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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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chuck bell with how much rain you can see. what's the world. >> most will get a half an inch to an inch of rain. heaviest of the rain is really coming in here during the morning commute. 7:00 a.m. 60 degrees. a slow go on the way in. 7:00 tonight the rain will be coming to an end. mild and in the 60s, but tomorrow breezy and way colder. rain along route 15 here through loudoun county 2rks 70 is wet. 50 is wet, 60 is wet. moderate to heavy rain getting ready to cross parts of southern maryland. whenl does it all come to an end? 4:to 6:00. we'll get to the impacts on your commutes in a couple minutes. right now it's breaking news. >> breaking news top of the
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beltway. as you're approaching connecticut avenue you're seeing a crash off to the right side of the roadway. when you take a look at some of the delays, it is not pretty. we just pushed the one out. make sure to sign up for that. if you don't have it. download that app. you can see some of the rain on the camera lens this morning. it is wet. it is nasty. top of the beltway, the only slow spot there of the beltway here this morning. 66 inbound you can see the virtual rain falling. a couple of slow spots overall. i'll see you in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, melissa. we have breaking news a killer is loose. there's an investigation who shout three people.
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megan mcgrath has more. megan? >> reporter: i talked with residents. i heard several gunshots. one between 6:00 and 7:00 gunshots. if you look behind me investigators are still here on the scene. they have the parking lot cordoned off and they've been going in and out of the building where you can see the light is on at the door. now, we're here at the colchester town condos. this is the alexandria section of fairfax. around 10:00 last night. they were here on the scene. i spoke to a woman. she came home, tried to get back into her place but couldn't get there because everything was cordoned off. she said all of this is very,
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very upsetting and she'd like to move. >> like i said, i'm ready to go. i have kids here and it's literally right next to home. way too close. >> reporter: police did an extensive search of the area, but at this point there's no word of any arrests, also no word on the motive behind this triple shooting that left one person dead. back to you in the studio. >> developing this morning, we're learning at least one person died in a crash in buoy. new video shows a mangled suv on the side of the road. take a look. this crash happened around 11:00 last night at the intersection of racetrack road and open chapg road. new york mayor bill de blasio said his city will not be intimidated. a lot of the people have seen this video. it's new video from isis. it shows "new york times" square
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and taxi caps. they say that video is another piece of highly produced propaganda. we turn to france now. >> here's what we know right now. it is unclear now if the mastermind of the paris attacks is dead or alive. u.s. officials just have not said. the hunt for abdel a meadbdelh d abuaaoud. he's not in police custody right now. also the u.s. beamcy in rome warning of attacks. synagogues, restaurants, hotels in rome and milan. this is all an ongoing developing story. we also learned belgium is increasing its security on
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several fronts including adding 500 soldiers, saying police raids could happen at any time. we'll let you know what france and the u.s. is going to do about all this. back to you. >> kristin, thank you. we turn to reaction on capitol hill. it will be harder for syrians to enter the country. earlier this week president obama called it shameful not to accept refugee. be awe new survey suggests his policies do not match public opinion. a father, mother, and young sop will have a home in connecticut. the governor said because they're refugees, they're not allowed in there. they were supposed to arrive in indianapolis today. it's more than half of the states not accepting them. a money who admitted to attacking a truck driver will make his first appearance.
