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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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"news 4 today" starts now. >> get ready for a nasty day. come look at storm team 4 radar here. it is drizzling for most of you right now. you know what that means, the drive to work could be dismal. it is 4:31 now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're working to get you to work and school, whatever you need to be. let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. cold rain is pretty bad. >> yeah. nobody a big fan of this. but into every life a little rain must fall. that's going to continue to be the case, the heavier steadier rains are now out of the
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picture. there is another wave of moisture down to our south. that's coming our way for late this morning into this afternoon. so rain chances may be tapering back to just shower over the next little bit. there is more rain coming. so don't leave home without the umbrella. rain, cool temperatures and fog out there. visibility is reduced in many places now to only a mile or two. so be on the lookout for fogginess and wet roads to deal with. current temperatures are in the upper 40s to low 50s. not much movement in temperatures today. taking the dog out for the early morning walk, cloudy, chilly and wet. temperatures hovering in the 50s for much of the day. don't leave home without the umbrella. commuter impact in a few minutes. >> going to be a slow go this morning. breaking news in southwest washington. let's start with this, maine avenue southwest shut down near independence avenue southwest. police calling this a car fire. what you want to do because you are shut down if you're coming into town, 7th street to
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constitution avenue to try to get around this one. it is slow here this morning. going to be a bit nasty if you're trying to get into town. remember, a lot of this green here, that's all rain falling here this morning. radar showing you what is going on the different roads around town. 66 into and out of town, you're okay, and pretty dry at this point this morning. 95 northbound and southbound also looking pretty good here as we look at 270, little patch of rain here as you're headed into gaithersburg or out of gaithersburg there this morning. 278 montrose not so hot. th that camera just went down. good morning. the live desk, new information on a developing story out of south carolina. we have learned that one person has died following a shooting on the college campus. a lockdown was just lifted hours ago at spartanburg methodist college. a police officer shot and killed someone overnight. it happened after police say the officer was investigating a car break-in. we're told two people tried to take off in the car, and hit the
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officer with the car. one suspect was killed and the other was captured shortly after. classes are happening today. we're also expecting more information later on. we'll bring it to you when we get it. it is there for kids to use, it is a wonderful community resource and gathering place. >> parents and police want to know why a man ended up dead in a popular alexandria park. beverly park will reopen after yesterday's grisly discovery. the park known as the pit is considered the center of the community. a woman walking her dog found the man's body around 8:00 a.m. yesterday. police say he's 24 and from another part of alexandria. sources tell news 4 his throat was cut. dozens of people attended prescheduled community meeting last night looking for answers. police did their best to calm everyone's nerves as they move forward with the investigation. >> so it is very unusual. the natural fear about why did this happen at this location, we
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don't know yet why the person who perpetrated this chose that neighborhood. >> police know the victim's name, but aren't releasing it until they contact the family. happening today, colts linebacker and former maryland football player dequell jackson will be in court. he faces charges for punching a pizza delivery driver in the face. d.c. police say the two got into a fight over a parking spot. he faces a maximum of six months in prison and up to $1,000 fine if convicted. today you can go to an art exhibit to honor a woman killed in fairfax county. the tribute to vanessa from opens today. she was stabbed to death in her car five years ago. a man approached her in a parking lot and asked her for a ride and attacked her. you can see the exhibit at northern virginia community college's annan dale campus featuring art by from's aunt. it is on display until this sunday. we're looking to learn more about two shooting victims from prince george's county. someone shot them on van burne street in chillum last night,
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not too far from the college. one of the victim ranz into a nearby shot to ask for help. an employee tells news 4 the victims may be teenagers. both of them should recover. no motive or suspect at this time. developing this morning, president obama has yet to respond to an appeals court ruling against his immigration plan. the 2-1 decision upholds a lower court injunction brought by 26 states. in 2012, the president announced plans it use executive action to provide 5 million undocumented people with work permits and protection from deportation. the appeals court ruling basically says the president doesn't have the authority to do that. the ruling does not affect the president's policy that protects the children of undocumented immigrants from deportation. now to decision 2016, a preview of tonight's gop debate in milwaukee. the two-hour event is the first forum since the debate on cnbc. you may remember the candidates complained over the moderators and the questions. fox business network is hosting
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the debate tonight at 9:00. tracie potts will join us in a few minutes with what to expect going into this fourth republican debate. let's look at storm team 4 radar. we're off to a wet start this morning, but will the rain stick around for recess. your answer next. and a new state of report on child booster seats, where your kids stack up straight ahead. your time is 4:37.
