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tv   News4 Midday  WRC  November 24, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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shot out of the sky. i'm barbara harrison. right now international tallout after one country shoots down another country's plane. now world leaders are pitted against each other. standing side by side. we're watching the white house as france's president visits washington less than two wieeks after the attacks on his country. i'm eun yang, one shot after another after another. the neighborhood rattled by violence this morn sfloog sing. sunny and chilly. i'm tom kierein, a look at your travel forecast around the
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nation. new 4 midday begins with that developing story in turkey. a russian fighter jet was shot down today. look at the plane going down in flames. this morning russian president vladimir putin called the strike a stab in the back. two pilots parachuted out, but a group of syrian rebels said they killed one while in the air. they have his body now, they say. nato is holding a special emergency meeting to discuss the incident. turkey said it warned the pilots they were violating airspace. russia says the plane never left syrian territory. right now, french president francois hollande is at the white house talking about the isis threat with president obama. the two will hold a news conference this hour. we will carry it live. here's video of the french president getting off the plane at joint base andrews. at the meeting taking place right now, they're expected to talk about the best ways to take on isis. we do want to take you live to the east room where they will
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eventually speak or actually a live shot of the white house. this follows an early meeting in the wake of the deadly terrorist attacks in paris. vice president joe biden, we're meeting this morning. stay with news 4, we're monitoring everything. we'll break in with live coverage when the president steps up to the podium. back to you. new information on those attacks in paris. the french interior minister says 124 people have been charged since the acts of terror. a state of emergency kicked in hours after the violence on november 13th. french police are investigating an explosive belt they found yesterday in paris and say it contains the same type of explosives used in the vest with the terror attacks. at home the state department is warning americans about the possible risks of travel after increased terror threats. our assignment desk is calling prince george's county
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police to find out more about a deadly crash in beltsville. police told us a car hit a pedestrian and the pedestrian died. in this video from chopper 4, you can see the investigation on powder mill road near cherry hill road. the car involved in the crash did stay at the scene. on the inner loop of the beltway, a big cleanup is underway after a dump truck crashed and went off the road. the driver of the truck is recovering in the hospital and should be fine. the truck itself spilled dirt and about 30 gallons of fuel on the beltway. hazmat crews are cleaning up the mess now. i'm molette green live in southeast following a developing story here. police crime tape now gone, and this area just reopened a short while ago after a long investigation at the scene of a deadly shooting. one person dead this day. right outside a well known
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restaurant that's been here for decades. still no arrests or motive but the gas station attendant on duty through all of it told me what the cops got from his store just steps from the shooting. all night and through the morning rush, a small section along pennsylvania avenue at the corner of minnesota at 25th street shut down. >> i just hear the noise, the shooting. almost eight shots. >> reporter: those shots right next door at a restaurant with no visible sign. d.c. police collected evidence in the dark and stepped up their search for clues in the daylight. the gas station manager said he heard the gunshots just as his shift started after 9:30 last night. >> outside the chinese restaurant window. >> reporter: he said people ran from the gunfire that left a man dead and another taken from the hospital. police say he was breathing and conscious at time. investigators collect surveillance footage and put up crime tape around the gas
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station and part of the sidewalk. >> it's horrible. it's crazy. this is the heart of the season. we shouldn't have this stuff going on. >> reporter: nearly an 11-hour wait to reopen a gas station and convenience store. >> it's a long wait. >> reporter: d.c. police only put out a vague description of a suspect they have been looking for. wearing a black and white shirt and a pink scarf covering his face. that is the latest live from southeast d.c., molette green, news 4. if you're about to head out the door, maybe head to the supermarket in advance of thanksgiving, just a few clouds coming over us now. live view team 4 tower cam, temperatures in the upper 40s, metro area. shenandoah valley in the mid to upper 40s. chilly breeze. so layer up as you head out the door. right now nothing on storm team 4 radar. all clear and dry here. no travel problems up and down the atlantic seaboard.
