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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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keep you safe. and a lot of ups and downs in the forecast over the next couple of days. i've got that showing you when the rain moves in. next at 4:00. first, breaking news in the search for a missing girl from d.c. ava zechiel has been found alive. crews are working to bring her out of the mountains in tennessee. she was discovered four hours ago in the cherokee national forest. zechiel disappeared last wednesday while hiking with classmates from her boarding school. dozens of people have been searching for her on the air and on the ground. the international manhunt intensifies for suspects linked to the terror attacks in farris, there's word o of a new potential threat in germany. >> darcy spencer talked to d.c.'s police chief about heightened security right here. we want to go first to the live desk and wendy rieger. >> big developments in connection with the attacks in farris. we're going to start with the bomb threat at the soccer stadium in germany. that stadium was hosting a match
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between germany and the netherlands. security officials called this a on create threat, but the german interior minister said they found no explosives thus far. also today france conducted more overnight reaaids and announced the search for a second fugitive directly involved with the attacks in paris. right now they're not naming that person. they also are looking for salah abdeslam whose brother was among the attackers. german police released seven people who were being investigated in connection with the paris attacks. they say none of them appear to have any involvement. finally, a german official says a syrian pass poport found withe of the attackers at the soccer stadium may have been fake intended to make europeans fearful of the refugees coming in from syria. we're going to keep you up to date on new developments this afternoon. back to you. >> thanks, wendy. tonight we're hearing from d.c. police chief lanier about what she's doing in light of the attacks in paris.
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news 4's darcy spencer spoke with the chief today and joins us live from police headquarters. what is she saying, darcy? >> reporter: well, hey, chris. this is the first time we've been able to interview the chief since the terror attacks happened in paris on friday. she wants to assure people that she's doing everything in her power to make sure it is safe here in the nation's capital. i was able to interview her this afternoon as she was preparing for the daily crime briefing in the joint operations center. she says as soon as the attacks unfolded on friday, she was on the phone with fellow teams in big cities like new york. she says the reaction was quick. it was automatic and there are multiple layers of production here in washington. after the 9/11 attacks, she says she takes any threat seriously. she wants to assure d.c. residents, poeople who work in washington and people who visit that there is a heightened police presence. that is visual as well as behind the scenes. >> the message for residents and visitors and people who work here is that you have one of the
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most robust security forces in the country here in washington, d.c. we want people to feel safe and know we have a significant security posture in place. we don't want to scare people. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 5:00, you're going to hear the chief's reaction to that isis video threatening to bring terror right here to washington. back to you. >> thanks, darcy. french president francois holla hollande will travel to washington a week from today to meet with president obama. hollande met with secretary of state john kerry today in paris. kerry sat down with french officials to plan a response to friday's deadly attacks. next week, hollande and president obama will discuss ways to increase cooperation against isis. two days later, hollande meets with russian president vladimir putin. today, house speaker paul ryan called for a pause in allowing syrian refugees to come into the united states. he says it's a matter of national security. >> our nation has always been
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welcoming, but we cannot let terrorists take advantage of our compassion. this is a moment where it's better to be safe than to be sorry. so we think the prudent, the responsible things take a pause in this particular aspect of this refugee program in order to verify that terrorists are not trying to infiltrate the refugee population. >> ryan says the house will vote on the refugee issue this week. maryland's governor was okay with syrian refugees coming to his state yesterday. today, he joined about 30 other governors in calling on the federal government to stop settling syrian refugees in his state. republican governor larry hogan says he wants federal agents to make sure they won't be a threat to public safety. now, in d.c., mayor muriel bowser says the district wasn't scheduled to get any refugees and out in virginia, governor terry mcauliffe says he has no plans to refuse them. now, that is despite a call from
