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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 11, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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with pepco. happening today, crews will be back at an apartment complex. they were boring into the ground to find out why things were shaking. no one was hurt. 12 million illegal immigrants, to send them back, 500,000 a month, is just not possible. they're doing high fives in the clinton campaign right now when they hear this. >> a night of substantive conversation and details from the republican candidates for president. nbc news political analysts say it's hard to pick a clear winner here. the top eight candidates on the stage in milwaukee. they talked all things policy, taxes, military spending and immigration. jeb bush picked apart donald trump's deportation schedule.
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>> without us leading, voids are filled. the idea that it is a good idea for putin to be in syria, let isis take out assad and then putin will take out isis, that's like a board game. that's like playing monopoly. that's not how the real world works. >> we have an understanding of each candidates' real world planning. nbc's tracie potts will join us in a few minutes with a look at the proposals. it is now 4:31. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> you need to know four things about the weather for today. chilly and kind of breezy morning. going to be a blustery afternoon. winds could gust over 30 miles per hour at times this afternoon. a chance for a rumble or two of thunder coming our way tomorrow. don't get too much thunder in the month of november. the weekend, all eyes on the weekend looking pretty good. chilly but on the dry side. temperatures this fine morning are in the low to mid 50s around
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the metro area. you break down your day hour by hour. sun is up at 6:46. upper 40s to low to mid 50s. then with a fair amount of sunshine coming our way this afternoon. temperatures rise into the low, briefly into the mid 60s. going out to dinner and movie, cool at dinner time. mid 50s. cloudy and chilly at movie time. detail more about that in a few more minutes. for now, traffic time. >> we have three problems. all of them are on the shoulder. so we have inner loop at the toll road 66 east and nutley street and 395 northbound at seminary. all of them on the shoulder with police response. might see them but they shouldn't bother you. inner loop at allentown, ramp to allentown near andrews air force base is off to the left side of the road. it's out of the way for us as well. 66 here no major problems. 95 also looking good. even construction not really
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hanging around too much at this point this morning. top of the beltway rolling along nicely. bw parkway, 95 route 1 here and 29 everything looking quite good. see you in ten minutes right here at 4:41. police at the university of missouri are now saying there are no threats to the campus after they investigated several on social media overnight. police in the school originally said they had heightened security in response to those threats. the post threatens black students following the protests at the school over the last several days. now the university alert system and police are saying there's no threat and that students should not spread rumors, however, tensions do remain high. some school leaders mentioned even canceling some classes as an option. there were also some reports that students left the campus to make sure that they were safe. eun? >> angie, thank you. it is now 4:34. today family, friends and colleagues will remember a fallen police officer in kentucky. a funeral for officer daniel
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ellis will be held later this morning in richmond, kentucky. ellis was shot last wednesday while searching an apartment for a robbery suspect. he was a seven year veteran of the police force. officials in akron, ohio, will hold a press conference about a small business jet that slammed into an apartment building. the building burst into flames yesterday and a nearby house also caught fire. investigators will begin work this morning to recover bodies and sift through the wreckage. at least two people died and as many as nine are feared dead. no one on the ground was hurt. 4:34 right now. this morning one of the women in a video caught globing and twerking on a man in a d.c. gas station is behind bars. the victim tells news 4 he wants the other woman caught immediately. he says he feels violated and embarrassed. he asked us not to show his face. this happened as that man stood in line at a shell station. some on social media said the victim should have welcomed the
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attention but he said there is nothing to welcome about sexual assault. >> did you feel violated? >> i felt 100% violated and humiliated. when someone is grabbing your body parts without your permission, no matter who it is, that's just a violation completely. >> police arrested the 22-year-old and charged her with sexual abuse. the second woman has not been caught. we are learning the name of a man found dead in an alexandria park. the man is 24-year-old jose perez. someone discovered his body while walking through beverly park on monday. police say someone slashed his throat. they went over every inch of the playground and searched the streets. so far no suspects. right now some parts of the country preparing for wild weather. snow, wind, even tornadoes expected as the system moves across the country. places like reno, nevada, and flagstaff, arizona, have already seen several inches of snow.