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getting some snow in northern idaho, western montana, parts of eastern washington state into oregon and northern california getting a bit of rain there. a little bit of a flight delay around san francisco. that's the only flight delay across the entire nation. great travel weather for this tuesday. developing now out of baltimore. one of the baltimore police officers facing charges in freddie gray's death is not in court. william porter waived his right to appear at his pretrial hearing this morning which i'm told ended in the last hour. porter along with five other officers are charged in gray's death. chris gordon was in the courtroom. he reports that the judge in the hearing ruled the jury will not be sequestered for trial. the judge also denied dismissing the assault charge against porter. and a change of venue. a request for a change of remembvenue. in april gray died from a spinal
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injury he got during a transport. this is one of those stories we'll updatewaaq)q
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developing today a march on a concert to demand justice for ja jamar clark. overnight five demonstrators were shot during an ongoing black lives matter protest for clark outside a police station. police say they're1sb searchinr three white male suspects in the shooting. everyone who was hurt is expected to survive. the district is a step closer to deciding how to honor the late marion barry. muriel bowser announced the final four recommendations last
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night. the options are renewing ballou high school, renaming good hope road in southeast, naming the new student center at udc after barry or commissioning a stat chew or a bust. yesterday marked one year since his death. dominion customers in northern virginia are getting a little money back. state regulators ordered virginia dominion power to refund customers because it took in too much money over the last few years. you can expect $4 or $5 over the next few months. new on midday, trouble in toy land which toys you might wan
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sunshine, bit of a blustery wind.
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dress warmly. you won't need the umbrella today. definitely a hat, warm coat, hat. take your toddler to the park today. it's going to be chilly. it will be hovering near 50 for the next several hours. four-day forecast, we'll have that sunshine, clouds coming and going, mostly clear tonight, mid 30s by dawn. wednesday, good travel day, sunshine, 50s. beautiful on thanksgiving day. temperatures throughout the day hovering right around 60 degrees. by the time we get into the afternoon hours around 60 in the morning the upper 30s. friday, 60s. as we get towards saturday, a passing shower and maybe again on monday. new this midday, an important list to keep in mind before you head out to do holiday shopping. we're talking about this year's report on dangerous toys. the report mainly focuses on toxic products, toys that pose choking or hearing dangers for children. one of the top offenders is the fun bubbles jump rope from the
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dollar tree because of the high level of toxic chemicals. you can go through the entire list on our nbc washington app. search toys. at the white house today, two women from our area will receive the highest honor for civilians. president obama will award barbara senator mar bra mikulski and bonnie carroll the medal of freedom. mikulski is the longest running female senator. they're among 17 recipients including several celebrities like steven spielberg and gloer yes estefan. turkey, stuffing, potatoes, one thing you don't want to serve up this thanksgiving is sickness. the simple things you can do to keep yourself and your guests safe. we're back in a moment.
