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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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police, superintendent and the state's attorney to step down after the video of a white police officer killing a black teen last year. president vladimir putin says russia will continue helping the u.s. in its fight against isis. in a meeting with french president francois hollande yesterday, putin said the only thing that could jeopardize russia's cooperation in syria is another incident like tuesday's. turkey shot down a russian fighter jet and has refused to apologize saying that jet violated its airspace. officials in belgium this morning lowered the terror threat level for the first time in days. it's a step below the maximum alert but that doesn't rule out a serious risk for an attack. on thursday, police conducted three new raids outside brussels. they say salah abdeslam is part of a larger terror cell and could be planning more attacks. a dangerous mix of snow, sleet and flooding is hitting
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several states. gusty winds tore through an open market yesterday. 11 people were hurt. 20 inches of snow have fallen in parts of california and almost a foot in oregon all making for a messy journey home for many after the holiday celebration. heavy rain and snow will head east bringing potential flooding from the great lakes all the way to texas. here in our area, actually pretty pleasant. we cannot just -- don't believe that we are near 70 degrees. >> definitely not ski weather as you saw down there. >> chuck? >> thanksgivings gone by, we have had the opportunity of having snow made at local resorts. that's not even a possibility now as temperatures are way above freezing. we'll be flirting with 70 degrees later today. all eyes focused on the shopping forecast. headed out to the big box stores, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. lunch time temperatures near 60. afternoon highs near 70. so, the four things you need to
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know about the weather, a fabulous friday today. mild weather sticks into tomorrow. rain chances are coming back into sunday. we'll talk about when on sunday you're most likely to get hit by the drops. you have to soak up that sunshine while it's here. traffic time, good morning, kim. >> good morning, chuck. things are quiet for you if you're headed out for work or to take advantage of black friday deals. so far so good headed from annapolis into the district. and everything is moving along nicely as far as trying to get into the district on the rock creek parkway. bear in mind because that's a federal roadway it's not a federal holiday, you will find that in its normal traffic formati formation inbound and outbound. if you take the vre, you are on an "s" schedule today. prince george's county
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police say somebody shot quecellus davis. he was 24years old. police have not arrested anyone yet. they're offering a $25,000 reward in the case. this morning we're learning more about a man who jumped the white house fence. this is a story you were following closely yesterday. the white house was on lockdown for several hours yesterday as joseph caputo jumped the newly upgraded fence wearing an american flag. president obama and his family were inside for the holiday. news 4's megan fitzgerald has more on caputo who is now facing criminal charges. >> reporter: cell phones were out and rolling moments after joseph caputo managed to scale the white house fence. many of those pictures show the man wearing gloves, draped in an american flag with a binder in his mouth. sources close to the investigation say caputo took a few steps on the north lawn before being met by secret service agents who carried him
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away. his family members confirm that this is a picture of him standing in front of the white house just three days ago. today he ended up on the other side. >> whew. he was climbing like crazy. >> reporter: we've seen several people jump the fence in the last few years, this is the first time it happened since the spikes were installed over the summer. >> any time someone successfully jumps the fence, no question there's a level of danger. >> reporter: secret service agents investigated a ford taurus with connecticut tags and the words caput on the license. the white house was locked down for several hours and secret service officials are investigating yet again how a man made it to the other side. >> as was shown, the new sharp metal spikes were added to the top of the spenfence in june th happened after an army veteran
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admitted to scaling the fence with a folding knife last year. >> eleannews 4 was told after ms were briefed and shown the spikes and assured they would work, i'm flabbergastered that almost immediately it didn't. norton wants the secret service to brief her next week on what happened. the news 4 iteam has reported extensively on the changes. the spikes are just a temporary measure. the secret service is still debating a permanent solution, which could include a curved fence or building a second one. today you may see demonstrators outside walmart as you shop for black friday. employees are demanding a living wage of $15 an hour. they want more regular schedules and say the combination of the two is making it hard to buy food for their own families. today's protest is happening at the walmart near union station. it will start at 9:00 this
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morning. one person shot outside a louisiana mall last night. the victim is expected to survive. police say there was a fight between two people and it has nothing to do with holiday shopping. both the victim and the suspect fled the scene after the shooting. police say they later learned that the victim was in the hospital. the shooter is still on the run. happening today, nothing says the holidays are here like the reston holiday parade. angie goss will be co-hosting the event today. the parade is celebrating 25 years with a home sweet home theme. kicks off at 11:00 this morning near the ice rink and fountain on market street in reston town center. zoo lights is back. you can see the light display at the national zoo tonight starting at 5:00. if you have not heard about this, the zoo hangs hundreds of thousands of christmas lights every year. then you get to walk through and enjoy them all. maybe with a cup of hot cocoa.
