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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 24, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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concert outside of a police precinct in minneapolis. that is the same area as those protests. the naacp and protesters are demanding more transparency in the investigation into clark's death. police are waiting on toxicology tests to see if a man was drunk when he was run over by a metro train. blue and silver line services back to normal. metro says the man was by himself, walking down the platform around 7:30 last night. surveillance cameras may show him carrying a container when he fell. the victim's name has not been released. looking live at reagan national airport, hundreds of airport workers plan to protest on one of the busiest travel days of the year. they plan to fast in protest of what they call unfair low pay and illegal treatment by their employers. some will wear purple clothing that says ask me why i'm fasting, about 300 airline workers here are joining others across the country to fast from today until tomorrow. >> just about 4:31, time for weather and traffic on the 1s. more of the cold weather for us.
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>> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here to tell us four things to know. >> absolutely right. good morning to both of you. good -- good tuesday morning, don't want to go back to monday. it is another bundle up morning, though, just like monday morning was. letting the warming begin, the beginnings of an improving trend in our weather coming our way. good travel weather as well and no cold turkey this year it doesn't look like. seven-day forecast at 4:51. right now, though, a cold start, 32 in frederick, maryland. 32 in martinsburg, west virginia. 20s and 30s to get you started. mid to upper 40s by lunch time. afternoon highs back up near 50 degrees finally. a chilly evening coming. today's high 48 in the panhandle of west virginia. school day forecast and what to put on the kiddos as they head out the door in ten minutes. right now, traffic with melissa. live look beltway at saint barnabas as i tried to do last time, no problems there. everything looking quite good and moving along.
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no road work to be worried about this morning. 66 there near patrick henry drive, a little slow here because of road work. have a camera i can show you here in the next couple of minutes. talk ing about that overall 66 looks good. 95 looks good. no major problems, big look at beltway coming up in a couple of minutes. everything rolling along quite nicely. live look at 270 . that is a northern arizona university freshman moments after he was questioned by police for opening fire on four other students. steven jones told police he was the shooter. one of the students cullen bro is from annapolis, maryland, he died. new video shows jones talking with officers, begging them to check on the victims. now, jones said that he and two friends were walking past a frat
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house when they were surrounded by about 12 people. jone to jones told officers he started shooting when others said they would kill him and charged at him. he had several injuries on his head, back, chest, arms and legs. a man with a history of sex charges is expected in court. fairfax county police say michael edwards took upskirt pictures of women at a grocery store in august and is charged with exposing himself. also today, a pretrial hearing for one of the baltimore police officers who faces charges in the death of freddie gray. william porter, the man in the upper lft-haeft hand corner is expected in court this morning. he and five other officers face char charges. the death sparked protests and riots.
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dozens of puppies have been seized from a northern virginia pet store. animal control officers in fairfax county say they got several complaints about the health of the dogs at the dreamy puppy store in chantilly. police are investigating whether the animals were too young to be sold. about 50 puppies were taken from the pet store yesterday. so far, no charges have been filed. now to metro where the new general manager is already getting an earful. the riders union is asking paul leadfell for better communication during disruptions, fair pricing and safer service. it will be held at the martin luther king jr. library. muriel bowser announced final four recommendations last night. the options are renaming blue high school for the former mayor, renaming good hope road in southeast, naming the new student center at uvc after barry, or commissioning a statue
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or bust outside the wilson building downtown. district can pick one or all four. yesterday marked one year since barry's death. several celebrities in the district today. they are receiving the medal of freedom from the president. it is the highest honor for civilians. director steven spielberg, baseball player willie mays and maryland senator barbara mikulski are among 17 people being honored. so is bonnie carol, she runs a nonprofit that helps military families when a soldier dies. a 1-year-old girl in the district received a life saving gift on her first birthday, a living donor who was practically a stranger gave baby natalia part of her liver. it was a family friend that made the donation after testing positive for the match. diana heard about the baby's need for the life saving liver transplant and stepped up. >> i'm glad everything worked out okay. heading to the surgery, he wasn't worried too much about my
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side of it so much as am i going to be able to help her. >> natalia is still in the hospital, but is doing well. her family says this will be the best thanksgiving ever. breaking news, four people are dead after a helicopter crash at ft. hood. angie goff bringing us an update. current temperatures now, a lot of you think 20s and 30s once again. bundle up. chuck bell will let us know whether the kids will need the gloves at the bus stop. talk about a scare in the air. how a weather balloon from d.c. prompted a bomb scare in philadelphia.
