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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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terrorists smuggled a bomb onboard a russian jet. what it means for airport security at home. developing right now. traffic is tied up during the afternoon rush after a school bus packed with children started leaking coolant. chopper 4 flew over the scene about an hour ago of the northbound lanes of i-270 in rockville. the leak caused a traffic jam. the schoolchildren were checked out for exposure to the coolant and then moved into another bus. all of the kids were okay now, but the leak is still causing quite a backup. get ready for another weather alert, this dark, cloudy afternoon is looking like a nasty morning of rain. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in the storm center. you're tracking the timing? >> as we continue to make our way through the day tomorrow. we will ton see rain and some of it will be heavy at times. as a matter of fact, we're dry and we have the cloud cover and
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not a bad afternoon and it's a little bit on the cool side and again, not all that bad and the rain still to the west and you can see what's coming. notice the yellow, oranges and reds and that's the heavy rain and even a tornado watch down toward the south. for us, this will just be a rain event during the day tomorrow and that's what we'll be watching as we move through the day. future weather, 6:00 tonight, no problems, but by 11:00, notice showers back toward the west and it's by 5:00 tomorrow morning and that's when we start to see it moving in and then is moves you through the entire regions and we'll take it hour by hour and we'll see you back here in a couple of minutes. [ explosions ] >> that's what an already-rattled paris suburb woke up to this morning. a massive police raid on a suspected terror cell ended with two people dead. wendy rieger is following the latest from the live desk.
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>> reporter: that raid, pat, targeted the alleged ringleader of friday's deadly attacks and right now there are conflicting reports about his fate. according to nbc news, french prosecutors say the belgium extremist abdelhamid abaaoud is not among those captured in the seven-hour siege, but "the washington post" is citing to senior european intelligence officials who say that abaaoud is dead. here's what we do know that two people were killed in that raid which involved a heavily armed french s.w.a.t. presence in saint-denis and one of those was a woman who had a suicide bomb. eight suspects they arrested after the massive fire fight were ready to launch new attacks. also under scrutiny is a new claim from isis about what brut down the russian passenger jet in egypt last month. the islamic state group published this photo and it's a
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soda can in a magazine claiming it detonated a bomb inside that can and that's what killed all 224 people on that metrojet plane. nbc news -- on that plane. chris? pat? >> thanks a lot, wendy. this afternoon we're getting new reaction from the american rock band that was on stage when terrorists stormed that theater in paris. the eagles of death metal put up a statement. i put it up on my facebook again, although bonded in grief with the victim, the fan, the family, the citizens of paris and all of those affected by terrorism we are proud to stand together with our new family now united by a common goal of love and compassion. the band thanked police and the fbi for all their work during the crisis. the paris attacks are raising new questions and
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concerns about president obama's plan to admit 10,000 syrian migrants and refugees in the coming year. now republicans are taking steps to tighten the vetting process. steve handelsman has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: right. thanks. tomorrow on capitol hill, the republican-run house will vote to force president obama to pause his plan to bring 10,000 syrian refugees to the u.s. house speaker paul ryan says we have to be sure those coming are not a threat. we will be sure said president obama and sarcastically said they're afraid of widows and orphans. isis is changing in the wake of paris. vladimir putin has a russian-french coalition. jeb bush running to be commander in chief called for u.s. growth fund forces to be deployed to syria. he said no to that and no to changing his refugee plan. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington.
