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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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wayne reynolds, raised nearly $2 million. >> we hope kids can come here and be inspired by the life stories of the people hanging on the wall. >> reporter: barbara harrison, "news4," washington. >> not just the portraits be tu mediums representing each individual. it's really lovely. >> it really is. stay with us. "news4" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. hello. good morning, evan. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> good morning. i'm eun yang. nice turkey day. how about that? >> i'm all for it. "storm team 4's" chuck bell is in the weather center. >> everything. the food, the weather. it's thanksgiving after all, right, chuck? >> that's right. there's a lot to be thankful for. first you're up and going. you're going to make the most of this.
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temperatures in the mid to upper 30s in the suburbs to about 40 downtown in bayside. planning out your day today. what a winter we have. full sunshine start to finish. a few clouds around by later this afternoon. temperatures today will be up into the low to mid-60s. beautiful weather tofrmd of course, tomorrow already thinking about big friday shopping plans. starting off, temperatures tomorrow morning will be in the mid to upper 40s by 6:00 a.m. nice and mild for sure. tomorrow's afternoon temperatures, how about mid to upper 60s tomorrow if you're traveling down to places like richmond. it might be near 70 degrees. good weather for there. coming up in a couple more minutes, we'll talk about the return of rain chances which unfortunately are coming back just in time for the second half of the weekend and just ten minutes from now, amelia segal with the frachorecast. we'll see you in a few more minutes.
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>> reporter: molette green at the live desk. protesters pulled lights off a christmas tree last night after newly released videos from four of the police cars after a deadly shooting that left a 17-year-old shot dead 16 times. now the "chicago tribune" reports these new videos raise questions about how the city's police department documented the killing of laquan mcdonald and demonstrators say they will continue including disrupting black friday shopping in the city's financial district. aaron? >> thank you. it's 5:02. developing story. police in prince william county found a body in the occoquan river in woodbridge. it was found around 9:00. they were called to the fairfax/prince william line. we're working to learn more. we're also working to learn more about a homicide. police say a man was killed in landover. h was shot to death.
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the shooting happened near 704, not far from fedex field. 5:03. right now the search for a missing brother and sister in prince george's county. they're look for rosa and james thomas both in their 70s. were seen on monday afternoon in landover. they were last seen in a burgundy liberty jeep without tags. thomas is without her medication. if you have any information, we want to hear from you. a house went up in flames. police from overhead call it. shomari stone shows us more. >> reporter: take a look. a camera on a police helicopter captures a raging house fire. two officers happened to be flying toward mason university when they spotted the thick
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flames and smoke. >> looks like something is on fire. looks like a house is on fire. >> you can smell it, too, can't you smell it? >> reporter: simone and her a great grandkids were sleeping in the house. officers alert a dispatcher who calls the fire department. >> when they knocked on the door, i wondered, who's knocking at 3:30 in the morning. and that's when i came out, the officer was already here, and he said, you have to get out of the house. >> reporter: she wakes up her a great grandkids and they all get-out. >> it looks like it hasn't made it to the actual structure yet. >> they put out the flames stopping the flames from spreading. they tell us a light fixture located under the deck started the fire. >> it could have turned tragic. >> simone tells me police and firefighters have made her thanksgiving that much more
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special. >> we say prayers often but we said be a big prayer this time. >> reporter: shomari stone, "news4." >> four people including three a great grandchildren were in the home at the time. firefighters say the smoke alarms were not working. a number of stores are open on thanksgiving day. macy's, walmart, target, and kohl's open at 6:00 p.m. toys "r" us is to toys "r" us a open at 5:00 p.m. jc penney is open at 3:00 p.m. lowe's says they'll be closed for the holiday. for who's open, you can search online. >> there are never any liquor stores open. >> i bet there are some. fairfax county police are
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going undercover to stop shoplifters. they'll be full-clothed and. >> vdot will time traffic signals to help drivers through major shopping centers. they used the traffic information from last year to develop more than 200 interchanges. the changes will last until new year's day. new this morning a united airlines flight forced to turn around. a scare that has others making alternate plans to get home for thanksgiving. speaking of thanksgiving, take a look. whatter where you're heading. it's a time honored tradition. the lighting
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new this morning, a scare out of sacramento. a plane hit a flock of birds and was forced to lachbltd it was going denver. there were 114 passengers on board whose holiday plans were nearly ruined by the incident. after they safely landed they were booked on other flights. >> 594-year-old park ranger will have the honor of lighting the christmas tree at the white house. you might remember betty hoskins. she received the invite last week. not only will she light the tree, but she'll introduce president obama. she complained about the government furlough saying at her age she didn't have time to waste sitting at home. >> that's right. >> pretty cool to see her there. >> that's right, miss hoskins. congratulations to her. it's 5:10 a.m.
