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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 15, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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found inside a volkswagen. three days after what the fren f are called active war, they carried out six attacks on friday kill 1g 29 people, injured another 352. >> there is heightened security at sporting venues here in the u.s. as well. we've got derrick ward. he's standing by at fedex field live this morning. he's going tell us about some of the restrictions that fans going to the game are going to face. let's start with nbc's barry errand r candles and hugs early this morning in the heart of paris. people came to place de la republique. the day after the coordinated attack, the terror spree that
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lasted less than 30 minutes. one survivor told nbc news she thought she was going to die. >> all of a sudden there were hewn gunshots that sounded like fireworks. >> reporter: at a concert hall were 89 were killed, this man play dead and then ran for his life. >> they were not stopping. were refilling the guns. they were reloading the guns. they were very heavily armed. >> reporter: isis now says it carried out the attacks on six locations in paris. a french prosecutor said the 30-year-old french national who threw a grenade and then fired into the crowd was invoking the wars in syria as well as iraq. >> reporter: >> translator: near the body of the saw side bomber which was near the national stadium, there was a serial passport found and somebody was born in 1990. >> reporter: the prosecutor said sef on testify killers are dead. police are searching for an eighth and possible accomplices. the trail led to belgium
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yesterday where police made multiple arrests. amid their tears the french are vowing to strike back at isis. president francois hollande calling the terror spree an act of war. barry errant, nbc "news4." we want to get over to derrick ward. derrick, fans will see more security at the stadium because of all these events in paris. >> reporter: well, indeed. there are some new restrictions in place. just extra precautions, and, of course, a hire security presence because of what happened in paris. you know, some of those attacks did occur at a sporting venue, and as such, while they say there was no specific threat against any nfl venue here, they're take zrag precaution. you are limited in what you can take. they're asking if you do bring something in a bag, it's a clear plastic bag. they don't want you to bring a bag. you're discouraged to bring it in the first place, but, you
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know, that is part of the experience and you can expect to be sub jelkt to some extra scrutiny as yu go into the stadium. coming up in the next hour, we'll talk about that and how they feel about what has happened in paris in the wake of those vicious attacks. we're live here at fedex field, derrick ward, "news4," back to you. >> thanks so much. right after "news4 today" there's going to be a special edition of "meet the press" that's focusing on terror in paris. chuck todd has some tough question about how the u.s. is are responding. you can see that coming up at 10:30 on "news4." >> let's turn to the weather. tom kierein stand by in the "storm team 4" weather center. tom, it was a frosty cold start sunday morning. >> the sun is working its magic now. we've got to a blue sky. temperatures getting above freezi freezing. there's a live view. a few wispy high clouds passing
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to the north. you can see there are still leaves on the trees in northwest washington but most of the leaves are down. temperatures will be climbing nicely. in fact, by noontime it ought to be in into the low 50s. getting into the low 60's around 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. bright sunshine. a lighter wind than yesterday. right now temperatures are hovering in the low to mid-40s right near washington and suburbs around the bay. off to our west where we had freezing temperature this morning, now it's into the mid-40s there. upper 40s. "storm team 4" radar, don't have rain anywhere in the vicinity. a great look at leaves and warming trend coming in the week ahead. >> we'll check in then. 9:04, developing then, union station back open. an off-duty police officer shot a suspect inside the station. this was around 8:30 last night.
