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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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chao chuck? >> that's right. couldn't rule out a rumble or two of thunder. first batch of rain an hour and an hour and a half from maryland. and then later in the metro area around 9:00 or 10:00. planning out your day irhour by hour, showers moving on. in the me tre at noon, clearing out after 3:00 or 4:00. high today. 65 degree. traffic team with melissa. >> we still have the big backups. we now have a 3.2-mile delay as you're headed northbound near center port.
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it's just on the shoulder. everything moving just fine. you still have the fire rescue activity there. 270 southbound getting your typical slowdowns as you're heading out of frederick. >> new information on breaking news in silver spring. we is have new details on what let fwm her. police found a body. "news4's" megan mcgrath has breaking information on that 911 call. meg snn. >> reporter: that 911 call came from a family remember who found their loved one dead. they discovered chemicals inside the home that caused it.
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the chemicals are similar to those with a drug meth lab. we're told that the skpis tns of those chemicals still under investigation. what they were doing there in this home. we're also told none of the responders were exposed. as for the man found dead at the home, we want to emphasize no foul play is expected. there will be an autopsy. back to you. police say they found a man shot in the park lot on village drive. detectives do not believe this was a random shooting. police say a woman was also at the scene but was not hurt. a deadly officer-involved shooting in baltimore also developing right now.
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a five-year veteran of the department is hurt this morning but in stable condition. police say two officers approached the suspect with a gun around 8:00 last night. the department said the officer shot and killed man after hi opened fire on them. >> today a man will go to montreal for killing his wife. they were in the process of getting a divorce. the vic the victim's 3- and 5-year-old were found by a neighbor wandering outside. the washington council of government is meeting. they'll get an update to establish a metro safety commission. anthony fox has prompted, quote, unrelents agency.
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's meeting is open to the public. friends found 20-year-old jake scanlan dead in his dorm room yesterday. they'll also perform an autopsy today. there with no semifinals of trauma or foul play. happening right now, a key battle in iraq on the ground to fight icy. the town of sinjar is completely surrounded right now. we have pictures from this new offensive backed by the u.s. thousands of kurdish fighters are cut uf tip able. it's happening because sin czar can concerned am strategic fight. now the town was a big reason why they started launching
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strikes. we'll be following this one closely. >> thank you. 6:05. in a few hours president obama will present captain florent groberg with a medal. three years ago he was seriously woundnd when hi attacked a saw side bomber. you can also tune in to "nbc nightly news" with lester holt tonight to see a full interview with captain groberg. parents in montgomery county have one last chance. it's in an erts to ease some of the overcrowding. thal's set to open in august.
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tonight's public hearing begins at 7:00 p.m. in rockville. how a toor tv news crew was able to turn the tate. >> what is affected and hue bad the slow downs are. the slow downs are. >> first how it's [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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he threatened to, quote, shoot every black person i see. that college student will appear in court on charges of making a terrorist threat. police say his comments were trekted at university of missouri students. as a result, the president and
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chancellor resigned. students at ithaca college walked off yesterday. they say he hasn't acted soon enough. the student body sent out an e-mail. the same thing at howard university. they made it clear where they stood on protests at the university of missouri. many people are from the midwest and wanted to show solidarity. they held hands at the flag polyon the yard and bowed their heads in pray. coming up on 6:30. we had such a beautiful day. >> and then we're back. chuck beck with "weather & traffic on the 1s." we know you're just the messenger. >> out this there this morning "storm team 4" radar lit up with
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rain drops. rumbles of thunder can't be ruled out. hagerstown not long after about 6:50 or so this morning could be reaching the fairfax area. so rain drops on the way. grab your umbrella on the way out the door. temperatures will rise with weather slowdowns. not much trouble coming our way. 40s with rain coming in fast. highs, mid-70s. chopper 4 over this. sunnyside avenue, a three-car crash causing some slowdowns am warning for you there. the list side is block. that's a brand-new crash that just popped up. 270 from german town to the baeltway, that's not looking bad. top of the beltway, 95 to 207
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just tad slow. 66 inbound no problems. quantico to the beltway rolling along nicely. i'll see you in ten minutes. >> harmless holiday ad or crossing the line. a page in bloomingdale's holiday catalog that's caucus some sparks this morning. a massive storm that's pushing across the east. the impact it's having on part os testify great lakes and it
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a father is thankful this morning after not one but two terrifying experiences. first, the call his house was on fire, his children inside. and then a car zenl. carlos pettigrew was on his way home when he got a call that his c house was on fire. he flipped his car. crawled out and ran the last half mile to his home. his child and cousin who was baby sitting escaped. >> i'm happy they're alive and i feel blessed. >> prince george's county fire officials took him to the
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hospital. there were hugs when he finally returned home. >> the black boxes from a plane that crashed in akron, ohio, are on their way. new video could be critical to piecing together what caused that jet to slam into a foul-unit apartment building. you can see in theft hand corner the moment of impact and a flash of fire here. all five people on board died. they say phuoc could have been a factor for the pilot. new york's nbc chopper was one of two news continues hit by lasers. investigators were able to rotate the video from the nbc chopper and actually see the suspects in action. they even appear to laugh as they pointed the laser. they also pointed the laser at a
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police chopper when it came to investigate. two were arefed. a rogue drone shut down a popular seattle tourist i a tax last night. they say the drone appears to be trying to fly through the spokes of the ferris wheel. it did quite mank it seattle police confiscated the drone. there was no damage to the ferris wheel. today in maryland, they'll show plans to deal with the weather. that including rolling out its fleet of snow plows. you can learn and stay safe. snow may not be an issue but a storm that brought strong winds and tornado to iowa is heading east. the storm brought heavy rain.