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only "news4" has video of this asauchlt he surrendering. he was angry. he punched the driver in the face. it was the 6 th attack on a metrobus driver this year. also a former prince george's county teacher could get 25 years in a prison sentence. brown had sex with a 17-year-old girl in a boys locker room back at the time of the homecoming in 2013. we're working to learn more about what led up to this accident but be're told the driver did stay on scene. it was the sign of a deadly crash involving a church bus last week. four people died in that accident. it could be a big step in improving the metro. they're expected to vote for
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paul wiedefeld. metro officialers don't see any problems. right now the fred real transit administration is responsible for overseeing safety at metro because of problems. a 30,000 point truck. develops into indianapolis protests that turned violent overnight. plus, we're keeping you up to date on this heavy alert day. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell breaking down the ♪
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developing right now. an nbc affiliate in minneapolis says a protest is pretty much over. take a look. it grew intense overnight. protesters throwing rocks and bottles at police officers. they sprayed them with some kind of chemical irritant and police used pepper spray on the protesters. jamar clark was shot and killed by police, handcuffed at the time, say witnesses. he was trying to take take an
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officer's hander gun. >> they continue their strike for better pay. it started at some of the largest airports, including jfk, laguardia, and chicago o'hare. the baggage handlers want $15 an hour. the strike could end today but in the meantime they have plans in place to make sure passengers aren't affected. we're hearing about this rain that's coming, that's here now. maybe not this picture. >> chuck bell is tracking weather. good morning. hey, chuck. >> good morning. every driveway is wet. leave early or risk being late and another chance for rain on the evening commute as well, though i don't think it ll be as wide spread of imf
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widespread rain. southern charles, st. mary's and calvert county. so your commuter forecast, moderate rain in the low 60s this morning and a chance for more showers between 5:00 and 7:00 this evening before things finally come to an end. what does that mean? grab your raincoat. we'll talk about when the colder weather comes back. breaking news continuing with first four traffic. melissa? >> top of the beltway. we still have a four-mile backup. the rain is not helping this morning. it's adding to the mess.l& ( for folks headed southbound on 270 because of the longer than normal backups here this
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morning. right now once you get to jury man town. pretty much on top from the top of the beltway. taking three times longer than it actually should this morning. 66 and 95 in virginia. not all that bad. remember to listen to our friends when you hop in the car for the latest on the weather and how it's going to impact your commute. >> thanks, melissa. don't you love leaving your alarm clock off? >> we'll talk about the new research that suggests that change could be bad for your health. and we're here on the outer loop right by georgia avenue tracking that crash. coming up, i'll have the latest coming up, i'll have the latest road conditions
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the rain is beginning to pick up this morning as you get ready to leave for work. no matter where you live in the d.c. area, you're going to be dealing with wet roads as you head into the office. take a look at "storm team 4" radar here. you can see all this green and some yellow too. let's get right to "storm team 4" meteorologist amelia segaseg.
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how does it look? >> reporter: it's been lightly raining, almost a mist. i've been tracking areas like potomac, rockville, the spur. as we look back further to the west, a little bit more rain moving in. this rain slowing the morning commute. right now where we're traveling, this is an accident or where an accident has moved off to the side of the road. track four-mile backups. the speed we're traveling at is at about 35 miles an hour. the rain has been light in
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intensity and has not impacted our visibility. >> that's aleph. chuck bell is looking ahead to the weekend. the changes you'll look to. we're hearing from the man who was trapped under this 30,000-pound bus. it hit squlams holmes while he was crossing the street near seventh and massachusetts avenue. holmes said he can't believe a bus is the thick that put him in the hospital. >> i never heard it. hit by a bus. >> mr. holmes has a broken leg. right now he's in rehab. he's determined to get back on his feet soon. click "click it or ticket." police agencies are enforcing a crackdown on it.
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according to ntsb word, they have to remember they have to buckle up. in the news room more trouble in the sky. a flight to egypt had to make an emergency landing after a bomb threat. it was flying from warsaw, polan poland. reuters reporting 161 people were on this plane and that no explosives were found. flights are suspended out of that airport in bull gaifr eun, back to yo thank you. the former subway pitchman also agreed to pay a total of $1.4 million to his 14 victims. the judge could sentence foge
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toll 50 years in prison but the punishment will likely be more than five years. according to the "washington post," more than 6 in 10 washington residents are unsatisfied with how the mayor is handling crime. the mayor told us how she plans to heed those concerns. >> they want to see more police in their neighborhoods. we also put resources in into our crime lab and promoting crime cameras. >> police chief cathy lanier's job approval dropped to f 1%. that's 150% l0% lower than last. kesha bias wanted her son to ride on a smaller bus with an aide. he was put on a regular bus.
