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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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ten. >> uber health getting into all sorts of arenas. a new york mom is getting into the importance of maternity and paternity leave. her son died at a die care several months ago. investigator s are not sure why. she talked about how she felt she had to leave him too soon. she said more parental leave would be good for the economy. >> i think as a society we should be encouraging women to stay in the work force, not doing everything we can to make it nearly impossible to. we need children. >> many have increased parental leave. d.c. is in the process of trying to expand its paid leave policies. good morning, everybody. it's coming up on 5:01 on your
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thursday. a weather alert day. we've been talking about it for a couple of days. moderate to briefly heavy rain will really slow down your morning commute. it means we'll put out postings on our "storm team 4" page. more alerts on our washington app as well. there's the moderate rain south and west, but those little pockets of moderate rain are only about an hour to an hour and a half to the capital beltway. we'll start talking about when this actually comes to an end which may be later than we thought. that's coming up in ten minutes. for now, it is traffic time. here's melissa. >> good morning. we still have this problem at the top of the beltway at georgia avenue. we went yellow. i spoke to police. just the left lane is getting by that accident. a warning for you there. could get a little nasty if it doesn't get out of the way in the next couple of minutes. no problems northbound or southbound. right now amelia segal in "storm
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team 4." you can see the wet roads and wipers working here this morning for us. racetrack road at old chapel road, that crash still being cleared out of the way. a warning for you there if you're headed through buoy any time soon. i'll see you in ten minutes with a live look at branch avenue. >> 5:02. breaking news. three people shot, one person dead this morning. it happened inside a large apartment complex. "news4's" megan mcgrath just arrived on the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: a search is on following a triple shooting at this apartment complex you see behind me here on autobahn avenue. you can see they still have crime tape up. getters are still here on the scene. we've been seeing them go in and out of this apartment right here in the center of the parking lot here. that's where they've been focusing their attention here as they continue with this investigation. now, it was around 10:00 last night when shots rang out.
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three people were shot. one of the victims actually was able to get himself to the hospital. two others, houvgs went by ambulance and we did receive word that one of those victims has died. this is a fairfax section of alexandria just a little bit off of route one. police did an extensive search overnight but so far no word of any arrests. still an open and active investigation as always. anyone in the area who has information that may be helpful to the police, you're asked to come forward. at this point, no word of a lookout of the suspect response, but no word yet either. we have more breaking news. in the last five minutes we confirmed that a serious crash in buoy is deadly. we talked to the buoy police who tell us that an suv veered off the road and hit a sign. this was at the intersection of
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racetrack road. we're working to find out how many people were inside the suv and we're checking on road closures in that area. rm. a piece of highly produced propaganda, that is what the new york police department is calling this new video from isis that seems to imply a new threat to new york. it shows images of taxis in times square, this video putting some people on edge even as a new warning was just issued oversees. "news4's" kristin wright at the live desk. the u.s. embassy in rome is warping of potential terrorist attacks in rome and milan. the embassy says st. peter's basilica in vatican cities is a target as well as churches in general and synagogues and restaurants and hotels in both areas. one of the bombers is identify
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as one of the attackers aet the stadium in france. the french prime minister warning that terrorists could use chemical weapons and says the state of emergency must be extended. meanwhile the country's foreign minister is calling isis a monster and urging the international community to do more to get rid of the terrorist group. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. 5:05 on capitol hill. the white house is threatening a veto. but a new survey suggests that president obama's policies are not in line with public opinion. c's tracie potts will have more on the findingins a little more a man who admitted to attacking a bus driver will make his first court appearance. darryn west jr. admitted guilt yesterday. this was the 69th attack on a metrobus driver this year. a woman caught on camera
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doing yoga on metro tracks is expected in fairfax county district court today. holly bentley is facing misdemeanor charges. she climbing down on the tracking at the westphal station last year. she started taking yoga pictures while another took pictures. she was arrested in october. here's new surveillance of the six people. the shooting happened outside of a hotel on tuesday. the suspects and car were caught on a nearby surveillance camera. 21-year-old kevin wallace was killed in that shooting. >> a map is waking up in police custody in the district accused of murder. police arrested george edwards for the murder of reginald perry. he was shot and killed near the howard metro station on eighth street west. no word yet on a motive in this case. >> black lives matter!