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right now at the white house we're waiting for a joint news conference with president obama and french president francois hollande. they're going to talk about the ongoing fight against isis. president obama hollande arrived in washington, d.c. this morning. as soon as the news conference begins, we'll bring it to you live. many of you are thinking about thanksgiving. state department warnings may
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make travel tough this week. kristin wright has what you need to know from dulles airport. >> reporter: today passengers at dulles airport are traveling under a travel alert, issued by the u.s. state department to every american. addie is flying to ethiopia with caution. >> i will be as alert as i can. be aware of possibility of danger and anything happening. especially since paris event. >> reporter: the worldwide alert says be vigilant when traveling and in public places. be aware of surroundings, especially during the holiday season. the alert says isis, al qaeda and other terrorist groups a planning attacks. >> it's concerning. i have to make sure my family is all right. >> reporter: here three children. >> i'm glad they made an alert. it is not all that safe after the paris attack and i hope it doesn't happen anywhere around here. >> reporter: the state
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department's warning is a welcomed announcement to mary harmon. >> keep people aware. >> reporter: the travel alert is in effect until february. at dulles airport, kristin wright, news 4. and at the airports, around the nation, boy, we are lucking out. we have great travel weather. here are some airport current weather right now in san francisco, the only major airport with any flight delays across the country. only about 30-minute delays getting in and out of san francisco. elsewhere, partly cloudy. rain around seattle. snow out in the cascades. partly sunny in los angeles, boston. these are the current temperatures. no flight delays throughout most of the nation. great travel weather for today. next 12 hours, by 3:00, we'll be near 50 degrees. back down to the mid 40s by 7:00. by 11:00 p.m., low 40s. all around the nation great travel weather for the day. we'll look at travel for tomorrow and the rest of the
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week coming up. check out how chick the fog was at san diego international airport last night. at least 32 flights there were delayed, canceled or diverted. pilots had a tough time navigating down the runways to find the gates. 46 million. that's how many turkeys american al americans will eat this thanksgiving, but preparing the bird can be tricky. christ phone bowe is from the food inspection service and will talk about what we should do and shouldn't do. welcome. thanks for having me. >> one of the first things we want to talk about is when to buy the turkey. when is it safest to buy? >> depends if you're buying a fresh or frozen turkey. if you want to go with the fresh turkey, wait until one to two days before thanksgiving to buy it. today is a great time to buy it or tomorrow. if you already bought a frozen turkey, you should probably begin thawing it if you haven't
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already. and thawing it should -- the best place is in the refrigerator. takes about 24 hours for every five pounds of meat to thaw. >> that's a long time to thaw. >> it does. if you're out of time, if it's still frozen, use the cold water method. sub merge the turkey in cold water and change that water every 30 minutes until it's thawed. a lot of people don't know this, you can also cook the turkey from frozen, it just takes 50% longer. >> i didn't know that. let's talk about some things you should and shouldn't do when preparing the turkey before it goes into the oven. >> we talk about clean, separate, cool and chill. clean, make sure you wash your hands and surfaces before you even get started. wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap before and after handling your turkey. make sure you separate your raw meat from ready to eat foods like fruits, vegetables, breads.
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cook that turkey to a safe temperature. >> when can you put stuffing in? for optimal safety we recommend not stuffing the turkey. we know a lot of people do. it's a big tradition. if you do decide to stuff the turkey, prepare the stuffing before you put the turkey in the oven. the stuffing should be cooked to 165 degrees. >> but you're not supposed to put hot stuffing into the cold turkey. >> right. do not put hot stuffing into the cold turkey. mix the wet and dry ingredients before putting it in the turkey. when should you take it off the table? once it's cooked and you had dinner? can you leave it there for a while? >> you can leave it out at room temperature for two hours. we suggest right before you sit down, set a microwave timer for two hours. that way when you hear the ding you know it's time to store those leftovers in the refrigerator. i know with my family we sit around, watch football, play games for a long time.
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after two hours you don't want those leftovers going to waste. >> all right. christina, so nice to see you. thank you very much for coming from the usda to get us ready for thanksgiving day. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. back to you. it's coming up. right place, right time for some people doing some early holiday shopping. what came falling from a ceiling that had a lot of them happy. remember, when you're on the work or on the go you can still watch nbc 4 midday, open up the
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we are following the stories you'reçót( clicking on. fedi whap was so happy to be shopping in a new jersey mall this weekend he threw wads of cash tot( shoppers. he threw about $2,000xd over th
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balcony at garden state plaza mall in paramus. he then took to twitter posting never know who needed it.e1 ♪ ♪ don't forget to check my pupils ♪ ♪ make sure you treat me right you bleed ♪ ♪ liability >>ñi this video lighting up socl media. almost 1 million peopleé@ chec it out on youtube. wed students at stanford university released this parody ont( meghan trainor's dearjf fu husband. they say it brings together all the bad doctorsñi you have visid and how toçó av-tjr @r(t&háhp &% and do you remember the iri5(z sent tou.xe1 vegas wit he held the camera wrong way. good news, he'sq headed back fo a second shot at sin city.
