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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 14, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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described a horror. >> when i saw police officers holding guns hunched behind vans like a scene out of a movie. >> people were basically just walking on each other trying to escape. >> i saw a gentleman maybe about 30 years old with a towel wrapped around his hand bleeding out of his hand. >> across the world overnight, loving tributes to the french people. here in d.c., flowers, candles, prayers outside the french embassy. >> in san francisco's city hall illuminated in the french blue white and red. new york city's freedom tower lit up with the colors. >> a world in mourning on this saturday, november 14th, 2015. "news 4 today" starts now. >> on what is a somber saturday morning, 9:00, good morning to you. thanks for being with us. i'm david cullver. >> i'm angie goff. welcome to "news 4 today." memorials are lining the streets
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in france right now. it's 3:00 in the afternoon over there and we have live team coverage of the investigation happening in paris. >> to the right of your screen, daryl ford standing by at the french embassy with reaction here in the district. let's get to new information right now. at least 127 people killed in six separate terrorist attacks. >> french police saying this morning a syrian passport was found on the body of one of the suicide bombers who targeted france's national soccer stadium. the state department just confirmed americans are among those hurt. eight attackers are dead and the hunt continues this morning for possible accomplices. nbc's jay gray begins our team coverage. >> reporter: police right now continue to work through the carnage in paris. just hours after the city shifted to a war zone. >> i saw a gentleman maybe about 30 years old with a towel around his hand bleeding out of his
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hand. >> reporter: more than 120 were killed, as many as 200 injured, in a coordinated attack at at least a half dozen sites across the city. including a packed soccer stadium, restaurants and a concert hall. at least eight terrorists armed with automatic weapons, grenades and explosive suicide vests, unleashed the deadly assault. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack this morning. they've called it, quote, the blessed battle of paris and the first of a storm. french president francois hollande has called the deadly violence an act of war and total savagery. carried out by a jihadist army against france and promising to lead the fight against the terrorists. as he spoke this morning, anti-terror teams worked to identify possible accomplices to the eight who died carrying out the attacks, residents have been urged to stay indoors while troops also gathered along the french border, locked down now.
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a state of emergency still in place after the most deadly attack in france since world war ii and the worst terrorist strike on western soil since september 11th. jay gray, nbc news. >> we're getting more reaction from folks in paris this morning. a man who was inside the night club where dozens were killed, he spoke to the "today" show about that terrifying ordeal. >> and i stayed on the floor for about five to six minutes, basically playing dead and many people tried to walk on me, to walk on bodies, to reach the scene, and they were shot at the time. >> counterterrorism officials say the militants picked easy, open targets and attacked at night when it's slightly more difficult for police to respond. tightened security and grief here in washington after a string of coordinated attacks in the city of lights.
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news 4's derrick ward joins us from the french embassy in georgetown, one of the places that has seen extra security measures taken. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: indeed, good morning again. a sad scene here at the embassy. as you can take a look, the flag, the french flag flying over the embassy at half mass. a sense of gruf here and a grief -- sense of grief all over the world amid a heightened sense of security over what happened. ten months ago, at the outset of those "charlie hebdo" killings, we are here again now at the french embassy. french president has declared three days of official mourning, but there is no need for a declaration here at tem the em y sa. flags, candles, cards, memorials and flowers for the french people. 127 people dead, more than 200 wounded. some americans among them. the eight attackers dead, but police continue their search for
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accomplices they feel may have been involved in the planning of this. seven of those dead by suicide. after those three attacks, coordinated attacks, at a stadium, cup sert hall and cafe. isis claiming responsibility for those attacks this morning, but the concern among folks here we've spoken to what happens next. >> very sad here. i hope it's not the beginning of a big war. >> reporter: and we are told that french concerns all over the city now are getting extra dose of security amid the attacks and it's just a matter of here we are again, a lot of folks thought the last time ten months ago would be the last time but there was the underlying fear that there would be some other incident and alas
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here we are again. we're live outside the french embassy in northwest, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> thank you. s s a massive show of soliday since the attacks in paris, you're probably waking um seeing the #peace for paris or #we are paris. from the verizon center a tribute lit up in blue white and red. the nationals adding the colors to their logo as well what you see. they tweeted the picture out. a lot of folks thanking them for their tribute this morning. a similar sentiment across the country. take a look at city hall in san francisco. see the blue white and red here as well covering the building's dome and windows all the way around in the french flag colors. like cities across the world san francisco under what police call a heightened alert this morning. this cold weather, the other story today, we want to get to it tom kierein. hey, tom. >> the winds are still blustery this morning.