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happy thanksgiving. >> in case you haven't heard, happy thanksgiving. a great way to burn off the turkey and stuffing -- >> sleep. >> no. turkey trot! amelia, you're a runner. what do you think about conditions? >> reporter: well, eun, i have on one of my lighter jackets. it's not too bad. on the "storm team 4" x 4, we're along for the race here. you can see my breath a little bit this morning as the sun comes up. we're looking at plenty of sunshine. and the temperature around 7:00 a.m. in the mid-30s to around 40 degrees. obviously the cooler temperatures north and west of town, we have a big turkey trotz going on in frederick, maryland, this morning. if you're running in that, a touch cooler. it will warm up pretty nicely, especially for late november where the race here is getting
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under way. the temperature, 44. by 10:00 a.m., guys, we're looking at a temperature of around 51 degrees. all in all, i think it ooh going to be a really nice morning. i want to say happy thanksgiving too. in texas this morning, police believe they have found the remains of a missing girl. why the man who did it won't be charged. what experts think is the source of an outbreak at costco's. more than a man's best friend. how pets can benefit kids wh
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right now at the live desk, a hurricane just got stronger. a category 4 storm in the eastern pacific. we just got this from the national hurricane center. sandra is on track to hit north
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mexico friday and saturday. the storm should weaken when it makes landfall. so far we've seen nine major hurricanes in the eastern pacific this year, which is a record. aaron? >> all right, molette, thank you. new vejts in a 25-year-old cold case. sheriffs in wharton county, texas, say they found the remains of a teenage girl's body. they say the family of a suspect came forward with a tip. the family said the suspect died months ago. in florida a man could spend life in prison after a jury found him guilty of murdering his wife. he killed her and posted pictures of her corpse on fayebook. he said his wife was threatening him with a knife. visas will be suspended. that is in light of heightened security fears. the games begin august 5th.
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foreigners who arrive as early as june will be able to stay up to 90 days without a visa. that's according to a law already passed by congress that was signed by brazil's president. diplomats and governments are worried about the safety of athletes and tourists. the head says they already have stringent security plans in place for the games. >> something to remember as you travel this holiday weekend. national security leaders say you are the best tool they have against a potential terror attack. president obama says there ee no credible or specific threat against the u.s., but police are out in force for the long holiday weekend. officers with assault rifles at union station, bomb sniffing dogs all over the airports. 47 million people are expected to go somewhere ore the thanksgiving holiday. in news for your health now, are you feeling a little holiday stress? hmm. we have some tips to keep your blood pressure down and make you enjoy the season a little bit
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better. too much to do? doctors say making a list can help you reduce your stress and plan better. saying no can also help. set your family a holiday budget and stick to it. this can also reduce stress when it comes to buying gifts. >> more importantly than any gift we purchase is spending time with them, having a game night. >> so true. experts say the most important thing to remember is it is just one day, but, you know, you think about then you have to get your holiday tree and christmas is coming. it all spirals together. deep breaths. >> it does. spiral real is a good word. also new this morning studies show a dog isn't just man's best friend but they are a great for children. children without dogs tested with anxiety. that's compared to children with
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dogs in their homes. it builds social skills and reduces stress. more than 3 million people expected to line the streets of manhattan for the macy's thanks day thanksgiving day parade. hercules teams will be ready to move in at the sign of any security threat. the police chief of new york says having fun encourages terrorists. >> encourage people as they come to the parade to enjoy, really enjoy. it's way to push back on some of the veejts going on around the world. the floats for the 89th an yuba raid coming down sixth avenue are coming to life today. you can watch all the action today. 50 million of you expecting to watch the parade on tv. coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. and nbc's jay gray is going to join us next hour live on the parade route in manhattan. 5:20.
