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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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five mile backup headed from frederick county into montgomery county. you reach the clarksburg area here because of a disabled vehicle. you can see that problem here on the right side of your screen as well. westbound 340 at frederick, still have the westbound lanes. eastbound open. maryland 32 before 29. just got a report of a crash. prince gorges county looking pretty dry. branch avenue 27 miles per hour. travel times in ten minutes. developing this morning out of prince gorges county, a fire overnight hurt two people, one of them a father. you can see a dog next to one of the possible victims here. this is kristen wright joining us live from 66 place in landover hills. kristen?
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>> reporter: this fire tore through the entire house on 66 place. the two people who live here did get out on time but apparently their dog made it hard for fort worthers to physically get to them to help. we want you to take a look at this video here we have of the dog. you see the animal, possibly a pit bull, standing over the man really not letting anybody near him. so the man here just lying on the ground, but his son does tell us he's going to be okay. he has smoke inhalation. now the man's daughter, in her 30s, also escaped. right now she's in the hospital. firefighters say she should be fine, too. her brother got the call overnight. >> i got a call from my aunt like at 3:00 something this morning. i missed two hours because i was sleeping. i got up to use the bathroom and check my phone and she left a long message saying that my father was in the hospital and the house had burned up. >> reporter: firefighters tell us they don't know exactly how the fire started but they do believe it started in a bedroom.
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aaron and eun, we also want to let people know that the fire department doesn't think they had any working smoke alarms in the home. back to you. >> kristen wright, thank you. 6:03 now. opening statements could begin today in baltimore. officer william porter faces manslaughter charges in the death of freddie gray. >> they will likely seat a jury of 12 people plus several alternates. gray died in april. he was 25 years old. investigators believe he suffered a deadly spinal injury inside a police van after his arrest. six baltimore officers will be tried separately in his death. developing in annandale. he went into surgery after somebody shot him. police found him on a service road alongside little river turnpike last night. someone shot him several times in the stomach. police believe the shootings stem from some sort of argument. witnesses said they heard a witness screaming before hearing two gunshots. the shooter got away.
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new details this morning on two private security officers involved in the controversial death of a man in a d.c. apartment complex. they are both off the job. ♪ ♪ >> that information we told you 27-year-old alonzo smith. called to the marbury apartment. officer performed cpr. he died a short time later in the hospital. they called it will a justifiable homicide. >> another breech at the white house. you may remember joseph kaputo jumped the fence last thursday. d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton called the secret service. she's going to ask joseph clancy
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how they can secure the white house without pushing people back from the fence. kaputo faces a misdemeanor charge. last week's jump was a form of political protests. there will be added security checks at woodrow wilson high school. pictures of the weapon showed up on snap chat and students alerted teachers. the student faces charges. how the gun may have passed through metal detectors is under investigation. 6:05 right now. we turn to decision 2016 as it comes to manassas later today. we expect a large crowd of supporters and quite frankly protestors. be there when donald trump and the presidential candidate speaks. this is video from a rally in new hampshire tonight. doors for tonight's event open at 5:00. you can go to trump's website to get free tickets. in the district, a push for 16 weeks of paid family leave. supporters will testify in front of d.c. council this morning. this proposed law would be the most generous family leave
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program in the country. it is getting some push back though. some businesses say a new tax to pay for the plan would strain smaller companies. we're learning more about a surprising nomination from d.c. mayor muriel bowser. in a letter bowser told the council that she wants to appoint carol schwartz to a d.c. ethics board. the republican ran for mayor against bowser and david patanya. we asked why bouszer chose schwartz? the mayor always looks for the best and brightest and she hoeps the council can see what she will bring. folks will flip the switch on the capitol tree. it kicks off at 5:00 tonight. the tree is set to be lit up at 5:30 today. paul ryan, the newly elected speaker of the house will take part to help the country really kick off the holiday season. questioning the safety of schools. the potential hazard facing one school system and why it took
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three years to find out about the problem. dangerous situation. a new dash cam video showing a police officer's attempt to rescue an elderly couple trapped by rising flood waters. breaking news, a big mess on
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dramatic new video of a water rescue that did not succeed. take a look. this is coming from a police department in fort worth, texas. you can see a deputy trying to rescue a stranded driver. the deputy wades out, then the rushing water causes her to lose her footing and then she goes over the guardrail. crews found her two hours later clinging to a tree. the driver the deputy was trying to rescue was 76 years old and was swept away and died. coming up on 6:11 right now. the fog is the big story around here this morning on this
