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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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about yesterday morning. 24-year-old yaselic collide d with a truck. she had recently graduated from the university of maryland. >> worked hard to go to college. just graduated together, about six months ago. very nice to people. i don't know why this is happening. >> a passenger in the suv and the driver of the mail truck were also taken to the hospital. the passenger was seriously hurt, the driver of the tractor trailer is okay. police are trying to figure out what caused the crash. transportation reporter adam tuss will sit down with metro's new gm for the first television interview. paul wiedefeld received sobering news about how riders feel about the system. a new customer satisfaction survey shows 67% of riders are
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satisfied with the service. that is down from as high as 84% two years ago. more metro talk today in alexandria, the city's planning commission will meet tonight to discuss the proposed potomac yard metro station. we're expected to get some updates on oakville triangle at that meeting, an area of route 1 between potomac yard and del rey that is expected to be redeveloped for affordable housing and retail space. traffic alert for you. you may want to give yourself extra time if you use rockville pike. southbound lane closures between the ramps of 495 and senior lane intersection. road work starts today. expected to take about a week to finish. happening today, elections for new leadership in two of our counties. montgomery county council members will replace both their current president and vice geor they're looking to elect a new chair and vice chair to take
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over next year. pepco is having a conference this morning. we'll learn about its conservation programs designed to help you keep your bills low. it is time to check weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell telling us more about this rain. >> yes, indeed. rain drops will be falling on your head all morning long. it will be weather alert through the morning commute today. heaviest rain will be in here, between 7:00 and 10:00 this morning. even potential for heavier rain tomorrow. things finally do start to change for us on thursday. but in the meantime, got to get you through this old mess. first, moderate rain down here near central virginia. that's about three hours away from being on i-95 north of fredericksburg there. that could really slow thi slown after 7:00, 8:00 this morning. nothing all that heavy yet. here is future weather, high resolution model updates itself every hour. here is the moderate rain in central virginia making steady
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progress in our direction. here is 9:00 a.m., there north of fredericksburg, moving into the metro area. do expect a lot of rain around here during the course of the morning commute. things should taper off a bit by 3:00 or 4:00, a little break in the action with the rain intensity easing up. but nonetheless, pretty much need your umbrella all day long. heaviest rain between now and about noon time this morning. but then more rain coming our way tomorrow. more about that and we'll start thinking about the weekend, that's coming up in a few more minutes. for now, it is traffic time. still a problem here top of the beltway, outer loop, live camera at colesville road. flashing lights. so right side of the screen here, right side of the road is blocked here this morning because of that accident and the response. a little slow headed around there right now. first, should be out of the way here in a little bit. not seeing any big slowdowns top of the beltway because of the problem. you can see bw parkway, 95, everything looks nice and green. earlier problem 95 at 175, that ramp cleared out of the way.
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prince george's county overall again looking good, no incidents here, but this big green map, that's all rain falling. you're going to have to deal with this, this morning, and work the windshield wipers. 66 inbound to the beltway, all the way in, going to take you nine minutes. listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. a judge is pressing for a decision on whether the accused charleston church shooter should face the death penalty. 21-year-old dylann roof faces murder and federal charges including hate crimes. his attorneys are meeting again in court today. the 21-year-old joey meek also faces charges. prosecutors say he lied and knew about roof's plans. lawyers for boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev are trying to get him a new trial. he was convicted and sentenced to death for his role in the attacks in boston. his lawyers argue that a recent supreme court ruling that defines the crime of violence puts 15 of his convictions into
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question. university of chicago will reopen this morning, this after a 21-year-old was charged with making online threats saying that 16 white men would be killed on campus. the posting suggested the killings would be in retaliation for the fatal shooting of a black teen by a white police officer. 4:35 now. a d.c. woman fed up with rising crime in capitol hill. advisory neighborhood commissioner denise crep serves the east hill area. she wants to know if there is more crime because the people arrested are being let back on the streets. >> if you have no idea how many cases you prosecuted, you have no idea what the crime level is in washington, d.c. and if you don't, who does? >> but that information from the department of justice comes at a price. $40 an hour for what could be hundreds of hours of research. crep and the capitol hill residents plan to raise the money through a bake sale in eastern market in the near future. president obama has a lot to