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discussion over welcoming syrian refugees into the states and in particular into our local communities is sparking debate and some concern, but outreach and generosity and helping those in refugee camps is still very much present. in fact, this is the third year of the blanket drives. there are several drop-offs across the region. over 40,000 blankets have been delivered to the camps and despite fears by some of refugees coming here, interest to help is higher than ever. >> got an email just as you were arriving someone has been making baby blankets and will be dropping them off. >> we'll look at what local governments have to say about the refugees and what you have to say about it. in arlington, i'm david culver, news 4. >> we have more coverage of the attacks in paris straight ahead. we're taking a closer look at local airport security and you
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can count on the nbc washington app for breaking details. we have just learned that washington college on maryland's eastern shore will remain closed for the rest of the week and the rest of the week due to that potential threat. classes will resume on monday november 30th. that's the monday after thanksgiving. authorities are still searching for sophomore student jacob mar berger who has been missing since last weekend. he has a gun and may be angry with fellow students. the college has been shut down for three days now and students have been told to leave the campus. a major redevelopment project is about to get under way in the district and will transform the old walter reed site. a precusser to the larger development to come. the district agreed to pay $22 million for the hospital property and mayor bowser has big plans for the land including affordable housing and retail. new information this afternoon about the deadly accident we told you about
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yesterday in prince george's county. 70 -- virginia and culpeper county. police say he pulled in front of a dump truck while turning from horsehead road out to brandywine. people living in d.c., for the first time in a decade. that's including to a new washington post poll, about a quarter of the people polled said not feel at all safe in their communities. d.c. police are doing a good job with almost 2 to 1 and the homicide tally stood at 144. that's a 58% jump from this time a year ago. ahead in our next hour, chris gordon reports on what people think of mayor bowser's and chief linear's performance. a discovery made near a home where a pastor's wife was
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murdered. airports are stepping up security, but just how
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and now your storm team 4 forecast opinion. what has been mild today by mid-november standards, well, despite the clouds, yes, and while we have the cloud cover across our area we're going to notice more and more dampness moving our way as we move through the evening hours and certainly the latter part of the night and that's the front we're tracking and that will bring moderate to heavy rain through our area, tomorrow especially during the early-morning rush and here's where we'll see the change between 4:00 and 5:00
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a.m. as we go through more rain and moderate, heavy rain by 5:00 a.m. and that continues through 7:00 a.m. and there will be another wave moving through and just one reason why we're following it through 11:00 p.m. and doug kammerer will have live updates and we have melissa mollet and chuck bell early with impacts on traffic and the weather. make sure you download our nbc washington app and we'll push that to your phone. >> a potential new clue into the murder of a pastor's wife. a handgun found two blocks from the home amanda black burn. someone went into her home yesterday morning and shot and killed her while here husband was at the gym. the couple's toddler was asleep in the home. she was 13 weeks' pregnant. so far police suspect the killer was intended to burglarize the home. there have been dangerous scares for local pilots. our news 4 i-team pored over the
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aviation records and found 50 laser pointer incidents near our three major airports this year. in fact, mere bwi airport alone there has been 33 since january. the fbi and local police have warned people it is a crime to point those handheld laser devices toward the sky at night. they can disorient and possibly even blind pilots. a maryland state police helicopter is among a recently-hit aircraft. tension and long lines at international airports we examine how safe it is to take the skies this holiday season. and a major online retailer says it's starting black friday even earlier and we have a tip on
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working right now at 4:15. with isis vowing to strike washington, officials have increased security at all of our local airports. coming up in one minute we'll take a closer look at the safety concerns and the potential threat. a community meeting turned into a shouting match. a proposed mosque in northern virginia triggers a room-clearing debate. i'm adam tuss in tyson's corner. life in northern virginia, most of the time, yeah, you're probably stuck in the car. a new report today says a lot of you are averaging over an hour in the car every day for your commute and that may be generous, but are things like the silver line and the new express lanes and all of the