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guests are arriving in jordan this morning. investigators say a jordanian officer opened fire on foreign trainers. that officer was shot and killed by troops. this is a developing story that we'll continue to follow. it is time to take another look at your weather and traffic on the 1s. we started off with a cold and wet day. not very pretty out there. >> let's get the word from storm
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team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> not very pretty at all. temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now. another wave of rain showers just now coming over the north carolina/virginia border. 5 1/2 hours from being inside the beltway. that puts them in town, somewhere around late morning to around lunch time today. so just wet roads and some light rain outside, first thing this morning, but it is an umbrella day for sure. temperature 51 rockville. 54 college park and springfield, virginia. bus stop weather, send the kids out with the galoshes and the umbrellas and the raincoats. temperatures near 50 this morning upper 50s to near 60 later on today. chance for rain and almost any point from now until after dark. seven-day forecast, which includes sunshine, is just ten minutes from now. still ahead, breaking news, maine avenue southwest shut down right there at wallenberg place, right near independence and southwest. so right now if you're heading out sometime soon, coming into
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the city, take seventh street to constitution to get around this, this is a fatal accident and car fire there. so we're trying to get more information sending a crew out on the scene as well. prince george's county, dry here, you can see all of these green blocks, that's all the moisture that is moving through the area for us here right now. top of the beltway, don't have any big issues here. 295, route 1, bw parkway, all of this is looking pretty good into town and out of town. don't have any big issues there. beltway at indian head highway is wet, but moving along. i'll see you in a couple of minutes. angie goff at the lives desk with breaking news out of southwest d.c. d.c. police and u.s. park police on the scene of a fatal accident. this is at raul wallenberg place. the vehicle caught fire just after midnight. police did confirm that one person did die in that accident. derrick ward is on the way to the scene. we'll bring you more throughout
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the hour. aaron? 12 republican candidates for president are in milwaukee tonight for debate. the spotlight is shining on one a little more than the others perhaps.
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the driver who hit and killed a navy s.e.a.l. in bethesda will not face any charges. this happened near osceola road. prosecutors say it was a horrible accident, but the driver's actions were not criminal. the driver was given three traffic violations. now to a story on news 4. d.c.'s jail is in jeopardy according to internal memos from the d.c. department of corrections. a major section of the roof won't survive the winter. it will take an emergency
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$800,000 replacement to avoid significant disruptions and damage inside the building, which is 40 years old. take a look. our cameras were allowed inside and found water damage and peeling paint beneath the roof. member of the d.c. council for the district should be planning to build a new jail to replace the old one. >> there is obviously repairs needed as we understand. the roof needs significant repair. i don't want to see us throwing good money after that. >> the falling roof covers the administrative wing. there is no timetable for when it will be done. inspectors are trying to solve a destructive mystery in lanham. residents at the carl toton eas department felt the building shake. crews will be testing the soil today. 22 apartments have been evacuated there. residents have been told it will be at least a week before they can return home. the warning this morning for your neighbors in loudoun county about a series of tire and rim
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thefts. in recent weeks at least nine suvs and pickup truck owners found their vehicles on blocks and tires or rims gone. some of the thefts happened overnight in their own driveways. victims say adding wheel locks to their vehicles are some of the changes they're making to try to stop this from happening. try to stop this from happening. more
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decision 2016 and tonight's fourth gop debate, a lot changed since last month's contentious cnbc forum. tracie potts on capitol hill with what we should expect today. tracie. >> good morning. expect more questions today, aaron, as they set the stage in milwaukee at the historic milwaukee theater. literally with donald trump and ben carson center stage. the prep is under way the at the theater and behind the scenes as the eight candidates get ready to debate yet again tonight. key issues that could come up, this one focus on the economy. they could talk about the keystone xl pipeline that was just rejected. the transpacific trade partnership and the federal reserve. is it time to raise interest rates given the economy is stronger. jobs report came out at the end of last week. as they focus on the economy, other things could come up as well. since that last debate, ben carson is facing lots of questions about discrepancies in