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developing out of ft. hood, texas, four crew members are dead after a helicopter crashes on the military post. we're told that the team was on a training mission when this happened. aaron, we're working to find out what caused the crash. >> angie, thank you. the national weather service launches weather balloons all the time. and we learned one from our area cause ed a bomb scare. the balloon is used to measure humidity and air pressure in the atmosphere. it was sent up in sterling this weekend, traveled 165 miles and landed on a car in philadelphia. the bomb squad determined the device was harmless. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell to find out what kind of day we're going to have. more cold weather for us. good morning. >> good morning. very noticeable chill in the air, first thing this morning.
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only 33 in rockville. 30 in college park. 31 at joint base andrews. and 34 now at national airport as well as out at reston town center. school day forecast, sun is not up until 7:00 this morning. it will be a cold start. temperatures down near the freezing mark early this morning. because of the cold, even with the sunshine, recess a b for today. by later on this afternoon, plenty of sunshine, temperatures back up to near 50 degrees. so kiddos, this morning, will need their winter coat and hat once again. gloves if they're going to be out there for any real long period of time and sunglasses for everybody on their way home later on this afternoon. coming up, we'll start getting into the impacts the weather will have on the big travel day tomorrow. see you in ten minutes now. water main troubles from melissa mollet. >> back after being around this weekend, disappearing and here we go again. right now, 123 at kirby road, one lane getting by in each direction. could be a little bit of a problem if they don't get this cleared up here in the next little bit. 66, patrick henry drive, road
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work happening there. slowing things just a little bit inbound here. 95 northbound, fairfax county parkway, a disabled vehicle to the right side. looks like it is not following any now and may be completely out of the way. out of frederick from 70 to 270, 26 minutes down to the spur. no problem there northbound. you're also okay. nice and green. no road work to worry about this morning. listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car for the latest on any delays. days after the paris terror attacks, the president of france is waking up in the u.s. getting ready for a meeting with president obama. what the pair hope to accomplish when it comes to the fight against isis. why donald dumb insists his recent comments about the 9/11 attacks are true and the article from our area that
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welcome back. at 4:44, there will be high sta stakes talks at the white house today. tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill with more on these meetings. good morning. >> good morning. white house tells us that a couple of things are expected to happen. the u.s. is going to essentially say we got to back paris as they try to fight back after the attacks. they expect to talk more about how the eupeans can share more information, intelligence, which they now believe was part of the failure of detecting the terror cell right in their backyard. also, the military option, what are terrorists willing to do,
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what is washington willing to do to go after isis in syria. a number of attacks from the air since this happened. the u.s. has been doing so for a while. key question is what about boots on the ground. what country if any is willing to ramp up -- to accelerate the fight. after the meeting today, president hollande heads to moscow where he'll talk with president putin there. >> tracie potts, thank you. a man facing charges after investigators say he used hoax explosives at a mosque in falls church. chester gore didn't hurt anyone last thursday. the explosion damaged a nearby fence, but not the dar al hijrah center on rose street. gore is in the fairfax county jail this morning. among the charges against him, causing damage based on religious conviction. in decision 2016, donald trump is not backing down. he reiterated claims last night
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that people in new jersey cheered the attacks on 9/11. he referenced a washington post article from 2001. it explained how the fbi was investigating alleged celebrations in new jersey. >> they'll try to deny it. they'll say we made a mistake. i almost like that better. i can show you how dishonest they all are. i might like that better. >> republican rival ben carson is distancing himself from trump's claims. he said last night he was remembering celebrations overseas, not in jersey city. tough talk on immigration many prince william county. a top elected leader there says he will fire anybody who does not follow the county's strict immigration law. board chairman cory stewart says it recently has come to his attention that that's not always happening. he says there are specific lapses in the policy that requires police to check the immigration status of every person they arrest. if that person is undocumented, it is on police to report that to immigration and customs
