, very difficult. i don't know where i'm going. i don't know.
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>> in all, 22 are affected. 2016 candidates are looking. some of the controversy still brewing on the campaign trail. trac tracie. >> there are a lot of questions for dr. ben carson. he says it's because of his rise in the poll. his views on pyramids, whether north he was violent during his youth, a west point application and scholarship that he says he got but never applied for and the latest, "wall street journal" article questioning whether in high school he defended high school students during a riot. he said he's a threat to progressives and that's why they're digging all of this up. donald trump who was on "saturday night live" over the weekend said he's going to have to explain some of these issues, carson is. meantime bernie sanders says
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those are not the issues we need to focus on. he wants to focus on carson's issues. climate change, medicare, getting rid of medicare and g e giving tax breaks to the rich. meantime he may be going after marco rubio. just released a lot of statements, two years worth. rand paul says rubio is the same person as clinton, so he'll try to draw some similarities there. finally you'll not see chris christie on the stage tomorrow night. christie says that's okay because he wants to focus on iowa and. >> announcer: and not just the debates. aaron? >> tracie potts on the hill. thachlk you, tracie. thousands are expected to march. they're demanding justice on race, climate, and immigration. the group is meeting at franklin square and marching through the city. something you want to look out
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for as you travel to work and school. police in fairfax county looking for clues in a deadly hit and run. a driver hit and killed 69-year-old con con there and kept going. that was on november 1th. police believe a light or white-colored van was involved in that collision. if you can help in the investigation, call fairfax police. a tricky ride. there was a deadly car accident on the westbound airport access road near route 28. the accident happened just before 3:00 a.m. but the road was closed until about 7:00 a.m. traffic was diverted. a spokeswoman said one person died in that crash. after 15 years and $5 million, maryland state police are scrapping one of their crime-fighting databases. the department will no longer keep the so-called ballistic finger prints. the law requires gun manufacturers to fire every handgun sold and sell the
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casings to authorities. in theory they would act as fingerprints and help police solve crimes. the system never solved a single case. an 18-year-old who was kicked ow of student housing at howard university is moving into his new home this week. hundreds of you sent us #howa us #howardhomeless. he let fellow students in an emergency door to help celebrate a student's birthday. that's against rules. a graduate is allowing him to stay in his apartment the roast the semester rent-free. under armour founder kevin plank giving his alma mater $16 million. it's the largest the school has ever receive and the biggest donation ever given to a catholic school. the company under armour is now worth more than $20 billion. now let's take another look
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at "storm team 4" radar. the rain you see to the south is moving our way, but will it start coming down by the time your kids head out to the bus stop? tom kierein is back with that youshocking video coming in. what this woman is accused of doing just moments after you see her here that left her dead. and if you thought it cost a lot to percentage in the district. think again. why some of you could see rates the as high as $8 an hour. yo your
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this morning a woman is shot and killed. a woman pulled out a knife and attacked a guard at a west point checkpoint. the woman didn't drop the knife and that's when officers shot and killed her. she was carried a suicide note at the time. depending whereon you park in the district, it could cost you a whole lot more this week. the "washington post" reports d.c. has started variable pricing on its parking meters. parking starts at $2 an hour and you can pay as much as $8 an hour at peak times. meters are being updated to
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accept credit cards. time now for a check on your weather and traffic. let's cck in with storm team for tom kierein for your monday morning forecast. how is it looking, tom? it's a cold morning. it's 39 degrees. don't have any frost here, but issue got the frost scraper here ready to go because temperatures may be dropping near freezing. it already is at or below freezing in many of the suburbs and rural areas, so you'll be needing to scrape frost off your windshield on this cold monday morning and as you head out the door, dress warmly. you'll need a warm winter coat, gloves, hat, because we'll stay cold in the 30s for the next couple of hours. then you'll need an umbrella as you're heading back home. temperatures climb into the 50s. melissa now has an update on traffic this morning. there's yet another new crash. >> another new crash. we actually have two new crashes. one popped up in the past couple
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of seconds. first of all, an accident in that intersection and another one that you can see. we've started with slowdowns here as you're approach 4g 50. we do have another accident there. excuse me. a car fire there that is causing some big delays southbound this morning. 66 inbound. no problem. 95 northbound, quantico to the beltway looking quite good. 270 south from germantown to the beltway, you're on time. more on both of those crashes in a couple of minutes. remember to listen to wto 3 103.5 fm. volkswagen expected to offer money. what you could see. >> where the orange and silver lines just resumed service. and it's the death that outraged a louisiana town and the country. what we're learning about the moments leading up to a 6-year-old's shooting death as well as what's expects to happen
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today. 5:41 your
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about a fiery crash that sent 14 people to the hospital. four adults and four children died. molette green has more. we'll check in with her in a few minutes. i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures are in the 30s. grab a jacket and have your umbrella for later today. hour-by-hour forecast for when the rain hits your house coming up. melissa, right now. >> right there at annapolis road, we have a car fire starting to see real backups. and this crash at 17th street. and a new one. we'll talk than in just a few minutes. >> reporter: as the evidence gross, investigators grow more confident. one of them now says they're 90% sure it was a bomb.