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50-mile-an-hour winds and tornados to iowa. tens of thousands lost power. that same storm is expected to impact the a great lakes. rain is in our forecast but first a stop along the whirl winld stawhirlwind states. al roker along with amelia sie . >> al roker here trying to do 50 states. you never forget the "daily connection." >> i never forget here. i started here. we'll be making our way up the coast and driving through new england and picking off more sta states. >> this is for a good cause. >> we want people to go to
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"today".com and there's an area for feeding america. it's a shame. we want to try to do something about that. feeding america. every dollar generated can create a meal. we roy. to see what we can do as far as feeding america. >> last year you were doing rokerthon where you did the forecast for 30 hours straight. as a meteorologist you can re t relate to, wog around the clock. >> i'll let you know. this is kind of like doing the rokerthon every day, last year. we've had a lot of fun and seen a lot of a great people. it's been very, very gratifying. >> i think you guys have managed about 11 modes of transportation. >> here we go. as we look for virginia.
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we're going take care of virginia. in arlington, f 4 degrees for a high today. partly sunny. richmond will see partly cloudy skies guys. 72. gorgeous day in the state today. 53 for an overnight low. danville will see 74. and we have for you, my dear, this fabulous rokerthon flag. >> oh, my gosh. thank you so much. there you go. there's this young man. >> palmer. >> palmer, this flag is for you. >> thank you. >> there you go, bud. >> back to you. >> amelia? is there a goat. >> is there a goat for this stop? >> i'm having difficult. whatever you're asking me i'll answer it on twitter and
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facebook. >> the goat, the goat. if you watch the rokerthon commercial. i meet a farmer. he likes my hat and i like his goat and we trade. his name was little man. people have been bringing goats to all of our stops. you never know. i'ven seen a lot at union station. al isn't done. as you merngs you can see him in a few minutes on "today." stick around. >> 6:21 right now. chuck? >> no goats in the office. i did hear an awful lot of ba hum bummings. showers moving into parts of the northern county. they're imminent now along i-81. those showers should be in the
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metro area not long after about 8:00 or 9:00. not the outthe door weather but take the umbrella or risk being rained on. the latest track on the rain timing brings the chance for the rain at about 8:00 and 8:30 this morning. could get a rumble. here's noontime today. then as we get toward 1:00, 2:00, the rain chances go through southern maryland. so bus stop weather. take the umbrellas with you. rain likely at recess time. temperatures at it is missal, though, will be in the mid-60s. the wind comes behind the rain.
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sunday morning could be down close to freezing all the way down at national airport. believe it or not, melissa mollet, back near 70 later this week. >> sounds good to me. i have a brand-new problem. we have a prb on northbound b.w. parkway at 197. we're seeing real backups here this morning because of that accident. we'll get more information on this one and show you more live pictures in the couple of minutes. we have the left side blocked right now. you're pretty slow all the way through german town and then things open up. 95 noncht coming out of fredericksburg, both shoulders are blocked. right now we have a three-mile backup. 66, you don't have any problems there. again, we have our typical slowdown, bottom of the beltway, inner loop and outer loop rolling along just fine. bile back in ten minutes. >> thank you. 6:23.
