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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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that breaking news tonight on little river turnpike in ann annandale. a heavy police presence after a shooting on old columbia pike.
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>> jackie bensen got there soon after. what are you hearing? >> reporter: you can see fairfax county police have this section taped off. look at the service road. that is where witnesses say the victim who was shot in the abdomen crawled and crawled for some distance down that service road on little river turnpike after he was shot around 9:00 this evening. now, what we are told by police is that they are looking into the possibility that this res t resulted from some type of argument. i will tell you we talked to witnesses here who did not want to appear on camera who said they heard a woman screaming at this man at the top of their lu lungs, using profanity, and then they heard two shots and realized a shooting had happened a short time ago. we talked to one of the incident commanders to see what he had to say. >> we did have some witnesses, talked about a vehicle that sped away from the scene.
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we believe it was a white vehicle. we're not exactly sure of make and model yet. that's something our detectives are trying to iron out. >> again, we're told the victim, a man, possibly in his 20s and 30s shot in the abdomen. information on his condition not available right now. live in annandale, jackie bensen, news4. >> right there in the live shot tonight, live camera outside union station shows the same thing. there's more rain coming our rain that could affect your commute. what are you looking at? >> right now, we're looking at that fog across the area issued by the national weather service. a look at the radar first, not much at all. back to the west we're looking at lightning making its way to morgan county, west virginia. all in all we are dry and very very wet in the atmosphere and why we have that fog. here's the rain to the south. it's trying to make its way here
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and will move overnight to the morning commute. and for all the counties you see in northern virginia an parts of maryland as well. we are seeing that fog, very dense, less than a quarter mile in some areas, especially dallas airport. 5:00 to 8:00 a.m., 53 degrees, give yourself a lot of extra time. full forecast coming up. we can tell you a student caught with a gun at a local high school is facing charges. >> it's an example what can happen when students speak up about something suspicious. >> tonight, parents sold shomari stone, they want to know how that gun got inside the school in the e first place. >> reporter: we have been here all evening wrong and parents walked up to me and all saying the same thing, how was this student able to walk through that door, through security guards, a bag through a metal
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detector and bag search and walk through the classroom and have a gun. they want to know why and demand answers from the principal. >> i'm outraged. >> reporter: tonight, stephon drove to woodrow high school to pick up his godson and upset a gun was found in a student's backpack this afternoon. >> i know the security checks they have. i can't understand how it happened. i don't know. like i said, i'm speechless. >> reporter: sources tell news4 the student showed the gun to another student who took pict e pictures and posted them to snap chat. school officials wouldn't say how they found out about the gun but praised students for spe speaking up. around 1:15 this afternoon they took him into custody and removed the person who posted the pictures. >> i was surprised he managed to bring the gun but wasn't too surprised. they bring like little things, little objects like knives. >> reporter: tonight, woodrow will sob principal, kimberly
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martin said she won't answer specific questions how it happened because it's under investigation but did say police are reviewing surveillance students. >> my god son goes here and i fear for his safety and the safety of the other children. >> reporter: tonight, officials say there is no immediate threat against woodrow wilson high school. if you see something suspicious, tell either a teacher or authoritative figure at the school. see something, say something. she said that's exactly what happened today which caused this to end in a peaceful resolution. several students said they liked this school, it's safe and this is an unfortunate incident. live from northwest d.c., i'm shomari stone, news4. new tonight, questions at montgomery school after high levels of radon were discovered in more than two dozen schools three years ago.
