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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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developing right now, an american teen died in an attack in israel. 18-year-old ezra schwartz was killed by two terrorist attacks. he's from boston and was studying in israel. yesterday attacks intensified a two--month-old wave of violence. police found levy's remains at a park in 2001. it argues there is no physical evidence linking him to levy's death. he may be planning to pin the murder on former congressman gary condit. the "washington post" reporting they requested condit's records, phone, and a search inside his
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vehicle. the retrial is expected to start in march. there are new plans to raise tolls on i-66. the plan would mean tolls for drivers on weekdays, peak periods, and in peak directions. there's no way to expand the beltway so tolling is the only suggestion. if the toll goes through, some people could pay as much as $300 a month to use those lanes. a lot of money. >> yeah, it is. phew. 4:31. was it cold for you? >> a little bit. not too cold. >> when you put the wind in there, chuck is going to tell us what it's going to be. >> if eun doesn't think it's cold, it couldn't be cold. if you didn't think it was breezy out this morning, don't worry. the breeze will increase as the sunshine makes a comeback. it will be friday night chills
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for high school football tonight as windchills will be back in the 30s and 40s. and believe it or not, i dare you the "s" word. snow -- i'll show you where there could be snow flakes. overall, a nice low impact weather day outside of the gusterly northwesterly breezes. back into the 30s and 40s this evening. a check on the forecast coming up in a few. right now taking a look at the nice dry roads here. top of the beltway and all the main routes heading into and out of the beltway. nothing to worry about or mention here. this is one thing. southbound branch, i do have one lane blocked. taking a look, it's going to take you 18 minutes. that's slowing quite nicely. had early work. that looks like it's mostly --
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don't have to worry about that one any longer. 66 west of ox road, you can see eastbound and westbound nice and clear. nice and clear with a live look at 270. >> we'll see you then. two men charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery will head back to court in montgomery county. they're accused of shooting a man at a park in october. police say the victim and the suspects knew each other. in another court rooum, a man who landed a gyrocopter will be in court tourt. he admits to flying the gyrocopter without a license in florida. he did it to show how rich people and corporations work in politics. a convicted spy caught selling u.s. intelligence to israel gets out of prison today.
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jonathan pollard spent years behind bars on easy pa espionage charges. >> we're trying to make it better for members of the unwanted club. the d.c. community wants action on homelessness and unemployment. they're calling for more jobs and affordable housing in the district. last night hundreds pressed muriel bowser for a timeline on closing the d.c. shelter. >> families need emergency housing. we're always going to have a need for emergency housing. we need 280 units and we think it's in better ways. mayor bowser voiced her concern. they're still working on a timeline. a man is dead after approaching a d.c. police officer with a large hunting knife. this happened on dix street
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around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. the police officer fired one shot in self-defense hitting the man in the chest. the investigation is ongoing. this morning we're still working to gather more information about a pedestrian accident in montgomery county. this happened last night on pliers hill road. the victim remains in the hospital with serious injuries. right now calm in indianapolis after minneapolis. sunday officers responding to an assault shot and killed 24-year-old jamar clark. there is conflicting information as to whether or not he was handcuffed. aaron, back to you.
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>> crikristin wright live for ut the live desk. d.c. community will holdal rally tonight f. protesters say clark was handcuffed at the time. this morning in decision 2016 republican presidential candidate ben carson is set to file paperwork for new hampshire. today is the last day for candidates to file. they have until 5:00 p.m. to do it in person. ben carson coming under fire for comments he made about syrian refugees. why he compared them to a rabid dog. take a look at this video from north carolina, how a boater ended up in the water. giving you another look at the temperatures around here, chuck bell says it's going
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what a rescue. take a look at this here. a kayaker fell out of his boat while rushing through the rapids. that's when a volunteer leaped into action and brought him to
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safety. the kayaker broke his tailbone but he expectations to be back kayaking in two weeks. >> it's a good thing he was rescued when he was. that could have been a much worse situation. all right, "weather & traffic on the 1s." >> chuck bell with "storm team 4." chuck, what should i wear? >> you should wear a wind breaker and maybe a hat. tonight if you go out to a football game, a hat and something to sit on those metal bleacher. the colder air will settle in as we go through the day. temperatures near 50. recess gets a "c" today. sunny and cool by dismissal time. yes, indeed, you'll need your wind breaker and sweater and sunglasses once again. hey, did you know thanksgiving is coming up? we'll start to get an early look at what you can expect. that's in 10 minutes. for now, traffic time. new trouble in the district,
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melissa. >> new problem in the district. 295 northbound, we have a crash off to the right side. so, again, not really slowing things too much. but a warning for you. southbound branch avenue, we have one lane blocked there because of an accident. 66 looks quite good. so does 95. earlier roadwork. into and out of town is mostly out of the way. northbound, southbound, no problems. live look at 95 in maryland coming up. >> thanks, melissa. california instructors will be required to mean yes means yes. this is also known as affirmative consent. it started out on college campuses. yes means yeses means sex is only consensual when both partners are sober and clearly state their willingness to participate. california is the first state to require it starting next year. one week after terror attacks. top officials say there's no credible threat of something
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leak that happening here, but that's not stopping congress from taking action. and new developments when it comes to d.c. police officers and body cameras.