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health care costs are up but at the lowest rate in about 20 years. the average rate increased from midside to large companies was around 3.2%. that's the lowest since 1996. they say despite this low, the average worker contribution is up more than 134% in the past decade. another major retailer in the hot seat for some of its holiday promotion. this morning blooming dale's is apologizing. it reads spike your best friend's egg enforcement knock whelp they're not looking. they said the company we used was in poor tate. >> we've all bourded a plane checking in our bags and cross our fingers hoping it gets
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there. at what point does it become a lost cause. tonight on "news4" at 5:00, erica gone zolsz shows. we'll show you the one place we're not looking. i have learn ld to pack so efficiently. >> have of your lost ba bag? >>. >> no. >> i did, twice. he just received a bracelet that was lost for all that time. take a look here. that's robert hawkins' pilot bracelet. >> a german family found the bracelet and kept it for years. it was finally returned. >> i was completely taken aback when they told me they have a blame. it's been 70 years ago and
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chapter that i thought hat had been closed. robert hawkins was just 19 years old when he had injury. >> every single day should be veterans day. >> the ak the school district is teenaging this mornl. j and a virginia man's death after being tased. a new video has some demanding a new system. >> the storms that are pushing its way. where you live, when it will
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. . breaking news. montgomery county police are investigating a man's death.
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apparently a family member found his body and during the investigation police found some chemicals that prompted a hazmat situation. you're looking live at the home on winnynnona court. we'll have an update in about 15 minutes. first an umbrella will come in handy as we watch this line of showers as it pushes into the d.c. area right now. it's one of the four things you need to know as you plan your day. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell with more. what do you think? >> we've got a sky on fire ahead of sunrise early this morning. grab the umbrella first thing this morning. most of our rain chances will be in and out of here by early this afternoon. but it's going to be a gorgeous sunrise. the sun's up just before 7:00 a.m. four things you need to know. number one, grab the umbrella.
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number two, it's fast in and out. the wind comes in and a shot of cold air coming our way for the weekend. leading edge of the showers, three hours away at most. temperatures are in the 40s. it will be a milder day with temperatures back into the 60s by this afternoon with return of the sunshine. breaking news. >> as you're headed northbound here approach ing 197, we're talking a 2 1/2-mile backup. it's slow. we're pushing this out as well. if you don't have it, you want to have it. 95 north. both shoulders still blocked. we have a three-mile backup. left side is blocked there. we have some delays. big look at the beltway. the beltway looking pretty
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typical. see you in ten minutes with travel time. happening today, three virginia police officers are heading to court for this incident. a man in their custody died after being tased more than a dozen times this morning. this morning we're getting a look at the video that shows what led up to this death. "news4's" molette green with a closer look. good morning. >> good morning. we're seeing this video two years after the man tased as many as 20 times in one hour died in custody. take a look at we see three south boston, virginia officers with 467-year-old lynwood lam wert. they say he kicked out at cruiser one dough and ran toward the hospital. officers tased him outside the hospital. >> why you trying to kill me,
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man? >> police shackled his legs, arrested him at that hospital for disorderly conduct. he arrived unconscious at the police station. autopsies showed he had low levels in his system but denied claims that he was a damer. it's 6:33. we're hearing from a map who ran toward the flames of a burning church van in hyattsville. the man put his own life in danger while his wife called 911. here's a picture of his wife holding the baby he rescued. he jumped out of his car and into action. >> when you see someone in trouble, you know, if you can assist, help. i've got get this baby out. i actually thought the van was going to explode.