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do before the global climate conference wraps up in paris today. they're trying to turn talks into action. but the promises to reduce carbon emissions may not be legally binding. in ten minutes, tracie potts will break down why any real progress has been limited. today, some answers on what maryland should do to fight heroin abuse. governor larry hogan created a task force. today, they'll put out final recommendations about treating people with heroin addiction and preventing more cases in the future. we'll be watching for news from two d.c. council hearings today. council committees talk ing about possible synthetic drug laws. one would give police and other agencies the ability to fine and close down businesses that are caught selling synthetic drugs. a second would make it easier for law enforcement agencies to test for synthetic drugs when suspects are arrested. 4:37. council members are voting on police body camera legislation today. the council and mayor muriel
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bowser reached a compromise. her administration originally wanted to keep body camera footage away from public access. they will discuss a separate camera bill, that will allow the city to pay residents up to $250 for cameras installed at a home or business. we have been through black friday and cybermonday and today is giving tuesday. today you're encouraged to make a donation to a legal or national charity. giving tuesday started in 2012. last year the #givingtuesday which mentioned almost 800,000 times on twitter. i'm angie goff back at the live desk where i'm learning about an officer involved shooting in atlanta. how a simple traffic stop turned deadly. it is decision day for students in prince william county. what they must choose between in a matter of hours.
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you may want to give yourself extra time, getting the kids to the bus stop, what they can can expect once they get there next.
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developing out of atlanta, one person is dead after a shooting involving an officer. police say that the officer tried to pull a car over for a traffic stop. then a pursuit followed. after the car crashed, the passenger fled by foot, killed in a gunfight with police. officers said that afterwards
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they found guns and drugs inside and outside the vehicle. >> it is decision day for students in prince william county. current sophomores have to decide whether to stay at their school or go to the new hogan high school opening next year. hilton and osborne park high school are all impacted, all other stint students are divide enrollment boundaries. weather alert day as we're socked in with clouds and rain and fog and the whole nine yards this morning. >> let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell to find out more. i don't know if i want to hear more though, chuck. >> like it or not, we got rain drops in abundance, that is going to slow things down, primarily this morning, a little easing up in the rain by later today. school day forecast moderate rain around this morning, 42. and f for recess, 47 midday. and up to near 50 degrees with cloudy and wet conditions. the rain may ease up for this afternoon. first push of moderate rain down
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near charlottesville and richmond now. that's only about two or three hours away from reaching parts of i-95 here between fredericksburg and the prince william county parkway. do expect a big impact on your morning commute. weather alert day means more push alerts on nbc washington app. so you want to have that ready as well. rain always slows things down on the beltway. how is that holding up? >> update on this one, you can see behind me, we have now cleared that problem out of the way. outer loop at colesville, no more issue there. still, you can see how wet these roads are here this morning. let's look at 95 in virginia at prince william parkway. nice sheen on the roadway, no problems there. northbound, southbound, express lanes rolling along just fine. 66 east and west also looking good here. 60 miles per hour this morning. taking a big look at things, see lots of green on the road, that's a good thing. not so hot when it is a big blob. that is all of the rain. live look at 66 in ten minutes. we're monitoring two developing stories in the fight
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against isis. the meeting a u.s. house committee is holding in a few hours. as well as a report on why some americans are joining that group. bah humbug. why christmas in washington is why christmas in washington is you can't predict the market. why christmas in washington is but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. welcome back. right now president obama is among 150 world leaders wrapping up their final day of the global climate conference. it is an unprecedented meeting with massive security. tracie potts joins us live. we know there has been a lot of
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talk. are we going to see any action on climate change. >> we could, but probably not going to be today. the negotiators are going to be there for a couple of weeks working on this, just look at today's agenda, they're looking at things today like china and india among the biggest polluters. coal, how much we want to continue to rely on that. scientific research in antarctica and the amazon. overnight, while you were sleeping, the white house made a big announcement, 73 more american companies are pledging to go green, cutting their emissions by up to half and using 100% renewable energy. that almost doubles the companies that have taken that pledge so far. big things are happening there. we saw an announcement with bill gates and announcing they're putting more private money into climate change. the president has been meeting with the leaders of india and china. and he's also focusing on terror, anti-terror efforts, working behind the scenes to get more countries involved in and backing that anti-isis
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coalition. last night a big public dinner at a restaurant with french president hollande, talking about the terror issue. now, coming out of this climate change meeting may not be a treaty. the u.s. doesn't want to call it that. but some sort of agreement so far, 18 nati0 nations agreed to reduce their emissions. >> thank you, tracie potts. new into the live desk, a u.s. marine convicted of homicide. accord in the philippines said lance corporal scott pemberton killed a woman. he was not convicted of murder, only homicide. he was sentenced to 12 years in jail for that killing. in the fight against isis now, testimony today from top military officials. the house armed services committee has a hearing at 10:00 this morning.
