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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 17, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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an announcement from charlie sheen today. he will sit down for an exclusive live interview with matt lauer on the "today" show. watch it here at nbc 4 at 7:00 a.m. after "news 4 today." breaking news that may slow you down. arlington, we're keeping an eye on a water main break near the courthouse. >> kristin wright just arrived on the scene. what should commuter expect over there this morning? >> it is actually going to be a real problem for people this morning. we're told there is no timetable at this point. it is more of a traffic issue because courthouse road here, where we are, is shut down between 13th and 14th. look behind me. you see you can't get through. it is completely blocked with police cars, tow trucks, the water folks trying to do their job with police. so it is going to be kind of a long morning for anyone trying to get through this stretch.
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water main broke around 1:00 this morning. it is an eight inch pipe, we're told, an old pipe, so we have seen that many times before, where the pipes that are very old break. this one from 1935. so police, water people have been out here since about 1:00 this morning trying to get a handle on the situation. prepa repairs have not started at this point. we saw the crumbling sidewalk where the pipe broke, but they have not been able to start repairs. good news is we're told that no one is going to lose water service because of this. you're looking at the courthouse. it is very close. just down the street from the break here. we're told the courthouse, the jail will not lose water service and that actually no one will in this area because they have been able to isolate the break in such a way that it won't affect people in that way. the big thing is going to be the traffic and the roads this morning. major thorough fare.
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mellas why issa mollet is here look at how that will impact you this morning. >> because of the closure we'll see slowdowns through that area for much of the morning here. what you can do there, take north barton, take north troy instead. both of those will be open and just fine. don't worry too much about getting around that. if you have that plan there ahead of time. 95 at powder mill road, northbound and southbound, we're fine here, don't have any big issues. 66 here into town, and out of town, also rolling along just fine. taking a look now at 95. see 95 north at fairfax county parkway, have that disabled vehicle and another one northbound there at 123 here this morning. aaron and eun. breaking news in france as medical officials work to identify more of the victims of last week's attack in paris. france is targeting isis. the country bombed the city of raqqah in syria again overnight. >> france says it destroyed a command post and a training camp. police also conducted more than
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100 new raids. secretary of state john kerry is in france. he just met with french president francois hollande and we'll have what he said afterwards in a couple of minutes. three minutes after the 5:00 hour. >> let's check our forecast as well. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has more on what we can expect on the day ahead. >> good morning. sort of a quiet before the storm. our next storm arriving as we get to the secretary half of the week. no weather worries for today. that midwest storm which brought snow to denver and severe weather to the midwest, that's coming our way. thursday for us will be a weather alert day. today, though, a quiet enough start, 30s and 40s on your way out the door. layer up for the next couple of hours. hometown forecast, haymarket, virginia, chilly, near 40. near 60 at lunch time. mid-50s by early this evening. few more minutes, we'll start talking more about the weather impact that thursday will have on your commute. see you then.
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following the latest from the live desk, secretary of state john kerry just met with the french president. this is in paris. he says all sides are focused on fighting isis together and that they made progress already. kerry made the remarks right after had his meeting ended. >> with lebanon's attacks, with what happened in egypt, with ankara, turkey, with the attacks now in paris, we have to step up our efforts to hit them at the core where they're planning these things. and also obviously to do more on borders and in terms of the movement of people. >> kerry called the attackers psychopathic monsters prior to that meeting. he's in france to pay his respect to the victims. this comes as france launches new air strikes in syria, hitting key isis targets including a command post. >> thank you, angie. now 5:05.