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other transportation improvements in northern virginia going to help you? we talked about it with the head of the northern virginia transportation authority. >> transportation say regional problem that prince william county and arlington county, we can't fix them on our own. we have to fix them together and it has to be a multi-modal approach. >> much more on the new study about commuting in northern virginia and what are the potential solutions? back to you. thanks, adam. security is tightening up at our local airports after someone called in a bomb threat from a bomb yeen route from dulles to paris. >> that was one of two air france flights that had to be diverted due to threats last night as we head into the busy thanksgiving travel weekend. passengers are bound to see heightened security. nbc's jay gray has a look at what to expect if you plan to travel. stepped-up security is clearly visible in major u.s. cities including new york and washington. a new urgency following the paris terror attacks and the recent threat by isis to attack
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the nation's capital. >> the challenge we have now since 9/11 is that we know, we know that the intelligence and law enforcement community if they get specific threats they will act and they will act immediately. it is the unknown that's the real challenge right now. >> reporter: not knowing when or where an attack might take place has law enforcement on edge and travelers, one week before thanksgiving cautiously aware. >> it's a little nerve-racking, but i think it's safe. >> we expected there would be additional security precautions so that's why we're here so early. >> vigilance on display tuesday night when two air france flights were scheduled to make unscheduled landings following phone and bomb threats and we're at a heightened level all of the time at this point. people are vigilant. >> authorities searched both planes and nothing was found. the public gets ready for the busiest holiday travel week of the year. next week the airports are going to be packed and if you're traveling you may want to take
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extra time to deal with the crowds and stepped-up security. jay gray, nbc news, o'hare airport. in northern virginia, tensions escalated so quickly during the discussion over building a new mosque in spotsylvania county. they had to clear the room. a man in the audience started making anti-muslim comments during last night's presentation and it turneded into a shouting match and a sheriff's deputy sent everyone home. the islamic center wants to build a larger mosque to replace its current facility. and now your storm team 4 forecast. not a bad day out there today. it's a little bit on the breezy side, kind of cool and very mild for this time of year and we've got a couple of showers out there, too. not downtown and for the most part, most of us are on the dry side and not a bad evening to walk around downtown and look at those wind, though. southeast at 15 and they may increase and we have seen gusts
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upwards of 20 throughout the evening hours and that's helped temperatures east of the blue ridge to get into the 60s and 64 in manassas and only 55 in winchester and back towards martinsburg. >> tracking a few showers and trying to see if they're making their way toward the ground and shower activity and very light showers in through manassas and to the south of warrenton and things are moving slowly to the north and so you may need the umbrella tonight and here's what we're watching and it's this frontal boundary and you can see where the front is and the heaviest rain and this is what's coming our way and the tornado watch is down to the south of atlanta and as this moves in, it will weaken a little bit and as we move on through the overnight hours and here we are by 11:00 and we have showers back toward the west and that's really it and a couple of light sprinkles and here's where we start to see the rain really in. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow from d.c. and off to the west and heaviest
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along i-81 and the i-91 corridor gets in on the action around 7:00, 8:00 ask your morning rush will definitely be impacted by this and tomorrow will be a high impact day as far as weather is concerned. future weather at noon tomorrow, another period of potentially moderate to heavy rain coming on through and that will be the case and periods of rain through the day and by 3:00, a break in the action and southern maryland, you may see another period of hef efrain and this is tomorrow at 6:00 before we start to clear on out of here. so what can you expect as far as rainfall is concerned? as i said, we'll be seeing periods of rain so take the big umbrella tomorrow and you will need it and it will be breezy at times and we're not talking strong winds there and that big umbrella will be a necessity. some of it will be heavy and starting off at 64 degrees and the numbers do move a lot, but they do move in the right direction and we're into the mid-60s by 1:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon and it will be a mild day even though we do have that
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rain and tomorrow's impact will be on the high side for periods of rain and once again, make sure you have the umbrella with you. temperatures going down. 68 tomorrow. 55 on friday and 53 on saturday and 48 on sunday and sunday will be a rather chilly day. coming up in a couple of minutes at 4:45, veronica talks about the cold air that will be moving in. make sure to tune in and chuck bell will have the latest on the weather and melissa mollet, the latest on the roads tomorrow morning. a new round of education recommendations now on the governor's desk in virginia suggesting a move away from standardized testing ing ting student performance. the report by a diverse group of educator, elected leaders and others suggest student progress should be measured by shorter, more varied assessments. the group is suggesting the first years of high school be focused on core skills and the later years on the college or pa rear path of the student's choice and when grading school
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performance it suggests relying more on test scores and relying on other factors like graduation rates. amazon is upping the ante ahead of black friday. we'll explain how this works. >> what does charlie sheen's father think about his son's hiv announcement?