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defense secretary ash carter and joint chiefs of staff chairman dunford will testify on the strategy and impact on syria and iraq. a first of its kind study on isis and its recruitment strategies comes out today, that report coming from george washington university. it focuses on americans joining isis and the role the internet plays in radicalizing u.s. citizens. former state department officials and counterterrorism police experts are commending the report and plan to be at this morning's presentation. all four victims of the northern arizona university shooting were legally drunk. those are the results from the toxicology report that just came out. one of the victims, cullen row, is from annapolis. steven jones told police he started shooting when two men yelled they were going to kill him and charged at him. the police report says jones had several injuries on his head, back, chest, arms and legs. a mother from maryland will not go to jail after admitting she left her baby on the side of the road.
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instead, sandra mcclary must take a parenting class and seek drug and alcohol treatment. in court yesterday, mcclary pled guilty to leaving her 6 week old girl in a baby carrier in pasadena back in july. an anne arundel county judge sentenced her to time served, plus five years probation. 4:49 your time now. a new law is in effect that may save you from getting your car towed. 30,000 cars are touchdo s are e without consent. it is called predatory towing. >> wheaton, silver spring, rockville, bethesda, more than someone who thinks they have been unfairly towed. >> the new law s prohibit the use of spotters to target cars and also requires parking lot owners to authorize each tow in writing and have photo evidence. maryland says volkswagen violated state law with its emission cheating software. the washington post reporting maryland joining 12 other states now seeking penalties and
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corrective action. the epa says the software allowed diesel cars to cheat tests and give off gases up to 40 times federal standards. a christmas tradition in washington is coming to an abrupt end for 33 years christmas in washington was a hot holiday ticket, packed with the celebrity guests and entertainment. but after last year' shows, they announced they're sending the partnership with the show's producer. includes big musical acts include ing gloria estefan, justin bieber and mariah carey. no new network has shown any interest in the show. too bad. in news for your health, scientists say they are sure now you can't tell the difference between a man's brain and a woman's brain. researchers at tel aviv university said there are some minor differences, but no brain is dominated by male or female traits. the new study examined mri
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scanses for more than 1400 patients and found some traits are more common for one gender or another but most brains have a broad mixture. >> that makes sense. i keep saying, we're more alike than we are -- >> different, yeah. i can agree with that. i think there is some -- we talk about men and women thinking so differently. that feeds the -- fuels the -- >> it depends on the personality, right? >> sure. >> yeah. >> we are part of the human race. right chuck bell? >> as far as i remember. >> some children's song my kids learned. >> i agree. we're much more the same than we are different. that doesn't mean we're not -- the but the differences are what makes it fun. >> there you go. we celebrate them. >> outside this morning, we're celebrating another kind of difference. the different kind of weather that slows things down. keeps you kind of wishing you didn't have to get out from underneath the covers. twill be an umbrella day today. get it out. get your raincoat, get your rain boots. get your patience. we know rain drops always slows
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down the commute and it is not just a quick one and done shot of rain drops. we got rain coming our way for the next 36 hours it looks like. look at that plume of moisture all the way down to the deep south. that's all pointed in our direction. first rain drops are already here. moderate rain now across parts of central virginia. here is the heaviest of the rain near charlottesville now. and on the pace it is going, it should be on i-95 near the fairfax prince william county line in the next three to three and a half hours. that's a terrible time of arrival for rain on one of our busiest interstates. rain already along route 17 here connecting 95 toward 66. just light sprinkles around the metro for now. that heavier rain set to move in. here is our high resolution model. updates every hour. next hour, new representation of when we think the rain will be arriving. there are the yellows coming into washington. here is 10:30 this morning. that's the tail end of the morning commute. things ease up a bit from an intensity perspective between
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lunch time and 4:00, 5:00. should go back to light sprinkles and drizzle around here. but the road impacts big on the morning commute. leave early or be late. that's my advice for this morning. midday, things getting a little easier. evening commute, a little break in the rain after 3:00, 4:00, should help things out a bit. weather alert day, putting out more push alerts on our nbc washington app. get that downloaded. reach out to me on twitter. more rain showers coming our way for tomorrow as well. the next change in the weather arrives wednesday night into thursday morning. that's when the rain comes to an end and the northwest wind pushes the clouds and the moisture out of here. and sets us up for a nice finish to the week. on into the weekend as well. big impact on the rain gear for the next day or so. we'll give you more details on how much rain we're going to get coming up in ten minutes. for now, traffic time. here is melissa mollet. >> look at this, brand-new problem here, 50 westbound there at 197 collingen en collington.
