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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 29, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EST

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hope you're having a great sunday. >> we've got a lot of action behind us. >> i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff.
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>> we have a lot. derrick ward is tracking the road conditions but first lauryn ricketts with the weather. lauryn? >> well have a busy day not only in the news department and traffic but the weather. we have rain. rain jacket and umbrella. what you need to wear. it is cool. a lot cooler than what we've experienced the last few days. temperatures anywhere from the mid-40s to lo w 50s as you head out the door. temperatures are stay static throughout the day. we'll see rain as we continue throughout the day. should be out of the d.c. area by noon, continuing with drizzle and light rain chances to the south and east, but we're going to keep those clouds around through much of the day unfortunately. temperatures in the 40s.
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cloudy and cool as we continue into the evening but we've got rain chances on monday, tuesday, wednesday. we're going to time it out and let you know what to expect on that seven-day coming up. >> thousands are either on the roads or getting ready to head back home after the thanksgiving holiday. here's a live look at columbia pike. a record number took advantage of lower gas prices. right now it looks like a good time to go out on columbia pike. "news4's" derrick ward has a look from the other side in laurel, maryland. der rib, what's it look like out there? >> we're starting to see steady volume. 47 million folks are expected to go 50 miles or more from home for this holiday and they've got to come back. 90% of the people will be doing it by car. that's why we expect to see the volume and, of course, low gas prices, the lohsest they've been
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since 1998 is partially the reason for that. also airline tickets are down 10% over last year, so they're expecting to see maybe 65,000 more travelers taking to the air. and the big story also over the holiday season or at least over the thanksgiving holiday season is amtrak. this is the busiest travel day since wednesday. they even been having extra cars. we expect to see that return travel traffic start to pick up like some will see on i-95 and other places around the area. of course, the weather will cooperate to some extebt. we expect the storms to move out of our immediate area later today and that's when the traffic will start to pick up. so hopefully things will pick up for folks. we're live in laurel. derrick ward, "news4." back to you. >> derrick, thanks. happening right now, a manhunt is under way after a police officer is shot and killed.
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this happened in new florence, pennsylvania. officer lloyd read riri responded. they're asking residents to stay secured in their homes. offer garrett swayze here served the university for six years. the police force joined the school's basketball team for moment of silence before yesterday's game. now, officials tell nbc news they're still investigating a motive, but they say robert lewis dear ranted about politics and abortion. when he was questioned, dear said, quote, no more baby parts, in reference to planned parenthood. we get the latest from nbc's leanne gregg. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil to honor a police officer who lost his life when a gunman terrorized a neighborhood, one
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of several tributes to a victim of a deadly attack. on friday, reports of shots fired at planned parenthood office on the west side of colorado springs. when police arrived, they were met with a hail of gunfire. law enforcement officials say the shooter, robert lewis dear armed with an ak-47-type rifle fired into a strip mall wounding nine and killing three. >> there was a man with blood splatter. he said, there's an active shooter outside. >> reporter: he finally gave up and was taken into custody. the colorado springs mayor was among those who praised first responders. >> there's no question in my mind we could have had more victims but for the incredible work of the first respoblders in this case. >> reporter: and now as this community mourns its loss, an investigation is under way into what led to the shooting. leanne gregg, nbc news, colorado springs, colorado. former olympic figure skater
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nancy kerrigan called officer swasey one of her best friends. he was a former skater in massachusetts and trained with kerrigan. >> always like wait till the crowd would be quiet so i'd know he was there and know he was cheering for me, making sure i knew he was supporting me. it was a lot of fun. >> reporter: he was a national qualifier for the u.s. the names of the other two shooting victims have not been released. 10:06 on this sunday. we'll take a look at big stories coming up in the week ahead. paul wiedefeld wu unanimously apointed to the board. he's a mald native. the latest man to jump the white house fence is expected in court later tomorrow but apparently he didn't think he was going to make it out alive.