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an officer saw a suspect riding an escalator holding a knife. the officer tried to subdue the man, then opened fire. hes with shot along with a woman standing nearby. the man was suspected of a shooting earlier in the evening. he was an off-duty police officer. the woman is expected to be okay. man who kill three people is waking up behind bar. police arrested clifford browne jr. last night. police say he shot a woman, her daughter, and another man inside her apartment. the victim is lakeysha walters, her daughter shaneka and a man james gibson. no word on why he killed them. trains start passing through the station pretty early on monday, 4:47 in the morning. the new station is now the southern most terminal for the vre train service on the fret
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ricks burn like. it also has a 1,500-space parking lot. on monday they'll decide whether or not the police should start using body cameras. fairfax was one of the many across the country testing out the new cameras. they already have those dashboard cameras. >> a lot of people looked up to her. she was going to be somebody. >> friends and love ones remember the one american killed in the paris attack. plus, the democratic presidential candidate squared off in iowa. find auto where they stand on issues like minimum wage and fighting isis. >> we do want to remind you we're streaming live on facebook right now. come join us as we work during the commercial break to get you the very latest on the information in the developing stories. you'll find this livestream and chat on nbc washington's facebo
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now to decision 2016 where counterterrorism and national security were front and center at last night's democratic presidential debate. >> nbc's jay gray show us how the three leading candidates show how to fight and i brov. >> we asked you to join us in a moment of silence. >> silence followed by a topic on everyone's mind right now. >> toegts we'd writ this planet of isis. >> it account no be contained. it has to be defeated. >> isis is a terror in the world. >> reporter: it dominated the debate early. bernie sanders challenging hillary clinton on her vote as senator on the war of iraq. >> i think that was one of the
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biggest blunders. >> reporter: clinton dismiss thad and called an other countries to take on a role. >> this cannot be america's fight. >> it actually is mark's fight. it cannot solely be america's fight. >> reporter: the focus did shift to the economy on wall street where they challenged. >> john, john, wait a minute. >> reporter: education, health cache, environmental, and immigration were also in the mix. they were taking swipes at their republican counterparts. >> let's say it in our debate because you're never hear it from that immigrant bashing carnival barker donald trump. the truth of the matter is -- >> reporter: applause is nice but they're looking for momentum while clinton is looking to build on her lead. jay gray, nbc news, des moines. students protested first. now former employees say students are not the only ones
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dealing with racism on campus. we take you outside for a live look. beautiful looking from the inside out, but it's a cold start this morning. see what tom kierein says is the warmer part of his forecast. and on display outside a museum, multinewspapers covering the paris attacks. updating all the new pushes for if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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names of the victims from the terror attacks still comes out. they're turning to social meade kra for help. the #recherchesparis got tweets in more than 24 hours. >> they're asking about the american who was killed in the attack in paris. noheme gonzalez, 23 years old from long beach studied abroad. she was inside a restaurant with o'long beach students when she was shot. >> i love her and i miss her and i hope her family are doing okay. >> reporter: heart broeking talking about her fellow classmate remember 2g 3-year-old noheme gonzalez killed in the paris attack. she was studying abrown. >> she was going to be somebody. >> reporter: gonzalez was
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spending this semester at the school of design for her senior year, part of the education abroad program. >> this morning we mourn the loss of noheme and all the other victims of the attacks. >> reporter: there was a press conference held in the student union followed by others. >> she was a star in our department, a shining star. she brought joy, happiness, laughter to everybody she worked with. >> she was at a res strunt with other students including long beach state students when she was wounded. >> reporter: the others are safe and accounted for. the university learned details of what happened through another student of gonzalez. >> one of her friends did see that she was shot by the terrorist but was able to flee. she did see noheme was carried away on a stretcher.
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>> reporter: now fell low classmates and strangers are reflecting onnen her life. a note left behind says every parent is crying with you and for your today. the entire world embraces you today in grief and hope. her friend wants to remember gonzalez as a bright light shining down on everyone. >> i have flowers. i have chose sunflowers for her because she was such a light in everyone's life that knew her. >> and more celebrities are canceling e events following the attacks. the band u2 also canceled its live hbo special and foo fighters also. france's ambassador to the u.s. led a candlelight vigil at lau lafayette square last night. >> i think now is a time to stand together in unity and stand up to these people and let them know we're not scared.
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>> france's ambassador to the u.s. spoke to the crowd in french and english thanking the people for their compassion. faculty members at the university are voicing their support. racial problems must be addressed. they say one instance, cotton ball, were scattered outside the black culture center in 2010. after this sparked protests on campus leading the president to resign. an interim president is in place and is vowing to make a change in mizzou. >> so angie's already got her holiday decoration shopping done. >>'ve got some of them up. >> look. this is their downtown location. check out that display. our camera also caught folks stopping by just to kind of take in the sights of the season. perhaps even getting a jump on their own holiday shopping. it seems to early sunshine not saying it's right but sometimes
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it's convenient. i'm trying to check things off the list before thingts get to crazy. >> remind me, christmas coming after thanksgiving smie'll chelk the calendar but it feels a little bit like the holiday season this morn. it's cold. >> and crunchy. >> this is the sound -- that's the sound of me walking through drive leaves. it's like walking on tortilla chips. i love the arima of dry leaves and you have to rake them. a lot of wind brought down the leaves yesterday. good d-day to get out and rake the leaves. we'll have temperatures climbing around 60 degrees. a perfect day to get out and make a big pile of the leave and have the kids jump in them and spread them out and rake them again. invigorating november weather. do a run, a hike. temperatures by noon should be in the low 50s. near 60 by 3:00 p.m.
