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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 13, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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chanting change in the face of protests and threats. i'm barbara harrison, we're closely watching a rally at one of our city's biggest college campuses. taken out. i'm kristin wright. we're tracking a potentially big moment in the fight against isis. there are still a lot of questions about what happened. and a fight over some popular websites hitting a new high. i'm melissa mollet. we learned who has been brought in to help in the legal fight to get them back up and running. and parts of our area are under a wind advisory. coming up in my updated forecast, i'll let you know how long winds will be an issue. news4 midday starts right now.
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i'm molette green live on howard university's campus where a small group of engineering students just ended a call to action just about 30 minutes ago. their ceremony took place in the middle of the campus at the flagpole, which is the normal gathering spot for such events this was their way of supporting diversity across college campuse campuses. >> i think our response has been very well. as a unit, we definitely came together as a family. responded the best way we know how. >> reporter: now, i can tell through have been no new threats, no suspicious activity on this campus since that initial online threat was posted to harm people on this campus and in nearby locations such as the metro stations. there is stepped up security from the howard campus police
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and, of course, d.c. police are on the case. the fbi, you should know, is taking the lead on this investigation. coming up, what else this campus community is doing to respond to hate. that's coming up in about 30 minutes. i'm molette green, reporting from howard university. >> the national weather service has issued a wind advisory for parts of the area. the counties include all of frederick, western loudoun, northern fauquier, this wind advisory will go until 6:00 tonight. if you're in these areas, you could see gusts up to 50 miles per hour with winds that strong. some minor wind damage, small limbs brought down. it's feeling like temperatures in the 30s and 40s for everybody. here's a look at current wind gusts across the area. from about 22 miles per hour in manassas to close to 30 miles per hour in gaithersburg. 2:00, feeling like 57 degrease.
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once we hit 5:00 p.m., temperatures around 50. 7:00 p.m., we continue to tumble with the windchill at that point of 45. no definitive proof as to whether jihadi john is dead. the latest is that a senior defense official says the u.s. does have video showing a man believed to be the notorious isis terrorist getting into a vehicle struck by a u.s. drone. this air strike in syria was specifically targeting him. jihadi john appears in several videos showing the ste westerners. if anything changes we'll bring it to you right away. back to you. thank you. right now we're working to find out what caused a school bus crash in howard county. no students were hurt. a tow truck took away the damaged suv. we're working to get an update on both drivers.
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the cash happened just after 8:00 on tridelphia mill road. the front of the bus is badly damaged. we'll post updates to nbc washington app as soon as we get them. today a judge will sentence a man to prison for killing a d.c. cab driver in cold blood. in september a jury found joshua mebane guilty of the 2012 murder. he and his girlfriend hailed a taxi in northeast washington with the intention of robbing the driver. mebane made muhammad drive them to a nearby school and shot him in the head. mebane faces decades in prison. following the developing story now. two of the fantasy sport sites told to shut down in new york. this morning fans held a rally demanding that fanduel and draftkings keep operating. the attorney general told both sites they're considered illegal gambling and have to shut down
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in new york. with a legal battle brewing, we learn one hired a lawyer for the case. david boise represented al gore in 2000. you are running out of time to pay off your tolls in maryland and a bit of a break. state transportation officials say they will waive late fees you wracked up as long as pay by the end of the day on monday. you can call the toll payment line through 8:00 tonight. it will be open until midnight on monday. after that, new penalties kick in for any unpaid tolls. we're working to get an update on the case about the man accuse offend lying about working on the cia. wayne simmons appeared on the fox news channel as a cia operative.
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s simmons lied about his job. a trial will start in february. prepare for plenty of single tracking on metro. track work will delay all six lines on the red line trainses will be single tracking between medical center and grovener and rhode island avenue and ft. tott tottenham. the blue line also single tracking between braddock road and van duron street. on the yellow line, single tracking between braddock road and huntington stations. as for the green line, fewer trains running to branch avenue. searching at sea. why crews are scouring the waters where a large cruise ship just sailed. and speeding and swerving through traffic cing towards you. the scary situation caught on
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the coast guard is searching from the sea and sky for a cruise passenger gone overboard. witnesses on the norwegian perl say a woman threw herself overboard around 7:00 last night. a passenger posted this picture of a life boat launched to search for her. this is happens about 20 miles off the coast of cuba the cruise ship was on its way to mexico. we're working to find out if a man called the neighbor from hell will go to prison. socrates condillas is accused of terrorizing a silver spring neighborhood. he was blocking a driveway, using a bobcat to tear down a face. he even violated a peace order. he faces up to four years in jail. today the supreme court could take up a case surrounding abortion for the first time in 25 years.
