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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 17, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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summit with other world leaders. breaking news out of lorton where police are investigating a shooting in the 9200 block of forest green drive. we have a reporter headed to the scene. this is what we know at this point. a man who was shot, he was flown to the hospital, that's where he is now. we're told the victim and the suspect know each other. and we know there is no threat to the public. that according to police. stay with news 4 throughout the morning for more on this breaking story. >> thank you, angie. happening today, a vote that could change the way police protect fairfax county. we expect board members to implement a series of changes after complaints about officers use of force. a couple of them creating a citizens complaint review board and an auditor to keep an eye on serious investigations including officer involved shootings. protesters will be back on the street speaking against trade deals negotiated by the obama administration. you may have seen them walking
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from k street to pennsylvania avenue. this group stopped traffic during the evening commute. that same group will march this morning from dupont circle to embassy row. they're protesting three massive international treaties, one of which president obama is promoting today in the philippines. developing in virginia now, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's corruption case, 11 separate groups filed paperwork urging the u.s. supreme court to review his case. a spokesperson says among them, 66 former state attorneys general and a bipartisan group of 31 governors. the washington post reports the mcdonnell legal team had a similar group of supporters during his appeal, which ultimately failed. 4:31. time now, 55 mild degrees outside our studios. >> let's check in with chuck bell, hoping we can keep this mild weather as long as we can. >> it will last a couple more days for sure. by the end of the weekend, it will feel like november once again. what you need to know about today, we're off to a cool but
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dry start this morning, a lot more clouds coming into the forecast for not only today, but tomorrow as well. the rain drops hold off until late tomorrow. and could be some heavy rain around here, thursday morning. so weather will be -- thursday will be a weather alert day for us. make sure you have your storm team weather app downloaded before then. a big range of temperatures, 37 in winchester. 50 in gaithersburg. 54 in annapolis. planning out your day then, plan on a chilly start this morning. temperatures in the 40s. we'll be in the mid-50s by 11:00 this morning and up to the upper 50s and low 60s for the day today. mostly cloudy, mild enough, though, if you're going out for dinner tonight, cloudy and staying dry, evening temperatures in the 50s. school bus forecast time, we'll grade out your day for you and start talking about the weekend as well. for now, breaking news, first 4 traffic. breaking news again, arlington, here this morning, a closure because of a water main break. a crew should be there any second. live pictures once they arrive.
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north courthouse road shut down between 50 and arlington boulevard and 14th street. it is going to be a little tricky getting through that area. avoid that area if you can here this morning. 66 inbound fairfax to the beltway. eight minutes, when you hop in your car, listen to wtop. two disabled vehicles here in virginia. 95 northbound and another one northbound there at route 1. outer loop at bw parkway, weather and traffic on the 1s, see you at 4:41 with a live picture from the scene in arlington. 4:33 now. developing story out of tennessee. the fbi is searching for a missing teenager from d.c. ava zechiel disappeared last wednesday. her father tells news 4 she was on a hiking trip with her boarding school. he says this has been a difficult time for the family, but he's thankful for the people who are helping. >> every parent's worst nightmare.
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you see stories on the news, but see also the throngs of people that come out to help. and we're relieved to see that's happened here and hopeful that one of them will find our girl. >> ava is 16 years old. her father says she somehow got separated from the group on the hike and did not have a cell phone with her. the homeless camp near the kennedy center will soon be closing. you may have noticed the tents along independence avenue before it turns into main avenue. d.c. officials say they'll work to replace the occupants in the shelters. they sell us they will only force people to leave if they protest. a live look at reagan national airport this morning, where traveling this holiday season may be a little easier. airport officials expected to unveil a new addition later this morning. the plan aims to make traveling through washington's airports a better experience. today you'll hear some holiday travel tips as we approach the busiest travel times of the year. the montgomery county school board says it will take more than a billion dollars to solve its overcrowding problem.