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she pulled hit out out of the system. today scoots in d.c. will tell officialses what they need to leadership. students will testify about what they would like to have things in their bucket. >> there's a new easy-to-use drug that can save the life of a person overdosing on drugs including heroin. it's called narcan. it's to help first responders deliver the aenlt doan easily and quickly. there's no evidence this morning that switching up your sleep schedule is not good for you. researchers from the university of pittsburgh found people whose sleep schedules are vafltly different on their free days compared to their work days were more likely to be overweight and
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have poor cholesterol. experts say it's really important to keep when you sleep really consistent. it's difficult for us because you try to have a weekend. >> i still get sleepy at 9:00 even on the weekends. >> me too. in case you wanted to know. we turn to "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. >> you get tired because you're old, aaron, that's why. >> you did it. >> we're focus oddtown weather. rain chances have impacted the morning part of the front and it may impact the afternoon. its was orange knolly thought it would be in and out of here by the morning commute. we not v another chance of rain. out ahead of it, the first slug
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of moisture. moderate rain going across the northern neck and southern maryland. it's still wet everywhere. puddles will be dealt with all across the region. it's wet on 66 and 270. melissa's got more on that. more frequent push. >> 60s now. 60s all day could get as much as n inch of rain where the heavier rain comes through. the first batch leaves us alone after 7:00 or 8:00. we'll get a little break in the action. late morning, lunch hour. after 2:00, 3:00, here's a second chance for rain marching into the metro area. last of the raindrops should be out of here between about 7:00
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and 8:00. here's what i think it is. i just tweeted this out on our "storm team 4" facebook page. last drops, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., shenandoah valley. 6:00 to 8:00 and down across southern maryland. what about your weekend? >> it's going to be cold. we'll be back in the cooler 50s and it's flat out cold around here for sunday and monday. even national airport may be below freezing for the first time this year on monday and tuesday morning. so cool changes are coming. we're focused back on the next 24 hours coming back in the next few minutes. melissa? >> breaking news right now. still looking at the top of the beltway. we're still jammed with a four-mile backup. also have this problem on inner loop. a car blocking one of the lanes. a car struck aircraft trying to get through.
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we also have a report of a crash and prince george's county overall. no major problems there. back here at 6:31 with more on this problem top of the beltway. >> melissa, thank you. it's 6:25. a driver is facing charges. this happened near the evening rush near hagerstown. all the lanes were closed for four hours while hazmat crews cleaned up the area. no one is hurt. james bond is about to be sanctioned. the kissing scenes are too long. they want four to be trimmed. that is two kisses between daniel craig and monica belushi. they often order them to chop
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scenes. they can be. >> if you put daniel craig and monica together, there doesn't have to be any kissing. >> the movie was 20 minutes too long. whatever indecember corrections you have done, they're all all. a virginia mayor drawing national attention this morning but not at the kind he'd like. why remarks about the syrian refugee crisis cost him a job with hillary clinton's presidential campaign. >> right now still have this problem here at outer loop aibuprofening connecticut
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a weather alert for you right now as you get ready for your day ahead. you're going to encounter wet roads. the good news. "storm team 4" has found traffic moving along pretty well. >> it could be changing as soon as we watch this heavy line of
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rain pushing into the area. i'm with "storm team 4" chuck bell looking at the four things everybody needs know about this race. >> you need your umbrella ready to go. >> i know it. just in case a rainy ride in wasn't bad enough. stay weather alert for today. not expecting severe weather. just impactful weather. it's going to slow things down. we'll dry out but it may be after your home from school and behind the rain, yes, indeed, a real cold snap. focus in on the next 24 hours. moderate to briefly heavy rain. a slow go near 60 this morning. the rain should end after 7:00. there's the heaviest rain. charles, calvert, st. mary's county. another check of the radar coming up in ten minutes as well
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as a look at the school day forecast. breaking news now continues. breaking news at connecticut avenue. we still have a four-mile backup on the beltway. we're still very slow here. inner loop, disabled car blocking the lane. just got off the phone with police. they're saying that pedestrian problem is now out of the way. at fox hall, crash blocking the right side. we also have a problem on the silver lane. delays to largo because of a problem at tyson's corner. that popped up as well. inbound at the beltway is a problem. perhaps keep it that way. this morning all of the screen is the rain moving through the area. allow extra travel time in ten minutes. >> whatever indiscretions you have done, they're all recoverable. a tearful plea from the father of a missing clunlt stay