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the case challenges new laws in texas limiting clinics and doctors. t if the justices take up the challenge they would hear it in a presidential election year. a family forced to separate. the controversial reasons several children have to find somewhere els
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dining out tonight, we'll have temperatures in the 40s and 50s. when you factor in the wind it will feel like temps are in the 30s and 40s. maybe consider wearing the winter jacket out tonight. we will have dry conditions. in fact, dry on through sunday. your morning forecast for tomorrow, maybe heading out for that early morning bike ride, going for a run, it will be cold. 42 degrees at 6:00 a.m. in the district. 30s in the suburbs. still chilly at 8:00 a.m.
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43. 10:00 a.m., temperature of 47. not only are the temperatures cold but tracking windy to breezy conditions tomorrow morning. coming up in ten minutes, i'll let you know when the winds die down. utah state officials are trying to keep a family together despite a judge's ruling to break them up. the judge removed a lesbian couple's foster child. the state recommended that the couple keep the baby girl. yesterday the judgeannounced that he believes the little girl would be better off in the care of a heterosexual couple. national lgbt groups and the governor are firing back. >> the judge, to follow the law. he may not like the law, but he should follow the law. >> hillary clinton tweeted being a good parent has nothing to do with sexual orientation. state officials plan to appeal the decision if the judge does not rescind the order. right now, another problem for the secret service. plus d.c.'s mayor weighs in on one controversy from a half
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world away.
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. developing right now, the search for a suspect in a deadly shooting overnight. >> a man died in the hospital after medics rushed him from the scene in northeast washington. megan mcgrath started covering that investigation early this morning. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, the investigation is still ongoing. this is the 142nd murder in d.c. so far this year.
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it happened right here on this corner. this is the intersection of downing and adams street in northeast. it's right in front of this apartment complex here. all morning long, since the shooting happened, police have been going in and out of this apartment complex. we still have an officer standing on the steps right now. now, the shots rang out at about 2:30 this morning. police arrived. they found a man who had been shot in the chest. he was alive on the scene. he was taken to an area hospital where a few hours later we received word that he died from that gunshot wound to the chest. at this point, not a lot of information is being released by police. we don't have any information on a possible motive. they also have not released the name of the victim, all we know is that the person who died is an adult male. so, a lot of policework still ahead. we still have police on the scene. as always, they're asking if anyone was in the area, any
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witnesses that may have seen something that would be helpful in the investigation, you're asked to come forward. reporting live in northeast, megan mcgrath, news 4. temperatures right now are in the 50s and 60s. washington currently at 60 degrees. hagerstown at 55. high today in the district of 62. we'll hit that within the next hour or so. actually slowly falling after that. we will have mostly sunny skies and we'll continue to track windy conditions on into the afternoon. and throughout the day tomorrow. winds finally die down tomorrow night. but look at the high temperature tomorrow. only 53 degrees when you factor in the winds throughout the day it will feel like temperatures are actually in the 40s, even 30s in the more rural spots. so very cold day tomorrow. on sunday, better of the two weekend days. high of 57. winds not an issue, plenty of sunshine. if you have plans outdoors, sunday the better day. on monday, we start to warm. high temperature of 65, plenty of sunshine. if you're heading to the
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redskins game this weekend, i'll have that forecast in ten minutes. just in to the live desk. one of the men who escaped from a new york prison leading to that massive manhunt this summer just pleaded guilty. this is david sweat in court. he pled guilty to every charge against him, escape and promoting prison contraband. the convicted murderer broke out of prison in june with another inmate who was killed by police. sweat was already serving a life sentence. he'll be sentenced again for the prison break in february. back to you. a secret service officer has been suspended after police say he was caught in an underaged sexting sting. robert lee moore used a messaging app to text and send naked pictures of himself to someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl. he even admitted sending some messages while on duty at white house. turns out those messages were sent to an undercover cop from delaware.
