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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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rieger. we're going to begin with that breaking news. it's out of hanover. authorities there are calling it a concrete threat. the stadium was evacuated before a high-profile match between germany and the netherlands. they did have evidence someone wanted to set off a bomb inside that stadium but the interior minister now says no explosives were found at the stadium or nearby train station. germany's chancellor and other government officials planned to attend that game to show they are not intimidated by the attacks that occurred in paris. i'm chris lawrence getting you caught up on everything in europe where tensions and nerves are are running high and the impact that is having right here at home. here's the very latest. the search for those involved in friday's deadly attacks in paris is expanding. french authorities are looking for two individuals. the brother for one of those men, salah abdeslam spoke to
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french media and said his brother is devout but didn't show any signs of radical beliefs and called on his brother to turn himself in. police have not identified that second person. and in britain, prime minister david cameron told parliament the attacks in paris argue for a greater military intervention against isis. >> you need an approach that covers the full range, military power, counterterrorism expertise, and defeating the poisonous narrative that is the root cause of this evil. >> here in maryland, governor larry hogan joined a growing list of governors across the country who say they will oppose syrian refugees settling in their states. hogan asked the government to not allow any additional refugees from syria until it can provide assurance there's no threat to public safety. but that process of settling refugees takes a year to two years and the governors don't really have an authority to block them. meanwhile, the group, anonymous, appears to be putting its own threat directed at isis. in a video not verified yet by
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nbc news, the group threatened cyber attacks against the terror group. jim? >> chris lawrence. french authorities went into two hotel rooms in a town just outside paris overnight. as part of more than 100 overnight raids. it's believed those rooms inside the hotel may have been rented out by salah abdeslam then used by the attackers as a staging area. those rooms appeared to be left in a hurry. inside officers found syringes, pizza boxes, and evidence that could be linked to the making of explosive devices. french president francois hollande is going to be in washington next week to meet with president obama. hollande met earlier today with secretary of state john kerry at the presidential palace in paris. when he's here, hollande and president obama will be talking about coordinated efforts both into the investigation of the paris attacks and in the fight against isis. after washington, hollande will be traveling to moscow to meet
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with vladimir putin. we had a scare on board a plane departing bwi marshall airport. authorities say it was a case of someone being cautious. the spirit airlines flight to chicago was about to take off when a passenger reported suspicious behavior to the crew. the plane returned to the gate and four passengers were removed at the request of the captain. >> eventually they deborded all of us. they had canine units sniffing our bags. it was dreadful. >> you just never know. i definitely don't fault spirit. i'm glad, you know, for the inconvenience, you know, i'll be a little late, you know, at least we got here. >> the plane and the luggage were searched and then cleared for flight. the removed passengers were interviewed and then they were released. with everything going on, the chief of police in the district wants to assure residents that she is doing everything she can to make sure the city is safe. and she's reacting to that isis video threatening violence here
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in washington. news 4's darcy spencer spoke to the chief today and joins us now live from police headquarters. darcy? >> reporter: well, jim, this is the first opportunity we've had to talk to the chief since the terror attacks unfolded on friday and, of course, i had to ask her about that isis video threatening violence here in the nation's capital. she tells me she is taking every threat very seriously. chief cathy lanier is in charge of keeping you safe in the nation's capital. after friday's terror attacks in paris, she was on the phone with chiefs of other major departments including new york. >> we start moving immediately. there's not a deliberation at all. when something like that's happening somewhere else, we have to react to it quickly. >> reporter: the chief says they're increasing police presence. they're also using technology and doing other things that the public won't see. she doesn't want to give details. >> we want people to feel safe and know we have a significant security posture in place, but
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we don't want to scare people. >> reporter: i asked the chief about the isis video threatening an attack in the heart of washington. she says she takes every threat to be real and credible. >> you can't take anything for granted. when you have people that are pushing that type of agenda, the fact that there are people out here that might take that action based on seeing that video, we have to take all of that seriously. >> reporter: with the holidays approaching she wants people to live, work and visit the nation's capital to feel confident this is one of the safest places in the country. >> it's easy to err on the side of caution and then ramp down if we need to. it's not as easy to err on the side of not being cautious enough and then bad things happen. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 6:00, i'll tell you the one thing that the chief says we should not be doing in light of the terror threat, but first i want to send it to my colleague, chris gordon and he's talking about how all of this could affect tourism right here in the nation's capital. chris? >> reporter: well, darcy, two
