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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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grab the umbrella. it is not a pretty morning. going to be a sloppy commute home as well. good news is we should get sunshine pack fback for veteran your child's booster in hot seat. which ones fared the best in the latest round of crash tests. chuck bell is tracking your morning weather headlines which includes some rain. >> rain and mist and fog outside, lots of fogginess around town. keep your speeds down and be on the lookout for pedestrians. visibility down to a mile or two in most areas. that will slow things down. light rain near leesburg, i-95, 66, route 50 also impacted by rain drops here early this morning. another wave of rain showers just down to our south and west, that's due to arrive 10:00, 11:00 this morning. commuter impact in ten minutes. >> brand-new crash at 95 northbound at prince william parkway.
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seeing a little volume here building, it is difficult be ev is on the left side of the roadway here this morning. new york avenue inbound at montana, right lane blocked causing some delays because of a disabled vehicle. silver spring, the problem colesville at east west highway with some lanes blocked because of a pedestrian hit. 270 south slow, but better than it was as you come around the corner there toward maryland. 80, a little better than it was. look at travel times in ten minutes. a developing story in southwest washington where police are investigating a deadly car fire. news 4's derrick ward is on the scene now with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: set the scene for you, we're looking at raul wallwal wallenberg place. you got almost a 90 degree turn. earlier today, last night, actually, a car didn't negotiate that turn, but there was a
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fatality and the fire, that means it will require a bit of a deeper investigation. now, we're told that about 11:30 last night, police got the call for a car fire here at this intersection of raoul wallenberg and independence. when they got here, they found a car that struck a tree and burst into flames. one person inside, that person did not survive. investigators held the scene until about maybe an hour ago when they cleared it. but now the investigation is about whether the crash, the fire or some other factor led to the death of that person inside the car. at this point, police are saying whether that was the driver, whether it was a passenger, only saying it was one person in that car. and the investigation into that person's death continues. we're live in southwest, derrick ward, news 4. happening today, colts linebacker and former maryland football player d'qwell jackson will be in court. jackson faces charges for punching a pizza delivery driver in the face. d.c. police say the two got into a fight over a parking spot back in february. if convicted, jackson faces a
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maximum of six months in prison and up to a $1,000 fine. beverly park in alexandria will reopen today after a body was discovered there yesterday. the park known as the pit really is a popular meeting point for parents and their children. police say the victim is 24 years old and from another part of alexandria. they're not releasing the name until the family can be notified. sources tell news 4 his throat was cut. 6:03. families are preparing to bury four people and an unborn child killed in a devastating crash this weekend. the victims were on their way to church when a pickup crashed into their van in hyattsville. a married couple in their 70s, a 6-year-old girl and the pickup truck driver died. the couple, elba linares and santiago merche were planning to move back to el salvador in a couple of days. medics took 13 people to the
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hospital. several are still in critical condition. 6:04. developing this morning, a big setback for president obama's immigration plan. an appeals court ruled against the plan. the 2-1 decision upholds the lower court injunction brought by 26 states. by executive order, the plan provides 5 million undocumented people with work permits and protection from deportation. the ruling basically says the president doesn't have the authority to do that. the ruling does not affect the president's policy protecting the children of undocumented immigrants from deportation. the fourth gop president ideal debate kicks off tonight at 9:00 in milwaukee. fox business channel is hosting the two hour forum. it is the first debate since backlash over the cnbc moderators and their questions. eight candidates will participate in the main event. four others in a so-called undercard debate. delegate kathie szeliga could announce her intention to run. in march, senator barbara mikulski announced she would not
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seek re-election in 2016. szeliga represents parts of baltimore and hartford county. she will likely face steep odds if she chooses to run. current presidential election may draw democrats to the polls. today, montgomery county will decide if it will ditch final exams for high school students. the final decision is expected to be made in school board meeting tonight. the board of education approved a proposal to phase out end of semester exams in september. it says students are already upset in many ways. if approved, that two hour long exam would be replaced with shorter assessments like unit tests and projects. it would start in the 2016-'17 school year. some montgomery county parents are not happy with a proposed redistricting plan at a meeting last night. parent and students came armed with signs and voiced frustration about the plan. parents are angry because some of the overcrowded schools were
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built less than five years ago. there will be another public meeting on thursday. today, attend a community meeting about the future of i-66 in virginia. questions will be answered tonight at your service meeting. the meet begins at 7:30 at the town hall building. new information that can help keep your child safe when you put them in the car. the booster seat that fared the best in some new crash tests. 59 northbound, brand-new crash, details coming up. first, a developing story in south carolina, a deadly shooting on i college campus. what we're learning about what happened and the impact it is having on classes today. your time now is 6:06.