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the video gotçó more than 8 milliont(
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right now temperatures in the 40s. a few clouds coming through. no travelçó delays for the wednesday. afternoon highs reaching in the low 50s for the metro area, northern virginia near 40s and 50s. parts of northern virginia, low 50s. around low 50s for shenandoah valley and in the southern part of maryland, around the chesapeake bay. around the waters right around 50 degrees through the four-day forecast, great travel day on wednesday. highs mid
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north of springfield. a third lane would be added on 395. construction is expected to be completed by 2017. troopers are stepping up patrols all week long, that includes in virginia. more patrols are out through sunday night, looking for aggressive and impaired drivers. eight people were killed in crashes over thanksgiving weekend last year. there have been more deadly crashes in virginia this year since janua. since january, 652 people have died. an international show of support in the wake of the attacks on paris. the u.s. and french presidents are about to appear side by side in washington.
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right now french president francois hollande is at the white house talking about the isis threat with president obama.
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together they will hold a news conference from the east room of the white house. here is a live look. you can see that the media is getting set up. they're awaiting the french president as well as president obama. at the top of the agenda, talking isis. how to fight the terrorist organization and enlist a coalition. this, of course, follows the tragic terrorist attacks in paris. we'll let you know when the news conference begins. barbara? >> thank you. police are investigating a deadly double shooting in the district. one man is dead, another man is injured. it happened around 10:00 last night near pennsylvania and minnesota avenues in southeast. there's no word on a suspect or motive yet. nato is holding an emergency meeting today over the attacks. turkey shot down a russian plane which it says was violating its airspace. russia says the plane was over
11:31 am
syria. two pilots parachuted out. remember rebels killed one pilot. ted cruise is in a virtual tie for first place with donald trump this morning according to a new quinnipiac poll. ben carson dropped to third. donald trump is not backing off of claims that people cheered the attacks on 9/11. he defended his statement last night referencing a "washington post" article from 2001. it explained how the fbi was investigating alleged celebrations in new jersey. >> they'll try to deny it and say he would made a mistake. i almost like that better. then i could show you how dishonest they all are. >> the post says reports in the article were unfounded. ben carson is distancing himself from trump's claims. he said last night he was
11:32 am
remembering celebrations over seas, not in jersey city. tough talk in prince williams county. there may be specific collapses in the immigration law which allows police to check the immigration status of every person they arrest. if that person is undocumented, it's up to police to report that to i.c.e. the county police chief has started his own internal investigation. right now we have sunshine, just a bit of a chill in the air. winds around 10, 15 miles per hour. no flight delays across the entire country. there's only one minor delay in san francisco. a little the bit of a storm coming into seattle, but no delays there. elsewhere no travel problems. flight status from some individual cities with current weather. san francisco is partly sunny.