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he wishes he had his son's courage. martin sheen tells the daily news he was one of several family members encouraging the actor to open up about his hiv diagnosis. he said it was the most difficult thing his son had ever done. charlie sheen revealed the news on the "today" show yesterday. he said he was first diagnosed four years ago. oh, man. put this in your google calendars. a very anticipated reunion is coming to saturday night live. tina fey and amy poehler will host together for the last snl before christmas that will air december 19th. this will be the first time in studio 8h together since they left the show back in 2006. here's a look at the snl hosting lineup for the rest of this year. matthew mcconaughey hosts this coming saturday with musical guest adele, and ryan gosling
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takes the stage november 5th and chris heworth hosts december 12th. well, if you're so inclined, here's a chance to get a look inside the smallest house in the district. in about an hour you'll be able to tour the 252-square-foot house on capitol hill. you can rent the house for $1400 a month. it was verified as the smallest freestanding home in the district back in 2013. it does come with a tiny backyard and a parking space. tonight's open house starts at 5:00 and the house is located on 12th street at c in northeast. in less than 48 hours amazon is going to kick off its black friday deals. that's right. today the company announced it's starting holiday sales this friday, that's eight days earlier than last year. the discounts will continue through black friday and they'll add new deals as often as every five minute it is. amazon will be offering 45% off tvs and half off toy brands like
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barbie and hot wheels. our developing coverage of the terror attacks in paris will continue and we'll go live to the pentagon and discuss this photo getting shared all over social media. was isis able to bring down that russian plane with the soda can bomb. we'll talk about the syrian refugee crisis. do his right now at 4:30, is
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what brought down the plane in egypt? a bomb stuffed inside a soda can. isis published a photo of what appears to be a detonator and a switch. it was the ied used to blow up the russian airliner. nbc news has not verified the photo, but russia has acknowledged they found traces of at the crash site. isis vows to strike washington next. ahead in a couple of minutes we'll talk to whur's troy johnson about security concerns here in the city and whether you think enough is being done. washington college on maryland's eastern shore is canceling classes all of the way through thanksgiving because officials are still looking for a student who is believed to have a gun. that means kids will not go back to class until monday november 30th. jacob mar berger disappeared
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over the weekend and he did take a gun from his house, but they don't know where he is. from clouds all day and here comes a little bit of drizzle and light rain. heading out this evening, you might want to take a small umbrella. we've been tracking it all on the storm team 4 radar. here we go. just the areas of fairfax around manassas and woodbridge and quantico and we can zoom in tighter here and those locations impacted around 286 and on toward newington. we'll see more moisture this evening and some heavy rain coming our way throughout the day tomorrow. moderate to heavy for the morning rush and even for the early afternoon between 1:00 and 4:00s are there could even be a little bit of thunder. the best spots to see that thunder is down here in the yellow. a chance for storms here, but the best chance around leonard town and fredericksburg down through areas of the northern neck. in just a couple of minutes doug's back with how much rain we're going to get out of this
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system. thanks, veronica. late today french authorities said the mastermind of friday's attack in paris was not among the people arrested after a eight-hour long siege in a paris suburb. he could -- could be one of the people in the raid and erica hill is blocks away from where it all went down. [ explosions ] >> reporter: everything started at 4:23 a.m. local time. >> we heard gunshots and explosions. >> reporter: a press conference was held here. we've learned a lot from it. we learned not only the raids here overnight and in the early hours of this morning. but also the three attacks in paris on friday night. we learned in fact, there were three teams, three cars and that they were all coordinated. we also had confirmation there were reports of a cell phone found in a trash can outside of the bataclan with a text message about getting ready, we're going in. in terms of the raid here overnight what we did learn is they went into two different apartments. we know there were eight arrests, seven men and one
4:33 pm
woman. there are at least two dead, and not everyone has been positively identified at this point and there was a belief that perhaps the man called the mastermind of these attacks abdelhamid abaaoud may be in that apartment. >> translator: i must say that abaaoud and salah abdeslam are not part of the people in custody. >> reporter: there was also a police-controlled explosion while this press conference was on the air just behind us. we did confirm with the police that's exactly what it was. it was a bag that had been left and so as often happens in situations like this in the united states, as well, that bag was blown up for security purposes. back to you. strong words today from the man who served as the nation's first secretary of homeland security during an appearance this morning on the "today" show, tom ridge called on president obama to take the lead in the worldwide fight against terrorism and urged him to do it now before leaving office.