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enforcement. >> our message is very clear, that if you're here illegally, prince william county will do everything within our power to have you removed. >> an outside auditor is investigating now. the board voted unanimously for the oversight in a closed meeting over the weekend. prince william county police chief steve hudson said he's also concerned. he told news 4 he has begun his own internal investigation. a mother wants other parents and teens to learn a lesson from her 15-year-old's death. roberto died in a crash early sunday morning in sterling. he was fleeing a traffic stop. she said she didn't know he took the car. he wasn't supposed to have it. he didn't have a license or a learner's permit. >> trust. trust your gut. and know that if something looks bad or feels bad to speak it out to somebody that can make a difference. >> he went to loudoun valley high school. assmates say they will
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remember his fun loving personality and amazing music al ability. 4:48 now. a woman in fairfax county is dead after a heating pad caused a house fire. firefighters were called to that home on silver glen lane on saturday morning. they're now concerned that many of you will turn to similar devices to stay warm as temperatures continue to fall. the message this morning, check the wires on your space heaters and other heating devices and keep them at a safe distance from anything that can catch fire. police are looking for the car of a man found dead inside his home in woodbridge. 67-year-old harold hall had signs of trauma on his body when officers got to his house on friday. police are now looking for a blue 2000 gmc sierra, it has virginia plates abd-8942. if you've seen it, give police a call. 21 1/2 million victims of the office of personnel management's massive data breach will soon have access to a new website. those who haven't received letters can go online and find out what identity protection
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services they can receive. social security numbers, fingerprint records and personal data were all compromised. opm is sending out 800,000 notification letters a day. they hope to have everyone notified over the next few weeks. charlottesville is looking for the next police chief. tim luongo, see here, plans to retire next month. he helped guide the department through the murders of college students hannah graham, morgan harrington and yeardley love. he was hired in 2001 after work for the baltimore police department for nearly 20 years. a big thank you to everyone who took part in our food for family drive. the drive is still open. you can still donate at nbc and first day we raised $50,000. that's enough to feed 4,000 families of four or more. that filled a tractor trailer worth of food, so many of you came down to the verizon center, called to make your donations, we thank you so much for your support. >> a lot of happy families
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because of all the help you've given us. so thank you. want to turn to chuck bell now as we approach 10 before the hour. still cold. >> still cold out there, yeah. but there is optimism in the seven-day forecast. >> i like that. >> just as we get toward the holiday, the weather will start to improve a little bit. excellent news. something for everybody to like. outside this morning, it is a cold start, though there is the lincoln memorial on the national mall. mr. lincoln sitting in the chill early this morning. 33 now at national airport. and temperatures are going to be hovering in the upper 20s and low 30s here for the next hour or two. upper 30s by 9:00. you'll still need your winter coat if you're going out early this morning. mid to upper 40s and nice day coming our way after a cold morning. a bit warmer. yesterday, we made it to 42. near 50 degrees. about a ten degree improvement today compared to yesterday. today's high to the upper 40s and low 50s. tons of sunshine, no weather related problems around here. but obviously with thanksgiving coming up, it is all about
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travel weather, mainly starting for tomorrow. sunny and chilly, not too bad. any real weather problems today will be out across parts of the midwest and across also the inner mountain west. rain and snow, seattle and portland, oregon, and into the interior mountain west if you're there, changing planes on the way out of the country, that could be the biggest impact for today. otherwise, around the east, just a couple of snow showers up towards buffalo and upstate new york. they're not bothering us. around here, we have sunshine coming our way for today. here is our future weather forecast. updated hourly for you. we keep taking a look at it. clear skies today. seasonably cold again for tonight and then tomorrow, if you're driving anywhere within 200, 300 miles, great weather for tomorrow. for today, cool sunshine, temperatures in the low 50s. wednesday, big travel day. near 53 degrees. thursday looking good.
