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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 11, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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e emotional tributes to men and women who protected our country.(i9rr(t&háhp &hc% the nation's veterans, we're getting a big announcement from virginia's governor about how veterans are being treated. plus breaking right now, a violent1 confrontation, a frantc rush to the hospital, and an intense search for two people behind ♪rit. now. today we are honoring our nation's veterans and remembering those who served.
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at arlingn national cemetery. president obama is there to lay a wreath to the nation's so soldiers who died. >> at the national mall another wreath laying ceremony honored those who died in world war ii. a brand wrapped up a few moments ago. former senator bob dole spoke there a few hours >t:uago. >> remember all the sacrifices in americatñ& history by peopl who stood up for their country, hundreds of thousands gave their lives. hundreds of thousands were wounded. and most people don'td0háñ thinh about veterans day. a lot of people do. other ceremonies honoring veterans today. also on the mall a ceremony to honor veterans of the vietnam war at 1:00 p.m.
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not long before that, michelle obamah some military women. thanks. i'm melissa mollet at the live desk. home vi2ttna governor terry mcauliffe ij's2ñ at the war meml in richmond, and just wrapped up a press conference announcing a his office said his state found homes for more than 14000 veterans, and his goal is to make sure all veterans have a home by 2017. back to you. i'm molette green live in riverdale at the parkview apartments, the screen of an active police investigation into
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a home invasion nd stabbing that happened just a couple hours ago. take09w4h look. that is where the focus of this investigation has been since it started. that apartment buildinghh()%9hr% me there. we are in the 6300 block of 64th avenue, just off east west highway. prince george's police are searching for two suspects. ájr)z the hospital. i just spoke to the victim's father on the telephone. he tells me doctors are running tests on his st710-year-old daughter, but he doesn't know who did this. she was stabbed earlier this morning. possibly multiple times after she apparently answered a knock at the door. a family friend said the little girl's older sister told him thi this. >> they knocked on the door saying they were fedex. younger brother. when;q-] the little girl9cxw op door, the one who got stabbed,
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she opened the door, they started asking her for money. >> back here live now. the police are wrapping up their investigation on the scene. apparently we have learned from the family friend that three minors were home at the time when two suspects, possibly teenage p7r=em1ñ hurt this litt girl. delivery package story just yet. no details from police on an actual description of the suspects or an officialoy+b mot. this is, we should tell you, a gated apartment community. you have to have a pass to be able to enter here. so neighbors are very shaken out what has happened and?ka wondering who did this. the search is still on for two suspects at this hour. we'll continue to stay on top of this developing story throughout the day. i'm molette green live inni political action commit supporting d.c.
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mayor muriel bowser is shutting down. theñh8 independent committee cd fre freshfac was formed by bowser's closest allies it has come under criticism for raising large sums of cash with firms doing business with the city. mayor bowser is on a trade mission to china and was not available for comment. right now snow, wind and tornadoes are expected as the system moves through this country. places like reno, nevada and flagstaff, arizona have seen snow. 25 flights were canceled this morning at denver international airport. snow out there, tom. >> i posted on my facebook page a picture of some of the interstates around denver covered with snow. i asked the question, you are jealous or glad it's not us? some people want snow, but none of that on this veterans day. a live view from the tower
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camera showing sun-splashed mall now where the events and ceremonies are going at the world war ii memorial, vietnam memorial. a few gray clouds on the horizon. in the foreground, friendship heights. tomorrow team 4 radar not showing any rain. off to a dry start. temperatures are climbing to around 60 degrees in the metro area and bay. winds still blustery, gusting around 20, 25 miles per hour. they will gradually diminish. >> you may have gotten stuck in traffic on i-700 this morning in a tractor trailer hanging off the bridge. a car crashed into the trailer on the i-700 bridge that runs over route 351. that crash caused the trailer to veer through the guardrail. police had to shut down i-700 for about an hour and a half while they removed the truck. everything reopened around 8:00 this morning.
