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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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going on for terrorists. they believe saleh abdelham and his brother are responsible. in california a university will pay tribute to an american who died. >> she wanted to have a career and a family. >> this is happening and there's nothing i can really do to bring her back. >> knnoheme gonzalez was 23 yea old. students and faculty will hold a vigil this afternoon. it's 4:30. the fight against isis is topping the agenda at g-20 in turkey. president obama is meeting with others.
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he vowed to step up his efforts against isis in syria. he was also seen huddled with vladimir putin for more than 30 minutes. white house officials say they were talking about syria, the two leaders have very different views on. in the day ahead, a woman who murdered her husband in sterling, we'll find out how long she'll spend in prison. she shot her husband after they had a fight. her husband was a police officer with the airport authority. there was a long history of violence in that home. also in prince george's county, police search for a killer in langley park. they say he was outside an parnlt bui apartment building with trauma to his upper body. no motive or suspects aet this time. we have breaking news right now. >> breaking news on the road.
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this is a problem in northwest d.c. 21st and k street is where this is this morning. we're shutting down a big street. k street, l street, and m street, shut down between 18th and 21st with a barricade with police, could be shut down for the morning commute. >> powder milliroad, no problems there. do have a little bit of roadwork, so wanted to mention that in case you see it and 95 through quantico, the left lane the only thing getting by. >> all right. thanks, melissa. too bad it's off to a slow start. that's never a good thing at all. what do you need know about the forecast? off to a delightful start this week. temperatures well into the 60s this day. believe it or not another shot at a 70-degree day before this day is through. seven-day forecast at 4:51. temperature this morn, 37 chilly
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degrees in gaithersburg. 60s on your way home. we'll talk about what to wear coming up in ten minutes. >> thank you, chuck. this morning we're hearing from american airlines about a dc flight evacuated because of concerns. there were two flights. airport police took everyone off the plane and brought n-bomb-sniffing dogs. after the plane was cleared passengers reboarded. those on the flight say they didn't mind the minor convenience. >> no. we were totally happy because we knew the flight was safe. they check it from top to bottom and i knew the pilots wouldn't let it take off. >> the two passengers were questioned and then released. a developing story out of texas. three inmates from a juvenile detention center has escaped. one inmate beat up a guard, took his keys and radio and then let
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the other two prisoners out. one of the escapees was facing murder charges. new detailsen what l ee eeeo a shooting at union station. the suspect slashed the victim. they then went inside the station. an off-duty baltimore police officer saw him walking with the knife. he ordered him to drop the knife and the man came at him with the knife and he shot him. a body found saturday in loral is the body of wyche. wyche has been missing since halloween. her family has set up a gofundme page for her funeral pages we have a link on our nbc washington app. search "missing." a massachusetts teenager
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accused of killing his teacher set for trial. he followed his teach sbeer the bathroom and strangled, raped, and murdered her. he was 14 at the time. the trial is expected to last through the middle of next month. this morning a teen is facing hazing charges. the 15-year-old boy assaulted two men e members of the spotsylvania high school football team. they ganged up on and sexually attacked the boy during a hazing ritual. those members have not been taken into custody yet but the sheriff said more arrests could be coming. >> we'll find out if a controversial redistricting plan could be happening. >> they want to redraw the line for schools with fewer students. parents were upsets because many of the schools students were being pulled from were recently opening. tonight is running out. if you want to save money on unpaid tolls, the deadline is midnight tonight. maryland transportation officials say if you pay before
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midnight, they'll waive any late fees. if you do not pay, your vehicle registration could be suspended. you can pay online at an e-zpass location or over the phone. a huge win. the redskins faced a big challenge. kirk cousins led the team with four touchdown touchdowns, but important pass might have been after the game was over. >> yeah, my dad was back after being diagnosed with cancer. gave him the ball. he said, thank you. thanks for the ball. it put a smile on his face. >> it put a smile on kirk's face too. don told the sentinel he started treatment for skin cancer when they hit training camp in july. next up they face the 9-0 carolina panthers. >> yeah. we haven't done very well on the road.
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we're going to enjoy the amazing win that was yesterday. wit as a great day for all skins fans. thank you kirk cousins and the rest of the team. >> we're keeping an eye on a developing story in massachusetts where several weapons are missing from an army reserve center. what the investigators aren't worried about despite the hype. check outside. it's only 48 degrees. will the kids want the heavy coat when they head to the
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the fbi wants to know who broke in and took weapons from an army reserve center. boston's fbi office said it happened saturday night in worcester. police did not say what kind or how many weapons were stolen. the fbi said there's no indication that the weapons are linked to any kind of tear roar threat. breaking news in the district. in northwest washington we have a police situation with some closures that could last for the next couple of hours meaning through the morning commute. k street, l street, and m street all closed between 18th and 21st. molette green is going to be there in a couple of minutes. the police are there. you cannot get through. 270 and montrose road, northbound and southbound, don't have any problems there.