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really pretty stuff. you can check out zoo lights until the day after new years. all right. attention black friday shoppers. what you need to know to pick the best deals and save you the most money. >> why a blimp headed to the macy's day parade didn't make it far. >> and chuck bell says it is a good day
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a memorial service in paris to remember the victims of the terror attacks. the service started just minutes ago. the names of the 130 victims will be read aloud. president hollandevivors of fam who were killed. some have decided not to attend the service because they feel french authorities failed to prevent the attacks. back to you. a blimp that was supposed to fly over the macy's thanksgiving day parade never made it there. instead the manhattan institute blimp had to make an emergency landing at a baseball field. the pilot said the blimp was running out of fuel and was being blown around by high winds. he was able to safely land behind a school. nobody was hurt. 52 degrees now in the district. >> unbelievable.
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>> a mild start to the morning. kind of nice. >> very nice. chuck bell is standing by with your weather and traffic on the ones. >> welcome to friday. if you're up early to get out and get the best deals, job well done. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. planning out your day, sun not up until 7:03. down before 5:00. upper 30s to near 40 early. a huge jump in temperatures up to near 70 degrees by later today. what to wear? you need a light jacket first thing this morning, jeans and sunglasses this afternoon. all important seven-day forecast is when the next big change in weather arrives. traffic time with kim. good morning. >> good morning. if you're moving into the district or out of the district on 95 through woodbridge and quantico, no problems out there now. if you're traveling inbound on i-66 or if you're headed from the district out towards gainesville, everything moving
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along nicely for you. no issues to report. that is good news. probably the best time for you to travel in you're headed to work. a lot of people are still sleeping from their food coma after yesterday's feast. after you leave, tune in in your car to get all the traffic updates on the eights. a local woman scammed after signing up to be a mystery shopper. how to spot the fraud before getting lured in by those deals. cameras were rolling when pope francis kissed a cancer stricken toddler in
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if. can you believe it, the holiday shopping season is here. shoppers will be out in full force in search of black friday deals. >> more than 100 million americans are expected to shop this weekend. nbc's jay gray joins us from the country's biggest mall in minnesota. good morning. >> good morning, david. good morning, erika. half of those 100 million will make their way through this massive mall at some point during black friday today. there's already a buzz in the early morning hours here at the mall of america. crowds are coming in waves. but a bunch of people here for it being so early. we're an hour earlier than you are there. and these crowds along with the bargains only expected to build throughout the day here. >> the rush began before the turkey was even cold. >> we're starting early this time. might as well. you know?
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early bird specials. >> reporter: now as thanksgiving gives way to black friday analysts say the crowds and bargains will be bigger. >> about 55% of consumers will be out shopping on black friday. that's because 40% of consumers feel they can get the best discounts at that time. >> reporter: many looking to save on high-dollar holiday gifts. >> like appliances, television, all the electronics, even big ticketed high-end designer accessories like handbags and shoes. >> reporter: when they do find what they're looking for, data from s.a.s. shows 29% of shoppers will spend more this year than last year. that surge driven by 18-year-old to 29-year-old millennials, many making their purchases in person and online. >> we're seeing a great response to online offers. he would feel like we're off to a great start online. >> reporter: the start to another mad dash for gedeals, which, for many, has become a holiday tradition.