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neither the driver involved in the crash was seriously hurt. we take you live now to liberty university where ben carson is speaking.÷n8q÷hnq the republican presidential candidate arrived in lynchburg a few hours ago with a secret service escort. his visit comes after some call a lackluster performance in last tu debate. mark murray will join us in a few minutes with more on what's ahead for all@puñ of the candid. just when you thought the worst is over, a college campus in turmoil gets shocking news. new this midday what we learned about the message that had some people leaving campus. plus saying thank you. you're looking live at the tomb of the unknown soldier in where president obama just laid a wreath on this veterans day. more coverage all hour long.
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ñ mizzou is trending across the country. the school has been in the news for its anti-racial protests. now lice say they arrested someoned cñ who threatened blac studen students via social media. the school issued several alerts overnight saying everyone is safe. a mizzou professor is under fire for her role in one of the protests. resigned position at the journalism school. in this video she says who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here. the state lieutenant governor was among those who said intidation during the protests was not good. click still teaches at missouri in communications.
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captured on social media. >> oh, my god. >> what we just learned about who was on board a plane that slammed into an apartment bui
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i'm storm team 4 i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tomj we have sunshine pouring down on the metro area. great news for the events and ceremonies going on in washington for this veterans day. the morning blustery winds will be diminishing this afternoon, turning less windy and dry fork other ceremonies and events going on around the region. afternoon highs reaching the 60s. the wind fors afternoon highs reaching the 60s. the wind for for this afternoon 25. we had peak gusts of 35 miles per hour over the last hour. so they'll be lighter winds for
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the rest of the afternoo expecto learn more from a news conference about a deadly plane crash that struck a8íx apartmen building in akron, ohio. video is unbelievable. no one was inside the four-unit home that caught fire. in the past hour we learned seven of the nine people believed killed worked at a florida real estategn&ec compan. the jet was two miles away from its destination when it clipped utility lines. >> this plane÷s appeared out o nowhere, veered on its side and flffro into those buildings, in the duplexes there. it was engulfed in flames immediately. >> a neighbor was snapcha#l -- >> oh, my god. >> she was snapchatin with a friend when the plane suddenly flashed by her window. to your phone through the nbc washington app. >> presidential hopefuls duke it out in prime time.1hdúñ but this presidential debate
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seemed very different from the ones we've seen so far. remember, news 4 midday is life on your a'r%ñtv, tablet and s .
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president obama is about to speak at arlington national cemetery. of the amphitheater right now.
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the president just1c)ç particip in the annual wreath layingpñz the tomb of thebd1$z unknown. he's honoring veterans byxuday particular all the soldiers who died. well, just make more money than philosophies. he would need more welders and less philosophers. >> that was probably one of the best m÷vwm in the debate. another solid debate fromvrqrb f rubio. able to hash out the platform without answering too manyd7(d challenges, but a different debe. when i say probably my favorit\ñ probably the one with the most energy. a very different debate. thank you very much for being here. >> good morning. >> you have mr. rubio coming in as the winner. >> one of the winners. the two people who stood out the most were marco rubio and ted cruz. those are the people who stood out at the previous debate
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last month. in some ways this is an important moment not only for candidates. the next debate won't take place until the middle of december. we have the thanksgiving holiday, the first half of december until the next debate. >> is itf.eñ me or did there seem to be less energy with this debate than with the ones we've en? >> i think there was a concerted effort not to have as much squabbling between the different sides. questions. almost an overcorrection from the past debate. it's still see fireworks when it came to foreign policy and immigration, two issues that dive the republican party. >> one tangible takeaway from campaign angling itself for a fight nst marco rubio. one subtle dig cruz had at marco rubio when he talked about sugar subsi
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subsidies. sugar subsidies are a big deal, big republican donors in the sugar business. ted cruz mentioning that onez.d word meant an attack is coming from me next time. >> where do candidates like chris christie go? >> the first undercard debate we had one big star, carly fiorina, but since then the people relegated to the undercard have not been able to escape the undercard or in the case of lindsey graham and george pataki, cut out from the debates altogether. >> when is the next debate? >> december 15th. we have a democratic debate on saturday, then the thanksgiving holiday, the first part of / december, then in thef-2,ç midd december the next republicanúd democratic debates. >> all right, mark murray,
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appreciate it. if y're aou to head outeven this veterans day, winds will bj diminishing. blustery by 1:00, mid 60s by 3:00, 4:00. then winds diminishing.tbm5jjz . after sunset, dropping back down to the 50s. during the day tomorrow, that dawn tomorrow will have some clouds around.,bh ç6dc front moves in from th midwest with showers, maybe some thunder coming into the panhandle of west virginia by 8:00 a.m. after that 10 in the morning, maybe the northern suburbs getting a few passing showers. be a bit of thunder. after that, that system quickly moves off to the east. a few other scattered sprinkles coming through the areas in green by mid afternoon. otherwise sun breaking out by late tomorrow afternoon. >> thankíasbyyou. we're learning more about a dver suspected in a deadly crash that killed four people including :ékg@selves.