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6:10. developing at this hour, classes are starting on schedule in just
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a few hours at a college in south carolina. spartanburg methodist college is no longer on lockdown after police shooting on the campus overnight. investigators say an officer found two people in a car while investigating a break-in. they drove at and hit the officer who shot at and hit one of them. that person died. the other is in police custody. the officer was not seriously hurt. it is a new day at the university of missouri as the school's football team heads back to the practice field today after two months of anger and arrests. mizzou's president tim wolfe stepped down. in were upset with how he handled racially charged incidents on campus. some celebrated, others cried. one protest leader ended his eight day long hunger strike. 11 after the hour on tuesday morning. pretty mild outside at this hour. the rain, boy, it just keeps coming. >> really keeps up. chuck bell telling us when to expect an end to all the mess. weather and traffic on the 1s.
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>> it will gradually come to an end, but not until the sun goes back down. weather slow downs in abundance this morning. rain, mist, road spray, and fog will make for a very slow slog into the office. coming home later today, things should be beginning to improve. your commuter forecast, wet roads and road spray, temperatures near 50 this morning. up 50eper 50s to near 60. that's not freezing cold outside. tough go from mellissa mollet. >> it is for mane a le and a lo friends. crash to the left side of the roadway, we're seeing some bigger than usual delays there as you're headed northbound. two problems here in virginia as well. 395 north, one lane blocked there. westbound washington boulevard at second, sounds like that's now off to the shoulder, lane blocked there as well. right now in maryland, travel time looking good, little slow top of the beltway, normal on
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the outer loop, 66. into town, okay. 95 north quantico to the beltway, not so bad in that section. see you in a few minutes. preparing to cut back, the programs that we're learning could be cut as fairfax county public schools deals with a budget short fall. a new calendar from the washington nationals raising eyebrows this morning. the mistake right on the cover that has fans shaking their heads. i absolutely love my new york apartment,
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right now, you will need to grab your umbrella and some patience before you head out this morning. a wet commute to work because of the rain we're seeing across the area right now. tom kierein is live in the wood view neighborhood in prince george's county. >> we have a little bit of drizzle still falling here in prince george's county. everything is wet. one thing to watch out for in the neighborhood, and on the sidewalks, are slippery leaves. many of the leaves came down here over the weekend. so watch out for that. we're seeing that now, the view from our camera looking forward here as we drive through the wood view neighborhood in prince george's county. these leaves have been down here now for several days. some raked in piles.
