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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 30, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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everything. you don't have to wait in any line, you don't have to deal with -- click, click, click, and done. stay with us, "news4" continues now at 5:00 a.m. that break news, a nasty crash in silver spring. it could impact your work. >> melissa mollet is standing by, but let's check in at the live desk with angie goff. >> we're brought new video. check it out. you can see the tractor trailer there. it is on top of that suv. this is on cherry hill road and fda boulevard not too far from the high school. horrible crash. we know people were trapped inside. two were medevacked to nearby hospitals. one in serious injury. kristin wright live on the scene.
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first let's check in with melissa mollet. she'll show us how it's impacting your traffic. >> take a look. a live picture. again, a large truck and this vehicle off to the right side of the roadway. so this is going to be there sometime this morning. chely hill road shut down there at calverton boulevard because of this nasty crash. as we take a look here at 395, we have now reopened one lane here. eastbound, south-west freeway at the third street tunnel. chuck? >> thanks, melissa. outside this morning, it's a cloudy start. not everyone is getting rained on just wet, but you have your umbrellas. well roads but no current rain falling in northwest washington. planning your week out ahead if you're going to do your christmas tree shopping or when you're going to hang your lights, best time because of all the rain chances some of your weather headlines, so many cloud, so many raindrops, so much for the sunshine. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. with a little moisture, could.
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rule out a snowflake or two. no accumulations. the ground is well above freezing. temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s. we'll let you know how much the rain is going to start slowing down your commutes. that's coming up in ten minutes. now to a developments story. more than 35 students are hurt after a charter bus flipped just outside richmond. the driver lost control just after 7:00 last night. state police say nearly 50 students from virginia tech, radford, and the university of rah were headed back to school after the holiday break when the bus overturned. one of the students is seriously hurt here. the driver facing reckless driving charges. and right now classes are canceled at the university of chicago. school administrators are responding to a threat. they canceled all classes and activities. students in the area of that threat are told to remain
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indoors today. 5:03 right now. the first of six police officers will go on trial in the death of gr gray. it was inside that van that gray suffered the spinal injury that killed him one week later. "news4's" chris gordon is covering the trial for us. he'll join us a little later on. be sure to follow twitter and download the nbc washington app with instant updates from court. today the man accuse of kill ing a 16-year-old is headed back to cord. prosecute irs will ask for no less than 15 years. four others incluls smals' sister are charged in wilson's
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death. flames tore through an apartment building on greenbelt road last night. three roads were damaged there. no one was hurt but two apartments are now up in inhabitable. they voted to end a role that only allowed 67 restaurants to have liquor licenses. it keeps new taverns and nightclubs from applying. the new commissioner will vote on the changes today. i'm molette green. take a look. there's virtually no traffic. get ready for a big job. you will see the washington sanitary commission workers added 24/7 to get it all done. these repairs continue, a fix to a 74-year-old main. it start last month with a
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horrible water main break at the intersection of rockfield pipe at cedar lane and west seed door lane. muddy water filled part of the road. you can expect your drive to be tough with warnings from wssc about trim prairie lane closures. we're staying on top of the developments stories. i'm molette green. back to you. >> thank you. the university of milliliter is on the cusp of finding a new head football coach. frank raich was interviewed. michigan defensive coordinator d.j. durkin was also interviewed last week. the redskins are looking for a matchup against the cowboys after their huge win. you know by now the team is in first place. can you believe it? the players teld us they're in
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control of their own destiny now. >> monday, how big is that one against the cowboys? >> it's big. we've got go out there and act like a first place team and go out there and drive this bus home. >> they now have won five home games in a row. their game against the cowboys is at fedex field next monday night. go skins. breaking news on the roads right now. live picture. a nasty crash has a main route shut down. we'll have details coming up. a bizarre story coming up out of california where one man's quest to keep warm ended in a death investigation. what happened when he lit the fireplace. take a look at "
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welcome back. police say a man likely suffered from inhalation and burns after being stuck in a chimney. a homeowner heard someone scream after lying a fire in the fireplace and then alerted the police. firefighters put the chimney fire out. a lot of people are sharing a site. the city is moving tenants out of housing in highly sought after neighborhoods including capitol hill. they're then renovating the homes and selling them for a profit to wealthy buyers. tenants are criticizing the housing authority for not allowing them to bid on these newly renovated properties. they say they plan to use the profits to build new subsidized housing. take a look at your "weather & traffic on the 1s" as we are waiting for the rain to move in. >> "storm team 4" meteorologist chuck bell with your forecast. good morning to you, chuck. >> good morning, eun and aaron. good morning, everyone.