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this happened in chillum road in hyattsville four days ago. you can see how much damage was caused. late mast night investigators said medardo flores was driving the truck that slammed into a church van. the "washington post" reported flores had ben repeatedly cited for driving on a suspended license before the crash. in addition to flores, an elderly couple and a 6-year-old were among those who died. today crews willlo the foundation around and apartment complex in prince george's county. they're trying to figure out why it started shaking over the weekend. one resident spotted cracks in her walls and ceilings. two buildings were evacuated on sunday. no one was hurt. are you loyal to one grocery store? if we said thatou could save more money at another, would switch? shops around. every couple years it releasesiz grocery prices and quality. the latest findings suesting
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weman's had top honorsu/&ç for service and quality. there is a grame changer, tonigt we'll show you how you can save $1,000 in groceries in a year. this morning one retailer takes the heat for a holiday sweater that some people say is not funny. plus it's veterans day. where those who served can get some free stuff today. and president obama is just about to pay tribute to our nation's veterans at arlington national cemetery on this veterans day. we're back in 60
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target facing backlash over a line of sweaters. many of you are not happy the retail giant isu making light o with this sweater. the retail giant unveiled a new line of holiday sweaters that
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detype define ocd asbsess christmas disorder. many of you say not to trivialize mental illness. one tweet says you are on the naughty list target for making fun of a serious mental illness. >> dad, dorey is talking in her sleep. >> reporte theaters> many businesses are expending a special thank you today for those who served or are currently serving in the armed forces. chili's, red lobster and others. coming up, the story of a
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it is a beautiful veterans day. there's a live view of the capital from our storm team 4 capital camera overlooking washington.rdz sun-splashed for all the veeps a events and ceremonies going on. clouds by tonight, by dawn, cloudy on thursday, 50 degrees. during the afternoon, climbing to the 60s. about a 50 to 60% chance of passing showers, slight chance of thunder and lightning midmorning and midday. then during the afternoon, a little sun
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next week, climbing into the 60s. a big change is coming to an ironic american brand. campbells says it is tweaking the ingredients in one of its chicken soup recipes. the company is throwing out the additives you can't pronounce and adding dehydrated chicken broth, onions and.#"h water. the deplanned fmand for healthi prompted the change. a new kind of app nicked named ghost app, it looks like somethingzvh typical, like a calculator, but it hides don't want you to see. that includes things like inappropriate photos. >> in particular he went so hard and thought he was a failure because he could not believe his 12-year-old daughter would be sending out inappropriate naked pictures of herself. >> that investigator says parents often say theirids would never use these apps. but that you can+e(y be sure by
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pa. hats and history. for decades they were a part of a civil rights pioneer. now they're heading to the smithsonian, not before making a stop here at news 4. breaking news on news 4 midday, a violent encounter inside a local home. now the search is on for the people behind it.