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weather alert day. you're looking live from our tower camera here in upper northwest washington. normally you might be able to see our parking lot or streets. >> union station, maybe, something. >> not so much today. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. good morning, chuck. >> good morning. for perspective, the camera is 200 feet above the parking lot. you can barely see the street light 200 feet away. not a lot of heavy rain around the metro area. around charlottesville. i-95, 8:00 and 10:00. it will impact your day today. temperatures upper 40s to near 50 right now. whether you're driving, flying, walking today, the weather will slow you down considerably. the road impacts today, red lights for this morning. rain and thick fog this morning. moderate to heavy rain today. rain finally tapering off by later this evening. no major delays by this evening. baltimore, bwi does have a delay. we'll be keeping you posted on all of that. show you a look at the weekend
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forecast. breaking news, 270 is a train wreck this morning. 270 is quite a mess this morning. 270 going 11 miles per hour as you're headed from frederick county to montgomery county with an earlier problem there. off to the right side of the roadway. that seems to be out of the way. still, we have these delays remaining. in frederick, westbound 340 after 15, we are still shut down there on the west bound side. do have a marc problem. 21 minutes behind. travel time, 66 looks good. 95 north a couple minutes behind. 270 germantown down okay. 95 to 270 looks pretty normal. guys. right now we're watching the conditions you'll see on the roads as you head into work on this extremely foggy morning. meteorologist tom kierein live in the storm team 4x4. the impacts these conditions are having on the commute. the final word on whether pepco and exelon are allowed to
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is giving you more.america's best-selling brand the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer. 6:15. right now wipers and low beams will be your best friends today. looks like pea soup in northwest washington. as the fog clears, the rain
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still moving in. here's what it will look like when you get in your car and on the road in virginia. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is driving through the muck right now. tom? >> reporter: yeah, right now we're on 355 in rockville, and the visibility has improved a bit here. right now maybe about half mile visibility. the fog beginning to lift as the rain is starting to move in to montgomery county. tracking that rain with the storm team 4 radar and the nbc washington app. we'll have this fog with us. in fact, it will be dense from time to time. for much of the morning ahead. the pavement is wet here as you can see just from the dampness and the drizzle we've had overnight. now that rain moving in. so take it easy this morning. low beams and slow down as we'll have this fog with us here throughout much of the morning. eun? it is 6:17. a final round of hearings today in the proposed merger between pepco and exelon. they start at the d.c. public service commission. representatives from both
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companies as well as opponents of the merger will testify this morning. opponents feel d.c. mayor muriel bowser is forcing through the merger putting corporate interests above the needs of citizens. 6:17. parents with students in montgomery county schools want some answers after tests found high levels of radon in more than two dozen schools. they're upset the administration is just now reacting since they've had this information for three years. the report shows 28 schools have elevated levels of that odorless gas. the school administration says the high levels are the result of a mistake. >> i am outraged and i am personally just very disappointed that you showed up so unprepared and that you showed up for something so unprepared for something that is so serious. >> they'll begin testing this month. more u.s. troops are headed into the fight against isis.
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defense secretary ash carter said american special ops teams will join the fight in iraq. the teams will focus on the country's border and assist iraqi and kurdish forces there. they could also conduct missions in syria. 6:18 now. in mali, a new warning from the u.s. embassy. the state department said it's allowing some embassy employees to come home when they address the terror attack there. the embassy said it is conducting only emergency services for the foreseeable future. the advisory comes alongside a warning against travel to mali. last month gunman stormed a hotel in mali's capital. some new information following a raid at a pet store in chantilly, virginia. they seized 46 puppies from the dreamy puppy store last week. news 4 learned investigators set up surveillance at that store and found the animals were left alone for more than four hours that day. so far no criminal charges have been filed. we did reach out to the pet store owner but he has not yet
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provided a kmoent on the allegations. a 74-year-old man said he was tied up, threatened and had his credit cards stolen in his own home by a woman. he didn't want to be identified because he's afraid she'll come back. the whole thing unfolded last month on lawrence avenue in kensington. this is the suspect who went by maria. police montgomery county say she also used two accomplices to take money out of a bank account. >> did you tell the banks, the police, or anybody, we'll come back and we'll kill you. >> do you think you'll ever be at ease in your house again? >> yeah, if they catch her. >> police are hoping the surveillance video will help catch the suspect. car fax is getting $5 million to increase its presence in our area car fax and the governor said they're expanding their headquarters in fairfax county right off of i-66. that expansion will create 120 new jobs. it's upgrading the data center in loudoun county. that will cost $10.5 million.