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about to head out and walk the dog, maybe go run, or maybe run some errands, check the latest when you're out and about with the storm team 4 forecast. the nbc washington app on the home page there. just tap on the temperature. that opens up the weather page and you can see everything that's going on where you are. there is the sky over us now, just gray clouds racing through a blue sky at this hour. we have some sun light showing through. temperatures in the 40s. and strugglingle to make it to near 50 by noontime. increasing sunshine, to make it into the low 50s by around 3:00, by then those winds will be diminishing. right now we have gusts around 30 miles an hour. temperatures are in the mid and upper 40s now. at 48 at regan national, near 50 on the bay water. farther west mid 40s, shenandoah valleys out of the mountains a chill there now. scanning our sky we have no rain anywhere in our entire region. a look at our next chance for rain and a milder pattern on the way for the week ahead in just a few minutes. >> thanks, tom.
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we'll check in with you then. at 9:07, we want to get to breaking news. this in prince george's county. three people found shot to death inside an apartment. >> it happened just before 10:30 last night at the forest hill apartments on southern avenue. police are working this morning to identify suspects and a motive. we will continue to follow the story throughout the newscast and bring you any updates as they become available. happening today, family and friends will gather to remember three people killed in a horrific church van crash last weekend in hyattsville, maryland. three people and an unborn baby were killed in that crash. the wake is happening at washington heights church in clinton around 6:00 p.m. family members are in need of donations to cover the funeral costs and to send their loved ones back to el salvador. we have a link to the go fund me page on our nbc washington app. howard university says they've never seen threats like the one recently targeting students. the campus is beefg up security.
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plus the world coming to terms with the horrific attacks in paris. want to show you a look at some of the french front page newspapers, this across the u.s. papers. that's in paris this morning. coming up how one survivor's phone saved his life. >> and a reminder we are streaming live on facebook right now. the behind-the-scenes of this broadcast you'll find our live stream and chat on the nbc washington facebook page.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> howard university will see a security boost at today's football game. administrators say the on-line threat to its campus is the biggest safety concern it has ever had to deal with. the threat was anonymously posted on the website thursday. the post spewed racial slurs and
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threatened to harm people on campusp the fbi is taking the lead in the investigation. detectives in the city of alexandria will be working through the weekend to try to figure out who killed a young man and left his body on a playground. this morning we're hearing from the victim's family. his mother spoke to northern virginia bureau chief jewely carey and she has the story you're seeing first on four. >> reporter: the victim's mother tells me this park used to hold happy memories. she and her son luis perez once took his two younger siblings here for a picnic. now, though, it is a place of pain, as a family struggles with devastating loss. the candles flicker around photos of a smiling luis perez, the memorial set up in his family's alexandria apartment. his mother tells me through a translator this is how he always was, happy. >> translator: he was always kind to me, he was always walking around happy. >> reporter: monday a jarring discovery made by a woman walking her dog. the 24-year-old's body found
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under the bouncy bridge at beverly park or the pit as neighbors call it. his throat had been cut and an autopsy shows he died from chop and stab wounds to the head and neck. he occasionally did deejay work. as the oldest of five siblings his mother counted on him for support. >> translator: this impact to us is immense for my family. i am a single mother and he was always there with me and we had plans for the future and now that's all gone. >> reporter: now the family originally from el salvador is hoping to raise enough money to send luis perez's body back to his native country after services here. friends are taking the collection boxes out into the community. she last talked to her son about two weeks before he was killed though he would often text to check in and she doesn't know why someone would kill her son but knows this about whom ever did it. >> translator: i know the person
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who did this is a bad person. that's all i know. >> reporter: no arrests have been made yet in the case in the meantime police are continuing with stepped up patrols. in alexandria, i'm julie carey, news 4. a lot of reaction and support pouring out for the victims in the paris attacks. the #pray for paris is trending and see celebrities like lebron james poing condolences. we posted new information on our nbc washington app. we have salma hayek, the washington capitals, donald trump, hillary clinton, go there to our nbc washington app for the very latest..
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right now stories of survival after the attacks in paris. an incredible one. one man says he has his cell phone to thank for his life. he had hung up on his phone when he heard an explosion near the stade de france realized it was in front of him and went backward. his phone took the brunt of the hit. we can show you the phone and you can see it's bent. the screen you will see is shattered and a hole drilled right through it. pretty incredible. >> one of the other koords fated strikes targeted a packed concert venue in the middle of a performance from a california rock band. new information that we got just in the last 20 minutes, all of the members of the band eagles
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of death metal were able to escape out of a back door. one of the crew is still unaccounted for, though, we're told. the rock band u2 postponed its concert in paris in light of the deadly attacks. bono posted a video on facebook last night with the announcement. hbo was planning to show that concert. it will run other programming instead. well, let's talk about social media and what it's been able to do with all of this and how things are playing out this morning. it's been huge. >> it cannot be understated. it's a way for families and friends to communicate quickly with people they love and thoses especially in paris. we're starting to hear stories of relief. one man from cra kr overwhelmed to -- california overwhelmed to learn his niece survived. he knew she was at a concert where oneacks happened. >> got a phone call saying she wasn't home.