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that's what you see. you see a lot of families showing up, even early in the morning together. it's become something they do after thanksgiving. early results any indication, this year families are doing more than shopping, they're actually spending as they come to the mall. that's the latest live from the mall of america. david and erika? erika, i'm having trouble finding the things on the list that you sent me. >> i'll make sure you get my list, absolutely. there will be more security this holiday shopping season in part in st. mary's county. the sheriffs office says they will be out in full force in the walmart parking lot. you will also see an increased presence around other shopping areas, roadways and neighboring communities. the sheriff's office will tweet updates to neighbors. if you were hoping to snag a
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deal at kmart in silver spring, you may be disappointed. shoppers came face-to-face with this notice yesterday saying the store was closed due to technical difficulties. the manager telling us the store lost its internet connection yesterday afternoon, so the registers don't work. we called the store this morning, no word on when they'll open. a warning from prince william county police, someone pretending to work for walmart scammed a woman. that person pretended to be a mystery shopper and sent her a fake check. then got her bank account information when she tried to deposit it. she lost more than $1,500 according to police. two siblings are back home this morning after they disappeared five days ago. somebody find james ward and rosa thomas sleeping inside their jeep in pennsylvania. that's about 250 miles away from their home in landover. they went missing monday afternoon, and police were concerned that thomas didn't have her medication. we still don't know why the
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siblings drove out of state, but police say they're doing okay. a man is in custody in the district accused of committing a rash of taxicab robberies. police arrested anthony jones on wednesday. he's the man responsible for eight robberies over the past eight weeks. all the robberies happened in the southeast and northwest areas of the district. detectives say he targeted drivers early in the morning and late at night. police are looking into other robberies jones may be linked to. members of the california band eagles of death metal are opening up about the paris terror attacks. the group was performing at the bataclan and were an hour into the show when terrorists stormed the concert hall. they sat down for an exclusive interview with the founder of vice. >> people started dropping to the ground, injuries, death. and then also running -- there's nowhere to go. so they basically ran into me, towards me, and jumped down
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below my console. i was still standing up. i can see the gunmen. he looked right at me. he shot at me and he missed. >> the full interview is available on recent national security threats didn't stop many of you on thanksgiving day. we found families taking advantage of the smithsonian museum which are open every day except christmas. terrorism may have been on their minds, they were determined to carry on as usual. >> we've always wanted to bring them here, they're two years old now. we didn't want it to stop us. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser says the district is always at a level of heightened vigilance. a new flu vaccine aimed at seniors just got the fda's approval. people over 65 are at risk of severe complications because of their immune systems. the vaccine has a booster that
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stimulates their immune systems so the vaccine is more effective. friends are calling this moment the miracle on market street. that's pope francis kissing 15-year-old gianna when he visited philadelphia back in september. gianna has a rare brain tumor, one that doctors said she wouldn't survive. but a recent mri has shown the tumor has nearly disappeared. doctors now think she will likely survive. gianna says the pope's blessing was a miracle at work. >> the dad said it was divine intervention, because he just held the baby up. they have a friend in the fbi, if i'm not mistaken, that also played a role in that. a lot of you might try out the turkey leg today. maybe a leftover, i don't know. >> if you don't know what we mean, check out this clip from "the tonight show."
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>>. ♪ watch me whip the mashed potatoes ♪ ♪ whip, whip the mashed potatoes ♪ ♪ eat the turkey leg, eat the turkey leg ♪ >> jimmy fallon doing some thanksgiving-themed dances. jimmy also danced with queen latifah and rolled out an intense super sled. we're sure you'll be sharing some of these clips today. send them to us if you do. >> i was wondering what chuck bell was doing all morning. the turkey leg. >> i got the turkey leg. i got a lot of rhythm. >> sure. okay. >> we've seen my dancing in, like, gif file on the internet before. it's not pretty. don't do it. it's too early on the day after thanksgiving morning to upset yourself that way. >> good day to do it outside. perfect weather. >> anything you want to do outside from sitting down in a chair in the yard, enjoying the day. >> how rare is this? >> this is nice.
