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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00, federal investigators on the ground in ohio to figure out what caused this deadly plane crash. >> the moment of impact captured on social media. a local soldier about to receive the medal of honor
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talking about the day that changed his life. >> did it ever cross your mind for a moment i'm going to die? >> no. i didn't think about that because there's no time to think about that. the only thing you think about is doing your job. >> first at 11:00 tonight, the smallest debate yet for the republican race for the white house. >> eight candidates on the main stage, everyone waiting to see how ben carson would handle the new role of front-runner? one thing we didn't see tonight as many attacks on the modera moderators. from milwaukee. >> go to a three-page tax code, yes, there are plans. >> reporter: in the debate on the fox business network the focus was on economic plans. >> did you want to name any specific sector. >> reporter: how each candidate would help the middle class. >> a bold simple flat tax. >> i have a pro family tax code. i am proud of it.
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mess we have those tax codes right now. >> more candidates debated earlier, this was the eighth topology republican, ben carson and donald trump tied at the top. carson's account of his youth was an issue. >> thank you for not asking me what i did in the 10th grade. >> and trump talking about walls on the border? if you don't think the wall doesn't work it does work, believe me. >> that gave jeb bush a chance to show compassion. >> 12 million illegal immigrants to send them back, 500,000 a month is just not possible. they're doing high-five united states in the clinton campaign when they hear this. >> it was a competition but a look at how a republican president, presumably, one of these eight, would try to change our taxes and how our government spends. the impressions from this debate could influence this race for weeks. the next republican debate is not until december 15th. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news,
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milwaukee. after another tough commute this evening, things are looking better tomorrow morning. >> that's not the last of the rain we're seeing, is that right? >> no. the next batch comes in 24-48 hours and we have one nice day in between. the rain has moved out. i want to show you what's move right now, a pretty good breeze, winds gusting 20 to 25 miles an hour. the good news is temperatures will not tafall all that much tonight. we're not talking about waking up to cold numbers. there goes the snow and new york city looking around our area, there is nothing left from the storm in our area. we are just seeing the winds and will continue to see that early tomorrow. tomorrow morning, we will see some wet roadways and especially shelter back roads. give yourself extra time. temperatures around 50 degrees. tomorrow morning looking good. temperatures around 64.
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tomorrow, veterans day, not the problem, it's thursday. we will talk about thursday and the much cooler weekend ahead in my forecast. >> we've been telling you about a horrific crash that killed several people in a church van. just minutes ago we learned the name of the man driving the pickup truck that hit him. he is a 30-year-old man named medardo flores from chili. he hit a car, left that crash scene and lost control of his pickup and slammed into the side of the church van. a 6-year-old little girl was killed, a pregnant woman lost her baby and an elderly couple was also killed in that crash, doreen. >> new tonight, the "washington post" reports there's a multi-million dollar lawsuit over the metro bus shooting that forced d.c. to change a bus route. the suit claims negligence over
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an issue we first told you about in august. jackie is live at metro headquarters to explain. >> reporter: maureen, $8 million. that is what earl coates says metro should pay him after he got shot on a bus last summer. as you said reported on the "washington post" website, the lawsuit claims an on-off switch contributed to the shooting in august. the l bus was at a stop when someone cut the power from the outside and began shooting into the bus and i the panic, he was struck by two bullet sns. 21-year-old brown was arrested for the crime. there has been cases recently where a bus was at a stop and teenagers pulled the switch and the bus was not able to move at all. people say that is a safety hazard. metro has no comment on the suit
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tonight. you will remember this ended up in metro's not running buses down that stretch of the road until there was a very large outcry from the community and they restored the service. live at metro headquarters, jackie bensen, news4. >> it's takoma park's first murder of the year. police are trying to figure out how it happened. somebody found a woman's body behind the dumpsters on new hampshire avenue behind the office plaza. the woman was homeless and did secretary tearial work in the building from time-to-time. police believe someone killed her in the building and brought her outside. those two popular fantasy websites are fight back after the new york general told them to shut down in the state. eric schneiderman called them illegal gambling sites that rely on -- draft king said he didn't
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take the time to understand how the games work. both sides have large offices in new york city also home to f fanduel's headquarters and the sites are the subject of dozens of lawsuits from consumers. congress will hold a hearing sometime soon. comcast and nbc sports are invested in fanduel. tonight, you will hear from a local veteran awarded the medal of honor from the white house this year. he ran track at the university of maryland and seriously injured in afghanistan three years ago when he tackled a suicide bomber. grover was part of the security team escorting an colonel to a meeting with an afghan official. he says his instincts and training kicked in as soon as he realized the man was a threat. >> all i could think of was we have to get him away from the boss. get him away, as far as we can. we're talking about eight seconds here.