11:33 am
they're in the mid 50s. chicago cold, it's only around freezing there. it's near 60 in los angeles now. really no flight delays, that rain around seattle in the upper 30s. the only place, san francisco has about 30-minute delays for flights. we are working to find out the name of the man run over by a metro train. police are awaiting toxicology results to decide if he was drunk when he fell at the c capitol heights metro station. he was by himself when he fell around 7:30 last night. in ft. hood they're trying to find out what led to a helicopter cash. it happened during a routine training mission. all four crew members have died. two suspects are in custody this morning in new orleans. one accused of shooting a tulane medical school student. kerry sander what's latest on
11:34 am
that. >> reporter: this morning the man police say shot a helpless unarmed good samaritan in this chilling video is in jail. 21-year-old yuric kaine, allegedly the gunman who filed at medical student pewter gould was taken into custody when police and marshals raided the house where he was hiding. >> i couldn't be more proud of the fact that we caught him quickly and it was done without incident. no one got hurt. >> reporter: also under arrest, the alleged gunman's 17-year-old girlfriend, niktoria washington. the two found in the house together. police say even though she wasn't at the shooting, she is being charged as an accessory. according to authorities, cain made a full confession admitting he was the one dragging a woman don't street and said he turned his gun on peter gould, shooting
11:35 am
him once in the stomach, and trying to shoot him a second and even a third time, but the gun jams. >> it is a disturbing video. >> looked like he was going to kill him. >> no question. the guy that did this is a cold blooded killer. i would call it domestic terrorism. >> tulane university issued a statement thanking the new orleans police and u.s. marshals for apprehending that suspect. a major warning to those of you hitting the road and filling up at gas stations. scammers are targeting gas stations with hidden devices called skimmers. thieves can get master keys online and get your information from the pump. >> it's usually low-level employees, maybe gang affiliated or being coerced by gangs to bring skimmers into places of employment. >> other retailers are at risk as well.
11:36 am
last year credit card scammers cost customers $2 billion. the scammers otargeted pumps ou of the view of the attendants. french president francois hollande and president obama are about to hold a joint news conference about
11:37 am
new developments in the trials of six baltimore police officers charged with freddie gray's death. officer william porter had a pretrial hearing this morning. his trial is next week. a judge denied a request to sequester the jury which means they would have had limited phone and computer access during the trial. jurors will be anonymous. gray suffered a severe spinal injury while in police custody earlier this year. new fears over your privacy. u.s. retailers are searching for any sign of a data breach.
11:38 am
this after warnings from a cybersecurity firm that new malicious software can steal debit and credit card information. it's called mod p.o.s. it can get through virtually all security software. the security firm is not releasing whether any storms are being specifically targeted. be on the lookout for a new real estate scam in arlington county. the treasurer's office has been getting concerned calls from homeowne homeowners. residents have been getting letters signed by judd allen of express home buyers claiming they owe real estate taxes. if they don't pay up, the letter says the county will take away their homes. unless you hear directly from the arlington county treasurer, it's a scam. right now we're waiting for president obama and french president francois hollande to
11:39 am
11:40 am
red lobster is not going to skimp on shrimp. they say they know you think their shrimp are too small so they are pumping up the shrimp based on customers requests. about 33 million pounds of shrimp are used there a year. with your cnbc business report, i'm landon dowdy. a little blustery, still a chill in the air if you're about to head out to the supermarket, hovering near 50 between now and 3:00 p.m. by 7:00 p.m., back down to the 40s. late this evening, 40 by midnight tonight. storm team 4 radar not showing any rain, any snow anywhere in our vicinity. a few snow showers in upstate vermont, not causing any delays.
11:41 am
the far northern rockies getting a snowstorm. some rain for northern california. overall great travel weather. a 1-year-old girl in the district received a life saving gift on her first birthday a stranger gavex:jtk natalia a part ofxd her liver. it was the friend of the family. she heard about the baby's need for theok lifei] saving liverçó transplant and stepped up. >> heading into the surgery, i wasn'te1 worried about my side it as much as am i going to be able to help her. >> natalia is still in the hospital but is doing well. her family saysfá this will be e best thanksgiving ever. >> such açó selfless act. >> great that she steppede1 up get matched. we all should do think of that. right now a sign of support
11:42 am
in the wake of a paris terror q atty÷9 >> french president francois a giant njoint newsw3
11:43 am
11:44 am
right now at the white house, we're waiting for a joint news conference with president obama and french president francois hollande. they're going to talk about the ongoing fight against isis.