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jose andreas, brian michael botagio, those are some of the high profile shelves who will have new restaurants inside the mgm national casino. the mgm casino scheduled to open in the second half of next year. >> i have no interest in gambling, but the food, i'll go for the food. tree lighting ceremonies are in full swing. angie goff and her daughter were at the fairmont hotel in georgetown. guests sang along to holiday classics with santa and rudolph. you can't have a tradition without santa and the u.s. marines collected toys for the toys for tots program there. always a lovely site. it is the season. >> it is. >> they're all coming. >> you lit a tree, i lit a tree. >> more tree lightings happening today. first we have to clear out some of this fog. boy, chuck, you almost needed the night vision coming in this
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morning. >> no kidding. that would not be a bad call. temperatures are not too bad. the rain and fog will impact your way out the door this morning and may slow most of your travels through the course of the day. as a result, it is a weather alert day for us. steady rain, fog, and delays likely for travel this afternoon. what does that mean? added pushes and postings on the storm team 4 facebook page. on our twitter handle and download the nfc 4 washington app. we'll send out more information as needed. delays likely because of reduced visibility. only 1/3 of a mile of visibility for arlington, fairfax, prince gorges, montgomery. the rain could be quite steady. no pocket umbrella today. you'll need the full sized umbrella for your wednesday. temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s already and will be up near 60 degrees by later today. you won't need the warm insulated rain jacket but you will need your slicker for sure. rain and fog, 48 for the ride in. rain showers, temperatures near 60 on the way home. where is the rain coming from?
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look at that plume of moisture all the way down to the appalachians. flying to atlanta, raleigh, charlotte. you could have delays at those hubs. meanwhile, moderate delays north of richmond is two to three hours north of making its way from the south side to d.c. metro. rain intensity will pick up. that will help scour the fog out. nonetheless, it will be a slow go. future weather by 8:00 in the morning, light to moderate rain around. more moderate rains by lunchtime today. the heaviest at noon to 2:00 p.m. finally an end to the rain showers comes in. this little band of yellow, that's the actual cold front coming through about 7:00 tonight. that will be the beginning of the end of the rain. here's your seven day forecast. all rain all the time today. then for tomorrow a gusty northwest wind blows the clouds out and gets us down to chilly again. it will be sunny and the weather sticks around for the weekend. we have the four things you need to know before you leave home at 6:31. breaking news, first 4 traffic.
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270 southbound still jammed coming out of frederick headed all the way down basically to the clarksburg area. going 11 miles per hour. it was totally red. now looking a tiny bit better. live picture at 109 for high yates town. westbound 340 after 15, westbound lanes blocked because of a fatal crash there. eastbound lanes are open. big look at the beltway. overall beltway is looking okay. outer loop top of the beltway starting to get busy. nothing to worry about there. a lot of the rain on the maps out of the way. especially when we look at the top of the beltway and then of course b.w. parkway, 29, 95. 32 before 29, still have that crash slowing some things down there at that point this morning. remember our marc camden south 841 has a 21 minute delay. see you back here in ten minutes. thank you, melissa. a huge fire shut down a highway in southern california. the massive plumes of smoke and
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the flames there. the fire burning in a gas tanker in southern l.a. it was carrying more than 8,000 pounds of fuel all going up in that video. a tire that shredded started the fire. yahoo! released its list of the most searched topics of 2015. sadly searches for bobbi kristina brown's coma were the most searched. after brown it was the iphone, kaitlyn jenner, kendallen jenne and mine craft. when the price of smoking goes up, fewer babies die. a new study by the national institutes of health has linked rising cigarette taxes with the decline in infant deaths. around 11% of women smoked during pregnancy. the study shows even an increase of $1 means there are more than 700 fewer infant deaths each
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year. mother to be find it hard to balance the cost of smoking and health care needed during pregnancy. the study was carried out between 1999 and 2010. helping babies sleep safer is another trend. place your babies on their backs when they sleep. doctors want parents to stop using the soft bedding and bumpers. better prenatal care and fewer teen moms also play a role in reducing enfant deaths. maryland governor larry hogan wants to know what you think about this. should he stick with the bald look since the cancer is in remission? he posted it on facebook. he wrote that he was looking forward to growing his hair back after he finished months of chemotherapy but people told him they liked the bald look. he's inviting everybody to vote by hitting like for hair or share for bald. so it looks like hair is the favorite at this point. >> if he has good, thick hair though. it's a waste not to grow it