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isis threatening washington with a paris style attack. both federal and local law enforcement are responding to the threats by stepping up security. you'll see heavily armed officers from different agencies around the district today. u.s. capitol police are on highest alert with this threat. and while you ride metro and amtrak, you're being reminded to see something, say something. d.c. mayor says all threats verified or not are taken seriously. >> we, like always, are always at a heightened level of security because of our locale. our police department has worked very well with our federal partners to keep d.c. safe. >> the director of homeland security met with mayor muriel bowser and assured her the district would have any security resource it needed. developments on capitol hill this morning. the senate and house homeland security subcommittees will hold a hearing today. we expect joseph clancy to
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testify. >> if they think somehow their advisers are better than the chairman of my joint chiefs of staff, and the folks who are actually on the ground, i want to meet them. >> matter of fact response from president obama after repeated questions about his strategy to attack isis. speaking in turkey yesterday, the president said it would be a mistake to send in u.s. ground troops. he says the administration is sticking to its strategy and the strategy will work. mr. obama is in the philippines today where he will meet -- attend a summit with other world leaders. happening today, a vote that could change the way police protect fairfax county. we expect county board members to implement a series of changes after complaints about officers' use of force. a couple of them creating a citizens complaint review board and hiring an independent auditor to keep an eye on the handling of serious investigations including officer involved shooting. protesters back on the street today in the district,
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speaking against trade deals negotiated by the obama administration. you may have seen them last night walking from k street to pennsylvania avenue. this group stopped traffic during the evening commute. that same group will march this morning from due pont circle to embassy row. they're protesting three massive international treaties, one of which president obama is promoting today on his trip to the philippines. the new action that could put two websites out of business. live look outside for you. 55 frdegrees outside our studio. chuck is tracking your commuter forecast when "news 4 today" contin
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welcome back. as early as today, new york's attorney general put out the judge to shut down draft kings and fan duel. he ordered them to stop operating in new york last week. yesterday a judge denied the
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companies' request for a restraining order against the attorney general. even if he doesn't act today, there is a hearing in this case next week. nbc sports and nbc 4's parent company is among the investors in fan duel. a black bear in maryland is recovering after a close call with a milk can. wildlife workers used an electric handsaw to get the can off the head of this 200 pound bear -- does that look 200 pounds? i thought this was a cute little -- all right. this was in frederick county. >> you had the same mistake with the pandas. >> they had to tranquilize him first to get the milk can off. he wandered back into the woods. breaking news now in arlington. still have this problem and very likely will be shut down here through the morning commute. it is a water main break north courthouse road between 50 and
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14th street. we're shut down here because of that water main repair. you can take north barton or north troy instead. you cannot head right there up north courthouse. big look at the beltway, everything rolling okay. 270 looking just fine here this morning. much more in a couple of minutes. chuck? thank you, melissa. outside this morning, partly cloudy sky, temperatures are back down mostly into the 40s around town. there are 30s on the map. 38 at dulles. 36 at manassas. 48 at joint base andrews. 47 in falls church. what to wear today. medium jacket for the chill this morning. jeans and long sleeves for later this afternoon. no more 70s like we got yesterday. morning commute, cool and dry, mid-40s. cloudy and on the milder side of average, up near 60 degrees, coming back home from work and school. no weather slowdowns for today. tomorrow looks good too. thursday a weather alert day, could be a mess thursday morning, more about that in ten minutes. we're following breaking
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news on that russian plane that crashed in egypt. we'll head to the live desk for the evidence that could finally solve this mystery. this is more than just a town. this is our home. and small business saturday... is more than just a day. it's our day... to shop small at the places we love... with the people we love. for stuff we can't get anywhere else. and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here... can help keep our town growing. on small business saturday, let's all shop small. for the neighborhood, the town, the home we love. on november 28th, shop small.