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what he has said about his past and what has been verified about his past. he says he's being picked on essentially by the media, but his fellow candidates say you got to be able to take the heat. that can come up, we're also watching jeb bush and marco rubio, will they go at it again? they're both courting a key endorsement from former candidate and wisconsin governor scott walker. aaron? >> tracie potts on the hill, thank you. ahead of tonight's primetime debate, a so-called undercard forum. four gop presidential candidates are invited, chris christie, mike huckabee, bobby jindal and rick santorum. ben carson will have the protection of secret service starting tomorrow morning. a campaign aid says that will dramatically increase security ahead of carson's appearance tomorrow at liberty university in virginia. the department of homeland security previously said that donald trump would have a similar protection. it is not clear though when or if that started. democratic candidate hillary
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clinton long has been under the agency's watch. just released, a new report on keeping your kids safe when inside the car. the insurance institute for highway safety released ratings on child booster seats for ages 4 to 8 years old. 20 out of 23 new boosters earned the top rating. the others are considered to be acceptable. now there are seats from past years that may not provide safe belt fit. there is a call to stop making six older models still on the market. we're working on getting this information on our nbc washington app. >> angie, thank you. 4:50 just about now on this tuesday morning. chuck bell is in with us and little drizzle to start things off this morning at least around -- >> not a pretty start to the day for sure. >> the cloud s rolled in and rain started on schedule late yesterday afternoon into the evening hours. and steady rain, ahead of an ugly commute home yesterday. and it promises to be an ugly ride in and back on your
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tuesday. optimism reigns supreme tomorrow. the best day of the week. veterans day. i think we'll be done with the rain drops by then. outside for now, a cloudy and dreary start to your tuesday. not cold, though. 54 now at national airport, wind out of the north averaging 12 miles per hour. breezy, not a lot of heavy rain this morning. there is enough rain and drizzle and fog and mist and roads for you out there to make it an ugly morning. rainy start, tapering back to showers by mid to late afternoon. it is an umbrella day for sure. right now, mid-40s in the shenandoah valley. mid-50s by the bay. courtesy of the water. compared to yesterday morning, temperatures are running 10 to 20 degrees warmer now than yesterday morning. yesterday we needed the heavy coat to stay warm. today you need an insulated rain jacket. hour by hour then, morning temperatures hovering near 50. mid to upper 50s by noon time. bulk of the rain we get today happens from 9:00 this morning up to about lunch time or a
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little there after. should taper back to light rain showers by 5:00 or 6:00 as temperatures inch their way closer to the 60 degree mark later on this afternoon. it will spend most of the day in the cooler 50s. moderate rain we saw late last night moving away from us. little break in the action, that's the next three to four hours. this little cluster of rain showers just now crossing into southern virginia. that's due to arrive here by 10:00 this morning and lunch you'll need the moderate to full
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size umbrella for today because it will be just enough wind and just enough rain where you'll be wet otherwise. here is your seven-day forecast, up to near 60 today with rain showers off and on through the morning and the afternoon commutes. sunshine back for veterans day. another quick moving round of rain showers that might have a rumble or two of thunder on your thursday. but not severe weather. breezy and dry things out, turning cool as we head towards the weekend. melissa mo lllet has breaking news. >> that's still the case in southwest washington. a fatal car fire here. main avenue southwest still shut down at raul wallenberg place in southwest near independence avenue. right now, if you're on the freeway, got to take seventh street to constitution avenue to get into town. otherwise blocked and you'll have to head into arlington this morning. going to take you longer than it should. inner loop and outer loop, everything okay. this big gre blob,hasthe rain f.
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we'll watch throughout the morning as it impacts the commute into town here. prince george's county looking good and nice and dry. we don't have any green over the section at this point this morning. we know that could change. 6 6 here, fairfax county parkway, eastbound, westbound, looking good here. 95, northbound. quantico to the beltway, 17 minutes. can't ask for anything much better than that. you see really, really nice commute in here this morning, right now at least we don't have any construction in the way as well because of the rain. a lot of that construction from last night put on hold perhaps until tomorrow. i'll see you in a few minutes. >> thank you. 4:53 now. exactly what a mother was trying to get away from. gun violence in chicago. now police are searching for her son's killer. a little more than a week ago, franica marshall moved her family. they were in stafford county to escape the violence. chicago police say saturday night her son was walking with some friends when someone opened
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fire on the group. >> if you know who, get that information out. if you don't get that information up, you might as well have pulled the trigger yourself. >> he was 14 years old. rahm emanuel spoke out about the death saying chicago is better than the gun violence that killed him. a 12-year-old and 14-year-old boy are accused of kidnapping a brother and sister from a playground. anne arundel county police say they were forced into a barn with a knife. the victims say the brothers tied up their hands and feet and threatened to burn them. police say the brothers ran away when they heard other kids nearby. the two were arrested and now face kidnapping, arson, assault, burglary and trespassing charges. gender identity at the center of controversy in fairfax county schools. a school board member tweeted a link to an article.