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some of the parking spots too are really clogged with wet leaves. so watch out for that this morning. and when you get out on the roads, get up to speed, watch out, everything is wet, especially when you hit the curbs. this is fender bender weather. let's check now back with aaron, what's going on. >> tom, thank you. inspectors are trying to solve a mystery in lanham, maryland. residents at the carlton east apartments felt the building shake. crews will be testing the soil there. 22 apartments have been evacuated. residents have been told it will be a week before they can return home. now it a story only on news 4. d.c. jail in jeopardy according to internal memos from the d.c. department of corrections. a major section of the roof won't survive the winter. it will take an emergency $800,000 replacement to avoid significant disruptions in
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damage inside the building, which is 40 years old. look here, our cameras were allowed inside. >> there are repairs that are needed. the roof needs significant repair. i just don't want to see us throwing good money after bad. >> a failing roof covers the administrative wing of the jail including surveillance operations and records division. the agency requested more than a million dollars from the district to do this job. there is no firm timetable for when it will be done. this morning, a new problem for rolling stone magazine. it now faces an additional $25 million lawsuit over an unfounded article about a gang rape at the university of virginia. the fraternity named in the article is behind the new lawsuit. rolling stone magazine faces separate suits from individual members from phi kappa si and university associate dean. social media helping one high school rebound after a
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sexting scandal. students are using the #iamcchs to post pictures and tweets about the good things they're doing in their community. administrators at the colorado high school announced students were trading nude pictures of peers like baseball cards. they say hundreds of student maze be involved here. some suspended and could face felony charges. fewer students are dropping out of high school. that is the result of a new study the education department is expected to fully release today. the washington post says a million high schoolers dropped out in 2008. by 2012, that number dropped to 750,000 students. more students have been graduating since then as well. 81% of the class of 2013 graduated on time. cuts are likely coming to fairfax county schools. it includes letting some late bus service and language immersion programs. they're also considering charging kids $200 for every sport they play and possibly
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cutting substitute teacher pay. there are two plans on the table now. both increase classroom sizes. one cuts $50 million, the other $75 million. the superintendent will present a budget in january and the board will vote on it in may. so right now we have the deal with a little bit of rain out there. it is snowing in nevada. this story moving across the southwest, more than 3,000 people lost power because of the storm. it also created a real headache for drivers. the nevada highway patrol reported several accidents here. the snow will taper off later today. temperatures will plummet to below 20. today wsb will try to prove it is ready for winter and water main breaks. they're planning to demonstrate how closes off a valve and fixes a pipe when a water main ruptures. they expect to see hundreds of water main breaks this winter. more than a third of the mains are over 50 years ol
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>> 20 below zero? >> that's way up in the mountains and -- >> okay, good. far from us. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is watching our forecast. rain doesn't seem so bad right now. 50 degrees, we'll take it. >> okay. an hour ago you were complaining it was too cold. >> that was an hour ago. >> fair. >> i'm here to help navigate you through the changes hour by hour as they continue to come our way fw for the remainder of our tuesday. you'll need to have a rain plan ready to go. rain steady at times, late morning to about lunch time. um befobrellas and jackets read today. clouds, mist, drizzle, fog, visibility have been reduced, so things slowed down a smidgen because of that. keep your low beams on and ey f bus stop. low to mid-50s around town. by november standards, that's in
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the all that cold of rain. but the rain continues off and on through the day. chilly wet start this morning, near 50. showers continue, moderate rain at lunch time. temperatures in the upper 50s. rain should begin to taper off after 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon. what to wear today, don't stray too far from your umbrella. you need jeans on and an insulated raincoat to keep the chill away. storm team 4 radar. light rain we're dealing with now. here is the next batch of rain, which hasn't actually had a rumble of or two of thunder. that's coming our way. should be arriving through the metro area between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. so late morning, through the lunch hour here, then by 5:30, 6:00, things starting to taper off. we'll be back with a little sunshine coming your way for tomorrow. seven-day forecast, today, 60 or near 60 with the clouds and rain drops. tomorrow, dry for veterans day. breezy. another risk of shower or rumble of thunder on thursday. then dry it out and breathe easy into the weekend. it will be much cooler by