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the president just touched down in the philippines promising to stay the course despite growing calls for stronger military response. also this morning, police in major cities like new york and washington, d.c. on high alert with a new isis propaganda video celebrating the paris attacks and warning the u.s. is next. last week's vicious attack displayed a capability they never predicted. the cia director saying he believes paris isn't the only operation isis has in the pipeline. we'll have the very latest with secretary of state jn kerohn ke when we see you coming up on "today." i'm angie goff. breaking news. egyptian authorities just detained two people who work at the airport in connection with
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the russian plane crash that killed 224 people in egypt. this as we learn from russian officials that it was a homemade explosive that brought the jet down. russian investigators now saying they found evidence of a bomb equivalent to more than two pounds of tnt inside the wreckage. it is believed that it exploded on board, causing the plane to break apart midair. isis claimed responsibility for the downing of the plane. we're going to work on getting more information on the two people that were detained and are being questioned now. a vote today that protects anybody looking to pbuy a home n montgomery county. one loophole, the seller does not have to test for radon, but must tell the buyer if they know of the presence of radon in the house. in montgomery county today, council members will make a decision on a proposal to increase fines for selling tobacco products to minors. we told you before about a new
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investigation into this crime. over the summer, our reporters found multiple stores willing to sell to underage customers. 5:18. developing story out of tennessee. the fbi joining the search for a missing teenager from d.c. ava zechiel disappeared in cherokee national forest last wednesday. her father tells news 4 she was on a hiking trip with her boarding school. he says this has been a difficult time for his family, but he's thankful for the people who are helping. >> it is every parent's worst nightmare. you see stories on the news, but you seat throe the throngs of p that come out to help and we're relieved to see that happen here and hopeful one of them will find our girl. >> ava is 16 years ole. her father says she somehow got separated from the group on that hike and did not have a cell phone with her. in the day ahead, we should learn the sentence for a woman who entered a guilty plea in her husband's murder. rosangela spradling faces up to 25 years in prison. during the investigation, it became clear that spradling was a repeat victim of domestic
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violence at the family's home in sterling. loudoun county sheriff's office says steven was choking his wife moments before she shot him back in 2013. 5:19. developing now in the philippines, major protests against the united states. it happened hours ago. take a look. these are protesters fighting police in riot gear. the youth activists were marching on the u.s. embassy in manila, the capital of the philippines. they call the u.s. government, quote, terrorists. president obama is in the philippines now. tensions are building over control of the south china sea. the philippines, china, vietnam and at least three other countries all claim control over several islands there. china started bulling air fields there, but said today it is showing great restraint by not seizing the islands outright. the competition could come to a head at two regional summits in that area this week. it is snowing. out west. out west right new. look at the storm, though. dumping snow on colorado at this hour. and this is what it looked like
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in utah overnight. more than six inches of snow fell there. as many as 18 more inches expected today. this is why we don't live in colorado. you and i, we wouldn't make it. >> weather always moves east. don't worry. today, this week, chuck, we're doing okay, still fairly warm for this time of year, right. >> warmer than average today and tomorrow and into thursday as well. that big mess of snow and severe weather in the midsection of the country, that will be impacting our thursday morning commute. thursday will be a weather alert day here for nbc 4. you should make plans to download our storm team 4 app. nbc washington app sometime today, so you have it ready to go for thursday. overall, today won't be a bad one at all. cooler than yesterday. still milder than average. you'll need a light jacket outside. turning much colder by the weekend. ahead of that, ahead of that storm that comes in on thursday, on the plus side of average today, tomorrow and thursday.
