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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00, terror in paris. the frenc border closed. more than 100 dead in a massive koort take.
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>> the victims mass occurred in bombs, shootings andde suici attacks, most inside a concert hall. >> washington on alert. >> while president obama prom e promises support for america's oldest ally. >> we want to be very clear we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism. >> after-hours of cha, the ofstr paris are nownely silent. good evening. i'm doreen. >> i'm jim. it is 5:00 a.m. in the french capital. aswe lo at paris,e believe frenchpolice belie all attackers inheings and hootings are believed to be dead, the terror finally over. >> the death toll stands at, at least 120, and it is changing. french president francois
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hollande visits the 30 of the attacks. >> investigators have not ruled out isis but they're focused more on al qaeda, the highly koort attacks took place at four primary locations around paris. st dark e de france, soccer stadium. a concert hall and shopping mall. >> we have response including more from washington. the latest on the response in paris. steve handlelsman. steve. >> reporter: panic outsde the soccer stadium in paris. two suicide bombers attacked. across town on the streets and the worst was at the theater where terrorists ran in with assault rifles blazing and took hostages and koort attacks at
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multiple sites. police flooded paris and finally regained control and freed surviving hostages but say the terrorist is in the theater blew themselves up. more than 120 people were reported dead dozen more badly injured. president obama offered help. >> to provide whatever assistance the government and people of france need to respond. nench president's holland vowed the boarder -- but they were able to take. >> they had automac weapons, apparently suicide bombers nvold, that means a bomb maker and obviously able to keep this completely quiet off the radar. >> reporter: tonight, washington is worried. >> the undetected but sophisticated attacks in paris really will give counter-terrorism officials ause. >> reporter: as they ve in sol dairy in the colors of france. >> there had been small attacks
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by a few die-hards. this changes everything. i'm steve handled man, nbc news, washington. handelsman. >> we want to dig a bit deeper into what happened inside that concerthall. onung woman who lives nearby skyped fromparis what she heard. >> i have a friend of a friend who just texted me and a friend of his was actually at the concert and people were basically walking on each other trying to escape. >> reporter: two men with assault rifles we shooting wildly into the crowd trying to kill as many possible. one man said he was trampled as people started in every direction. one man got to the stage before emeralding the emergency exit was on the other side of the theater. a gup of 30 to 40 pelefond stairs and managed to get up to a rao and said a man in an apartment next door let them in his attic window and they hun r
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hunkered down until police arrived. everyone saw something a little bit different. almost all of them say the men were not wearing masks, they had time to reload several times and knew exactly what they were doing. doreen. >> thank you, chris. a trip to the verizon center. the ice was lit up like the french flag, the arena one of many locations across the district with heightened security tonight. news4 shomari stone is live with more on how the district is responding now. shomari. >> reporter: good evening. tonighty police chief kathy cat lanier told her pole remain vigilant. th game finished a short time ago and many fans walking past and police were keeping a close eye on them. it was business usual after the caps game as fans walk eed their cars and nearby restaurants and bars. d.c. police were keeping a close eye on this crow
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tonight, police chief kathy cat lanier issued a warning to her officers and directed them to keep a close eye on targets and first responders arriving on the scene. we saw steppe serity in some areas. th the capitol complex or washington, d.c. but security is heightened out of caution. we went to the kennedy center and officials tell us there is increased vigilance but they won't comment on specific surity procedures. officers are also monitoring known sites in high profile in the area and officials said they will continue to be in close contact with federal and local law enforcement officers. live outside the verizon center, shomari stone. >> the large french community in washington also in mourning tonight, this tweet from the french ambassador says thankou
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all for your messages of friendship and solidarity, i am so sad for the victims of my beloved country. jackie is outside the french eoassy where people have been coming to pay respects nh >> repoer: it's cold and windy out here. people keep showing up. they want to show they care about the people in france. i have frenchrelatives. a sign of solidarity. >> reporter: a group of students placed candles at the gates on northwest road in washington. >> we thought with a concentr e concentrated effort likethis, this shows we care about the french people and always been there for us and this shows our support for them. >> reporter: as news of the terror attacks spread, people started leaving floral tributes. this man drove from reston wth
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support for france >> it's awful to see a few hours ago, their lives have been forever changed. >> reporter: a pre-scheduled fund-raiser was allowed to take place. the secret service uniformed division were posted outside. the embassy's flags were lowered to half-staff. embassy employees were schihake >> people are terrified and all the places they went out are abandoned right now. >> reporter: we expect the heightened security to remain for some time. jackie bensen, news4. >> thank you. "new york times" is sta-- n yor city is standing with france tonight. the world trade center is lit up with the french flag and manhattan is on high alert and heavily armed officers can be
