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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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messages while on duty at the white house. it turns out those messages were sent to an undercover officer from delaware. moore faces state and federal charges. he's been suspended and is now on administratish lead. we'll get an update on the man who lied about working for the cia. prosecutors say simmons lied about his job and was able to get several security clearances. he pled not guilty to fraud. his trial is expected to start in february. developing now, the coast guard is looking for a woman who fell off a cruise ship. there's this picture of a lifeboat launched in that search. the coast guard is looking 22 miles off the coast of cuban. norwegian cruzline said the passenger intentionally went overboard. today we'll get an update about d.c. mayor bowser's trip to china. this week she announced the
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district secure $155 million in foreign developments for projects in d.c. 4:31. your time now on this friday. your "weather & traffic on the 1s." >> chuck bell telling us about the chilly weather. chuck. >> there are four things you need to know about. there's going to be a lot of cold air. number one thick today, hold onto your hat. winds will be gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour at times today. that will make for a very cold high school football night tonight and lots of leaf raking to be dub this weekend. we'll talk about which weekend might be better for that coming up in a few minutes. for now winds are gusting. good news sit's not cold yet. the cold air really settles in this afternoon. out-the-door weather, low to mid-50s to get your day started and we'll spend most of the day in the 60s by lunchtime before the temperatures fall right back
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down into the 40s by early this evening. we're talking about your school day forecast and what to wear in a few more minutes. for now it's traffic time with melissa. no funny talk this time. >> no funny talk this time. you're throwing me off with the inny and the outie thing. we're a little slow. you can see we have a little bit of a red spot there. that's late clearing roadwork. that should be out of the way in the next 30 minutes or so. this morning, 56 from fairfax to the beltway. you're on time at nine minutes. don't have anything in your way there. remember to listen to your friends on wtop 103.5 when you hop in the car this morning. taking a look at prince george's county, no problems now. everything is nice and green and running just fine. it's nothing really to worry about at this point. taking a look here. top of the beltway looking quite good and all the main routes into and out of town rolling along nicely. a live look at 270 coming right up. today is sentencing day for a man accused of killing a d.c.
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cab driver in cold blood. a jury found joshua le vain guilty along with his girlfriend. he made qaa door mohammed drive to a nearby school and shot him in the head. he faces decades in prison now. the man called neighbor from hell will find out if he's going to prison. he's terrorized a community since moving there in 2010. neighbors showed him using his truck to block a driveway and a bobcat to tear down a fence. he's accused of violating a peace order. he could face four years in prison. authorities find the owners of the dupont circle townhouse that was destroyed by fire back in june. according to the "washington post," the property was not licensed to rent rooms. lasalle las and his father max salas were cited earlier this week. the families of the victims are
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suing the men. fire officials say the fire was started by an electrical short. we now know the nan name me of the men killed. antoine baker died on the scene. another man was taken to the hospital. there's no word by the police on the identity of the second man and no arrests have been made. prosecutors say 51-year-old kenneth hinton sued just about everybody. prosecutors found he tried to join dozens of class action suits against products he never used. >> they saw a pattern of activity, the women that worked in the courthouse, that they knew he was abusing the system. >> even after he was thrown in jail in april he kept filing claims. he has scammed taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> this morning on decision 2016
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rand paul will sign papers. he following the lead of several other candidates who have already done so. the iowa caucus comes first but new hampshire holds the nation's first primary. the three democratic presidential candidates are preparing for tonight's debasement this one is being hosted by cbs news land be a little different than the republican debates. the network said there will be no opening statements. the focus will be on the economy, specifically wages and income inequality. meanwhile donald trump is raising a lot of eyebrows for comments he made during a campaign rally last night. the aggressive comments he made toward isis and his biggest competitor ben carson coming up in a few minutes. >> traffic now on part of duke street will be closed. they're closing westbound lanes between van dorn street and 395
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as part of a construction project. the closures will occur through saturday night. use the van dorn entrance if you're coming from the east side. all six metro lines will operate on adjusted schedules starting tonight at 10:00. trains on the red, orange, silver, and blue lines will be running every ten minutes and limited service on yes lollow. on saturday, green lines will be affected. will you need your life jacket or plaps a heavy coat. take a live look outside. chuck bell is fine tuning your what to wear forecast and we'll bring you that next on "weather & traffic on the 1s." who's demanding a wheelchair ramp not go up. and why exercising his right to free speech is costing one
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new criticism at the plans to build a wheelchair ramp. gilmore says it's an unnecessary addition to the historic landmark. terry mcauliffe says it's a way around for those with disabilities to come in.
