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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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gonzalez looks at pricing at some outlet stores and the lawsuit that claims it's completely made up. we start tonight with the weather forecast and the big issue right now is the fog. >> did you see it? this was the fog rolling over the district at sunset. it will move out overnight. get ready. it will set up for a cool start to your friday. doug, it will turn even colder this weekend. >> we will have the coldest we have seen so far this weekend and coldest yet sunday. we saw the rain and fog. the fog came in quite thick in some locations. now, fortunately, it's all moving out of here. fog is still an issue east of i-95 and southern maryland and
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still dealing with fog there. for the rest of us, it's all moving out and fairly quickly. the front has now moved through. winds shifted through the north and that will bring cooler air. bye-bye to the rain system that came through today. the headlines tonight, we'll talk about the morning commute. much cooler air the next couple of days. yes, the first freeze in the city. we'll talk about how cold the rest of us get. the full forecast in a couple minutes. >> thank you. developing tonight, we're seeing major police responses all over europe, at the first sign of anything remotely suspicious. tonight, three people were arrested near a parked car in rotterdam. in london tonight, the baker street underground station was shut down for most of the day because of a suspicious package there. this comes on the same day prosecutors reveal the mastermind in the paris attacks was killed in yesterday's raid. now, nbc's richard engle is uncovering some intelligence
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failures tonight that may have allowed the attack to happen. >> reporter: the man french officials describe as the mastermind behind last friday's take was found just a mile from the stadium among his targets. there's an old arab saying the best place to hide is in the sun. how did abdel hamid abaaoud manage to travel to syria, then slip back into europe perhaps more than once? a symbol a group of attackers, a amass an arsenal and then plan and carry out a series of koort deadly attacks, all undetected. they found the ringleader but clearly too late. >> the success was knowing who to look for and the failure was not actually looking for them. >> all of these people were known to some extent, varying extent, if not by the french directly, services of our
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countries in europe and we did not do what was necessary to keen track. >> reporter: keeping track is harder now that thousands of refugees are landing unchecked on europe's shores everyday. that means there could be more av be an outdoor's cominoutdoor coming? >> i don't know but the number is probably quite large. >> reporter: ab outdobaaoud was 10,000 names on the watch list, something the security services in this country are not doing. richard engle, paris. >> there's growing fear terrorists could be hiding among refugees and that has congress effectively shutting down the u.s. refugee program for syrians and iraqis. despite the threat of a veto from president obama, a bipartisan veto vote in the house could suspend the program
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for weeks -- months or years. and harry reid is proposing it will die in the senate. >> any who traveled to syria or iraq in the last five years cannot travel to the united states using the visa waiver program period. >> house speaker, paul ryan says republicans could support those steps if a compromise bill comes out of the senate. >> trying to show the district is safe, tonight, mayor muriel bowser greeted hundreds of middle students from ohio who decided to enjoy the nation's capitol despite the potential danger. the mayor wanted to thank them for not canceling the field trip as others have. >> they feel safe it's okay to go about their daily lives and do what they would otherwise do. we ask the public to be vigilant. >> reporter: the fbi coordinates
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with dozens of law enforcement agencies to protect the washington area. at the live desk, we're learning more about an american teenager killed earlier tonight in israel, one of five people who died in attacks on two ci cities. he is from boston and went to israel after graduating high school. he was on his way back from bringing food to israeli soldiers when the shooting started. in the west bank a palestinian man started shooting at cars stuck in traffic. he had a machine gun and intentionally crashed his car into a group of people standing on the street. three people died in that attack and two others killed in tel aviv where another pal sennian man killed others in an office bui building. the neighbors say his parents had been very proud of him for studying abroad in israel.