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95 north through quantico, only the left lane is getting by. as you can see, we're only going about 75 miles an hour there. southbound, you're just fine. chuck? outside, we have a mostly clear ski after what was a fantastic day yesterday. all we would like to see is whether it would be that good again today. i like your chances of appreciating the weather today. 33 in martinsburg, so a november chill in the air. you up town is at 45. bayside neighborhoods are also in the 40s. you need a little light jacket i suspect this morning but recess gets an a-plus for today and temperatures will be near 65 later on. so just a light jacket this morning. jeans, and you can probably get away with some short sleeves later on this afternoon. seven-day forecast talks about temperatures near 70 again. more on that coming up in ten minutes. >> thank you, chuck. it's a good time. a baby boom is bringing in a
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surge for demand for affordable child carre. top education officials say there are only enough to serve about a quarter of the area's toddlers and infants. we continue to follow the latest out of paris this morning where new information continues to come after friday's terror attack. what we're learning straight ahead. and what may have sparked a triple murder over the weekend triple murder over the weekend in ox
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welcome back at 4:45. the latest in the paris terror attacks. we have new information about the suspected attacker. tracie potts joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. they have identified five of the attackers. two new this morning including a syrian and another who was known to authorities who was facing an outstanding warrant. they're trying to figure out who was behind all this. meanwhile the americans mourn these victims and react to this awful tragedy on friday. one particular vigil happened over the weekend in california. in fact, late last night at cal state long beach, which is where the only american known to have died in those attacks was a student. she was studying abroad and her colleagues and teachers and instructors held a vigil for her
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there last night. meantime we're also focusing on the g-20 summit. president obama with a pretty long sideline with vladimir putin talking about the syria situation. how do they go after isis. the two countries have been at odds number u the two leaders literally sat down together to talk about this in light of what happened in paris on friday and in light of that russian jet that was crashed that isis has taken responsibility for. the other reason that u.s. has been pressing so hard at the g-20, trying to get more allies behind a renewed effort to go after isis in syria. eun? >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you, tracy. >> across the world as human beings we should unite in spreading peace. >> the message of spreading piece in our area and around the world. people of all faiths gathered at the crossroads united methodist church in ashburn in response to the paris terrorist attacks.
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they took turns and said prayers. >> we all have our common humanity to share regardless of any religion that might try to define that. >> in addition to that all leaders condemned the attacks in paris. an arefrts this morning in the arrest of the murders of a woman, her daughter and a man in oxon hill in maryland. police tweeted the picture. they say clifford browne jr. shot all three people. it followed a domestic dispute in the apartment. this morning mayor bower is meeting to find ways to cut down on crime. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is also taking part. they're dealing with much more higher homicide rate this year.
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mayor bowser is sending more staff to her new office in the southeast including kevin donahue. mayor bowser has pledged to put more resources east of the river, the anacostia river because of the unemployment rate there. this week neighbors have a chance to weigh in on the future of old town, alexandria. they're having open meetings with designers and leaders. you can stop between 9:00 and to give your comments on the development. the drive in the cost of turkeys. more than 7 million turkeys were lost. there's good news. frozen turkeys, which many of us do prefer to buy were actually frozen before the outbreak. >> what ten the turkey comes from the farm it's taken to be
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packaged, steal s.e.a.l.ed up and instantly flash frozen down to 0 degrees 678. breaking news again in northwest washington. we still have this closure here this morning. take a look right now at what i'm talking about. we're talking about northwest here, k street, l street, and m street shut down between 18th and 21st. so if this sticks around for the morning commute, no doubt going to be quite a hassle. molette green goi molette green on her way out there. 21st at k street. you can see police and police vehicles blocking that area. quantico, it could take 19 minutes. you saw that little strip of red a second ago. it's very, very slow.
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only the left lane getting by as you're headed into quantico. northbound and southbound looking quite good. remember to check in with our friends at wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in the car to get the latest information. 64 miles per hour. prince george's county, overall no major problems. just a little bit of roadwork here and there. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. >> thanks, melissa. we're talking about a mild monday which i really like. >> mild will get here. not just mild, yet. >> it is november after all. we have way more darkness. it can get pretty cool in the morning. another surge into the 60s coming our way later on. our average highs coming into the 57-60-degree range. another sunny day coming up as well. clear skies over washington early this morning.