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there's an elevator right now in the basement. that's from when the gilmores lived there. >> if you have a jacket, zip it up. >> it's windy out there. chuck bell tells us cold temperatures are going go with the wind. >> this is one of those days when i was a kid, i'd put my arms out and pretend like i was flying through the leaves. if you're out, zip up your coats our y or you'll be filled with the wind. temperatures low to mid-50s this to morning. recess gets a "b" today. it would be an "a," but it's windy. temperatures will be falling into the 40s by 7:00 and windchills down in the 30s by 9:00 or 10:00 this evening. so friday night football games will be badly impacted from the sense of cold. talking about the weekend, going to start out windy and chilly. more about your weekend in a few
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minutes. for now it's traffic time with melissa. >> good morning, 270 looking quite good. promised you a picture. at 118, germantown, northbound, don't have any problems in your way. 66 westbound at stringfellow, we still have problems in the out bound lanes as far as a disabled vehicle. it looks like it's off to the shoulder and you don't have to worry about that one too much. we do have this construction still hanging around pennsylvania avenue between the beltway and silver hill. it's a prb that just won't go away. meanwhile southbound down to the beltway it's going to take you ten minutes. you don't have any problems inbound or outbound. see you in ten minutes. >> thank you. a carolina panthers playing is being pafined $5,000 for his military shout-out. he wore those cleats during the game against the packers.
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the shoes were n t he plans to auction the shoes off. what we're learning about the u.s. drone strike straight ahead. and another developing story in utah. how a couple's sexual orientation is playing a role in orientation is playing a role in their role as foster parent
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4:45 now.
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jihadi john appeared in several graphic videos showing americans and other westerners being beheaded. tracie potts is following this developing story. what do you know about the drone strike? >> they specifically targeted him. he's gnome as mohammed emwazi. identified but not yet tracked down by the u.s. and its allies. they're still waiting for confirmation that jihadi john was killed in that air strike overnight. he's been in at least six of those bee heading videos that we know of, killing as many as three americans including steven sotloff, james foley and an aid worker. separately there's another operation that's been happening over the last 24 hours. more on that this morning. kurdish forces going into an iraqi town, driving out isis as
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of this morning and taking back 58 square miles of territory. and, of course, all of this is happening as the president gets ready to head to the g-20 summit where dealing with isis is going to be a key issue. >> tracie potts on the hill. thank you, tracie. a man is facing charges for injuring two. he lost control of his truck, skidded across the roadway, hitting two emts. kur chow has a history of other cases. two men are facing second-degree murder charges this morning, one of them a d.c. firefighter. the charges are related to a crash that killed one burn in july.
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rasheed murray and johnson were drag racing. murray's car jumped the median, went airborne and crashed into a car. two men are preparing for a race war. the men accuse odd f buying weapons to attack churches and synagogues will stay behind b s bars. the men were arrested on sunday in chesterfield outside richmond. according to the fbi they tried to buy an automatic weapon, explosives, and a silencer from undercover agents. >> it is now 4:47. developing in utah, a judge ordered a baby be taken away from her foster parent because the parents are gay. now state officials are challenging that ruling. the decision goes against the state agency's recommendation to keep the child with the married couple. yesterday the judge announced, he believes, quote, the little
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girl would be better off being carried by parents. >> that's the law. >> hillary clinton said, quote, being a good parent has nothing do with sexual orientation. more now in decision 2016. donald trump making headline this morning. they're calling the latest campaign stump his wildest speech yet. they don't believe he has plan so he gave his strategy on fighting isis and it's getting mixed reviews. >> i would just bomb those sucker. that's right. i'd blow up the pipes. i'd blow up every single-inch. there would be nothing left. >> he also took some jabs at ben carson who has recently climbed in the polls using carson's own story. >> he says he's got a
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pathological disease. he said pathological temper and then defined it as disease. he says he has pathological disease. no. if you're pathological, there's no cure for that, folks. >> ben carson's campaign has no comment on that statement. meanwhile this morning ben carson is facing new questions about his friendship with a convicted felon. he calls alfonso costa his very best friend. he's an oral surgeon and driving force behind carson's charity but in 2008 he pled guilty to scamming. he said, quo, next to my wife there's no one i trust more. if you have plans to twravl small children for theolidays, we have some tips to help you out.
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"news4" transportation reporter adam tuss talked with several parents and spoke with the tsa. we put his full story on the bcb washington app. the top piece of advice, leave anything unnecessary at homes. that includes car seats which you might be able to rent when you arrive. use a ziploc for all of your child's things to keep them in one place and, finally, don't be afraid to ask for help. i'm so inclined to offer my help. i don't want to seem crazy but if i see a mom or dad with bags or kids, can i hold your baby. >> don't hold the baby. >> we can leave this one here. >> ee knee meny miney mo". >> they're going to need to weigh down that child. >> rocks in the pockets. happy friday the 13th, you guys. >> oh, yeah. >> lucky 13 to me.