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saturday and sunday, highs in the 50s. traffic time now with melissa. >> brand-new crash on 66 inbound, just before 1:23. the left lane blocked. we're getting a little bit of an additional slowdown. two other problems here in virginia, 395 northbound at glebe, one lane blocked. washington boulevard at second, that's now off to the shoulder. don't worry about that one much anymore. prince george's county, no incidents or accidents there right now. you see your normal slowdowns as you're headed inbound on indian head highway, same thing on branch avenue and pennsylvania. up top, 95 the only slowdown here. southbound in maryland. everything else looking pretty good here this morning. no major problems. travel times looking good as well. we'll see you in ten minutes. 6:22. check the nbc washington app to see the complete list of new car seats just ranked in a new report about your child's
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safety. the insurance institute for highway safety says 20 of the 23 seats it review ed are best bets. that is the highest rating and means the seats should be a good fit in almost any car. the other three are good bets, in other words, an acceptable fit. sist zero not recommended. but the iihs says there are not recommended seats from past years that are still on the market. drivers may not be happy about a new idea being floated around the d.c. council. the council is considering a new law that would allow bicyclists to slow down at stop signs rather than come to a full stop. they would still need to yield to cars and pedestrians in the intersection. cyclists say the measure would improve safety and ease congestion. it is part of a comprehensive roadway safety bill that will be the subject of a public hearing in december. now to a story about a sign that is making some people upset. it says get your head out of
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your apps. >> good job, aaron. >> was that clear? >> very clear. >> it went up over highways in utah. some say it is tasteless. the department of transportation wants to catch driver's attention. mission accomplished. it says it is the latest in the series of catchy messages. others you may see out there, the seat belt looks good on you. and steering wheel, not a hands free device. >> catchy, for sure. 6:24 now. new data shows where you have a few extra pounds matters. people who carry extra weight long their waistline may be at increased risk for disease. doctors say sit-ups are not the solution. they say an overall healthier lifestyle and change in diet are what will really make the difference. a woman from prince jrnlg gs county is giving back to the hospital where she had life saving surgery. kimberly richardson had an
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emergency procedure atted meds. she leaned on her faith. she said she feld compt compell come back and work as a chaplin. >> someone is praying for them, somebody cares about them, that somebody believes they can go through this situation. >> her cardiologist says faith and medicine do go hand and hand. you can watch my full report on kimberly's work at the hospital tonight on news 4 at 5:00 p.m. they say there is evidence that people who have a positive attitude who lean on their faith do recover quickly and it really is all connected. mind, body, spirit, soul. >> looking forward to the story. you have to check out a new national calendar that is getting a lot of attention online now. >> that's because it shows the wrong ballpark. take a look at this. that's fenway park in boston on the cover of the calendar. which you can see says national
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park right below it. the nationals in the picture because they played a road game there. but clearly that's not nats park. they didn't make the calendar, but they're working with the company to get it fixed right away. >> that picture was from the opener in 2015 for the nats played the red sox up there. >> and fenway is an iconic place. >> how do you get that wrong? >> all right. let's get it fixed. >> bless their hearts. drivers in virginia finding themselves stranded. the high dollar item thieves are getting away with without breaking into the vehicles. umbrella will come in hand why is as you leave for work. chuck bell has the four things to know about the forecast including when the rain will clear out. we're watching a developing story in southwest washington after a fiery accident leaves a driver dead overnight. what we're learning about the crash ahead on "news 4 today" at 6:00.
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♪ every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. storm team is helping you prepare for the soggy morning commute ahead. we're out on the roads this morning, watching for potential trouble spots.
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and a line of showers pushes its way through our area. >> meteorologist chuck bell is tracking when the rain will stop falling. one of the four things to know this morning. >> four things you need to know about the weather today. it is chilly, wet and nasty outside this morning. it will be slow going for the ride in, especially, but also the ride home. tomorrow is looking look a dryer day. a chance for rain, maybe a rumble or two of thunder on thursday. future weather timing out when this rain will come to an end. 10:15, still raining. 1:00, rain, beginning to slowly end. after 5:00 or 6:00 before the rain finally starts to come it a complete stop and leaves us alone for tomorrow. right now still have this problem here, as far as delays go on 66 inbound, just before 1:1 123, earlier crashes. normal volume making it nasty.