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>> we learn the driver had previous offenses. he and an elderly couple died and a 6-year-old girl. a man who used a sling shot for throwing something at the white house was arrested preev previously. police arrested adam olson in september and he said he would be bake to break morph min doughed. the latest on decision 2016. there's another batch of candidates making it official. lynn city graham, ted cruz, and rick santorum set to file their paperwork. all have until the 20th or they'll not appear on the ball lot. >> ed gillespie has created a
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political action committee. it comes one month after the former white house adviser made his run. it says two fund-raisers are set for next month. one is in northern virginia. it's 6:35. a virginia state senator pushing to overhaul the health system. creigh deeds will be in fairfax. he led a few years ago. in 2013 his son gus attacked hesitate father and then killed himself. >> change could be coming to north virginia. people tell us cars dominate the space. one idea to make the sidewalks wider. developing say they're still in
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the very early stages of planning. this video is upsetting some parents in virginia. take a look. it shoes a school bus driver in hampton. it appear taos show a driver with a pile of papers on the searing while. . she wasn't watched where the bus was going and nearly hit him. a developing story we watching for you. what we're learning about the altercation and that office's consider. >> a big problem. we're talking the. >> announcer: lanes this morning how big those backups are. comi
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fanduel and draftkings say they're not suspending operation even after the new york attorney general ordered them to. the attorney general said the sites continue substitute illegal gambling. they say they're prepared to head to court to prove that's not true. both nbc sports and nbc sports company comcast are among the investors in fanduel. >> coming up on 6:41. the nice thing is getting to see the sunrise. >> it's beautiful today. look at that. >> chuck bell is in the "storm team 4" weather center. enjoy a little bit of sun while we can, right? >> absolutely right. raindrops are racing in your
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direction. here's the latest timing. frederi frederick, maryland, not long after about 8:30 to 9:00. grab your umbrella. rain most likely. mid to late morning up through very early this afternoon. outside temperatures are in the upper 40s to near 50 right now. what to wear. jeans and a sweater. also don't forget that umbrella on the way out the door. temperatures will climb steadily from the 40s to near 60 now into the mid-60s. one more chance of a seven-day forecast. breaking news continues in first 4 traffic. as you're approaching 197, crashes out of the way. it is quite slow here. taking a look at traffic sights. 270 from germantown to the spur. totally normal for this time of the day. er of the 270, that is a slow
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spot for you right now. it's going to take you 21 minutes. 66 inbound just about on time. a few minutes behind taking you 29 minutes. again, all of this typical for this time of day. remember to listen to wtop 103.5. silver spring, the scene of a hazmat team. the 911 call that brought police to the home in the first place. a developing scene in iraq as u.s. forces try to help iraqi troops push back isis. what we're learning about the operation w
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breaking news. where the hazmat team is. what brought them there in the first place. >> we're watching a fast line of showers. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell with more. what are you seeing? >> it's starting to rain along parts of i-81. it's likely to be inside the capital beltway before 9:00 a.m. take your umbrella with you. temperatures in the mid-to upper 40s. there's rain on the way this morning. sunshine for later today. we'll talk more about that with the seven day in five minutes.
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>> we still have this problem northbound here as you're approaching 1 197. still at three miles. montgomery county police found a body and then they made another discovery. this all happening on winona court. "news4's" megan mcgrath is there. megan. >> reporter: that's right. this did begin as a death investigation. a 911 call was made. a relative found their loved one here on winona court. no foul play yet but they found some chemicals that caused some concern. now a spokesperson with the fire didn't tweeted the chemicals are
6:47 am
associated with those of a hazmat team. they have at this point deems things safe. what they're being used for. that's under gg. as for the map that died, no foul play. they're working to determine the cause. back to you. >> thank you. police say someone shot and killed a man in woodbridge late last night. police say a woman was also at the scene but was not hurt. a confrontation on the streets of baltimore now. a deadly officer-involved shooting. a five-year veteran is in the hospital. two officers approached the suspect last night. they notice head had a gun. the suspect then shot one of the officers in the leg. police returned fire, killing that man.
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today we'll learn when an arlington husband will go on trial. david black is chargt with first degree murder for stabbing his wife bonnie back in april. i were in the process of a divorce. the 3- and 5-year-olds spotted the body and were found by neighbors wandering outside. take a look. the storm brought headwinds and tornado to iowa yesterday. nbc's ron mott is there. what are you seeing? >> reporter: winds expected today. gusts up to 55 miles an hour. as you mentioned yesterday in iowa, much different story with tornados there. a suspected ten todays. fort fatly from a lot of population centers.
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a little bit of a silver lining. it should calm the outbreaks but you're going to have to contend with wind and pockets of showers as well. we've gottet more coming up. for now, let's send it back to washington. >> thanks. be sure to tune in today for more on the storms. today local leaders are looking for local leaders taking over at metro. the washington council of goc nance's meeting. transportation secretary anthony fox has promised, quote, unrelenting safety oversight after his agency moved to take over regulation of the transit agency. today's meeting is open to the public and beginning at noon. >> this morning classmates will gather. friends found 20-year-old jake scanlan dead in his dorm room. medical examiners will also perform an autopsy today.