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>> are you tris ka daraphobic, aaron? >> i am not. >> not yet. >> look at this temperature. 57 degrees. our average high temp is 58. this is a mild morning for sure. what to expect. lots of sun and lots of wind. winds gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour today. that is indeed quite the stiff breeze and by the time they get to dinner and a movie time for friday night. windchills will be back down to the 30s. right now winds gusting 15 to 25 across the area. that will increase once we get the sun up. temperatures, mid to upper 50s, shenandoah valley. cold spot at cambridge. hourly temperatures, we will get a small rise in temperatures here mid to late morning. might get briefly back up into the low 60s. but most of the day will be in the 50s.
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then as you go out this evening, temperatures 52 between 5:00 and 8:00 and back in the 40s between 8:00 and 11:00. windchills in the 30s by then. future weather, here we go. mostly sunny. nothing to worry outside of the gusty wind. if you drive a high-profile vehicle, hold the wheel. there may be wind. staying breezy and chilly overnight and staying quite breezy into tomorrow as well. best part of the weekend will be sunday as the wind lays down and the sunshine sticks around. here's the seven-day forecast. 62 today. 53 for a high tomorrow and 57 sunday. if you're going to do leaf raking this weekend. sunday will be the better day. of course, there's also a game at fedex field on sunday. next week, how about back into the 60s to near 70 late next week. >> yes. >> yes, indeed. we'll talk more coming up at the top of the hour. melissa, over to you. >> good morning.
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i-95 southbound, a little slow. past dumfries, have a little bit of roadwork still hanging around. then you open back up and you don't have any problems northbound or southbound. 66 into town, fairfax to the beltway going to take you nine minutes. don't have any worries there this morning. nice and green and open here so you don't have to allow any extra time at least at this point. 2750 at montrose, northbound and southboundal looking quite good right here. taking a look at the top of the beltway, we don't have any problems. remember, we had some construction there on the top of the beltway at colesville. that's out of the way and no longer a worry. taking a look at b.w. parkway, route 95, nice and clear here. this is one bit of roadwork that's still hanging around pennsylvania avenue between the beltway and silver hill road. that's that long-term project we see nearly every morning. back in a few minutes. outrage from a mom in prince george's county. why she says her son is not
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allowed to ride on a school bus with children with special need. a birth control company is under
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we continue to follow breaking news in the district. police have an update on a recent shooting.
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we'll get to that in just a minute. chuck says the windchill will have you feeling a lot cooler than what you see on the screen here. how cold it will feel where you live and your next "weather & traffic on the 1s." a prince george's county mother says all she wants for her son with autism is safe transportation to school. kesha biaz says she's not convinced the school system feels the same way. she wants her 14-year-old son on a speshlg needs bus to get to class in upper marlboro. instead prince george's county is only providing a regular bus. she won't let her son go to school until the issue is addressed. >> they told me everything he's getting in virginia they had to accommodate him here. >> was he on a special bus in virginia? >> yes, he was. >> a spokesperson says that have made offers to accommodate biaz's son but have been unable to engage with his mother. you may not know it but your boarding pass says a lot about you. you may want to keep it hidden
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before a trip and get rid of it after you fly. they could learn your name and frequent flyer number from the bar code. maryland is taking a look at betting sites after other states have shut them down. the comptroller wants to make sure they're operating legally. he'll look at whether taxes with being collected properly and i consumers are being protected. both nbc sports and nbc 4's patient company comcast is among the investors in fanduel. 4:58. today we could learn weather the supreme court will hear challenges to limits on abortion clinics to doctors in texas. if so it would be the court's first ruling on abortion in nearly 25 years and it would happen during a presidential election year. the texas law forces clinics and doctors to meet standards similar to a hospital. proponents say it protects both
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mother and child. opponents say it's designed to close clinics across the state. virginia's governor and health department are working to avert similar measures in the commonwealth. more than 100 women in 28 states say their birth control pills failed them. they're suing endopharmaceuticals and its sub sidary base. they were placed upside down putting placebo pills in the wrong order. they'll try to recover the cost of child birth. the cost of raising a child will take a lot more. >> having a child is worth it in the long run even oh it's a lot of work and a lot of money. >> they recalled the pills in 2011. in a statement they say the
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recall involved only a small number of pill packs and they were only able to find one defective one. right now at 5:00 a.m. police on the scene of a shooting on adams street near downing street in northeast washington. minutes ago "news4" confirmed the victim died at the hospital. no suspect informing aet this point. "news4's" megan mcgrath is at the scene. her live report in about 15 minutes. >> and good morning, everybody. i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. skies have cleared out but there will be a lot of leaves blowing around. be ready for a very windy day. mild and breezy outside this morning. sunny and windy this afternoon. let's get ready to bundle for friday night football. it ooh going to be chilly. windchill in the 30s. the wind will have quite the impact on your day tonight and tomorrow as well as winds could be up to near 40 miles per hour at times. in the 50s some of your


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