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some republicans in virginia to refuse those refugees and this new poll. just came out this afternoon. the university of washington found 56% of people in the commonwealth oppose plans to settle syrian refugees there. our coverage is just getting started. we're going to keep you updated all evening as this huge story develops. ahead we're going to go in-depth on the u.s. strategy to fight isi isis. remember, get breaking news any time on the nbc washington app. we just learned classes are canceled again tomorrow at washington college in maryland as concern grows over a missing student who might have a gun. the campus is located on the eastern shore. news 4's tracee wilkins is there and tells us what came out of a news conference at the school this afternoon. >> reporter: well, the second day in a row, washington college in chestertown, maryland, was closed as police continue to search for a 19-year-old student who goes here and is believed to possibly be armed. a press conference was just
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wrapped up a little while ago here at the university for the second day in a row, washington college is closed. today, instead of a shelter in place, students and faculty were actually evacuated. now during this press conference, we heard from all of the police detarpartments invol in the search for 19-year-old jacob marberger, a sophomore at washington college. he was a member of an on-campus fraternity. according to police, they have been searching for marberger because he's believed to possibly be armed. that according to his parents. he's originally from pennsylvania. they have been looking for him there and also here in maryland. trying to find out if he has used his cell phone or if he has used a credit card or anything that can possibly track them to his location. they are concerned about him being a danger to himself and possibly others, although according to police, there have been no direct threats made here to this university. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, what prompted all of this and
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why are police and university officials so concerned that no direct threats have been made? i'll tell you the story behind all of this coming up on news 4 at 5:00. in chestertown, tracee wilkins, news 4. the clouds are moving in on us. let's get to storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer in the storm center. when do we get the rain? >> the rain comes in on thursday morning. could be some showers, maybe some drizzle during the day tomorrow. but the rain really moves in on thursday and that's going to affect the morning rush. the clouds have come in. there is no rain associated with those clouds right now. i mean, just take a look. we've got nothing out there on the radar, and i do not expect to see anything until the day tomorrow. now, we are watching this little area of rain trying to make its way up. this is what we're talking about here. northeasterly wind developing. maybe some drizzle. look at the heavy rain. we are talking big-time rains in portions of the mississippi valley, big-time snows back toward denver. that whole storm system moving our way. so tonight's headline, we are tracking the rain. i'll show you when it moves in. much colder weather coming in.
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i mean much colder. the weekend windchills may not get out of the low to mid 30s, especially on sunday. wait until you see this forecast, guys. coldest of the season. >> wow. thanks, doug. will d.c. tourism suffer because of the attacks in paris? why one maryland school district already canceled all its field trips to the driblistrict. a midair scare. what police say a passenger tried to do while flying over the atlantic. we continue to follow bre breaking news in europe. police put a stop to a potential new threat at a soccer match.
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if you see something, say something. that's the advice we've all been given and the passenger in maryland did just that. forcing the crew to abort a flight from bmi marshall airport. spirit airlines flight 969 was about to take off for chicago when a passenger alerted the crew to suspicious activity. they stopped the plane. they took four passengers off for questioning. security teams searched the plane and all of the luggage before clearing the plane to take off and releasing all four passengers. some developing news in boston. a british airways crew had to restraint a woman when she tried to open an exit door on a flight bound for the u.s. the flight was able to land safely in boston's logan airport and police took the woman off the plane. they say she was drunk and this was not related to terrorism and, fortunately, nobody on board was injured. i'm steve handelsman at
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union station where security today is visibly tighter than it's been. a lot of people saying they're afraid of an attack by isis. i'll have the latest on that and what president obama, what secretary of state kerry are saying about the u.s. plan and republican criticism of president obama's, what they say, is a lack of passion. that story's coming up. and there are concerns that the recent terror attacks will hurt d.c.'s booming tourism business. why one school district in maryland has already banned field trips to the district.