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ice a chilly cloudy start to your day and damp. it's above the freezing mark. that's critical. there are raindrops on the radar that could be mixing wecht west of the blue ridge. most of the rain is across parts of southern maryland and rain chances go from high to higher to highest. rain chances down to the south. everybody needs their umbrella for today. tomorrow, rain intensity increases a bit, so we're going have an even bigger impact tomorrow. wet roads near 40 this morning. mid-40s this afternoon. your seven-day forecast in minutes. traffic time. here's melissa mollet. live pictures of this problem here that's probably going to be stuck around here for much of the morning commute. take a look at we look in. this is cherry hill road at calverton boulevard. again, roads shut down because of that crash. taking a wider look at things,
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no problem. the third street tunnel, we now have one lane getting by the crash. i believe it is the right lane getting by that accident. taking a look a little closer rock street and virginia avenue we have a crash there. a live look at 207 coming up. we continue to follow breaking news in silver spring where police are on the scene of a bad accident on cherryhill road. here's a leave look at the skraen now. kristin wright just arrive ed a will bring us an
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breaking news in montgomery county. cherry hill road is shut down. we know a u.s. mail truck and suv were involved in the accident. first let's go to "news4's"
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kristin wright. they're live at the scene. kristin? >> reporter: good morning. a very, very bad crash this morning. look behind me. you'll see exactly why. it's a u.s. mail truck there on top of the suv. the man and the woman we're told who were in the suv are badly hurt. they were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the accident happenedaround 3:00 this morning. the two people in that suv were trached for some time and had to be extricated out. the man driving the mail truck just has minor injuries. we don't know exactly how the crash happened. police are just getting into their investigation now. back here live take another look here at the scene. you can see investigators here with the police department taking pictures, reconstructing the accident scene basically to try to figure out exactly what happened. you see lots of flashing lights
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here. the trucks, the road is closed here at cherry hill road and calverton boulevard in silver spring. could tie up your morning commute for some time. we'll keep you posted on that. back to you. >> kristin wright live for us in silver spring. thank you. happening today, the man accused of shooting 12 people inside a colorado springs planned parent hood meeting appeared in court. robert lewis dear surrendered after a standoff with police. he's behind bars without bond. we're learning more about the other victims in that planned parenthood shooting. one of the three killed, 29-year-old key ari stewart was an iraqi war veteran. the other was a 25-year-old and also university police officer garrett swasey. a white house fence jumper
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to appear in court. he was, quote, treeing to deliver a message. court documents say he left a suicide note before the incident. his lawyers tell nbc news that is not true. he'll be heading to court following a psychiatric exam nation. he could face up to a year in prison. in news for your your health, trends in the anti-aging industry are changing the average botox client may look a little different than what you'd imagine. more and more men are signed up for the treatment. it gives the client a temporary appearance of a brighter smoother face with few wrinkles. >> i have some very masculine guys who have high-powered jobs. >> to keep it safe, make sure you receive botox from someone who is license and trained to offer botox injections. police officers and two
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washington redskins players will assemble bikes and sort through toys as part of the yearly program. that's happening today between 11:00 and 12:30. the program collects new and unwrapped toys. each year a pittsburgh base bank adds up a price of all the gifts in the holiday song "the 12 days of christmas." you know the one i was talking about. >> mm-hmm. >> was hoping you would see it. pnc said it's a good way to track spending. this year everything from the par trilk in the pair threes to the 12 drummers drumming would cost $34,000. the most expensive, seven swans aswimming. they cost more than $13,000. >> not don't yo you have to get them, you have to train them to do the synchronized routine. >> wouldn't that be the same for
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the lords a leaping or the maids a milking? >> that's a good point. a look at the kennedy center. a dry kennedy center. that's going to change. >> let's check in with "storm team 4" chuck bell for a live look at the forecast. >> we need water-ready water fowl out there for the next couple of days. raindrops ready to move back into the region. it's still wet. there's a whole lot more chances for rain coming. first thing this morning, light rain from washington southbound. no big impact on your way right out the door. the little areas of pink, there could be a wet snowflake or two about 1rkz 500 feet. no snowflake will stick. here's future cam. our high resolution model is updated hourly. by 8:00, rain chances continuing
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to encroach on the metro by 11:00 a.m. this morning. light to moderate rain from route 50. that rain continues to spread ever northward with time, so everyone has a chance for rain today. rain will start first and stay the most down across southern maryland. temperature-wise, we're only at 40 now. we'll hover in the low 40s for the next couple of hours. you'll need an insulated rain jacket. not much improvement with the rain intensity increasing a bit. what about tomorrow? any improvement for tomorrow starting off with showers tomorrow morning. lunchtime tomorrow. light to moderate rain. could get a little break in time and that break will last into the early part of witness morning but by 6:00 a.m. wednesday another shot of moisture coming our way. so the wednesday morning right may also be badly impacted. tomorrow's temperatures getting back up in a little bit.