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following the parade today, another thanksgiving day tradition. you can watch the 14th national dock show live from oeks, pennsylvania. seven new american kennel club breeds will be introduced into the show this year. it airs at noon today. >> after you're done watching the dog show and the macy's day parade, if you looking for something to do, i'm going to light the holiday tree at city center d.c. it's such a beautiful site down there. the whole area has changed. it's become such a destination not only for shops but people are living there. we have people in this building who live right there in city center. it's kind of the first sign of the season. light the tree and boom. >> you're lighting the tree. >> i am. >> you're lighting the first one. >> first one. >> i'm lighting a tree in shirlington on december 1st.
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>> don't woifrmt aaron will be there. >> 'tis the season. >> please come by. >> you know who else has lit -- no, i'm joking. you know who else is lit -- no, i'm joking. >> chuck is always sparkling. >> these tosses. i don't know who these -- the writers got the day off. that makes a lot more senn. a nice clear sky out there this morning. just a couple of little itty bitty clouds. look at that. a gorgeous full moon. 3:50 in the afternoon. spooky. looks a little halloweenish out there. it's a booty of day. a little bit of clouds out there this morning. they won't last long. once they get the sun up, the clouds will do a vanishing act. no cold air in sight either. today, tomorrow, on into saturday as well. cooler weather to finish out the weekend. but still nowhere near cold. every day of the next several
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will be niechlts next to nothing around the metro area. sunny and gorgeous. temperatures around 5 to 10 degrees above average. 34 dm manassas. 42 now in capitol heights. future weather throughout the course of the day a few light little clouds. but by later on those clouds are on their way out. we'll be left with a mostly blue sky. that will be a nice warmup. plan on temperatures to be well into the upper 50s by lunchtime and by low 60s later today. thanksgiving travel. as you're going to be drivabling on local roads, nothing to worry about. i-95, i-81, i-70, as long as you stay within 200 miles of where you are now, you'll be dry for sure. midwest airport delays. the boards have green airplanes at all the major hubs.
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no delays but it is early in the day. dry weather for now and through tomorrow. but as we head into the weekend. unfortunately clouds come back into the picture and rain chances. not a big threat for a lot of rain on your saturday. mainly sprinkles and drizzles. rainfall amounts will only be a hundred of an-inch or so. sunday looks like a better chance for steadier showers to come in as high pressure gives way. start moving in our direction. here's your seven-day forecast then. good weather for today and tomorrow. well above average. temperatures, mid-60s today. mid to upper 60s tomorrow. as you get into your weekend. saturday, all clouds all the time. temperatures not terribly cold sboochlt the mid and upper 50s. then on sunday, looks like that will be the best chance for rain over the weekend. particularly sunday afternoon and sunday evening. cloudy skies continue on into early next week and another chance for showers on your tuesday. soak in that sunshine and the
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mild weather while we can. you guys, i'm not going to even send a crazies to back to you, how about that. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, chuck. new details in the e. coli scare. testings shoes it's a veg mix from a california food wholesaler. this week costco pulled its chick about salad from the refrigerator. it seems to be connected to the own and se onion and celery mix. if you bought it before november 20th, throw it away. it's affected 19 people in seven states including virginia. food giant general mills is a moving forward to selling cage-free eggs. they'll only sell cage-free eggs by 2025. this after other companies including kellogg's announced a similar cage-free policy. 43 presidents all in one place.