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they discovered radioactive gas but nothing was done about it. tonight at a pat meeting parents and staff voiced frustration how the school district handled the situation. >> it's not just finding the mistake is important but figu figuring out why the mistake was made and how to avoid it in the future. if i may hold them to the same standard we hold our second graders i'm wondering if there is going to be an internal inquiry audit as to how that mistake happened to prevent it from happening in the future. montgomery county schools will begin testing schools this month to see if they find high levels of radon again. only two months away from the iowa caucuses and candidates are kicking into high gear. donald trump will be at the prince george's's cou county fa ground. they're expecting a large group
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but not an entirely welcoming one as one group plans to picket outside the rally. you can go to trump's website to get the free tickets. a controversial death at a d.c. apartment complex is no longer working there. the information emerged during a vigil held by friends and family of 21-year-old alonso smith. reporting from southeast washington. >> reporter: they gathered in front of the marbury apartments to call for an independent investigation into the death of 27-year-old alonso smith. >> obviously, there's an issue, a very broad-based issue we need to all be concerned with. >> reporter: just after 4:00 a.m. on november 1st, d.c. police were called to marbury plaza for an assault in progress. in a press release, they say they found smith handcuffed in
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custody of special security officers, unconscious and not breathing andcpr and smith died later at the hospital. beverly smith said she viewed her son at the hospital. >> my son had two black eyes, neck broken, his shoulder app r appeared to be broken. he had massive bruises on his america. three round circles on his chest and he was bruised in his groin. >> reporter: family members are upset the d.c. officer who wrote the report initially classified the death as justifiable homicide which officials later said was an error. beverly smith say as month later she still knows very little what police are calling a death investigation. >> the u.s. attorney office currently now has this case. the two security guards have been suspended and their powers has been revoked. >> reporter: alonso smith's mother say as special source of grief for her is the company who hires the security officers here has not reached out to her in
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any way for any type of apology. in southeast washington, jackie bensen, news4. opening statements could happen as soon as tomorrow as the first of six baltimore police officers goes to trial for the death of freddie gray. a spokeswoman told us they expect to have a jury seated by wednesday. prosecutors charged officer william porter with involunta v manslaughter saying he failed to help him even though he asked for medical attention and his death set off protests in baltimore. now to chicago where the top cop is out of a job, mayor rahm emanuel fired garry after s saying -- and some say the mayor should go.
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and he denies it saying making it public. >> mr. mccarthy has become a distraction. there is a lot of comments about you and your job. have you become a distraction as well? >> i do my job every day. >> they are looking into how the police department investigated the shooting include hough 86 minutes of footage from a nearby burger king went missing. the district is another step closer to outfitting another d.c. police officer with a body camera. today, the d.c. council gave anonymous approval to body cam legislation. it was just the first vote. the second will happen later this month allowing the law to fake tul effect. the mayor and council reached an agreement to allow images to be captu captured by the cameras and could be wearing them as early
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as march of next year. news4 learned mayor muriel bowser nominated one of her challenges to sit on the ethics board. she wants to appoint schwartz to the board who is a republican and ran against her and also served as at large councilwoman for 18 years. a family's home was heavily damaged by fire and broke out about 5:30 on laurel drive and they think it started from a garage and gas from a car may have fueled it. several pets including 10 dogs were also in the home. the pets all made it out and nobody was hurt. next at 11:00, a new video show as fan in a chokehold at an nfl game. his plea for more help after this got posted on youtube. metro's new gm sits down for his first on camera interview. >> i definitely promise it will
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get better. >> what he says about social media's role in communicating with riders. facebook martin zuckerberg trying to help the world better for his daughter. the
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being disruptive and says the response was overblown and asking any else with video to come forward. only on news4 metro's new leader said he's working around the clock to get the troubled transit system back on track. paul wiedefeld sat down with our reporter for a one-on-one interview. one thing he'd like to change this is number of people that report directly to him. he says it's 20 and says that structure needs to get more structured and streamline and metro needs to get more creative and wants to talk to those outside to see how the organization can improve and yes that means more social media. >> we have to understand that's the way of the world now and embrace that. >> reporter: there are more things on social nemedinee medi day-to-day operations. >> definitely. the most frustrating thing i hear from k34ers customer is
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communication. >> he will live in an apartment and plans to ride the metro headquarters everyday. >> you've likely seen a lot of birth announcements on facebook but not like this. mark zuckerberg and his wife and their newborn daughter, max and this commitment. he says he and chan will donate 99% of their facebook shares to charity and it will happen over their lifetime and right now it is worth $45 billion. for argument's sake let's say they gave it away all at once they'd still have 4$450 milliona year to live on. they will donate $1 billion a year called the chan zuckerberg initiative. initially to focus on personalized learning, curing disease and connecting people
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and building stronger communities. some of the other billionaires out there are praising the couple including bill and linda gates and warn buffet all part of the giving pledge that urges billionaires to donate more than half their wealth to charity. city officials unveils a historical marker to commemorate the legacy of rosa parks that commemorates where she was arrested 60 years ago today after refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a public bus and this led to a year long boycott of montgomery buses that didn't end until they were desegrega desegregated. earlier, we saw jackie's live shot and you could see the fog pouring in behind. >> you told us it was coming. >> it did develop quickly, some locations down to an eighth of a mile. normally a great shot of the city, tonight, it looks just like this. nothing going on out there. >> wow! >> that's the fog that developed in this city, visibility less
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than a half mile at the airport. temperatures 48 degrees. not seeing much of a temperature difference. a third of a mile of visibility in the leesburg area, a quarter mile here and half mile in manassas to d.c. these are the area of most concern throughout the evening and why we have a dense fog advisory and only goes to 3 a.m. the national weather service thinking once the rain begins we will see the fog scouring out. i think it will last longer than that. give yourself more time tomorrow morning and some of you could be dealing with fog. 54 degrees, showers, areas of fog and temperatures should rise overnight. temperatures up around 60, maybe 63, otherwise drop that down to 60 degrees the latest information i've been getting. not a lot of rain but we are starting to see rain to the south and west, including an
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area to the martins vill region. this is morgan county, west virginia and you can see it making its way to berkeley, west virginia, over to places like middle way and frederick county, virginia seeing shower activity. thunderstorms, has to be big somewhere for us to get this. there it is! look at that storm! look how big that system is and how much of the country it affects, all the way from the rockies to the coast of the gulf. we have more moisture riding up along. this is the rain we're seeing tomorrow morning. it will come through at 7:00. west of i-95 and will affect the morning rush in some areas. by 11:00, everybody getting in on that rain. it will be steady at times and could be rather heavy. yes, you will need the big umbrel umbrellas, even to 4:00, areas of rain. be careful on the roads.