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back. you know who he should ask is his wife. i'm just saying. >> i have a feeling we know how this will end. you can be a part of the panda story at the national zoo. 25 instagramers will get a chance to see the latest panda cub, bei bei, before anybody else. >> if they win the competition, right. it will be a fun time. you get a behind the scenes tour with the zoo keeper. this is right up my alley. you know that, right, aaron? here's a live look of what they're up to. they're out of the picture. they're probably sleeping, i'm hoping. if you want to get involved, all you have to do is make an instavideo. say why you want to be part of the panda story. you can check out the nbc 4 app. i posted one on my instagram. it was impromptu. i didn't have enough time. >> you can do another one? >> all right. 6:26. he's been on the job for just two days and already working around the clock to improve your commute. what metro's general manager says he's already doing to get
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the troubled transit system back on track. new video showing a football fan being put in a chokehold by security. what that fan is asking others to do. you'll find it's hard to see on the roads this morning as you drive to work. when the fog will finally lift and when you'll see heavy rain where you live with your four things to know
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right now it's going to be pretty hard to see very far around the d.c. area. this is national harbor where conditions have improved a little bit in the last hour with the fog there. chances are you will not be as lucky on the roads. >> that's the story. the heavy rain pushing into our area will be a problem for you in the coming hours. today is weather alert day. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here with the 4 things to know in the forecast. >> that's right, guys. we are stuck in the muck early this morning. rain and fog all over the region today. it will really slow things down. four things you need to know. weather alert this morning. leave early or be late, that's the way things are going to
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shape up. rain and fog throughout the morning hours. quite rainy throughout the afternoon. the most important thing you need to know, sunshine is back tomorrow, everybody. after four socked in days in a row. visibility is down to 1/4 mile across most of the metro area cross the metro line. it's only an hour away. by 7:30 the heaviest of the rain on i-95 south of town. 81 and 270 are already socked in with the rain drops. temperatures will go to 60 degrees. slow going on the roads. travel at the airports check in 10 minutes. for now the 270 ride is an ugly one. it is an ugly one. breaking news on 270 a five mile backup southbound out of frederick. it is slow. allow some extra time. you can use 355 for part of it. right now it's pretty slow. westbound 340 after 15 westbound lanes here are still blocked. eastbound open in frederick. that's from the fatal crash from overnight. 66 looking pretty typical.
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95 north no real problems there right now this morning. 32 before 29. southbound bw parkway a crash there as well. 6:32. chicago today that city is looking for a new police superintendant. mayor rahm emanuel just fired the current one after the department released video showing a white police officer shooting and killing a black teenager. that officer facing a murder charge. the video, specifically how long it took to be released sparked big protests over the last week in chicago. also in response to the protests, a possible justice department investigation. d.o.j. says it's now reviewing the request for a civil rights investigation into the chicago police department. this request comes from the illinois attorney general. she said trust in police is broken in that city. she also pointed to numbers saying one out of every 400 police shootings was considered unjustified over the last eight
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years. 6:33 now. today we expect the trial of a prince gorges county police officer to wrap up. officer santiago faces assault and misconduct charges. he is accused of pointing his service weapon at a man in may of 2014 outside of his home. they testified that he yelled, quote, pg county officers shoot people. the officer's attorney said santiago was wrong but is not a criminal. i'm angie goff at the live desk. good morning. just in from brussels. secretary of state john kerry said nato members are ready to step up the fight against isis. secretary kerry just met with leaders there. you can see he spoke as well. he tweeted out that they had a productive meeting about the partnership and training. did he not give specifics. he said plans should be announced pretty soon. this would follow germany and the united kingdom's position to increase support. aaron. angie, thank you.