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the next big change in the weather arrives when you get into the day on thursday. that's when things start to improve around here. the next big change late wednesday night. by thursday morning we should be drying out and clearing out. the weekend is look sunny and dry. that's the way the next seven days are looking. we'll get back into the details in the next 24 hours in ten minutes. right now breaking news in first four traffic. again, a u.s. mail truck crashed here with a vehicle and we do have a big closure here that's going to last throughout the morning. cherry hill road at calverton, road shut down in both directions because of the crash. let me step aside. we'll get you around this. >> announcer: avenue will get you around it if you take it further to the south. southeast-southwest freeway, one lane now getting by that earlier accident just zooming in for a minute here.
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rock creek parkway at virginia avenue has a crash reported. looks like we'll have a slowdown. with that, i'll be back in a couple of minutes. >> melissa, thank you. hugs and tears from a mother in atlanta. her 6-year-old daughter found a gun in the cushion, picked it up, and shot herself in the head over the weekend. her father and brother were home. her father faces manslaughter charges although it's not known who owned the gun. a body was handed over to a russian diplomat this weekend. turkish forces shot down the pilot and his plane saying they had violated airspace which russia denies. we're learning about a security breach. they made their way onto a roof. men used a ladder to climb onto a roof after a rights
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demonstration. a father's right demonstration. they managed to write a letter saying i am harry's dad. they want equal rights for men and women. over the weekend the pope spent time at a refugee camp and blessed a youth care vigil. the capital city is a battleground in the division between christians and muslims. pope francis said his mission is to be a apostle of pope, something the u.n. says it hopes they can achieve. math and english language arts assessment passed for the first time this spring. mayor muriel bowser will reveal the results from grade school. high school roults came out last month. right now the county is in charge of selling and
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distributing all alcohol to restaurants and stores. today the council is talking about a proposal that would put the law on the ballot which means you could vote against it. this comes after several restaurants complained that the county does not distribute beer and wipe as fast as it should. they say it would mean a lot. >> if you don't have plans this wednesday, you can go see kobe bryant. the lakers star said he is retiring at the end of the year. >> there's nothing i would love more than to play this entire season forex through all of these tough times, to be able to suit up and play on the road and in these buildings for the last time. i'm looking forward to that. >> kobe made that announcement yesterday. he's in his 20 ft season right now. he has the third most points of anyone in nba history. trouble for trump. why the presidential hopeful had
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to cancel a major endorsement event that was supposed to be held today. live look outside this morning. a lot of you are still seeing wet roads on the sidewalk after yesterday's rain. chuck says you're going to need your umbrella for a while. four things to know about the forecast at 5:31. and we continue to follow breaking news out of silver spring after a terrible accident on cherry hill road. we've learned the accident involved a u.s. mail truck. an update
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break news on the road. we're shut down because of a crash involving a mail triuck ad a veechlkt cherry hill shut down because of the crash. of course youshlgsd take new hampshire to completely avoid this. if you're headed south a little bit closer to cherry hill. o'fallon to gracefield and gracefield to o'fallon if you're headed northbound sometime later this morning. right now at rock creek, we still have that crash. i just spoke with police. they say they don't have a report of anything. just a warning. it might be a little slow. 270 at montrose, northbound and southbound, no problems. compton and union road, a crash
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remains there. chuck? >> thank you, milliliter. outside this morning four things you need to know about the forecast. yes, indeed. clouds have been back in for the past 24 hours. umbrella weather beginning to return. chilly raindrops today. it will be all rain, no snow. i always have to mention that since december 1st is tomorrow. rain chances are high, high, high for the next couple of days. if you can't find an umbrella now, you're going need a new one. coming up i'll let you know when i think that steadier rain really started to move back into our area. for now wet roads throughout early this morning. rain chances are high today, high, higher, and highest. temperatures will be stuck in the 40s for at least the next 24 hours. see you in ten. this was a scene in paris as the
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french collided with the police. more than 100 were held for questions. president obama is in paris for the international summit on climate change. nbc's tracie potts is live with more on what he's setting to get done there. good morning. >> good morning, evan. he's meeting with nearly 150 world leaders trying to convince them to come up with something on climate change. take a look. we just got this video in of a moment of silence that was held at the start of that conference today for the paris victims. we've also seen president obama this morning meeting with china's president saying the world's largest economy and two largest polluters, they've got to come to this. should they have a greater responsibility to cut emissions than developing nations. what about oil-rich nations like saudi arabia. they want to make sure it doesn't go away completely.