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downtown temperatures, 45. barely a breeze out there after a pretty ferociously windy day on saturday. we don't have to worry about that today. all the sun yu want start to finish. temperatures well above average and a light breeze. not necessarily the best kite flying weather. it's already time to start thinking about the weekend. saturday looks pretty good. we'll be back into the 50s by the weekend. we'll have to enjoy the mild weather while it's here. we get it for today and wednesday and thursday look pretty well. there's that november chill. 30 in manassas. 3 37 here. plan on 30s and 40s early this morning. you'll need your jacket on the way out the door. low to mid-60s by noon and mid perhaps in a few spotsly later this afternoon. sun's down by 5:00. dry today and dry for most of tomorrow. there's our next rain chance moving toward st. louis and
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memphis. if you're flying, you could have delays. no troubles if you're going to stay on the eastern seaboard for sure. here's future weather. sunny, nice, mild, almost warm today. some spots might get close to 70 degrees. clouds do come back tomorrow. tomorrow will be a touch cooler but i think we'll stay dry. it shows our best, best chance for rain will be coming up on thursday. might get a little chance for rain late in the day wednesday but today and tomorrow, most of your day will be dry. thursday will be a washout. it won't be a cold rain. it be up near 70 degrees. dryer weather returns just in time for the weekend. back over to you guys. >> all right. chuck. thank you. an officers-involved shooting sparking minnesota who says the victim was handcuffed at the time. how safe are your airports? new concerns wh
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4:5 right now. another deadly police shooting is sparking controversy, this time in minneapolis. police got into an altercation with jamar clark while they were responding to an assault call. he was handcuffed when he was shot. police deny that though. the naacp and black lives matter movement led protests on sunday. the minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension has taken over.
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>> investigations take time and we want to be thorough and understand exactly what occurred. >> now, the two officers involved are on paid administrative leave. a new health trend is coming under criticism for not being same. athletes use cryo therapy chambers. it's meant to ease pain but if you stay in there for more than a few minutes, it can be deadly. still some athletes swear by it. >> immediately i felt better effects like less soreness in my joints, i felt perhaps the inflammation was down. >> in most cases there is someone licensed and trainsed by your side during the treatment as you can see here. since cryotherapy treatment aren't considered a medical device, most states don't wreck late them. >> next month there will be a
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new charge. judith sackwald e-mailed employees saying she would be going back to consulting work. now joseph will be stepping back up on december 1st. new concerning following airport safety following attacks in paris and the downing of a russian jet. investigators say an isis bomb may have caused the plane to crash. there could have been an airport insider that allowed the bomb on the plane. criminal background checks are done by individual checks and are only required every two years. >> what you've done is thrown an insider off. you know where the cameras are and the doors. you know where the guards are at the gate. >> security experts say employees should be required to
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pass throu security checkpointsing anything to disrupt a potential threat from the inside. just in, the name of the suspended master mind of the paris terror attack, a french official now saying belgian abdel killed 129 and injured hundreds more on friday. you're looking at a video. several arrests were made. an arsenal of weapons seized including a rocket lawn cher, this as they enter day three following the terror attacks. that's going to happen shortly. that's when we'll be updated on the 1250 raids that were cared out across the country overnight. we have breaking news on the
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road. we still have this problem. >> 21st at k street, live picture of this pier here and right now still do have some closures at this moment as we hit the 5:00 hour. k street, l street, m street all shut down between 21st and k street. we have that problem and a couple of other slowdowns in the area as well. 95 north in quantico, only the left lane getting by. as we zoom in for a second here, you can see going about 7 miles an hour in one small section. otherwise looking pretty good. outer loop at barnabas road, we're also slowed there because of a disabled vehicle. the roads are closed between 19th and k street, it's abe indicate
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molette green heading that way. it is developing. and we're going have more on how it's impacting your drive coming up. 5:00 on the money on your monday morning. it looks like it's going to be an easy start to the week. a nice cool morning but it will turn into a mild afternoon today. clouds will be sneaking in and coming up we'll detail when the raindrops will return. it won't be today. outside today, 30s and 40s. typical november chill. hometown forecast, beautiful front royal virginia near 40 at 7:00 a.m. near 63. 52 by 7:00 this evening. so a nice evening to be on the outside. kids may need a jacket when they head out the door. short sleeves for later on today. we'll talk about the impact the weather will have on your commute in just ten minutes. 5:01 on this


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