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breaking newsñ-yv a stabbi broad daylight after a possible home invasion and robbery. chopper 4 flew over the apartment at 64th avenue in riverdale. prince george's county police say they>bñ are looking for suspects. neighbors tell us the victim may be a little;z girl. police will only confirm a female victim in the hospital. >> today is veterans day and president obama is at arlington who served. he's about to begin speaking to veterans there. >> in richmond governor terry shift for homeless veterans. he said the commonwealth helped more than 1400 of them find homes in the last e)÷ñyear. a special effort to help homeless veterans in d.c. derrick ward is live at miriam's kitchen. derrick? >> yeah, we're in the heart of
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fog questigy bottom, you think kennedy center, watergate, but not veterans days. this is the center of veterans day activities, but it is this year. just down the street at this church they have an underground operation. i don't mean undergriñ in terms of covert, it's in the basement. but on a day like today, it takes the highest priorities. >> the staff and volunteers at miriam's kitchen were up before the sun, setting the tables. the basement of the western presbyterian church in foggy bottom you canku forgetfíxñ th adage of too many cooks spoiling the dish. they're cooking for more than 100. it's about who is in that hundred and who's not. >> at one point nearly a quarter guests were veterans. today about 6% are veterans. >> about 1200 vets have got into housing and we're about 80% way
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towards the goal. >> the goal is ending served. the folks here at miriam's kitchen credit the last few city administrations with tstepping p to the table. there's a commitment to serve those who served. >> to continue giving back abroad and in the u.s. >> reporter: rico did two tours of active duty, and that lets t/ >> we shared a commitment to our country and serving. >> reporter: whether the guests have served or not, this kitchen and facility has been a place that puts a spectrum of services and dignity on the menu. >> where i'm from, it's not like it's a very different story. but here, really blows my mind. >> this kitchen is as busy as any downtown restaurant and is doubtful that most restaurants
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want to see their number decline, but they do here. the folks at miriam's kitchen say they will always serve the population as needed. they hope this trend continues as this may be the last veterans day where they have to if he cuss on homeless veterans. back to you. >> thank you. world war ii veterans received a special honor on the national mall today. wrapped up an hour ago. you can see former senator bob dole laid a wreath there. at 1:00 this afternoon, there's a ceremony at theiem vet war memorial. later today michelle obama and mi. jill biden will host tary women for lunch. that's this afternoon. >> they've had blustery winds for the events this morning. we had gusts around 30 miles per hour on the mall.
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the breezes are still gusty. gusting up to 25.q%(f during the afternoon, for the rest of the afternoon turning less windy. temperaturesúsh,z warming to th 60s. peak gusts about 15, 25 during the afternoon hours. and we'll have some clouds on the increase. temperatures right now hovering near 60 in washington. further north and west in the mid to upper 50s. mid 50s shenandoah valley and out into the mountains.$o
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being donated to the museum and we'redo we're joined by paulette lewis. you can't think of her without thinking of the hats. j history of the hats? >> in the early 20th century, most women wore hats to everything. women wore hats to express individualism, her mother taught her hats and the way you dress was a sign of respect for yourself and for others. she wore hats wherever she went. >> iukyt interviewed her, too. she came wearing the big, beautiful hat. >> yes. >> did she have a favorite? >> i would say two. this purple one. purple was her favorite color. this was favorite run. elaborate with the rhinestones. she would wear this to a verbal occasion. this is one of our favorites.
11:36 am
she wore this with dr. bethune and eleanor roosevelt. this is a historic and precious hat. >> is this white mink? >> yes. zy neg. is that who owns them now? >> the hats are now owned by her foundation. they will be on display the next  cities around the country. we will use the hats to engage young men and women in dialogue about respect. about the values they learn from their mothers. we'll launch the exhibition on this coming friday at press conference at 2:00. we'll have them on exhibit during the gala celebration on friday evening. they'll be traveling around the country and on permanent display at the smithsonian. >> thank you for sharing the
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hats with us. >> thanks. it's the nine digit numberp you're supposed to guard with your life. but what if you and a stranger have the same social security
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apple taking orders for the new ipad pro today aimed at business customers. it has a 13-inch screen and a ten-hour battery life. it can cost up to $1,000. apple's share of the tablet market is shrinking. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. your social security is like your fingerprint. to you. two florida women ended up with the same social security number. joanna from west palm beach was born the same day as joanne from
11:39 am
jacksonville. the social security office made the ultimate oops and assigned the babies the same number. this is not the first time it's happened. there are 40 million social security numbers assigned to more than one person. these mistakes have lasting effects. >> i think it's going to be a struggle for a while. the social security office, you know, they shouldn't make mistakes like this. >> rivera has since gotten a new social security number and is working on building her credit. how is this for strange? this sticky attraction will soon be gone. crews started power washing seattle's famous gum wall near pike place market in seattle last night. they have to get through about 1 million wads or p512200 pounds gum. tourists and locals started adding to the colorful city officials say the sugar in the gum was starting to disintegrate the brick wall.