11:45 am
/pmorning. hollande just arrive as soon as the news conference gets underway, we'll bring it to millions of americans will travel for the thanksgiving holiday, it could be especially rough this year.çó wendy wilfork is at chicago o'hare's airport where it is willing busy.t( what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning. it's pretty awesome day considering it's mid-november here in chicago. balmy, sunny at this point. people will be traveling this holiday week. that's more than we'vexd seen since the recession. whether on roadways orxd airway holiday travelers have much to be thankful for this year. >> feels good.  in the pocket for christmas. prices and more gasoline from
11:46 am
regional refineries made theok perfect setup for the lowest+ prices at the pump in more than five years. to the gas station. >> reporter: thereñi will be nothing fastxd about airport security lines, especially when ticket prices are down 9% from last year. that according to orbitz. >> even if you are headed allow yourself plenty of ex time. >> reporter: with new terror threats from isis and in lightu of the recentñi attacks inñr ha, the state department issued a meaning morexd scrutiny at all airports. with that you will notice a
11:47 am
airport, news 4. >> it's cold in chicago. chilly here, too. dress for like a winter day. you won't need your umbrella, but gloves, warm coat and a hat. need the sunglasses. clouds coming and going. tomorrow milder. reaching near 50 today. 30s by dawn on wednesday. another great travel day tomorrow into the 50s. for thanksgiving day, a cold start in the morning. thanksgiving morning, generally temperatures right around upper 30s. then during the afternoon right around 60 degrees. then the rest of the day, just partly.s? cloudy and beautiful. on friday into the mid 60s. as we get towards the weekend, saturday, partly sunny.
11:48 am
might get a midday shower or light sprinkle. otherwise most of the day will be dry and cooler with highs near 50. near 50 again on sunday. it's a frightening and potentially deadly problem in hospitals around the worldmu a the district has just become the only city leading the fight against superbugs. i talked to medical experts who show us how they're battling this killer bacteria. >> reporter: they're pretty and pinked stained and magnified in a petri dish, but these bugs can wreak havoc on humans in a hospital setting. their named for the powerful antibiotic that continue kill them. >> they're called cre. >> reporter: dr. jen workman says cre is a bacteria that stands up to the strongest class of antibiotics that doctors have in their arsenal against deadly infection. if somebody is sick and we are using our big gun antibiotic up front, and they have this cre,
11:49 am
we may miss. >> reporter: that patient might die. outbreaks of cre have stymied doctors across the country. this year a deadly outbreak at ronald reagan ucla medical center infected seven patients and led to two deaths. the mortality rate is high, 40% to 50% for those who develop the cre infection. the centers for disease control says it is worried hospitals could see a rise in cases if something is not done soon. it is behind the study that will gauge the prevalence of cre in one test city, washington, d.c. >> there's a number of hospitals involved, med star, teaching hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, long-term acute care facilities. >> reporter: evan jones will lead a state of the art testing initiative along with the d.c. department of health and the district's hospital association. >> when i first heard about this
11:50 am
problem, i realized that new technology was needed to screen for these microbes and bring it on an industrial scale so we could do it nationally. >> opgen has a simple test to screen for cre, similar to screening for cervical cancer. >> our method, you can think of it like being a pap smear for drug resistant infections. >> reporter: the test can detect carriers who may not be sickened but can infect others. >> i think this study is the first step at defining what percentage of patients are carrying this bacteria that will inform us about what we need to do for the next step. >> reporter: the first step is getting a handles on the numbers. dr. workman says it is first line of defense against any superbug. where would it have come from in the first place? >> we don't know. where did it start?
11:51 am
how is it spread? these are questions that studies like this will hopefully answer. >> it's a big, big challenge because a lot of people could die if it breaks out in a hospital they say. >> it's incredible they're doing all this experimenting and research here in washington. right now we're keeping a close eye on the white house. any minute now president obama and french president francois hollande will hold a news conference. >> at the top of their agenda, isis. this comes less than two weeks after the deadly attacks in paris.