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this video shows protesters who caused traffic backups last night. they shut down major intersection in d.c. it's national trance week. the group wants to bring attention to crime, specifically the murders of transgender victims across the country. the most recent in our area 22-year-old zella ziona from our county. >> we're demand respect. we want this to stop. >> the protest organizer jess grobeman was arrested. happening today, a court appearance for the former loudoun county supervisor shawn williams. he faces charges after his pushed his way into a neighbor's home and attacks the neighbor. he was drunk at the time. he apologized and said he's
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seeking treatment for alcohol abuse. it's a weather alert day. take a look at the "storm team 4" radar. all the ran moving toward us. chuck bell will let us know when it's going hit us. thousands of airport workers are on strike and we'll let you know which airports are being impacted. and justice for jamar.
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new developments in minneapolis this morning. another night of protests following a black man's death while in police custody. protesters sprayed police with a chemical irritant and then the police sprayed protesters. prote p we also heard reports that demonstrators were throwing
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rocks and bottles. some officers were hurt but not seriously. it's 5:11. time for "weather & traffic on the 1s" on this weather alert day. let's check in with "storm team 4's" meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning. just in time for the morning commute. this cluster. should be in the warrenton area by 5:38. plains, virginia, by 5:51. there's more moderate rain down near richmond. that will be on i-95 near fredericksburg. it carries that moderate rain through here just in time for the morning ride in. rain may ease off a lile bit late this morning but there's another chance for showers coming in for later on this afternoon. we'll be keeping you posted on that. the heaviest rain is this morning. how much colder for the weekend. that comes up with your seven day in ten minutes.
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time now for traffic, melissa? >> all lanes are open as you're passing georgia avenue. you can see a bit of a slowdown. about a one-mile backup because of the earlier accident. don't have any problems there. that fatal accident, they're clearing that out of the way here. 95 south at lorton road, had a disabled vehicle. we'll take a live look at 270 coming up. the disgraced former subway pitchman learns his punishment. how much time he'll face behind bars if he's sentenced. >> is it your fault if your kid
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5:16. today is a "storm team 4" weather alert. take a look at the drawer. we're tracking lots of rain
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headed our way. the heaviest rain expected to start falling in about an hour. amelia segal is in "storm team 4" tracking conditions on the road. amelia, what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, amelia, we're on 66 heading back toward washington. when we left our studios, light rain, almost a drizzle. as we continued west toward manassas before turning back around, the rain did pick up in intensity. here's a look. we're dealing with wet roads. for the most part, only light to moderate rain is falling. so it's not having any impact on visibility this morning. i'm tracking ran on our nbc washington app and seeing pockets of heavier rain. we're going to be tracking road conditions all morning long. our plan right now is to head toward the beltway and bring you conditions there. here's kind of another vantage point. dealing with wed roads.
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certainly we'll slow that morning commute. a good idea to add a little bit of extra time to that morning commute. eun, aaron, back to you. >> amelia, thank you. a man is in critical condition after being hit on chillum road. this is the same area where a church bus crashed last week. a high school teacher could face up to 25 years in prison. brown had sex with a 17-year-old girl in the boy's locker room during homecoming back in 2013. the battle to save laurel regional hospital hits the road today. officials and hospital workers will head to a hearing in annapolis to learn why a hospital is closing. more than 100 workers have
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already been laid off. it could be a big step in improving metro. a new general manager. today the metro board is expected to vote in favor of paul wiedefeld to take that job. he has yet to sign a deal, but metro officials don't anticipate a problem. this week wiedefeld sailed he wants to make metro, quote, a world class system. he's responsible for oversees the metrobus of a southeast of problems. >> a new technology helps track down people with dementia if they start wandering off. caregivers and family members can use computers and smartphones to monitor the person wearing the shoes. there is an additional monthly charge to keep up the tracking system. a new cdc report coming out expected to show an alarming increase in stds in 2014. on the heels is a new campaign
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specifically aimed at those who use dating apps like tinder and grinder. that i do not equate these apps with stds but they hope to encourage users to thinking how the apps inproven the risk. >> the police chief wrote and proposed this ordinance. at first they let their child know and then worked to end the behavior. if the child is caught again within 90 days, the parent could receive a $124 fine. the chief said it's all about holding the parents responsible. >> it's not the police department's responsibility to raise your child. it's our responsibility to protect the community. >> police believe it's working. three warnings have been issued but not a single parent has received a ticket.