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>> more tonight a plan that could cost you as much as 3$300a month to drive to and from work on i-66. the arlington county board endorsed the virginia department of transportation's concept of a plan that would mean tolls for drivers on weekdays, peak periods and peak direction. inside the beltway a anding to is the only way to ease congestion. we're working on gathering more information on a pedestrian accident on connecticut avenue and pliers vill road and that person is in the hospital with serious injuries. >> a packed house in washington demanding action from mayor bowser demanding affordable housingnd jobs and closing the homeless shelter. >> she accepted the challenge. jackie. >> reporter: among those who
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spoke to this packed crowd of 600 people or more wre two residents of the shelter at d.c. general. >> any can join the club at any time. we're trying to make it better for those how are members of the unwanted club. >> reporter: they packed the w pews and two overflow rooms at covenant baptist church southwest. many members of the washington interfaith network are people who have helped the district through some of its toughest times. others are more recent arrivals to the city and united urging city leaders to address the twin problems of unemployment and homele homelessness. they pressed d.c. mayor muriel bowser for a timeline of closing the trouble plagued family shelter at d.c. general. >> families will always have emergency housing. we have 280 units and think it's better to do it in smaller units not a big hospital and 50 unit
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buildings city-wide. >> reporter: some spoke of the dire need for housing. >> i was born and raised in washington, d.c. and i've seen it at its worst and now at the highest part. i want to be a part of that. >> reporter: the group is pushing for more jobs, training programs for d.c. residents. jackie bensen, news4. >> thank you. a man is dead tonight after approaching a d.c. police officer with a large hunting knife. this happened on dick street. the officer fired one shot in self-defense hitting that man in the chest. starting in the spring, you could see body cameras on police officer s. the judiciary committee voted to send it to the council. it allows for more than mayor bowser originally proposed. the only time it's not available
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is in private homes or cases of s assaults or domestic violence. he doesn't officially start is new job until november 30th but metro's new manager is already asking questions about isis and terrorist threats. >> this is not anything new to the agency or law enforcement or security people. this is not something that because of this video all of a sudden they woke up and said, oh, my gosh, we have to start to deal with this. >> paul wiedefeld was officially introduced today and said his top priorities are safety, security and reliability for the rider. as for finance, you should not expect to see fares going up any time soon. next at 11:00, a secret service officer stays locked up, already accused of sexting from the white house. now, prosecutors say it goes even further. major outlet stores accused of deceptive pricing. >> don't believe the price tags. >> reporter: tonight, consumer reporter erika gonzalez outing
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the outlets before you do your holiday shopping. breaking up on facebook, the new feature that gives you a break from your ex-without blocking them.
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new at 11:00, the university of maryland is rolling out a high-tech way for students to feel saver on campus. the umd guardian app you can text a tip to police or make an emergency call. if you make an emergency call, dispatch can automatically pinpoint your location. it is a specific version of the rave guardian app.
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once you download the rave app, use your umd account to get the school's version. more on that secret service officer trying to solicit sex with an undercover agent posing as a 14-year-old girl. court filings today show lee moore did in fact have contact with two actual underage girls online in addition to that undercover officer. he ae's accused of exchanging obscene pictures and texts with them including when on duty at the white house. detectives later found a small arsenal of weapons at his home including military assault style rif rifles, many loaded and unsecure. prosecutors want him to remain in prison until his trial. you may be planning a trip to the outlet stores to shop for the holidays. are you really saving as much as you think you are? erika gonzalez explains what landed some popular retailers in court.
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>> reporter: people shop outlet stores for one reason. >> cheaper. you get more for your money. >> reporter: consumers say they save big. >> i think i get a better deal. the reason is when you go to the outlet, like it's cheaper. >> reporter: not everybody is sold on the hype. >> don't believe the hype. >> reporter: he is a class action lawyer against seven major outlet retailers accusing michael kors, kenneth cole, columbia, nordstrom and others of fraud claiming deceptive s e savings on the price tags. >> they made up the price. it's a total fabrication. >> reporter: the price tags look like this compare at or suggested retail price followed by a substantial savings. since the item may have never sold at a regular retail store and made specifically to be at the outlet they're not getting as good a deal they really are. >> people get excited about
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discounts they get. these manufacturers and retailers understand that very well. the bigger discount you think you're getting the more likely you are to buy things. >> reporter: in court documents the retailers denied the allegations against them. we reached out. most said they would not talk about the pending allegation. nordstrom said the allegations have no merit. the retailer admits in court documents it atmospheres products to be sold only at nordstrom rack but said it's items offered for sale at nordstrom racks with compare at prices are not lesser quality of origin originals. michael kors originally would not settle then settled without admitting wrongdoing. >> at michael kors it no longer says msrp with a strike through that. they have a much clearer model that is an outlet. >> reporter: michael kors has agreed to replace the msrp with
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the word "value." >> knowledge is the greatest weapon. the more consumers have this knowledge the better they can equip themselves to shop in a responsible way. >> reporter: erika gonzalez, news4. facebook wants to help ease the burn of a breakup. new tools rolled out today on the facebook mobile app helping you to see less of your ex-s. now, when you change your facebook status to single, facebook will ask if you want to take a break from seeing his or her pictures and posts it's an alternative to blocking them or unfollowing them. the other person will never know. you can also choose to limit what your ex-sees on your facebook page so you don't look too happy or too miserable. >> modern love is complicated, isn't it? >> why didn't they have that for us? they didn't even have facebook. >> good. >> very good point. >> what a difference tonight. we saw a lot of different kinds
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of weather tonight and that's why i love this area. we saw the rain earlier, clouds, temperatures in the 60s and even 70s and the fog come through, rainbows and then more fog. we're seeing it all right now, all clearing out of here. very nice weather outside right now. by tomorrow morning you will notice a difference. temperature still at 62 degrees. the one thing here different is the wind. winds out of the northwest right now. out of the south or calm almost all day and northerly components to the wind tells you the front has now moved through and he helping clear things out as far as the fog is concerned. 52 in gaithersburg, 59 in martinsburg. temperatures are starting to fall and will fall more quickly as drier air moves in. and watch out in some of the roadways in southern maryland as well. all clear on the radar. the rain we had earlier is out of here. we did see quite a bit earlier. tomorrow morning, looking good for that morning commute.