6:32 am
tuned. a search has continuing and it's shut down the school through. with more on why his father believes he's on the run. molette? >> eun, this morning jacob marberger is still off the radar. still no cell phone opportunistic from the sophomore as days described as dispondant and possibly armed. heard from his father at the senn gog. about 75 people to support the call for jacob to call home. he's made so few mistakes in his life, i don't think he know thousand deal with that, the shame one feels when one lets themselves down. >> right now the fbi and state police are looking for jacob. surveillance footage shows he bought a small box of bullets from a walmart. his parents told police hi may have a rifle from their pennsylvania home. this semester, the 19-year-old showed up to his fraternity
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house with a handgun showing up with a suspension and expulsion from school. look for updates inside our nbc washington app and later today on "news4." in the day ahead. he said he was drunk at the time. he said he was seeking treatment for alcohol abuse. a woman caught on camera doing yoga on metro tracks expected in district court today. you'll remember this video. the "news4" i-team showed it. climbing down onto the tracks at the west falls church station. metro transit police arrested her in october. a mayor in southwest virginia is no longer part of
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the hillary clinton campaign. this after roanoke mayor david bowers compared current refugee situation to world war ii. in this letter, the u.s. should refuse to help settle syrian refugees just as franklin delano roosevelt interred those during world war ii. most americans now realize the interment was wrong. a welcoming message for leaders in arlington county. "news4's" david culver spoke to one woman who said it's a comfortable development. she works at a lebanese restaurant in arlington and still has family living in syria. >> and they want to leave. >> yes. everybody want to go out. everybody. >> more than 60% of viewers say the u.s. should refuse entry to syrian refugees. the battle to save laurel regional hospital hits the road today.
6:35 am
elected officials and hospital workers will head to hearings in annapolis to ask why the hospital is closing. earlier this month laurel mayor craig mow said a hospital work group says they should come one a better plan. more than 100 workers have already received their pink slips. >> black lives matter! in the middle of rush hour, protesters shutting down a major intersection in d.c. they diamondbackered for national transweek of action. the ghoul to bring attention to the crimes and specifically the murders of transgender victims across the country. the most recent in our country, zella ziona from montgomery county. d.c. police blocked the protesters. after several hours, the protest organizer was arrested. no more chimpanzees will be used for research. they're sending the last of them
6:36 am
into retirement. many of of them are still living at research laboratories. they kept 50 on standby in case they were needed for a public emergency. the chimps will be moved. making sure there's no excuse. how uber is bringing the vaccine straight to you. breaking news in pennsylvania where a late joy ride ends with a school bus inside of a store. take a look. i'm krimm tin right at the live desk. >> we're preparing you for the conditions you'll face outside. "storm team 4's" chuck bell has your school forecast at 6:41.
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you have to see the video just in to the live desk. a stolen school bus inside a school in pittsburgh. the bus crashed through the side of the store. you see it sitting right in the middle of the business. someone stole the bus from a locked lot, drove it right through the gates. we just got off the phone with our station up in pittsburgh and they tell us no one was hurt. police are there, of course.
6:40 am
no word on the person who stole the bus and drove it through the store just yet. eun, back to you. >> thank you, kristin. it's now 6:40. thousands of former players sued the league for concussion problems after they retired. the nfl now planning to pay $1 billion to settle those cases. the money would also cover thousands more players who have yet to retire. the payment focus is compensating those with d-memena and alzheimer's but not seizures that could be connected with concussions. the court is set to hear on that today. the radar is getting its workout in today. >> look at all that green. "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell fact checking the radar and weather. chuck? >> that right. all the roads are wet. we could have another round of showers. the evening could be as slow as
6:41 am
this morning. catching a little break in the action now for washington. heavier rain down across parts of southern maryland at this point in time. it's milder out there. it's in upper 50s and low 60s. the raincoat and rain boots for sure. school day forecast, temperatures, that's the good news. it will be in the 60s. you'll neat umbrellas. recess today gets an "f." seven-day forecast is in ten minutes. . for more "f" information, here's melissa. >> not good news. we still have a four-mile backup that is not normal for this time of day. another problem, inbound canal right here at fox hall, they have this area blocked here on canal. it looks like the tow has gotten the vehicle out of the way. 66 at fairfax, a problem there. right here taking you twice as long. top of the beltway, kind of slow. 76 and 95 in virginia.