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standing outside. >> we've had conflicting reports whether all the members of the california rock band performing in the french concert hall made it out alive. eagles of death metal were performing a sold out show when chaos and terror erupted. at least one band member was shot and wounded. it's not clear if all of them survi survived. the band is on a european tour promoting a new album. >> former vice president al gore was hosting a climate change at the eiffel tower when the attacks started. the web live cast was suspended shortly after the attack. we know former new york city michael bloomberg was in the french capital friday morning and tweeted this picture with the mayor of paris. it's still unclear whether he was still in town when the attack happened. >> we learned yu2 had a concert scheduled tomorrow night and it
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is now canceled. it was set to take place from an arena three miles from the theater. they posted saying they are devastated by the loss of life. tonight, it seems likely the executioner we've come to know as jihadi john will never be able to use his knife to kill any ever again. the pentagon says it is "reasonably certain a drone strike in syria killed him last night. perhaps comforting to some but not the family of james foley, one of jihadi john's difference. >> jihadi john makes to the difference to us. jim is dead. bombing him won't bring jim back. >> u.s. officials say the process of confirming he is truly dead will be difficult and take some time. at this point, there is no known connection between isis and
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today's attack is paris. right now for us, we're focusing on cold and wind in the storm center. it will be a very cold night and already is. 30 miles an hour in leesburg. over third in winchester. those winds will continue and it is going to be a very cold night tonight. more sunshine tomorrow. this is what you can expect saturday. just plain cold. wind chill near 40 degrees. you'll wake up to wind chills in the 30s in the morning hours. take the coats, you'll need them tomorrow. i'll have the extended forecast to tell you how long this cold will stick around. >> thank you. we're staying on top of breaking news in paris, a spontaneous moment of patriotism at the soccer stadium outside. we'll be right back. stade de f.
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breaking news tonight. we're still gathering information about the attack in paris. >> we're gathering information from someone who witnessed the attacks. paris waking up to a curfew, its first since 1944. >> in france, they believe all attackers are now dead. police trying to find out who those attackers were and why
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they did it. over 200 injured in a series of koort attacks across the city, the highest death toll inside one concert hall. we're getting more reaction from people in paris. charlotte was in a nearby bar when the owners pulled down the iron curtains around the window. but she could still see some of the reports on tv of people being killed in the restaurant right near her apartment. >> it's when you realize that you see a name that you know and you've been to a lot on the screen you realize okay, this is real and happening right now and what's more shocking. >> charlotte and others describe a neighborhood similar to our own h street or 14th street, young, hip, full of bars and restaurants that were packed on a friday night. one young woman lives directly above the cambodian restaurant where terrorists opened fire on some of the diners.
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>> i'm still in a lot of shock and my friends are safe. i know people who are not safe. >> counter-terrorism say they picked easy open targets and attacked at night where it's slightly more difficult for police to respond. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. >> back home at 11:00 tonight, several people were injured when bleachers collapsed at a high school football game at georgetown prep in montgomery county, the railing on the front of the bleachers gave way and several people fell down. everyone is expected to be okay. two more colleges in our region are dealing with race related threats tonight. somebody phoned in a 911 call to police this afternoon thre threatening montgomery college. the school beefed up security patrols at all its campuses and george mason university a racially offensive image was found at a residence hall last night. the school sent a letter to
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everyone racism will not be tolerated. hour ward university said its campus has the biggest safety concern it has ever had to deal with and there was a heavy police presence and will be at tomorrow's football game. the threat was anonymously posted on the website yesterday. the post spewed racial slurs and threatened to harm people on campus. the fbi is now taking the lead on the investigation. students we talked to say they're extra vigilanvigilant. >> very alert and aware. >> it has brought the student body together. we believe in unity. >> howard is also working with law enforcement to create a long term safety plan. >> the weekend is here and so is the wind. >> it's still howling out there. normally what happens when the sun goes down, you lose that x mixing out there and you don't have as much wind. that's not the case tonight. that wind is still blow and we
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have winds in this 30s out there. gusting 20-25 does not feel like 51. that will be the case when we walk out the door during the day tomorrow. 46 degrees in winchester, 48 degrees in leesburg and temperature, 46 in manassas. wind chill all night will be in the 30s, especially when the wind is gusting 20-30 miles an hour like it has been just about all day today. nothing in the radar. you will not need the umbrellas and you won't need the umbrellas most of the next seven days. we have very cold air making its way from the north and west and lake-effect snows continuing at this hour just to the north and west and over the border in pennsylvania. that's not going to make its way down to our area. winds will continue tomorrow. what to wear. again, she's got the right idea. wear the coat and scarf.