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temperatures at 49 degrees in the city. tomorrow afternoon, between 5:00 and 7:00. breezy and cool but still weather should not have an impact on your commute as earlier today. a lot of people slowing down across the region. there goes our rain and storm system. it did produce half an inch of rain in parts of the area and behind the airport. behind this system, almost nothing, clear skies. the only thing i'm watching is the next system that will bring snow to chicago and will bring us colder weather on the weekend. tomorrow, on the cool side. not a bad friday afternoon. 55 in d.c., 58 in gaithersburg, 55 in la platt. a breeze now and then, but not looking cold. you may need a jacket but that's all. only rising to the mid-50s. we're not going to rise a lot even though we will see plenty of sunshine. not that kind of a day. saturday, a little less wind with sunshine and 53. still a nice afternoon but a
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cold start starting at 37 in the city. on sunday, very cold, 48 degrees with windy conditions and that will put wind chills in 30s all day, the coldest we've seen so far this season. sunday night to monday. down to 32 in the city, the first time we see freezing in the city. 29 in martinsburg and 26 in culpeper. waking up to chilly conditions, high on monday of 45 degrees. we moderate somewhat but still stay below average until thanksgiving when we go back bov avera -- above average, 57 degrees. >> we can get out of the house. >> or stay in. making history. >> first, here's jimmy fallon. >> spike lee is here and
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he did it. it's official. no taking it back. >> can we count the goal but take away the game? it was a bittersweet night for alex ovechkin. the team captain became the all time leader in goals amongst russian born players. his team didn't stack up too well against the best squad in hockey, playing in back to back nights didn't have enough for delays stars.
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ovechkin has gone scoreless in his last four games. we'll pick it up in the first period, caps down a score, off the mark and gathers it. goes on a dallas defender that's not obie's goal, belongs to backstrom, tied at 1. that goal does belong to him and that goal is the most by a russian born player and his folks there in the moment. turnover by the caps and the stars takee>,yk
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actually. >> let's head over to the baseball diamond for a moment. big news for number 34. bryce harper named the national league mvp today. harper the first player to be named mvp in the national's franchise. at 23, he is the youngest ever. harper is only the seventh anonymous winner of this award in baseball history. >> i'm very excited to win this award. hopefully i can do this for numerous years to come and i know if i play hard, if i do everything i can, it will help my team win. that's always been my main goal. accolades is great but the trophy at the end of the year, nothing better especially if you're doing a parade in d.c. it would be a lot of fun. moving on to college basketball now, george
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washington, coming off a huge win over virginia the other night. they're taking on the university of south florida tonight. second half, patricio, the senior, gets the steal. nice layup, gw up 3 at this point. showing off the range from the corner. 18 points lead-off score, gw, 3-0 after a 73-67 victory. to south carolina, george mason facing ole miss. second half, chevron thompson throwing down the jam on the baseline. he had a double-double 19 points, 16 rebounds. also a pretty good defender, comes up with the big-time block there. a three-point game with under 30 seconds to play, thompson making a huge play for patriots. getting the first win as mason head coach, taking it a 68-62. at the italian embassy, the
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annual washington fund-raiser. and that's chris baker. he had some moves tonight, along with bradley beal of the wizards. gy igio gonzalez of the nats wa there and they're there for prevention of domestic violence lansd year raised over 350,0$35. >> from the big and tall store? >> he looked good. >> he looked good. >> people wondering about
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♪ ♪ >> he looked good. >> people wondering about this season, purchase or lease a new 2016 volvo, and get your first three payments on us. volvo cars is proud to be the founding sponsor of alex's lemonade stand foundation.
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that does it for us. "the tonight show" with jimmy
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- rachel weisz. spike lee. musical guest, r. kelly.


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