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6:33. four more spotsylvania football players are facing hazing charges. they stem from an october incident. older members of the team ganged up on and sexually attacked at least one player during a hazing ritual last month. police charged one 15-year-old last month. they arrested four other teens the night before thanks giving. plans to outfit every dc police officer with a body camera are moving forward. dc council unanimously approved the legislation yesterday. that was the first vote though. a second vote later this month would allow the law to take effect. we asked how soon all of these police officers could be wearing cameras. we're told as early as this coming march. on black friday the fbi processed a record number of gun background checks. the fbi says it processed over 185,000 firearm background checks, roughly two per second. 5% higher than last year and the highest on record since 2012. the fbi conducts checks for gun purchases from federally licensed deals and for permits
6:35 am
to carry guns. a maryland family is waking up without a home after a fire tore through their house. it broke out at 5:30 on winter laurel drive in olney. firefighters believe the fire started in the garage. they say gas from a car may have fueled it. several pets including ten dogs were also in the house. the pets all made it out and no one was hurt. only on news 4, how metro's brand-new general manager is making his mark. paul wiedefeld sat down with news 4. he spoke to adam tus about his plans. he has to deal with decreasing ridership but also reliability, customer service and safety issues. >> someone asked where you work, metro, i want them to be proud of that and i want the person to hear that to think, wow, that's a neat place to work. we are to regain that. >> now you can watch more of adam's interview on the nbc washington app. before now wiedefeld was a
6:36 am
leader at bwr airport and the transz sit administration. he said his door is wide open for suggestions. a few hours the switch will flip on the rockefeller tv. live look at new york city where later today the team will kick off the celebration to light up the 45,000 l.e.d. lights on that tree. you can enjoy music from sting, james taylor, carly rae jepsen and mary j. blige. you can see all of the action right here on nbc 4 streaming live on the nfc washington app. new cell phone video causing a stir on social media. it shows a football fan being put in a chokehold by security. what he's accused of doing and the plea that fan is now making. plus, a new potential hurdle for would-be home buyers. a threat by one major lender that could make it harder for you to get a mortgage. and right now big problem on 270 southbound. still some major delays. still some major delays. we'll have a full
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♪ ♪ discover unexpected treasures, for the people who least expect it. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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new cell phone video from the panthers game. guards were trying to remove jason small from cowboys stadium. small posted on his facebook page that another fan complained that he was being disruptive but he says the response was too severe and he's asking for anyone else with video to come forward. fog is the big story this morning on this weather alert day. you're looking live at 66th at nutley road where the fog is still pretty thick out there. some improvements though this morning. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what do you think, chuck? >> you have to measure improvement by the inch this morning. a lot of fog and a little bit of rain out there now. your showers down in culpepper,
6:41 am
virginia, near i-95. the ride in will be slow. school day forecast, rain and fog, reduced visibility. watch out for the kiddos at the bus stops this morning. out the door weather in the upper 40s. f for outdoor activities. indoor recess day. rainy and mild. temperatures near 60s. as far as getting out of town, delays in laguardia and delays likely at our local airports. seven day forecast ten minutes from now. breaking news continues in first 4 traffic. take a look at this. still have this problem 270 headed southbound. it is quite slow here this morning. so right now all the way from frederick down to about clarksburg it is a five-mile backup. a big delay here at this point this morning. as far as travel times go, no major problems on the roadways right now. 66 looking pretty good. 95 looking pretty good. when you're talking about 270 south of this, getting a little slow there near montrose road. it opens up top of the beltway
6:42 am
typically slow, guys. >> thank you, melissa. watching the conditions on the roads right now as you get ready to get in the car on this extremely foggy morning. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is live in the storm team 4x4 with the impact these conditions are having on your morning commute. plus, we're following a developing story in prince gorges county. overnight fire did big-time damage and left two people hurt plus we'll show you why this dog
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6:45 am
right now we are following several developing stories as we work to get you up to the minute the minute you're up. first in maryland where a dog causes problems for firefighters trying to help two people after an overnight fire. we're also tracking conditions on the roads for you right now. a heavy fog advisory in place this morning. the fog will be a problem when you get behind the wheel today. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here. >> thanks, aaron. visibility under a mile across the entire d.c. metro area. the fog is really going to slow things down for drivers. potentially for flyers. the fog will be lifting around noon but the rain will be steady enough to lift visibility well into the afternoon hours. when it comes to an end and your seven day forecast still to come. still have some big delays 270 southbound because of an earlier issue. now we're seeing some more normal volume right now. it continues to be a five mile
6:46 am
backup. we'll have details on this and a new crash downtown coming up. thank you, melissa. it is 6:46. developing right now in prince gorges county, a father and his daughter are recovering after an early morning fire in landover hills, maryland. two dogs were also inside the home on 66 place. news 4's kristen wright is here with an update. kristen? >> reporter: good morning. we have a new picture just in from the west land over hills fire department. it shows how the fire ripped through the home. here's the photo. you see the flames shooting out of the roof of this small home towards the back. the house really is gone. now what's different about this fire is that the two people inside did get out on time but then their dog made it difficult for firefighters to get to them to help. the dog, possibly a pit bull we think was standing over the man here really not letting anybody
6:47 am
near him. the man you see lying on the ground but his son tells us that he is going to be okay and he has some smoke inhalation. the man's daughter who was also in the home, in her 30s, also escaped. right now she is in the hospital. firefighters say she should be fine, too. we did talk to this man's son, the woman's brother, who told us that he got the call in the middle of the night saying that the house had just burned down. firefighters tell us at this point they don't know what started this fire. it is under investigation. they do believe it started in a bedroom. no working smoke alarms in the home. back to you guys. >> kristen wright. thank you. 6:47 now. today in baltimore we could hear opening statements in the officer william porter case. the officer faces manslaughter charges in the death of freddie gray. judge barry williams will likely seat a jury of 12 plus several alternates this morning. gray died in april. investigators believe he suffered a deadly spinal injury inside a police van after his arrest.