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you just react. you trust your training and trust your instincts and you trust that you are -- you have the fortitude to go out there and do the job that you've been tasked to do. >> four men were killed in that attack but officials say many more would of died if he hadn't jumped into action. he's had more than 30 surgeries on his leg and can no longer run. president obama will present him with the medal of honor on thursday. his story will be featured that night with "nbc nightly news" with lester holt on nbc4. tomorrow, we will honor our nation's veterans for their service and sacrifice. events will begin at the world war ii memorial at the national mall and a wreath laying ceremony at 9:00 in the morning. more than 16 men and women served during world war ii and the president will lay a wreath at the arlington national cemetery at 11:00 a.m. and special tribute at the vietnam veterans memorial at 1:00 p.m.
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in the afternoon. former jimmy carter got news that his cancer stopped spre spreading and he's responding well to treatment from melanoma. the 91-year-old announced in august it had spread to his liver and brain. back here on the live desk we learned ed ntsb investigator are on the ground where a small plane crashed into several homes. we're seeing one woman's reaction, live chatting as the plane flashed by. >> oh, my god! >> there were nine people on board that plane that clipped several wires and crossed into a street and hit an apartment bui building. the people that lived there weren't home but police say everyone on board the jet were killed. it slid into an embankment and
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set another home on fire. it left the airport in cincinnati and donteton. there was rainfall and mist in the area when it went down. and dayton. and specialists are called in to figure out how it crashed and why? pl out your 2016 calendars and mark down this date, september 12th. a big change that will allow muslim families the opportunity to recognize a religious holiday. the montgomery county board of education voted to give muslims the day off to celebrate a holiday with their families. it's a huge victory for muslim parents in montgomery county pushing for this for years. >> it was always deep inside me. i could see it and feel it right here behind these doors. i had no doubt about that. i appreciate the change of heart of a couple more members today. >> september 12th of next year
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will be a professional day for montgomery county schools. that means it's a day off for students but a work day for teachers. >> you've been watching this video on our facebook page all day. new tonight, we hear from the man who says he was humiliated and violated by two women at a d.c. gas station. >> when someone is grabbing your body parts without your permission no matter who it is, that's a violation completely. >> plus, blizzards and whiteouts and tornadoes in the forecast in parts of the midwest over the next 24 hours. how it's already starting to affect travel. affect travel. don't go [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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today, police arrested two women caught groping and twer twerking on a man in a d.c. gas station. >> she's 22 years old and the man attacked says he's humili e humiliated and wants the other woman caught now. >> what's the deal, shomari. >> reporter: police are sear searching for the second woman shown on this video. they have not told us which one was arrested. that man told us this groping and twerking was unsolicited. he didn't like it, told them to stop. he says that continued at this gas station where it all went down and he said that's where the trouble started. >> i was assaulted sexually. >> you've already seen the surveillance video. a man stands in line at a d.c. gas station and a woman twerks on him. tonight, we interview that man and he's upset.
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>> did you feel violated? >> i felt 100% violated and humiliated also. when someone is grabbing your badie bartz without your permission no matter who it is, that's a violation completely. >> reporter: so embarrassed he doesn't want to show his face. nearly a month ago he it was in line to pay for gas at the shell station around 4:00. suddenly, a woman backs up and rubs her buttocks on him. he says the second woman dressed in red touches her private area. >> as they were grabbing me, it wasn't like they were grabbing pants. >> he says stop and tries to back away. he feels hopeless. >> the two cashiers just sat there. what do you want us to do? i said call the police. >> reporter: frustrated he walks out of the gas station and started to call police on his phone. meanwhile the woman tried to stop him from getting in his car and he was able to block her away. he then walks over to this car wash, went inside, talking to
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police and said the woman walked away once he hung up the phone. what do you say to some guys watching this say, okay, what's the big deal? they were women, dancing on you, what's the big deal? >> a paid event would be one thing, why go to a strip club to do that when you can have a go girlfriend or female friend do that with you? >> reporter: police tell me the woman they arrested has two arrests for prostitution, prior arrests here in the district and she's from las vegas. live here in north d.c. i'm shomari stone, news4. >> thank you. new at 11:00 tonight, marijuana arrests in this district dropped to historic lows. it's been just over a year since small amounts of pot were legalized in the district. here are the break downs. as of friday, there have been only seven arrests for pot possession this year, compare to last year, nearly 900 arrests.