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a little bit further in, closer to the beltway here, i put another little flashing circle, that's because we had a report of debris and folks pulled off to the right side of the roadway because of that debris. outer loop, approaching woodrow wilson bridge, inner loop and outer loop looks fine, moving just fine, a little slick here this morning. looking now at 66, and 95, no incidents to worry about here this morning. and 270 down from 70 to the spur, 27 minutes, you're on time, no major problems there. same thing when you're looking northbound. live look at 66 in ten minutes. two months to go until the iowa caucuses. but can anyone stump trump? who picked up key endorsements? it may be something you soon to be moms and dads could appreciate. 16 weeks of paid leave after your baby is born. but a push to provide that leave in d.c. could fail.
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welcome back. if you're just joining us, we're just five hours into this weather alert day. look at all that rain to our west. that is moving our way. chuck bell is fine tuning his 24-hour forecast and will let us know how long this rain will stick around. and melissa mollet is monitoring the roads. we turn to decision 2016. we're two months away from primary elections in iowa. donald trump will be in manassas for a rally tomorrow. he held an impromptu news
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conference last night after meeting with dozens of black religious leaders in new york city. see that right here. trump claims many of those leaders endorsed him. clinton, hillary clinton hits the campaign trail today with more than a dozen new endorsements. at an event last night, some senators voiced support. >> i want to be sure that the promise of our country that i was raised to believe in will be there for generations to come. >> massachusetts democrat elizabeth warren was the only female democratic senator not to endorse clinton. we may learn more about clinton's e-mails during today -- we may learn more about clinton's e-mails as she was secretary of state today. they released 7800 pages yesterday. this is part of a court order to reveal 66% of clinton's e-mails by the end of november. ben carson will be on "today" later this morning, one of his first interviews since he
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spent the weekend in syria at a refugee camp -- actually in jordan. house speaker paul ryan is reaching out to the president ahead of his final state of the union address. in a letter, ryan pledged a spirit of cooperation and solutions-based conversations. president obama's final state of the union address is set for january 12th. today in japan, a big test of the population's mental health. companies with more than 50 employees there are required to have their workers go through stress tests. japan's government wants to find out if the employees are working too hard. japan is known for some of the world's longest work hours and even has a word for people who die from overwork. a controversial new d.c. law that would create the most generous family leave program in the nation may not make it. the bill would require employers to give employees 16 weeks of paid family leave. the bill w introduced by a majority of d.c. council members nearly assuring it would pass. now it seems the bill is no longer on a fast track for
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approval. many business and nonprofits say a tax hike needed to support the bill would put a huge strain on small businesses. and the d.c. chamber of commerce agrees. >> we want people to take care of their families. we're not against that. we are against this bill. this bill goes too far, too fast and would hurt business in d.c. mayor muriel bowser says it will be difficult for the city tone act the bill if approved for its 30,000 employees. we are getting a better idea of how schools will be judged under changes to no child left behind. the washington post reports the every student succeeds act would move more authority to states and districts, reading and math tests would be required in grades three through eight and once in high school. states would decide how much test scores would fact near teacher performance. the house could vote on the bill as early as thursday. stay with us now. news 4 today continues at 5:00 a.m.


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