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earlier this year, the board member elizabeth schultz received a standing ovation when she was the only one to vote against adding gender identity to the school district's nondiscrimination policy. >> i thought how in the world are my kids going to take this. >> schultz says she did not read the whole article but wanted to spotlight the part about a potential threat to fairfax county. the article says that federal authorities might force accommodations for transygender students that go beyond what a parent might find acceptable. the u.s. soccer federation is going to change the rules for younger players to prevent concussion. it is recommending no player 10 or under head the ball. we don't know when exactly the changes could happen for your kids.
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new fallout for rolling stone magazine. it now faces an additional $25 million lawsuit over since the debunked article about a gang rape at the university of virginia. the fraternity named in the article is behind a new lawsuit. rolling stone mag steen faces separate suits from individual members of phi kappa si and a university dean. drivers may not be happy about a new idea being floated around the d.c. council. the council is considering a new law that would allow bicyclists to slow down at stop signs rather than come to a full stop. they would still need to yield to cars and pedestrians in the intersection. >> no other person present either in a vehicle or on foot at an intersection would allow a bicyclist to roll through a stop sign. everything else the bicyclist would have to -- >> it would improve safety and ease congestion. it is now 4:56.
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you might see a controversial new barbie doll as you're shopping for the holidays. this is the hello barbie. your child can talk to the barbie and then connect to the internet to create a response. the group called the campaign for commercial free childhood says that is not okay. the group says the barbie threatens child privacy, well-being and creativity. mattel, which makes the barbie, says it is committed to safety and security when bringing new products to the market. it will be a new world at seaworld if it plans to phase out the controversial killer whale show in san diego. the decision comes after years of criticism targeting seaworld's treatment of orcas in captivity and a declining attendance. the shamu show will close next year. seaworld san diego is investing in a new exhibit with a new informative, bigger and natural setting for the orcas. that is set to open in 2017. no green monster in that park, but one calendar company thought so. take a look at this.
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you may have seen the front cover of the 2016 calendar on social media. the caption says it is the national park, but it is fenway, in boston. oops. the company who made the calendar took the picture from the red sox 2015 home opener. the disrespect. the nats didn't make the calendar, but they're working with the company to get it fixed. we had a great season. this is not okay. >> i don't understand. nobody saw it before it was mass produced and said this isn't our park? >> who is losing a job over there? >> i don't understand it. >> go nats. i'm wearing red too. >> always supportive. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we're in for a wet and cold and dreary day.
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yucko. >> oh, winter. >> not winter yet. >> might as well be there. chuck bell here with your weather headlines. >> the difference is between now and wintertime, about 10 to 15 degrees. we'll be in the 50s with the rain today. not down to the low 40s. there is rain in the forecast. pretty much from start to finish today, all the area roadways are wet this morning. another wave of rain showers just now moving into southern parts of virginia. that's about five to six hours away. that puts in here between 10:00 and 11:00 this morning. do plan on a wet commute in, rainy lunch and a wet ride home later today as well. steadier showers in southern maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. but there is plenty of wet roads and puddles to be dealt with early this morning. 45 winchester. 48 manassas, 55 downtown. weather headlines for today, not a pretty start to the day. kind of a cool and sloppy lunch hour. good news is we should get the sunshine back for veterans day tomorrow. your hometown forecast, prince
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george's county, fort washington, maryland, cool and wet. 58 with moderate rain at lunch time. rain tapering off by early this evening, temperatures staying in the 50s. more breaking news now on first 4 traffic with melissa mollet. breaking news in southwest washington. maine avenue shut down right near independence. if you're coming in on 395, you're going to have to take seventh street to constitution to avoid being pushed into virginia or back into virginia here this morning. sounds like they're trying to wrap things up here and get it out of the way soon. sounds like we have a problem her on the beltway near 355, wisconsin avenue. we'll talk about that in just a minute. some lanes blocked there in rockville, 66 overall, 95 overall, look at this, 19 clear, don't have any rain in this area right now. all these green blobs here, looks like slime. it is rain falling in various areas. 270


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