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the board approved a $1.7 billion budget over the next six years. that money will pay for ten classroom additions, a new elementary school in clarksburg and replace old air conditioning and heating units. school board said the influx of students -- with the influx of students it is inevitable that boundaries will change. >> boundaries will not be set in stone. it is a painful process when they have to change. we're experiencing explosive growth. >> the board says it will hold round table discussions on how to handle enrollment increases in gaithersburg and the walter johnson clusters. in the day ahead, we should learn the sentence for a woman who entered a plea -- a woman who entered a plea in her husband's murder. rose angela faces up to 25 years in prison. it became clear that she was a repeat victim of domestic abuse at the family's home in sterling. the loudoun county sheriff's
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office says he was choking had his wife moments before she shot him. john gregory is accused of assaulting someone during an arrest in june. he's been on paid administrative leave since the incident reported in july. gregory is a ten-year veteran of the force. developing this morning in minnesota, more than 50 people arrested overnight in protests. hundreds of marchers shut down interstate 94 in response to the shooting of jamar clark. he was shot by a minneapolis police officer and later died. witnesses say clark was handcuffed when he was shot. two officers are on paid administrative leave. development plans up for discussion today in boston. arlington county board members will consider plans to change part of a three story mall into a 22 story residential building. it would hold 406 separate units. plans go beyond the approved density and height rules for the building at wilson boulevard and north randolph street.
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another item on the agenda, taxing the use of plastic grocery bags. the proposal asks state lawmakers to give localities the power to fine consumers who use them. arlington lawmakers want to charge customers five cents, waving the fine for specific purchases like prescription drugs and alcohol. developing now, a horrific discovery in texas. what we're finding out about bodies found at a campsite and how police received a break in the case. should syrian refugees be allowed in the u.s. the world responds to the terror attacks in paris.
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developing now, the gruesome discovery of six bodies at a campsite and in a pond. police in anderson county, texas, arrested one person on murder charges. officers first found a man and woman shot to death in a mobile home about 100 miles southeast of dallas on sunday. the short time later they found four other people in a pond behind the suspect's home. don't worry if you hear fighter jets flying over your house late tonight in the district. norad is conducting an exercise with f-16. the flights will happen between midnight and 2:30 on wednesday. air force f-16s, coast guard helicopter and civil air patrol aircraft will all take part in the exercise. breaking news now in arlington. take a look at this. north courthouse road now shut
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down between 50 and arlington boulevard and 14th street. water main break. very likely going to be like this throughout the morning commute. what you can do is take north barton or north troy streets instead. either will get you around it. prince george's county looking good. no problems there. construction is a bit light there this morning. 95 at powder mill road in maryland, just fine this morning. right now through 70, looking good from 70 to the spur. going to take you 26 minutes. can't ask for much better than that now. southbound fine, same thing northbound, don't have any major issues there either here this morning beltway at st. barnabas rolling along just fine. chuck bell, how are we looking today in. >> so far, so good on this fine looking day outside. skies for the most part clear enough. clouds will be increasing. live picture of our next door neighbor in northwest washington. national presbyterian church and school under partly cloudy sky. temperatures in the upper 40s in northwest this morning. 41 in college park.
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53 in annapolis. 36 in manassas. there are cold pockets out there early today. school day chilly start. dry today and not all that cold or windy. giving recess an a. and staying dry through the day today with temperatures into the 60s. what to wear, probably medium weight jacket this morning, jeans and long sleeves more typical november weather settles back in for later on this afternoon and this evening. we're talking about a weather alert day coming up on thursday. we'll detail more about that coming up in ten minutes. >> thank you, chuck. the controversy over whether the u.s. should accept syrian refugees like some governors believe they have the legal right to say no. >> and breaking news on the russian plane crash. we'll head to the live desk for the new evidence that may lead to a final answer.