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high schools in connecticut have apparently canceled school trips here to the nation's capital. in maryland the carroll county public school system yesterday suspended field trips here. one spokesman said it was to err on the side of caution. so we set out today to see what impact all of this is having on local tourism. these 44 high school students from vermont came with three chaperons. to tour museums and monuments in the nation's pal. the capital. their parents are are supporting the decision to take this trip despite the paris attacks and threat against more targets including washington, d.c. >> we're being cautious and paying more attention to our surroundings. we feel it's important to make sure the terrorists don't win and we continue to enjoy our nation's capital and have the learning experience that we came here to have. >> reporter: but north carroll high school in maryland had its field trip to washington, d.c., suspended because of the
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purported isis threat. carroll county is located between baltimore and frederick. some tourists here in washington have had to overcome concerns about their safety. >> maybe a little fear, but after watching the news and everything being done, i felt a lot safer. >> reporter: here in the district, the group tour company has booked school trips to the nation's capital for the past 40 years. they haven't gotten any cancelations. >> no, we haven't had any calls here from any clients, and right now we're booking groups in 2016. >> reporter: ahead, what, if any, impact will all of this have on hotels, restaurants and local businesses? that part of the story coming up on news 4 at 6:00. jim, back to you. >> and a reminder tonight our coverage continues on our nbc washington app for you. right now, we have a list of screened charities that are accepting help for the victims of the paris attacks. just search "help france." washington college in
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maryland will cancel classes for a third day tomorrow as the search continues for a student with a gun. you may have heard or seen our breaking news alert on this. news 4's tracee wilkins is at the campus on the eastern shore to tell us about the student and this decision to cancel classes. >> reporter: this is a student who was considered a model student. he is now behind the reason that this college has dsecided to close again for the third day in a row. now, again, this is a student considered a model student. he was in a fraternity here on campus. he was a member of sga. and then he showed some students a gun and everything quickly went downhill. >> those students who have been able to return home have done so. >> reporter: today instead of sheltering in place, students and faculty were asked to leave washington college altogether. >> we were given additional information by law enforcement this morning, the nature of that i cannot reveal. they ask us not to. on the basis of that new information, we decided it was
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best to close the campus. >> reporter: police from pennsylvania to maryland are searching for 19-year-old jacob marber grrks er, a sophomore who may be armed and also may be unhappy with his college. >> he had an upcoming honor board case. he got kicked out of his fraternity. had to rehouse into another facility. on that sunday night before he left, he was confronted by a student government association about his affiliation with them. >> reporter: police say marberger felt bullied by students and some point showed some students an antique handgun that he owned. after an anonymous tip, it took campus police some time to locate the gun and now marberger is facing charges. >> a dangerous weapon on school property, possession of a firearm by a minor, a handgun upon his person and illegal possession of ammo. >> reporter: the 19-year-old was last seen monday morning in pennsylvania. his parents say he came to their home and retrieved a rifle case that may possibly have a rifle inside. >> we have decided to close campus until further notice.
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we would like to stress there has been no direct threat to the campus or any members of this community or the region. >> reporter: after the incident with the gun, he was suspended and he had to do a mental evaluation which he passed and was allowed back on to campus. had been here for seven days before everything happened with being kicked out of the fraternity and asked to leave sga. that's when he went home to his parents' monday morning and retrieved what possibly may have been a rifle. now once again, the campus will be closed tomorrow. in order to do this and evacuate all the students, it took a lot of effort. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, you'll hear how this entire city has come together to try and help evacuate this college. reporting live in chestertown, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. >> tra krercee, thank you. get ready, folks. we have a lot of changes brewing in the weather world the next couple days. >> we're talking range and temperature nose dive as we get close to freezing, right, doug?