6:42 am
not so bad. see you in ten minutes. we're keeping you up to date on the speed. already dealing with rain soaked roads. you see the wipers on. the conditions we're seeing out there and how much rain you can expect where you live. plus, we're tracking breaking news in fairfax right now where a condominium building is the scene of a murder investigation. what we're learning about the attack that left three people shot. your time is 6:42. the centers for medicare and medicaid services
6:43 am
recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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major backups on the road. problems with your commute. you're looking at the conditions right now. and things probably won't get any better but heavy rain moves through our area. >> yeah. over the next 15 minutes our "storm team 4" crew will be preparing you for the conditions you'll be dealing with on your way to work today. let's begin now with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning, everybody. thursday as advertised. off to a soaking wet start. we've had periods of moderate rain move through. that won't last long as more showers are likely late morning. heaviest rain down in parts of st. mary's county. seven-day forecast coming up at 6:51. we have big cooldowns.
6:46 am
>> also big backups. once again it's slow from two earlier crashes. they're gone. doesn't seem to matter this morning. the rain adds to the problem on the top of the beltway. breaking news this morning out of high blah vybla county. three men shot. megan mcgrath with "news4" has more. megan. >> reporter: we're starting to see a lot of activity, people gting up and going to work. they've been talking about this shooting. if you look behind, you can see in the last half hour or so, police did leave the scene. the parking lot is open at this point. but we've been watching investigators go in and out of that door right there in this building in the center of the parking lot here. that's where they were focusingifocusing
6:47 am
their attention. it happened at about 10:00 last night. three people were shot in this incident. two of them were taken to the hospital by ambulance. one of the victims was able to get to the hospital on his own and is being treated. we later learned one of the victims died overnight as a result of the gunshot wounds. they'll reported hearing shots right around 10:00. we talked to one man who said there were a lot of them. >> i heard like, you know, about six, seven shots. it sounded like a loaded cannon or something. but that was about it, so -- >> reporter: and police had an extensive search perimeter here in the neighborhood, but they did not find any suspects at this point. no arrests have been made that we're aware of. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath live in fairfax. developing this morning we're
6:48 am
learning one person died in a crash in buoy. new video of this suv on the side of the road around 11:00 last night at the intersection. >> this is at the intersection of racetrack and old chapel road. we're working to find out how many were inside that suv. your time now, 6:48. a piece of highly produced propaganda, that's what the fbi is calling new video from isis that seems to imply a new threat from w york. it shows images of taxis in times square. the mayor says people should not be concerned. however, concerns are growing overseas. kristin has more. >> the general assembly has approved the country's state of emergency after an urgent request by france's prime minister. also big developments in italy this morning related to the attacks in paris. there is a manhunt going on right now for five people flagged by the fbi.
6:49 am
this in response to new warnings from the u.s. embassy in rome. the embassy there saying they do believe there is a potential for terrorist attacks at st. peter's basilica in vatican city. churches in general, synagogues, restaurants, theaters, in rome and milan. we still don't know if the mastermind of the paris attacks is dead or alive. the hunt for abdelhamid abuaaoud still on. if the bill passes, it would make it harder for syrian refugees to enter the country. the white house is threatening to veto it. earlier this week the president called it shameful to not accept refugees but a new survey suggesting his policies do not
6:50 am
match public opinion. and a 5-year-old boy and his parents will soon have a home in connecticut. this after indiana's governor said because they are refugees they're not welcome. the family has been living in jordan since 2011. they were supposed to arrive in indianapolis today. indiana is among 31 states that do not want to accept refugees from syria after friday's attacks in paris. 6:50 now. in the day ahead, the man who admitted to attacking a bus driver in d.c. will make his first court appearance. he surrendered to transit police yesterday. he admitted he was angry when he punched a driver in the face on northwest avenue. it was the 69th attack on a driver this year. today a prince george's county teacher could get a 25-year prison sentence. the judge found andre brown guilty of having sex with a
6:51 am