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cooling down friday. the weekend is looking noticeably chillier. as far as rain chances, almost all the rain we'll get out of the next five days will happen during the rush on thursday morning. a couple of sprinkles here late wednesday evening, but the bulk of the rain is at thursday morning impact. let's start about today. temperatures now 45, leesburg, 48, gaithersburg. 47 downtown. there are 30s out there. planning out your day, chilly start this morning, mix of clouds and sunshine through the course of the day today. clouds will gradually be on the increase. we should be up into the low 60s for today. thursday is the day we're watching out for. woo el have mo we'll have more updates online. what are we expecting on thursday? heavy rain in the morning commute. changing over to just showers. gusty winds by thursday afternoon. could get an inch of rain thursday with gusts over 40 miles per hour. here is the mess in the midwest now. snow in colorado. severe weather from omaha,
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wichita, st. louis, down to dallas and houston. you're flying into the middle of the country, big weather delays because of that. here is our seven-day forecast, which does indeed include all the rain chances that i was talking about on your thursday. today, 63. tomorrow, 63 as well. chance of showers moving in after 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow evening. heavy rain on your thursday morning and then chilly and dry by the weekend. we'll get more into that thursday impact in ten minutes. breaking news in first 4 traffic. >> breaking news continues in arlington this morning. north courthouse road, from route 50 to 14th street, still have that closure here this morning. that is because of a water main break. couldn't take north barton street, take north troy street, opened instead. you'll want to avoid courthouse here this morning. overall, no major problems here in prince george's county. everything is rolling just fine. no incidents now. everything looking good and on time. coming out here to 95, do have that one problem northbound at fairfax county parkway disappeared northbound at 123 as
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well. two different disabled vehicles, not a big deal, but something worth mentioning if you're headed out soon. top of the beltway looking good. bw parkway, route 195 and colesville, a tad slow there because of some late clearing road work. >> 'tis the season to travel. aaa will release annual thanksgiving holiday travel forecast today. we expect to find out roughly how many of you will be traveling this thanksgiving holiday. the forecast is going to give us a breakdown on gas, hotel and airline ticket prices. this just in, french red cross has mobilized 300 volunteers in the wake of the paris terror attacks. they are now working with the american red cross right now. they know a lot of people here in the u.s. want to help out, but they say their main focus is not accepting donations, but on connecting loved ones. >> your time is 5:23. new this morning, a surveillance picture of the person police believe may be responsible for
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shooting and killing the pregnant wife of a pastor in indianapolis. take a look. 28-year-old amanda blackburn died tuesday morning. police believe the suspected killer killed her after breaking in her home. blackburn's husband was at the gym at the time. the couple's 1-year-old child was at home but not hurt. developing this morning in minnesota, more than 50 people were arrested overnight during protests. hundreds of marchers shut down interstate 94 in response to the shooting of jamar clark. witnesses say clash w e es say handcuffed when he was shot. john gregory is accused of assaulting someone during an arrest in june. he had has been on paid administrative leave since that incident in july. gregory is a ten-year veteran of the force. developments now in former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's corruption case.
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11 separate groups filed paperwork urging the u.s. supreme court to review his case. a spokesperson says among them 66 former state attorneys general and a bipartisan group of 31 governors. the washington post reports that mcdonnell's legal team had a similar group of supporters during his appeal, which ultimately failed. 5:25 now. a search now for a man who led troopers on a chase from interstate 95 to old bridge road in wood bridge. state police say the man crashed yesterday afternoon and started running. troopers first tried to pull him over yesterday afternoon. he didn't have an inspection sticker on his car. in his effort to get away, troopers say the man crashed into another car, hurting a teenage girl inside. world leaders were not the only ones taking the stage at the g-20 summit in turkey. apparently three stray cats made their way past tight security and on to the stage. you see them at the bottom of the screen. little guy from behind the bright blue wall there slipped out, quickly followed by two
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more. turkey apparently well known as a hub for stray cats. >> if you can get into the g-20 summit, that's resourceful. have the extra cup of coffee. my case, a whole thermos full. they found people who drank two to five cups a day were less likely to die from heart disease, neurological disease, and type 2 diabetes. and it is not clear why. what if you put a lot of cream and sugar? researchers say the effects held true for caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee. i would be jittery mess if i had five cups of coffee. >> three yesterday. >> three? >> yesterday morning. >> i try to do two. time now, breaking news now on a devastating night of storms covering multiple states. what we're finding out about a handful of tornadoes overnight. closer to home, what we can look forward to for the rest of the week.
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chuck bell is tracking four things to know about the forecast when "news 4 today" continues.