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i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we just learned a man has been arrested for watching women in a restroom at potomac mills mall. police believe he's connected to two other incidents. richard rodriguez is now charged with three counts of peeping and three counts of filming someone without their consent. investigators believe rodriguez denver say he was caught yesterday after a woman saw him putting a bag under her stall in the bathroom. the woman says rodriguez was dressed like a woman. in may, a similar incident happened at a walmart in woodbridge where these photos were taken. police say they believe rodriguez was responsible for that peeping incident as well as another at potomac mills mall a month ago. rodriguez is being held without bond. back to you. this is chris gordon at
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union station where tourists board buses to see the sites all around the nation's capital. yesterday the carroll county public school system located between frederick and baltimore suspended all field trips to washington, d.c., after that video by isis threatening attacks against more targets including washington, d.c. will more student trips be canceled? the owner of the group tour company which has been in business in washington 40 years doesn't think so. >> we're not hearing anything about travel here to washington, or to the region. it's probably the safest city in the world. >> reporter: all new at 5:00, we'll talk to some of the visitors here this week to find out if they have any hesitation about being here. back to you. >> all right. thanks, chris. republican critics are blasting president obama's response to the terror attacks in paris. and when it comes to dealing with isis, they're calling his strategy weak and his effort to reach out to moderate muslims
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misguided. steve handelsman is live at union station. steve, what are you hearing on your end? >> reporter: hi, chris. thanks. good evening. here at union station, it's not just the parents of those few students who are concerned about their security, for the first time really, we're seeing noticeably stepped up security. cops on the wall over there during this evening rush hour. more cops in cars over on that side. earlier today, at least three officers dressed in paramilitary fashion in brown outfits. you talk to people, they say not everybody, but many say they are concerned about an isis attack. you can see why. there's the disturbing news today out of germany. there's a confirmation today from the russians what's been reported for a while now that that was a bomb that brought down that plane that isis said it downed in egypt then, of course, there's in the wake of paris, the widening investigation that involves so many more people. our secretary of state, john kerry who speaks french incidentally, was in paris today
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speaking to french president hollande promising u.s. cooperation to, in kerry's words, focus exactly on the core of al qaeda in syria. president obama down under in australia today was much more laid back, if you piwill. laying out his plan to go after isis, he says, to ramp up was the president's terms, the u.s. attack and to reach out to moderate muslims worldwide to try to counter the isis psychological kind of war of the hearts and minds offensive that president obama is still insisting could be an important part of our way to counter isis. but here on capitol hill, house speaker paul ryan apparently making a reference to president obama said that the world needs american leadership, implying they're not getting it now from the president. mr. ryan said this attack in paris was an act of war and he says we need to counter that.
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and so, chris, it's a stark difference between how republicans are talking about the wake of paris and how president obama is. whether that's meaningful in terms of what the u.s. does remains a question. back to you. >> all right. yeah, they're using different words. sometimes it seems they're speaking a different language. thanks, steve. and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> we've seen the clouds roll in today. yesterday, 70 degrees. abundant sunshine, but say good-bye to days like that. we're going to see a lot more days like this over the next couple of days. lots of cloud cover. temperatures on the cooler side for sure. but still around average. 58 degrees. winds out of the east now at 10 miles per hour. that's helping to bring in some of those lower clouds around the region. temperatures have been mild for this time of year. upper 50s to lower 60s. 61 manassas and fredericksburg. cool spot, 55 in gaithersburg. we're not going to see rain tonight. it's going to be during the day tomorrow.