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they're mostly all in one place. nbc's joe tooele show s how the fix up the heads of state. >> reporter: for americans or heads of state are hard to top. they become larger than most things monument and people flock to them. 2 million saw this. you lyric at the remnants of what used to be called presidents park, a tourist attraction that elected to shut its doors after facing economic headwinds. that's where howard hank came in. he was hired to destroy the busts. he fell in love and kept them himself. >> i couldn't see destroying
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th them. we bust a hole in there and grabbed them by their steel frames. >> reporter: now they lie in stake on his 400-acre arm. they're all there. gipper, both roosevelts, clinton, truman. phillip grew a bee's northwest, washington neefr decapitated. he has a plan for them. >> i'm going build a park for them. >> if that plan gets off the ground he's ready with president obama and whoever might come after. >> reporter: do you think any one of them would make a good bust. >> i was seeing about calling donald. he might want a big one. he might want to make it out of
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gold. >> reporter: here the presidents sit looking like an american eastern island giving new meaning to the phrase washington is broken. >> that's joe toohey reporting. >> security is on a lot of people's minds right now especially when it comes to travels over the holidays. we're learning about a possible breach. >> if you're in the kitchen getting ready for thanksgiving day, take a look at your screen. chuck bell says we're in for a mild day. he has that in your four things to know about the forecast. >> you've heard of it. but have you ever used it. the butterball hotline. what are some of the craziest things people on the other end have aske
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right now it's 5:30. what some call the gaping hole in security. an event in donald trump's backyard. why sought say it never happened. chuck bell says why you're going to want to gobble up this thanksgiving day forecast. good morning to you. do you get it. gobble gobble. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. good morning, everybody. it's 5:30.
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chuck has already taken in some turkey. >> the whole reason i've run is for the purple of eating anything and everything i want whenever. that's the whole reason behind it. outside this morning it's a mostly clear sky. there's a full moon out there as well. full moon really ready to go down. shutter bugs could be a potentially pretty moonset in the next little bit. otherwise it's going to be a gorgeous thanksgiving day. nice and miechltd temperatures today rj how about low to mid-60s. that's bargain by november's standards. and tomorrow, a big shopping day. not even cold for that. mid-40s. good shopping weather but the second half of the weekend is looking a little soggy.
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>> we'll see you then. there's a new event that has people up early cooking. meg again mcgrath has more. good morning, megan. >> reporter: i've about had to don the hair net. that bice the volunteers are here and the food is out. as you see behind me, a lot of preparation work is under way at this point. hundreds of moveable feasts can be prepared for clients fighting against life-threatening illnesses like hiv, cancer, and for the first time this year, light-threatening diabetediabet. talk a little bit about these meals. we're not talking just a plate of turkey.
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>> today we provide an entire feast. fresh turkey, two pies, all kinds of thing use can imagine. potatoes, stuffing, green beans, collard greens, fresh fruit, rolls, i'm missing a few things i'm shurks corn, you name it, we're sending it out. >> i'm going to step out of the way. you have a lot of volunteers. hundreds of volunteers. how important are they in this whole process? >> they're what makes it all work. throughout the year the week leading up to thanksgiving and, of course, today. we have hundreds of volunteers to pack all these meals and then we've got even more, hundreds more helping make the deliveries. so it's really special for friends. it's a chance for our clients to have enough food to host friends and loved ones to have a nice
5:34 am
thanksgiving. >> i know you're busy. we'll let you get back to it. guys, it's a lot of food. we're talking 7,800 pounds of turkey, 100 gallons of gravy, all kinds of miss, potatoes t whole smorgasbord. all of it will be loaded up in trucks at 7:30 this morning and taken out to the clients so they can host thanksgiving meals at their own homes because many of the clients really aren't feeling well enough to cook for themselves. back to you guys in the studio. >> it's a well oiled machine back there. nice to see. >> they do it every year. so many volunteers. thanks for the work. and thank you, megan. >> 5:34. a lot of people at the airports don't pass through a security checkpoint every day and nbc news investigation reveal as what security experts are calling a gaping hole in airport security. this after suspicions that an airline employee may have played a key role in the bombing of a russian airliner in egypt. they decide which should be
5:35 am