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texas and oklahoma under a tornado watch right now. that is even as four states are cleaning up more than 20 tornadoes. seven were reported in texas. 11 in kansas. you can see right there, dark funnel clouds in this video. one tornado even hit an oil and gas facility. and there are now concerns over
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some dangerous material that could have been released. however, we're not hearing of any reports of injuries at this hour. so that's good news. we'll continue to keep you posted. it is now 5:30. now you can see storms to our west. and these storms could impact our area in the coming days. >> thursday will be a weather alert day around here with heavy rain slowing down the morning commute. what can we expect? >> absolutely. quiet weather for now. enjoy it. thursday morning looks like it could be a high impact event for us as heavy rain right on top of the morning commute. for this morning, what you need to know, cool and dry outside this morning, need your light jacket, becoming more and more cloudy with time today. we should stay dry today. rain back into our forecast i think late tomorrow and as you mentioned, thursday is a weather alert day. downloading the nbc washington app is a great idea. 30s and 40s to get your day started. plan your morning out, plan on a cool start early. up to near 50 by 9:00. 56 by 11:00.
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most of the afternoon in the upper 50s and low 60s. mild enough by november standards. we'll give you the what to wear forecast. for now, breaking news continues in first 4 traffic. still have this breaking musts as chuck said in arlington, going to be here for much of the monday morning break. a big stretch here that is shut down for the morning. here is what you can do to get around north barton street open now, so is north troy. both of those things will help ease the pain of this problem here this morning. big look at the beltway inner loop and outer loop rolling along just fine. fairfax county parkway, beltway, nine minutes. look at our travel times in ten minutes. 5:31 now. on the heels of the terrorist attacks in paris, more than a dozen republican governors say the syrian refugees should not be allowed in the u.s. president obama wants to accept 10,000 refugees over the next year. so why do opponents say helping
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syrians could make the u.s. vulnerable? tracie potts is digging into that for us on capitol hill. >> the concern is do you know who those refugees are when they cross the border into the united states? could some of them be members of isis slipping into the group? their concern particularly after a syrian passport was found next to one of the bombers in paris. so now we counted at least 18 governors who say they will flat out reject the refugees or ask the federal government not to send them to their states. the state department says they're not clear that that is even legal, that they can reject the refugees. president obama has said that it is irresponsible, that if people are -- if there is a humanitarian crisis, that it is against our values not to jump in and help with the situation. here, maryland's governor, governor hogan, said we'll take what he calls a reasoned and careful response. he's not flat out rejecting the
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refugees, but among a group of governors who are skeptical about it and looking at the situation carefully. >> tracie potts on the little f hill for us, thank you. democrat michael nutter says that was the message he delivered to loretta lynch in washington. he said gun violence like terrorism makes people feel unsafe in their own communities. mayors from d.c., baltimore, new orleans and gary, indiana, also attended the meeting. it was planned before friday's attack in paris. right now, students are getting ready to return to class at washington college in chester town, maryland. the school on the eastern shore was locked down yesterday when a student's parents called to say their son had taken a gun from their home and left. he has not been seen or heard from since. the college will reopen this morning at 8:30. new information out of indonesia this morning. check out this video we just got into the newsroom.
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hundreds narrowly escaped this capsizing ferry. you can see with the boat on its side, the people there climbing down that ship before jumping into the water. it happened in east java. amazingly there were no deaths. all 175 passengers and crew successfully evacuated that ship. 5:34 now. christian and jewish leaders are opening their buildings to a congregation whose mosque was set on fire. someone burned the mosque in ontario, canada, this past weekend. police are calling the fire an arson and a hate crime. they're looking at new video of the interior of the mosque. it is the only one in town. a man charged with first degree murder heads to court in prince george's county. mitchell jerome cole is accused of killing his former girlfriend amanda jones in late october in upper marlborough. a family member called 911 after finding jones at her home on indian goose way. >> i'm very thankful to be able
5:35 am
to report that incredibly as of today i am 100% cancer free and in complete remission. larry hogan says his recovery isn't over, even with his big announcement that he is now cancer free. he announced he's in remission for non-hodgkin's lymphoma yesterday, led a lot of you to tweet #hoganstrong. he was diagnosed in june. went through four months of treatment including 30 days of 24 hour chemotherapy. he said even though his cancer is in remission, it could come back. he said his body needs months to recover from both the treatment and the disease, wishing him the best. 5:35. a former maryland governor in decision 2016. martin o'malley is struggling and may have to cut back his campaign staff. he says he is shifting his focus
5:36 am
to the early primary states. most of his staff in baltimore will move to those states. others may be cut, though. o'malley is struggling to raise money behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we could learn more from the mars rover. nasa says it is approaching active dunes on the planet, moving every year. scientists want to know how mars' environment has changed over the last several billion years including why there is no longer water there. developing story in texas. what investigators are saying about a horrific discovery at a campsite. and should you be charged extra for using plastic bags at the grocery store? where lawmakers are considering making that change. your time is 5:36. stay with us.