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that's based on their readings and the cockpit voice recorder. day nine and there's very little proof. even without proof could this disaster affect the way you travel outside the united states, perhaps even at home? i'm bill neely. i've been following this investigation since day one. i'll have all the very latest. that's coming up on today. 15 before the hour right now. the morning commute is under way and metro riders at the stadium-armory metro state yum are welcoming a return to normal service. commuters have put up with this mess since the fire at rfk stadium. "news4's" darcy spencer has more. darcy. >> reporter: good morning. people could get used to these
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delays. some return to normalcy, but i have one word of warning. there are still going to be some delays. this is all the result of the fire that happened at the power substation back in september. metro had to slow down trains and reduce service. speeds were cut. it was to lower the use of power. starting today orange and silver lines will resume service here. for the past several weeks they've been passing through the station without stopping. there will still be some delays. trains will be runs less frequently. we spoke to one rider this morning who is looking forward to a quicker commute. >> normalcy is great. it's just that you have to wait for about 15, 20 minutes for the
5:47 am
blue line. everything pretty much bypasses everything. it's been rough in the morning. i'm gladmy trow is going back to its normal usership. it's been pretty bad, i can honestly say that. >> reporter: those repairs were scheduled to take six months. now they're saying they should be completed by the end of the year. back to you. >> darcy, thank you. it's 5:47. also today metro will debut its new fleet of buzzes. the fleet includes 60-feet accordion-style buses. metro says they'll be more comfortable and more available. it is now 5:47. more now on decision 2016. hillary clinton will file her paperwork for the new hampshire primary later today. candidates have until november 20th to make their candidacy
5:48 am
official. also prime minister benjamin netanyahu will meet with president obama. the leaders have not met face-to-face in more than a year, and tensions between the two countries have been high because of the iran nuclear deal. in vatican city pope francis is condemning the leak of classified vatican documents. he told the crowd at sunday mass it will not slow his effort at financial reform. his comments come after the vatican arrested two people suspected of leaking documents to the authors of two new books. they suggest pope francis faces stiff resistance to his reform agenda. today arlington cemetery will become the final resting place for a well known actress in hollywood's golden age. maureen o'hara will be buried
5:49 am
next to her husband tore. he was a brigadier general in the air force. she was known for her role in "mere on 34th street." she died at the able of 95. google wants to fight the war on hearst disease. they're teaming up with the american heart association for a $50 million project. they have other projects in the work including contact lenses that monitor blood sugar for diabetes and health banlsd. walking may help keep your pressure under control. they did a study. one group used their cars and others walked in a more pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. those who walked hat a 54% lower risk of having high blood pressure. in california, strange bright lights in the sky had some people asking the age-old question, are we alone. folks thinking they saw ufos as
5:50 am
they saw white light. it looked like a meteor. it turns out it was not. >> oh, few. >> there were a lot of people. >> it's southern california. >> it was a missile. >> it was a missile. >> it was a missile being tested. it had a lot of people freaking out. >> it's so vast york uno what i mean? it's beyond our comprehension. >> i think we're good. for a while. >> for a while. >> let's bring it down. >> back here in the well healed area of washington where we take things seriously, especially our weather, especially on a monday, and especially when there's rain ahead echlt don't be fooled. you'll have rain drops before you come homend fr. work and school. the other thing that's probably happening a little bit at a
5:51 am
time. you'll start to notice it. early sun sets. the sun goes down at 5:00 and the sun sets before 5:00 p.m. starting tomorrow all the way up through january 5th. so early sunsets are a big thing here for the next couple of months. for now, though, mostly clear and cold. 42 in arlington at national airport. clouds coming in quickly and rain here before 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. so don't turn your back on the rain chance. 32 now in frederick, maryland, 28 in martinsburg and luray. 28 in manassas and 29 in parts of fairfax county. a lot colder. temperatures now are 10 to almost 20 degrees colder nonthaw yesterday morning. it's a lot colder this morning. 30s and 40s. 50s by 10:00. we'll spend most of the day. temperatures climbing into the mid and upper 50s. rain chances are increasing