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that's coming from this little system. see a couple showers here trying to break out with the cloud cover making its way on in here. here's the big storm. look at the heavy rain toward little rock, kansas city, st. louis. they're going to get hammered with rain. that's the rain moving our way. behind it, very cold air. cold enough that parts of the denver area picked up over a foot of snow. leeann greg from our nbc affiliate, she continues to be out there. leeann is in castle rock just south of denver. >> reporter: good evening. the blizzard warnings will continue in the eastern part of colorado well into the evening tonight with near zero visibility has hat already forced the closure of more than 100 miles of interstate 70 from e-470 all the way to burlington. >> i was coming this way on 470, there's already multiple people in the ditch. so it's best that they close it until they get her cleared off. >> reporter: also a major closure, i-25 from waltonburg south to the new mexico state line. part of this massive storm that has started in colorado
4:21 pm
yesterday and will be moving on, but not before causing a lot of problems with travel including in the air, hundreds of flights have been canceled or delayed because of this storm. from castle rock, i'm leeann gregg for nbc news. >> castle rock, colorado. used to live out that way. right now future weather, timing when that storm moves out our way. first off tomorrow, clouds with a few showers. could be areas of drizzle. here's 9:30 tomorrow. take the umbrella with you. everybody seeing the cloud cover. best chance of showers tomorrow evening back toward the west. then the rain moves in. early thursday morning, here we are at 5:00 a.m. here comes the lighter rain then the heavier rain by around 8:00. so that morning rush on thursday could be a very big problem. by around 10:00 or 11:00, look at the heaviest rain coming right on through the d.c. metro area. this is going to be a very quick-moving system, and, again, it's going to give us half an inch to an inch of rain. should be out of here by about 2:00. 2:00, see the rain starting to
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pull on out. it's not an all day rain. by early evening we're out of it, but what we are going to see is heavy rain early in the morning. that's why we're calling thursday a weather alert day here at storm team 4. 68 degrees for a high temperature. falling temperatures late in the day. and look at the highs friday and saturday. much cooler, and we get downright cold on sunday. veronica's got those details at 4:45. >> thanks, doug. we continue to follow a breaking story. an international soccer match called off and fans evacuated after a potential security threat is discovered. we'll continue to bring you live updates here on news 4.
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a passenger's pregnant wife was murdered in indiana and you're looking at a picture of a man suspected of killing her. police released the image today from a surveillance camera located on a neighbor's home. amanda blackburn was killed last tuesday. her baby was asleep in the crib. her husband at the gym. he told reporters his wife's death has been a huge impact on the community.
4:26 pm
>> she was hope to people who were hopeless. i can't tell you how many people have come up to me and said i wouldn't be where i am today if it wasn't for amanda. >> police think the killer went to the family's home to burglarize it. a mississippi man is showing off his new looks after undergoing the most complex face transplant ever attempted. it included the skin over his entire head and neck. firefighter patrick hardeson was severely burned trying to rescue a woman from a house fire 14 years ago. he lost his eyelids, his ear, lips, most of his nose and his hair. for years he hid behind sunglasses and a baseball cap. even eating and talking caused him pain. >> here you can appreciate the dramatic transformation that he underwent with one operation. despite having undergone over 70 procedures in his hometown. >> the team of 150 medical professionals took 26 hours to perform the surgery in august at
4:27 pm
new york university's langon medical center. the hospital estimates it cost up to $1 million to perform the procedure. international travelers reconsidering their options after a series of terror attacks. the deals airlines are offering if passengers wish to make a change. maryland's governor says he wants to stop syrian refugees from coming to the state, but how much authority does he have to block them? it's a hard three letters to absorb. >> what charlie sheen says he wants to happen next now that he's revealed his big personal secret.
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right now at 4:30, if you plan to drive through northern virginia, courthouse road re-opened just a few minutes ago after a water main break that led to a whole lot of headaches this morning. courthouse road is the busy cutthrough from arlington courthouse, the jail and metro stations. also right now rescuers are working to get a 16-year-old ava zechiel in the cherokee national forest. she's been located alive but reportedly in difficult terrain. she's from d.c. and disappeared while hiking with classmates from a boarding school last wednesday. dozens of people have searched for her in the air and on the ground.
4:31 pm
d.c. police chief cathy lanier has a message for people in our area, it's safe. we were able to speak to lanier for the first time since the attacks in paris last friday. she said there is a heightened police presence that's both seen and unseen. darcy spencer is going to have a lot more on that coming up at 5:00. well, there have been several big developments in france today. investigators look to find the people responsible for those attacks. >> nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel has more on the announcement of a second suspect on the run and discovery of a safe house. >> reporter: there's a new report from the "associated press" that french investigators are looking for multiple suspects, as many as two who may still be on the loose. they say one they believe was actively involved in the shooting. earlier today, french authorities found what they're describing as a safe house. a hotel on the outskirts of city. a low-budget apartment-style hotel. a french newspaper released some images from inside that hotel.