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friday important for everybody who wants to do shopping. friday shopping forecast, mid-40s early in the morning for anybody waiting out in the parking lot before dawn. upper 50s to near 60 degrees on friday. next real chance for showers rolls in as we head towards the weekend. coming up at the top of the hour, into the details of how nice your thanksgiving is going to look. for now, water main troubles for melissa molette. this trouble for next day or so. we'll keep you updated here. on first four traffic on twitter. in mcclain, 123 at kirby road, one right lane getting by in each direction. this means delays to and from bw parkway. big look at the beltway, inner loop and outer loop, everything is moving along okay. 66 headed inbound here, from fairfax county to the parkway, eight minutes. outbound, no problemsnow. little slow there westbound there at patrick henry drive. that's because of some late
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clearing road work. 66 and 95, overall looking quite good. 95 in maryland, live picture at 198, no major problems. live look at 270 coming up. the holidays are a time to spend with your family. but he lost most of them when a plane slammed into his home. what ken gimel says he's thankful for despite the horrible tragedy. a heads up for anyone flying this thanksgiving. a behind the scenes look at the last minute holiday scramble and just how one person can make an entire flight late. a story you're going to want to hear before you start any of your holiday shopping. the toys you might want to cross off your kids' wish list.
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. we continue to follow break news after russia says one of its warplanes has been shot down on the turkey/syria border. details are just starting to trickle in. angie goff is gathering everything we know so far and will bring us an update in a few minutes. something else we're keeping a close eye on this morning, the weather, look at these temperatures, very cold out there. a lot of you below freezing this morning. chuck bell will let us know whether or not we will see a warmup in the next 24 hours also ahead. 4:56 now. this will be the first thanksgiving for gaithersburg man who lost his wife and two young sons in a tragic accident. it was december 8th, 2014, when a plane crashed into the neighborhood where ken gimel and his family lived setting their house on fire. ken and his 8-year-old daughter
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airable were not home at the time. he said he still has his bad days but he's very thankful for his daughter. >> there are some days that are still very tough. it is not always a daily thing, just a day that is overly stressful and you start drifting and your emotions get the better of you. but most days, you know, i'm getting through okay. the biggest blessing i have is just having my daughter around. >> gimel says his daughter's positive attitude gives him strength. in addition to confronting him, he says the third grader is -- the third grader is excelling at school and on the soccer field. a major break in a 7-year-old murder case. d.c. police arrested 27-year-old joshua masaquo. the shooting happened on farragut street in 2008.
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in the day ahead, an important report ahead of the big holiday sale this week. toy industry experts will share their report on unsafe toys. be sure to check the nbc washington app later today to read the report before you head out for any holiday shopping, just search toy. watch out for a real estate scam in arlington county. the county treasurer's office has been getting concerned calls from homeowners, residents have been getting letters signed by judd alan of express home buyers claiming they owe real estate taxes. if they don't pay up, it says the county will take their homes. unless you hear directly from the treasurer, this is a scam. listen up, you're probably taking a bag along for the ride, so what you do need to do to make life easier on yourself and the airport crews. news 4 transportation reporter adam behind the scenes at reagan national with crews who have to scramble when passengers check in late. the message is to arrive early to avoid any delays. >> if one man doesn't do his
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part, the plane will not go on time. >> more than 1 million people are expected to fly through reagan national and dulles international airports this thanksgiving. and, really, you know who those passengers are. if you're one of the people that has to wait and wait and wait for the last person to board, you run out of patience. everyone is trying to get somewhere. >> do it to yourself. got to be thoughtful and plan ahead. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m. this story breaking near the syrian border, where a russian plane on a bombing mission was shot down. new video into the newsroom showing that warplane on fire before it crashes into a hillside. now, we saw video earlier of the two pilots. they were able to parachute out safely. the russian defense ministry saying that it did not violate turkish air space.
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stay with news 4 as the story continues to develop. i'm angie goff at the live desk. i'm chuck bell. the storm center this morning with your weather headlines. another cold start, but nowhere near as much of a windchill to deal with today compared to yesterday. loving the sunshine, and travel trouble mainly out well to our west for thanksgiving travel. right now, though, it is a cold start, 27 in can culpepper. 36 in winchester. 36 downtown. cold start this morning near the freezing mark. mid-40s by 7:00 this evening and another day in the 30s tomorrow morning. i'm optimistic thanksgiving day is looking good. mild, sunshine, stuffed with temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. start looking at the weekend a couple more minutes from now. for now, traffic time. here is melissa. >> looking good on 270. don't have any worries here this morning. no road work to worry about either. top of the beltway look g


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