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moore faces state and federal charges. he's on administrative leave. in decision 2016, this morning it looks like hillary clinton has a significant early lead over the other candidate. in fact, her margin over vermont senator bernie sanders and martin o'malley is striking. and this is months before primary voters actually head to the polls. the associated press reached out to over 700 delegates, more than 350 endorsed clinton. today all three candidates are preparing for saturday night's showdown. clinton, o'malley and sanders will debate tomorrow night at drake university in iowa. the debate is hosted by cbs news and will focus on the economy. in just under an hour, gop presidential candidate rand paul will become the latest to file for the new hampshire primary. all candidates have until next friday to file. that primary will be held in
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february. critics are calling it his wildest speech yet. donald trump spent 95 minutes on his latest campaign stop talking about pretty much everything. sometimes in colorful language. the billionaire says folks don't believe he has a plan. in response he laid out his strategy on fighting isis. take a listen. >> i would just bomb those suckers, that's right -- i would blow up the pipes. blow up every single inch. there would be nothing left. >> trump also took some jabs against ben carson who continues climbing in the polls using carson's own words against him. trump questioned the doctor's life story calling him pathological. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is wrapping up a week-long trade mission to xhin china. this morning she spoke about the progress. bowser also took questions on other topics including the
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controversial political action committee that organizers shut down this week. she took questions about reports that fresh pac organizers asked epsilon for donations even while in the middle of the proposed merger. >> i'm not aware of anybody reaching out to them or soliciting anything from them. nor would i approve of it if i knew about it. >> bowser also told reporters she met with the u.s. ambassador and dea officials to discuss efforts to stop the flow of synthetic drugs into the united states. bowser said progress on that front was being made, but acknowledged the dea sees it as a significant problem. this morning, today's date is trending on social media. so, where does all the hype about friday the 13th come from? we'll take a look in 60 seconds.
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we are following on the stories you're clicking on this morning. we can't ignore the date today, it's friday the 13th. here's four things to know about this date a history professor at iowa state university said the fear of this day may be related to christianity. michael bailey says jesus was crucified on a friday, and since that day it's been filled with general ill omen. in the middle ages it was unlucky to get married or start a new journey on a friday. how did the number 13 come into play? nobody knows why friday the 13th became unlucky. nobody even talked about friday the 13th before the 19th century. number three, did you know the day does have an official name? here it is. it is triskaidekaphobia. that's the fear of friday the 13th. if you sea it like i did, that means you may never fear friday
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the 13th again. number four, this is the third friday the 13th this year. according to, since 2015 started on a thursday, then february, march and november will start on sunday. therefore any month starting on a sunday always has a friday the 13th. got all that? a little complicated. happy friday the 13th. next year there will only be one friday the 13th in the month of june. that happens to be my birthday,
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and here's your weekend outlook. planning on doing some raking this weekend? the weekend will help to bring the leaves af of toff of the tr. the better day is sunday. farmer markets tomorrow morning will have a real issue with winds. you want to keep that in mind. heading to the park, the better day is sunday. winds not an issue.
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temperatures al s ls also warme. that's good news for the redskins game. kickoff at 1:00. at that point a temperature of 55 degrees. temperatures for the game, mid to upper 50s. that's definitely sweatshirt weather, at least 3:00. temperature of 57. by the time the game is wrapping up, temperature of 54 degrees. and uber nightmare, getting a lot of the comments on facebook. geo fabio says her driver locked her in his car on monday and wouldn't let her out. she was upset the ride didn't cost more. after she called 911 he let her out, but she says the harassment didn't stop there. >> he followed me up to the shsho shop, got out and just started screaming. >> uber deactivated the driver from the company.
