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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 30, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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documents say tl shooter left . documents say caputo left a suicide note but others say it's not true. paul wiedefeld will start as metro's new gm. he was unanimously pointed and has a four-year contract with metro. he's a maryland native. he'll make just over $397,000 a year. starting today you'll have more options on the vre. a new train service starts on the fredericksburg line. it's being added following the new spotsylvania station opening this movement there will be six trains leaving before 6:30 a.m. check out the changes. we check on your weather. your "weather & traffic on the 1s." >> here's "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell. good morning to you, chuck.
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>> good morning, aaron and eun. welcome back to school and reality. things you need to know about the weather. umbrellas return today. chilly, raindrops for your monday. all rain, no snow being reported yet. i'm checking with our weather watchers. the next big change arrives on thursday. we'll detail that out. rain just out across southern maryland and down thwart fredericksburg. out toward leesburg, it wouldn't be shocking to hear of a random snowflake or two. the chances are higher in northern maryland and higher across parts of southern maryland. when does it end? we'll get into that in a few minutes. melissa with more on that. >> breaking news in silver spring. this is a problem that's going to be around for some time. cherry hill road shut down.
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we'll bring you live pictures from the scene here in just a little bit. we have another problem. this one again in the district. the freeway shut down at the third street tunnel because of the crash there. sounds like you have to get off at the third street tunnel. 66 no problems, 95 looking good here, you can see a little bit of the green blobs. that looks like slime. that is a rain here coming into the area. just north of triangle here this morning looking pretty good. southbound at 270, no problems from fredericksburg down to the spur. going to take you 26 minutes. guys? >> melissa, thanks. a man accused of killing a woodbridge high school student heads back to court. duane smalls is expected to go back to court. four others including smalls' sister are also charged in wilson's death. several people are without a
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home after an apartment fire in prince george's county. three floors were damaged there. no one was hurt burke two apartments are now uninhabitable. this just in. class is canceled today at the university of chicago, this following a threat. the school says there was a threat of gun violence that was passed on by the fbi. it mentioned the campus quad at 10:00 a.m. today. they say it was very specific. staff, students, evan asked to stay away from hyde park. students who stay in dorms told to stay indoors. we're going to hear from the fbi. they're looking into details. eun? >> thanks, angie. barack obama is in paris for the u.n. climate change summit. he's meeting with world leaders. coming up in a few minutes, we'll have a live report from nbc's tracie potts on what else he hopes to cover at the summit. he stopped at the memorial for
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victims of terror attacks there. he was joined by french president francois hollande as well as the mayor of paris. president obama laid a single white rose outside the bataclan nightclub where dozens were killed by terrorists a few weeks ago. you may want to plan an alternate route to work. it will be closed northbound to southbound. water main repairs start in that area. those repairs are expected to take just over a week. we have a reporter heading out that way this morning to see if the work has started yet. it is 4:34. more restaurants could start serving more beer and wine. right now they only allow 67 restaurants to have liquor licenses. that rule keeps new taverns and nightclubs from applying for
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liquor licenses. right now the counselty is in charge of selling and distributing all alcohol, whether you buy it at a restaurant or liquor store. however, many restaurants complain the county does not distribute beer and wine as it should and prices are too high. tonight they'll talk about a proposal that will let you vote on the law in the next election. math and english arts assessment replace the standardized testing for the first time since this last spring. mayor muriel bowser will address the results. the university of maryland is looking for a new football coach. frank raich was interviewed this past week and another was interviewed last week. you may know by now but i'm
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going to say it. redskins waking up in first place in the nf c. this was such a big game. here's the thing. no turnovers. none, zero, and everyone is talking about the driver's seat. >> we're in the driver's seat. we got the keys to the car. don't need nobody else to help us. >> the skins have now won five home games in a row. next game at home against the cowboys next monday night. this was such a big win for us. i know we still have a losing record, but i'm going to say for the wins. >> absolutely. why not. go for it, yeah. breaking news on the roads right now in silver spring. again, a nasty crash has shut down cherry hill road at calverton boulevard. details and live pictures coming up. and keeping the district safe. what d.c. police chief katcathy
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lanier will help cut down on crime. make sure if your kids are walking to school they have an umbrella. they'll need it at one point.
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welcome back. it's 4:39. d.c. police chief cathy lanier said it's her job to make you feel safe but there are ways the community can help. she called on the criminal justice system to keep repeat offenders off the streets.