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>> yeah, this comes after a day yesterday when we hit 70 degrees with abundant sunshine. i don't see any of that happening any time soon. we got the clouds. they moved in earlier. by don't have the rain just yet. see on the radar we're not dealing with any rain. we have showers to our west in west virginia, southern virginia. we may see a couple of those come in during the night tonight into the day tomorrow. here's the bigger storm. a monster of a storm, too, bringing a lot of rain, tornado warnings continue and then the snow continues back to the west. that whole system moves our way. the first thing we're tracking is the rain. the heaviest rain coming in early on thursday morning. we' time that out for you. then it gets colder and we're talking much colder here. the weekend windchills may not get out of the low 30s. the coldest year so far -- coldest weekend so far this season, and, yes, we could even see freezing in the city for the first time this season. charlie sheen announced he's been living with hiv for the last four years paying millions of dollars in hush money. coming up at 5:00, why medical
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experts say the stigma can be more deadly than the virus. has an airline ever lost your luggage? one local couple went on their dream honeymoon and were stranded without their stuff. find out how you can protect your money and your bags on your next trip. plus the game goes on. britain's soccer match against france continues in england with a show of solidarity. more coverage from paris just ahead.
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actor charlie sheen says he hopes that going public with his hiv diagnosis will help dissolve some of the stigma attached to the virus. the actor revealed on the "today" show he was diagnosed four years ago. telling matt lauer that he came forward today to stop the false media reports and the blackmail attempts that have already cost him millions of dollars. >> it's a hard three letters to absorb, you know? it's a turning point in one's life. >> have you knowingly, or even, perhaps, unknowingly, transmitted the hiv virus to someone else since your diagnosis? >> impossible. have a responsibility now to better myself and to help a lot of other people.
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>> sheen says that he told all of his partners about his diagnosis and his doctor said that with sheen's treatment, the virus has been suppressed to the point where there is no detectable level of hiv in his blood. the rate of people contracting hiv in the district has fallen for several years now in a row. it's still considered an epidemic level, however. and doctors here say they hope sheen's announcement will help with one of the more deadly aspects of this disease. news 4's meagan fitzgerald explains. >> listen to me. >> reporter: he's one of hollywood's best known actors, but he's also known for drug abuse, erratic behavior, paying prostitutes and assaulting one of his ex-wives several years ago. in this 2009 interview with nbc, he didn't seem to care. >> get all the answers and the truth, wow, winning. >> reporter: but a different tone from sheen on tuesday when he made a confession on the "today" show. >> i'm going to admit that i am, in fact, hiv positive.
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>> reporter: sheen says he paid people more than $10 million to keep his diagnosis a secret. >> for some reason i trusted them. they were deep in my inner circle. thought they could be helpful. instead they, as i wrote, my trust turned to their treason. >> reporter: sheen admits he worried about negative public perception of the virus. >> we have a lot of patients that feel that kind of stigma. >> reporter: justin is the director of community relations for the whitman walker clinic. he's also living with hiv. he says the stigma can be more deadly than the virus, itself. >> and so they end up not getting tested, not knowing their status and not staying in care. >> reporter: he says managing hiv is a lot easier than other chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes. and it's not the death sentence it once was. >> people can live an equally full life as someone who's hiv negative. >> reporter: so he's hoping charlie sheen's announcement will encourage others to break their silence to help shatter
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the stigma. >> we have the tools to end this epidemic, and we got to get stigma out of the way in order to do it. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news 4. more now from paris where police are now appealing to the public to help identify one of those suicide bombers involved in the paris attacks. his face had appeared on a syrian passport bearing another person's name. meanwhile, no letup in the search for two others involved in the attack. jim rosenfield has more from paris. >> reporter: for the first time, we're experiencing the chaos of friday's deadly attacks in paris through this new cell phone video. the terrifying images taken just moments after terror suspects opened fire inside the bataclan theater. french officials now say another person directly related to this massacre is unaccounted for. while the brother of the first fugitive salah abdeslam called
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on him to turn himself in. a warrant for his arrest. >> they spread terror, trying to sew fear and intimidate people. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry met with french president francois hollande today, their common goal taking down isis. >> we're on the lookout every single day for these plots. >> reporter: france is determined to put a stop to those terror plots, launching more air strikes today on isis targets in their capital city. and police conducting more than 120 raids. french president francois hollande will visit the united states next week to discuss his plans to take down isis. in paris, jim rosenfield, news 4. we're hearing tonight from an american college student who was in paris during those attacks. bruno is his name. the california lutheran university student wasn't hurt but he was at that soccer stadium when the bomb went off outside the gate. >> i think it sounded like thunder. i asked my buddy, hey, is it