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developing now at 5:39. the gruesome discovery of six bodies at a campsite and in a pond. police in anderson county, texas, arrested one person on murder charges. officers first found the man and a woman shot to death in a mobile home about 100 miles southeast of dallas on sunday. the short time later they found four other people in a pond behind the suspect's home. don't panic if you hear some fighter jets flying over your house late tonight in the district. norad is conducting an exercise
5:40 am
with f-16s. a series of flights will happen between midnight and 2:30 a.m. on wednesday. pretty cool. 5:41 on tuesday morning. weather and traffic on the 1s. >> chuck bell, i like this mild weather in november, chuck. >> yeah. five 70s in the month of november already. yesterday, we touched 70, fifth time in november. it has been a long time since we have been this mild. november is five degrees warmer than average. 50 now in rockville. 47 in arlington this morning. 41 in bowie. and north charles prince george's county. what to wear today, chilly start out there. you'll need your medium weight jacket on the way out the door. jeans and long sleeves. sunglasses at home as clouds will increase throughout the
5:41 am
day. recess an a today, not a plus, but a. it will stay dry through the course of your tuesday and for your tuesday evening as well. thursday will be a weather alert day. into the impact that heavy rain will have on your thursday in ten minutes. now, breaking news continues in first 4 traffic. breaking news in arlington. this water main break will cause problems for folks, north courthouse road, shut down between 50 and 14th street. also have an additional closure that popped up 13th street, courthouse and north troy. now, if you want to just get north and south there, take north barton or north troy instead of courthouse and not have to worry about that this morning. that's going to be a bit slow. brand-new crash 50 westbound at 295. travel times in virginia, on time on 66 and 95 northbound. no problems 270 south and top of the beltway. on time from 95 to 270. listen to our friends on wtop
5:42 am
when you hop in your car. following breaking news in lorton, virginia. we'll head there live as police investigate a shooting. how one district plans to solve a $1.5 billion program problem.
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secretary of state john kerry just wrapping up a meeting with french president francois hollande in paris. he called isis, quote, psychopathic monsters before the closed door meeting. afterwards, he said the countries are making progress against the terror group. france is bombing the city of raqqah in syria. 16 bombs were dropped overnight. we'll have more on the requests and latest developments coming up at 6:00. more breaking news now in
5:46 am
arlington. we have a big closure on north courthouse road between 50 and 14th street because of a water main break. we'll talk all about the work around and small closure 13th street between north courthouse and north troy. off to a cool start with a couple of clouds around. temperatures mostly in the 40s. a bundle up factor this morning. no worries today. big rains coming our way for thursday. more about that at 5:51. 5:46. breaking news now, a shooting investigation starting in lorton, virginia. police on forest green drive near ox road. molette green is there as well. what have you learned? >> reporter: good morning. we can tell you that a man shot here this morning is now at a hospital. we're still working to get details about his condition. fairfax county police cop firming thfirm i confirming they have someone in custody right now.
5:47 am
no word on charges. police tell us the shooting in this neighborhood on forest green drive, a dead end road, happened just after 2:00 a.m. at a home here. we are right off route 123. this is a community of single family homes with two car garages. police say the victim and the suspect know each other. and everyone involved in this was inside the home at the time. there is no threat to the public. and police are still investigating here at the scene. that is the latest. right now, reporting live from lorton, virginia, molette green, back to you. police in prince william county are trying to locate a missing woman. this is 19-year-old caitlin nordon, last seen in woodbridge around 6:00 a.m. yesterday. she is 5 if t'7", last seen wea jeans and black knee high boots.