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a university spokesman said there was no trauma or signs of foul play. the town of sinjar is surrounded. it's in the northern part of the country. a u.s. led coalition is launching air strikes. this is a key battle for control of sinjar overrun by isis last year. so what you're looking at is kurdish forces closing in. they're cutting off one of the most active isis supply lines. a major route used to move weapons and isis fighters. this new offensive is considered very strategic in the fight against isis, back to you. >> thanks, kristin. it's the highest military award and in just a few hours it will be awarded. in a few hours president obama will award the medal of honor to
6:51 am
capta captain groberg. >> he was a track star in college. he e was injured three years ago when he and colleagues took down a suicide bomber. he was on the security detail protecting his kmaernld and others heading to a security meeting. he felt something wrong when he saw some moistutorcycles go by n used as a deterrent or distraction and a man walking ba dexin backward toward them. he said it's a bittersweet day. they did lose four soldiers that day, although his actions saved
6:52 am
a lot more and that's why he's getting it today. >> thank you. we'll turn to chuck bell. we're waiting for the rain. it's coming fast. >> that's right. we have a golden glow in the supplyingrise ear sunrise this morning. >> oh, isn't that nice. >> don't be fooled. it's a 70% rain chance mostly stacked up now between the time you walk out this morning. it is a gorgeous day out there. 50 degrees in washington. impacts the weather will have on your day today. it will be a moderate impact for the mid to late hours, lowering impacts by later on this afternoon. it will be breezy later. most of the rain comes between 7:00 this morning and 1:00 this afternoon, turning windy and sunny after 2:00 or 3:00 and your rain chance stands at 70%.
6:53 am
current with winds are gusting to near 40 miles an hour in the high spots in the shenandoah valley. near 50 around town. after the rain stops, you'll bump up into the low and mid 60s as you're going out this evening. it will be dry and breezy and chilly. temperatures back down into the 50s. radar shows the rain showers moving into the western area. it's less than two hours away from reaching the metro. here's the latest timing. by 8:15. rain showers. 9:30, 9:4r5 rains in the beltway. could have rumbles of thunder as the cost can will come through. seven-day forecast, once the rain's out of here, we get
6:54 am
whipdy and cold. frigid nid night football and chilly weather. we maybe back to 70 by mid next week. melissa mollet. >> right now chopper 4 on the way to final out what's going on. b.w. parkway, the crash is gone. we still have delays about 3 1/2 miles. inner loop at the toll roadeft side of the roadway is blocked there. 66 east. we have a crash on the right hand shoulder as well. 19 miles an hour. right now prince george's county, no major problems here. inbound indian head highway, you're going ten miles an hour. typically slow. eun? >> thank you. melissa.
6:55 am
he threatened to, quote, shoot every one. he'll appear on charges. police say his comments were threatened at university students. million said there were racial remarks. students in ithaca college walked out of classes. they say the college president acted. the student government is asking for a vote of confidence or no confidence. >> many of the people at a demonstrate yesterday are from the midwest. they held hands at the flagpole and played. stevphen strasburg had a growth removed from his back.
6:56 am
it was noncancerous. this woke they reported he was on a normal off-season schedule despite surgery. four things to know before you head out this morning. todd president obama will offer the medal of honor in a special skmoen ceremony to sergeant groberg. a man shot at a pair of officers hitting one of them. the officers returned fire, killing the suspect. right now police are investigating a man's death. they say the man was shot and killed in a likely homicide. >> montgomery county police say no foul play is suspended in a man's death in silver spring. police discovered chemicals inside the house which prompted a hazmat response. >> grab the umbrella. rain most likely between 7:00 this morning coming up right now and between 1:00 and 2:00 this
6:57 am
afternoon. windy tomorrow. >> all right. chopper four right now over 5 southbound as you're approaching the icb. a two-mile backup and b.w. northbound. a three-mile backup in that area. sorry for all the yuckiness. >> people just crying in their cars. >> thank you. that's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you walking up with us. >> the "today" show is next.
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good morning. sudden and severe. fierce storms tearing across the country. in the midwest, tornadoes. and hurricane-force winds. >> oh! >> farther west, heavy snow causing drivers to lose control. 50 million amerins facing severe weather warnings today. direct strike. an nbc news helicopter records a man pointing a laser right in the pilot's eye. >> getting lasered. just did it again. >> the copter catching the arrest. an unarmed man dies in police custody after being tasered up to 20


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