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she said her department is adding patrols, but, the best way to prevent crime is to create economic opportunity and provide services. the mayor and her team are focusing on delivering services to those in need. it is now time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." we're going to check in with "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell to find out the potential for rain. hey, chuck. >> good morning, eun. yes, indeed. cloudy skies move back over us. kind of a nasty day out there yesterday. not much improvement. 42, bayside and annapolis. no real heavy rain around the area just yet. there are light sprinkles along 66 out near fauquier county and the blue ridge but the heavier rain is still well down to our south but there are indications it's going to be bubbling northbound in our direction. higher rain chances the farther south you live or travel. school forecast time, the sun's not up until 7:06.
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we're going to give recess an "f" today. lighter rain as we get later into the evening vchl your umbrella and raincoat and rain boots when we head out the door. when i see you in ten minutes we'll talk about the weekend and your chances for seeing more sunshine. that's it for now. breaking news. >> good morning, chuck. breaking news in silver spring. this is likely to be here for a while. cherry hill shut down at calverton because of a nasty crash in involving a bus and a vehicle from overnight. we have a report oretown way out there to show us live pictures out there. south east-southwest freeways still shun down at the third street tunnel. we'll talk with the police about that in just a minute. you can see 67 miles per hour northbound as you're headed into woodbridge. that big green blob is all rain moving through the area. 95, don't have any problems there, northbound or southbound and prince george's overall looking quite good. i'll see you back here in ten
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minutes. >> thanks, melissa. trouble for trump. why while he'll have to counsel a major event. months after a husband was killed in a charity bik
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a tense scene in paris as rioters clash with police.
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171 were held and questioned for questions. president obama is there for an international summit on climate chancht nbc's tracie potts is live with more on what he hopes to accomplish. good morning. >> good morning. nearly 150 world leaders are there, and the hope is to come to some sort of global agreement on climate change. the president wants to essentially convince the world of greenhouse gas emissions. there are challenges there, sticking points. big points. developing nations, should they have the same responsibility or should they have a greater responsibility to reduce those emissions. what about oil-rich nations like saudi arabia? they're concerned about the reduction of fossil fuels. oils are responsible for them. and who's growing to help some of the developing countries to pay for your the infrastructure changes to meet this.
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not only that, but when president obama returns home, he faces pushback on climate changes on capitol hill. >> thank you, tracie. 4:46. we turn to decision 2016 and new troubles for donald trump. he canceled a public showing today after he found out he wouldn't get any endorsements. trump also faces accusations that he distorted facts. on "meet the press" chuck todd talked about his claims. >> it did happen in new jersey. i have hundreds of people who agree with me. >> you're running for president of the united states. your words matter. truthful ness matters. >> saturday trump denied mocking
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"new york times" journalist serge kovaleski. >> he toured a facility in jordan over the weekend calling it quite nice. his campaign released a video of his tours. carson said any other middle eastern countries should house the refugees who cannot find a home in those camps. >> now to democrat is front runner hillary clinton. she's in washington today. she'll speak to the atlantic councils of women in latin america. later she'll meet senators who will endorse her on new jersey avenue in capitol hill. maryland native alan gross speaking out for the first time about his jail time in cuba. he was released after five years last december in exchange for three cuban prisoners held by the u.s. during the interview gross said
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he knew there was some danger to what was doing. he also described the moment he was arrested and ordered to take a sedative pill. gross said he was never more humbled than when he was honored by the president at the state of theionion address. his last words to his tap tors in cuban? has hasta la vista, baby. mary hand, the wife of jake brewer gave birth to a baby girl. garnett j. brewer. the j. is for jake, her husband who was killed when riding a bike and colliding with a car. there were 20 heroin-related deaths in the county in the first six months of this year. that is compared to 33 deaths in
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all of last year. the county's public safe tiff committee will work to come up with ways to address the growing issue. you could soon have an option for getting around prince george's county. if so, county officialings say they will consider whether the capital bike share system is the best option. prince george's county is the only major jurisdiction in our area that does not offer that option. it is time for a check of our weather. we're talking about some not so fun weather today for this monday. another one goes back to school and work. it kind of feels like our mood. >> back to reality and a lot of folks who were traveling late yesterday or early today if i could just get it out are experiencing some travel delays, especially if you're flying or expecting somebody in from the midwest. you could see some significant delays out toward the twin cities. chicago for early morning departures. keep that in mind. also a pretty big impact across