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it is now 4:44. now to the terror in paris and the fight on capitol hill. nbc's tracie potts is at capitol hill with more on the battle in congress.
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>> it passed easily in the house with 47 democrats going against president obama and voting in favor of this. so nowj!v+ the whole thing mov the senate where harry reid the top dem crate said don't worry about it, it's not going to pass the senate and get to the president's desk for a vito and they're not going to get to it until after the thanksgiving break. you've got two different sides. it makes no sense to block 98% of mothers, grandmothers, and children fleeing a war-torn country who need our help. on the other hand you've about got critics saying you have no idea based on the verification system, lack of verification system, that isis could slip in, and for that reason we need to be more cautious. those are the gumts here. the next step is to go to the senate. but it's probably going to be at least a couple of weeks before we see action on that.
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>> tracie potts live on the hill for that. thank you, tracie. 4:46. after the terror in paris, donald trump wants to create a database to track muslims in the united states. >> i would certainly implement that, absolutely. >> how would you do that? >> good management. what you have to do is good management proceedier prosee p, and we can do that. >> ben carson with another approach. he said it's similar to a parent's concern about mad dogs. >> if there's a mad dog running around your neighborhood, you're probably not going to assume something good about that dog. >> at campaign stops he said
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keeping them out of the u.s. does not mean they lack compassion. new reports about a service officer. lee moore is charged with trying to solicit sex with an undercover ajejt posing at a 4-year-old girl. he is accused of exchanging obscene photos and text with them, some while he was on duty at the white house. prosecutors want him to remain in prison until his trial. d.c. wants to expand its police wearing body cameras. they want 228 to wear these cameras. the bill does three key things, gives the public access to camera footage. lastly it protects privacy in cases of domestic violence and sexual abuse. >> we want to reduce the false complaints against our officers
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who rink their lives on a daily basis, but at the same time we want to foster better community relations. >> from here it goes to the full council for more votes. the cameras could be on the streets of washington by next spring. 4:48. your forecast about 20 seconds away. there's a new app students can use to feel safe. they can download the umd guardian app. they say the app is the rave guardian app specifically for the maryland campus. to use it you have to download the rave app and the e-mail address is also necessary. we were talking about 52 degrees in northwest washington. i'm not going to say that's too bad. we're talking about the wind and you factor in the wind eight i guess it is a little cooler. >> something to think about.
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a little windy out there, chuck? >> technically you have to have temperatures below 45 degrees before windchills become much of a factor. it will cool you down if you're outside early this morning. you'll need an extra layer of warmth. time to think about thanksgiving. turkey and grave and mashed potatoes. more importantly, the day before when everybody needs to get on the road or the skies or the rails. good weather around here. if you're going to be spending wednesday, thursday, friday along the eastern seaboard, thanksgiving be nice and quiet. if you're traveling, if grandma lives in the midwest or far west, travel on wednesday. rain showers from minneapolis to dallas, but a snowstorm likely across parts of the interior west. as we get into wednesday, wednesday night, and thanksgiving day, that could really snarl things for folks changing plane s or going to
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denver. the eastern side will be quiet. our early look at thanksgiving. off go the turkey am good looking day for thanksgiving. a mix of clouds and sunshine. it certainly won't be a cold thanksgiving day for us as temperatures will be in the 50s. what about today? nothing to worry about here today. it will be a breezy day today. sunshine out there. northwest winds 15rks to 20, 25 miler ps hour. temperatures mostly in the 50s during the day, but temperatures will fall off very quickly once the sun goes down this evening. it will be cold, bundle up weather and a chilly start tomorrow morning. back down into the 30s. luckily the wind will lay down tonight, so it won't be a windchilled weekend. but nonetheless, it will be a cold start to the day. plenty of sunshine for saturday p. but clouds come back on saturday night. but believe it or not, keep your eyes out here in western maryland late saturday night