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lots of sunshine. light breezes. post your picture like colleen wilkins did. a book look at the capitol reflecting. she posted that on my twitter page. you share on my facebook and instagram. love that shot, colleen. thank you for sharing that. long sleeves and a lonld pants. you may shed your jacket during the afternoon. there's the sunshine pouring down. a few high wifspy clouds. we're in the mid-to upper 40s in washington and right around the chesapeake bay and shenandoah valley and in the mountains generally in the 40s. it will continue to climb. nearest rain is way off to the west. no travel problem, all dry on the "storm team 4" radar now.
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a great day for tailgating. ought to be peeking around 6:50. light winds for the rest of the game. by dawn tomorrow, not as cold. we ought to be in the mid 40s. a beautiful november day. then on tuesday, partly sunny, upper 40s. afternoon highs in the low 60s. a lot of clouds. they'll sweep in milder air and then as it comes in on wednesday night into thursday morning that's our next chance for rain. could get brief heavy downpours as the rain comes. temperatures around 70 with sunshine back. getting chilly on friday. highs near 06 and next weekend saturday we'll have temperatures
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in the upper 50s and partly sunny. sunday, much chillier. only around 50 degrees. big changes for next weekend. back to you. >> thank you, tom. local grocery store wars, where you can get the best quality for the price. we're going to help you where you can save 00 degrees of particular as year. back after this. keep this in mind. in the modern political era, every political nominee has won
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in either iowa or new hampshire. >> it's worth noting that with so many candidates in the field the winning percentage in either state does not have to be big. >> but as rubio continues to be considered as a possible republican front-runner it's worth asking ourselves what is its path and does it run through the first two primary states at
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a lot of people go to one grocery store but would you change if you could save mullah. >> they compare prices, and things. erica gonzalez shows us where we can get the best deal. >> you could be playing more than you need to. shopped around and compared prices for you. it compared the same 152 items at several stores. the most expensive among popular chains in our area, safeway. checkbook found it had higher prices than wegman, harris teeter, and for the first time safeway's prices are higher than giants. >> this time around we found a bigger gap. it appears giant's has chosen to
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be more price competitive. >> we contacted safeway and they told us a small amount of items does not provide a true picture of prices across the entire store nor does it fully affect the price they have. even though giant has the lower prices it's not the cheaper. >> but giant's is still higher than walmart and target and big discount stores. >> reporter: checkbook found that families that spend $200 a week at giant's could save $1,200 a year by shopping at walmart. they evaluated stores on quality and service. when it came to price and quality, they found wegmans wows its customers. >> it receives overall ratings that are higher than any supermarket chain we've seen anywhere. they're able to match the ratings with their customers with low prices. >> reporter: at big bach stores like costco's, sam's club, and b.j.'s, you could chop a third
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off, but do the math. you're warned if you pay for a membersh membership, the savings only add up if you shop there regular ly >> you may as well go out of your way to get to a wegmans. >> erika gonzalez with that report right there. 7:26. developing out of paris, who police are looking for and who they've detained to get answers about the murders that were carried out because of those attacks. warming trend for the week ahead. a look at our warmest days coming this week in just a couple of minutes. and the change a local college is maki music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub ♪