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right now blizzard warnings are posted in colorado. live picture from denver from the international airport there where 25 flights have been canceled this morning. we don't have a picture. the area could see six inches of snow by the end of the day. a large swath could see winds, hail, even tornadoes later on today. today we will honor our nation's veterans for their service and sacrifice. in just a few hours a day of events will begin at the world war ii memorial on the national mall. a wreath laying ceremony will be held at 9:00 this morning. the president will also lay a wreath at arlington national cemetery at 11:00. a special tribute will be held at vietnam veteran's memorial. a local veteran will be awarded a medal of honor. florence rowberg attended walter john high school in bethesda. he was seriously injured in afghanistan three years ago when he tackled a suicide bomber. >> he was part of a security team escorting a colonel to a
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meeting with an afghan official. he said his instincts and training kicked in as soon as he realized the man was a threat. >> all i could think of, we have to get him away from the boss, the guy. just get him away as far as we can. talking about eight seconds here. there's no -- you just react. you trust your training, you trust your instincts, you trust that you are -- you already have the internal fortitude to go out there and do the job that you're tasked to do. >> four men were killed in the attack. officials say many more would have died if rohberg hadn't jumped into action. he's had 30 surgeries on his leg. he can no longer run. his story will be on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> incredible show of courage. i don't think most of us have what it takes to do what he did. >> thank god for the guys who join the military and do it. >> yeah.
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>> and ladies. 4:38. all bets off? the latest developments after two major fantasy sports sites get shut down. we're also learning about a sexting scandal rocking a high school in new york. why two of the students involved could face felony charges. take a look at the temperatures this morning. many of you waking up in the 50s. will the kids
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two huge fantasy sports
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sites shut down in new york today. fan duel and draft kings promote games of chance and not skill. in other words, illegal gambling. after the order draft king said it would, quote, vigously pursue all legal options. fan duel said the attorney general was attempting to get press coverage. nbc 4's parent company comcast is an investor in fan duel. a sexting scandal developing this morning. two 14-year-old boys face felony charges. police say one of them filmed the other having sex with a girl. then he distributed that video to more than a dozen of his peers. as many as 20 students at a high school in long island are suspended. at least one parent said school administrators were wrong in handing out punishments and intimidated the teenagers into confessio confessions. 4:416789 temperatures in the 50s. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> welcome to wednesday, everybody. skies continuing to clear out.
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dry start to your day. temperature 51 rockville and re restin. 52 in college park and falls church. planning out the day for the kid does, temperatures at the bus stop, 50. no umbrellas required. temperatures upper 40s to 50s now. low to mid 60s coming home later today. what do you dress them up in today? you can leave the6#
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also have three different accidents there all on the shoulder. woods borrow, main street is shut down. wires down from an earlier crash. police putting the detour in place. as soon as we know it, we'll pass it along. see you then. big news into the live desk. angie is digging into some information on an announcement virginia governor terry mcauliffe is set to make. pretty timely. pretty timely. back on the streets, why a
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breaking, new numbers out this morning on how virginia is
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handling homelessness. governor terry mcauliffe will say that the state has helped 1400 homeless veterans find permanent housing in the last year alone. that announcement will be made today at a virginia war memorial in richmond. go to a three-page tax code. yes, there are plans. >> i am proud that i have a pro family tax code. >> each one of those tax plans is better than the mess that we have right now. >> insights this morning into decision 2016. we're getting a closer look at how a republican president would try to change our taxes and how our government spends. nbc's tracie potts is now live with us from capitol hill. tracie, good morning. this time plenty of substance along with the spark. >> reporter: exactly. big differences when it comes to some of the issues. this one really stuck a lot for policy. they spent quite a bit of time talking about taxes and how that