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we've seen car chases in southern california before. but this one was even more dangerous than usual. a white car sped the wrong way down a highway there. it's on the shoulder, as you can see. deputies in los angeles county say the chase ended in a crash. they arrested the man and woman in the car. the suspects may have been involved in multiple robberies. >> new today on news 4 midday, big news in washington that will affect the food you eat and how safe it is. >> plus happening now, calls for change on the campus of one of our area's biggest schools. what they want after a week of
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live at the white house right now. president obama meeting with the archbishop of washington, cardinal donald wurl and other catholic bishops are at the white house right now in a follow-up to pope francis's visit to the u.s. two months ago. the meeting just started a couple minutes ago. we'll bring you updates as we get them. >> melissa, the temperature now 60 degrees and beautiful sunshine. if you're outside, definitely feeling the chill because of the winds. we'll continue to track winds throughout the day today. 2:00 is when we will hit the high of 62. after that, temperatures will start to drop. by 5:00, clear skies and dry air in place, down to 54 degrees. walking the dog this afternoon and evening, definitely want to find the wind breaker. 8:00 p.m., feeling like
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temperatures in the 30s and 40s. the thermometer saying 48. today, tomorrow, sunday, monday, tuesday, good days to get the car washed. we're looking at a stretch of dry weather. however sunday morning, winds not an issue. temperatures, though, downright frigid. i'll have that forecast in ten minutes. the outrage over racism at the university of missouri is hitting home. >> the president resigned following student protests, and an online threat at howard university popped up. molette green is live at howard now where students are taking a stand against those threats. >> reporter: yes, students have taken a lead role since this online threat was posted, holding rallies. one just ended an hour ago. there was one last night. they also answered to this threat by getting back to the business, their business as usual. that's inside the classroom. >> solidarity for the
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courageousness of our students. >> reporter: a small group of engineering students gathered around the howard university flagpole. this community closer than ever after an online threat to harm those here and just off campus. >> i think as a unit we definitely came together as a family, responded the best way we knew how. it's crazy that we have someone threatening our safety, our space. coming into our home, making us feel like we're uncomfortable and trying to push us out. >> reporter: dr. greg carr heads up the department of afro-american studies. >> i expected them to be cool. they've been. i expected them to be informed. they've been. i expected them to reach out in solidarity to campuses across the country, they've done that. they've done it, in realtime, social media has been important
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in this. >> reporter: classes and activities continue with extra security patrols to reassure students and faculty. as the fbi leads the investigation. some still are a bit uneasy. >> seeing that they put out more security guards and stuff, i feel a little bit more secure. but it's just a lot going on. seeing that the president addressed it makes me feel a little better. >> reporter: at the howard deli off of campus, the store a part of the school community since 1920, this peaceful response sends the right message to haters. >> here are black folks trying to get ahead, studying, who have a goal. >> reporter: now, the university president is also taking his own action with plans to make something positive come out of all of this.
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possibly bringing other university leaders to the campus to talk about matters of race. live on the campus of howard university, molette green. barbara? >> thanks. the university of missouri named an interim president. mike middleton will replace jim wolfe. wolfe stepped down on monday after he was criticized for the way he handled racial issues on campus. middleton has been a professor and administrator with the university for 30 years. campus police and prince george's police are investigating a hate crime at bowie state university. someone spray painted a swastika on the building. here in the newsroom rewith going through new food safety rules just put out by the fda. the new guidelines are supposed to help prevent things like salmonella and listeria. the produce safety rules, the
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first one, establishes science bush da based standards for packages and growing produce. and wholesalers must make sure foreign supporters of food are following u.s. safety standards. and there is a program to certify that food facilities from out of the country do meet fda safety requirements. the goal is to help farmers and food importers to take steps to prevent problems before they happen. back to you. >> thank you. new this midday, a sudden firing at the pentagon. defense secretary ash carter announced today he fired his top military aide after allegations of misconduct. his name, army lieutenant general ron lewis. the pentagon is working to confirm that.s. forces have, indeed, killed a ruthless isis executioner known as jihadi john. a drone strike targeted him in
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syria. tracie potts is following the developments. >> reporter: overnight in the syrian town, a u.s. air strike targeting the kuwaiti-born british terrorist known as jihadi john. emwazi is believed to be the max executioner in at least six isis videos showing westerners being beheaded. >> he posed an ongoing and serious threat to civilians. this was an act of self-defense. it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: separately kurdish forces went in from all sides this morning to clear isis from the northern iraqi town of sinjar. in the last 24 hours, the kurds have taken about 58 square miles and are taking up positions on a major isis supply route into iraq. experts worry if isis loses ground they'll select new targets. >> as isis territorial holdings shrink, i think isis will
