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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> a college student disappeared with a gun. his school feared what he would do so it shut down. tonight a tragic end to the story. people who live there have a message for the terrorists and you won't believe what forced
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the secret service to lockdown the white house today. a tragic end to a story we've been keeping on top of all week. a troubled washington college student whose disappearance forced a school to lockdown. the school is on maryland's eastern shore. we sent you a breaking news alert when his body was found tonight. darcy spencer is at the live desk with details on what happened. >> erica, this is certainly not the end that his fally, friends as well as college were hoping for. police found his body at a wild bird sanctuary in his home state of pennsylvania earlier this afternoon. he was in that land rover authority were searching for. he disappeared with a gun and forced them to close the campus until after thanksgiving break
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as law enforcement searched for the teenager. he was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound around 3:00 saturday afternoon in pennsylvania. washington college released a statement that said in part, this is a terrible blow to our community and the outpouring of compassion and support we have shown each other will help us through this difficult time. we need to continue to be supportive of each other as we mourn individually and as a community. his parents alerted the school their son returned home from the college, which is on maryland's eastern shore in chester town and grabbed a rifle case. they weren't sure if he was armed but he was spotted on surveillance buying ammunition. his dad spoke at a candle light vigil during the manhunt. >> jacob, wherever you are, whatever indiscretions you have done, they are all recoverable. >> reporter: he had been suspended from the college after brandishing an unloaded antique rifle in front of students.
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he was later allowed to return to school but kicked out of his fraternity and forced to resign his elected position as speaker of the campus senate right before he disappeared. friends on campus described him as outspoken, honest and intelligent. counseling services will be offered to students when they return from the holiday break. back to you. >> i'm calling for -- about my son. i think he has gotten into some pcp and having a reaction with a craze and everything. you hear him pounding on the walls. i need somebody soon. >> a concerned student had to hide in her bathroom, bedroom i should say while she waited for police to arrive on thursday. the woman says her 41-year-old son started acting erratically inside their home in prince george's county. officers say the man was nearly 500 pounds and it took six officers just to get him under
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control and get him into an ambulance. emts couldn't find a pulse, though, after he got into the ambulance. the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. d.c. police investigating a shooting on belmont road in the adam's morgan area. we brought you this story as breaking news at 6:00. a man was shot at a multi family home off 18th street at 3:30 this afternoon. police tonight would only say the shooting is not a homicide, but they are not saying anything else. we'll stay on top of this story and bring you any new details as we get them. a fierce fire fight at chicago's iconic john hand do center. the fire started on the 50th floor and quickly went to two alarms. flames were seen shooting through the window as the hallways filled with smoke. fortunately, the fire was contained to the unit where it
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started, but it was gutted foresting other people to be displaced. five people were hurt. the fire has been ruled accidental. and here is the latest on radar tracking two areas of rain. this area of showers in parts of virginia could touch off a light shower during the morning hours if you're east of i-95 especially in st. mary's county. this rain that looks a little more ominous making its way through west virginia is mixing with pink and white here on the radar. that's some wet snow showers as this area continues to move to the east it will diminish but this system will have a big impact on our temperatures tomorrow and monday. so here is your morning planner. we'll start off the morning with plenty of clouds and chilly temperatures in the 30s in the suburbs. 40 in the district and as we work our way towards the late morning hours, we'll start to warm up. by 10:00 a.m., 46 but breezy at that point, erica. >> all right. amel amelia, we'll start getting
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coats ready. the white house went on lockdown briefly today after a woman tossed an apple core over the white house fence. the secret service tells nbc news that the incident prompted security officials to clear part of pennsylvania avenue. this happened at about 4:30 this afternoon. the lockdown lasted about five minutes. this is standard procedure any time there say security concern. the secret service took the woman in for questioning, but she was not charged. tonight brussels, belgium is a ghost town. there are more police in the streets than locals and tourists. they are ready to deal with any terrorists that wants to attack. the mayor raised the terror alert to the highest level after credible threats of an imminent attack. the subway shut down. businesses were told to clos closer early but some decided to defy the terrorists and go out. >> sad to see this city like this.