screened and airport security union says it's dangerous security gap. >> when are we going to learn our lessons from the past? when are we going to be proactive ran than reactive? >> many claim they can't afford the man power to screen employees every day. 5:35. presidential candidate donald trump is in hot water this morning. controversy is brewing over his golf course in virginia. it sterns around a come mechl rahhive plaque he calls the river of blood but as "news4's" reporter julie carey says, they're saying it never occurred. >> reporter: first reported by "the new york times" it reads many a great americans both of the north and south died at this spot, "the rapids"ed on the potomac river. the casualties were so a great the water would turn red and was
5:36 am
known as the river of blood. it's my a great honor to have preserved this important section of the potomac river. donald john trump. experts say the problem is there was no battle here and no river of blood as the term was used. >> that's not true. that didn't happen. >> reporter: jim morgan is an expert on another battle. the battle of balls bluff. it took place ten miles up the river. hundreds were killed and wounded there. >> so certainly there were casualties and certainly will were bodies that floated down past that golf course. >> morgan says, though, he's not terribly troubled by the erroneous plaque at trump national. >> the history of this area is pretty well preserved, pretty well written about, and what you've got is a little monument that misstate some things. it wouldn't be the first that has information on it that's incorrect. >> reporter: presidential
5:37 am
hopeful trump explains many times historians told him the gours course was the rib of blood but he couldn't name them. this man who lives near the course heard what the local historians have had to say. >> it seems mr. trump likes to exaggerate things. >> reporter: in loudoun county, julie carey, "news4." paul wiedefeld takes over the g.m. position this coming monday. he's on a four-year contract. before this he held leadership positions at bwu may shall and the transit association. he has plans to tackle. he says he'll personally conduct a top to bomb review of the staff once he takes office. the butterball turkey hotline, you know that phone number you can call to ask questions about how to cook a turkey or whatever? anyway, they revealed some of the weirdest questions that they got. okay, one person wanted to know how to make it look like a turkey has a bikini shaped
5:38 am
hemline. >> jimmy fallon had a few laughs. i know how to do it. why would you want to do it, right? as you finish up the thanksgiving sides, it's time to get that turkey in the oven. but if you have any questions, the butterball hotline is there for you. the butterball hotline will be open to take your questions. this morning we're hearing more of the memorable hotlines. >> she baked the cake. she saw how the cake rose. she thought the turkey was going to expand in her oven and she would not be able to get it out of her oven. >> deep questions here. the butterball turkey hotline is staffed from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. they're working shifts to handle your calls. they're taking about 10,000 calls today. i'm sure they get all kinds of questions. they think it's a hotline for therapy and stuff.
5:39 am
>> a bikini with tan lines. don't google things. new details coming in. an important story, serious one. the downing of a russian warplane. the proof turkey says that it has that it tried to warn people. we also have new information an babe left at a church nativity scene in new york. why the newborn's mother will not be charged. and take a look at union station. look at that. already ready for the holidays. the big wreaths are up ready for christmas even though it's thachlgt we're in for a warmup today. what can you expect if you plan
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welcome back at 5:44. a mother will not be charged for leaving her child in manger in a church. here's video of her buying towels that she wrapped the baby in. the baby was named emmanuel which means "god with us." churches are a location to leave a baby without fear of prosecution. it's 5:42 now. we want to check in on the thanksgiving forecast this morning. some of you are getting your
5:43 am
exercise before the big dinner that's coming on today. >> and it's time for the turkey trot. that helps you offset some of the calories you're about to consume. preemptive measure. amelia segal with more on what it's feeling like out there. good morning, amelia. >> reporter: good morning, uniauneun and aaron. happy thanksgiving. you see folks arriving now setting up for the annual turkey trot. proceeds from this are going benefit five lot charities. last year they had over 4,000 people participate, so a lot of folks anticipated this year to get that exercise in before you start to enjoy your thanksgiving meal later. and as you do head out this morning, temperatures are going to boo b in the 40s throughout the morning of the hour. running, i would recommend two running layers and i think you should be fine with that. as we work our way through the
5:44 am
morning and mid/late day hours. highs in the mid-60s with plenty of sunshine. chuck's going have more on that black friday forecast coming up in ten minutes, guys. >> all right. amelia segal. thanks, amelia. help from above. a fairfax county family fast asleep while a fire tears through their home. who they credit for their being alive today. in a few hours some of the traditions will be getting under way. eating. eating. macy's thanksgiving day parade.