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reorient itself towards spectacular external attacks. >> reporter: it's all happening as president obama and john kerry prepare for the g-20 economic summit in turkey. >> we are striving with local forces to put the squeeze on iraqa. >> we are taking stock of what is working. we will do what works, and what which has not worked well we'll move away from. >> reporter: the mother of one of the journalists killed by isis said she was not given a heads up about the operation. she hopes it works, but it won't bring back her son. from washington, i'm tracie potts. back to you. one popular d.c. museum has something new to offer this morning, while other one starts a new chapter. you can watch news 4 midday from anywhere. just open the nbc washington app, tap watch live tv now. at the top of the
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welcome back. starting today, another reason to visit the newseum. they are showing new artifacts as part of the inside the fbi exhibit. among the items, the car abandoned by the 9/11 hijackers, the handcuffs used to restrain the boston bomber and the suv used in a failed attempt to bomb times square with bomb components inside. all of those things will be on display. art lovers, listen up. the mcdermott gallery reopens today. the $30 million renovation has taken two years. the opening exhibition is called wonder and features nine contemporary artists. the museum opens daily from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and admission is free. a birth control making i
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i feel like i've been talking about the windy conditions all midday. tracking winds today and tomorrow. winds not an issue sunday morning. cold temperatures, frosty in spots sunday morning as well, especially in the more rural areas. north and west of town, 36 degrees sunday morning in washington. around freezing in area like gaithersburg, frederick and manassas and culpeper as you wake up to mainly clear skies. friday night lights, tonight, windy and chilly. 7:00. temperature of 47 degrees. 10:00 p.m., tracking feels like temperatures between 35 and 40. the temperature 42 degrees. one in 45 kids in the u.s. have a form of autism, that according to the national center for health statistics. the estimate has gone up because
11:41 am
researchers changed how parents are asked about developmental delays. >> now a much wider variety of children, all levels of intellectual functioning, different types of language skills are receiving an autism spectrum diagnosis. >> more than 100 women in 28 ill failed them. birth control now they're suing endo pharmaceuticals. the women say the pills were packaged upside down, putting the placebo pills in the wrong order. endo voluntarily recalled the pills in 2011 in a statement, the company said it was only able to find one defective pack. what you need to know ahead of time to make sure you arrive on time.
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two developing stories, first the search for a suspect in a shooting overnight that killed one man. police first went to adams street in northeast washington around 2:30 this morning. they found a man with a gunshot wound to the chest. police tell us he was taken to the hospital where he later died. no arrests or suspect information in this case. also developing, a small group of howard university engineering students rallied this morning after threats showed up online. it's a show of support for
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diversity on their campus and those around the country the fbi is leading the investigation to determine where the threat came from. this is after days of protests at the university of missouri. the president's resignation followed that in missouri. that followed racial incidents on the campus. a couple of situations for the weekend. westbound duke street shut down between van duron and 395, starts friday and doesn't reopen until sunday morning. as you head to landmark mall, take the van duron street entrance. on metro, red line trains running 22 minutes. silver, every 20. blue line, every 20. same thing on yellow and orange line. green line mostly on schedule. let's talk about single tracking. red line between medical center and grovener.
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and rhode island avenue and to ft. totten. on the blue line, single tracking between braddock road and van duron street. yellow line between braddock road and huntington. have a great weekend. here's one more. i'll see you monday morning for news 4 today. look at this. whipping winds racing across lake ing into a barrier in chicago. waves of 16 feet high. we are in for some winds ourselves. >> you got it. similar waves were seen on lake erie yesterday. parts of our area under a wind advisory until 6:00 tonight, including frederick county, western loudoun county and northern fauquier county, gusts up to 50 miles per hour, could produce isolated wind damage,
11:47 am
small limbs maybe off of trees. more importantly for everybody tonight, heading out, when you factor in the winds it will feel like temperatures in the 30s and 40s. here's a look at current wind gusts. winchester gusting up to 34 miles per hour. petersburg up to 40. winds will die down saturday night. i'll have another look at the seven-day coming up in ten minutes. >> thanks. a tv actress says she is recovering from an attack right now. poly peret from ncis tweeted a man grabbed her and told her he was going kill her last night. she said she was walking to a guesthouse in los angeles and was alone, terrified and trapped. she said she got away, then police caught the attacker and charged him with felony assault. it's holiday travel season, for some of you it can get complicated, especially if you have kids. one mom travels alone with her son, she's an expert. and she also works for the tsa.