4:32 pm
it showed syringes that may have been used to help assemble some of the suicide vests. so this is still very much an ongoing investigation. we are ain front of the batacla theater, of course, where the most tragic part of the massacre took place where people were inside with the gunman trapped inside with the gunman as the militants began to open fire indiscriminately then blew up their suicide vests. this place, this country, the city of lights has become a city of memorials. of candlelights. of torches. people are still coming to the terms that the city was attacked. they worry that it could get attacked again. >> our challenge is to stop the immediate threat, obviously, and destroy it. >> reporter: french officials have said that isis carried it out and they think that isis is not over, that it wants to continue a wave of international-level attacks like the one we saw here in france.
4:33 pm
richard engel, nbc news, paris. we've been reporting about the evacuation of a soccer stadium in germany this afternoon. just ahead of a big game there. >> that's right. we're hearing reports that they are concerned about a second location also in hanover. j.j. green is the national security correspondent for our radio partner wtop. he joins us on the phone. j.j., can you tell us what you're hearing there about the threat outside the stadium? >> earlier today, there was a report that the soccer match had been postponed and eventually canceled, and the stadium evacuated because the police chief in hanover had information suggesting, he called it concrete information, suggesting that there was some type of explosive device set to go off at or near the stadium. turned out later, and this still hasn't been confirmed in a hard manner, but we've gotten significant information from sources, several sources there,
4:34 pm
indicating that there was a truck, a bomb in a truck and it was rigged to go off but it was designed and disguised to look like an emergency vehicle. and, you know, at most stadiums you have emergency vehicles on hand. there was also a second scenario that we were told about at a train station in hanover that they're looking at and have been looking at this afternoon and tonight there that supposedly contained an explosive device. so germany is on alert. high alert tonight because of concerns that they may be about to go down the same path that paris did last week. >> j.j., there are also reports now that security forces in paris have a phone that belongs to one of the attackers. how important is that? >> well, based on the information that i've gotten from sources within the last half an hour or so, that that telephone possibly had on it an operational status update which could be anything from it's time to go, or the plan is working,
4:35 pm
or, you know, some directions. so it can obviously provide some significant information and guidance for intelligence and security officials who get the opportunity to listen to it and to go over it. but also there's a whole bunch of data on the phone that can help authorities out, gps. there could possibly be documents, telephone numbers, contact list. all sorts of stuff on that phone that could certainly point authorities in the direction that they need to go in or that they want to go in in order to make some progress in this investigation. so it's not an insignificant find to get that phone. >> all right. thank you very much, j.j. again, bottom line, no explosives found outside that stadium there in hanover. maryland governor larry hogan wants to halt a settlement of syrian refugees in maryland. he said after careful consideration he is asking federal authorities now to halt additional statements in maryland unless he gets
4:36 pm
assurances they pose no threat to public safety. more than half the country's governors are expressing reservations or flat-out asking the federal government not to send refugees their way. despite calls from virginia, republicans terry mcauliffe made no change to its policy. muriel bowser said they don't have a refugee policy so it's not an issue here. katie is with the "washington post" and has written about this issue. katie, how much authority do these governors actually have to keep refugees out? >> not much. the refugees -- it takes actually quite a while for refugees to come to the united states and actually started with the united nations high commission on refugees. they identify people who are, you know, in camps who are refugees then if they meet the criteria for refugees, they are then told to -- the united states then takes over and goes through a very extensive process that can last from 18 to 24 months to determine who these people are. you know, where they came from and where they may go.