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back to our team coverage on this weather alert day on 5:21. >> we can show you team 4 radar. all that rain that is in our region right now. i want to check back in withqcñ chuck bell for the latest on what we have to deal with today. chuck? >> it's going to be raindrops an a bunch of them here this morning and now we may be facing them into the afternoon commute as well. our latest computer monitors are showing a second chance of rain coming in later this afternoon. first things first, i've got to get into school first. just north of richmond. that's two to three hours way that. will be between 7:00 and 8:00 this morning. in and around the metro area. heaviest rain. those individual showers are lifting north along route 15. almost all of 495 is wet as well. melissa will be keeping you updated on road conditions. plan to leave early or be late. temperatures in the 60s now.
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will stay in the 60s all day. so it's going to feel like a september rain event. could get as much as an inch of rain. so future weather. yellow means moderate rain. that's coming right into the metro. 7:15. here by 8:15. that's lifted right through the metro. then we get a little break in the intensity of the rain through late morning up to around lunchtime. but the cold front is coming in later this afternoon and as the front comes through, it has a chance to ring out another line of rain showers. here's 3:45, 4:00. here's that secondary push of rain coming between 6:00 and 7:00 before finally coming to an end. in the 60s all day. the last line comes between here. seven-day forecast, yes, indeed. breezy and rainy today. breeze y turning cooler tomorrow. in fact, sunday, monday could be some of the coldest days we receive in the early par of the fall.
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that's a look at the seven-day. we'll focus back on the next 24 hours. right now we still have this problem on the top of the beltway. it's actually a new accident. the earlier problem was outer loop and georgia. you can see a little bit of a slowdown here. we're hearing from police right now nothing is blocked. that should be sort of dissolving here this morning and getting out of tway. getting a look out front using the wiper this morning inbound of 66, amelia segal is going to boo live for us. 270 at montrose road york u can see a little bit of a sheen on the roadway there. everything looking good northbound and southbound. don't have to worry too much. again, when you're looking at the maps, the road is green. the rest of the green, that big blob, that is the rain over the roads so you're going have to pack that patience. leave a little early if you can. >> thank you. it's coming up on 5:24. right now close to 2,000
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airport workers are on strike at some of the world's busiest airports. includes jfk and chicago o'hare. that i dear panhandling better pay and union rights. the strike is expected to last at least through the day. they have plans to make sure the passengers are not affected too much. now to a story you'll only see on "news4." you're hearing from a man who was trapped under this 30,000-pound bus. it hit james holmes while he was crossing massachusetts avenue. crews lifted the bus and freed the man. holmes who was 77 says he can't believe a bus is the thing that landed him in the hospital. >> was never hurt in my life.
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and then i was hit by a bus. >> holmes has a broken leg. he's currently in rehabilitation and is determined to get back on his feet soon. president obama and other world leaders met yesterday at the asia-pacific economic cooperation summit, apec. it comes on the heels of the summit in turkey which was dominated by the violence in syria's 5-year-old war. leaders want a large free trade area for its 21 economies by 2025. 5:25. jared foge ll be sentenced today in indiana after pleading guilty to child pornography and sex crimes. fogle could face up to 12 years in prison. he's charged with it. he's agreed to pay $1.4 million to 14 victims.
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vogel's attorney has asked for a five-year prison. >> jeremy fogle expects to go to prison. he'll do time. he expects to make amends. >> subway has cut all ties with fogle. his attorney says he'll speak with a judge during today's hearing. two people are dead after the helicopter crash, you can see the chopper spinning on the ground. first responders rushed there yesterday afternoon. a fire culled both people on board. the ntsb is now investigating. officials say it looks like the pilot lost control of the hospital on its way to land. click it or ticket today. multiple police agencies enforcing seatbelt laws a e head of the thanksgiving travel season. that includes fairfax and alexandria police. according to the ntsb words.
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you've got to buckle up. >> i can remember being one of those. i didn't want to wrinkle. >> now you know better. >> every single time. today d.c. public school officials will tell the student as what they need. students will testify about what they would like to see included in next year's budget. they'll also have a chance to ask chancellor kai ya enhenderson some questions. >> if you don't already have it b sure to download the nbc weather alert app. it's a soggy thursday. chuck bell will let us know how much rainfall we with can expect coming up. and an update to a story we brought you first about a special needs student in prince george's county, how he will get to school today after his mom refused to give up. an outrage after a virginia mayor speaks about the refugee
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crisis. why he says
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now at 5:30, the paris terror attacks takes center stage today. first you're going want your big umbrella. this rain is getting started. let's send things over to chuck bell for a look at the timing of this storm. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, eun and aaron.