11:48 am
she told us to keep all your child's things together. also bring only what you need. >> bring the necessities for the flight. don't be afraid of the liquids for your son or child. also for the mothers who have to take their shoes off, wear socks. emily also told us one of the best things you can do is ask for help if you need it. are you traveling this holiday season? if you're flying, you might want to realize that your personal information could be at risk without you realizing it. >> millions of americans will take a flight somewhere this holiday season. they will each have a boarding pass. traditional paper ones or ones sent to mobile devices. the bar codes on airplane boarding passes may not look like much but they contain a lot of embedded personal information. >> reporter: information that
11:49 am
security expert brian krebs revealed in his blog post can be easily hacked. >> someone could get access to a plane ticket if it was left behind somewhere, someone dropped their physical ticket. >> reporter: or if a photo is posted to social media thousands of people use the #boardingpass in their post about trips, but anyone who gets access to that image can go to a bar code reader within site and scan it. >> they can find out someone's name, their frequent flyer number and their record locator for that flight. >> reporter: they could use information to log into your airline account and potentially change seats, or even cancel trips. >> it's a sobering reminder to be careful with your ticket. don't believe it behind and don't upload a photo of your plane ticket to facebook or instagram. >> reporter: because posting those two tickets to paradise may keep you from getting there. the best way to protect your paper boarding pass from getting into the wrong hands, take it
11:50 am
home and shred it or at least rip it up before throwing it away. >> here is your return. take the walk, al. >> there it is. roker-a-thon ii is finally over. today al roker was in new york breaking a world record for sharing the forecast in all 50 states within one week. he even was at the marine corps war memorial in arlington yesterday. his trip benefited feeding america. you can see the rest of the highlights of roker-a-thon on our nbc washington app. it's the end of an era for one actor. why there will be a lot less hassle in his life. that's in 60 seconds.
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here's some of the stories lighting up social media.
11:52 am
it was not mail that students in san diego were expecting to get. 600 bobbleheads bearing the face of a form padres player turned up near their doorstep in university city. they called police to report this strange delivery. padres bobbleheads littered the pavement there and they all had the same face, the face of chris denorfia. the students gave most away to friends and are considering selling the rest on ebay. the real chris denorfia was traded away from the padres last year and plays now can the cubs. apparently no more hassle. david hasseoff has changed his name but not to "the hof." he dropped the hassel part of his name. he will be named david hoff. he says he has wanted to drop the hassel from his name, if you will, for years. question now is is this for real? only time will tell. we'll show you some video that's gone viral.
11:53 am
a professional skier wiping out here. ian mcintosh survived a 1,600 foot fall from alaska's mountain range. he walked away completely unharmed. i'm scratching my head. lucky guy for sure. back to you. that's some downhill. >> unbelievable. >> couldn't get me on that. >> i don't think so. technology can be a great thing, but it might just need some getting used to. >> what one police officer did not find during a traffic stop. you'll want to see this we're back in 60 seconds.
11:54 am
breaking right now, a u.s. military spokesman says officials are "reasonably certain jihadi john is dead." that word coming in minutes ago. you've probably seen parts of those videos. jihadi john beheaded several western hostages including three
11:55 am
americans. his real name was mohammed emwa emwazi. a hellfire missile was fired from a drone yesterday at him. the operation was one in a string of targeted attacks on isis leaders. >> tracking windy conditions for this afternoon and throughout the day tomorrow. winds finally start to diminish tomorrow during the early evening hours. outside of the studio in northwest washington, 61 degrees. the high today is 62. we'll hit that within the next hour or so. then temperatures slowly start to fall heading into the afternoon. plenty of sunshine right on through monday. saturday definitely chilly with that high of 53. when you factor in the winds it will feel like temperatures are in the 40s during the afternoon hours. sunday morning it's cold. we start off at 36 degrees. winds not an issue, but regardless i think we'll be
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tracking some frost on the pumpkins sunday morning. high of 57 degrees. warmer. the better of the two weekend days. monday, we continue to warm, high of 65. really nice. tuesday also looking good with a mix of clouds and sun. high of 66. near 70 on wednesday as well as thursday. next chance of rain looks to hold off on thursday. new information coming in right now. veronica is updating the forecast. her and doug will have the latest on new 4 at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. the future of travel is apparently moving too slowly, literally. >> look. a police officer pulled over a self-driving car for going too slowly in california. google owns the car. it was going 24 miles per hour in a 35 zone. google says it caps the speed for safety reasons. the officer decided the car was following the law. self-operating cars are operating only in california and texas for now. that's it for news4 midday.
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thank you very much for joining us. >> don't forget, you can
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