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29, ramp blocked because of a crash there. north capital, northeast at hawaii avenue northeast, left lane blocked, disabled tractor trailer slowing things down. widening out, big look at the beltway. beltway looking pretty typical now. 6:31. now to decision 2016. tonight it is milwaukee's turn to host the gop presidential debate. it is the fourth time candidates will meet in a primetime forum. nbc's tracie potts is here with more on how tonight will be different. good morning to you. >> good morning. tonight could be different because now ben carson, the front-runner, dogged by questions about his past, statements he made, things he said he did that actually did not happen, he says the media is picking on him, his colleagues say that lit rliterally he hasn seen anything yet in terms of the vetting. we'll see if that comes up tonight. supposed to be focused on the economy.
6:32 am
even the fed and whether or not they'll raise interest rates. donald trump still key in this debate. he has been going after ben carson as well. we'll see if the floridians go after it again. marco rubio and jeb bush, they tangled in the last debate. this time around, both going for a key endorsement from wisconsin governor scott walker. that could bring with it the support of evangelicals. so we'll see if the two of them end up going head to head at this debate onight. only eight on stage, not ten, as they whittle it down based on the numbers. >> thanks. >> ben carson will soon have the protection of the secret service. an aid in the republican's campaign says the extra layer of security will start tomorrow when he visits lb s liberty university. republican senator ted cruz want his presidential bid from that
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campus earlier this year. it is trump versus those red starbucks coffee cups this morning. he's not alone. some people are expressing anger over this year's look. look for yourself. in previous years, the cups were more festive with snowflakes, winter scenes and even christmas tree ornaments. the republican presidential contender suggested boycotting the company yesterday over its minimalist holiday cup design. in the day ahead, the family of a murdered woodbridge teen will hold a candlelight vigil. today marks one year since brandon wilson was shot and killed along a short cut path to wood bridge high school. family and friends will light candles in the spot where he died at 6:00. police say wayne smalls killed wilson along with the help of four other young people. you can go to an art exhibit to honor a woman killed in fairfax conte. the journey of life exhibit is open ing at the annandale campus. it is a tribute to vanessa pham stabbed to death in her car five years ago. a man approached her in a falls
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church parking lot and asked for a ride. she said yes and then he stabbed her. it features art from pham's aunt. it is on display until sunday. parents in fairfax county are not happy about a tweet sent out by a school board member. elizabeth schultz tweeted a link to an article claiming transgender men are struggling with mental illness. earlier this year, she received a standing ovation when she was the only one to vote against adding gender identity to the school district's nondiscrimination policy. a local group of parents now want to meet with schultz. they want an apology. a warning this morning from your neighbors in loudoun county about a series of tire and rim thefts. in recent weeks at least nine suv and pick uptruck owners found their vehicles on block and tires and rims gone. some of the thefts happened overnight in their own driveways. victims say adding wheel locks to the vehicles is one of the changes they're making to try and stop this from happening again. later today, john kerry will
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speak to students at old dominion university. the secretary of state plans to talk about climate change and national security. in a few hours, he'll meet with students currently studying sea level rise. kerry will round out his visit to norfolk this morning with a tour of the uss san antonio. we expect to learn more about plans to give you more commuting options on vres. they're looking into an 11 mile extension of its commuter rail service along the manassas line. that would extend service from manassas through gainesville to haymarket near route 15 and i 66. the community meeting will provide the first update on the rail study. it begins at 6:00 p.m. at gainesville middle school. breaking bad made tv history. now the hoe is gshow is getting place at the smithsonian museum. today they will donate props from the show. walter white highsenburg hats, lap suits and gas masks used on
6:36 am
the show are some of the items being put on display. a special tribute for our veterans tonight from our current service members. maryland public television partnering with the u.s. fair force band for a program called america's veterans a musical tribute t was an honor for me to be able to host this program again for my fourth year working with the band and maryland public tv. this year's broadcast honors our vietnam vets and the 15th anniversary of that war, so the music from the outstanding musicians and singers really focuses on that era. if we can hear this a little bit, stand by me you hear in the video. there you go. good stuff. the program airs tonight at 8:00 on maryland public television. >> good stuff. new questions this morning about the e. coli outbreak on the west coast that forced dozens of restaurants to close. the new obstacle facing investigators there. right now, two problems on bw parkway causing slowdowns. details coming up.