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money is spent especially on the military. carly fiorina pushing for a strong military. donald trump saying we need to be careful about getting too involved in syria and then in terms of the money, rand paul really giving a lot of push back saying, you know, are you really a conservative if you're talking about spending that much money on the military? he tangled with marco rubio on that point. rubio essentially said we can't afford not to. so it was about your money. it was about taxes but definitely exposing some clear differences between the two. >> tracie, let's talk about the new divide that really came into focus last night. there is a noticeable split between party outsiders and the more establishment candidates? >> reporter: right. you have the insider/outsider with john kasich who has been in washington but is a governor. he's tauted himself as someone who can actually look at these issues from a national standpoint. we did see donald trump and ben
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carson a lot more reserved than we have in some other debates. we did see some of the sort of mid tier candidates like jeb bush come out quite a bit more and kasich, who i mentioned. it will be interesting to see how much of a good night this was for jeb bush. we've been talking a lot about his numbers languishing. that has a lot to do with money, too. when the candidates don't perform, whatever the policy issues are, if performance is not up to par that can rattle the donors. >> with ben carson and donald trump not necessarily monopolizing the time last night, are there any clear winners? >> reporter: you know, it's not clear if there were winners. i would say the middle tier group were winners, kasich, bush, rubio. rubio has been a top tier candidate in terms of number three. definitely had some strong moments last night. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. tracie, thank you. today ben carson will be in virginia. he will have the protection of the secret service this morning as well when he speaks at
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liberty university in lynchberg. carson may be going for the evangelical vote here. liberty describes itself as north america's largest weekly gathering of christian students. here's one you haven'teard before, man faces assault charges for trying to launch something over the white house fence with a sling shot. secret service arrested the man on the north lawn yesterday. agents swept the area but didn't find anything suspicious. two men authorities call white supremacists now facing charges in virginia for planning attacks on synagogues and black churches. the fbi says robert doyle and robert cheney tried to buy guns and explosives from three under cover agents and were arrested in henrik could outside of henrico county. some students at george washington university want to revote bill cosby's honorary
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degree. they cite the many sex assault accusations. they were urging g.w. administrators to revoke it. >> honorary degree should be reserved for someone who represents the values of our university. >> a woman sued him for did he have familiar mags. there have been several cases like this. the honorary degree was awarded in 1997. g.w. officials say while we are shocked, and disturbed, this is a quote, by the actions of bill cosby, it has never been the university's position to revoke an honorary degree. we first told you the school evicted jawanza. pride nation tried to help him by linking him with a graduate who offered him an apartment. the group has resintded the offer claiming ingram hasn't responded to them.
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on twitter he said he needed more time to talk with his family. officials in prince gorges county and the county executive will put together a work group to come up with a new plan. laurel regional hospital is looking to end its status as a full service hospital. a plan is needed to make sure that the county's residents are getting the health care they deserve. more than 100 employees from the hospital have already been laid off. the memorial bridge is in need of major repairs. tens of thousands of computer use the bridges to get to d.c. and maryland. there are delays at the memorial bridge already. the key bridge has been deteriorating for the last 30 years since the last major rehab. this spring crews will fix concrete piers and replace steel beams which will result in lane closures during the week. it's coming. you need to pack your patience. >> when you see all the cars on that bridge every single day,
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makes you nervous. >> 4:51 is our time right now. chuck is here with us. >> drying out? >> yes, drying out a bit. >> get you some lotion. even outside? >> drying out. >> the two of you and your -- >> it's 4:30 in the morning. >> no, i appreciate it. i appreciate it. i appreciate you. >> so it's a little early in the season normally for big snowstorms but today is the anniversary of our biggest november snowstorm on record. where were you 11/11/87? 1987, eun yang, she was in grade school at that time. 11.5 inches of snow. the great veterans day surprise, snowstorm of 1987. that's still the all-time record in november. from this day going forward we know we can at least get a lot of snow, although big snowstorms don't typically happen here until much later in the winter. 54 in washington. northwesterly breeze averaging eight.