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>> we have to start playing offense, matt and there's discussions about refugees and there is a serious problem and we have to play defense at home and the president can't let the clock run out and you run out the clock when you're winning and we need to build a coalition to deal with this in syria, as well. ridge says the biggest challenge we face now is the unknown. that's something a lot of folks here in our area have been worried about, as well. whur's troy johnson joins us with today's talk around town and we're talking about this issue that's just been exploding about syrian refugees and whether they should be allowed to come into the country. >> absolutely. >> what are your listener s saying about this? >> listeners are concerned about this dialogue, large-scale resettlement for syrians in america and the question they're really asking is how would this be done? and if we are in a place and time in america when we're going to do this, are we adding extra scrutiny to people that are simply coming from a specific
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country? folks that may have a specific ideology or religion? that's what they're saying feels like a slippery slope. they say that's coming from a place of understanding. what it feels like to be misunderstood or isolated in america. a lot of african-americans have felt that in the past and they certainly wouldn't want to see that happen to people that are trying to find a safe place to leave. >> to another ethnic group. i want to call your attention to some figures. this shocked me. i think it will surprise a lot of you. as of last year there were six syrian refugees in virginia, two in maryland, none in the district. now, granted, the crisis there has escalated since last year, but still, these numbers are so low it almost begs the question is the worry sort of -- does it match the reality of what's actually happening? >> among the states that are accepting refugee, not just from syria, but other places around the world.
4:36 pm
we're kind of in the mid range when you think of all 50 states. washington, d.c., about 44th on that list. so folks are saying they're hoping this is not where innocent people are not allowed to seek shelter in a safe place. one person said that you have to think about the fact that refugees don't want to leave the homes that they're in. they may have lost loved ones in these battles that are happening in their hometown ripped away from their families and the places that they're known and play somewhere half way around the world. nobody would want to experience that. he says he hopes the conversation leads to us remembering that we live in a melting pot. that's what america has been about, and he said imagine if you and your family were taken away from their home to seek safety and get to the border of canada and the border is closed. it's a real sobering thought that maybe people need to reframe the conversation around. >> and when we talk about
4:37 pm
security, and are your listeners, we saw schools canceling field trips to the district. do your listeners feel safe in and around the district and are they okay with additional security measures being put in lace? >> well, that's the key to the conversation, chris? because people say you need to stay vigilant. there's no question that we have to maintain a level of security in this country after the attacks that we've seen in paris. we certainly understand that, but what are we willing to sacrifice for safety? >> a lot of people say that, you know, if we're trying to be safe, we really have to get to the a point where we accept the reality. this is a new reality that we're living in. what we've seen happening, one person told me is we get comfortable. we get vigilant and then we get lax again and something happens. >> it's a vicious cycle that we have to come to terms with. >> good stuff. thanks, troy. pat? more coverage of the attacks in paris on the way. new, alarming comments from the
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nation's leading security expert. yet head of the cia says our country has never faced a more serious threat. prosecutors say he staged his suicide because he felt his embezzlement was about to be exposed and now we know what the police officer was doing with all of that money. and i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we have breaking news and chopper 4 arriving at the scene of a suspicious package and you're looking at weatherfield place near the icc. this is a residential area. prince george's county firefighters and the police are there, as you see. not clear if evacuations have been ordered and that is blocked as police investigate a suspicious package. everyone is on a high alert right now and taking everything quite seriously. quite seriously. we'll keep an eye on this for
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depends on who's in the sidecar. it's pretty comfortable in there. let's go for a ride. alright. ♪ definitely misread this one. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. swing and a miss!
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the force is strong with this one. a month ahead of the new "star wars" film "the force awakens," a galaxy of products are out riding their coattails. the video game battle front hit store shelves yesterday. you will see images on duracell batteries, covergirl, soup and makeup. they have items linked to star wars and target has more than 600. we are little more than a week away from black friday and hasbro says some of its "star wars" toys are on short supply. i'll bet you'd like to get your
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hands on that. >> i have such fond memories of my dad taking me to see the star wars moves when i was a little boy. >> while star wars super fans aren't the only ones losing sleep in anticipation of the upcoming move. >> you're never too young because even the youngest fans are getting excited. ♪ ♪ >> that's the 2-year-old daughter of jonathan luu. he recorded her sing the darth vader imperial march theme. he watched the trilogy with all his daughter, but he wasn't sure how much the youngest one would understand. turns out, quite a bit. >> apparently, she did. if you're just tuning in we continue to follow developments out of france today. police say they have stopped a terror cell that was ready to strike again. the raid targeted the suspected ringleader of the first ashes
4:43 pm
tacks. what authorities are telling nbc news about the operation. a warning from the head of the cia isis may have prepared other attacks ready to launch. we've got rain moving in toward the region right now. veronica, will take you street level and a litt
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we've been tracking it all week.