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almost all of them before new marijuana laws took effect. in 2013, 1200. two years before that the number was nearly doubled, more than 2300. some new rules are going into effect to protect your children from concussions on the soccer field. the u.s. soccer federation say children aged 10 and younger won't be able to head the soccer ball during practices or games and those 11-13 will be allowed to head the ball during games only. experts say hitting the ball with your head is not the primary source of concussions. >> concussions are caused most commonly by player to player collisi collisions, player hitting the ground hard or a player being elb elbowed, kneed by another player. >> those new guidelines are the result of a class action lawsuit by parents and players last year. the suit didn't ask for any money only rule changes now being implemented. >> it will be a wild few days
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for some parts of the country, snow, winds, even tornadoes as the system moves across places like renoy nevada and flagstaff, arizona have already seen snow and blizzard warnings in colorado and already canceling flights in denver, which could get 6 inches of snow overnight. a large s.w.a.t of twath of the from nebraska to colorado could see large amounts of hail. >> a lot of people have a holiday tomorrow. >> that's right. that storm system will try to make its way our way and won't bring that. that's the kind of storm system we will see a lot of this winter, an el nino packed system and it will bring up a cold front thursday and will bring cooler weather as we make our way toward the end of the week and weekend. right now, nice outside. we have a breeze. winds at 13 miles an hour and
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gusty at 25 in places. temperatures have actually gone up over the last hour, over 57 degrees currently and the rest of the region, down to the south we've gone down. to la ray, 46-45. and still clouds in culpeper and clouds and wind here. we're not going to cool all that much tomorrow and the temperature will be mild when you step out the front door. one thing you won't need is an umbrella. it will be a pretty nice day, good day for veterans and observations and observances. 50 degrees, 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. nice weather. temperature around 64, breezy but that's all. there's our storm system. it continues to move out. behind it you still have some residual cloud cover to help you keep temperatures on the mild side. this is tropical storm kate,
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very close to a hurricane, winds at 70 miles an hour. it's tracked well tout sea and good news tracking between us and bermuda and not going to cause problems anywhere. more good news, 52 degrees at 7:00 a.m. sun and clouds, breezy but nice. 57 by 1:00 and 62 later. dry sun and clouds in the afternoon. a bit breezy, maybe the warm jacket early. some observance going on in arlington national cemetery. no problems at all. nice weather for that. what to wear tomorrow. starting off maybe the jacket. it's a pants day again, getting into winter. maybe the jacket but by afternoon i think you can take the jacket off. we have weather as a low impact day tomorrow. looking good, breezy, on the nice side. thursdayy the day you need the umbrella. 40% of rain coming in we will
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probably up that and 10:00 thursday morning, rain just about everywhere. that moves fairly quickly and by 1:00 out of the region towards southern maryland and it really moves out. i am not expecting much in the way of rain thursday keep the umbrella handy. and saturday, we're in the low 50s for the most part, even with sunshine, breezy conditions and saturday quite cool, sunday not too bad, temperatures climbing back to 50 degrees. in the upper 50s and starting to get cool. >> it is november. coming up, kevin durant's home coming didn't end as he or the wizards were hoping. >> first, here is jimmy fallon. >> thank you, doreen and jim. daniel ratcliffe is my guest tonight.
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it was a mess. >> ji. f . >> yes. for the wizards. the old saying, if you can't beat them, please sign him to a contract in 2016 when he become as free agent so he will stop beating you. kevin durant and oklahoma city thunder had their way with the wizards. he didn't play in the second half and they still won by 24 points. k.d. waving hello to his hometown fans. john wall hoping those fans ro t
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rooting for him tonight. gave them something to cheer for tonight. and jamming that one home, he had nine points in this game and wizards within three. more from kevin durant showing why he's wanted here. long three ball there. second quarter, durant continuing to look unstoppable, pulls up again, finished with 14 points and 10 rebounds. watch this play. kind of tweaks his hamstring a little bit. did not play in the second half. fortunately for the wizards -- unfortunately for the wizards, okc didn't need him. russell westbrook, 125-101. afterwards, randy wittman not happy with his team's effort. >> we're too soft of a team right now. we have guys that play 27 minutes and get one defensive rebound. can get a rebound i guarantee
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you. you give me 27 minutes on saturday i'll get you a rebound. >> he is 56 years old. i hope he doesn't have to get a rebound come saturday night. they lost three straight games. hoping that can get their act together. let's move to hockey for a moment. alex ovechkin and capitals, it couldn't have been more perfect. ovie is tied with fedorov for goals and he was hoping to pass the hall of famer for attendance. fedorov dropped the puck and afterwards say hello to obie. to the second period, keeping this game scoreless, watch this here. tries the wraparound, and obie denies him. wings pushing up the ice. andreas fires it on the net at a tough angle. that one gets in past obie.
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they're on the board and trying to tie up this game towards the end of the power play, another good chance for ovechkin here, can't get that puck in traffic. tied career high with 15 shots in this game. caps lose to red wings, 1-0. to baseball, manny machado turning the orioles game into gold. he won in 2013. he had a good year at the plate. his defense bringing home the hardware this year, orioles have had a gold glove winner in each had a gold glove winner in each of the last five
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here you go. bei bei took his first steps yesterday moments after being scooped up by his mother. after getting all four paws un
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- daniel radcliffe. animal expert, chris packham.


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