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i think you will need it and not need the gloves but i think we will see some with the hat and gloves tomorrow. talk about getting out on the bike, it will be cold. 48 degrees and wind chill 45-30 at 9:00 a.m. 50 degrees by noon and 53 degrees by 3:00. it won't feel close to that warm. 5:00 a.m. sunrise if you're going to get up that early. this is going to be one of the coldest days we've seen so far this season and since last april. windy and chilly temperatures what we're dealing with. the next couple of days this is a one day quick shot of cool air. lows in the mid-40s with that sunshine. that's a cold one. sunday, we get back up to 60. sunday morning is going to start very cold. 31 in martinsburg, 39 in
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leesburg and 35 in manassas and puts wind chill up in 20s sunday morning. with sunday afternoon moving in, more sunshine and lighter winds i think we get to 63 degrees. then mild temperatures monday and tuesday mid-60s and then the next frontal boundary late in the day wednesday. we could see storms wednesday night to thursday. wednesday, we get up to 70 degrees or close to 70 degrees. this cold air not sticking around all that long. you need to bundle up stepping out your door during the day tomorrow. i know the kids have soccer g e games tomorrow and lacrosse practi practices, my son has a football game tomorrow. stay on the warm side. coming up, maryland
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carol maloney here. college hoops tonight. the third ranked team in the country, the maryland terrapins. and they led the way. the fans were. the freshman had 10 points in his debut. the terp senior jay layman. back with a dunk. 16 pinoints for him. and trimble, getting work in,
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dribbling in traffic and getting it to go. he had 14. terps pulling away. maryland fans a little nervous seeing this. goes up for the shot, comes down holding his back. he did not come back in after this. said afterwards he would be fine. 80-56. terps win. up next, georgetown on tuesday. to virginia, cavaliers opening up against morgan state. last seconds of the first half, virginia moving the ball quickly up court, devin hall to thompson. leading 40-23 at the break. mike toby for the dunk. virginia beat morgan state 86-48. to the smith center, mike lonergan and the colonials opening up. kevin larson pulled down the board and gets it to go. career high 24 points for larson. later in the half, larson misses
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but tyler cavanaugh is there and finishes off. cw by nine, 85-76 the final. to the patriot center, george mason opening up against colgate. down seven off the colgate over to. here comes moore and the bucket and 13 points more, patriots down five. colgate too much. revaried knocks down the three. colgate wins its 66-63. and third period, caps down, 2-0. michael l michael, his second career goal. worth another look as caps tied the game at 2. they head to three on three overtime with that equalizer. ot, three caps chasing and
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monahan beats blue bower. caps still get points in the standings. we have high school football. can't forget about them. bowie undefeated forecast. a raic.j. rainy night. gets into the act. michael clarke number 6 of the pick 6. behind wofford. they beat bowie. >> and navy down right now florida. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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we'll be working throughout the night to bring you any updates from france. prosecutors just said eight attackers are dead, seven from suicide bombings. >> state of emergency and border checks are still in effect this hour. we'll have reports on "news4 today" starting at 6:00 a.m. >> we leave you tonight with the singing of the french national anthem as fans left the soccer stadium rocked by the suicide attacks. ♪ ♪
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fall


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