4:46 pm
the weather system that's been producing a lot of wild weather in other parts of the country from snow out west to heavy rain, severe weather, even tornadoes down toward the deep south. it's advancing eastward. we'll see probably our worst weather with that system coming during the first half of tomorrow. this evening, it's an east wind and southeast wind and it is producing some drizzle and light rain across our area and closer inspection, you can see it here as we start drilling down. alexandria and areas down through millington and i-95 and some very light rain and right around the golf course there. down i-95, woodbridge to montclair. there are light showers around the area and the roads starting to get a little wet. the weather tomorrow will have a low to moderate or i should say a moderate impact, moderate to high impact on our area and periods of heavy rain so take the umbrella and make sure that you could for the wind and there will be wind coming our way tomorrow, as well. you can see gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour. 59 to 63, your temperature
4:47 pm
already the rain could be moderate to heavy during the first part of the day. i think it will come in waves. here's a look at future weather starting at 4:00 a.m. and that's when we will get the change from 4:00 to 5:00. fairfax, print williams county and around laray and charlottesville and it advances eastward and that's a look at 8:00 a.m. at the height of the morning rush and it continues with another wave coming through from noon to 2:00 in the afternoon and then it starts clearing out, but there sat chance for a few thunderstorms and down through the northern neck for tomorrow. as far as rainfall totals about a half to an inch and there will be some locations that pick up more than an inch and that's far to the west and rain intensity for tomorrow you'll need the big umbrella first thing tomorrow morning when you head out. heavy rain, but doubtful that we'll see any flooding across our area. >> let's take a look at the storm team four-day forecast and tomorrow's high, 68 and the front doesn't cross our area
4:48 pm
until late. each for the evening hours, and mild as the rain moves out and we're at 55 on friday and look at the weekend, though, it gets chilly, if not cold especially first thing monday morning and temperatures will be starting out right around freezing and we'll talk about frost, freezing conditions, monday, tuesday, wednesday of this week and the dry pattern that comes and we have a heavy rain moving into our area coming up on news 4 at 5:00. >> thanks, v.j. back to the developing situation in france. officials in paris say they have neutralized a terror cell that was planning another attack in the city. the suspected ringleader of friday's massacre was the target, but it is unclear whether he's dead or alive. nbc pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins us live and what can you tell us about the latest air strikes going on in syria? >> for the third day in a row, french warplanes launched air strikes against the isis defacto capital there in syria, al raqqah in retaliation for that
4:49 pm
terrorist attack there in paris last week. according to officials, the russians also launched a second or third day of air strikes in retaliation for the downing of that metroliner that russian airliner that went down in the sinai pen ins well more than a week ago now. according to officials, it is unclear exactly what effect these intensive, massive air strikes are having against isis because u.s. military and defense officials tell nbc news that many of the isis leadership including their families have left raqqah over the past several weeks perhaps in anticipation of events and potential retaliation. whatever the reason, it's not clear that these air strikes are having any impact on the isis operations there in syria and iraq. nevertheless, they continue, the u.s. is stepping back as both
4:50 pm
the russians and then the french who are not working together, but dropping separate air strikes. they're stepping back, the americans are, to allow those retaliatory strikes to continue, chris. >> all right. thanks a lot, jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. >> thank you. the debate over how far the government can go to protect us is getting heated again. today cia director john brennan says there needs to be a balance between digital privacy and national security. when asked about edward snowdennehy said leaks about the intelligence programs have made it harder for the cia to track down terrorists. >> disclosures that are made by individuals who have dishonored the oath of office that they raised their hand and attested to undermines this country's security. so individuals who have done that over time -- [ applause ] >> there will be sobering. brendan says in his 35 years in national security intelligence, he has never seen a bigger threat than isis.