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raining or is that a thunderstorm? and he goes, no, that might be fireworks, but we usually don't play fireworks in the middle of the game type of thing. so, another five minutes goes and then another type of explosion sound and we started hearing rumors that the center paris, there was shootings. that being said, everyone started yelling and being pretty frightened. around 80,000 people started running out of nowhere. i was with a group of, there was six of us. it was total chaos. i like to say we were basically running for our life at that time. i was running for my life. a drunk passenger called a scare on a british airways flight that was headed from london to the u.s. this afternoon. police say the woman tried to open an exit door while the plane was in the air. the flight crew restrained her. the plane landed safely at boston's logan airport and state police took the woman into
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custody. they say this was not terrorism or terrorism related, and there were no injuries. here at the live desk we're keeping an eye out for a possible news conference from tennessee. a teenage girl from d.c. has been found. ava zechiel has been missing for a week. she's 16 years old. they found her this afternoon in the cherokee national forest. crews had to get ava out of rough terrain but she's appar t apparently in good condition. she was hiking from her classmates from boarding school when sh went missing last wednesday. police and fbi agents spent the past seven days searching for her and police found ava 11 miles from the school. we'll push out updates on our app as soon as they come in. jim? >> chris, thank you. they burned the american flag in the streets and demanded action. how this black lives matter movement has already brought about some change. about some change. >> we're saying th
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depends on who's in the sidecar. it's pretty comfortable in there. let's go for a ride.
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> well, the clouds have moved in across the area, but the temperatures were still a little bit above average today. tonight we're going to stay well
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above average as a result of the clouds. take a look at what we're dealing with aross the area. 57 degrees at the airport. winds out of the east at 12 miles per hour. the easterly flow off the ocean is helping to produce the clouds. we'll continue to see those clouds for the next coupliuoupl days. right now winchester coming in at 55 degrees. no rain to talk about even though we have the cloud cover, we're not dealing with rain just yet. the rain will come in during the day tomorrow. it's really thursday we're going to be watching for. you can see the clouds moving on in. you can also notice the easterly flow right here. see the clouds coming right off the ocean in toward our region? that's why we're seeing the clouds here. take a look at the storm. this is a massive storm back toward the west. brought parts of colorado over a foot of snow. take a look at some of the snowfall out there toward the colorado area. just south of denver around the castle rock area. they did see near blizzard conditions. this is i-25 south of denver. this is an area of highway that gets shut down a lot when they
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see very heavy rain or very heavy snow. this was the first blizzard warning in 6 1/2 years. some areas saw nearly 14 inches of snow canceling flights all across that region. fortunately for them, it is finally moving on out. that storm moving out of colorado, moving into the plains and eventually moving over toward our region. tomorrow night into the day on thursday. let's take you through future weather. tomorrow, 6:00 a.m., notice the cloud cover. also notice some shower activity. it's not much. it's very light showers. we may even see some areas of drizzle. here we are around 9:30, see some of that around the d.c. metro area. so take the umbrella tomorrow. most of the day we'll be dry. you won't need the umbrella most of the time. you may need it during the afternoon. take that little purse umbrella you can fit in the back pocket. i expect to see showers during the day tomorrow. tomorrow night we see the showers increase. look at thursday morning. 5:00 a.m. notice the rain. everywhere. but the heaviest rain stays off to the west. right on through 7:00, 8:00, though, that's when it really starts to move in. everybody gets in on the action. we're going to be dealing with
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heavy rain around 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, the early morning rush and right on through the lunchtime hour. after that it starts to move out. around 2:00, still seeing the rain then we start to clear out and then we start to cool quickly. high temperatures tomorrow, 65 in d.c. 63 gaithersburg. 58 in winchester. areas to the west, you have the best chance to see some of this rain. who is that? well, front royal, warrenton, culpeper, winchester area. that's the best chance for showers during your wednesday. everybody, i say, gets in on the rain on thursday. that's why thursday is a weather alert day. you can download our nbc washington app at any time to take a look at that. 68 degrees on thursday. 57 on friday. and boy, do we get cold this weekend. veronica has the latest at 5:45. >> wow. now at 5:00, police in fairfax county could be recording you soon. officers one step closer to getting the body cameras that other departments are are getting. there's still one hurdle, though, that has to be cleared. plus fear and threats. all eyes on france's first soccer game since those attacks.