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they found a suicide note. he was referred toal psychological evaluation. william porter faces several charges including manslaughter. he's the first of six officers to goen trial there. "news4's" chris gordon is going to have all the latest live from baltimore starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow on "news4 today." today is your last chance to see the "nutcracker" at the kennedy center. it looks at the center tonight. you can catch the ballet in other areas. it will also be at the music center at stratmore in maryland. >> take a look at this. a semitruck makes a drive through out of an outback steakhouse. >> it's called deadman's curve and things turned back. a local man is now being credited for what he did when he
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new this morning, photos of princess charlotte. look how cute. they were taken by the duchess early in november. their lighting is just perfect. she was born on may 20th. congratulations. she looks a great. >> adorable. so take a look at this. a tractor trailer crashes into this outback steakhouse in texas. we're told the truck lost control on a roadway, hit some trees and ran into the restaurant. two of the passengers were injured. the truck slammed into at least six other vehicles though. two others are bad and one person badly hurt after gar back truck crashed into an suv on long island. it happened yesterday. the suv burst into flames
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killing the driver and the passenger. hundreds of people lost power. the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. a mom drives her car into the pond. who police say they found inside when they showed up to the scene. let's take nook look outside. cold and rain. turn on the windshield wipers. lauryn ricketts is ta
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zwree sigs 2016 is chugging along and another high-profile shooting is takes center stage again. >> joining us "meet the press" moderator chuck todd. the interesting thing is we're starting to see reaction. democrats have immediately jumped on this and we haven't heard much from the republicans. carly fiorina, we expect maybe? >> this is the gun issue. there's been a standard sort of response when it comes to the shootings. they focus on the mental health aspect, they focus on the victims. they don't focus on the issue of guns. obviously democrats want to make an issue of guns. i'm not very department that our political kilometer system right now can handle the debate that combines those two things but i think you're seeing, you know, it will be -- it's interesting. both trump and carson, their
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reaction, we haven't heard this fr. them. carson does admit that maybe the rhetoric is getting too harsh. are we creating an environment. he acknowledges, you know, in general he thinks it's been too rou rough. >> it was a different response from trump. anyway, it was interesting to hear carson versus trump on this issue. >> also speaking of trump, he is under heavy criticism right now forecast mocking a reporter who has a disability. what do we expect to hear today? are we going to see a different side of trump? maybe apologetic? regretful? >> not at all. he fully denies he met this reporter the same as he did with
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megyn kelly. we get into do facts matter. you have heard reporters say, yerkes he benls the truth. the distrust of washington, the disstruft of media has allowed trum top succeed and tapping into this vein here that even if his statements are accurate, the send senltment is what his supporters want to believe. that's why it hasn't hurt him to date. >> he is part entertainer. >> i have to say, i sometimes think he does view himself thaz he is putting on a show when he does these events where he -- you know, that is almost like a comedy tour or musical tour where he feels as if i'm doing georgia tomorrow and sarasota wednesday. people want to see it.
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they don't want a toned down trump. at what point does that wear itself out? it's really interesting. >> we know you have that and a lot more. ben carson. you're going to be talking about his trip to syria. >> and gates. secretary of defense. it's fall show. no leftovers, i promise. fresh food. >> heavy impacters. >> speaking of leftovers, way douchb down. >> just a reminder you can catch "meet the press" at 10:30. a tennessee woman drove herself and three kids into a nashville pond only thanksgiving day. the kids were able to free themselves from a parl shally submerged vehicle. they called for help. officers found the children wet and shivering under a tree. she was wet under a treatment she was too drunk for a sobriety
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test. she's now in jail and the children with department of social services. lueky escape for a virginia family after a guy helps rescue them after a car crash. this happened friday night and nick tucci tells "news4's" darcy spencer why he felt he had to do something to help. >> reporter: nick tucci shows the curve where an suv ran off the road slammed into a utility pole. he was driving in front of them on route 107 in poolesville, thanksgiving night. >> i heard a loud crash behind me and i looked in my rear view mirror and i saw the vehicle in midair strike the pole and land on its side. >> the suv appeared to have pwht appeared to be power lines draped across.