4:37 pm
then at that point the refugees are able to get settled. so it's really a federal program and not a state program. >> so 18 months, that's the time for vetting. what else is involved in that process? >> you know, there's biometric screenings. you know, it's difficult to do background checks on syrian refugees just because there's, you know, there's not a lot to go on, but there's a lot of biometric steps. there's a lot of interviews that are done. you know, a number of thresholds that people have to get through sfw . >> so we spr a lot of republicans saying stop the flow, a lot of democrats saying that would be un-american. these refugees have really become a major political football as we head into 2016, haven't they? >> absolutely. governors and presidential candidates talking about this now as well. for example, senator ted cruz has said he plans to introduce legislation to bar syrian muslim refugees from coming into the country. he says that he believes syrian muslim refugees should be
4:38 pm
resettled in the middle east, majority muslim countries and the united states can provide financial assist taance or othe assistance but christians should be brought into the country given a safe haven. rand paul wants to introduce legislation that would bar syrian refugees from coming into the united states and make it slightly difficult for people from france to only into the united states as well. >> all right. katie of the "washington post." thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. charlie sheen says he's hiv positive and he's paid millions to keep people quiet. why he's finally coming clean. and a new reason to grab that cup of joe in the morning.
4:39 pm
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there is another reason to enjoy your next cup of joe. it could be a life saver. harvard researchers found people who drank two to five cups a day were less likely to die from a range of diseases including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. the effects held true for caffeinated as well as decaf coffee. among coffee lovers who did not smoke, the risk of mortality was even lower. not exactly clear why but researchers believe antioxidants in coffee may play a role. a teenage girl from d.c. is one of the young people youths honor at the white house today. it's because she used the arts to excel in school. first lady michelle obama presented the national arts and humanities youth program awards to 13 kids.
4:42 pm
they're all representing different after-school programs. valeria cruz was raised by a single mom in d.c. she turned around some failing grades after discovering a passion for dance. she was given free lessons through the non-profit, city dance dream program. >> they taught me communication skills, taught me learning, being a leader, how to mentor younger students in the program. >> now valeria teaches dance to young kids and she's the first in her family to apply to college. >> good for her. charlie sheen says he is putting an end to the shakedowns and payoffs that have kept his hiv diagnosis a secret. >> i think i -- i think i release myself from this prison today. >> next, what he told matt lauer about other rumors circulating in the tabloids.
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4:45 pm
just a few hours ago, fairfax county's board of supervisors voted unanimously to move ahead with 142 recommended changes in policing. the changes include further consideration to giving police officers body cameras. the police department has been under mounting pressure since the august 2013 death of john gear. an officer shot and killed the unarmed springfield resident in his doorway. news 4 just caught up with the police chief. he'll join us live with a report in the next hour.
4:46 pm
he says he paid millions to keep it a secret but now he's telling the world. >> yeah, charlie sheen is not only admitting that he's hiv positive but he's also talking about how he might have contracted the disease. erica edwards has more. >> reporter: this is the secret charlie sheen has been keeping. >> i'm here to admit that i am, in fact, hiv positive. >> reporter: the actor talked about his health in an interview with matt lauer on the "today" show tuesday morning. since his diagnosis four years ago sheen says he's paid nearly $10 million to prevent others from spilling the news. >> so we're talking about lawsuits filed against you here, charlie, we talking about shakedowns? >> we're talking about shakedowns. >> reporter: sheen does not know how he became infected. he has been vocal about his experiences with both prostitutes and drug use. >> first of all, are you still doing drugs is. >> no, i'm not. >> still drinking? >> a little bit, yeah. >> reporter: outside experts hope the announcement helps erase the stigma surrounding hiv
4:47 pm
and aids. >> it doesn't belong to someone who has a lot of sexual partners or does drugs when they're having sex or is paying people. >> reporter: sheen insists he has not missed a single day taking his hiv medication called anti-retroviral. the medicine helps keep hiv under control without progressing to aids. with proper treatment, hiv infected people can live full lives. sheen's doctor confirms the actor does not have aids. erica edwards, nbc news. >> all right. hope he stays healthy. a varied group of winners are among this year's presidential medal of freedom recipients. among the winners, director steven spielberg, late yogi bare berra, barbara mikulski and barbara streisand. world peace, culture or other important efforts.