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we'll tell you how
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now at 5:30, the terror in paris, more photos of the french suspects believed to be the eighth man wanted in these attacks. police believe he's on the run somewhere in belgium. isis claimed responsibility for friday's attacks that killed 129 people. and here in washington, senate leaders welcome the french ambassador to capitol
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hill today. many of them signing a condolence book. right now in paris, u.s. and french officials are putting together a response to the terror attack. >> now that isis has claimed responsibility, what can be done? nbc's lester holt brought that question to secretary of state john kerry today in paris. >> reporter: we learned from russia today that it was, in fact, a bomb that took down the metrojet over egypt a couple weeks ago. isis claimed responsibility. isis apparently behind the par li paris bombings. these are are capabilities no one apparently knew they had. how could the u.s. and the west expectations of isis be so wrong? >> i disagree that people didn't know they had this capacity. we certainly have known. >> should you have warned people? >> sure. they have gained great expertise over a period of time, and they have some people who have been fighting in the terror network for a period of time. so they have access to c4, they have access to explosives.
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everybody knows that. they're making ieds every single day. >> reporter: i also asked secretary kerry about the latest isis threat, the video that threatened washington, d.c., and once again he said this is nothing new, we've heard this sort of thing before. that's the story from here in paris. we'll send it back to you. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. france and england wrapped up their soccer match in london. it's the first time back on the field for the french national team since those attacks in paris. the match took a back seat to what happened beforehand. the stadium was lit up in the colors of the french flag and the team walked out to loud cheers from the nearly 90,000 fans inside wembley stadium. remember, this is in the uk. a lot of them were waving the french flag or banners supporting france. managers from both teams laid flowers on the ground along with britain's prince william. then, both teams took a moment of silence for the 129 people who died. now, the game ended with england
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winning 2-nil but fans say the important thing was showing unity among europeans and the world. now, we did see two games canceled today. belgium and spain as well as germany and the netherlands. authorities had to evacuate the stadium for the second game because of what they called a concrete threat. they say someone wanted to set off explosives outside the stadium, but when it was all wrapped up, police searched the area, they didn't find anything and no one has been arrested. jim? closer to home now, the university of maryland increasing security for tonight's big game against georgetown. doors open in about a half an hour. jason pugh live in college park tonight. what are you seeing out there? just how big of a night is this for these two programs? >> reporter: jim, everyone is looking forward to this game tonight between maryland and georgetown. you mentioned the heightened security. i talked to a few members of the security team a few minutes ago. if you're coming out to the game tonight in college park, get here as early as possible and
5:34 pm
expect long lines. security, they are achecking everything from backpacks to bags to purses. please be patient as you wait to get into the arena. now, as for the game, georgetown and maryland, these two teams, these programs mean so much to college basketball, and it's good they're finally playing once again this year. it's been the first scheduled meeting between these two teams since 1993. this footage is from that game. dwayne simpkins, game winner in overtime. unranked maryland defeated 15th ranked georgetown. despite the rivalry remaining mostly dormant in recent years, the current head coaches of the program know their kids are are aware of how big this game truly is. >> they've heard, they understand the traditions. they understand, you know, history. and so, you know, they realize that in as much as every game is important, this game has a little special zing to it. >> it's exciting, it's good. it's good for our area. i think we needed it. john and i have been talking
5:35 pm
about playing this game for a while. it's going to get a lot of play, and it should be a great basketball game. >> reporter: now, tip off tonight is set for 9:00. coming up later on news 4 at 6:00, we'll hear from the hoyas and terps players tonight. fr the roads are open in arlington near the site of the water main break that disrupted the morning rush. north courthouse road between 13th and 14th streets was shut down this morning. the main was fixed early this afternoon. the crews patched up the road an hour ago. officials say that pipe was 85 years old and age could have been a factor in this break. exelon, you got to go, go back to chicago! >> we support the merger! >> protesters clashing today over the proposed merger of two powerful utility companies pepco and exelon. they're reviewing the merger that could affect d.c. power