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good stuff. we have not had a mild thanksgiving like this in quite some time and we'll take it. temperatures in the 60s today but we may flirt with 70 degrees in late november. tons of sunshine after a bit of a chill outside early this morning. temperatures now 34 in frederick. 39 in gaithersburg. 36 in manassas. nearly everybody now not only just above freezing but well above freezing. 44 at reagan national airport, and temperatures today on their way up. cool start to the day, but near 50 by 9:00 a.m. near 60 degrees by noon. and most of the afternoon today just amazingly nice. mid to upper 60s. i didn't put 70s on the map. i don't think we have all the stuff to make it to 70. 67, 68 degrees, bonus territory for sure. nothing to worry about now. the next big change in the weather arrives saturday night into sunday morning. couple of sprinkles potentially as early as late saturday
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evening. rain likely early on your sunday morning. showers tapering off later on in the day on sunday. it is not going to be a dry start to the week. seven-day forecast. 68 today. 67 tomorrow. light rain late in the day tomorrow. off and on showers primarily sunday morning. cloudy weather lasts all the way into next week. enjoy the mild weather while it is here. traffic time with kim. good morning. >> good morning. things are quiet out there. if you're unfortunate enough to have to go to work and not sleep in, you will find roads moving quite nicely for you. into and out of baltimore and 95, everything is quiet. baltimore/washington parkway looks good. that top side of the beltway, silver spring through college park, no problems. 270, everything moving quite nicely. we're looking at 270 and montrose road here. northbound and southbound moving without delay. >> all right, kim. thank you. donald trump under fire yet again this morning. this time accused of attacking a
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journalist with a disability. but now trump is the one demanding an apology. we'll tell you why. how a toilet paper roll can help parents decide which toys are safe to buy during the
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this happened at a rally in south carolina. it appears as though in the video you're about to see that
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presidential candidate donald trump is mocking a reporter's disability, but now trump is the one demanding an apology. >> reporter: donald trump under fire today for seemingly mocking a reporter's fiscal disability. >> oh, i don't know what i said. i don't remember! >> reporter: the reporter, serge ko kovleskir works for the "new york times" and has a neurological condition. in the article it says authorities detained and questioned a number of people seen celebrating the attacks. >> the poor guy, oh, i don't know what i said. i don't remember! he's going like, i don't remember! maybe that's what i said. >> reporter: this week koveleski said the article does not back up the claim that thousands of muslims cheered 9/11. trump's tirade triggering a twitter backlash.
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critics argue trump crossed the line. others wonder whether for him a line exists. >> he still has a hard-core base at this point. to date he's said nothing that's offensive. >> reporter: trump is now taking aim at the times and the reporter. he should stop using his disability to grandstand and get back to a paper that's rapidly going down the tubes. adding in a statement, if mr. kovaleski is handicapped, i would not know because i do not know what he looks like. advocate for peoples with disabilities are not pleased. it's unacceptable for a child to mock another child's disability on the playground, never mind a presidential candidate mocking someone's disability. koveleski says it doesn't surprise him that trump would do something this low rent given his track record. >> stay with us. news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m.
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we start with the mad dashes for deals. shoppers online and in stores are on the hunt. some going since yesterday after they finished that meal. >> we feel for you. we know you're in dire need of coffee now. molette green is in the middle of the shopping rush. first we want to get to chuck bell with what kind of weather bargain hunters can expect. chuck. >> good morning. good morning, everybody. you made it through thanksgiving. you're out of your food coma. time to get outside and enjoy the day today. another day filled with sunshine, getting up close to 70 degrees. next real concern in the weather department shows up on sunday with rain chances which may slow down your sunday travel. detailing that in a couple minutes. upper 30s, low 40s. the next 24 hours, cool, near 40 this morning. still in the upper 50s at 7:00 tonight. more clouds but a dry star


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