4:48 pm
there is exciting news today about our panda cub. we now know when we'll get a chance to get our first look at bei bei at the national zoo. >> the little cub will make his public debut a few weeks after mas christmas. set your calendars. look at that. the three-month-old. now he's 12 1/2 pounds. that is larger than both his siblings were at the same age. the panda house has been closed since august to allow the mother and cub to bond. >> she is mighty cute. >> yeah. >> seems to get cuter by the week. >> yes, he is. people will be marking their calendars, believe me. >> oh, yeah. meteorologist veronica johnson is in the storm center. we is have rainy changes on the way, huh? >> that we do. we should just look at the panda. unlike the forecast that's coming our way. it could be a stressful rush hour coming our way. i'll show you when as we head on through the maps here. we get our first change this
4:49 pm
evening. it's really 11:00 p.m. just after midnight. clouds across the area. now we're dry. low 50s our temperature. we're going to kind of hover around there as we make our way into early tomorrow morning. after midnight, clouds to mist. even fog. we told you about this yesterday. of course, this morning, chuck bell was telling you about the same thing. so not a terribly nasty conditions for tomorrow morning. i thichbnk you'll be able to gey with a small umbrella or jacket. light rain and mist in the forecast for the early part of the day. even a chance during the afternoon in certain locations. waking up again, temperatures 45 to 51 degrees. jacket, yes, for early in the day. late in the day, you may be able it get by with the umbrella. here's a look at our high temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. frederick as well as mt. airy, 62. 66, fredericksburg. 65 around stafford and quantico. we go from light rain and mist tomorrow. there's wednesday. thursday, more heavy rain. there's a chance of thunderstorms, gusty thunderstorms that could come
4:50 pm
driving on through here. there's your second change between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. early thursday morning. you will need the big umbrella and you will need to leave early if you've got to head somewhere because i think not only do we get the heavy rain moving through here but also the chance of some wind for midday. still some gusty thunderstorms. those will continue up until about 1:00 to 2:00. heavy at times. then we start to clear out. we get the green light by the afternoon as far as road conditions go. here it is coming right on through our area. see it there behind it, thursday we could even have a little bit of sun sine late in the day. a look at your storm team four-day forecast. weather alert day thursday. starting out 11:00 wednesday morning, meteorologist doug kammerer will give you the very latest and alerts throughout the early morning. chuck bell, as well as up to the early afternoon when the front moves through. the weekend, cold. one word. first time that we've used this on our seven-day forecast. we'll tell you more about that coming up on news 4 at 5:00. >> thanks. going to have a lot of
4:51 pm
company if you hit the road for thanksgiving. aaa says the holiday rush this year will be busineer than previous years. 47 million people expected to travel during the holiday. close to 90% of them will be getting there by car. the huge increase expected because of cheaper gas. national average around $2.15 a gallon and not expected to go any higher before the end of the year. stuck on a gift idea for a little girl or boy? you are in luck. the toy industry association just released its top toys of the year. and toy trend specialist, jackie, is here with a few of these. these are really great for any boy or girl in whatever age category. >> definitely. >> all right, let's start down here on this end. this is play tape. what is this about? >> this is play tape. it's these rolls of tape that has train tracks or railroads and kids can just create their own play mats on any flat surface with their toy vehicleses >> awesome.
4:52 pm
okay. our next toy is rush hour shift. this looks familiar for a lot of folks in d.c. >> it's about navigating through the traffic. >> uh-huh. >> two-player strategy game where you have to use critical thinking skills to beat your component. >> kind of sounds like chess. >> it is a little bit like chess. >> okay. this one i think is really cool. "star wars" science jedi force levitator. explain what this does. >> this is an innovative toy that teaches kids about electricity. what you'll end up doing is magically suspending one of these deflectors in the air. >> i got it. all right. bright beats. this one is for our little ones. >> it is. it's for 9 months to about 3 years and teaches kids to move and dance, colors and numbers, and then there's a recording option so parents can dance with their kids. >> very cool. the next one on the list is a nurf super soaker. we had super soakers around when i was a kid. what's new about this one? >> this is the first nurf you can hook up to your hose. called the flood fire. >> oh my goodness. >> never-ending action.