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into the predawn hours of sunday morning. pink and blue, that is a chance for wet snow showers and snow flakes. petersburg, west virginia, if you're going out to the lake, could get snow showers or snowflakes. western plains maryland and mountains of west virginia, that's late saturday night into sunday. here's our whole saturday forecast. breezy and sunny. high around 58 and them turning much colder after that. tomorrow, nothing to worry about. sunshine. 53 sunday. a cold day on sunday. highs only mid-40s and cold before we head into thanksgiving. that's the seven-day. we'll get into more details. for now it's traffic time with melissa. >> nice and dry. i can finally show you dry roads. yesterday was so wet. 95 here, scaggsville road w don't have any problem. d.c., 295 northbound and capital, we have that crash off to the right side. we should have it cleared in the
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next 20 minutes or so. southbound branch county, we have one lane blocked and we now have, you can see, just below that triangle, a little bit of yellow to con tend with. that's a bit of a slowdown. 66 is fine. 95 north better than fine here. might want to tone it down just a bit there going a little fast. 9 5rks flying in on 66. fairfax county, going to be nice and on-time. a live look with 66 coming up. >> thanks, melissa. we're one day from the anniversary of marian berry's death, but this morning we'll learn how he could be honored. what a loudoun county woman brought to the airport that has her facing charges. and housing helps. the new development that hopes
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4:55 right now. honoring the late mayor for life. next week will be a year since mayor berry died. we'll learn monday how the commission is set up to do that. his wife mary was appointed. he served four terms as mayor and spent 16 years at the d.c. council. >> as time goes on, people are focusing more on what he did for people and less of what he did to himself. >> cora barry says they're thing
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of naming schools and streets after barry. his wife said an appropriate headstone is still being designed. this just in to the live desk. france is demanding tighter borders across europe. french leaders want its partners in the european union to create tougher borders. the eu is having an emergency meeting to talk about security aft after, of course, the paris attacks that kill 129 people. back to you. >> thank, you kristin. a loudoun county woman who took a loaded gun into dulles airport is facing serious charges. the woman was stopped yesterday afternoon. she had a 45 caliber handgun loaded with four bullets in her purse. in addition to criminal charges she could also face a hefty fine. passengers are allowed to travel with firearms in checked baggage
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if they're properly prepared. remember to remove your shoes, belts, and outer wear. there is an app for that. the "when i fly, i can bring my." jewelling a i jewelry can slow down arriving on a flight. instead of move swoog senior living experienced senior can experience and mentor the young children. >> she does things we may not know or nobody has taught us. i think it's going to be a great experience combining the young folks with the older. >> many of the young mothers were once in foster care.
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they say having help and advice from an older generation helps them stay on a positive track. facebook wants to help ease the burn of a breakup. new tools will help you see less of your exes. when you change your facebook to single, facebook will have you if you want to take a break from seeing their pictures or posts. it's an alternative to blocking them. they'll never know. >> sometimes it's better to make a clean break. >> unfriend? >> yeah. sometimes. >> that's serious stuff. >> mm-hmm. stay with us. "news4" continues at 5:00 a.m. that breaking news coming out of mali. this is what we know so far about an attack and hostage situation taking place right now. the "associated press" is
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reporting 170 people are being held hostage at the radisson blue hoe tefl. it's in the stay of bamako. the hostages include 140 guests and 30 employees. the u.s. and french embassies in that area have now asked their citizens to take shelter where they are. of course, we'll be following the breaking story throughout the morning and bring you frequent updates. back to you. good morning, everybody. i'm "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell coming up on 5:01. weather headlines. it's good news coming oyour way for today. it will be bone dry. the northwest winds will dry things out quite nicely. it means a colder pattern is returning and some folks in far western maryland might actually have a chance at a snowflake or two saturday night. for us, temperatures out the door this morning are in the 40s and 50s.
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your 24-hour focus blowing on in. near 50 at 7:00 a.m. quite chilly. 45 at 7:00 tonight and back into the mid-30s by 7:00 a.m. on your saturday morning. so a cold weekend coming. more on how coal it will be by sunday morning, which will be shocking to some. that's coming up in a few. trouble on branch avenue here. >> trouble on branch avenue. you still have the one lane blocked. it's nothing you have to add too much extra time for. a little bit of a slowdown because of the police and crash response there. still not seeing slowdowns. off to the right shoulder, top of the beltway looking good. no major problems. 21, b.w. parkway looking nice. i'll see you in ten minutes with a live look at 66. >> thanks, melissa. we have breaking news right now on howard university's


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