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they brought the big umbrella in but it was still dry. he said, i thought it was going to be raining. no one else gets that treatment. by the time we get out the door, it's going be wet. more social media postings on our "storm team 4" facebook page and our apps. we'll give you those push alerts. four things you need to know. stay alert. moderate to heavy rain will affect morning commutes. with any luck we'll start to dry out as we get toward sundown. there's "storm team 4" radar. heaviest rains along 270. your 24 hour focus, heaviest rain this morning. temperatures in the low 60s. heavy rain and a slow go. rain may not end until 6:00 or 7:00 tonight and we'll look at how cold and dry. 270, a little bit of trouble? >> 270, a little bit of trouble.
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some complaints that it's slower than normal right now as you're headed sboun through the german town area. you can see a little bit of that slickness there on the roadway. just a reminder to leave early if you can this morning. just a little bit of rain cause as big problem, you can see the virtual rain. fairfax to the beltway, it's going to take you ten minutes. not bad. franconia, springfield parkway also a little wet. the roads are green, but, again, this big massive green is all rain. we'll see you in ten minutes with travel times. >> new threats today after friday's terror attacks in paris. plus a controversial vote. nbc's tracie potts on the hill with what to expect today. tracci tracie, good morning. >> let's start with the new threat. it's an isis propaganda video. it's not new video and not new
5:33 am
for isis to threaten new york. and the response up there, the mayor t police chief all say they're being vigilant. of course, no, is always on alert. meantime on capitol hill, a vote, and it's a rush vote in the house to block president obama's plan to allow in more refugees. the concern has been isis is based in syria and they may try to infiltrate these refugees to make sure when people come over the atlantic into our country, they are who they say they are. so that vote today would put that whole program on hold. president obama from the philippines this morning saying that's not necessary, that this is political posturing. but there are not only republicans. some skeptical democrats say that their concern is to make sure the country is safe. in fact, our new nbc news survey online monkey poll shows the
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majority of americans, 66%, say they don't want more refugees coming here. >> tracie potts on capitol hill, thank you. roanoke may your david bower compared the refugee situation to world war ii. in a let her said the u.s. should refuse to help settle syrian refugees just like franklin delano roosevelt did in world war ii. many say they realize the interment was wrong. you can see this county's website welcoming the syrian refugees. david culver spoke to one who said a woman found it comforting. she stel has family in syria. >> they want to leave. >> yes. everybody wants to go out. everybody. if they stay there, they will die. >> more than 60% of washington
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viewers who responded to our question on face book, say they should refuse entry to refugees. >> a woman found luis perez dead on a playground last week. police say he was stabbed to death. his funeral is set for saturday but his family wants to send him back to el salvador to be buried. still no arrest in this case. >> a slienlt central american gang has started recruiting again in the county and it's leading to more gang violence. according to court documents, three gang members killed a 22-year-old man in montgomery county. john mccarthy says the county is actively trying to december mantle these gangs. >> we're about intervention and trying to teach parents and kids
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about getting involved with the ga gangs. >> anyone who rormts gang activity will remain anonymous. a couple sued over a pregnancy. they had a fourth child after she underwent a procedure. the verdict is meant to accommodate the parents whose child has special needs. a mother finally has the transportation she requested for her son who has special needs. she banled her son to ride on smaller bus with similar children and an aide. she pulled her son out of the school. after our report the school provided a special needs bus and her son has rushed to school. if you're just joining us, we want to let you know it is a
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weather alert day around here. will it be heavy when the kids head off to the bus stop? chuck will let us know. a bizarre story in virginia. what police say lead to a car jacker taking a kid to school. a flight for
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developing this morning, two flight attendants recovering after turbulence over chicago. it was so bad it forced the american airlines flight to land. the flight attendants are in good condition now. the turbulence happened shortly after the plane landed in o'hare. car jackers who stole a car in virginia made a detour to an elementary school after they found an 8-year-old child in the back seat. they stole the car outside a post office while the owner dashed inside. the men asked the 8-year-old boy where he went to school and dropped him off like it was a regular school day. the car was found a few blocks away from the school. no arrests have been made. coming up, it's a "storm team 4" weather alert day, how we need to get the kids ready.