5:36 pm
rates for decades to come. are politics getting in the way? news 4's tom sherwood takes a closer look at the contributions from a controversial political action committee involving d.c. mayor muriel bowser. a man is facing charges in northern virginia in fairfax city as a matter of fact. for using a sandwich as a weapon. police in fairfax city say they arrested jonathan magnes of new jersey on sunday after he threw a sandwich at another man during a fight at a pizza parlor. police say magnes then drove off but the victim followed him and called police and sure enough, they got their guy. magnes was charged with dui along with assault and battery and we do not know what kind of sandwich it was. two more months, people. that's how long you have to wait to get a live look at that new little baby panda cub bei bei. today the national zoo announced he'll make his public debut
5:37 pm
saturday january 16th. if you have a zoo membership, you get a head start and get to see him a week early, january 8th. bei bei is now three months old and he just recently -- he's so cute -- just took his first steps. >> we cannot get enough of him. news 4's learned the feds will not investigate the chemistry fire that burned kids in that classroom in virginia. we'll explain why. and see how things have changed in that northern virginia school. final exams may become a thing of the past in montgomery county schools but kids, don't
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5:40 pm
federal investigators will not, not launch a formal review of the chemistry class fire at woodson high school in fairfax county. the u.s. chemical safety board says it would be a better use of its time and resources to have its staff do outreach insteds at the schools. that includes a warning to teachers there not to use bulk containers of flammable chemicals when they're teaching class. fairfax county schools also say that there are going to be safety training updates for the science teachers. that should be completed by the end of the month. you may recall last month's fire hurt five students and a teacher. >> interesting update there. a half dozen players in the nfl and a couple in the nba are now unable to play right now because of concussions. >> but it's not just an injury
5:41 pm
that is affecting professional athletes. doreen is here now with a story of a local teen's recovery and how he's helping others. >> hi, wendy, jim. as we know, recovery from a concussion scan range from a few days to several months, sometimes even ong erlonger tha. a localhigh schooler who really struggled with his own basketball practice concussion is sharing his story and now he's developing an interesting way to help diagnose concussions early when it's most important. his name is eric. he was in the eighth grade when he suffered a concussion that took him out of school for almost five months. eric was actually lucky because his parents didn't wait to seek medical help when eric didn't seem quite right after that collision on court. his early diagnosis was key to his recovery and now he's working on a new tool in his computer class to help identify concussions in studentsooner ri sidelines. >> eric's parents did a
5:42 pm
wonderful job recognizing, responding and because of that even though he had a prolonged recovery, it really -- the access to medical care he was able to get quickly did, indeed, help him. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll take a look at how eric's test works and why it's uniquely suited to young people and we'll find out why doctors think it could really make a difference in treating patients. wendy, jim, that's coming up at 11:00. >> all right. see you then. thanks, doreen. if you have ever had an airline lose your luggage, listen up, folks. we have a report tonight that will help put the power back in your hands. this first-person perspective in policing, a step closer to coming to fairfax county. the decision made today that may
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back here at the live desk. we learned the man who set fire to a drugstore during the riots in baltimore is going to spend the next four years in jail. raymond carter was sentenced today after admitting he started the fire at a cvs. surveillance video captured carter going to the corner of the store where the fire started and he admits he used some of the paper products to that get fire ignited. it caused more than $1 million in damage. a judge ordered carter to pay about half that in restitution. jim? >> thank you, chris. tonight, fairfax county police are a step closer to implementing a body camera program. northern virginia reporter david culver is live outside police headquarters now to explain what happens next. david? >> reporter: and jim, body
5:46 pm
cameras are just really one part of 142 recommended changes to the fairfax county police department. all of which the board of supervisors voted to continue pursuing today. now, they say their goal essentially, enchanced and more transparent policing. the vote today, calm, uneventful really. >> and that motion carries unanimously. >> reporter: what you can't see in this tranquil board room of elected officials the more than two years of emotions that built up to this point. >> hands up -- >> still shot. >> reporter: pressure led to protesting against the fairfax county police, residents calling for transparency, police accountability. in part rooted in one man's death. john gear. august 2013, police responded to a domestic 911 call. an unarmed gear standing in his springfield doorway shot and killed by an officer. after his family's lawsuit, coinciding with a national