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breaking news. new investigation results into the live desk following that deadly plane crash in egypt that killed 224 people. russian investigators saying they found evidence of a bomb equivalent to more than two pounds of tnt in this wreckage. they say they believe it exploded on board the plane which broke apart midair before it crashed. u.s. officials have said that they tracked chatter between isis operatives boasting about taking down the plane shortly after the crash. aaron? >> 15 before the hour now. we turn to the heels of the terrorist attack in paris and more than a dozen republican governors saying syrian refugees should not be allowed in the u.s. president obama wants to accept 10,000 refugees over the next
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year. so why do opponents say helping syrians could make the u.s. vulnerable? tracie potts is digging into that for us on capitol hill. good morning. >> they say it is very easy for isis to slip into this country disguised as a refugee. remember, it was a syrian passport found at one of the paris bombers which several are pointing out. 18 governors saying no to syrian refugees. 15 flat out reject. three asking the federal government not to send them to their states. can they actually do that? the state department says they got lawyers looking into whether or not these states actually have the right to reject these refugees from a federal government program. president obama said it is against our values not to help deal with this humanitarian crisis that is happening overseas. meantime, here on capitol hill, efforts separate from the governors to try to block this, rand paul introduced a bill that
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would delay visas for people from countries where isis is known to operate. some are trying to strip funds from the refugee program from that budget that is due december 11th. that's the budget that would prevent the government shutdown. >> tracie potts on capitol hill, thank you. philadelphia's mayor says gun violence in america's cities should be treated like international terrorism. democrat michael nutter says that was the message he delivered to attorney general loretta lynch yesterday in washington. nutter says gun violence, like terrorism, makes people feel unsafe in their own communities. the mayor is from d.c., baltimore, new orleans and gary, indiana, also attended the meeting. it was planned before friday's attack in paris. right now, students are getting ready to return to classes at washington college in chester town, maryland. the school on the eastern shore was on lockdown yesterday. that was after a student's parents called to say their son had taken a gun from their home and left. he has not been seen or heard from since. the college reopens at 8:30 this morning. christian and jewish leaders
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are now opening their building to a congregation where mosques were set on fire. someone burned the mosque in ontario, canada, this past weekend. police are calling the fire an arson and hate crime. they're looking at new video of the interior of the mosque, the only one in town. today, a man charged with first degree murder heads to court in prince george's county. mitchell jerome cole is accused of killing his former girlfriend amanda jones in late october in upper marlborough. a family member called 911 after finding jones at her home on indian goose way. two votes you want to know about in montgomery county. first, council members make a decision on a proposal to increase fines for selling tobacco products to minors. an investigation this summer found multiple stores willing to sell to underage customers. the other bill up for a vote, protects anyone looking to buy a home. the law would require a seller to disclose whether the hazardous material radon exists in that home for sale. one loophole, the seller does
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not have to test for radon. the law only requires the seller to tell the buyer if they know of the presence of radon in the house. >> i'm very thankful to be able to report that incredibly as of today i am 100% cancer free and in complete remission. >> larry hogan says his recovery isn't over, even with his big announcement he's now cancer free. he announced he's in remission for non-hodgkin's lymphoma yesterday. a lot of you tweete tweeted #hoganstrong. doctors diagnosed him with cancer back in june. he went through four months of treatment including 30 days of 24-hour chemotherapy. he said even though his cancer is in remission, it could come back. he said his body needs months to recover from both the treatment and the disease. we're very excited he's doing well. coming up on 4:50. we turn to decision 2016.
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former maryland governor martin o'malley may be cutting back his campaign staff. he's struggling in the polls now. the democratic presidential hopeful says he's shifting his focus to the early primary states. most of his headquarter staff in baltimore will move to those states, but others may be cut. o'malley is struggling to raise money behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders. 'tis the season to -- for turkey and travel and all that stuff. aaa releasing the travel forecast today. we're expected to find out -- we expect to find out roughly how many of you will be traveling this thanksgiving. the forecast will also give a breakdown on gas, hotel and airline ticket prices. always expensive to travel around this time because people have to do it. >> supply and demand. the more the demand is, the lower the supply gets. >> good weather is so expensive. >> yes. >> he got you. >> all right. >> if you're paying for it -- >> all the way. >> 70 yesterday.
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that ought to be a $5 monday from you, aaron, that's a nice day to be outside yesterday. hope you had a chance to get outside and enjoy it like i did. wonderful day to be out there yesterday. won't be that pretty outside for today. won't be quite that warm either. it will still be milder than average here in november. off to a not so bad start. we're 48 now at national airport. not much of a wind blowing out there. weather impact on your day today will be nice and low. cooler than yesterday. jacket weather is back here in the month of november. there is nothing to worry about today and tomorrow. thursday, i'll put the s back in there, thursday will be a weather alert day. more frequent updates, on air, online and push alerts through our app. get that downloaded ahead of our heavy rain threat on thursday. what to expect thursday now, heavy rain in the morning, showers and breezy in the afternoon. could get up to an inch of rain and see winds gusting to near 40 miles per hour. that's on thursday. weather alert for your thursday.