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some of the chams, not to mention the fact that if they come up with a binding agreement, president obama has got to get it past the republican congress here at home. eun? >> theycy potts live on capitol hill. traci tracie, thank you. we turn to new troubles for donald trump. he canceled an event today in new york after learning he would not get endorsements that he thought he would. nearly 100 black leaders say they never had any intentions of backing him. this is after claims that muslims celebrated after 9/11. >> i have hundreds of people who agree with me. >> you're running for president of the united states. your words matter. truth matters. >> on saturday trump denied knocking norm times recorder
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sergecover. new developments in ben carson's campaign. the republican candidate for president says refugee cams in syria should serve as a long-term solution for refugee advi crises. others could an soush refugees that couldn't find a home in those camps. >> now to democratic front-runner hillary clinton. she's in washington. she'll speak on a national event on women's leadership in latin measure. maryland native alan gross speaks out for the first time on 60 minutes about his time in prison in cuba. prison authorities jailed him for setting up internet connections in that country. during the interview gross said
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he knew there was some danger to what he was doing. he also described the moment we was arrested. >> he gave me a pill and as i was taking the pill and drinking the juice, he said, that's it, that's right drink, drink. i felt like i was in an old humphrey bogart hospital. they took my clothes and gave me pajamas. the wife of a white house staffer klled in "the ride to conquer cancer" event is a new mother. mary ham, the wife of jake brewer gave birth to a baby girl on sadr morning. according to ham's instagram's page the baby's name is garnet j. brewer. the j. is in honor of jake's
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name. he died after he co-lied with an oncoming car. 5:35 and happens tonight. montgomery county officials will get a brand-new report on neighbors including domestic violence and heroin use. there have been 36 texts so far this year. that's compared to 33 for last year. presence george's county is looking at what weather a bike share program will be good and whether a capital bike share program is the best option. prince george's is the only area that does not offer the option. breaking news on the road. we still have this crash in silver spring. cherry hill shut down at calverton boulevard because of
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the accident. >> we take a look at the rain. chuck's back with your school day forecast at 5:41. >> keeping the district safe. what kat
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police are getting a death at a restaurant where a waitress asked a man to step outside with his cigarette. the man refused and he shot her in the head. >> of all the things. >> the police took the man into custody. he now face first-degree murld charges. d.c. police chief cathy lanier said it's her job to make people feel safe but she said we can help. she said her department is adding patrols, but, quote, the best way to prevent crime is to create economic opportunity and provide services. the mayor and her team are foe kug to deliver services to their need. it's time for "weather & traffic on the 1s." we were talking about kind of a
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yucky day. chilly and rain coming too. >> oh, chuck bell. >> it could be worse, you guys. we could be talking about snow. >> that's a good point. >> yay, chuck bell. >> december starts tomorrow, so all eyes are watching out for snowflakes. not much in the way of any rain or snow around the membership trow area. there might be a wet snowflake or two mixed in along the lines here. if you're one of my weather watchers, tweet me an update. all the temperatures are way above the freezing mark. it's cold but not cold enough to support snow. the school day france. showers, temperatures near 40s rain likely to increase in tensity. recess gets an "f." you'll need your raincoat and umbrella and boots today. more rain ahead. i'll let you know when the rain finally ends and the next big change in weather arrives.
