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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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breaking off the top at 6:00, france hitting back hard in response to this terror attack. the country in cooredation that with the u.s. forces is launching air strikes at isis-held territory in syria. nearly a dozen jets dropped bombs in a massive raid. and tonight we've learned that french police have identified an eighth suspect they say is involved in the attacks. nbc's richard lui has more on that and the mood in france as they mourn their dead. >> reporter: now 48 hours after those six places were attacked by terrorists, we're at la place de la republique and there has
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been emotion in several different ways. we've had right behind me, complete silence and this despite being ten people deep and you can walk around and not hear a thing. at this location at la place de la republique there was a scare, a huge group of people in the thousands running to try to leave the plaza because there were reports of something happening. >> maybe there was somebody with a gun or -- we just have to see. >> we're all confused with what happened on friday, so we're all scared. >> reporter: it turned out to be a false alarm, but that gives a sense of the tension today. this while we've had new developments, first off, the national police of france in a tweet saying they are looking for a single individual, a french national, 26 years old. and this would be the eighth person, seven assailants who were identified by the french government who were then killed
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or killed themselves. in addition to that, the national police of france also acknowledging that the national police of spain is working with them to police and to look into those leads that may have in the frontier area between the two countries. many developments here in paris on this sunday, the first day of mourning. tomorrow will be the second and the first full work day since those attacks on friday. i'm richard lui, back to you. the flag over the capitol flying at half-staff announcing that the u.s. stands in solidarity with the french people. paul ryan announced the flag would be lowered today. looking live outside now on the national mall, we've learned park police would be stepping up patrol in the wake of the paris attacks and you'll notice an increased presence around the monument. if you see something that you think is suspicious, do not hesitate to call 911. stay with news 4 and
6:03 pm for continuing coverage on the paris attacks. we'll send you alerts from our app on any big, breaking developments and in about ten minutes we'll be live at a virginia church as different faiths come together to pray for the victims. we've got new details about that stabbing and shooting at union station last night. the man police say stabbeded a woman with a knife is now under police guard after undergoing surgery at the hospital he was shot multiple times by an off-duty police officer. that officer saw the man allegedly stab a woman inside the metro station during the course of the shooting, an innocent bystander was shot in the ankle. police say the stabbing started as a domestic dispute. it's been one of the most-read stories on the nbc washington app today. a 15-year-old boy phases charges for hazing and assaulting two members of the football team at spotsylvania county high school. detectives say older members of the team ganged up on and
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attempted to sodomize the 14 and 15-year-old teammates during a hazing ritual. the sheriff says they are continuing their investigation and will interview more members of the team, more arrests could be coming. meanwhile, kirk cousins throws four touchdown passes at the redskins. jason pugh joins us live from fedex field with highlights of the big win. >> erika, what a difference a week can make. last sunday the redskins looked awful taking on the defending super bowl champions and today here at fedex field they lit up the scoreboard from the very start. 47 points in this game for the skins and the most they've scored in the game in over a decade. here's how it went down today at fedex field. the offense, they really had it going and jay gruden's team, taking advantage of playing the 31st-ranked defense and the first quarter they were scoreless and kirk cousins connects to jordan reid, one of
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two touchdowns in the game for jordan reed. the skins go up 7-0 early and second quarter, the reskins responds to a drew brees touchdown pass and finding matt jones on the screen pass and he has a few blockers out in front and the rookes wi eies will tak on the end zone and a perfect passer rating for cousins and 520 total yards lost and they win it. >> it feels very gratifying. we had a great week of preparation and it carried over into nday and we said we'd have an edge to us coming out of the way in the last game finish and we certainly did. >> now it's a matter of us taking this victory and building off of a victory. we've had a bad habit around here of not being able to follow up the victory with another victory and it was important for us to get the frame of mind and this is what we can do. >> the skins did whatever they
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wanted to against the saints defense. i mentioned the perfect passer rating by kirk cousins today and he is the only quarterback in the nfl in this season to post a perfect pass rating in a game with at least 20 or more passing attempts. from fedex field, i'm jason pugh, news 4 sports. >> thanks, jason. in other news, family members are telling us the body found yesterday in laurel is the bod y of lisa wyche. they found the body, wyche had been missing since halloween and crews had been searching parts of laurel since then. police still have not confirmed the identity of the body found and a medical examiner still needs to determine the cause of death. and police are looking for suspects after someone found a man dead in langley park. he was found on 14th avenue this morning. police pronounced him dead at the scene. the search is on for three dangerous underaged prisoners who escapeded a juvenile detention center in downtown