5:47 pm
conversation on safe policing, the board created an ad hoc committee to suggest changes. among the recommendations now nearing its trial phase, body cameras. >> we're ready to do a pilot project that the key obstacle here is budgetary. >> reporter: the board has to look at ways to pay for it, the chief tells me they've done their research and just this summer joined neighboring departments like prince williams county. before voting to move ahead with the recommended changes today, supervisors worried the community might get shut out of the process. >> it's time that somehow in this process our citizens hear from us where we stand on these things, and i didn't see that in the process. >> reporter: the chairman said that wouldn't be the case. >> we will work our way through each of the recommendations through the public safety committee. >> if you say it's in there, then it's in there. we're good to go. >> reporter: so what's the timing here when it comes to the body cameras? well, that's the big question mark. the chief says over the next few months he hopes to present a
5:48 pm
pilot program to the ad hoc committee, but things really going to be on hold until they can figure out how to come up with the cash to pay for it. even before today's vote, though, chief tells me changes have already been under way when it comes to his force. we're going to detail some of those when we see you again on news 4 at 6:00. wendy? >> all right. david culver. well, those final exams in montgomery county are about to hit the road. it is going to happen despite some concern from teachers. some 90% of the staff in that school district don't like a move to replace those two hour final exams at the end of each semester, replace them with 45 minute quarterly assessments. that's a change that they say will mean two more weeks of instructional time each year. but the board members are forging ahead with the plan, anyway. they unanimously voted to scrap the exams starting next september. all right. here we go. the weather is about to take a very nasty turn on us. starting tomorrow, just a little bit of fog and mist. right? >> exactly then we get the real
5:49 pm
nasty stuff coming a day after that. our weather slipping downhill from the beginning of the week toward the end. you can see today's a b-plus today. tomorrow kind of a c-minus. fog and mist. "d" with stormy conditions on thursday. school day forecast. we're back to sunshine, a-plus weather by the end of the week. but for some folks it may be a little too chilly. here's what we're tracking right now. clouds out there currently. storm team 4 radar showing you showers well back to the west around elkins and roanoke, advancing eastward. when are we getting it first? the next change for us is after 11:00 p.m. midnight, we go from the cloud cover to mist and fog. early tomorrow morning you'll notice the damp conditions and dampness in the air. now, i don't think you're going to need the big umbrella. some of you might not even need an umbrella. we're talking about mist, drizzle, light rain. small umbrella or just a jacket you'll be able to get by with for tomorrow. wake-up weather, temperatures start out between 45 and 51
5:50 pm
degrees but will rise into the 60s. look at this. 63 leesburg. areas west just around i-81 will be lower. those temperatures in the upper 50s. that's where we've got the best chance of rain. from light rain wednesday, your rain intensity, to more heavy rain. they're saying gusty thunderstorms coming our way for thursday. the next change is thursday morning. when that rain moves in, it's going to get heavier and heavier. even the chance for some storms coming our way. that could produce some higher winds around 40 miles per hour. 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. there's the next change, thursday morning. weather alert day for storm team 4. weather conditions, in the red for the morning as well as mid-day. gusty rains continuing up until about 1:00 or 2:00. by afternoon, it's a green light because the system should be well east of us. let me show you. here we go. there's the rain coming in at 9:00 a.m. watch what happens by 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. it's east, it's starting to move out. skies will clear. so while we do have the
5:51 pm
possibility of seeing heavy rain, our flood threat is low. there will be some winds coming through. just a nasty rush hour for early thursday morning. again, a weather alert. so make sure you download the nbc washington app. when you do, make sure your alerts are turned on so you get the latest notifications. of course, we're going to be on air, online as well as on wtop giving you updates. look at the weekend. highs in the 40s. it's going to be cold and temperatures in the 30s. we'll talk about how long this pattern's going to be sticking with us, that cold air for the weekend on news 4 at 6:00. >> thanks, v.j. lost luggage. it's the worst feeling. nobody wants to be that person standing at the baggage claim and leave empty handed. it happens. erica gonzalez reports on ways you can get reimbursed if your bag is lost or damaged. >> so we flew out of dulles. >> reporter: newlyweds elizabeth and paul hart are describing the route to their honeymoon. >> turks and caicos is a very glamorous place.