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this is more than just a town. this is our home. and small business saturday... is more than just a day. it's our day... to shop small at the places we love... with the people we love. for stuff we can't get anywhere else. and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here... can help keep our town growing. this saturday is small business saturday, let's all shop small. for the neighborhood, the town, the home we love. shop small this saturday.
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new audio from turkey that has proof that it warned russia
5:48 am
before shooting their plane down. russia says they never cross over the syrian border. today french president francois hollande will visit moscow in an attempt to de-escalate the situation there. right now a search for a missing brother and sister in prince george's county heads into the third day. james and rosa are both in their 70s. they were last seen in landover. they were last seen in a burgsdy jeep liberty with maryland tags. if you have any nvgs police want to hear from you. it is 5:48. we have a story on a big fire. shomari stone shows us how they saved a family's house before it went up if there flames. >> is that a house fire? >> sure looks like it. >> that house is roaring. >> reporter: take a look. a camera on a fairfax county
5:49 am
police helicopter captures a raging house fire. two officers just so happened to be flying near george mason university when they spot the flames and thick smoke. >> looks like something's on fire. looks like a house is on fire. >> you can smell it now too. can you smell it? >> yeah. >> reporter: 76-year-old simone miller and her a great grandkids are sleeping in the house. they use gps to determine their address. officers alert a dispatcher who calls the fire department. >> when they knocked on the door, i was wondering who's knocking at 3:30 in the morning, and that's when i came out, the officeras already here, and he said, you have to get out of the house. >> reporter: she wakes up her a great grandkids and they all get-out. >> reporter: it looks look it hasn't made it to the actual structure yet, which is good. >> reporter: the firefighters put it out stopping the flames from spreading. they tell us a light fixture
5:50 am
under the deck sparked the fire. simone miller tells me police and firefighters have made her thanksgiving that much more special. >> we say prayers often but we said a big prayer this time. >> now firefighters say the smoke alarms in the house were not working, so this could have been a lot worse. >> if you're eating out, there are many restaurants waiting to serve you. bob evans will begin serving. also crack el barrel vchl you ever had the chicken and dumplings. boston market and golden corral will also be open to serve you. one in 5 million will be spending thanksgiving with their co-workers. it's a good thing i love you both. that's according to a new online survey by careerbuilder.
5:51 am
3,600 were surveyed. those in the health care industry are the most likely to be on the job today. a shout-out to all the nurses and the caregivers who, you know, if there's an emergency, you have to go to the hospital. >> thank got they're there every single day. >> the weather doesn't stop either. >> no. but i don't know if my job is mission critical on day like today because it's going to be nice and quiet. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you can't leave. we need you for the 6:00 a.m. >> i can't go? >> no, you cannot go. >> anyway, i'm thankful for many, many thing this year up to and including a great weather coming up for today and tomorrow. as you get toward the weekend, i'm off this weekend, so we'll talk about that later. outside this morning, a full moon. an absolute beautiful shot there early this morning. looks like a couple of branches between us and the moon there. nonetheless, a clear sky. a little bit of a chill out there. many of the nearby suburbs are
5:52 am
above the freezing mark this morning. it will be a sunny and mild day today. good eating, of course. temperatures right now, 42 in washington. 34, leesburg and ashburn. 43 in chesapeake beach. we'll spend most of it. generally in the low to mid-60s across mump of the area. enjoy your day today. here's future weather through your thanksgiving. sunshine and mild. overnight tonight we'll start to see a small increase in clouds down across southern maryland. tomorrow afternoon, just enough sunshine. we'll put temperatures in the mid mid-60s at leechlt clouds will really thicken up late tonight. here's the futurecast. cloudy and dry start to the
5:53 am
weekend. as we go through the day on saturday, there may be some spits and drizzles and light areas of rain out there. that's about it. anything is going to be extraordinarily light. sunday may be a lit billion it of a different story. here's "storm team 4" radar now. if you're expecting flights from chicago or detroit, could have a couple of slowdowns there today. there could be a couple of delays. although the big board not showing anything just yet. 64 today and 68 tomorrow. a great couple of days. saturday all clouds but not a whole lot of rain. just a couple of sprinkles around. looks like lit come sunday afternoon into the evening. enjoy that sunshine while we have it. >> will do. it's 5:53. in just a few hours. millions will line the streets of mask for the annual thanksgiving day parade.