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houston and one of the escapees is charged with capital murder. they broke out around midnight. police say one of the inmates beat up a guard, took his keys and radio and opened the cells of the other two prisoners to help them get out. the guard ended up in the hospital with facial injuries that required stitches. fans who went to today's redskins game noticed something different. the effect the paris attacks are having at local sporting events and the way people are responding. and police in philly on alert today, but this had nothing to do with terrorism. a wild scene involving circus animals playing out on city streets. and mild tomorrow, but i am tracking when cooler air returns more november-like temperatures. i'll hav
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all right. to the race to the white house now and in reaction to last night's democratic debate and while paris dominated the conversation the real fireworks happened when hillary clinton used 9/11 as a defense for taking campaign contributions from wall street. she argued that big wall street companies support her because she helped them after 9/11. the comments sparked outrage on social media and some democrats criticized the remark. switching gears now what's
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black and white and had police on a wild chase. >> i've never seen this running the streets ever. >> can you believe this? two zebras made a break for it this afternoon escaping from the universal circus this afternoon. the animals running at full-speed, weaving in and out of traffic with police in hot pursuit. they ran for two miles until officers were finally able to catch up with them. good news, nobody's hurt. the universal circus released a statement saying both animals have been safely corralled with no injuries. they're still trying to figure out how all of this happened. some of you decided to enjoy the day at the georgetown waterfront. beautiful out there, right? expect a dry start to your workweek, but amelia is tracking a day later this week when rain could slow down the morning commute. across the nominational call for peace
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and we are following some breaking news from reagan national airport. airport police delayed a flight headed for boston. they said two men on the flight were acting suspicious. we are told those men have been
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interviewed and released. the flight left for boston around 5:15 and is currently on the way there. and we want to go back to the aftermath of the terror attacks in france. here in our area, people from all faiths are gathering together to denounce violence in the name of religion. a multifaith prayer vigil is getting under way in virginia and derrick ward is there with a hope this message will send. >> reporter: shalom, salam, peace. they want people to come by and to pray in their own way and that is the message at the crossroads united methodist church in ashburn. this is loosely structured and they want folks to come by here an just denounce violence, to pray for peace, to contemplate those things especially needed now in light of what happened in paris and what is now happening at this hour in syria with the retaliatory strikes there.
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they are not having a formal presentation and there won't be anyone leading this and they want people to come by and lead it in their own way from their hearts and they overtures to other communities and other faith communities like the muslim society and that's one of the largest muslim communities or mosques in the d.c. area and there are about ten branches involved in that and they're coming here as are other groupses and we heard now from reverend david norman. >> we all have common humanity to share regardless of any religion that might try to define that. this is beyond religion. it's about faith in god, i think god desires for us to experience peace and that's what we're gathering for. >> reporter: and reverend norman tells me the last day they did something like this was after september 11th. derrick ward, news 4. >> thank you so very much. people who went to this afternoon's redskins game
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noticed some stepped-up security in the wake of the terrorist attacks. the nfl says there are no credible threats against any football stadium, but they did tell fans to avoid bringing any large items to the game. each person was only allowed to bring a small, clear plastic bag with them in it. fans we talked to said they were more concerned with being outside the stadium than inside. >> it has some concerns because we're out in the open parking lot and there's not a lot of security, but i believe once we're in the game because of the metal detectors everything should be fine. i'm comfortable. >> nfl said its security plan has been confirmed since 2008. >> this is a storm team 4 weather update. if you love the weather today you'll love the weather tomorrow and another spectacular day. comfortable temperatures for mid-november and have a small umbrella hand wet chance of showers and only for some of us,
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though, and i'll be pointing that out and when i show you the seven day and rain is likely on thursday and you might want the bigger umbrella and we could see heavy rain and that could slow the morning commute and as we look for the weekend right now, chilly, but dry and that's when we try to see cooler air make its way into the d.c. metro area and tomorrow it is having a low impact on your day and it is sunny and mild and our high tell with 62 in washington. to see the exact high temperature you can head to my facebook and twitter pages. >> 60 degrees in washington and 58 in annapolis and culpeper down to a chilly 45 degrees and chilly tonight and chilly tomorrow morning and 7:00 a.m. waking up to a temperature of 45 degrees and plenty of sunshine and very little cloud cover once again tomorrow by noon. a temperature of 61. tomorrow is a chance to have your lunch outdoors or go out during your lunch break and get fresh air and it is going to be