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a mod rad to high impact tomorrow because of the rain and fog and everything going on across our region. now, that storm system finally exits the country and we get pretty nice weather. 53 degrees or thursday and 53 on friday and 57 on saturday. and sunday high temperature of 55 degrees. next chance of rain comes next tuesday, one we will be watching for but looks like it has potential to bring us a lot of rain. it's between now and seven days from now. not too worried about that. tomorrow is this day to worry about. give yourself extra time in the morning. chuck is in tomorrow morning. still ahead, john wall and wizards are rocking in cleveland. >> first, here's jimmy fallon. >> hey, guys, harrison ford i
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but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. . this is the xfinity sportsdesk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for live sports. >> people say where's this wizards team been all year. against the best team in the western conference. if you want answers why wizards haven't played well this season, john wall knows exactly why. the two time all-star blamed himself and his underachieving start saying until i start pl playing better we won't do well. wall backed up those words with
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his best performance of the season. a serious game for head coach wittman, break out the glasses. r runs this, not fair, behind the back, gets fouled and somehow e gets that to go and deserves a shoulder shimmy. lebron james not too bad, even without the headband. blows by the defense, gets the layup to go. he had 21 points in the first half. fourth quarter, wall, putting the finishing touches on this game, nice jump shot there, season high, 35 points and 10 assists and five steals, wizards snap that four-game losing skid, giving the cavs their first home loss of the season, 97-85. garry williams and dixon have a little experience playing tar heels. north carolina trying to run away with this game, hustling
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here, bryce johnson to marcus paige. gives it back to john responsible for the flush there. 13 first half turnovers for maryland, unc up six at halftime. trimble came to play. nice crossover to dodd. and then tied and the three ball good. a four point play, maryland is up one. north carolina came back, now up six. joel barry knocking down the three, put unc up by nine, right now, they're on top late in this game. moving on now, john thomson the iii and georgetown hosting eastern shore. shooting 50% from three-point range tonight, that bucket put the hoyas up 10. and smith rivera, had a game high 30 points. fourth time he's dropped 30 in a game. georgetown crews uises 58-49.
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virginia, ohio state cavs up four, here come the buckeye, lovely three-pointer there, 19 points, ohio state is within one. malcolm brockman has been outstanding for virginia coming off back to back 20 point games, knocking down the three ball, by six, a game high 22 for brockton tonight, uva piece ohio state 68-58. it was ugly coat night in blurri blac blacksburg, hosting norrs western. nice finger roll. knotted up under a minute to play. still tied at 79, brian macintosh, that bucket, puts the game away. he had 19 points. wildcats hold on to win 81-79. also, north carolina just
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defeated maryland. the final score on that one was 89-81. american, they weren action as well. eagles fell to mount st. mary's by a final of 81-56. the first loss this season for the maryland squad. see how they bounce back
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we're just hours away from seeing rockefeller center all lit up. this is a live look from manhattan where they flip the switch and turn on the 43,000
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l.e.d. lights adorning that christmas tree. there will be a lot of great music. you can watch the show on nbc4 or stream it live on the app. >> i love all of them. it will be a great show.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- harrison ford. seth macfarlane.


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