6:48 am
6 baltimore police officers will be tried separately in the 25-year-old's death. developing in annandale, a local man went into surgery after someone shot him. fairfax county police found the man on a service road alongside little river turnpike last night. someone shot him several times in the stomach. police believe the shootings stemmed from an argument. witnesses said they heard a woman screaming before hearing two gunshots. the shooter escaped. today demand for answers after another breech at the white house. you may remember the fence jumper from last thursday. eleanor holmes norton will discuss the incident this afternoon with the director of secret service. she's expected to ask joseph clancy how this agency can secure the white house without pushing people back from the fence. the jumper's attorney says his actions were a form of political protest. decision 2016 comes to manassas, virginia, later today. we expect a large crowd of supporters and protesters to greet republican presidential candidate donald trump when he speaks at the prince william
6:49 am
county fairgrounds. this is video of a rally in new hampshire last night. doors for tonight's event will open at 5:00. you can go to trump's website to get free tickets. trump's visit comes less than two months ahead of the iowa caucuses. a new pole keepoll keeps him ine lead. >> reporter: new poll shows that donald trump is really solidly dominating the polls, just like he has since the summer after he announced his candidacy. he's up in the new quinnipiac poll of national republican voters. 27%. the next closest candidate marco rubio in second place at 17%. ben carson slipping significantly tying with ted cruz up to get to the third place position. you have jeb bush in the mix at 5%. no other candidate, republican candidate, gets past 3% in the new poll. so it is a little bit of a shakeup in the standings, but at
6:50 am
the same time it's still the guy on top that we've been seeing on top, donald trump. you mentioned he'll be in manassas down in your neck of the wood. in new hampshire he was in a tiny town of waterville. he drew many times the population of a couple hundred. he sticks by his claims widely des credited that thousands of new jersey muslims cheered 9/11. you will see much more of that coming up on the "today" show. >> ha llie jackson, thank you very much. a push for 16 weeks of paid family lead. supporters will testify before the d.c. council. getting some push back, too. some businesses say a new tax to pay for the plan would strain many smaller companies. today we'll flip the switch on the capitol christmas tree. the tree lighting ceremony kicks off at 5:30. the tree is set to be lit up at 5:30.
6:51 am
paul ryan, the newly elected house speaker, will take part in the ceremony to help us all kick off the holiday season. breaking news on the roads. take a look at this. still have this problem 207 southbound. not looking quite as bad as it was here earlier this morning. we have about a 3 1/2 mile backup. now 270 south coming out of frederick. westbound 340 after 15 still shut down in the westbound lanes. that is still a problem. inner loop before little river turnpike, that is still a problem. a buildup here. pretty nasty this morning. new york avenue at northwest, have a crash there as well. 66 at nutley, again, this fog really impacting a lot of drivers here this morning. 32 before 29 have a crash there. southbound w.b. parkway at 175, also a crash. prince gorges county overall looking pretty good but typically slow as you're headed in bound. chuck? >> thanks, melissa. outside the fog from national harbor camera view, an hour ago
6:52 am
you couldn't even see the capitol wheel. at least now you can see it although it's still shrouded in quite a bit of fog this morning. doesn't matter how you're getting around today. driving, flying, walking, the weather will slow you down a bit today. have your umbrella, full size umbrella ready for today. your raincoat and rain boots because it's a gray, nasty, wet day outside all day. weather alert day for the rain and fog delays. we'll have added pushes on our nfc washington app. stay with us through social media. follow me on twitter @chuckbell4 for the latest as the weather impacts your day. rain stretches down to the western carolinas and georgia. that's coming in our direction. the heavier rain near roanoke. only five hours from here. that puts us here around lunchtime. raining on i-95. fredericksburg to quantico. light rain, mist, fog around much of the northern half of the viewing area early this morning. here's the weather going forward through time.