4:51 pm
virginia tech says it is taking steps to increase security following the terror attacks in france. the school says there will be extra police and extra security personnel at its football game on saturday. that's according to the roanoke times. one of the school's vice presidents said the added security shouldn't seriously affect fans who plan to go to the game. an update now that illinois police officer accused of embezzling money and then staging his own death to make it look like a murder. we're getting a look at what lieutenant joseph gliniewicz may have spent some of the money on. the information is coming in from his widow's attorneys. they released court documents which say he spent some of the money on meals, eating out, on coffee and trips to the movies. melanie gliniewicz says she can't pay her bills now because prosecutors have had her accounts frozen and melanie and her son are being investigated by police. the redskins may never agree
4:52 pm
to change their controversial nickname, but after years of debate, the university of north dakota has a new one. nearly 30,000 students, staffers and alumni cast their ballots and the winner is, the fighting hawks. the old nickname, the fighting sioux was retired three years ago. the school has been without a nickname for the past couple of years. nbc 4 has a longstanding effort to promoting adoption. >> this coming weekend more than two dozen foster children will enter permanent homes. saturday is the 29th annual adoption day at d.c. superior court. each child and his or her family will be introduced and the judge will then sign the final adoption decree. the event is designed to encourage you to consider adopting or fostering a child. news 4's barbara harrison will be there to introduce each of the children ask their new families to the judges who will sign those adoption decrees. we're working several developing stories including a
4:53 pm
shooting in minneapolis which the medical examiner has ruled a homicide. it triggered a new protests of black lives matter. there are conflicting reports of whether the man was handcuffed. why police are refusing to release video. poisoned in his own home and it's all because of a popular feature that could be in your car. coming up, the news 4 i-team shares one local family's warning. one shop owner's bad decision is turning into good luck for a lot of brides in our area. brides and formal dress shoppers are crowding into this meeting room at the embassy suites at thurgood marshall bwi airport in search of discount prices. this bridal liquidation sale was seized from the couture shop. the owner is serving a four-year sentence for embezzling more than $4 million from her
4:54 pm
employer. money made here will pay them back. i'm tracee wilkins, coming up on news 4 you are not going to want to miss the story behind this story. and new information is just coming in on the threat that has closed a maryland college through thanksgiving. why a sophomore m
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4:56 pm
reason why a washington college sophomore student ran off this week allegedly with a gun
4:57 pm
forcing the school to shut down. school security officials say a person placed a trash can, when he opened the door the water flooded his room and he apparently was humiliated by that. as denise nabbing no reports the student was last seen on monday at a pennsylvania store buying ammunition. police say they're not clear what jacob marberger intended to do, but that was the last time they heard from the sophomore. >> that's scary. it definitely makes me want to look out for him. >> his cell phone has not been used since investigators pinned it before he bought five rounds of shotgun shells. his friends, pham lefamily and classmates are waiting to hear from him. andrew jericho is a sophomore. >> there's no anger toward jacob. everybody wants him to be found safely. >> reporter: police say he's
4:58 pm
despondent. the college president reiterates he's made no threat, but as a precaution they said students home for the second day in a row. >> we do not have evidence that he has threatened student, the campus, the community here. he obviously is a troubled young man. we hope he comes home. we hope he tells his parents. >> reporter:marberger's situation entired wh. >> he recently resigned from a student senate. marberger left campus sunday night and returned to his parents' home while they were sleeping and left with a rifle case. his phone and surveillance video put him in hamberg, but a search on the ground and by air turned up no new leads. i'm doug kammerer. right now at 5:00, tracking the rain and it will have an impact
4:59 pm
on your morning commute. i'm wendy rieger, a schweppes gold soda condition, this is what they say took down a russian airliner. imagine being run over by a bus and living to tell the story. all he remembers is the light turning green. if i'm not going to be alive. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk with the latest from france where authorities say an overnight raid targeted a terror cell that was ready to carry out more attacks. at least two people are dead and eight more are in custody. a woman is among those who dieded in that raid and involved officers firing more than 5,000 rounds of ammunition. french television canal plus reports the woman may be the cousin of abdelhamid abaaoud, the suspected mastermind of friday's attacks. the prosecutor says neither
5:00 pm
abaaoud or salah abdeslam are among those arrested. the prosecutor did not say whether the pair could be among the dead. the house is likely to vote tomorrow on legislation that could force the fbi and department of homeland security to certify that each potential refugee from syria and iraq is not a threat to u.s. security. back to you, wendy. >> all right, chris lawrence. we're getting a look at a troubling image and it's from an isis propaganda magazine that shows the bomb that was used to take down the jet liner in egypt. it shows a soda can with what appears to be a switch or detonator and it includes an image of passports that appeared to belong to some of the russian victims. isis claimed it did take down that plane, but nbc news cannot verify the authenticity of any of these images. security is tight at dulles national airport as police try to figure out who made bomb threats targeting two


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