17-year-old girl in a boy's locker room at beltsville high school at homecoming back in 2014. wield held is to be the new gm for metro. a developing story out of mississippi, strong storms brought two buildings crashing to the ground. take a look at the scene here. the city manager said too much water collect on one of the rooftops, that combined with the structural failure of a wall between the two billings caused that collapse. no one was inside the building. >> 6:51. the same system coming through, chucking but not as severe. >> no. two chances of rain today. one chance this morning and it now looks like another
6:52 am
increasing chance for rain coming up later this afternoon as the cold front gets on through. the cold front back across western virginia. that's the big blue line on the left side of your map. that's the cold front. out ahead of it, we have this trough of low pressure. until that front goes by, about sundown tonight, another chance for rain will linger out ahead of it. calvert, st. charles county, heavier rain may slow things. it may slow things on the bay bridge. sprinkles and light rain showers, out toward hagerstown. brief periods of rain. metro rains eased up a little bit. still a lot of road spray. pavement is wet. lots of puddles and slippery wet leashes out there. cloudy skies. it is mild. you may need a raincoat but you don't need the winter raincoat. just the spring type to keep the
6:53 am
rain drops off. it is mild. weather is going have a high impact on rain. take the umbrella. what to expect today. leave early. a slow go out there. it will stay in the 60s all day. some could get an inch of rain, maybe a little less in some areas. here's future weather. rain should taper off in the next little bit. we should be dry -- not dry but cloudy and misty. the cold front coming onto the i-95 corridor. that will turn off the rain. we'll be dry, back to dry weather for tomorrow. 68 degrees for a high today about lunchtime with a 100% chance of rain. tomorrow, winds come back. cold for friday night foochblt windchills in the 30s and temperatures into the 30s. maybe down to freezing by sunday, monday, tuesday morning.
6:54 am
talking about wet roads. let's take a look with amelia. how are we looking? >> reporter: we've been out all morning. traveling along the belt way in various areas. right now we're at the spur heading toward river road. all we're tracking is wed rotes and drizzling rain. there is a lot of volume, but, again, for the most part we appear to be moving along oklahoma this morning. the visibility not having any impact on our drive time this morning. again, for the most park tracking very light showers impacting the morning commute. however, even the line rain is impacting. a five-mile backup approaching connecticut avenue. that's one of our problems right now. chopper 4 over the american legion bridge, light volume. taking a big look at the beltway
6:55 am
overall looking pretty good. it's going to be the top of the beltway. that live picture i showed you just a second ago. 66 inbound. no incidents, 95 northbound also rolling along okay this morning. beltway at st. barn bus, you can see the outer loop is slow. that's normal for this time of day. top of the beltway, b.w. parkway, route 1. 29 is slower. 95 also slow after you pass the icc and 270 there at montrose. as you're headed down to the spur kind of like amelia was, you can see good volume. >> thank you. a stretch of road in hyattsville now has a victim. the driver stayed on the scene until help got there. this was the same stretch of road involving a deadly crash involved a church van last week. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc
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headquarters. uber wants to administer your flu shot, administering shots in 36 cities including washington and baltimore. they'll be given by registered nurses who will have recipients fill out paperwork and sign a consent form. you can sign a consent form. you'll also get a $10 wellness package that includes tissues, hand sanitizer and a loppy pop and tote bag. four things to know this morning. the father of a washington college student pleading for him to come home. jacob marberger has been missing since taking a gun from his parents' house. the white house is threatening a veto. plans just approved an extension. this comes on the heels of a new warning from the embassy in rome that spots in vatican city and milan could be targets for
6:57 am
terror attacks. >> this morning three men shot, two died. one is expected to survive. have your umbrella all day. >> got it. thank you, chuck. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 mijtss with weather, news, and traffic, of course. see you then. have a great day. >> make it a great thursday, everybody.
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good morning. did they get their man? conflicting reports today on whether the alleged ringleader of the paris attacks was killed in the massive raid. new raids are carried out in belgium overnight. killing video emerging of friday's assault on a cafe and the harrowing moment one survivor gotaway. new york city officials hold a rare late night news conference to insist, there is no specific threat here, after isis releases this video with images of times square and promises more violence. >> the people of new york city will not be intimidated. >> the latest on the threats and the response today, thursday, november 19th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news


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