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right now rainy news. first 4 traffic with melissa. >> cherry cherry hill road shut because of a nasty crash you. can go down to new hampshire avenue to avoid it. if you're headed south in the cherry hill area you can take southfield to grace field. the it pretty much parallels it. travel time nice. 66 inbound looks good and kwamtco to the beltway, takes about 20 minutes. remember to listen to wtop 103 minnesota 5 when you hop in your car. a baby abandoned hours after she was born. now the case against a
5:42 am
chicago police officer moves forward. what's expected to happen today. are you watching us while you're shopping? it is cyber monday. if you shop early, you're probably able to get a
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break news right now on the road. we still have this problem on silver springs. cherry hill at calverton, we're shut down. plus a brand-new problem on 66. more in a minute. dozens of students are hurt after their charter bus flipped in richmond. students were back to virginia tech, radford and university of virginia after their holiday break. the first of six baltimore police officers will go on trial today over the death of freddie gray. raindrops are appearing on "storm team 4" radar and there's a long chance of rain in front of us. i'll let you know when rain is
5:46 am
likely to impact your day coming up. it's 5:46 right now. a baby girl should be okay after neighbors found her buried wrapped only in a hospital blanket. deputies in compton county are looking for her mother now. two sisters walking along a path heard her crying over the weekend. neighbors say they're thankful for them and the police who quickly got the baby to the hospital. >> i can't judge the person who did this, but something happened and this is the wrong thing to do. >> deputies think the baby was less than 36 hours old when the sisters found her. today, a man accused of killing a woodbridge high school is expected back to cord. duane small is expected to go back to court. four others including small's sister are also charged in wilson's death. police in the district are
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looking for a man after an attempted sexual assault in the northeast. this happened on lincoln road around 5:00 a.m. yesterday. a man attempted to assault another man who was sifting in his car. the suspect drives a crossover or suv possibly. if you were in the area or have any information, the police want to hear from you. we have a traffic lay earth for you. if you use rockville pike, you might want to plan for a new route. there will be lane closures both north and southbound. water main repairs start in that area. molette green is live with what you will need to know. good morning, molette. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. this is a big heads-up for commuters who use this part of town to get to work every day. some time today the work is expected to get started after last month. a big water main break in this area that sent pools of muddy water all over the road here, water all over the road at the
5:48 am
intersection with cedar lane yochl u will see commission sanitary workers added 24 hours a day to get this work done. these repairs need to be fixed. you'll hear about temporary lane closures in the northbound and southbound lanes. again, this is going to be a seven-day-a-week thing day and night. once this starts you'll need to add extra time to your commute. if all goes as planned, the expected completion is supposed to be between mid and late december, but, of course, weather is always a factor and could delay the project, but expecting all of this to be done by late december. it hasn't started yet. you know how busy this roadway is we'll stay on top of the latest develop for you. >> thanks molette. they could plan to let more
5:49 am
restaurants serve alcohol. right now the cap allows 67 restaurants to have like core licenses. the georgetown neighborhood commission will vote on the change today. the university of maryland is close to finding a new head football coach. the former head coach frank raich was interviewed. governor larry hogan tells "new york times" it's his mantra. he announced he was cancer-free last month. right now he has a 62% following. he says he doesn't make politics personal. it is 5:51 right now. time for a look at "weather & traffic on the 1s." >> if you're out by your screen, you take a look at "storm team
5:50 am
4" radar. chuck bell says we're in for a few days of rain. >> keep in mind how beautiful it was for thanksgiving saturday and after. those are three winners in a row. now we've gottet three clunkers. rainfall forecast. taking a loo at max 2. take a look at our tower camera. cloudy skies have moved back in and rain chances are increasing as we go through the rest of the day and into tomorrow and the next couple of days. cloudy skies. most of the marvment here in the northeast is dry. the overall weather impact will moderate. rain showers becoming more and more likely with time. the day is starting out damp. we'll stay in the chilly 40s all day today. heading out for a walk, prepare
5:51 am
to be wet. temperatures in the upper 30s to near 40 tree before rising a bit later on. the steadier rain is still down to our south for now. an area of low pressure will throw our temperature back enough. nothing would stick but i couldn't rule out a wet snowflake or two. future weather them, here's the impact. low em packet for the ride in to work and school this morning but after 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, rain chances, it's likely to be a bigger impact than the ride in. rain chances today are high everywhere. high in november maryland. highest rain chances down across southern maryland and the rain tomorrow likely to be the heaviest as we dry things out for tuesday afternoon. more raindrops in the forecast for your wednesday as well. here's your 70s.