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>> if you're trying to decide between this umbrella and this umbrella, go ahead and go ahead and go with this umbrella today. take the bigger one if you can. it's raining pretty good. all corners are socked in and slow. melissa's got that in a second. meanwhile northern loudoun, frederick county, timing it out. it kboes through the metro area between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. there's a chance for more rain coming in later today. recess gets a day. temperatures will be in the 60s. but, yes, indeed, raincoat, rain booths and your umbrella. cooler for the weekend. the seven-day forecast is minutes away. melissa? approaching connecticut avenue, take a look at. this we have a 2 1/2 mile pac p backup.
5:42 am
that is going to be a bit of an extra time situation there this morning. right now german town from 270 down to the beltway, going to take you 12 minutes. top of the beltway 14rks minutes instead of nine. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. for the rain and slowdowns when you hop in your car. >> melissa, thank you. we're also watching road conditions from the storm team four by foufrmt it is a weather alert day and the heaviest rain is moving into our area now. what you can expect as you get into our car. please come home. plus, for the first time this morning we're hearing from the father of a missing college student. the boy's disappearance has shut down washington college through thanksgiving. and a move that animal rights groups are applauding this morning. new at 5:50, we'll tell
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good morning, everybody. 5:45. it's raining all over the d.c. area. how long the rain will last and how long the thursday go will actually be. take look at how slow that thursday morning go is right now. approaching connecticut avenue, a four-mile backup. we have two earlier crashes that seem to be out of the way, but the delays and the rain remain. thanks, melissa. it is now 5:46. we want to get to "storm team 4" meteorologist amelia segal with the commute. what are you seeing? >> right now we're on the inner loop of the beltway. heading over the top of the beltway, we're going to take a look. here's a live look outside and the "storm team 4" x 4. not having an impact on
5:47 am
visibility but we're tracking wet roads. this morning we've been out to 66 and manassas and turned back around. as we made our way toward town t volume picked up. we were able to hop on the beltway. i'm getting reports on twitter and facebook this morning and you can find me there. this morning is a great day to download the nbc washington app where you can track the rain moving through the radar. erin and un aaron and eun, back to you. >> thanks, amelia. a woman caught on video doing yoga on the metro. the video shows her climbing down onto the tracks of the westphal church station. she started posing there. metro police arrested her in october. police in the district are looking for six suspects after a deadly shooting in the northeast.
5:48 am
he here's the video. the suspects and car were caught on a nearby surveillance camera. 21-year-old kevin wallace was killed in that shooting. also in the district a man wakes up in custody accused of murder. police arrested george edwards for the murder of reginald perry. he was shot near the metro station earlier this month. and there's no word from police on a motive. today former county such adviser faces court. he faces charges after he pushed his way into a neighbor's home. he was drunk at the time. he apologized shortly after and is now seeking treatment for alcohol abuse. a lot of people were stuck in traffic last night because of protests which shut down a major intersection in d.c. here's the video now of those
5:49 am
protesters. this is for national trance wsw. they want to bring attention to clients, particularly the murders of transgender across the country. the most recently 22-year-old zella zee iona of our county. >> we want dignity and respect. we want this to stop. >> d.c. police blocked them. after several hours the protest organizer jess grobeman was arrested. thousands of former players have filed lawsuits in the settlement. the nfl would pay $1 billion in response. the money would cover thousands more players who would yet to retire. it focuses on compensating players with dementia and
5:50 am
alzheimer's. the court has to approve the settlement later today. no more chimpanzees will be used. they're sending the last remaining chimps into retirement. in 2013 the ni ahh retire most of the 700 government chimps still living in the research laboratories. they kept 50 on standby in case they were needed. the agency says those chimpanzee days are o'j see all that green and yellow? >> i do. this is just one of what could be two storms that we'll have to deal with today. chuck bell is in with more on that is correct hey, chuck. >> good morning, you guys. we've been talking about it that the thursday morning commute could be a very slow affair. that does seem to be panning out what's new today compared to yesterday is the rain may refire later this afternoon.
5:51 am
that's a double whammy. so weather alert day. not expecting any big severe weather, just very impactful weather. social media postings will be increased today. you can follow me on twitter @chuckbell4. make sure you have the push alerts turned on for today. temperatures in the 60s and the rain is coming down. that big blue line, that's the cold front which will finally bring an end to the rain and an end to the mild temperatures in time for our weekend. rain ail over the weekend. moderate rain into southern maryland. heavier rain will be going across southern maryland about the next two hours. moderate rain on 70 west of frederick. all of 270 is socked in with the rain and every corner o the beltway is already wet this morning. cloudy skies, light rain, but mild outside. it is 61 degrees at 5:51 in the morning. so the weather impact will be a
5:52 am
high impact day today. periods of heavy rain for the morning commute and another chance for moderate rain later today. here's the timing. our updated high resolution model here. by 7:15. moderate rate rain in the met metroametro area. the cold front has a chance to fire more showers. keep in mind. seven-day forecast, here you go. 68 with the rain today. that's a mild one. for tomorrow we'll have showes s -- no showers but breezy. we'll be focusing back in on the next 24 hours which will be the most important ones. breaking news now in "first4 traffi traffic". melissa? >> top of the beltway, we're jammed. a 4 1/2 mile backup.