5:48 am
the homeless tent may soon be closing. officials say they will work to replace the occupants in shelters. they tell us they will only force people to leave if they protest. a live look at reagan national airport this morning where traveling the holiday season may be easier. airport officials are expected to unvalleil a new initiative aiming to make traveling a better experience. today you'll hear some holiday travel tips as we approach some of the busiest travel times of the year. new schools coming to montgomery county. it is going to be expensive. the school system says it needs $1.7 billion over the next six years. that money will pay for 10 classrooms. a new elementary school and to replace old air conditioning and heating units. the school board said it will be forced to change school boundaries because of all of the extra students. >> boundaries will not be set in stone.
5:49 am
that are a panful process when they have to change. we're experiencing explosive growth. >> the board says it will hold round table discussions on how to handle enrollment increases in gaithersburg and walter johnson. on the agenda in arlington, taxing the use of plastic grocery bags. a proposal asked state lawmakers to give localities the power to fine can customers who use them. lawmakers want to charge customers five cents a bag. they would wave the fine for specific purchases like prescription drugs and alcohol. development plans for discussion today in -- arlington county board members will -- developeres say if approved the building would hold as many as 406 separate units. development plans up for discussion today in balston as
5:50 am
we mentioned that same story about the mall being turned into a larger building. we'll turn now to the forecast. >> all right, fair enough. >> your cue. >> i didn't know i was supposed to start right then. usually we say hello. >> right, right. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. nice. >> monday was the tough run day. yesterday was the cool down. for today, another good day if you're oside, doing anything today, can leave the umbrellas at home. skies are going to see more and more clouds. i think the rain chances hold off until the second half of the day tomorrow. and then on thursday, a weather alert day, scheduled for some heavy duty rains around here for thursday morning commute. weather impact on your day today, nice and low.
5:51 am
cooler than yesterday. a jacket again. thursday, weather alert day, more updates on air, on our online and platforms. and push alerts through nbc washington app. now is the time to download that. what are you expecting thursday? heavy rain for the morning commute. showery weather for the afternoon. turning windy. could get an inch of rain or more in some spots and winds gusting to near 40 miles per hour thursday afternoon. that will be a big impact on your travel plans coming thursday. for now, 30s and 40s out the door this morning. cool to chilly start. but we should mack a nice recovery. mid-50s by 10:00. most everybody should be above 60 degrees later on this afternoon. average now is 57. that's bonus territory. skies get more and more cloudy with time today. rain chances hold off until i think late in the day tomorrow. tomorrow cloudy start, temperatures near 50. low 60s again tomorrow. showers moving in from the west
5:52 am
and south after about 4:00 or 5:00. in the metro as early as 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow evening. that's the mess in the midwest. if you're traveling today toward dallas/ft. worth, oklahoma, st. louis, that's where the travel troubles are. that is the storm that will impact us on thursday. there is that seven day forecast. 63 and dry today. 63 and cloudy tomorrow. showers late. heavy rain on thursday for our weather alert day. chilly weather returns friday night on into the coming weekend. weather headlines coming up at 6:01. first 4 traffic right now. breaking news in traffic this morning. arlington, water main break, north courthouse road, between route 1 -- route 50 there and 14th street. we're shut down there. also, 13th street closed between north courthouse and north troy. take north barton or troy. that will be open for you in north courthouse is not here. also, still have this crash, 50
5:53 am
westbound there, at 295 with the right-hand shoulder blocked. warning for you there. another water main break in alexandria. usher avenue at south early street. that one, crews on the scene there. 95 north, 21-mile-per-hour north pound through wood bridge. see you in ten minutes. thank you, melissa. the terrible events in paris, astronauts in outer space taking pause aboard the international space station. the expedition 45 crew observed a minute of silence. space station commander scott kelly of nasa said the crew was shocked and saddened by the events in paris. new details in the search for that cargo ship that disappeared in the middle of hurricane joaquin. efforts to find the data recorder are over. video reveals the ship came apart in 16,000 feet of water. investigators hope to find out what happened to the ship. all 33 people on board are
5:54 am
presumed dead. a diet rich in olive oil could help lower your risk of breast cancer. a research dietitian in rhode island says she's been prescribing extra virgin olive oil for years. she recommended at least three tablespoons a day. dr. flynn says olive oil has other health benefits. >> very surprised to find out they lost more weight with the higher olive oil diet. >> other studies found that olive oil helps improve memory and prevent heart disease. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. mcdonald's is dropping the dollar menu. customers will be able to choose two of the following items for two bucks. a mcdouble or mcchicken sandwich, small fries and mozzarella stick. it debuted january 4th but only available for five weeks. after that, mcdonald's may change up the items.