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right now, though, tuesday is off to a quiet start. 30s in the shenandoah valley. 30s in central virginia. 40s around town. hourly temperatures today, a nice recovery. but with increasing number of clouds, we'll seal out the warmup in the low 60s later this afternoon. future weather then through the day today, clouds on the increase, that will keep us cooler. but still no real threat for rain today and tomorrow. most of tomorrow looks dry. after 4:00, 5:00, risk of showers out west of the metro, rain chances in the metro after dark. traveling today, look out, chicago, st. louis, kansas city, dallas/ft. worth, big mess in the plains states and snow out in denver. that's the system that will impact us on thursday. here is your seven-day forecast, low 60s today and tomorrow. chance of showers moving in wednesday night. heavy rain possible early thursday morning. and then turning breezy and cooler. weekend looks chilly. highs in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. melissa mollet with more
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breaking news. >> still have a problem in arlington. north courthouse road between 50 and north 14th street, just talked to kristin wright on the scene. we'll talk to her live in a couple of minutes. we're still shut down here this morning. it is going to be a slow morning for folks through that area. you can take north barton street or north troy to get around that on either side instead. water main break will be there for some time. as far as the rest of the beltway, looking quite good here. outer loop, bw parkway, disabled vehicle there. we zoom out here for just a minute, couple other disabled vehicles, looks like this one disappeared. that's good. won't talk about that one anymore. 95 northbound fairfax county parkway have one. and northbound at 123 as well. live look at 95 in maryland coming up. >> thank you, melissa. it is now 4:53. new details in the search for a missing cargo ship. why investigators are now calling off part of their efforts. and oscar's word of the year isn't a word at all.
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why oxford decided to make a big change this year.
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welcome back. the terrible events in paris have astronauts in outer space taking pause. aboard the international space station, the expedition 45 crew observed a minute of silence in honor of the victims. space station commander scott kelly of nasa said the crew was shocked and saddened by the attacks in paris.
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some new details this morning in the search for the cargo ship that disappeared in the middle of hurricane roy kjo. video reveals the ship came apart at one point, part of the ship with the mast and the voice data recorder separated from the deck back in october. all 33 people on board are presumed dead. as early as today we may learn the new nickname for the university of dakota. voting for a new nickname ended at midnight. they had to choose between fighting hawks or rough riders. the debate on changing the fighting sioux nickname and logo started when the naacp threatened to not allow north dakota to hold post season games if it continued to display its native american logo. oxford dictionary has released its word of the year. >> we can't print it because, guess what, there are no letters. it is an emoji. specifically the tears of joy emoji.
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i use one quite a bit. tears of joy. the word or really it is not a word, the emoji is determined by how often it is used, using predictable text data. last year's choice was vap. the word from 2013 is one of the most used everyday words. >> we have lost our ability to articulate ourselves that we need to use only emojis. >> we'll mourn after the show. a bike share program could be coming to prince george's county. they're talking about bringing the bike share program to green belt. here from the county planning department from a meeting there today happening at 6:00 p.m. capital bike hair is in d.c. and montgomery county now. news for your health now. a quick warning about the images you're about to see. look at the before and after
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from the most expensive face transplant ever. it went to patrick partisan, badly burned 14 years ago. it took a team 26 hours to perform this surgery at new york's langold medical center. partisan said he's overwhelmed, so grateful he can see his family again. >> incredible. men who took a daily pill to protect against hiv were well protected despite having unprotected sex. that is according to a new report from a clinic in the district, only two people out of about 500 taking part in the study were infected over the four-year study. each volunteer received a free supply of triveda, shown in other studies to protect uninfected people from the virus. more than 1 million people in the united states are infectioninfection with hiv each year.
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an announcement from charlie sheen today. he will sit down for an exclusive live interview with matt lauer on the "today" show. watch it here at nbc 4 at 7:00 a.m. after "news 4 today." breaking news that may slow you down. arlington, we're keeping an eye on a water main break near the courthouse. >> kristin wright just arrived on the scene. what should commuter expect over there this morning? >> it is actually going to be a real problem for people this morning. we're told there is no timetable at this point. it is more of a traffic issue because courthouse road here, where we are, is shut down between 13th and 14th. look behind me. you see you can't get through. it is completely blocked with police cars, tow trucks, the water folks trying to do their job with police. so it is going to be kind of a long morning for anyone trying to get through this


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