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a bei bei first.
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president obama paying tribute to our veterans on this veterans day. >> you are part of an unbroken chain of veterans that have served this country. on these sacred grounds, where generations of heroes have come to rest, we remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. today we gather once more to salute every patriot who has ever proudly worn the uniform of the united states of america. this year, as we mark 70 years since our victory in the second tribute to a generation that
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literally saved the world. >> again, listening to president obama speaking on this veterans day at the arlington national cemetery. earlier we saw him do the traditional wreath laying at the tomb of the unknown. what a great day for this veterans day. >> it has been excellent weather for all the events in washington and around the region for this veterans day. later in the afternoon, by 1:00, most of the area should be in the low 60s, hitting mid 60s by 3:00, 4:00. by then winds settling down. not nearly as gusty. this evening winds diminish and it gets cooler. hour by hour timing for showers and maybe a bit of thunder tomorrow. that will be about 8:00 in the morning, panhandle of west virginia, parts of western maryland. most of the showers passing north of the metro area by 10:00 in the morning. maybe a bit of thunder and lightning with that. then it goes off to the northeastern part of
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pennsylvania by noon time. still cloud by much of the afternoon. we should get some clearing by late afternoon, maybe a lingering sprinkle by 5:00 or so. just north of the metro areawkp tomorrow afternoon. the national zoo's panda cub is on the move, bei bei took his first steps yesterday. the zoo shared the moment on social media. after that he was scooped up and cuddled by his mom. let's check in with mom and baby this morning as we look at the live panda cam. taking a nap there. >> still too early for bei bei. >> look at that. what a cute little ball of fluff. he's almost 12 weeks now and weighs more than 10 pounds, we understand. millions of people bracing for november storm. that's not the only problem they
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look at this. look what's falling here. something we have not seen for a while. >> a lot of people are seeing it today. snow is falling outxl west. leanne gregg shows us how the winter weather is growing in denver right now. >> reporter: good day. it's been snowing in denver for ho]ú!anow. it started overnight when the system moved in quickly from the southwest. we're expecting 3 to 5 inches of snow in the denver area. this is i 25 behind me. it's not sticking on the
11:47 am
highways. probably because yesterday the temperatures in denver were close to 70 degrees. 12 degrees above normal. yesterday afternoon it was like springtime. sunny skies, very clear. this system will move out just as quickly as it came in the snow is expected to stop later this morning. by this afternoon temperatures will be in the 40s again, but not before problems. this rush hour is expected to be trickier than usual because of the snow. on the eastern plains blizzard warning are in effect. whiteout conditions expected. airlines canceled 50 flights yesterday ahead of the storm. delays are expected this morning. again, a fast-moving storm heading for the midwest where severe weather is expected and the potential fore@-v tornadoe. i'm leanne gregg, nbc news. >> my sister lives right outside of rocky mountain national park. there this morning 9 degrees, snowing heavily, wind blowing.