5:52 pm
on your honeymoon you want to feel nice. i packed my really nice clothing. >> reporter: but somewhere along the way, the airline lost elizabeth's bag. >> it was not a good way to start our honeymoon, me crying in the airport. >> reporter: this isn't a new story. in fact, this summer alone, the department of transportation says airline mishandled more than half a million bags. it estimates that includes a small percentage of lost luggage. and while the airline did offer a $50 credit for future flights and reimburse her bag fee, elizabeth feels like she's owed more. >> what is the likelihood of this couple seeing a return on their money or seeing a return on their bag? >> well, after a month, it's pretty low. >> reporter: still, paul hudson of the non-profit, flyers rights, says there are a few things you can do to maximize the potential or getting a reimbursement. first, itemize everything in your suitcase. elizabeth did that and one better. she included pictures. >> this is a picture of, like, the bag and then this is another
5:53 pm
picture of the bag and then what it currently retails for. >> reporter: hudson also advises consumers to submit a claim as quickly as possible. keep in mind, he says you won't see extra cash for items with sentimental value and adds the airline will likely try to depreciate the value of your items. technically, airlines can reimburse travelers your lost goods up to $3,500. he says airlines reject those claims about 90% of the time. one final tip from hudson, check your renters or home insurance policy. >> most homeowners policies have a provision for a theft loss, even if it's outside the home. >> reporter: as for these newlyweds, they're now looking for a new airline. >> i think it's a shame for them because we're both young, we like to travel, and we have a lifetime of that ahead of us and they'll never see another dollar of our business. >> reporter: erica gonzalez, news 4 washington. >> now since we sat down with the newlywed couple, hart got her luggage back and her airline
5:54 pm
reimbursed her for the clothing that she bought on her trip. her bag was missing for more than a month. the airline industry, airlines for america, told us the rate of mishandled bags has actually fallen year over year. the industry says because airlines continue to invest in technology to better move and track baggage. protesters want answers after a black man is shot by police near minneapolis. we're going to find out who answered their call for change and why they're not done fighting. thanksgiving travel mixing with extra security this year. i'm adam tuss at reagan national airport. i'll tell you how many people
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a loudoun county woman is sentenced to 15 years in jail for killing her husband who's a veteran police officer. she shot corporal steven spradling after an argument in their home in may of 2013. he worked for mwaa for 25 years. police say there was a history of domestic dispute calls to that house but never any arrest for physical violence. protesters burned the american flag outside a minneapolis police station as anger builds over the police-involved shooting of a black man. >> that man died this weekend and demonstrators say they want answers. at least one of their demands is being met. >> reporter: another night,
5:58 pm
similar demands from the protesters with the black lives matter minneapolis movement. >> our tax dollars make this building exist, so the community answered our call and they're here. >> reporter: protesters have vowed to stay outside at the 4th precinct until investigators release any surveillance video of the incident to the public and the identity of the two officers connected to the police shooting of 24-year-old jamar clark are released. so far, neither has happened. >> i'm asking the civil rights division and the united states attorney's office to review this matter. >> reporter: as of today, their third demand has been met. the mayor officially asked the u.s. department of justice to investigate. >> i ask you this because we need all the tools we have available to us. i've spoken to governor dayton. >> reporter: meantime as protesters burned the american flag outside the 4th precinct tonight, they're demanding city leaders do more. as day two of their occupation continues. >> we're saying that silence is violence. >> there were also dozens of arrests last night.
5:59 pm
>> more than 50 people were taken into custody after shutting down i-94. that's a major highway through the city. now at 6:00, we are aworkin on new developments in the paris terror attacks. the search is intensifying for a second fugitive. police carry out even more raids. and new information just in about a soccer stadium evacuated in germany. and reports that bombs may have been hidden in an ambulance there. it has been 96 hours now since the attacks in paris. security is tightening all around the world tonight. people are on alert. governments and security agencies are taking action. >> we have team coverage on those terror threats. their impact and the efforts to keep people safe. here's what we know right now. tonight, france is carrying out new air strikes on isissyria. on the ground in france, new raids are turning up more evidence in the attacks on paris, while germany's top security official is suggesting a syrian passport found with one
6:00 pm
of the attackers may have been planted and intended to make europeans fearful of refugees. all this as the white house holds a conference call with governors in the u.s. tonight to talk about refugees coming into our country. nbc's richard engel begins our coverage in paris. >> reporter: there's a new report from the "associated press" that french investigators are looking for multiple suspects as many as two who may still be on the loose. they say that one they believe was actively involved in the shooting. earlier today, french authorities found what they're describing as a safe house, a hotel on the outskirts of city, a low-budget apartment-style hotel. a french newspaper released some images from inside that hotel. it showed syringes that may have been used to help assemble some of the suicide vests. so this is still very much an ongoing investigation. we are in front of the bataclan theater. t


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