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not brussels, not the way we are. >> at least one paris attacker crossed into belgium after the paris attack. they aren't saying if he's the reason for the increase. the subway will be closed until at least tomorrow afternoon when officials will reassess the terrorist threat. friends and loved ones are remembering a woman from tacoma park killed in the mali terror attack. she was one of 19 people that died friday when grenade throwing gunmen stormed the radisson hotel. she was working for an international development firm here in d.c. and grew up in new jersey. she leaves behind a 7-year-old son. prince william county is doubling down on its policy to check the immigration status of police or i should say of people stopped by police. during a meeting today, board off supervisors asked to investigate whether police are following this policy. it requires officers to check
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the immigration status of all people arrested. they are required to tell immigrations and customs enforcement if they find a person with a warrant air jins them. prince william county has one of the most strict immigration laws in the country. surprising new details about the woman accused of crashing an oklahoma college homecoming parade. what her test results do not show. and a very generous gift will go a long way towards helping veterans attending school at umd. ♪ ♪ this season, purchase or lease a new 2016 volvo, and get your first three payments on us. volvo cars is proud to be the founding sponsor of alex's lemonade stand foundation.
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veterans attending the university of maryland will have help thanks to a very generous gift from some alumni and avis richard presented the school with a $1 million donation today. the university sent us this video of the ceremony in college park. more than 1,000 veterans were at the event. the university says this is the largest gift for student veterans at the school has ever received. money will be used to help vets pay for tuition and room and board. talk about a special welcome to the neighborhood. police escorts and a big american flag helped make an army veteran feel right at home. members of sun trust bank and military warrior support foundation presented jeremy with the keys to this brand-new home today. he was very moved by the
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ceremony. >> it's a beautiful home and the neighborhood is great, so, you know, to be able to have an opportunity like this and walk into something like that is amazing. >> can we say it took an army of contractors to get the home ready? it needed major repair work before he could move in. congratulations to him. right now, temperatures in the 30s in some areas. 30s and 40s. amelia is tracking a cold finish to the weekend but mild stretch ahead. the timing of the temperature roller coaster ride coming up. this video very hard to which what, cameras catch a college medical student begging for his life. find out what led to this confrontation and see whether or not the gunman pulled the trigger.
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the video is absolutely chilling. a good samaritan walks in to help a woman in trouble and finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun. video shows the man begging for his life but the gunman fires any what. mark potter has more on the twist of fate that allowed the victim to survive this ordeal. >> reporter: police say the incident can be seen on a security camera video where officers say a man is shown dragging a woman toward an suv. moments later, a tulane university fourth year medical student identified by his student as 25-year-old peter gold drives up and gets out of his vehicle to help the woman he thought was being abducted. at that point, police say the
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attacker turned his weapon on gold and demanded money. but gold repeatedly told the man he wasn't carrying any cash. the gunman then shot gold once in the stomach and appears as seen on tape to try to fire again. >> it appears that's what he was trying to do. fortunately, for everybody, his gun did jam. >> reporter: gold was rushed to the hospital. the incident occurred early friday morning and police released the video asking the public for help in identifying the shooter. the tulane president said i am shocked and saddened by this horrific event and he described gold as an outstanding student who represents the best of tulane in every possible way. tonight the university is offering a $10,000 reward and gold is listed in guarded condition. mark potter, nbc news. a toxicology results are back in that deadly crash during a homecoming parade at oklahoma state. according to court documents, the woman behind the wheel was
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not drunk when police say she plowed into a crowd in october. four people died. according to the test, her blood-alcohol level was well below the legal limit. her father and attorney say that she has a history of mental illness and has been trying to get help. here in our area, cool today, cold tomorrow, and then get ready for monday. we'll probably need gloves, hat, scarves, like that cold? >> that cold. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. tomorrow is also going to be chilly but more so because the winds will be blustery during the midday and afternoon adding that additional chill. today the high was 55. tomorrow we tumble to 50 for a high and continue to tumble as far as temperatures are concerned monday with a high of about 45. after that, though, monday is our transition day. we start to warmup a little bit each day. it's looking really nice. our next chance of wide spread rain arrives on saturday.