5:53 am
this is a backup approaching connecticut avenue. we had two crashes there. it doesn't matter. the backup is out of the way. the rain is adding to your problem. taking a look at the top of the beltway york u can see it. the latest was the outer one at connecticut. 66 looking pretty normal inbound. 20 miles per hour. again, totally normal. nothing actually happening right now. prince george's county overall looking pretty normal. unfortunately indian head highway slow there. taking a look up top here, no problems on b.w. parkway. 95 into and out of town. i'll see you back here with more. on top of the beltway. >> that jacob will hear this and come. that's the only answer we want. >> a father is pleading for his son to stop running if there police and come hom. the washington college student's
5:54 am
disappearance prompted the cancellation of classes through the thanksgiving break actually. last night there was a family and friends gathering for a prayer vigil. "news4's" molette green with more on what may have led to this disappearance. good morning. >> good morning. still no sign of jacob marberger hours after his family pleaded for him to come home. we heard his father pleading for him to come home outside the family synagogue. jacob's disappearance has prompted a shutdown. no one has heard from him since the family told police he was despondent, possibly took a rifle from their pennsylvania home sometime after sunday. now, the fbi and state police tracked him to a walmart where surveillance footage shows he bought a small box of footages. life took a bad turn when he was suspended from school, kicked
5:55 am
out of his fraternity and forced to resign as student government leader after allegedly showing up with a handgun. now, the college because of safety concerns from all of this, that college is closed until november 30th. now, when i join you at, what jac jacob's father said about his son's mistakes. eun? >> molette, thank you. 5:55. a judge in chicago could decide to release video the moenlt a police officer shot and killed a teenager. detectives say the teen had a knife. the police refused to release footage but a judge's decision could force them to hand it over. the teen's mother said she doesn't want the video's release fearing it could inside violence. oklahoma city bombing accomplice terry nichols says he wants his guns returned. he wants it to pay child support. he say the guns were not used in the objection city bombing. the feds want to destroy the
5:56 am
guns and give him credit for the fair market value. it would go toward the $14.5 million he owed in restitution. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. uber wants to administer your flu shot. they're offering shots in 36 cities today. they'll have nurses who will have recipients fill out paperwork and consent forms. you can fill it out between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. you'll get a wellness package that including tissues and a lollipop. the virginia department of alcohol bench control says this black friday sale will be its best sale yet. you can get between 10% and 15% off of what you buy depending on how much you spend. it will take part in cyber
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monday deals for the first time. the sales will offer a good chance to kick up and all the stuff after that. breaking news right now in fairfax county where a condominium building is the scene of a murder investigational this hour. here's a live look at the scene. three people left shot. the person who did stilt on the loose. we're live at the scene on what happened. we're keeping you up to date on the weather. drivers are dealing with rain soaked roads and heavier showers are still moving in. you can be warned how much rain you can expect.
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that breaking news out of fairfax county where the search is under way for a killer after three people were shot in the area. police are still on the scene right now. we're going to take you there live for more on what happened. new warnings on the paris attacks. i'm kristin wright at the live desk. >> first we watch a line of hours moving into the metro area and the impact. the heaviest of this rain is still to come. >> "storm team 4" meteorologist
6:00 am
chuck bell with how much rain you can see. what's the world. >> most will get a half an inch to an inch of rain. heaviest of the rain is really coming in here during the morning commute. 7:00 a.m. 60 degrees. a slow go on the way in. 7:00 tonight the rain will be coming to an end. mild and in the 60s, but tomorrow breezy and way colder. rain along route 15 here through loudoun county 2rks 70 is wet. 50 is wet, 60 is wet. moderate to heavy rain getting ready to cross parts of southern maryland. whenl does it all come to an end? 4:to 6:00. we'll get to the impacts on your commutes in a couple minutes. right now it's breaking news.


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