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the man was able to get out. tucci says he climbed inside the suv through the sunroof, helped unbuck tl mom and kids and pulls them out. his friends who were visiting from germany helped the dad get the mom and kids out all before rescuers arrived. >> i'm really glad i was able to help them out. >> reporter: tucci said this spot is known as dead man's curve and hopes safety changes can be made to make this road and curve safer. >> that was darcy spencer reporting. tucci said rub billion strips and signs that warn drivers about the curve may help keep the family safe. the family involved in the accident are all oak. thank goodness. >> thank goodness. >> after seeing those images. >> yeah. that's scary. let's talk about the drive home.
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>> the spray is what's going to get you. we've been getting it all night and all morning. you know, lit eventually diminish. are you heading out to the redskins game? you're going to be -- not be out there for tailgating but otherwise will start to move on out of here by the time kickoff comes for the nfc matchup. let's see what we can do. you've got cooler conditions. temperatures where they are right now pretty much where they ee going to be for the remainder of the day. dress accordingly. we're looking at sunshine. that's going to be the day we see it. thursday and friday. 49 degrees in dc. 48 in manassas, 45 in ga thursday burg. once we start to dry out, we're
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going to dry out. we're going to dry out. we'll start to see. get the umbrella. visibility on the foggy side once you go north and west of town. coming through. that's where we're seeing some of the lower visibility. of course, out in the shenandoah valley per usual. first half is going to be dry as you make your way back to work. now from the south to the north. rain around tuesday and wednesday and we'll be back before it. thursday and friday. light rain.
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it's going to be dry. we've been seeing. this is there. they have football in snow and denver so area airports in some those regions could have delays. it's going to be damp and cool. once you put it off, it's ha today come back to it. especially with it being so damp outside and travel. we talked about that. let's start this at 10:30. you can see the rain dissipating to the south by 1:00 and will be out of the d.c. area by noon. we'll keep the clouds around clearing north and east tonight and that's about it. as we continue through your monday as i said, the first half of your monday looking good. your four-day forecast, again, rain this morning clearing. 24 hours. rain will pick back up monday
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night, tuesday and wednesday and we will start to see some sunshine on thursday and friday. >> all right. thank you, lauren. coming up, all hail the queen or maybe you can call her the gesture. why she had some dinner guests rolling on the floor laughing this weekend.
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four teens skied to the north pole. they hope to meet president obama at the summit. the president leaves for paris in less than an hour. well t queen of england, she made a funny. a rare joke during dinner with canada's prime minister. you see the 90-year-old monarch hosted a din were justin trudeau. >> that's right. justin trudeau toasted the queen and thanked her for her long and tireless service. >> it gives me great pleasure to be here. thank you, mr. prime minister of canada, for making me so old. >> she was straight faced. >> saw a part of her mouth went up. >> she hosted the dinner for the commonwealth heads of government after an official thee-day trip. >> that's what makes it so funny. she does it with a straight face. >> listen, lauryn, a lot of
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people heading out to a big game. >> big game, yeah. you're going want to bring that rain gear out with you, maybe a towel to wipe off those seats but it should end by kickoff. then we'll pick up more rain tomorrow night into wednesday. thursday, friday, saturday, we clear on out. >> all right. we want to say a big thank-you for all of you who joined us on facebook for the live chat. 15,000 of you. 15,000 strong. >> we like it. >> that's
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this sunday, campaign 2016 and this burning question -- can anything stop donald trump? even the truth? >> i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering. >> we'll ask donald trump about that and other claims. also, ben carson travels to jordan to bone up on foreign policy. he joins me this morning with a report on his trip. plus, there may be no bigger republican endorsement than the one from the new hampshire union leader. > and this morning's pick could be a game changer. and that attack in colorado, planned parenthood says it is hateful rhetoric that led to


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