6:53 am
by 8:30, still rain across the metro area. here's the next batch of m moderate rain through roanoke. between 11:00 and 1:00, showers continue through the afternoon hours. here comes the cold front now. by 3:00 along i-81. by 5:00 the front moving through the metro area. that will finally turn off the rain chances as we get to overnight tonight. sunshine, believe it or not, the blazing yellow thing in the sky returns tomorrow and goes all the way through the weekend. it will be a nice chilly weekend but it will be sunny and dry. one person who's impacted by the travel this morning is my buddy tom kierein. >> reporter: right now crawling along on 495 the inner loop of the beltway. we are right now near the connecticut avenue interchange. you can see the pavement is all wet as we look at the forward view. we are stuck in traffic. we have come to a complete stop now. the rain is beginning to move in. we've noticed since we've been out in the storm team 4x4 the fog visibilities have been
6:54 am
changing. sometimes it's a mile or so, then it gets back down to a quarter of a mile. here on the beltway on the inner loop, looks like half mile visibility. pavement is wet. watch out for pedestrians in the thick fog and students at bus stops over the next couple of hours, the fog will be around throughout much of the morning ahead. back to you. ♪ ♪ ♪ two private security officers involved in the controversial death of a d.c. apartment complex are off the job. that information emerged during this vigil held for 27-year-old alonzo smith. they found smith in the custody of special police officers working there. he was unconscious and not breathing. officers performed cpr but smith died a short time later at the hospital. >> my son had two black eyes, his neck broken, his shoulder appears to be broken, he had
6:55 am
massive bruises on his neck, he had three round circle marks on his chest and he was bruised in his groin. >> d.c. police initially classified the death as a justifiable homicide which officials later said was an error. the case is now with the u.s. attorney's office. 6:55 now. there will be added security checks for students at woodrow wilson high school. a student brought a gun to school yesterday. pictures of that gun showed up on snap chat and students alerted teachers. the student faces charges. how the gun may have passed through metal detectors is under investigation. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. quicken loans may pull out of a program that helped during the financial crisis. the number three u.s. mortgage lender could abandon the fha which helps first-time home buyers offering smaller down payments. quicken, jpmorgan chase and wells fargo are fighting with
6:56 am
the fha over how it handles loans that go into default. quicken handled 6% of the loans in the first half of the year. 88% are made by smaller lenders who aren't banks. they could have trouble remaining solvent. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm landon dowdy. 6:56. 4 things to know this morning. the capitol christmas treel ceremony is tonight. republican presidential candidate front-runner donald trump will be in manassas today. he is speaking at the prince william county fairgrounds. doors open at 5:00 p.m. developments in the pepco exelon merger. there will be a final round of hearings at the d.c. public service commission. and a father and daughter were hurt in an early morning fire in landover hills. it started in a bedroom. they say the home has significant damage. our fourth day of clouds and rain in a row will be our last day. sunshine is back for tomorrow and lasts into your weekend.
6:57 am
right now still have that problem 270 southbound where we are still a little bit slow, but it's getting a bit better. that is great. westbound 340 in frederick after 15. westbound lanes blocked after a fatal crash. have that crash in two left lanes blocked. thank you, melissa. that is the news for today. we appreciate you starting your day with us. the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for any weather, traffic, breaking news. we hope you'll join us.
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good morning. breaking overnight. new upheaval in chicago over that deadly police shooting of a teenage suspected. >> the firing of the city's top cop not satisfying protesters. so could mayor rahm emanuel be the next to go? rubio rising. senator marco rubio vaults into second place in the republican presidential race with ted cruz now tied for third as ben carson slip. the major shake-up revealed in a new national poll just out this morning. baby surprise. mark zuckerberg announced the birth of his daughter max, along with a promise, to give away 99% of his facebook fortune. the $45 million going to make the world a better placeor


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