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putting an end to cramming for the finals. the decision in the day ahead that could put an end to final exams in one maryland school district.
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the first test results came back negative. health officials are working to find the source of the outbreak. the first round of testing looked at food samples from restaurants in oregon and washington state. 27 cases have been linked to the outbreak. state officials say more than 40 restaurants could reopen in a few days if they meet certain requirements. coming up on 6:41 on tuesday morning. we'll take a live look outside from our city cam. and kind of socked in here this morning between fog and rain. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell telling us whether we'll see any more improvements in the weather. what is happening out there.
6:41 am
>> what you see is what you get early this morning. temperatures in the 40s in the shenandoah valleys. low to mid-50s along the metro area. not terribly cold. storm team 4 radar lit up with the light rain and fog and mist and nastiness around town. nothing all that heavy just yet. another batch of steadier showers coming our way for late morning to early afternoon. bus stop weather, kiddos, leave the umbrellas and slickers in the galoshes today. temperatures near 50 on the way out the door. near 60 coming home later this afternoon. seven-day forecast in ten minutes. check on traffic with not one, not two, but three new crashes. >> three new crashes now. they flipped the camera, we could see the center lanes there partially blocked here this morning because of that crash. and we have two others, so this definitely will start building as a problem. the other problem, one we're pushing out right now, southbound bw parkway, witwo accidents. going to be slow this morning.
6:42 am
270 from germantown to the spur, taking quite a bit of time. 23 minutes. top of the beltway slow. 95 to 270, 24 minutes. in virginia, not as bad. developing southwest washington this morning, a car bursts into flames overnight in a crash and the drivers with found dead. derrick ward on the scene all morning. he'll have a live report with what we're learning next.
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a developing story. police are investigating a deadly car fire. derrick ward is live on the scene now with the investigation. derrick? >> reporter: well, on that investigation, it is going in the laboratory phase now. you might say the roads are clear. but take a look. at about 11:30 last night, police apparently got a call for a car in flames here at the intersection of raoul wallenberg place and independence avenue. they got here, they found the car that apparently failed to negotiate the turn headed south on to independence and ended up hitting the tree, taking down fences, bursting into fair. had they got to the scene, they found one person inside the car that had died. and they have not identified the person and they want to find out if it was the crash, the fire or something else that caused this death. all the traffic is clear now.
6:46 am
we know there is some breaking news on the roads elsewhere. for that, to melissa mollet. >> breaking news on 270 and bw parkway. a couple of separate problems, 270 south at shady grove road right now. we're very slow because of a crash in the main lanes. it is still there. police there on the scene this morning. bw parkway, with different crashes. one southbound at 410, the other southbound at kenilworth. full details and more. problem on 66 as well coming up. i wish i had good news on the way of sunshine coming our way to help ease up the road problems. but we're not going to get much of a break this morning. light rain out there for now. wake-up weather, temperatures on the upper 40s and low 50s. you'll need your jacket and your umbrella. don't leave home without your umbrella. there is sunshine in the seven day. that's coming up at 6:51. 6:47 now. later today, former maryland football player and current colts linebacker d'qwell jackson will be in court. he faces charges for punching a
6:47 am
pizza delivery driver in the face. d.c. police say the two fought over a parking spot back in february. jackson could face a minimum of six months in prison and up to $1,000 fine. a popular destination for parents and children in one alexandria community will reopen this morning. police discovered a man murdered in beverly park yesterday. police say the victim is 24 and from another part of alexandria. they're not releasing his name until family can be notified. sources tell news 4 his throat was cut. families are preparing to bury four people and unborn child killed in a devastating crash this weekend. the victims were on their way to church when a pickup truck cr h crashed into a van. that couple, elba linares and santiago merche were planning to move back to el salvador in a few days. >> the last thing i know, he's with god. and that's going to make me go -- continue my life.