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there. not here. there's the storm team 4 radar, all clear now. no showers anywhere in the vicinity. a gorgeous veterans afternoon. highs reaching the mid 60s. winds diminishing. tomorrow morning, cloudy, near 50. some of those showers late morning into early afternoon. perhaps thunder and lightning. most of these north of the metro area, sun back late afternoon. highs in the low 60s. cooler weather moves in but dry friday through the weekend. highs in the 50s on saturday and sunday. highs in the 60s with sunshine monday and tuesday of next week. since today is veterans day, metro trains may not be coming as going as often. the train system isebm÷ operatiz a saturday service schedule, every 6 to 12 minutes. you can park in a metro owned lot today for free because of the holiday. clear divides this midday within the gop. immigration and military spending were testy topics in
11:49 am
last night's debate. right now tracie potts has the highlights for us. >> we are a country of laws. we need borders. >> reporter: in the fox business network debate, donald trump's and deport 11 million undocumented immigrants drew sharp criticism. >> >> it's a silly argument. >> it makes no sense. >> the republicans join democrats as the party of amnesty we will lose. >> reporter: jeb bush pushed back on trump's idea that the u.s. should not get bogged down in syria. >> we should not be the k0;ñwor policeman but we should be the world's leader. >> strongest military on the face of the planet, everyone has to know it. >> i want a strong national defense. but i don't want us to be bankrupt. >> we can't even have a economy
11:50 am
if we're not safe. >> ben carson defended claims about his past. >> i have no problem with being vetted. what i do have a problem with is being lied about. >> reporter: this debate largely stuck to the issues with middle tier candidates grabbing much of the spotlight. they also talked about issues affecting the middle class, lik% the minimum wage. bon-l donald trump and ben carn said they would not raise it. next time we see all these candidates together on stage, december 15th in nevada. washington, tracie potc news. one of the women in this video caught groping and dancing on a man in a d.c. gas station is behind bars. the victim tells news 4 he wants the other.c2ú woman in the vide caught immediately. he says he feels violated and embarrassed. he asked that we not show his face in this interview. this encounter happened last month as the man stood in line[ for gas at the shell station on new york avenue northeast. some said the victim should have
11:51 am
welcomed the attention, but he says there is nothing to welcome about sexual assault. >> did you feel violated? >> i felt 100% violated. ñ grabbing your body parts with outpermission, that's a violation. >> police arrested 22-year-old avanna marie knight from las vegas and charged her with sexual abuse. the second woman has yet to be caught. au4&4ç battle is brewing ov coffee cups. which breakfast spot just unveiled its version of holiday festive enough? that's in 60 seconds.
11:52 am
i'm aaron gilchrest we're watching the storiestçi=vtxx$x clicking on. google will no longer support
11:53 am
chrome on windows and vista. it says it will stop in april. dunkin' donuts is fighting back in the christmas cup battle. we spotted this story on new yo the company released a line of holiday cups featuring the word joy, surrounded by images of wreaths and holly. a festive rivalry for starbucks after their less festive design. a nationals bat boy is speaking out about being gay in a big league clubhouse. according to "washington post," spencer clark is a nationals bat boy, aspiring general manager and is gay. he says a reaction from a friend people. he said i was finally able to be myself while working in the greatest sport in the world. we have a story coming up x standoff with a surprise ending.a >> what if took to get a suspect
11:54 am
to come mean and it's like nothing you have ever heard
11:55 am
she is arguably one of the greatesti greatest artists and choreographers, this week she brings her 50th anniversary tour to the kennedy center. this program is an interesting mix of ballet to modern dance set to music from classical to jazz. >> if you take the same piece of movement and put it on a happy piece of music, the audience will think dancing is happy. you take that same piece and put it on sad music, they'll think that's the saddest dance they've ever seen. >> she says the moves that she creates are more important than the music. she is such an innovator she has thought about giving the audience head sets so they can control the music and listen to whatever they want when the #b7 you can see the full interview
11:56 am
this afternoon at 4:00. a p/5hu standoff, normally a serious story, but not this time. at least not in the way it ended in arizona take a look. you can see police chased a man on to a roof. they surround him. he was accused of shoplifting but had some demands before he turned himself in. he asked for three doughnuts and a cup of coffee. he wanted powdered jelly doughnuts. one police officer brought the doughnuts to him and then the man later surrendered. crazy story. storm team 4 four-day forecast, great veterans day the rest of the afternoonnk7 highs reaching mid 60s. lots of sunshine. ba. mostly cloudy tomorrow. might p/pfh a midday shower or thunder. drying out over the weekend. thanks, tom. that's news 4 midday. >> thank youery much for joining us. pat lawson muse and chris lawrence will be here this afternoon first at 4:00. >> remember, you can get news and weather updates anyime
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we leave with yo
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>> this is lived out. and first dating tom bread and breaking down the republican debate, who came out on top? should we raise the minimum wage? and susan and what she has to celebrate the anniversary of thelman and louise. and 110's amazing mission to stop bullying. it starts right now on meredith.


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