5:52 am
dramatically. if you're changing planes, you might have some delays. rain showers sex hours or less away from us. here's our high resolution computer model bringing the clouds in by 10:00 a.m. rain extremely likely after 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. again, umbrella required. 58 today with the rain moving in. 60 tomorrow with rain moving in tomorrow. that's all right. we'll be dry on veterans day. that will be theed miest. a little rain on thursday. chilly weather for the weekend. melissa mollet with a check on your morning commute. breaking news the prince george's county. we have brand-new problem. southbound b.w. parkway. right now a backup. a car fire here at 450 is what's causing the problem. another car fire, believe it or
5:53 am
not. 198 at b.w. parkway. don't have any more. two other problems. we have an accident in that intersection. then in powe toe mek we have one on false road in montrose. overall right now, quantico to the beltway, it's going to take you 23 minutes we take a look at the car crashes in a few minutes. eun? >> thank you, melissa. two are calling in into question the rubber turf used on the sportsfield. a letter was sent to the chairman of the consumer product safety commission. ire asking the cpsc to look at additional resources to determine if the turf can be safely played on by young children and people of all ages. a funeral today for a 6-year-old boy for autism who
5:54 am
was shot and killed by police last week. authorities say jeremy mardis died after police officers fired into the car 18 times, the car his father was driving. they say what happened tuesday was not right. >> i know he didn't suffer. i saw that, but certainly he has my attention on what happened on that particular night. very disturbing. >> two officers from louisiana face murder charges. they should be in court tourt. they want to know why the officers targeted the father and son. they say he was no danger when they approached. volkswagen will reportedly offer cash to owners. part of it is to restore good will. reports say owners will get a
5:55 am
$500 to spend any way they choose and another $550 to use at the retail senn tenors. they were equipped with illegal offer. it's unclear if they'll have to give up the right to sue if they have cash. a pregnant woman in georgia will deliver conjoined twins. the twin boys chance and chandler share two of their most vital organs, the heart and live. the 26-year-old mom said she's just getting ready for the dlingry. down the road, if they're able, yes. >> this is the firnt time they'll deliver conjoined quinns. after hearing about multiple weekend parties the walt whitman high school principal alan
5:56 am
goodwin sent a letter reminder to parents reminding them they could be fined up to $500 per drinker and asked parents to find other ways to bond with their child. it will cost a little bit more. they went up about a penny over the last two weeks. the national average is now $2.25. in maryland it's $2.20. d.c. at $2.28 and in west virginia you're pays 2.20. >> as you prepare your guest, you'll probably buy several gift cards. 20% will buy a gift card for somebody this holiday season. stores are taking notice. doipgs away with fees. millennials want more gift cards than anybody else.
5:57 am
>> security codes are being assigned to each gift card so they can be sure they're using the whole value. some are setting up reward programs for you every time you purchase or use a gift card. >> a developing story after a frightening accident in prince george's county leaves at least four people dead and several others hurt. first responders calling the scene horrific. plus new developments into the news room. involving tensions. the latest group promising to take a stand on campus if the school's president does not resign when we go to the live desk. we're watching breaking news on the b.w. parkway. it's a car fire. melissa will have more.
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♪ every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. right now we're watching developments involving this fiery crash in hyattsville that left at least four people dead and several others in the hospital. and let's check in with melissa mollet with "first4 traffic." >> good morning. indeed a cold start this morning. grab the umbrella.
6:00 am
raindrops a big part of your forecast. more on that. going up. bless pressure growing for the president of the university of missouri to step down as the school's football team vowed not to take the field unless changes were made. >> now to breaking news with melissa mollet. >> southbound b.w. parkway is shut down. you might want to take an alternate in this morning instead of trying to take b.w. southbound wchl very a four-mile backup because of this fire here. so, again, right now it is very slow southbound and you're approaching it. we have. >> fire, believe it or not. your normal volume headed inbound and another crash at potomac falls road. no word on what is blocking that intersection, but the crash we know


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