5:54 am
jay gray joins us. we see the bloons up already. it should be fun, jay. >> reporter: as you talk, the bloons, the floats in place, they've already got one clown here. take a look behind. they're aired up and ready to go. that's scrap, one of the new balloons here from ice age. that will lead the 17 giant balloons. there are 24 smaller balloon calls they're calls. 1 1rkz 00 cheerleaders and dancers, more than a thousand clowns, 12 marching bands and the entertainers will be here. daughtry, shaun mendez, trey songz, drake owens the country aftist and mariah carey, america's treasury, the diva here. we talk about 13 00 officers.
5:55 am
no threads. just to make sure things go safe. the weather is fantastic. about 45 right now. i know i'm bundled up. i'm a wimp. by the end of the day, we could hit 60 so organizers believe we'll have a record club. a great way to start the holiday. for now from new york, i'm jay gray. aaron, back to you. >> thanks. of course, you can watch all the action on nbc 4 starting at 9:00 kilometer with the thanksgiving day parade and the national dog show follows that at noon. president obama and the first family said thank you by serving up dinner to the homeless population in d.c. this took place at the friendship center. many are homeless and at-risk veterans. they received aĆ­>g $3 million
5:56 am
donation. president obama trots out a turkey, pardons it. take a look at the side-by-side pictures. look how much sasha has grown. and his hair is not as gray. six years ago. that was in 2009. now look. the young ladies have blossomed. they were 11 and 8 for the first turkey pardon. the president -- i'm not going say he's aged a little bit. >> we all do. >> it's a stressful job. >> do you know how many gray hairs you've given me? >> oh, stop. i think you've looked better. >> pick a card a credit card. >> you're not getting this back, come on. frank gifford had the concussion brain disease known as cte.
5:57 am
the nfl appreciates the gifford family wants to better understand the disease. they have made changes. gifford died of natural causes earlier this year. cte can't be diagnosed until after a person dies. well, the volunteers took a break for a little while, but they're gearing up again here in the kitchen of food and friends. they're going to be assembling thanksgiving feasts for people who are fighting life-threatening illnesses. i'm megan mcgrath. a life report coming up. plurks "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell is tracking your thanksgiving day forecast and a potential changes in store for
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now, unrest. blaking sure that everyone can have a happy thanksgiving meal. the early morning effort to help feed local families. but first "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell with what to expect. other than a food coma, what are we talking about? >> the old tryptophan slowdown, yes, in deed. if you're doing any traveling or
6:00 am
expecting anyone to travel, not much to worry about. no cold turkey for us this thanksgiving. super shopping weather tomorrow. the real change shoes up just in time for the weekend. we'll talk about that for the weekend. for now planning out the temperatures. an afternoon filled with snipe and temperatures in the low to mid-60s. a great day to be outside. cooling down but certainly not cold by november standards at all. no weather related slowdowns. more coming up in a second couple of minutes. i'm molette green at the live desk. more video of the shooting death


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