6:48 am
>> medics took 13 people to the hospital. several are still in critical condition. right now in brooklyn, we want to show you a major protest going on. this is from chopper 4. fast food workers having their biggest strike yet, outside of a mcdonald's. they're pushing to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. this is part of a nationwide protest across 270 cities. we just checked to find out that new york city mayor bill deblad blasio is there. tens of thousands are expected to take part to encourage people to vote for a candidate to support the increase when time comes to vote next year. today, at 10:30, we know bernie sanders will be on capitol hill to show his support on the issue. aaron? >> thank you. developing this morning, a big setback for president obama's immigration plan. an appeals court ruled against that plan that 2-1 decision upholds the lower court
6:49 am
injunction brought by 26 states. the plan provide s protection from deportation. the ruling says the president doesn't have the authority to do that. it does not affect his policy protecting the children of undocumented immigrants if deportation. montgomery county will decide whether to ditch final exams for high school students. a final decision is expected to be made tonight. the board of education approved a proposal to phase out end of semester exams in september. the students already assessed in many i w many ways. this will be replaced with shorter assessments including unit tests and projects, starting in the 2016, 2017 school year. in montgomery county, parents are not happy with the proposed redistricting plan. at a meeting last night, parents and students came armed with signs and voiced their frustrations on this new plan. the county wants to relieve overcrowding by moving students from growing areas including
6:50 am
gaithersburg to schools with fewer students. parents are angry because some of the overcrowded schools were built less than five years ago. there will be another public meeting on thursday. developing now, an investigation into a deadly police shooting on a college campus. spartanburg methodist college in south carolina was on lockdown overnight. police say two people in a car drove into a police officer. that officer then shot at them, hitting one. that person died. the other person in the car is in police custody now. the school says the lockdown is over and classes are happening on schedule today. the university of missouri football team getting ready to head back to the practice field today after two months of anger and unrest. university president tom wolfe stepped down yesterday. many mizzou players and students were upset with how he handled racially charged incidents on campus. some students celebrated, others cried. one protest leader ended his eight-day-long hunger strike.
6:51 am
breaking news in rockville. 270 southbound at shady road, crash in center lanes causing delays. another problem, bw parkway, we just pushed this out on the nbc washington app. make sure you get it. if you don't have it yet. southbound bw parkway at 410, left lane blocked and southbound at kenilworth avenue, left lane blocked, big delays there on bw parkway. 66 inbound, slow this morning, because of an earlier crash near 123. pretty nasty there as well. 59 north at prince william parkway, also one lane blocked there. we're slow for a small section there through wood bridge and it opens back up. prince george's county no incidents, no accidents, we're slow, though, inbound indian head highway. fairly typical for this time of day, 95 south slow as well. outside this morning, a
6:52 am
cloudy start, temperatures are on the relatively mild side. most neighborhoods are in the 50s this morning. live view from our city camera. you'll be splashing and dashing your way across town, not just this morning, but most of the day long will look like this. a mild 57 now at national airport. wins northeast at 13. not only cool and rainy, but breezy as well. rainy start, showers continue into the afternoon, you'll need the umbrella, not just a pocket umbrella. medium size to full side umbrella all day long. cooler in the shennen doe w n a. time to go out for the walk. my dogs hate walking in the rain. showers and rain drops and puddles outside this morning. so, again, what to wear today, take your umbrella and warm insulated raincoat and jeans and longer pants as well. hometown forecast, prince george's county, ft. washington, maryland, cool, wet and rainy. temperatures near 50s.