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we're looking at the top story. this is outside one of the locations in that string of attacks that happened two days ago. >> incredible images right there. that's a growing tribute to the 129 lives lost there. 352 injured. what a sight. >> and among those, one american. now the "associated press" reporting that seven people linked to the deadly attacks in paris are in custody and we learned three killers who carried out the coordinated attacks. this is one of them. 12 people as david mentioned lost their lives during those attacks. looking at some other headlines the redskins taking on
9:31 am
the new orleans saints kickoff at 1:00. they'll have extra officers inside and outside all stadiums and parking lots. >> and an off-duty officer, we should say, shot a suspect inside union station setting off a massive pleebs response. an innocent bystander was also hit but she is expected to be okay. we're looking at :39:31 on this sunday morning and we're checking in with meteorologist tom kierein. >> hey, there, tom. >> chilly and crisp. beautiful sunshine coming down. that's quickly warming things from the frosty cold start. a very gentle breeze. leave view on this sunday morning. your weather headlines will have a cool afternoon. milder weather moves in on monday and we have rain chances coming up in this week ahead. 'll sheel you that in a few
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minutes. "storm team 4" radar not showing any rain in the vicinity. a great rain. enjoy this awesome autumn weather. you see some of the trees. you have some leaves hanging on a bit. your hour-by-hour forecast, plenty of sunshine for the rest of the day. temperatures by noontime in into the low 50s. peeking around 50 degrees. low 60s briefly by mid-afternoon. lots of sunshine with a light breeze. a look at the rain chance as little bit later on this half hour. >> tom, thank you. it was the deadliest day in france since world war ii. 129 killed and hundreds more injured. we want to take you back to the beginning and walk you through the timeline of these events. an explosion rocked a soccer match at france's national stadium and at the same time a gunman opened fire. at :30 a second explosion goes off at the stadium and six minutes later there was another shooti
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shooting. four minutes later gunmen stormed a nice club and at 12:40 security forces ended the siege in that neat club. >> tl president, hour, will likely consider stepping up the current military operation. so that could mean embedding u.s. military advisers closer to the front lines with iraqi forces. a foreign nato commander says the 28th nato alliance should also join the fight. many nations have stepped up security following the attacks. you're looking at new york stock exchange. heavily armed officers maintained guard in front of file square. there is no evidence, however, of any specific threats to the u.s. officials, though, they say they're taking precautions. >> a multi-race prayer vigil is
9:34 am
taking place tonight. they're organizing this event. stay with "news4" and for continuing coverage of the paris attacks. heading over to turkey now, there's new urgency for president obama and other leaders to address the terrorist issue. militants were recently detained not far from there. >> we will redouble our efforts working with other members of the coalition to bring about a peaceful presence in syria and daesh who can bring about so much pain and suffering. >> you heard the president mention daesh there. we're working to find out the name of the body of the woman found in laurel.
9:35 am
her body was found early yesterday morning near the patuxent river bridge. hunters found the body and called the police. the maryland examiner's office is still trying to find out how she died. >> renaming two buildings on ties to slavery. malledy hall will be renamed freedom hall and mcsherry hall will be renamed to independence hall. >> there's plans to change jefferson davis. there's been a request to change the name of the highway. there's plans to change other landmarks. if the plan moves out of the general assembly next year, the change would have to be approved by governor mcauliffe.
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new concerns about safety and bus. a bus driver tells us what he saws first hand as the i.t. digs through hundreds of complaints and find out what's being done about it. "news4," a warning about something you may see on your social media accounts asking you to help the victims in paris. coming up, the tiny house in our area, we're talking really small.