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she's okay. >> other families less information is better. passengers on one plane say they had no idea about the attacks until they landed in lanta. >> we didn't know anything about it period. and was able to turn our phones back on. >> flight crew nothing said anything. >> didn't say anything about it, no. >> they were on the last flight that departed paris before officials shut down the airport. most passengers say they are glad that they didn't know anything until they landed. a turn to decision 2016. the second democratic debate begins at 9:00 tonight. andhis time only three candidates will face off. frontrunner hillary clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders and former maryland governor martin o'malley will be at drake university in iowa. cbs news is hosting the forum and we expect it to focus on the economy. clinton lead her competitors in all of the latest polls. tom kierein with us now and you're following us on our live facebook chat that angie put up, you have a sneak preview
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of the forecast. >> that's right. but you didn't give it all away because we wanted you to tune in to the tv. one thing for sure it's going to feel cold out there. >> saving the best for last. the first part of it it's cold. right now it's only in the mid 40s but feels colder with that gusty wind. we've had the winds gusting to around 30 miles an hour this morning. they'll stay blustery into the afternoon hours. as we look at our sky we're getting a little more sunshine than a few minutes ago. the clouds are beginning to break up. those clouds are rolling through a blue sky now and we've got sun light you can see showing up on the landscape that still has color to it. there is the capitol wheel, national har bosh, the choppy water of the potomac as the wind is whipping down. leaf raking forecast for today, well those leaves on your lawn are probably going to be blowing on your neighbor's lawn and your neighbor's leave blowing on your lawn. sunday looking good with a lighter wind. for a run this morning or get
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out and do a hike in the crisp november air, recreation, exercise, good weather for that. we'll have the diminishing winds during the afternoon. highs reaching the low 50s is by 1:00 and hovering through 3:00 or 4:00 and then sunset time today at 4:55, still hard to get used to, it will be dropping back down to around 50 there. by then the winds should be nearly calm. overnight tonight, it's going to be a little bit chilly. and right now, we're in the mid to upper 40s, near 50 around the bay and across the shenandoah valley into the mountains there most locations are in the 40s. storm team 4 radarot n showing any rain in the vicinitvicinity. football college and high school games or maybe soccer games, you'll need a wind breaker with the sunshine in the afternoon, highs reaching low 50s at many of the stadiums around the region. dining out tonight definitely jacket weather. light wind through the evening, temperatures will be in the 40s this saturday evening and then cold sunday morning. it will be in the low to upper
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30s all around our region. metro around 40. then all the way near 60 by dawn, by tomorrow afternoon after that dawn cold start. upper 50s the average high this time of year. a little above that with the sunshine. then heres comes the milder air. monday all the way into friday now, looks like we'll have highs in the 60s. next chance of rain will be on wednesday evening and then into thursday. next weekend here's an outlook, extended outlook for saturday and sunday. maybe a few sprinkles on saturday. sunday could get some showers around with highs in the 50s. that's for next weekend. back to you. >> thank you. in the midst of the tragedy in paris we are hearing about many acts of kindness. >> sure are. the #helping stranded travelers in paris and the u.s. that's next.
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. we're following the developing story out of paris. a live look from paris this morning. where security is heightened. >> at least 127 people are dead after six separate terrorist attacks. french police saying this morning a siren passport was -- syrian passport was found on the bodies of one those that
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targeted the soccer stadium. the state department confirming americans are hurt. 8 attacksers are dead and the hunt continues for possible accomplices. in the midst of the horror the french opened their doors to those in need overnight. moments after the terrorist attacks struck the #twitter on this porteshg uverte was launched. it means open door for anyone stranded on the street or unable to reach their hotels. taxi cabs also turned off their meters to help people shelter in place as the night went on. and we want to check in with tom for one last check on the forecast today. you say we're going to see things go back up, but first we have to get through the brisk weather. >> big change today. blustery and chilly, highs low 50s and then warmer sunday with the sun back up around 60. lighter wind. then we'll be in the 60s for highs each day all through next week. and might get a few showers. next chance of rain looks to be
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wednesday night and off and on on thursday showers coming through. milder weather for the next seven days. >> little warmer than usual for this time of year. >> it is. the average high is 58. >> wow. >> all right. we'll take it though. >> yes. >> we want to remind you while we're going off the air our nbc washington app is a god thiod t to have with you. continue through the day and stay up to date with what's going on in paris. >> that will wrap it up for this edition of "news 4 today." we'll be back tomorrow morning to do it again dark and early starting at 6:00 a.m. >> have a great saturday.
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welcome to "inside the redskins on" nbc 4. coming up today, the redskins take on the saints tomorrow. and we've got the keys to the game from head coach jay gruden. we'll go inside the locker room and hear from some of the players. defensive coordinator joe berry talks saints and at lot more coming up in the next 30 minutes. the redskins fell to the undefeated patriots last sunday


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