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tomorrow the weather having a low impact on the day. chilly as long as you have a warm coat you will be fine and dealing with blustery conditions later in the day. currently temperatures for the most part in the 40s. 49 in washington. overnight lows dip into the mid to upper 30s in the suburbs and 44 low in the district. and temperature of 44 and if you're around i-95 the district and areas off to the east deal with more clouds that be if you're to the west as we work throughout the day, clouds will start to break up by the afternoon. everybody will be mostly sunny. also if you're east of i-95 tomorrow morning, there is a chance you're dealing with a light shower. by noon, we start to notice the winds as temperatures are in the upper 40s. a high tomorrow of 50 but when you factor in the winds, gusting up to 25 miles an hour at times it will feel more like 40 degrees. and then this is tomorrow morning where we were talking about the 20s and 30s or excuse me, monday morning. 24 in gaithersburg, 23 and 30 in
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washington. probably the first morning this year you'll definitely want the hat and the gloves and high temperature in the morning. notice beautiful sunshine on tuesday sunny, wednesday sunny as well and temperatures start to rebound. 51 for a high on tuesday. 56 on wednesday. travel weather is looking good on wednesday. all along the eastern seaboard. thursday temperature of 60 for thanksgiving. on friday, a little bit more cloud cover, high of 62. saturday chance of rain and i think there is a good chance we'll be dealing with rain next saturday otherwise breezy. 52 for a high and looking chilly
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csn's chris miles joining us now. chris, what a night for the caps. >> a great night. once again, we have to say congrats to aleck ovechkin. he already scored more nhl gls than any other rushing player ever. he accomplished that feat on thursday against colorado, he wasn't the only one lighting the lamp. the caps have allowed the first goal in nine straight games. they reverse that trend tonight. already up 1-0. caps want more. niklas backstrom finds the captain and that's alex ovechkin
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now just 15 goals away from 500 for his career. colorado could not stop the avalanche of goals. na nate, 4-0 washington after one. cats keep their foot on the pedal. jason fights and on the redirect. washington fifth goal of the night and looking for more and make sure you watch carefully. try to follow the puck. goes between his legs, shoots, everyone thinks the goalie has the puck. still has it right in front and scores. check it out one more time. the initial shot saved by the goalie kicks back into orloff. caps win the doozy 7-2. everyone talking about that goal afterwards. >> no one knew where the puck was. just like, he goes i was looking inside the goalie's bag and it
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was in the back of the net. you don't see that often. so it's pretty cool. >> most exciting part for me to get a goal and got some -- a lot things that nobody can see the puck, just me and the referee so i don't care i get it to the goal. nice for us and good game for us. >> wizards in motown back after missing the last three games with a shoulder injury. pistons could not stop the big brazilian, though. that's right, nene whipped his way to a team high 18 points. the pistons report andre drummond. yeah, he's dunking something. part of a 20-6 pistons run game tied at the half. third quarter, nene showing off the guard skills. this is what we call high percentage. he made nine shots, only missed one. great efficiency from him. fourth quarter, looking for a little breathing room.
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john wall marching. seven assists. last chance for the pistons down two with time running out. they ignored drummond wide open inside. instead going to marcus morris for a win. nope. washington escapes detroit with a 97-95 victory. 22 straight years the hokies have been to a ball game. the longest active street in football. virginia tech needs one more win to become bowl eligible and keep that streak alive. frank's team had a lot on the line in the legendary coaches final game in blacksburg. the end of an era after 29 long seasons, the last touch of the stone at lane stadium. pick the action up less than two minutes to play. they need a score to tie it up. isaiah ford and tech scores twice in the last three minutes. this needs over time. hoke keys get a field goal. williams, davis, north carolina wins 30-27 but you can't take
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beamer down. final game in blacksburg and gets the championship treatment. navy on the road visiting tulsa. great night for coach ken to know gully has less than 100 yards rushing this whole season. he almost matches that on this run. 70 yards on the touchdown for gully. 7-0 navy. how about defense? always good to see those guys get rewarded with points on the board. evans and ball loose and goes out of the end zone. two points on the safety. navy ahead 23-7. we've seen the offense and we've seen the defense score. now it's time for a special play by the special teams unit. 90 yards on the kick return sets up a four yard score. they win big 44-21.
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senior day and start, without with an illness. maryland's game plan is give to the running back. brandon ross takes the second play from scrimmage and he's gone. 79 yards from the score, huge game for ross. 19 carries, 250 yards and three touchdowns. maryland falls in this one, though, by final score of 47-44. erica, back to you. >> chris miles of csn, thank you.
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