4:53 pm
>> all right. then the tech walk, crawler 3 xl. this looks like an average joe monster truck but it's not. >> it's not. totally for off roading. 15 inches long. comes in green or black and a lot of fun outside. >> off roading. last but not least the worry eaters. >> these worry eaters, kids can write their worries on a piece of paper and feed them to the worry eaters and zip it up and their worries will go away. >> excellent. jackie with the toy industry association. thanks for coming and showing us these toys. see all the industry's top toy picks. go to our nbc washington app and search "top toys." so is it safe to travel to paris? the impact the attacks are having on airlines and what passengers should do if they want to reschedule.
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
the transportation security administration is checking out a man's claim that he took a gun on board a flight. the man is from georgia. he says it was a mistake. he says he didn't realize he had the gun in his carry-on when he went through security in atlanta november 5th. he says he only noticed the gun when he got to his hotel room in chicago. and he says he's speaking out about it to help improve security. >> how did that get on that plane? for the safety of the people of the united states, for the safety of the people in the
4:57 pm
world, actually, we need to tighten up. >> that particular accusation by that passenger is being investigated. we have talked with our colleagues at tsa. >> the tsa says if any security procedures were not followed, the agency will retrain employees. a man who was shot during a confrontation with minneapolis police over the weekend has died. jamar clark had been on life support since the shooting early sunday morning. the incident has sparked several protests. some witnesses allege that clark was handcuffed when he was shot. something police deny. a state investigation is now under way. police say clark was a suspect in an assault and got into a scuffle with officers when he refused to let paramedics help the victim. back to the aftermath of the terror attacks in france. and the impact it's having on some americans' travel plans. a state of emergency will be in effect for at least three months, and that has many people rethinking their trips.
4:58 pm
consumer reporter linda bacaro contacted the airlines to find out what you should do if you want to reschedule. >> reporter: as long as you keep the same itinerary, american is allowing wro ining you to chang tickets without penalty if you're scheduled to travel this week. they're waving the change fee as long as you traveled before december 15th. or if you choose not to do that, you can apply the value of your ticket to a new trip on americanairlines as long as you travel within a year. if you're flying on delta, they're waiving air change fees for anyone set to fly through sunday november 22nd. the difference here is the offer is being made not only to those traveling to and from paris but delta is also including flights to 11 other airports throughout france. and in case there's a fare difference between the original flight and the one you're rebooking, united airlines is both waiving their fee for changing the ticket and waiving any fare difference. that's for travelers who were booked for this week, but you have a shorter time to make those changes.
4:59 pm
if you decide to rebook right away, you must travel by the end of the month, november 30th. or, again, you can apply the value of your ticket to a new trip as long as you do that within a year from the original date of issue. on high alert. see something, say something. that led to a plane delay here in our area. and a scare in the air on the way to boston. >> and the terror attacks in paris have everyone on edge tonight. >> she ran down the aisle at one point and she hit me in the arm and my drink nearly went over. >> reporter: kind of rushing? >> yeah, she was running. she was actually running down the aisle. >> good evening, i'm jim hanley. a live look now at wembley stadium in england. the site of france's first soccer game since the attacks last friday and it has been a day filled of security scares all over europe, even here in the states. >> the most pressing issue right now occurred at a soccer stadium in germany. good afternoon, i'm wendy
5:00 pm
rieger. we're going to begin with that breaking news. it's out of hanover. authorities there are calling it a concrete threat. the stadium was evacuated before a high-profile match between germany and the netherlands. they did have evidence someone wanted to set off a bomb inside that stadium but the interior minister now says no explosives were found at the stadium or nearby train station. germany's chancellor and other government officials planned to attend that game to show they are not intimidated by the attacks that occurred in paris. i'm chris lawrence getting you caught up on everything in europe where tensions and nerves are are running high and the impact that is having right here at home. here's the very latest. the search for those involved in friday's deadly attacks in paris is expanding. french authorities are looking for two individuals. the brother for one of those men, salah


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