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9:38 right now. a lot of folks talking about the newest real estate to hit the market. this is the spot for you. 252 square feet. that's a house. really it's like a hotel room size. it's available for rent starting on wednesday. the price, 1, $400 a month. the tiny space is located on 12th street at c street northeast. it is the smallest freestanding house in the district according
9:39 am
to its craigslist ad. an open house will be from 5:00 until 7:00 on wednesday. angie said that will be one person at a time. >> they should call that open room. >> that's pretty much what it is. this week's "wednesday's child" is 16 years old and cannot wait to drive. >> t his real dream is to end the moving from home to home as part of the foster care system. "news4's" barbara harrison introduces us to tyreke who's hoping for a loving and adoptive home. >> reporter: because he has a passion for automobiles and specifically bmws, we came here. he was warmly welcomed. we got a tour of the massive showroom. they took us back to see where the bmws were tan maine tainted. he was impressed with the bottom of the car and the interior. tyreke, in tenth grade, wants to go to college and some day
9:40 am
afford his tag for cars. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be someone who owns cars. >> reporter: his social worker says his grade this year shows remarkable improvement. >> this year he's been trying do his best. >> it hasn't been easy for tyreke moving from home to home. >> it's hard because i have to leave friends and you have to go to a new school and it's just a lot is. >> when he finds a family who is able to understand him for who he is and help him to confirm that trust and understanding, i believe that they'll be alarmed at how far he's able to go. >> he wants. >> someone that care and listens to me. >> they had a few gifts for tyreke to take home and the whole team wished him well. barbara harrison, "news4,"
9:41 am
"wednesday's child." >> if you've about got room in your heart or home for tyreke, call the special number on your screen, 1-88-to-adopt-me. you can search adoption expo to learn about a special convenient. that's happening on december 5th. 9:41 right now. we're taking a live look outside. what a beautiful november day. temperatures are in the 40s right now. tom kierein says that's going go up. it's going to get warme
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if yit's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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we're back at 9:44. parents and drivers worry about their kids being safe on school buss. >> now we're hearing about trance portsing special needs students out of the district. tisha thompson and the i 4 news team. >> they found hundreds of complaints about the buss that deliver students to d.c. students. >> we transport the most precious cargo in the united states of america and that's why it's so important to have these vehicles up and running. >> this d.c. school operator asked us that we not identify him, worrying that he might lose his job for coming forward. >> buses are in bad condition. >> reporter: he works for d.c.'s office of the state
9:45 am
superintendent education, they're in charge of transporting students to and from d.c. schools. he took these photos of some problems he documented that ranged from cosmetic to mechanical. >> windows held together with rubber bands. those are major problems that they need to fix but they wait till it get os to be a problem before they would even do nepg about it. >> it's not just him. some parents are worried too. >> there's a lot of times things weren't going right with the school bus. i'm quite sure i'm not the only one that feels that way but i'm the only one speaking up about it. >> reporter: she worries about conditions on board something her daughter who has autism might not be able to tell her about. >> her communication skills aren't like a normal child's skills. >> reporter: according to a record, problems with heat and
9:46 am
air conditioning on the buses have been among the most frequently recorded complaiplap since 2014. parents complain about as ma attacks, bleeding. but they said getting them to address the complaints has been an ordeal. >> went i wanted the press to to them because i felt nothing was getting done. >> reporter: they admit their old system didn't accurately track how complaints were resolved. >> we've changed the way that we actually handle complaints. >> reporter: gretchen henley took over less than a year ago and said since then the offices made it a priority to streamline hor parents report problems. >> since our new system where we track and log and follow up on our complaints in 2014 we've received probable 981 complaints
9:47 am
of which only 7.5% were substantiated. >> she wants every bus to be less than five years old by 2017. >> we're very concerned about the parents and responsible. >> the guy behind the wheel is worried the solution isn't coming fast enough. >> i'm not worried about my safety, but transportation of the children is really my concern. they can really get hurt. >> you can find out a lot more about this story on how to report a school bus problem on our nbc washington app. just click investigations. tom kierein with us. we're getting up there. 50s. >> it started crawling voely. >> it really is beginning to jump quickly. you can track the latest weather with our nbc washington app. the "storm team 4" radar and temperatures and all that on there and you can get that for free, the nbc washington app. as you look outside you may see a scene like this. if you live near theater -- i
9:48 am
told you to clean can cobwebs off the camera. they're still in there from halloween. it's been a couple of weeks. >> are those cobwebs areal? >> i think so, yeah. what a beautiful day. a great day to get out and get some exercise, maybe go for a hike there on the billy goat trail along the toe path. a great fall day for vigorous exercise, a hike in. temperatures now in the 40s. climbing into the 50s by noontime. upper 50s by 1:00. hovering near 60 by 3:00 this afternoon. just a very light breeze. lots of sunshine. then after sunset which today is an early 4:55. i'm not used to that early sunset. we'll be back to the 60s by 5:00 this afternoon. your leaf raking forecast. a great day for that. light breezes. you're not going to have the wind blowing your neighbor's leaves onto your neighbor's lawn. that wind much gentler. lots of sunshine.