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winds are already gusting between 20 and 30 miles per hour. on your way out the door this morning, be ready for it. quite blustery out there. a lot of leaves flying around. at least it will be dry for all the veterans day ceremonies. temperatures back up into the low to mid 60s 567892 in frederick, leesburg and manasses. 43 loray, most everybody in the 50s. wind gusts, current wind gusts in miles per hour. 20 to 30 mile per hour gusts quite frequent out there this morning. you'll need a low profile dog on the way out there for a walk this morning. temperatures hovering in the 50s. hometown forecast, woodbridge, virginia, out the door. cool and breezy. 48 this morning. 60 at lunchtime. 55 by dinner time at 7:00 tonight. rain showers are gone. for now we'll be dry for today and tonight. there is a chance for rain coming our way tomorrow. it's a fast-moving shot of rain. clouds come in overnight around
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midnight. tomorrow, 8:00 tomorrow morning. a little line of showers which actually could have a rumble or two of thunder passing through the metro area between 8:00 and lunchtime tomorrow and quickly blowing out of here. back to dry conditions by 3:00, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. with all of this in mind, here is your seven day forecast. 64. blustery to breezy morning. winds laying down a bit. risk of a shower, rumble or two of thunder. problems on the roads continue with melissa mollet. >> don't want to get out of the way. inner loop at the toll road, 66 in bound at nutley, 395 at seminary. they are technically on the shoulder. still seeing a pretty good police response on those things. you could be a little bit distracted. inner loop, ramp to allentown road. we have that crash, single car crash on the left-hand side.
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you can get by there. 95 northbound quantico to the beltway. 17 minutes. doesn't get too much better than that. northbound fine. southbound also looking good. lots of earlier road work kind of hanging around is now out of the way. you don't have to worry about that now. taking a look at 66. overall okay. in bound at nutley is where we have that crash off to the shoulder. see you in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. they're designed to look like a harmless app. kids use them for something sinister. what you need to know about so-called ghost apps. mark your calendar. the muslim calendar that some students in our area will have off next year. the new director of opm. who president obama wants
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you're watching "news 4 today." get ready for a chilly and breezy morning. right now in the low 50s, maybe mid 50s for some of you. can we expect much of a warmup? chuck is putting together your hometown forecast. montgomery county schools will close on an islamic holiday. they voted to close on september 12th, 2016. teachers will take a professional day. it coincides with eid el aha. this is considered a local victory for parents who have been pushing this for years. >> equality montgomery county.
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i hope other counties in maryland, like baltimore county and other countries will take this as a blueprint and move forward. >> the board has not decided whether students will have the holiday off for years to come. it's been known as tyson's corner for more than 16 o 0 0 years. corner is going to drop off. they're going to refer to it as ti tysons. the interim director of opm could get the job full time. president obama is nominating beth cobert. millions of federal employees' accounts were compromised. the former director resigned. there is a new kind of app that kids are using to prevent their parents from seeing photos on their phones. in fact, the ghost apps hide whatever information your children don't want you to see. they look like something else,
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such as a calculator maybe. you can only see what's really on it with a special code. an investigator of internet sex crimes says parents can keep the apps off with parental controls. >> one father in particular, he wept so hard and thought he was a failure because he just could not believe his 12-year-old daughter would be sending out inappropriate naked pictures of herself. >> now the investigator says parents often say their kids would never use these apps, but that you can be sure by using parental controls. aaron, just new information on the deadly car crash that killed four people including a 6-year-old child. the washington post reports medardo flores was repeatedly charged with driving on a suspended license and pleaded guilty to a hit-and-run charge two years ago. we just got flores's name. he hit a car in heightsville and then took off eventually running into a crowd of people by a


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