6:53 am
rain gradually coming to an end. might be past 5:00 or can 6:00 before the last drops fall. area of rain just down to our south and west, this is the next batch coming toward us. moderate rain near petersburg, west virginia. wet on the local area roads. this is light to briefly moderate rain for now. take the umbrella ready to go out the door early today. seven-day forecast carries the rain through the forecast and the reminder of the day. tomorrow, veterans day, things improve a bit and as we head toward the weekend, dryer weather finally back to the picture once again. a lot of rain today and another chance for showers on your thursday. out on the roads, tom kierein on the outer loop and the 4 by 4. >> live from the storm team 4 by 4, we're seeing some of that moderate to you were talking about, chuck. getting that now, on the outer loop. just past route 650, and it is getting wetter here. we got the wipers going more now. live view from the camera
6:54 am
looking forward. you can see we're just crawling along here, traffic only moving around 5, 10 miles an hour. no accidents on this side of the beltway. as far as melissa was saying, we haven't had any -- seen anybody slipping and sliding yet, just because we're going so slow. only five miles an hour. now completely stopped. and you'll need the umbrella. we're seeing this rain beginning to move into the metro area as we had a little drizzle earlier on. 6:54. today you can attend a community meeting about the future of i-66 in virginia. the program director will answer your questions tonight. the meeting begins at 7:30 at the town hall meeting. developments from maryland this morning. state delegate kathy szeliga could announce her intentions to run for u.s. senate. szeliga represents parts of
6:55 am
baltimore and hartford counties. the republican would face steep odds. the presidential election may draw more democrats to the polls. i'm landon dowdy. target unveils black friday deals and there are a lot of apple products on the list. if you buy an ipad air 2, ipad mini, apple watch or iphone 6 s you'll get a target gift card up to $250. beats is owned by apple. target will be open at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day with more deals on top for 7:00 a.m. on black friday. i'm landon dowdy. where in the country is al roker? time is rupprunning out for him visit all 50 states by friday. you'll are to watch to see where he will end up. he crosses off 13 states yesterday as he attempts to do a weather report in every state. he'll be in our area on
6:56 am
thursday. be sure to follow his youjournen the "today" show. he's hard working. 8:56. four things to know this tuesday morning. building inspectors will do soil tests at the carlton east apartments in lanham. residents evacuated after the building started shaking. university of missouri football team returns to the practice field today. tim wolfe stepped down yesterday. students were upset with how he handled racial incidents on campus. beverly park in alexandria will reopen. police found a man murdered in the park yesterday. one person dead after a car fire in southwest washington. d.c. police say a car crashed into a tree on raoul wallenberg place before midnight. police have not released any information about the victim. right now, a couple of problems on the roads. 270 south shady grove slow because of a crash in the center lane. southbound bw parkway at 410 and kenilworth, two crashes with the left lane blocked in both spots. brand-new problem in rockville.
6:57 am
pedestrian struck. keep your eyes peeled this morning. low visibility with the rain drops around start to finish today. dry for veterans day tomorrow. that's the broadcast this morning. thank you for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. have a great day. >> try to stay dry out there. make it a great tuesday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
7:00 am
good morning. bring it on. the republican presidential candidates set to face off tonight. donald trump sharpening his jabs against ben carson, carson fired up and vowing he's ready to fight, and jeb bush in desperate need of a strong performance to get his campaign back on track. we're live in milwaukee. das vadana, growing calls for russia to be banned from the 2016 summer olympics in rio after allegations of a widespread government-sponsored doping program. the kremlin pushing back hard overnight calling the accusations unfounded. game changer. major new steps being taken by u.s. soccer officials to reduce concussions in young athletes. headers to be limited and in some cases banned. this morning when the rules take effect and what


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