9:49 am
dress accordingly. you'll need a jacket, long pants, long sleeves as it's going to be still chilly with the bright sunshine, although still feeling warm in the sun. we're in the 40s all across maryland, virginia. around the bay beginning to jump into the 50s. eastern bay, 52. front royal up to winchester now right around 50 degrees. out in west virginia as well. ite fess the low 50s as well. nearest rain down there in the mississippi valley. we'll stay dry. "storm team 4" local radar not showing any rain anywhere in the vicinity. a great day for the game at fedex field. tailgaters now assembly in the 40s but by kickoff at 1:00 we'll be in the mid-50s. near the game, hovering near 60 degrees. light wind, lots of sunshine, a perfect day for football and by late afternoon, back down to the upper 50s under a clear sky. then overnight tonight will be clear. temperatures by dawn. "storm team 4" four-day forecast
9:50 am
down to the mid-40s. and on monday, milder weather moves in. it will be with us. highs in the mid-60s. then on tuesday, again on wednesday, sunny both days. wednesday afternoon, mid-60s. a front coming in wednesday night. greater chance of that rain moving in during the morning commute on thursday, maybe even some thunder. mild after that with some sunshine. highs near 70. then the cooler weather moves in friday, saturday. highs near 60 degrees as we get into new england weekend. sunday, much chillier next weekend, just near 50 degrees next sunday. now let's check on the sports. good sunday morning, everyone. the redskins back in action at fedex field against the saints. skins go from tom brady to drew brees. not exactly easy matchups. the good news is they may be getting some help.
9:51 am
deangelo hall says he will be playing in today's game following a toe injury. we'll find out before kickoff. with the saints' offense in town, how exciting to get back to this game. >> we need everybody out there focused. need the pass rushes. it's going to be a test for us without a doubt. >> you're a true corner. your eyes got crinkly. >> i'm definitely juiced up to get out there. you know, who better to face than drew brees. you know, i've known him since my days in atlanta down in new orleans. i can't wait -- can't wait to get out there with him. >> one guy everyone will have their eyes on, desean jackson played in his second game last weekly. only three catches against the patriots. the redskins are hoping it's a factor today and his quarterback knows they're on the right track. >> i think we're getting there. last year when i was first playing i had very little experience with him. and so it's great to have all of those reps banked.
9:52 am
i'm excited to have him out there. he's excited, working hard. it's just a matter of making read and making throws and enabling him to go make the plays. >> kickoff is at 1:00. that's a look at sunday sports. baltimore's police commissioner comes out and says 2015 will not define us. and beware of big charities asking for your money to help victims in paris.
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9:55 am
baltimore has had 300 homicides this year. it's called a sad mildstone. ice the third time the city of baltimore has reached this mark. baltimore has started to deal with more deaths in may following the death of freddie gray. for comparison d.c. has 341 homicides this year. that's about a 50% jump since last year. french say hundreds showed up to volunteer. doctors at the french blood institute say usually donations are really low and this surge is going to help fill the gap. one nurse encouraging folks to return because blood will be needed over a much long irterm. and with that tragedy in paris, a lot of you are going to feel that generous urge, the urge to give, but before you open your wallet the fbi wants
9:56 am
you to be aware. there are some scams that may be popping up on your social media feeds. be aware of one that closely resembles a reputable one. watch out for those who require a wire transfer and any that offer a run on your money you should be aware of. alert the police of it. arrests made in the terror attacks. you're looking live at a growing tribute to the 129 killed more than 300 injured that. is one of the scenes from those terror attacks. when we come back, we're going have more on the latest arrest. >> reporter: no specific threat, but expect to see extra security at nfl venues all over the country after paris, france, incidents. i'll have details coming up on
9:57 am
"news4." >> we do want to remind you we're streaming live right here on facebook. so please come join us as we work during the commercial break to get you the latest information on developing stories. you're going to find our live stream and chat on our nbc wa
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we start this hour with
10:00 am
breaking news out of paris as we take look at a growing memorial at one location that was hit in a paris terror attack. we know one has been linked to belgium. >> we also learn thad two of the seven attackers who died in paris on friday night were french men. they were living in brussels. we've got new video. we want to show you this now. this is a car. you're going to see it coming in on a tow truck and it's linked to those paris attacks. officials say gunmen armed with automatic weapons holed up in this car before they started shooting. >> it was found four miles east of the capital. three rifles were found in a volkswagen polo. >> we're learning three coordinated teams of gunmen and suicide bombers carried out the six separate attacks on friday killing 129 people, injuring


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