5:55 am
i'm landon dowdy. as early as today we expect to learn the new nickname for the university of dakota, voting for a new nickname ended at midnight. they had to choose between the fighting hawks or rough riders. the naacp threatened to not allow north dakota to host post season games if it continued to display the native american logo. there is a new word of the year to tell you about. >> word, because it is not really a word. oscar dictionary released its word of the year. you can't print it because there are no letters. it is an emoji. >> that guy. >> tears of joy. i have real tears. last year's choice was vap. selfie one of the most used -- >> getting worse. >> from selfie to vap and now you can't come up with a word. these are the things we use.
5:56 am
that's how they come up with the word of the year. this is the end. the end for us. >> prince, like the symbol. >> we'll have symbols for our names soon. a bike share program could be coming to prince george's county. the county is talking about bringing the capital bike share program to green belt. you can here from the county planning department at a meeting there today. that is happening at 6:00 p.m. capital bike share in d.c. and montgomery county now. 5:56 now. an amazing story behind the most expensive face transplant ever. look at the before and after pictures of patrick partisan. a firefighter badly burned 14 years ago. it took a team of 150 medical professionals 26 hours to perform the surgery at new york's langone medical center. he received the face of a 26-year-old man who died in a bike accident. he said he's overwhelmed and so grateful he can finally see his family again. men who took a daily pill to protect against hiv are well
5:57 am
protected despite having unprotected sex. according to a new report from a clinic in washington, only two people out of 500 tang part in a new four-year study were infected. each volunteer received a free supply of triveda, shown in other studies to protect uninfected people from the virus. more than 1 million people in the united states are infected with hiv each year. a big personal announcement expected today from actor charlie sheen. there have been rumors circulating about his health. he'll sit down for an exclusive live interview with matt lauer on the "today" show. watch it here on nbc 4 at 7:00 a.m., right after "news 4 today." breaking news now that could impact your commute. live at the scene in arlington. crews are trying to repair a water main break. that is a busy street near the courthouse, shut down now. live look at the scene. you see the barricade. we'll show you what is closed and what needs to be done before that road can reopen. breaking news involving the
5:58 am
russian plane crash. new evidence pointing to terrorism.
5:59 am
in arlington, we're keeping an eye on a big water main break near the courthouse. north courthouse road is closed right now between north 14th street and arlington boulevard.
6:00 am
news 4's kristin wright is in arlington with the latest on which other roads are closed. >> reporter: if you're driving anywhere in downtown arlington today, pay attention to this. you'll be slowed down by this for sure. look down the street here, we're on courthouse road here. you don't see a whole lot of activity at this point because repairs haven't started yet. and so that's the thing, we don't know how long this is going to go on. look at video from earlier this morning. the water main broke at 1:00 this morphin ining. it is an eight inch pipe, put in 1935. that is just what happened. but we're told it could be some time before this is repaired. again, repairs have not started yet. just to repeat, north courthouse between route 50 and 14th street is closed. and that's going to be a problem for a lot of people.


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