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much of the south. you'll definitely berunning back into rain. but look at all the rain. southern virginia. and focusing in south of fredericksburg and southern maryland, that's where the bulk of the rain is. there are areas of drizzle and sprinkles out here. more importantly look at the pink shading on the map. there could be wet snowflakes mixed in with this. for our twitter followers, reach out. if you see a snowflake. get a picture of it or send me a report at chuck bell 4. you can always send me an e-mail as well. keep that in mind. temperatures are above freezing everywhere and will inch our way farther and farther. sometimes just the mention of the snowflake gets people excite. showers becoming more and more likely. most of the rain, the heavier rain will be south of the metro area through this morning. but by mid afternoon. rain chances start to envelop
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the entire area. the second half more likely to be impacted by raindrops than the first. the day will start dry and damp but rain likely with time. temperatures today sticking in the 40s and not much if anything in way of improvement. here's tomorrow afternoon. clouds and showers lingering on. another chance for rain coming in as we get into the day on wednesday. so this is wednesday morning at 5:00 a.m. not much in the way of improvements there. the next change in the weather comes wednesday night into thursday morning. that's when the rain finally stops and we will actually be back in the sunshine, believe it or not, as we head toward thursday and friday. the first three days of the beak will be lost. i'm optimistic the weekend will look better. we'll have that part of the forecast coming up in a few minutes. breaking news coming up with
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melissa mollet and traffic. >> we erie going to have a live picture in a little bit. still have this problem. southwest-southeast freeway shut down because of crash. looks like folks are being pushed off. 66 inbound, you can see we look nice and green, no problems there. you can see the moisture rolling through the area. beltway at branch avenue, no problem inner loop or outer loop. everything rolling along just fine. it's going to take you ten minutes. southbound, northbound, you're also nice and open here this morning. no major worries at this point at least. weather and traffic always on the 1s. we'll see you back here. buried alive. who police are look for after a baby was abandoned just hours after she was born. and he's accused of shooting a teenager more than a dozen time. now the case against a chicago police officer moves forward. what's expected to happen today. and are you watching us while you shop this morning?
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cyber monday. we're learning one item is expected to reign the sales.
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breaking news at silver spring. a road shut down after a crash. we'll have more live in a few
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minutes. baby girl found buried in only a hospital blanket. deputies in compton are looking for her mother. two sisters were walking along a path and heard her cries. >> i can't judge the person that did this, but something happened and, you know, this is the wrong thing to do. >> the deputies think the baby she was found. happening today, a bond hearing is set for a chicago police officer jason van diechlkt he's charged in the 2014 shooting death of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. dash cam video shows mcdonald being shot 16 times. the release of that video last week sparked protests. van dyke's lawyer said he opened fear because he feared for his life. police in the district are looking for a man after an attempted assault in the northeast. this happened on lincoln road
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around 5:00 a.m. a man attempted to assault another man who was sitting in his car. police say the suspect drives a quad four or suv. go yu have any information, police want to hear from you. in news for your health, a new study shows low income women are more likely to get breast cancer screenings if the state adopts the expansion. d.c. was the first to accept the expansion. the data shows a difference of as much as 25% in the number of women who were screened in 2008 and the number screened in 2012. a new roll takes effect at restaurants but it's leaving a better sweet tea. chain restaurants will start adding a special symbol on items that are high in salt. the salt shaker emblem will be added for those who have more than the daily allowance.
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they say the policy is misguided and they should leave the matter to federal regulators. the federal government's collection of bulk data from virtually everyone in america ended saturday night. it began with the controversy about disclosures brought by edward snowden. if you t government wants to check on a specific phone number, the request must be made with the telephone company of its own data. the government will no longer retain that information. police are investigating a death. the waitress asked a customer to step outside to smoke and he refused and shot her in the head. >> to take her life over a cigarette. of all things.
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>> reporter: police took the man into custody after that shooting. he's facing first-degree murder charges. it might feel like there's no end to promoting shopping sales. today is the last of sort of the big days. it's cyber monday. there are deals all over the internet today. e-mail bears that out. whether you're buying gifts for your family or for yourself, one kind of item is expected to sweep the sales. >> you can save on the a great ticketed items, appliances, electronics, high end accessories. >> financial analysts say electronics will make up 75% of online sales and shoppers will spend $3 billion, more than a 10% increase over last year's cyber monday sales. they say black friday was an abject failure. i shouldn't say that. >> abject failure, that's kind of strong. >> they were expecting more. >> i like doing online
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everything. you don't have to wait in any line, you don't have to deal with -- click, click, click, and done. stay with us, "news4" continues now at 5:00 a.m. that break news, a nasty crash in silver spring. it could impact your work. >> melissa mollet is standing by, but let's check in at the live desk with angie goff. >> we're brought new video. check it out. you can see the tractor trailer there. it is on top of that suv. this is on cherry hill road and fda boulevard not too far from the high school. horrible crash. we know people were trapped inside. two were medevacked to nearby hospitals. one in serious injury. kristin wright live on the


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