11:52 am
here are some stories lighting up social media. the family of a texas teenager arrested for taking a homemade clock to school want $15 million in damages. the boy was arrested in september when his homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb. they want $10 million from the city and $5 million from the
11:53 am
school district. they have since moved to another area. and researchers here, a genetically engineered mosquito? researchers in california did this. it cannot be infected with malaria. they used a new technique called gene editing. this almost guarantees the new gene will be passed on quickly to new generations. and look at this. we spotted this story on yahoo!.com. a weather instrument prompted a response from the philadelphia bomb squad. the national weather service said a weather radio son took off and landed in philly. the bomb squad was called to investigate the object. it hit a car. skies are reportedly clear over the city. we are waiting on a big
11:54 am
diplomatic moment that will be unfolding in washington. >> president obama and french president francois hollande are about to speak from the white house about the ongoing isis threat. here's a live look. we're tracking this for you.
11:55 am
right now the national thanksgiving turkey is showing off its feathers. this is the turkey president obama plans to pardon. it went on display at the wi willlard hotel on pennsylvania avenue. a mock secret service detail will keep tabs on the bird until tomorrow's pardoning ceremony at the white house. a daring police officer in new jersey took his job to serve and protect to new heights this week helping out a skunk. it showed the officer trying to get the orange juice carton off
11:56 am
the skunk. the video has gone viral. more than 20,000 people watched the video on the ocean gate police department's facebook page. surprisingly the officer did not get skunked. during the process and was successful with getting the orange carton off of the skunk's head. right now temperatures are hovering near 50. we'll stay this way for the rest of the afternoon. a few clouds north and west, should be hovering in the upper 40s. low 50s in washington. low 50s around the chesapeake bay. great weather as we get through the next several days. on thanksgiving day looks beautiful with temperatures up near 60 during the afternoon. enjoy. >> all right. thank you. that does it for news4 midday. thank you very much for joining us. get updates any time with the nbc washington app. watch for nbc news' special
11:57 am
report as soon as president obama and french this is an nbc news special report. here's lester holt. >> good morning. from new york we're coming on
11:58 am
the air because president obama is about to hold a news conference with french president francois hollande at the white house. their first meeting since the terror attacks in paris as hollande tries to get the international community, including russia, to step up the campaign against isis in syria. complicating matters this morning the shootdown of a russian warplane near the syria-turkey border by the turkish military. richard engel is in turkey for us monitoring developments. richard, vladimir putin is already lashing out against turkey calling the shootdown a stab in the back. nato has called an emergency meeting. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: well, you have to also ask why the plane was shot down. according to u.s. officials the russian fighter jet did violate turkish airspace. turkey says that is why it fired on the jets, but u.s. officials say that the russian planes only violateled turkish airspace for a matter of seconds. russia says that in no way did they ever threaten turkey, so
11:59 am
the question is why did then turkey fire, and it goes back to the complete lack of a cohesive strategy for syria. those planes were on their way to attack a rebel group inside syria that is backed by turkey, and after they violated turkish airspace, it seems that turkey took the opportunity and attacked the russian plane. it goes down to the strategy in syria, the strategy to counter isis, and this is to strategy right now internationally. >> richard, as we wait for the president, let's go to peter alexander in the east room at white house. peter, does president hollande have a wish list that he brought to the white house? >> reporter: yeah, i think that's right. in the words of a national security expert, lester, the french want right now to have a very clear taking of the gloves off, not just by the u.s. but by others as well. we can see the vice president just arriving right now. among desire for the french right now is that there's more intelligence sharing. there may be more special forces on the ground to help identify isis targets there as well, and
12:00 pm
also sort of a lessening of the rules of engagement that may mean more civilian casualties as well. here comes the president of the united states, lester. >> all right. peter alexander, thank you. >> please be seated. president hollande, it has been an honor to welcome you to the white house before in happier times than this, but as americans we stand by our friends in good times and in bad, no matter what. so on behalf of the american people i want to once again express our deepest condolences to you and all of the people of france for the heinous attacks that took place in paris.


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