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fabulous. great weather to have them play out and maybe they could help rake up some of the leaves that have the trees this weekend and 7:00 p.m., still cool, but nice and walking the dog at that point with the temperature around 56 degrees and tuesday tracking more clouds and cooler temperatures and partly to mostly cloudy skies on tuesday and the suburbs will be cooler in the mid-50s and still pretty nice and notice the normal highs around 57 and wednesday, pretty mild and a high of 65 and we will have plenty of clouds and about a 30% chance of scattered, light showers for some of us. if you're in the areas in green notice frederick, leesburg and parts of northern fauquier county and to the i-81 corridor and for those of you in the d.c. metro area it's dry by wednesday and there is a chance of rain for everybody. rain looking likely on tuesday with a high of 64. right now the timing looks to favor the first half of the day so again, that could slow the
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morning commute and it's looking like a dry, evening commute and breezy throughout the day on tuesday and starting to turn cooler and thursday we dropped to a high of 58 and mid-50s saturday and sunday with mostly partly sunny skies. >> still ahead, more on the redskins marching past the saints. saints. we're live at fedex
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so i think the redskins have a new victory cry. all of the vines on twitter. you like that! you like that! >> i think love that. it will change to love when we're in a season of love. you might say the word perfect comes to mind. the weather taylor made for football, chris, not too cold. before the kickoff, lee greenwood sang god bless the usa with loved ones who lost loved ones on the military field. and on a day when the home team pretty much had its way. kirk cousins and the redskins offense ready to feast on one of the worst defenses in the league and they took advantage and cousins going early on third and
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he finds this guy, desean jackson and the redskins missing them all season and 42 yards and two catches, but this kind of set the tone. later in the drive, another third down for the redskins and another conversion and this time jordan reed and he wants more, reaches over the pylon and great play by reed to make sure it's a toughdown and a 96-yard drive and the longest in 15 years by the redskins. second quarter, the skins up 14-7 and drew brees answered in a big way. brees is pretty good and steps up going deep and deep for brandon cook and the 60-yard touchdown catch and two on the day and it's a tie game. we're tied at 14. later in the quarter, though, the redskins respond and cousins off the play action hits matt jones on the screen and look, the skins' offensive line and stealing the block. >> yeah, i think he is and running back, nothing, but end zone and 78-yard touchdown reception for jones and since
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larry brown in 1972 and now the redskins are up twoon-14 and this offense just had a field day when you convert third downs and good things happen from here, and cousins, 20 to 25 and 324 yards with a perfect passer rating and fourth quarter now, defense and it was left out of the party and desean coalson says no, i'm coming to the party and off the deflected pass and he comes off of the pick six and redskins win it 47-14 and most scored since 2005 and now for more, we are going to go to a -- it was a happy fedex field and a super day filled with -- and give us a sense of this day for the redskins. >> well, dave, i think we all knew the redskins offense would take points on the scoreboard playing against the worst defense in the nfl and no one expected a day quite like this. 526 total yards of offense. you mentioned kirk cousins' perfect passer rating and the offense has a whole and they got
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it done today putting forth their best game of the season so far. >> we showed glimpses of what we can do and we played a complete game today and we made the most of the opportunity we got and we put up 27 points today and it's been a while since we've done that. >> it takes hard work and focus each woke to eek to go out and today. >> they struggled against two or a three-yard game and this year it was 67. it was very dominant today and they finished with blocks and everything. >> it was 3 and 6, you know, the last couple of years and it feels great to, you know, get over that hump and we have a long way to go and we have a tough schedule ahead of us and i mean, this is only the tip of the iceberg. >> now you heard trent williams there mentioned being three and six in years past and this year
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had been three and six the last four seasons and today they avoided the dreaded 3 and 6 mark to 4 and 6 this year. from fedex field, i'm jason pugh. good stuff, jason and it put the redskins very much in the mix. elsewhere in the nfc east, 6 and 3 with the 6-3 dallas lead in the fourth, but the bucs driving jameis winston on the bootleg and that's a touchdown and the bucs take the lead and 10-6 over dallas and the win. cowboys have lost serve in a row. let's stay in the division. we'll go to philadelphia and eagles hosting the miami dolphins and eagles leading by three and miami in the red zone and it is up in the air and landry does, and it is a 20-16 fwoel and to win it 20-19 so philadelphia drops to four and five in the crowded nfc east. up in baltimore, joe flacco and the ravens welcoming the jaguars
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to charm city and the ravens down five and flacco drops flat and the two-point conversion and the ravens up one and he drives down the field and he's from 53 yards out and that is good and they beat the ravens with the seventh loss of the season for the ravens and not a good day for them and a good day for the redskins. >> thank you so much and that is the news forw "nightly news is coming up next" and we'll see you test test test
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test test on this sunday night from paris -- france strikes back, war planes hitting an isis stronghold. panic in the streets. a city on edge after the terrific attacks. the death toll stands at 129, a hundred more still clinging to life. w horror inside the bataclan concert hall, a stunning story of survival from a man who narrowly escaped death. tonight, this 26-year-old man from belgium is being hunted. could one small town hold more clues? tonight, this city's unmistakable badge of resiliency after two attacks in ten months.


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