5:52 am
40s and rain today, 50s tomorrow. rain showers continue on into wednesday. we'll look at how much her rain we're going to get and ooh el let you know when you may want to put your outdie deck recreations yet. >> take a look right now. a large area blojed off. we're talking about cherry hill at calverton. the road shut down because of the crash. likely it will be like this for much of the south. o'fallon to gracefield will get you by it. it pretty much parallels cherry hill for the section having the problem there this morning. 66 east here we have a problem with the x lanes.
5:53 am
maryland south of the beltway having a little problem here. going 31 miles an hour. i'm back with a live look at 270 in phen minutes. happening today, a bond hearing is set for chicago police officer jason van dike. he's charged in the october 14th shooting death of la'quan mcdonald. dash cam video shows mcdonald being shot 16 times. the release of that video sparked protests. van dyke's layer said he opening fire because he feared for his life. >> in news iffer your health. a study shows low knicks women are more likely to get screenings. dc was one of the first to except the spangs. researches will present their findings later today. that data shows a difference of as much as 25% of the number of women screened in 2008 and the number screens in 2012. a new food labeling rule in new york city starting this week
5:54 am
is leaving a bittersweet taste in some people's mouths. the salt shaker emblem will be added to all meals added to more than the regularly daily intake amount. they say it's misguided and they want the city to leave the matter to others. now if the gft wants to check on a specific phone number in a specific terrorism case a request must be made to the relevant telephone company for request of its data. the government will no locker retain the information. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. amazon says the device takes off vert inably like a continue and flies like an airplane dropping
5:55 am
off items within 30 minutes. they'll not say when the drones will go into service. it may finalize it. >> amazon could probably use one of those drones today. it's cyber monday. jay gray is in new jersey with some of the deals under way. good morning. >> they vai save they have a deal online every sider monday. this facility is overwhelming and there are 50 achristmas the country. we have about 14 miles of conveyer belts loaded with stuff today. this will be the business yef day of the year. in fact, amazon believes this will be the busiest cyber monday ever as far as they are concerned. even surpassing last year's
5:56 am
record numbers which were 43 million items sold. that's about 500 items every second. 500 items a second and a lot of them moving through the conveyer belt here. again, deals all day every five minutes. a new deal according to amazon. that's holding across the board. that's the latest from here in. >> announcer:. that's the latest. it's a way for you to get your house red for christmas and help out a great cause. the alexander police department kicked off its annual christmas sale on sunday. proceeds go to the police youth camp. the tree sale is on callahan drive. you can stop by monday through friday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. or on the weekends from
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10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. the world family released photos. check out princess charlotte with her cuddly dog. they weren at william and kate's home. we have breaking news right now that could impact your commute. you're looking live right now at the scene on cherry hill road in silver spring where a serious overnight crash still has that road shut down at this hour. what we're learning about this crash that left two people with serious injuries and how to get around the problem. also ahead, we're live in baltimore with the look of the baltimore with the look of the challenge of seating an
5:58 am
baltimore with the look of the challenge of seating an what if the holidays were about people again? and the four-letter word that defined the season was l-o-v-e, and not s-a-l-e. that's the world t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods stores live in. where there's no need for sales
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because we offer amazing prices on thoughtful gifts everyday. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays. with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. . break news, two people seriously hurt after a crash. >> silver spring is closed in both directions at calverton boulevard. a u.s. mail truck and suv were involved in this crash. "news4's" kristin wright is live in silver spring with more.
6:00 am
kristin? >> reporter: hey, good morning. we just talked to a few witnesses who said they never have seen a crash like this one before. here's why. there's a u.s. mail truck here flipped on its side, basically on top of an suv there. it's a mail truck. we don't know exactly how the two loco lied but if you can see, the top of the suv is gone. take look at some video from just a little while ago. police tell us the man and the woman who were in the suv were trapped in the car for some time. witnesses say they were pipped. they both had to be airlifted to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we spoke with witnesses and they describe a horrific scene. take a listen here.


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